This is a Death Sweetener! And Its not Aspartame. Never use This.

Almost 20 years ago I was contacted by the maker of aspartame to stop speaking badly about their product…I didn't stop!   Now the whole world who reads, cares about their health and is educated, no longer drinks or eats products made with aspartame or equal also known as NutraSweet. It causes brain cancer, memory loss and blindness. This list of side effects goes on and on... If you want to read more on aspartame in detail please read the link that I wrote Aspartame a Chronicle of Crime.

But this newsletter today is not about aspartame, it’s about Sucralose also known as Splenda.

Before I get started I need to share with you some of my observations.

Why is it that the FDA suppresses the use of vitamins and their research?

Why is it that the FDA allows poisonous drugs like Statins to be on the market?

Why is it that the FDA, EPA and other government agencies have turned a blind eye to the globalists doing global atmospheric engineering using aluminum, barium and strontium as reflective agents being sprayed into the atmosphere to supposedly combat global warming?

By the way I had my rain water tested twice. It contains barium and aluminum. Rain water is supposed to be pure like distilled water. The only way minerals are present in rainwater is if they have been placed in the air. There are several ways this can happen: volcanic eruptions, dust storms, industrial smoke stacks and aerosol dispersal.
Research has clearly shown that aluminum is implicated in Alzheimer's disease and that barium weakens the immune system. We inhale these products through our lungs, and into our bloodstreams. Plus these mineral compounds also alkalinize the soil causing massive crop reductions and crop failure. The only way that I know to remove them from your body is through the use of EDTA. We carry a product called Chelation Therapy which contains EDTA.

These types of questions have always intrigued me.  It seems that in many cases the very government that we have hired to protect us is causing a lot of problems with our health.  I realize that humans can make a lot of mistakes and that none of us are perfect but this blatant disregard for the health and safety of humans around the globe is especially troubling to me.

Enough of that…Let’s get started on today’s topic.

What is Splenda?


Basically its bug spray. You would just as soon put a pesticide in your food as Sucralose. Because Sucralose (Splenda) is a chlorocarbon (Pesticides are chlorocarbons). Chlorocarbons have long been shown to cause organ, genetic, and reproductive damage. It should be no surprise, therefore, that the testing of Sucralose reveals that it can cause up to 40 percent shrinkage of the thymus: a gland that is the very foundation of our immune system.

Sucralose also causes swelling of the liver and kidneys, and CALCIFICATION of the kidney. Note: if you experience kidney pain, cramping, or an irritated bladder after using any Sucralose, stop use immediately.  Sucralose is not sugar, it is not found in nature, it is toxic to humans just like bug spray.

Has Testing on lab animals shown it to be safe?

Testing that has been paid for by the manufacturer claims safety...Again read my article on aspartame. It has been shown over and over again that only independent testing with no financial ties produce accurate testing. I know of no such studies on Splenda.   The independent studies that I have seen clearly implicate it in a variety of diseases.

Do any tests show splenda causes cancer?

An animal that ingests chlorine (especially on a regular basis) is at risk of cancer. The Merk Manuel and OSHA 40 SARA 120 Hazardous Waste Handbook states that chlorine is a carcinogen and emergency procedures should be taken when exposed via swallowing, inhaling, or through the skin.

I personally believe potential cancers using splenda are based upon how much you use and how often, your present and past health status, and the degree of other toxins you are putting into your body.

Good luck with that one ...I personally believe that this product is so toxic and will cause so many health problems that it’s a toss up whether the cancer it may cause will kill you before kidney calcification occurs and you die from kidney failure.

Let me ask you two more questions. How much pesticide does it take to kill you?

Do you really want know how much pesticide it takes to kills you?

If you want  alternative sweeteners please use Stevia or Organic Coconut Sugar

We carry a brand at that has NO aftertaste.  It’s inexpensive and it goes a long way.


In fact Sharon has learned to use it in baking. This is an incredible product.

And for those looking for a quality protein powder our Fit Food whey protein is also sweetened with stevia.

Here are some additional side effects that have been reported after Splenda usage.

  • Enlarged liver and kidneys
  • Atrophy of lymph follicles in the spleen and thymus
  • Increased cecal weight
  • Reduced growth rate
  • Decreased red blood cell count
  • Hyperplasia of the pelvis
  • Extension of the pregnancy period
  • Aborted pregnancy
  • Decreased fetal body weights and placental weights
  • Diarrhea
  • Shrunken thymus glands (up to 40 percent shrinkage)

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