4 Helpful Tips to Eliminate Fine Lines, Reduce Wrinkles and Firm Your Skin


Considering the accumulation over a lifetime of damages done by diseases, injuries, environmental factors and stress, your body's general deterioration and breakdown of many of its "systems" may seem inevitable. But Scientific discoveries, especially about diet and nutritional supplementation are offering more opportunities to gain better control over your "personal" aging process.

Two of the things you can be sure of are getting great service from my office and me providing you with the latest Age Reversal protocols and therapies!

You can now choose to sit back and "take what's coming". or you can pro-actively seek the means to defend your immune system, optimize your detoxification processes, support proper digestion, prevent your bones from crumbling, keep your mind active and even protect every single cell in your body!

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How's that for great news of the day? Let's focus upon just some of our new phenomenal supplements you can use to defy aging on the inside and out. I will focus first on the "outside" because who among us doesn't want to look younger? If you are like my wife and I, you would like smooth skin, thick hair and strong nails.

Now there is a nutritional supplement available in our office that has been clinically proven to be safe and to:


  • Reduce Age-Related Fine Lines up to 50%
  • Incredibly Thicken Your Hair
  • Strengthen Your Nails Like You Were a Teenager Again
  • This same formula has been clinically proven to support:
  • Increased Bone Health & Density
  • Joint Health & Movement
  • Connective Tissue health

Does this sound too good to be true? It is true! One formula can accomplish all of these goals because they are all dependent upon the growth and repair of structural tissues; and all structural tissues are dependent upon your body's ability to manufacture collagen.

Skin has basically two layers, the "epidermis" (top layer) and the "dermis" (lower layer). The two layers rest upon each other in an irregular ridge-like manner called the dermis-epidermis interface. Nutrients and waste products are exchanged along the interface. The amount of collagen (and elastin) in the dermis determines your skin's appearance and resiliency. As you get older, diminished production of collagen leads to fine lines that are first noticeable around the eyes, forehead and sun-exposed areas. The sun damages skin by increasing your body's production of enzymes that break down collagen. Every 30 or so days, the multiple layers of cells in the skin shed and new cells regenerate. Between 35 and 45 years of age, this cell turnover process slows down, resulting in thinner skin and a drawn thinning look in many people. The interface between the dermis and epidermis gets less ridge-like, looking more flat and the process of exchanging nutrients and waste between the layers becomes less efficient. Reduced nutrition exhausts the cells and makes them weaker, causes free radicals to accumulate and reduces the transmission of messages that signal your body to manufacture collagen.

You also lose elastin with aging. This is why young folks don't wrinkles, they have more elastin and stronger collagen. As its name implies, the elasticity or ability to bounce back when stretched or pinched depends upon the amount of this rubber-like protein called elastin. If you don't have enough elastin, your skin & your face will sag. Actually, the amounts of elastin, collagen and water held in your skin determine its elasticity. They each have to be at optimal levels for skin to look youthful.

I know you must be hoping there is something to increase collagen. Well, scientists have found it! In fact, it has long been established that silicon (also called, "orthosilicic acid") is a crucial factor in the manufacture of collagen and can preserve healthy skin. Silicon is natural; it is the second most abundant element on earth! The most recent human clinical studies have used a special kind of silicon known as "choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid", the same form in our exclusive, patented Regeneration formula.

Specialists in anti-aging have had little more than topical creams that help keep moisture in the skin to recommend as one of the best means of preserving skin's appearance. Most people have long thought there was not any way to reverse the damage the sun and aging do on skin. However, in 2005 a 20-week long clinical trial proved otherwise. The subjects were 50 women, 40-65 years old, who had facial skin damage. One group of women took two placebo ("dummie") capsules a day and the other group took two capsules supplying a total of 10 mg of silicon in the form of choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid, the same amount as in two capsules of:

Health Masters Patented Regeneration.

None of the women were permitted to use any other creams or pills for wrinkle control during the 20 weeks. At the end of the study the researchers examined the women's skin structure, elasticity and smoothness. They also measured how brittle their hair and nails were.

Guess what they found? Compared to the skin of the women who got stuck taking the placebo, the skin of the "fortunate" women who got to take the real thing- choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid had younger looking skin with:

30% Less Roughness, 30% Less Depth to their micro-wrinkles (micro wrinkles later develop into deeper wrinkles), Better Elasticity, plus my wife's hair is thicker, nails are stronger and her fine wrinkles are basically gone!

