Do Either Immunizations or Viruses Cause Cancer?


Traditional modern health care  tell us that the hepatitis B virus (HBV) causes liver cancer which is why it is so necessary for US newborns to be vaccinated within hours of birth.


The system also assumes that all mothers are IV drug users and/or prostitutes and have the potential of having hepatitis.


We are also told that the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is supposedly so prevalent in our population, causes cervical cancer which is why there is such a push to vaccinate girls and boys in the US as early as 9 years old.

CDC Whistle Blower admits MMR Vaccine causes Autism


This by the way is insanity because of all of the side effects which include infertility and death. To me all of this smacks of Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a program being implemented worldwide by the United Nations to reduce the population of the planet.  It goes under the guise of sustainable development. I know this sounds an awful lot like conspiracy theory but it’s more like fact.  Years ago I didn't buy into a lot of the Internet chatter concerning eugenics. However the more I research this topic the more strange things I find. So rather than looking at this from a clandestine standpoint let’s look at the facts.


Let’s start with a brief mention of (I will discuss this more detail later in this newsletter) the Simian Virus 40 (SV40). This is the nightmare that my generation was injected with during our childhood.  This awful contaminated polio vaccine is known to be contaminated with cancer cells and is associated with a wide variety of human cancers including bone, breast and brain. 
Conventional wisdom tells us that some viruses may cause cancer...This may be partially accurate. However, naturally occurring viruses such as the flu don't cause cancer. These cancer causing viruses are rarely those naturally occurring in nature. These naturally occurring viruses should not be confused with the Dr Frankenstein viruses like Simian Virus 40 brought to us by our pharmaceutical and military labs. But let’s check out some more history.

The first recorded cases that I can find of (hepatitis) HBV infection occurred following the administration of the smallpox vaccine containing human lymph to shipyard workers in Germany in 1883.  Isn’t it interesting that the first recorded incident I can find of HBV is after a medical treatment with contaminated medicine.  HBV is transmitted through contact with infected bodily fluids.  But, again in this case its being administered by what was then main stream medicine. It is estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide have been infected and that approximately 350 million are chronic carriers of HBV.  But when you look deeper you find that in the U.S., HBV is found predominantly in adults who are either I.V. drug users or engaging in high-risk sexual behavior. This is why force vaccinating those who don't engage in those lifestyle choices is counterproductive and as far as I am concerned not worth the side effect risks.

Two of our children were born via a mid wife the other two in a hospital.  In both hospital births I had to fuss to stop the hepatitis vaccine being given to our children. Until then, I thought this was still America.  I thought we still had rights. Boy did I have an eye opener.  I guess as long as we the sheep go, baaaa  baaaa  we are allowed to live here.  If we question "why" or say "no" suddenly we are a trouble maker. Again I urge you to look up Agenda 21. The America I was raised in, back in the 50's no longer exists. Back then, before all of these Orwellian controls were put into place people genuinely seemed to care about one another.

(As a sidebar, since I am speaking about Orwellian controls. A little over a year ago I warned you that the FDA was bent on taking away many of the supplements we use. I promise you that FDA dog is still hunting.)

The irony is that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that only 0.1-0.5 % of the US population are chronic carriers of HBV.  This is due, in large part, to the fact that only about 5% of acute HBV infections ever become chronic.  In other words, about 95% of people clear the infection and never become chronic carriers.  But those who do become chronic carriers will definitely get liver cancer right?  No.  The CDC estimates that only about 25% of those with chronic HBV infection die prematurely from liver cancer or cirrhosis decades after the initial infection.


Is it possible that over those decades, other factors could have caused or, at least contributed, to their liver disease?  Absolutely! Lifestyle, dietary habits and supplements greatly affect the immune system.  Additionally, does it make sense to indiscriminately vaccinate newborns if mothers have already tested negative for Hep. B?  Again ask why?  Why is the government who controls this policy so determined to give it to everyone?  On top of that, I am not even going to go into the neurological damage from the mercury in these shots especially to a new born infant.

Here’s the next one that we are being warned against.  Human Papilloma virus (HPV) is recognized by mainstream medical authorities as the most commonly sexually transmitted infection in the US with an estimated 20 million persons infected and over 6 million new infections annually. 

  On deeper analysis, however, you learn that the CDC admits that HPV has never been isolated in culture.  In other words, wild HPV has never been seen. But let’s assume that HPV actually does exist, Because it does.

The CDC also says that most HPV infections are asymptomatic resulting in no clinical disease and that HPV by itself is not sufficient to cause cancer because the vast majority of women with the infection do not develop cancer.  In fact, a recent study published in the journal Vaccine estimates that 90% of HPV infections are cleared from the body within 2 years.  But this vaccine has killed and ruined many lives due to documented side effects.

Let’s get back to the early Polio vaccines given to my generation.  Many were cultured on diseased monkey kidney tissue and given to millions of children like me in the mid-1950s and early 1960s. They were contaminated with live Simian viruses.  One in particular, known as Simian virus 40 (SV40), was found to have powerful cancer causing  effects and has been discovered in numerous tumors including various types of brain, bone and lung cancers.  SV40 has even been found in tumors of individuals who were never given those early polio vaccines. In other words the SV40 was transmitted genetically.

This is one of those Dr Frankenstein vaccines I warned you about. This vaccine does and did cause a plethora of cancers. Remember I am saying that the contaminated vaccine, not polio is linked to a plethora of cancer deaths.

There is mounting evidence that this monkey virus can pass from generation to generation.  Also, it has been suggested that SV40 is contaminating current polio vaccines since the inactivated polio virus vaccine (IPV) and the oral polio virus vaccine (OPV) viruses are still seeded from and cultured on monkey kidney tissue.  Government health officials will deny this possibility. But wait aren't they the same folks who said it was safe to start with?? O right, this time they are telling us the truth. OK, where’s that swamp land in Arizona that I am buying... I’m sorry folks but I am sick of the lying, the obfuscation and the out of control bureaucracy in D.C.. It’s kind of like when General Sherman marched into Atlanta telling everyone he was there to preserve the Union. The folks living there surely questioned his motives. 


But here’s an interesting question. Why didn’t every person who was injected with SV40 get cancer? Claude Bernard, considered the Father of Experimental Medicine and a contemporary of Louis Pasteur, once said so eloquently that “the terrain is everything; the germ is nothing”. Individuals with a healthy internal environment and a robust immune system provide an inhospitable environment for pathogenic illness while those who are malnourished and toxic provide a diseased body which is far more likely to be inhabited by disease causing microorganisms.  This certainly is a plausible explanation with regard to SV40.


So the next question should be what are the supplements that help to maintain a healthy immune system?
How do I keep my children so Healthy?
Why you are asking that question,  let me answer a question for you.
Many of you wondered how my 9 year old performed Silent Night in German so well before 3000 folks.
The reality is she has a super strong constitution and is always healthy plus we haven't injected her with mercury.
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Children’s fish oil
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