Save Your Brain! 4 Action Items, 9 Strategies & 8 Critical Supplements



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Always remember your mind is a terrible thing to waste. Please continue to read to find tips on training your brain on different techniques.

Our memory, whether we are speaking a foreign language, remembering scripture or remembering where you placed your car keys is critical to maintain a healthy happy productive life. 

Until recently the standard medical belief was that we were born with a certain number of brain cells that would slowly die off and never be replaced resulting in a gradual mental decline usually ending in senility. In fact, "Benign forgetfulness of old age" remained a formal diagnosis.

Well let me tell you, you can forget all of that. Advances in brain imaging genetics and neuroscience now show that our body continues to create new brain cells throughout life. Also the neurons in our brains continue to change, develop and forge new connections even as we age. We actually have physical changes in our brain every time we learn something new. This evoking adaptability is called "Neuroplasticity".

Some scientists believe that Dementia and Alzheimer's occurs when the brain loses this ability to grow and change. I think other causes include aluminum, lead and Aspartame (nutra-sweet) poisoning. In fact I wrote an excellent  book entitled "Maximum Memory". That book is still available through my office. 1-800-726-1834 The sad reality of Alzheimer's is that 50% of all baby boomers will develop the disease. I am so glad that is not going to happen to any of you who read my newsletters and follow some simple advice.

4 Quick Action Items

Probably the biggest falsehood based on all this new information, is that growing old has to lead to deterioration of mental ability. Here are some great tips, supplements and neural exercises that I have used for years to keep my brain and memory sharp.

  1. Exercise your brain. The brain is similar to your muscles. If you don't use it, you lose it. Exercise your brain daily. Crossword puzzles are another great brain exercise. But remember, crossword puzzles and number puzzles have to challenge you. They can't be simple. Go through old photo albums on a regular basis. Remember your friends and vacations long forgotten. Force your brain to recall "positive, happy" thoughts from your childhood.
  2. Activities that involve multiple senses such as learning dance steps, or a new form of aerobics, or for those of you who are capable or inclined, Karate. Also excellent, learn to play a guitar or keyboard. Remember, any time you challenge your brain it renews itself, forming new dentrites and synopsis. That in turn prompts the brain to produce growth molecules. One quick tip, focus on what you are doing. Try not to multi task as much. Focus, focus, focus. Let me give you an example. I have four children plus a lot of employees. When I write a newsletter, I go to the back room of my office and close the door. I don't bring my phone and I don't take calls unless it is an emergency. Remember, I am 57 years old and I feel great. My mental acuity is as good as ever. Here are several more tips.
  3. Stay social, don't be a hermit. Older adults who stay social after retirement, score much better on IQ tests. When you socialize it requires memory, logical function, interactive skills, communication, reasoning and thinking. Keeping active is so important.
  4. Eat right. You knew I would get to this sooner or later.


9 Key Strategies

1. Take Fermented Cod Liver Oil every day. Take one to two teaspoons daily. The brain has to have Omega 3 fat to function. The brand that we carry and I personally take is simply the best. The right kind of Omega 3 fat also helps to burn body fat, fight depression (actually better than Prozac), increase IQ scores in children and adults, reduce inflammation and helps relieve joint pain. Well this list goes on and on. Take Cod Liver Oil daily. By the way, post -partum depression in most cases is caused by a lack of omega 3 fat in the brain of the mother. During the last trimester of pregnancy, the fetus requires large amounts of omega 3 for proper brain development. If the mother isn't taking an omega 3 supplement (like cod liver oil), the fetus literally sucks the omega 3 from the mothers' brain. This can cause severe mood swings and post-partum depression.

2. Avoid alcohol; it kills brain cells, enough said!

3. Avoid aspartame; it kills brain cells, enough said. Be sure to read my blog post on Aspartame.

4. Avoid MSG; it kills brain cells enough said. See Sharon's Healthy Country Cooking Cookbook for healthy alternatives.

5. Avoid hydrogenated oils and trans fats, they plug up the arteries, and reduce oxygen flow to the brain, which kills brain cells.