The degree of these improvements was all great enough to be considered statistical improvements and absolutely miraculous. The women in the group that received the choline stabilized orthosilicic also reported improvements in the brittleness of hair and nails compared to the placebo group. This study was published in the Archives of Dermatological Research.

Another study revealed that dietary intake of silicon is a major determinant of bone mineral density in men and in pre-menopausal women. (Bone 2003 May;32,:S192) Orthosilicic acid supplementation such as is in Regeneration has been proven repeatedly to increase calcium uptake and bone density. (29th European Symposium on Calcified Tissues, May 25 - 29, 2002, Zagreb, Croatia. Calcif Tissue Int 2002;70:292, P-139.) I have a huge improvement in joint health and wrinkles since starting the Health Masters Patented Regeneration daily.

Silicon Helps Keep Your Joints Healthy Too!

You need silicon for the production of collagen structural units and collagen is the first "building block" for the connective tissues. Chondroitin sulfate requires silicon to construct the cells that make up the sponge-like material in the joints that nourishes cartilage components involved in joint movement.

Silicon connects the chondroitin sulfate molecules in joint tissues responsible for fluid balance. Increased amounts of fluids in the connective tissue promote their elasticity and cushioning. When there is a nutritional silicon deficiency, the joints are malformed and there is less cartilage to cushions the ends of the bones in the joints.

Introducing: "The Magnificent 7"- Keto DHEA

DHEA (DeHydro-EpiAndrosterone) is a steroid hormone produced mainly in the adrenal glands from cholesterol. DHEA is the most abundant steroid hormone in the human body. Your body uses DHEA to manufacture important hormones such as the sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen. The developing fetus produces DHEA at very high levels; but production drops off after birth and stays low until about age six. Then, DHEA levels steadily increase over time, peaking at age 25. From this peak, DHEA levels steadily decrease, until by age 80, there may only be about one-tenth the peak levels of early adulthood. There has been much interest in DHEA as a nutritional supplement because many health benefits seem likely if we could possibly prevent or regulate the age-related reduction in DHEA levels in the body.

The problem is that supplemental DHEA has a simple, yet major drawback: It is readily converted into androgens - hormones that have a role in the development of male sex characteristics. While some might think this could be a good thing (!), the reality is that supplemental DHEA if taken in excess is converted into testosterone in women! More importantly, excessive androgen production has its own lengthy set of side effects. Supplemental DHEA by the way is contraindicated in cancer patients known to have hormone-dependent tumors such as many breast and prostate tumors.

This brings me to 7-Keto DHEA (also known as 7-Keto DHEA), a DHEA that is normally present in the human body. What makes 7-Keto DHEA attractive as a supplement is that its structure prevents 7-Keto DHEA from being converted into androgens. No androgen conversion means far less worries about using 7-Keto DHEA as a supplement. In fact, there is even some evidence that 7-Keto DHEA may be more potent than DHEA itself in providing health benefits. But the story gets better! Animal studies of DHEA suggest that topical application is an excellent method of delivering DHEA to the body. 7-Keto DHEA Topical Cream has been developed as an effective way to deliver this substance to the body, yielding its health benefits without the drawbacks inherent in the use of ingestible DHEA.

So, what can 7-Keto DHEA Topical Cream be used for? Probably anything that DHEA can be used for, but without the major adverse effects. The list of potential health benefits derived from supplemental DHEA is extensive. In reviewing the scientific literature, DHEA has been reported to protect against cardiovascular disease, support healthy cholesterol and glucose levels, support healthy weight loss and body composition, support bone health, and slow the general aging process. DHEA also has been used to modulate the immune system and support neurological & brain health.

Further, DHEA can protect against pathogens and be chemo protective. Also, while not being converted into testosterone, 7 keto DHEA supports healthy sexual function.

High on the list of specific health benefits that can be obtained from the use of DHEA-containing topical preparations such as 7-Keto DHEA Topical Cream is preventing or reducing premature skin aging. Korean researchers found that topical DHEA may reduce aging processes in the skin by enhancing collagen synthesis (Journal of Investigative Dermatology 124:315, 2005). In addition to its anti-aging effects, topical DHEA (and its analogs like 7- keto DEHA) were chemo-protective to the skin when it was exposed to chemicals.

