Stimulants Kill! The Awful Truth. It's Easy to Feel Great Without Them

 Stimulants Kill! The Awful Truth It's Easy to Feel Great Without Them

Hi Friends:

For the past few years, people have been seriously buying into the buzz over coffee and caffeinated energy drinks such as Red Bull as the best possible way to combat fatigue, lethargy and low energy. Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world and caffeine is its chief ingredient. With sales of all energy drinks expected to top $9 billion this year, is it any surprise that these drinks are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. beverage market? Sure, everyone needs a pick-me-up occasionally. Even I occasionally use an Acai-Natural Energy Boost in the morning before I work out. The difference here is that this product is a green tea extract and doesn't drain the adrenals or elevate cortisol levels.

The problem is, as a society, we're working harder and longer and in many cases, commuting further on a daily basis. So it's convenient to grab something to help us not feel wiped out by 11:00 am . . . or completely drained by 3:00 pm . . . or ready to fall asleep behind the wheel on the drive home or to the gym. But think about this: Are the side effects from those so-called energy drinks worth it? I'm talking about after consuming all that caffeine throughout the day, you're still awake at midnight – and if you do fall asleep, you just can't get the refreshing non-rapid eye movement sleep we all need. And guess what? Now you're tired all the time. And I haven't even mentioned the dangerous side effects of caffeine, like elevated heart rates, uncontrolled anxiety, depression, nausea and vomiting, restlessness, tremors and increased urination.

I think you get the point now: Caffeinated beverages, energy drinks, and artificial stimulants – they're all bad! Now that you know this, you can begin to take care of your bodies by putting those so-called fast energy drinks and double mocha espresso shots with whipped cream where they belong – in the trash. What I'm going to do now is share with you the reason – the real reason – you're feeling so lethargic, so often. And then I'll also share with you the solution to that low energy crisis of yours that I trust and use. And in time, the only use you'll have for coffee grounds is to flavor a chocolate cake.

Why You Feel So Rundown So Often The 21st century energy crisis isn't just at the pump . . . it's within you! Does this sound familiar? You're always on the run. Everything seems a whole lot harder for you than it should be. It's increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the morning. You depend on caffeine or sugar to bolster your flagging energy in the afternoon. You're feeling weary and irritable much of the time. You often crave salty foods or binge on sugar. You fall asleep while reading or while watching movies. You struggle to “come down” at night so you can get to sleep If it does, what I'm going to introduce you to will help restore your energy and balance your adrenal output (I'll explain this one in just a bit) so you can feel like yourself again. Those caffeinated beverage commercials and ads might poke fun at your 'low energy crisis', but the condition is nothing to laugh at.

There is a rather serious cause behind it – something which needs to be addressed by millions of Americans RIGHT NOW! And the unfortunate thing is, all of us are under so much stress, that we tend to overlook the symptoms and warning signs of this condition. In fact, you know when something 'wrong' is done so often that it starts to feel 'normal.' That's what's happening here. We think nothing of pumping our bodies with quick, artificial stimulants to rev up our nervous system. And pretty soon we're so wired, we can't calm down. So what happens next? We overeat to relax . . . we drink . . . smoke . . . take tranquilizers and sleeping pills. And then wake up the next morning just to start the cycle of destruction all over again. That's why I'm sending you this email. I completely understand what you may be going through.

Many of you would be shocked to learn that I was in graduate school at Florida State University; I was drinking 18 cups of coffee a day. Boy was I addicted! And to be perfectly honest with you, (which I always am!) it was really hard for me to stop and get off the coffee bandwagon. It wasn't until I was 27 years old and diagnosed with heart disease, that I finally realized that the coffee had to go. (Since I’ve already discussed my bout with heart disease in previous emails, I won’t go into detail about it here.) What I did to stop was gradually reduce the amount of caffeine I was ingesting over a three week period. It was tough. Still is -- I love the way fresh brewed coffee smells. But I know how horrible I’ll end up feeling if I have a cup, so I just avoid it altogether. Of course, I can hear some of you saying, “Why not switch to decaf?” Well, here’s why not: the primary way coffee is decaffeinated is by soaking the coffee beans in a solvent to absorb the caffeine from the coffee in order to remove it. The solvent used is formaldehyde – which, by the way, is embalming fluid. I’ll let that one sink in for a moment. And . . . because all decaf coffee still contains caffeine (just less of it), it still raises cortisol levels. Still think decaf is a good option? So here’s the good news: within our Health Masters' family of trusted and beneficial products is a safe, all-natural alternative to caffeine and harmful stimulants . . . a product you can take without the possibility of becoming addicted as you would with caffeine, sleeping pills or tranquilizers . . . a product which acts like a protective shield against the damaging effects of stress.

