Fitness and Exercise with Austin and Lana Broer

This is a page that we are starting to help and show others how to eat, train and live healthy. We will contiue to update this as we get more pictures and ideas.


These are a few pictures from our best friends wedding down in Marco island. It doesnt matter where you go, you can always find a place to exercise.


Zinc: It's Important Role in Reducing Hair Loss, and Helping Prostate. Must Read

Zinc is critically important for men.  There are several reason zinc is so important.  I will briefly cover a few of the reasons.

 Zinc is a key player in health, overall it is at the top of that list for immune function. Along with boosting the production of immune system cells that attack infection-causing organisms, zinc enhances the ability of those cells to keep on fighting. Zinc also increases the body’s supply of infection-fighting T-cells.

Do Not Kill Your Brain - SAVE IT! 4 Action Items, 9 Strategies & 8 Critical Supplements

Always remember your mind is a terrible thing to waste. Please continue to read to find tips on training your brain on different techniques.

Recently I was privileged to be personally invited by Joel Osteen, to attend his church in Houston. He had used my Eat Drink and Be Healthy program to teach, for 3 Sunday mornings on health. The church is phenomenal.