Defend Yourself Against 100,000 Attacks A Day with Health Masters Sustained Release Patented

Alpha Lipoic Acid!

Normal metabolism, disease and aging produce by-products in all of your cells. These are highly-reactive molecules we call "free radicals". Inside your body they are capable of damaging proteins, fats and even DNA, the genetic building material for every cell. The main source of free radical production is the cell's mitochondria, the "powerhouse" where energy is produced. The body produces approximately 2.2 pounds of free radicals in a year! He says this is enough for about 100,000 "attacks" on the DNA each cell's mitochondria each day!

The degree of free radical damage depends upon age; the older you are, the more damage. Fortunately, the body has an arsenal of antioxidants to use against free radicals; the most potent being Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid. My wife and I take this product daily. Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid is both water-soluble, like vitamin C and fat soluble, like vitamin E. Its solubility in fat is especially important because that makes our sustained release patented Alpha Lipoic Acid a very effective protector of cell membranes which are made up of fatty acids. Likewise, its solubility in water is an important characteristic because that lets Lipoic Acid combat free radicals in the watery compartment in cells. So you can see that Health Masters Sustained Release Alpha Lipoic Acid is even better than vitamin C or Vitamin E; in addition it has the ability to boost up tissue levels of these two antioxidants vitamins, CoQ10, another antioxidant; and also help the body manufacture glutathione, yet another very powerful antioxidant.

Free radical damage (also called, "oxidative stress") is believed to play a role in diabetes, including perhaps even its very beginnings and later its complications. It is also thought to be one of the culprits of hardening of the arteries. Oral supplementation of Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid has been shown to improve the body's use of insulin (thus lowering blood sugar) in people with Type 2 Diabetes. (Free Radic.Biol.Med. 27:309-314) Diabetics, pay attention!

As the years go by, the mitochondria in your cells don't function as well as they may have when you were young and this leads to more free radicals; unfortunately, your antioxidant system's capacity also weakens. Research data supports the notion that supplementing with Lipoic Acid can do double-duty for you! First, it may counteract the decline in the cell's ability to produce energy which results in production of less free radicals. Second, Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid, will be able to counteract the increased free radical damage that comes with aging. If you keep the level of Lipoic Acid in the tissues significantly high over an extended period of time which is key to reaping the greatest benefits.

Until now you could only buy Alpha Lipoic Acid in a form that stayed in your bloodstream for only about 30 minutes before half of it disappeared. Let's face it, who has time, or would even want to take a supplement every half hour or so? If you haven't heard about Alpha Lipoic Acid before, this may be the reason. It was hard to make it work effectively due to this dosing problem.

I recently introduced Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid, a controlled-release form of Alpha Lipoic Acid that delivers tiny amounts to the tissues over an extended period of time so that the best levels can be achieved and maintained. I am so excited to now be able to offer you this controlled-released form that is so special it holds four patents!

Whereas regular Alpha Lipoic Acid stays in your bloodstream for only about 30 minutes; Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid stays in the blood stream for several hours!

One molecule of Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid can cancel out the effect of 1000 free radicals!!!!!

Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid increases your cell's master "de-toxifier" glutathione level by 30%!

Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid regenerates the vitamins C and E, and CoQ10 you consume, increasing the time they are available to combat free radicals!

Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid helps your whole body use glucose for more effective energy production! Consider it stimulant-free energy support!

Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid will help support healthy blood sugar levels, even if you have diabetes.

Health Masters Sustained Release Patented Alpha Lipoic Acid is well-tolerated and has a very good safety record!

Leave the Wine Behind.

Health Masters Patented Resveratrol Is Here!

You probably could not even drink enough wine (without getting REALLY Woozy & addicted to alcohol!) to reap the many benefits Health Masters Resveratrol has to offer! The powerful compound found in certain foods such as red wines, grapes, and peanuts is called Resveratrol (pronounced "rez-VER-a-trawl" and abbreviated "RES") These plants produce Resveratrol to protect themselves in response to stresses in their environment. It has already been shown that RES extends life so it just may be an important key to human longevity also (more on this later)! (Stipp D. "Can Red Wine Help You Live Forever?" Fortune. Jan.19, 2007)

RES found in red wine combined with other factors are responsible for the people of southern France hardly having any heart disease even though they eat so much saturated fat in their diet. You may have heard about this phenomenon as the "French Paradox." Resveratrol protects the heart by functioning as an antioxidant and by preventing blood platelets from clumping together to form clots. (Curr Med Chem Anticancer Agents. 2003 Mar;3(2):77-93). This antioxidant effect actually can make all of your cells more resistant to stress and damage from free radicals. RES takes over the glutathione's job of fighting free radicals, so glutathione can stay in reserve in case it is needed. (Recall glutathione is an antioxidant/detoxifier naturally-produced in your body).

