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What Happened at Fukushima

This information is from an on line posting. It assumes that we have received good info from the Japanese government. I just read in Yahoo, on Monday, March 14, 2011, at 1:30PM EST that the fuel rods were not placed back inside the control rods. If that is true, that's very bad and the reactor could melt down from an uncontrolled reaction. I will keep you posted if you need to start taking iodine tablets. Remember two breakdown products of uranium are cesium and iodine both of which are radioactive. The thyroid will absorb iodine whether it is radioactive or not. That can be fatal.

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RED ALERT! FDA Set to Ban Vitamins. Urgent, Please Read! RED ALERT!

OK, this is going to be an email unlike any other I have ever sent you. As most of you know the USA is in a crisis. I usually don't write about what's going on in our country and what is going on globally. I tried to warn you about the loss of our rights several years ago and several of you emailed me back asking me to stay on health topics.

Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix Linked to Suicide

Well here’s another, “No Surprise” Literally every evening when Sharon and I would watch the evening news (by the way that’s when we used to watch the evening news, I no longer bother now I'd rather get my news from a non propaganda source via the Internet ) we’d sit amazed at the plethora of drug commercials. Literally, on some National broadcasts it was 100% drug commercials. The one commercial that always struck us in a bad ironic way was the drug chantix with its almost constant mention of suicide as a side effect.

Anthrax Vaccine to be Tested on Children, This is Not a Joke it’s a Nightmare

U.S. Panel Backs Anthrax Experiments on Children This could be one of the biggest medical scandals in U.S. history. Right up there with statin drugs, vaccine induced autism, and Vioxx. And it hasn't even happened yet! The Federal government is getting ready to give children and possibly babies the anthrax vaccine, despite the fact that this same vaccine has already been linked to nerve damage, autoimmune disorders, and even DEATH in adults.

Women and Girls: City and well water raises this risk by 500% Dont Do it!

Many times the most poisonous chemicals are NOT located in your storage shed. They are flowing into your house through your water. Now- a -days, unless you are living on an organic farm in New Zealand, your water tap or well or city is almost certainly contaminated with chemicals, hormones, drugs, toxic waste and more.