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Danger Deadly H1N1 Flu alert..Must read information

I have written extensively on the dangers of vaccines and am currently working on a new full article on the current flu epidemic.

The government’s disinformation (lies) about the efficacy of the current H1N1 vaccine is in full force. It is not effective and is full of neurotoxins, including mercury. I will not subject my family to its devastating neurological effects.

Regenerate and Feel Great. All New

The Regenerative Power of Nutrients


You know those big budget science-fiction movies where the doctors talk about cells restoring themselves? Well, guess what? It's not science fiction. The human body is constantly regenerating itself at the cellular level. It has to: if it didn't, that wonderfully complex biomachinery we call the human body could not survive.


93% of Americans Have Plastic in their Blood & Urine: Bisphenol-A BPA

I have written about this several times; The intentional use of BPA in plastic food wrap and containers.
This is something the United States Government should have never allowed.
Not only have they allowed it, they refuse to remove this feminizing cancer causing poison
from our food supply. We have an estrogen blocker called Healthmasters Ultimate Estrogen Blocker.  

This is a Potential Death Ship! Don't sail it like I did.

Over the years I have always told you the truth.  I have been hesitant to tell you when I am personally involved in issues, however,  I have thought  about  releasing this email for the past five weeks.   The reason I have been hesitant was that I didn't  want to sound unappreciative for all the wonderful things  that God does for my family and me.  Nor did I wish this email to come across as sour grapes.  I have  decided to go ahead and tell you about multiple incidents that occurred to me several months ago on a Carnival/ Holland America cruise ship.