As you well may know, as we age, there is a natural decrease in sex hormone levels. Tissues and organs do not function as well with lower sex hormone levels and poor functioning can increase the chances of cancer. Actually, some conventional doctors recommend daily use of estrogen-related medications ("SERMs") to protect against tumors that depend upon sex hormones, such as breast and prostate tumors. Resveratrol can "hook" to the same receptors as estrogen hooks to. In fact, studies have shown that RES acts like a natural SERM and appears to be chemo-protective whether or not hormones are related. (Jour of Nutr Biochem. 2005 Aug;16(8):449-66) Resveratrol also offers immune support against various viruses (Antiviral Research 1999 Oct;43(3):145-55) and fungi such as Candida albicans (Arch Pharm Res. 2005 May;28(5):557-60). Studies have shown different ways in which RES is chemo-protective. One way is by signally cells that are not duplicating correctly (cancer) to commit suicide. (Anticancer Res. 2004 Sep-Oct;24(5A):2783-840)

Ask any of your older friends for a single complaint about getting old and chances are good their answer will have to do with physical aches and pains. Most aches and pains are the result of inflammation that might come from a variety of causes. Another anti-aging property of Resveratrol is it ability to "quiet" inflammation. With inflammation comes swelling and fluid retention. Resveratrol has been shown to reduce fluid retention even better than some drugs. (Science, 275, 218-220)

Studies have demonstrated the benefits of RES on brain and nervous system health. (Brain Res Rev. 2006 Sep;52(2):316-26) In mice that had poor blood flow to the brain, giving them RES increased that circulation. (Agric Food Chem. 2006 Apr 19;54(8):3126-31) After brain injury RES has been shown to decrease the damage caused by free radicals and lessen the size of the damaged area. (Mol Cell Biochem.2007Jan;294(1-2):137-44)

By studying populations that received Health Masters Patented Resveratrol regularly, researchers think possibly the Resveratrol is linked to a decrease in eye disease, especially those of the retina. They think it is the powerful antioxidant effect of the Resveratrol that protects the eye from damage and deterioration. (Chem Biol Interact. 2005 Jan 15;151(2):143-9)

Let me pause here to review the many benefits of Health Masters Resveratrol I have so far pointed out. (Please keep reading about Health Masters Patented Resveratrol though because the best is yet to come!)

1. Powerful antioxidant ( prevents cancer )

2. Prevents platelets from clumping ( promotes heart health )

3. Makes cells more stress-resistant ( slows aging )

4. Chemo protective

5. Immune support against viruses & fungi ( stops yeast infections )

6. Protects your eyes from damage that may cause vision loss ( see better )

7. Reduces inflammation ( joints stop hurting )

8. Reduces swelling and fluid retention ( increased mobility )

9. Increases blood flow to the brain ( reduces senile dementia )

10. May protect against damage to the nervous system

If this long list of benefits has made you as excited as I am about of the power of Health Masters Resveratrol, then what follows next might "blow you socks off"!

Health Masters Resveratrol has specific anti-aging qualities. It works with special genes that activate each cell's survival system so that if the cell's DNA is damaged (leading to death) the cell fortunately has a longer time in which to repair it. We now know that Health Masters Resveratrol will probably lengthen the life of humans because it does so in so many others species.

At this point in time, scientists believe the only way to live longer is to eat less - that is, to significantly restrict caloric intake. Now, that doesn't sound like fun, does it? Would you rather enjoy the foods you love or give up many of them (or eat tiny portions) just for the sake of living a bit longer?

Proof that "You just might be able to have your healthy cake and eat it too!" (so to speak!) comes from a study done on three groups of mice.

1. The first group was fed a high calorie diet, the second group got a normal diet and the third group was fed a high calorie diet plus a high dose of Health Masters Patented Resveratrol.

