Chelation Therapy for the Removal of heavy metals. Great info

At Healthmasters we get more questions on Chelation therapy than almost any other nutrient or protocol. That is why several years ago I wrote an extensive email on Chelation and heavy metal removal.  But because Of the constant inquiries I have decided to write another short newsletter on EDTA.
One of the first questions was who discovered the use of EDTA for the removal of heavy metals.
Chelation therapy was created by the Germans in the early 1930s to remove heavy metals from the painters painting with lead paint on ships. It was later approved by our Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to remove heavy metals. It is not been approved to remove calcium plaque from the arteries. The FDA will never approve EDTA Chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease in my opinion because the heart surgery industry has too many lobbyists fighting against that usage.
The American Medical Association (AMA), the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) all publicly state that EDTA therapy is “the treatment of choice to remove toxic metals from the body. However, toxic metal accumulation can be related to heart disease.”
Chelation works on the whole body, whereas bypass surgery bypasses only a few inches of heart arteries. So am I claiming, "that you can live how you want, eat what you want, ignore all healthy lifestyle choices and take EDTA have a healthy cardio vascular system"?  Absolutely not!  Every choice we make needs to be in synergy to healthy lifestyle choices.
There have been however some publications reporting the following.
Organ Benefit
Just the benefit of lead removal is of tremendous benefit to the heart, the kidneys and the nervous system. Heavy metal toxicity may be a big factor in causing immune-system compromise.
But, there are many other anecdotal observed benefits some of which may also be seen in lab tests which may be traceable to treatment with EDTA Chelation:
•             Reduction of liver-produced cholesterol.
•             Lowered insulin requirements in diabetics.
•             Reduced high blood pressure.
•             Normalization of cardiac arrhythmias.
•             Relief from leg-muscle cramps.
•             Reduction in allergic symptoms.
•             Normalized weight.
•             Improved psychological and emotional status.
•             Enhanced sensory input: better sight, hearing and taste.
•             Reversal of impotence.
•             Cold extremities warmed.
Neurological Disruption:
In heart disease heavy metal toxins may disrupt neurological pathways.
Our polluted environment poisons the air we breathe, chem-trails (geo-engineering), the water we drink and the food we eat with heavy metals, including lead, cadmium, iron, copper, mercury and aluminum, barium and strontium. Add to this vascular assault the buildup of plaque in our arteries, and EDTA Chelation therapy is the only treatment of choice to restore vascular health.
Who says so? The AMA, FDA and the CDC. Licensed doctors, from first-year interns to professors of medicine at Harvard University, as well as many prestigious medical centers, all confirm that EDTA Chelation therapy is the only viable choice for the removal of toxic metals from the body.
Removal of toxic metals and hopefully calcium plaque from the human vascular system directly and positively affects the restoration of cardiovascular health maybe a lifesaver!
Better Heart Health
In my opinion there is no doubt about the efficacy of Chelation therapy (IV or oral) for cardiovascular health. There is new excitement about Chelation for kidney disease. Just some of the many books written on Chelation are: The Chelation Way by Morton Walker; Forty Something Forever by Harold Brecher; Bypassing Bypass Surgery by Elmer M. Cranton, M.D.; A Textbook on EDTA Chelation by Elmer M. Cranton, M.D.; and Questions from the Heart by Terry Chappell, M.D.
Finally, there is a mountain of additional evidence to support EDTA Chelation therapy. People who read the books and literature know that Chelation is a miracle in restoring vascular health all over the body and brain. Chelation therapy must be taken over a few years for maximum benefit. It should be taken as a preventive as well as for the removal of plaque after it has accumulated.
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