A Product We Proudly Call Health Masters’ Adrenal Support And that brings me back to a condition that may be behind that rundown feeling that millions of Americans struggle with daily. A condition you might even be struggling with. A condition called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). According to the Mayo Clinic, CFS has eight official symptoms, plus the central symptom that gives the condition its name: Fatigue Loss of memory or concentration Sore throat Enlarged lymph nodes in your neck or armpits Unexplained muscle pain Pain that moves from one joint to another without swelling or redness Headache of a new type, pattern or severity Unrefreshed sleep Extreme exhaustion lasting more than 24 hours after physical or mental exercise Compounding the CFS problem is a syndrome universally known as "adrenal burnout syndrome." Burnout refers specifically to a type of adrenal fatigue brought about by lifestyle factors such as working too hard or juggling too many activities. 

Specifically, adrenal burnout syndrome is a low functioning or under activity of the adrenal glands. It may also be termed 'adrenal insufficiency' or 'adrenal exhaustion.' In most cases, the cause of 'burnout' is not a single shock to the system. Instead, it is usually a slow decline in adrenal activity due to nutritional deficiencies and the accumulation of toxic metals and chemicals in the body. As these causes are removed, the adrenal glands easily recover.

Adrenal burnout syndrome differs from simple fatigue in that burnout is not relieved by getting a few good nights’ sleep, as is the case with fatigue. This is the case because adrenal exhaustion is not just a sleep deficit, although that may be an aspect of the syndrome. Burnout is a deeper derangement of the body’s energy-producing system, of which fatigue is one symptom. Detecting Adrenal Burnout Unfortunately, when a person complains to their doctor of fatigue, depression or other symptoms that are often related to the adrenal glands, most of the time the doctor neither asks the right questions nor runs tests of the adrenal glands. Instead, patients are told to take a vacation, are given an anti-depressant, or told it is “in their head.” The right questions, however, would often be enough to assess the condition fairly accurately. These would include “How many hours of sleep are you getting”. . . “Do you use caffeine or other stimulants” . . . and “What other symptoms are you having?” Let me explain how this can often identify adrenal burnout, even without other testing. Signs and Symptoms A simple and quite reliable way to assess adrenal burnout in a general sense is with signs and symptoms. A common sign, for example, is a low blood pressure in the absence of other obvious causes.

Usually, a person will also often feel fatigued, even though he or she sleeps soundly. If you're not sleeping, the problem may simply be a sleep deficit. You may not feel tired, however, if you drink coffee, other caffeinated beverages or use other stimulants. Another common symptom is depression. Others include joint pain, cravings for sweets, pain in the lower back area and perhaps excessive thirst or craving for sweet and salty foods. Together these symptoms can help your doctor decide if you need further testing. From the moment you wake up till you finally go to sleep at night, your mind and body are bombarded with stressful stimuli. It could be a situation at work, the drive home or financial worries . . . pretty much any and everything. And when stress occurs, the body prepares to take action. This preparation is called the 'fight-or-flight response.' In the fight-or-flight response, levels of hormones – like cortisol – shoot up.

Cortisol is produced by the adrenal gland and increases blood sugar to ultimately make a lot of stored energy available to cells. These cells are then primed to help the body get away from danger. That's when the carb cravings hit and we find ourselves bingeing on sugary foods and drinks. Now your insulin levels are skyrocketing which leads to an increase in body fat, and ultimately, obesity and, in many cases, diabetes. Get Your Adrenals Working Again If you're exhausted first thing in the morning or spend the day feeling tired . . . if you feel like you need to continue using caffeinated beverages and sugar to keep you going . . . if you're eating better than you have in years and managing to exercise a few days a week and still feel sluggish . . . it sounds like your body is trying to tell you something. And if you're genuinely concerned about the long-term impact from uncontrolled stress to your entire body (and you should be!), then it's time to take action.

So before you go to bed tonight only to find that you can't fall asleep and now you're worried that you'll wake up tired tomorrow – AGAIN – let's do something NOW to end this harmful cycle. It's time to re-energize your adrenal glands. It's Time For Health Masters' Adrenal Support Naturally Enhance Your Adrenal Cells For nearly a century doctors have relied on adrenal supplements to supercharge sluggish adrenal glands. But most of those supplements have been derived from synthetic sources and, as we're now discovering, are very unhealthy (especially glandular extracts which until I can find a pure source, I will not recommend). The best source I have found for adrenal support is an aptogenic herbal remedy featuring extracts of cordyceps, rhodiola, and panax ginseng -- all designed to support the stress response -- as well as select B vitamins to support adrenal hormone production. 