2. First, the bad news: The results showed that when the mice fed the high calorie diet reached old age (114 weeks), more than 50% had died.

3. Now, for the good news: The results showed that when the mice fed the high calorie diet plus Resveratrol reached the same age, less than 33% had died!

4. Results also showed that mice receiving RES had less chance of getting diabetes.

5. (Nature. 2006 Nov 16;444(7117):337-42) Scientists understand many ways in which RES affects the body similar to the way eating less calories does. They have identified about 153 different biochemical pathways that get detoured or backed up when a high calorie diet is consumed. However, when Health Masters Resveratrol is added to the diet it cancels out 144 of those 153 changes in pathways! Among its many actions, RES helps your body be more sensitive to insulin and convert glucose into energy more efficiently or store it properly. RES increases the number of mitochondria (Remember the mitochondria is the cell's "powerhouse" for energy production. A cell cannot survive without functioning mitochondria.)

Perhaps one reason why Health Masters Resveratrol has such a wide range of benefits is because it works with special genes called the "sirtuin" genes. These genes appear to be responsible for preserving the lives of cells. Sirtuin genes influence age-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes, as well as diseases that have a negative effect upon the nervous system. (Clinical Biochemistry. 1997 Mar;30(2):91-113.), (Current Biology. 2006 Feb)

Here's the problem for you drinkers besides Pancreatic Cancer, Osteoporosis, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Cancer and alcoholism. Red wine has only about 1.5 to 3 mg of Resveratrol per liter (~34 ounces) and once the bottle is opened the content decreases. (The Resveratrol is in the grape skin; so white wine does not contain Resveratrol.) If you weigh about 150 pounds you'd have to drink about a 1000 glasses to get as much as the mice were fed in the study!

You didn't think I'd let you in on all this great information about Health Masters Patented Resveratrol and not tell you how you can supplement with it, did you? This office is so pleased to offer you a very special form of Health Masters Resveratrol in an exclusive, patented formula.

Health Masters Resveratrol contains plain Resveratrol that comes from a plant called Polygonum cuspidatum, as well as a Resveratrol derivative called, Pterostilbene (pronounced, "tero-STILL-bean") that comes from Malabar kino bark. Pterostilbene has a slightly different chemical structure than Resveratrol; but it has the same benefits and may be even more potent than Resveratrol. (Agricultural Research Nov-Dec 2006) Pterostilbene is the compound believed to explain how blueberries lower cholesterol and protect the heart. Like Resveratrol, pterostilbene is not only a powerful antioxidant, but also blocks enzymes in the body that turn things like cigarette smoke and pesticides into cancer-causing substances.

In addition to Resveratrol and pterostilbene, Health Masters Patented Resveratrol contains a bio flavonoid called quercitin. I also include this in my Health Masters Patented HGH Stimulate. This bio flavonoid is found naturally in apples and onions. Quercitin has its own antioxidant, chemo protective qualities and it may increase the amount of Resveratrol your body absorbs. The three ingredients in this formula, pterostilbene, quercitin and Resveratrol work together as a powerful combination to combat free radicals and prevent damage to your cells.

Look Great, Stay Healthy, Preserve Youthfulness!

I think you can see we are really only at the beginning of making your future bright.

Now you know you can:

1. Keep your skin, hair and nails looking their best (which will help you to feel your best) with Health Masters Regeneration! My wife and I take 2 twice daily.
2. Preserve the delicate balance of hormones, protect your heart, support your immune system with topically applied 7-keto DHEA! We use this product daily.
3. Combat millions of free radicals before they do damage to any of your cells and boost energy production with Health Masters Alpha Lipoic Acid, this product is great!
4. Activate the enzymes that turn on your longevity genes with Resveratrol! It helps keep us younger.
5. Health Masters Patented HGH Stimulate to increase human growth hormone production.

There you have it! Now it is all up to how you personally choose to age. One reminder: None of these formulas take the place of a healthy diet, enough exercise, a good amount of restful sleep, keeping your mind active and reducing stress.



Increase energy, slow your aging, lower blood pressure, and melt your body fat and cellulite like butter in a microwave.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office. If you have any friends or family who may benefit from this health update, please feel free to forward this message to them.


Dr. Ted Broer

Health Masters



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