Multiple topics Including: Vaccinations, Mercury, Fluoride and Milk. The Real Truth

My dear friends:

    As the majority of you know, I have been writing and sending newsletters to you for thirty-two years.  In so doing, it has always been my intent to primarily discuss health and health freedom with you, my readers.  However, during the past two decades, the United States has taken actions which are, to put it bluntly, not in the best interest of the American people.  Many of you are well aware of some of the aspects of these actions.  Just as an example, many of you, including myself, had our retirement accounts decimated in 2008.

Because, I study three to four hours a day, I have been exposed to a tremendous amount of information during this time.  In this email I want to  present to you a serious message...a message of hope for those of you who are willing to listen, and, on the other hand, a message of an uncertain future for those of you who choose to do nothing.  The end result of all the studying and research has caused a behavioral and thought paradigm shift in my overall outlook of the path we are all heading down this day and time. 

In today's newsletter, I will briefly cover a few of the  paths we have gone down, and will go into detail on several  topics, plus providing you, the readers, with links from outside sources concerning this topic. (Links will be sent later)

    Here is a brief accounting of what has happen, which has forever changed my life and your lives also...whether you are aware of them or not:


    1.  Back in the Fifties, many baby boomers were given the Polio shot.  What we did not know then, was that the serum had been made with a live virus.  Many people injected developed polio from the immunization itself.   I recently learned something that most of us did not know:  That many of the monkey kidney cells used to cultivate the vaccines were infected with live monkey cancer cells.   It is my opinion and the opinions of many others that these vaccines have been responsible for the massive increase in brain, lung, and bone cancers in Baby Boomers.
It is not uncommon that many boomers have died before their parents.  I used to think that was primarily due to the junk food diets of many of the Baby Boomers.  I still believe these diets have played a role in the premature deaths of many boomers.  But, the reality is that these same monkey cancer cells so many of us were given, are still being used in laboratories today to intentionally cause the growth of cancer cells in laboratory animals.

OK I am going to say that again.

The same monkey cancer cells that we were injected with are STILL being used to INTENTIONALLY infect research animals with cancer so a variety of drugs can be developed to try and cure the infected monkeys. 

Alright I hope that I now have your attention…

This is one of the reasons I am so adamant about all of us taking antioxidants. That would be D3-K2, Vitamin C, Super Potent E, and Ultimate Multiple. We must do everything we possibly can do to keep our immune systems strong period.


    Perhaps you now understand why I am writing such a newsletter to my readers.  I believe it is now time for all of us to have a "wake up" call and realize that we have been intentionally programmed with a reality of what life is. And that in many cases has been totally manipulated by the media...and is simply a lie.


    2.  The next big health destroyer which was put upon us was the use of Trans fats, margarine, and Crisco.   To use these was equivalent to using poison.  PERIOD!  One of the prevalent side effects was the onset of adult diabetes. I still remember when Paula Deen admitted that she has had diabetes for years.   I was not surprised.  I feel that this likable lady has done more to harm the health of Americans than anyone else in recent history.   People make her recipes, eat them, and I feel can die from the overload of so many of the harmful ingredients.  The sad thing is that I recently saw a picture her with no makeup, and she really looked unhealthy. (By the way I intentionally said that politically correct since I know that she is likable and probably many of you like her) I sincerely hope, now that she has diabetes, she will start making healthy recipes.  (Good luck)...Or that she retires.

Please use real organic butter, olive oil, coconut oil (we have this in stock) or grape seed oil. Enough said on this subject!


    3.  Next on the list of our health destroyers is the use of dental Mercury.  It is beyond my comprehension how an educated professional can put a neuro-toxin like Mercury in the mouths of patients for them to absorb it...and, continue to be doing this in the 21st Century.  The ADA needs to have more informed individuals running it who will have taken more Biochemistry and will have learned what happens to cells when exposed to this deadly neurotoxin.  If a thermometer containing Mercury is broken in a school, the school is evacuated and the hasmat team is called in to clean up this poison.   Dentists need to wake up to the health hazard of Mercury in the mouths of patients.

    4.  Fluoride in our drinking water (which is used as rat poisoning) is next on the list of health destroyers.  During WWII, The Nazis and the Soviets used fluoride in their concentration camps to render the prisoners infertile and servile.  After the War was won and the prisoners set free, the USA had access to the Nazi medical literature, including the effects of fluoride.  AND, yet...and this amazes me...shortly after the War, this poison was placed in the drinking water of most cities in the United States.  And yet Again, another blunder by the American Dental Association.


        The United Nations has said for years that our population of the earth needs to be reduced.   Doesn't this seem strange to anyone but me?  Then, suddenly, fluoride is placed in the water and so many Americans have become infertile. (By the way, margarine and Trans fats do the same thing to men, almost completely stopping sperm production and motility....Interesting!)  

Fluoride has been known to cause massive brain damage and numerous other health problems.  (This is why I recommend our Healthmasters distiller 8800) I have addressed this issue many times in other emails.  

But, of course, our Government would never intentionally mislead us.  I am still looking for the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (meaningless deaths by the hundreds of thousands because of misinformation).

I apologize to you if you find this statement offensive that was not my intent.  I am simply stating facts. Many of us still want to believe that the government would never intentionally mislead us.  I am still looking for the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…

 The reason I used this analogy was to show you the danger from misinformation. To be more direct, we have had millions of deaths from heart disease and cancer and massive reductions of IQ scores due to misinformation. So there I said it.


    5.  The introduction of growth hormones and antibiotics in milk and the homogenization of milk our fifth health hazard.  The additives are unhealthy.   I prefer and still like the raw organic grass-fed cow's milk. The problem is again it is very difficult if not impossible to find state certified organic raw milk. Again more misdirected government regulation.

  6.   The use of mercury contaminated florescent bulbs.  Several months ago I had to replace my garage door opener.  The garage door opener installers advised me not to use the squiggly florescent bulbs for a light in the opener.  I asked them why?  They told me these bulbs generated a powerful frequency that can disrupt the remote control to such an extent that it won’t work…


 All of us are being bombarded daily by electromagnetic radiation. It’s really bad for you. I mean we already are being exposed to radio waves short waves, micro waves and waves from the electrical outlets in your home.

I mean this amount of electromagnetic pollution is ridiculous.

 A few years ago I was doing a radio show in Virginia. The station was directly beside high tension power lines. I had been told that cancer rates were much higher if you lived by these power lines because your body was constantly be radiated by the energy coming off the lines.

So I did an experiment since we were staying in our motor home in the radio stations parking.  I walked outside with a 4 foot fluorescent bulb that I had bought for this experiment.  I had been told that if I walked close to the power lines which were over 50 feet in the air that the bulb would light.  Guess what, IT DID… 

We all need to reduce the electromagnetic pollution in our lives.  That means No squiggly bulbs.  Use LED lights if you want to save energy. That’s what we do.  Ted