Beware of Fraudulent CBD Products

Recently, CBD supplements and product have risen in popularity. Consequentially, large companies and small startups are creating CBD products to be first movers in this emerging market, in hopes of gathering up as much market share as possible. Sadly, many of the CBD products that are on the market may have inaccurate labels that overstate the potency of ingredients.

Over the last several years, the FDA has sent warning letters to organizations after testing their CBD products and unveiling the concentration of CBD was lower than labeled, and in some cases much lower, than what was marked. The FDA began testing in 2015, and in that year, many products have inaccurate labels, and several products contained no CBD, though the label said it did.

In 2016, it was reported that only two of the twenty-four products tested passed the FDA’s test for having the among of CBD in the product that matched the amount claimed on the labels. To meet the label’s claim, the product must contain equal-to or greater-than the amount of CBD stated on the label. Although some were close to passing, many others downright failed.

For example, one company’s product claimed to have 250mg/g of CBD, but when tested, it contained 244mg/g – a fail. However, another product claimed to have 150mg/g, and when tested, it contained 159mg/g – a pass. Some other products were not even close and had over 100 times less than what was reported on the table.

Between then and now, the FDA has sent several letters to companies noting their false marketing claims and inexactitudes, regarding potency and CBD level.

Moreover, these inaccuracies have left many parents frustrated because they have turned to CBD products for seizure conditions in disabled children.

The Denver Post reported on hundreds of families from around the country who had moved to Colorado to access CBD when initial research showed that it might be beneficial for their children.

Further, these companies have not met the bar set for Good Manufacturing Practices because companies are not testing their finished products.

Independent Testing Analysis

Although many companies will not have their CBD products independently tested, Healthmasters has their Organic CBD Oil independently verified by a non-affiliated institution and posts the lab results with the product listing.

Healthmasters’ Organic CBD Oil has 10mg/serving, and when independently tested, the results confirmed a level of 12.4mg/serving [3]. The results also confirmed the oil had no levels of E. Coli, Staph, and Salmonella compounds, among others compounds [3]. This denotes Healthmasters’ commitment to label accuracy and product quality.

Many other companies will not commit to this level of detail for either cost or duplicitous reasons.

Also, Healthmasters’ Organic CBD Oil is full spectrum CBD, which is different than broad spectrum or isolate.

Full spectrum is also known as whole plant, in that it will have small, trace amounts of other lesser-known cannabinoids and hemp compounds, such as terpenes, cannabigerol, cannabinol, and THC. Consuming full spectrum CBD oil tends to create more of an entourage effect, which is a more significant, synergistic effect caused by the interaction of all the various compounds.

Broad spectrum CBD oil undergoes more extensive processing to filter out some of the trace hemp compounds, which removes the entourage effect.

Isolates are heavily processed and are made by stripping everything away other than CBD, and then CBD is added back to a carrier oil, which is typically coconut or olive oil.

As for which type is more effective, a 2015 study published in Pharmacology & Pharmacy found that full spectrum-type CBD oil was more effective in treating inflammation in mice [4].

Moreover, Healthmasters' Organic CBD Oil has no additives and only three, simple ingredients.


Nevertheless, beware of fraudulent CBD products. Currently, the best way to be sure that the potency of CBD oil matches the label is through independent testing.

If you would like to read Healthmasters' independent test results, click here.

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