The 7 Main Underlying Causes of Dramatic Ailments.

With Just an Added Dash of Poison!


Brain Energy

If you read an enticing recipe—one complete with a mouth-watering photograph—and then you read as one of the ingredients, “Add just a dash of poison,” you’d not only refuse to make such a recipe, but you’d likely report the author of the recipe to authorities!

Could massive doses of Vitamin C knock out the Ebola Virus in anyone?

Could massive doses of Vitamin C knock out the Ebola Virus in anyone?

Whether Ebola is a natural virus that has gone rouge or a form of biological warfare , know that you do not need to fear. With the advancment of natural solutions there are treatments for just about anything – and that includes the latest Ebola virus that has come to the U.S. in Dallas.

Specifically for Ebola; vitamin C may be the answer.

Ebola Fear Facts Fiction. All New Personal Video from Dr. Broer Must Watch

My Dear Friends,

I just did a short video on this ebola mess, its here! Please watch my video.

I have been hesitant to do a video on this topic but during the past four months I have done around a 100 talk shows on the ebola topic and the former southern border.

This is not a feel good, happy-happy email.

What it is, is the truth!

If you do not want the truth then please don't watch this video.

This video contains the following information:

More Lies About the Flu Shots.

Here they go again, another big push for flu shots and immunizations. Now to add to a list of lies from the drug manufactures they are telling us that the new flu vaccine is 60% effective at preventing the flu. This is total nonsense.

Here’s how they manipulate these numbers. Most folks never get the flu, only 2.7% of the general population and 1.2% of those who are vaccinated.