Which is why Health Masters' Adrenal Support is formulated from 100% all-natural adrenal supporting concentrates. Health Masters' Adrenal Support is a unique formula containing concentrated mixtures of cordyceps, rhodiola, and panax ginseng to support adrenal production. These concentrates are carefully selected, processed to be free of hormones and chemicals, and combined in precise proportions to best facilitate building and maintaining healthy adrenal tissue and function. Most people notice a change in a few days, but for optimal effectiveness and to fully support and benefit your adrenal glands, you should continue taking Health Masters' Adrenal Support for at least six months.

My mother-in-law Shirley Bennett loves this product. Shirley is 76 years young and has the energy of a 40-year-old. Sharon and I also take this product daily. This stuff is amazing because it helps your body to naturally produce energy. You’ll see. Just be sure to take it before noon. Taking this product before going to bed is not a good idea at all. It Protects You from the Physical Dangers of Stress What follows is a list and explanations of the physical damage stress can cause to all our different body parts. The Brain Beginning in the brain, stress causes a surge in hormones which results in intense alertness. In this state, we can neither sleep nor relax. Additionally, our mind cannot function at this extreme level for prolonged periods: Eventually the hormone surges and exhaustion cause tension headaches, irritability, aggression, inability to concentrate and memory loss. Unchecked stress can also trigger depression, which strikes twice as many women as men. Stress suppresses the hypothalamus, the emotion control center in our brains, curbing the production of the hormones that energize us and make us feel well.

A lot of times a condition of "Brain Fog" can also develop. Health Masters' Adrenal Support contains a standardized extract of Cordyceps Sinensis which has been shown in several studies to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-stress, antioxidant, mind-boosting, immune-enhancing, and rejuvenating properties. Many people report feeling energized with an overall sense of well-being. The Ears The surging hormones induced by stress improve our hearing to help us react to danger. But better hearing can actually be bad for the body: A Cornell University study concluded that even moderate noise elevates heart damaging stress hormones.

Studies have also shown that a lot of small noisy stressors added together - honking horns, ringing telephones and loud co-workers -- can be more dangerous to the body than one major stressful event. 

The Lungs One of the first things we do when we feel stressed is hyperventilate. It is part of the body's fight-or-flight response -- in case we are in danger and need the extra oxygen in our bloodstream to run for cover. Those quick breaths can cause dizziness and sharp pains in the diaphragm. Severe stress can aggravate asthma and other dangerous respiratory conditions. The Eyes The adrenaline rush from stress dilates the eyes, improving vision. But it also triggers eye ticks because eye muscles become fatigued. Eyes may bulge if stress over-stimulates the thyroid gland. The Mouth Dry mouth, bad breath and difficulty swallowing occur when stress makes us take short, shallow breaths. Under constant stress, some people clench their jaws or grind their teeth. The Hair Considered a barometer of inner health, hair is often the first to suffer.

A body under stress burns nutrients like the vitamin selenium, and that can lead to dull hair and premature graying. Chronic stress can trigger the autoimmune system to attack hair follicles, causing hair to fall out completely or in clumps. The Heart A heart under stress pumps fast and hard. Blood pressure rises as the body produces the hormone epinephrine as well as the hormone cortisol. That can lead to heart palpitations and chest pains. In those with heart disease, stress can prevent blood from clotting properly and stimulate the formation of plaque that plugs arteries. Researchers say that even thinking about something stressful raises blood pressure.


A Swedish study concluded that stressful romantic relationships were more damaging to a person's heart than work-related stress: Those in troubled marriages were three times more likely to be hospitalized for heart problems. The Immune System Did you ever get sick after a stressful event? Extreme and constant stress lowers our white blood cell count, making us more susceptible to disease and hampering our body's ability to heal itself. One study showed that the pneumonia vaccine was less effective in people under constant stress. Meanwhile, researchers are studying the link between stress and autoimmune disorders like Graves disease, in which antibodies attack the thyroid, eye muscles and skin.

The Joints, Muscles and Bones At tense moments, our brain sends messages to the muscles, tightening them and preparing them for action. Chronic stress can aggravate rheumatoid arthritis, cause sore muscles and make us prone to sprains. The Skin Stress causes hormones to be released that make acne, rashes and itchy patches worse. Some people blush, while others go pale when the small blood cells in the skin contract. Under extreme stress, people can become covered in hives. Any skin problem will get worse when you are under stress.

The Digestive System Under stress, the brain shifts blood flow away from the digestive tract, which slows digestion. The result: indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, incontinence and colon spasm. Stress increases acid production, aggravating ulcers. It is also linked to colitis and irritable bowel syndrome, a painful and sometimes debilitating disorder, which is why it’s critical after the age of 40 to also take Health Masters’ Digestive Enzyme Blend. Sharon and I both take one of these with every meal. It really does help with digestion problems, including acid reflux. You Can't Avoid Stress, But You Sure Can Impact The Way Your Body Responds To It! Thousands of people suffer from stress and constant fatigue not relieved by rest and sleep. When this occurs, cortisol – the "stress hormone" – is released by the adrenal glands. Elevated cortisol related to CFS and adrenal burnout is not only linked to weight gain and sleep disorders, but it can seriously impair the immune system. Chronic infections may develop, thus setting the stage for colds, the flu and the development of several types of degenerative conditions. Mental Stress And Anxiety Is Alleviated Health Masters' Adrenal Support also contains Rhodiola rosea root to combat the stress you encounter on a typical daily basis.

