Are Childhood Immunizations Really Necessary, Are They Safe and Do They Work?

Most children in the United States receive thirty-three doses of ten different vaccines before they reach age five, according to a report aired by CBS News in September 2000. The vaccines reportedly provide protection for “everything from childhood diseases like chicken pox to adult diseases like hepatitis B.”

Warning: these Drugs have been linked to causing suicide. Use at your own risk!

Suicide Linked Depression Drugs dont even help all symptoms

A recent study found that the drug companies are calling an antidepressant, which when taken, leaves you sad and keeps you in the state of not being totally suicidally depressed, effective.

Do Either Immunizations or Viruses Cause Cancer?


Traditional modern health care  tell us that the hepatitis B virus (HBV) causes liver cancer which is why it is so necessary for US newborns to be vaccinated within hours of birth.


The system also assumes that all mothers are IV drug users and/or prostitutes and have the potential of having hepatitis.