This Chemical in our food can Chemically Castrate Men and Boys!

Dear friends, Most of you know that I try not to get preachy on my emails but today I need to preach a little. I rarely quote the scriptures ,but today I am going to use a verse out of Hosea. I usually try to stick with just the scientific facts, but this email including its factual content is probably going to be a wake up call for a few of you. I hope you find it as informative as I found it necessary to write. In the ancient writing of Hosea the prophet says "My People perish for a lack of knowledge." If you read further it goes on to say that the people rejected the knowledge. Now you are probably wondering what in the world does this have to do with estrogen poison in the food and water supply.

Before I start on that topic let me tell you about a show I watched this past weekend on the sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise ship in 2011. Several folks being interviewed had been on the ship on its ill fated voyage. One of them said something like this: When the captain announced that the ship was sinking and gave the order to abandon ship many people did NOT believe what they were being told...(WOW!) The show even interviewed a psychologist who said that sometimes when the news is so bad many people simply refuse to believe....There is a term used in psychology called "Normalcy Bias," which simply means its easier to believe that things will get back to "normal". In other words many believed the ship really wasn't sinking. Its easier for some people to reject that truth rather than to accept the truth and take the necessary steps to protect themselves...Over 20 people died on that ship even though the captain had run it aground. But, there is a reason for my rambling.

The information that I am about to share with you is public knowledge, but it has received literally no media attention. Why?? It is again the big corporations that control the flow of information to you and me.. I thank God for the Internet and the alternative news thats available. Pray that our bought and paid for congress doesn't pass regulation to stop the free flow of information. Hopefully Congress will wake up and learn like all of us have already learned, how to balance a check book. Give me a break...but I won't go there in this email. So now you know why I quoted Hosea...I don't want any of you to reject truth....and believe the lie. Another scripture says the truth will set you free. I personally believe that the truth about health and nutrition and exercise will set you free from disease and prescription drug dependency. So please pay careful attention to the facts I will now give.

Also please watch the short 10 minute video on this topic which I have hyper-linked and the info from wikipedia that is linked at the end of this email.

One more thing Can you do me a favor? I want you to forward this email to your friends. But before you do that when you forward erase the opt out portion at the bottom of this email. If you send it to a friend and they push the opt out button YOU will be opted out. Not them. Just thought I needed to let you know that information. BPA is todays topic (CH3)2 C(C6H4OH)2 In April 2012 the folks at the FDA decided that it would continue to allow BPA to used in Plastics and food packaging in the USA. It is used in almost everything plastic including the plastic liners in all cans both organic and inorganic...That's right if your spending extra money to buy organic canned veggies you are getting BPA in your can. If you can find an organic manufacturer who doesn't use it please let me know. The only one I have found is Edenfoods! This inept decision was made in spite of the plethora of independent scientific research and studies linking this product to the following; breast cancer, lowered male sex drive, prostate cancer impaired fertility, polycystic ovarian disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, miscarriage, endocrine disruption, heart disease, obesity and thyroid function. Well there you go what a mess! Get ready to leave the cruise ship!

The FDA has made this incredibly stupid decision in spite of the fact that the following countries have either banned it in baby bottles or banned it totally. The countries who have done so are Belgium, Canada, the entire European Union and Japan. If you get enough BPA from your plastic bottle drinking water, your city water, your well water (Learn more about pure water) or your prepackaged food you can literally chemically castrate men... Well, I see that got your attention! This product is an estrogen mimicker...So basically your body thinks its getting estrogen.. Question for you. Have you noticed how many "metro men" there are in the USA? Between the BPA and soy products that are consumed this is not a surprise. They seem to be neither male or female. If extra estrogen was inadvertently given to them through the food supply it's not their fault. This in my opinion is not an accident. The FDA knew this was going to happen.They saw the research many years ago. They knew the consequences of their inaction...Yet they again allowed the big corporations to dictate policy. This entire mess in morally repugnant to me.

This is the same garbage the FDA pulled with its approval of aspartame 30 years ago. They knew it would cause brain cancer, blindness, depression etc etc... Read my blog aspartame a chronicle of crime. All they seem to care about is the revolving door policy of the FDA which after leaving the FDA the people making the decisions go to work for the very companies for which they approved products to destroy the health of the people of this great country. By the way the FDA is still diligently working on their list of nutrition supplements to pull off the market. Read my blog on the FDA. It seems that D3 and E and fish oil all need to be regulated via prescription. That way the drug companies can make more profits and the American consumer can get sicker and sicker spending more and more money on drugs and health care. This will help rush these poor souls who don't want to abandon ship, further down the corridor of degenerative disease without ever knowing that the very government who they elected to protect them sold them down the river to profit the large corporations...Friends you think I am kidding?

I have had folks come into my office with over 25 prescription drugs currently prescribed to them in a bag. There is no way on earth that the side effects and interactions of so many drugs were tested...In a few weeks I will be sending you an email documenting the 60,000 new cases of diabetes caused yearly ,yes, I said caused by statin drugs. This disaster of BPA and its estrogen mimicking effects is why so many countries have banned it in baby bottles... You can't give a male or female baby estrogen without devastating results. I have written an extensive blog on soy..It is called "Does Soy turn little boys into little girls" As far as I am concerned Soy shouldn't even be classified as a food it should be classified as a female hormone. This is why my company refuses to sell soy based proteins. Now all of you know why I have quoted you Hosea at the beginning of this email.. I can only tell you the truth... If the ship is sinking (when it comes to NOT being proactive concerning your health) you have to abandon ship. Standing around wondering what to do, isn't going to get it done.

Please start making those changes today if you have copy of Eat Drink and Be Healthy listen to it again. If you don't, go to to get a copy. If you have any questions please call my office 1-800-726-1834..and please stop taking or using any products containing BPA and never microwave anything in plastic.

Below are the links I promised you..Please watch the short video. Thanks again for you support..tb