Rhodiola rosea is an essential component of all biological membranes and is required for normal cellular structure and function. The participation in physical activity often challenges a variety of physiological systems; consequently, the ability to maintain normal cellular function during activity can determine sporting performance. In addition to physical stress, Rhodiola rosea supplementation benefits those suffering from mental stress. Rhodiola rosea supplementation has been reported to improve the moods of healthy young adults when faced with a stressful mental task. Natural Hormone Production Is Increased B6 and Panothenic Acid are also key components of Health Masters' Adrenal Support.

These supplements support the adrenal gland, protecting it from stress, and help it maintain normal (not elevated or depressed) levels of cortisol in the body. This can be a helpful addition to the treatment of someone with chronic fatigue. Health Masters' Adrenal Support puts the missing 'oomph' back into your adrenal glands. In fact, its effect on you is not unlike putting fresh batteries in a fading lantern. So now you can enjoy not just new energy, but also a renewed sense of well-being that you may have thought was long-gone. Levels Of Essential 'Anti-Stress Nutrients' Are Maintained When we're stressed, the need for nutrients is much greater. Carbohydrates, when excessive in the diet, stress the adrenals. Diets low in protein may also create deficiencies. Inadequate or poor quality water affects oxygenation of the tissues. Most diets are low in nutrients required by the adrenals. These include B-complex vitamins, vitamins A, C and E, manganese, zinc, chromium, selenium and other trace elements. The reasons for this begin with how food is grown. Most food is grown on depleted soils. Processing and refining further deplete nutrients.

Habits such as eating in the car or while on the run further diminish the value derived from food. Also, allergic reactions to foods such as wheat and dairy products can damage the intestines and reduce the absorption of nutrients. That's why Health Masters' Adrenal Support is packed with adrenal friendly B-vitamins to ensure that your healthy levels of these anti-stress nutrients are maintained. Stay Away From Harmful Artificial Stimulants! 

If you’ve ever found yourself reaching for extra coffee, energy drinks, or herbal stimulants throughout the day, then you know the fake energy boost they provide doesn't last. Even worse: It's usually followed by an energy "crash" that leaves you feeling even more worn out than before. One secret to lasting energy I’ve learned is to start my morning with a good quality protein supplement. Which is why when I get up each morning, I begin my day with a glass of Health Masters’ Fit Food Protein. It’s an incredible stabilizer for blood sugar and has a low glycemic index. I love the stuff.

Stimulants put more than just the brain into overdrive. The effects on the body vary depending on several factors including your age, stress level, overall health, etc. But the biggest concern is the side effects of artificial stimulants. They can increase your heart rate and blood pressure, and in extreme cases, lead to heart attack or stroke. Safely Reinvigorate Your Adrenal Glands! Try Health Masters' Adrenal Support Risk-Free So many people have told about the changes they've noticed with Health Masters' Adrenal Support, that I'm positive it can help you feel better, too. Youthful vigor . . . improved stamina . . . enhanced well-being. It can all be yours again. Here's how . . . “A Noticeable Surge In Your Energy Levels Or Your Money Back!" If you don't absolutely love what Health Masters' Adrenal Support does for you – especially at the start of your day or in the late afternoon when you typically crave sugary snacks – then just send back the unused portion of Health Masters' Adrenal Support and I'll refund your full purchase price.

Don't Let Uncontrolled Stress Control You! The medical community knows that stress is the biggest threat to your overall good health – and now you can do something about it with Health Masters' Adrenal Support. As I stated earlier, you can't avoid stress, but you sure can impact the way your body responds to it. Give it a try today -- you won't be sorry. I guarantee it!

I take it every morning after my Health Masters’ Fit Food Protein. Just remember this . . . don’t take it at night! As I’ve already mentioned, Health Masters’ Adrenal Support naturally helps your body produce lots of energy -- something you don’t need before going to bed. Yours in good health, Ted Broer Try Health Masters' Adrenal Support RISK-FREE with my 100% Money Back Guarantee: I guarantee that Health Masters' Adrenal Support will help you awaken and boost a sluggish energy to levels like you used to have! It sounds incredible because it truly is . . . just like all the top-quality products in the Heath Masters family of top-quality products that millions of people have used and relied on for years!


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