6. Don't use aluminum anything. Here is what I think happens with aluminum. Aluminum, lead and mercury have the ability to pass through the blood brain barrier. It gets into the brain. Aluminum, lead and mercury are incredibly toxic and also conduct electricity. The brain and our bodies are both based on bio-electrical development. Our brain literally sends a bio-electrical charge through our spine and then our nerves for us to move our hand. Thoughts are real things that can be measured. When we put metals in our brain that conduct electricity they have to affect neurological functions in a very negative way. The brain literally short circuits. It can no longer function the way God made it. Hence we are diagnosed with Alzheimer's or senile dementia, enough said. Other supplements, which are critical, are B-vitamins especially B 12 and Folic Acid. My B-vitamins are the best. Also vitamin E (mixed tocopherol) is important for blood flow. Remember to eat wild salmon (not farm raised). And use olive oil in cooking. Follow the recipes in my wife's two cookbooks, "Maximum Energy Cookbook", and "Healthy Country Cooking."

7. Exercise is always critical; it increases blood flow to the brain. Walking with a good pair of shoes, or using an elliptical running machine is great blood pumping exercises. In one American Academy of Neurology study, for every extra mile a woman walked per week, her risk of cognitive decline dropped by 13 %. In a study of more than 1,700 seniors, those who exercised three or more times a week had the lowest risk of Alzheimer's, according to a January 2006 study in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

8. Manage your stress. Stress increases cortisol a stress hormone. Cortisol kills brain cells. Don't get mad. Be happy. Rejoice in all things. Don't let the little things bug you. Remember, "stress erodes the brain". Researchers have found that one of the contributions to dementia is chronic stress. Just a side note, coffee also elevates cortisol.

9. Get 8 -10 hours of sleep a night. Before Thomas Edison developed the light bulb, people slept an average of 10 hours a night. A lack of sleep has been shown clinically to reduce neural plasticity. The brain can't grow new cells and rebuild itself. Remember, on the 7th day even God rested.

8 Critical Supplement Recommendations
(Why ours are the best)

1. Health Masters Ultimate Multiple
An easily absorbed biologically assimilated multiple vitamin that everyone can use. This is the best multiple on the planet period! If you want a product that will make you feel better and feed your cells, this is it. You will feel better in 30 days. I always try to provide you with the best products possible. They are the same products that my family and I use every day. Remember these facts, never use tablet vitamins if at all possible. There is so much glue and heat used in producing these products it is literally impossible for your body to break them down. They go right through your body unused. Secondly don't use gelatin capsules. Use only cellulose fiber capsules.

Gelatin capsules are probably a pork by-product. Less than 1% of all products use cellulose fiber capsules because of the cost. They are much more expensive than tablets or gelatin capsules. All of my Health Masters products use only cellulose capsules. Plus my multiple uses only activated B vitamins. Most cheap vitamins use cyancobal amine. This is a cyanide B-12 vitamin and is very toxic. The body cannot use it. It is poison. Our B-12 is methyl cobal amine which is highly absorbable. A lot of times cheap products will list their B-12 as cobal amine. They won't tell you whether it's methyl cobal amine or cyancobal amine, guess why? It's because they use the cheap cyancobal amine and they don't want you to know this.

2. Fermented Cod Liver Oil
This product is unique and is produced in Norway to our exact specifications. The cod is seasonally fished and exclusively harvested from the icy blue waters of the Arctic Ocean to ensure a premium quality, natural high vitamin cod liver oil.

3. Health Masters Memory Support
Nutrient and botanical blend for optimum cognitive function and memory enhancement.

4. Health Masters Super Potent E
This is a mixed tocopherol product, which is high in gamma E. This is the most potent E to protect against LDL cholesterol (the bad one) breakdown. When you oxidize or breakdown the LDL cholesterol it's like turning little razor blades loose in your arteries. This oxidized LDL cholesterol actually creates lesions (little cuts) in the blood vessels. These little cuts then form scars, which can cause blockages in the arteries, heart disease and heart attacks. I recommend 1600 iu for men and 800 iu for women daily. By the way, I have been taking 1600 iu u for 25 years. The study several years ago saying E was bad, used chemically produced cheap synthetic E. No study has ever shown that natural mixed tocopherol E does anything but good.

5. Health Masters Magnesium and Malate Acid
These are natural muscle relaxants, which help to lower blood pressure. It also uses patented albion chelate minerals, which are absorbed by the body as food. Remember metallic minerals are rock and are absorbed very poorly by the body. I go into detail on the different types of minerals in my home study series "Forever Fit at 20 -30 -40 -50 and beyond. Magnesium also helps to lower blood pressure and allows more oxygen to be delivered to the brain and heart.

6. Health Masters Ultimate Immune Booster
Xeno-estrogens cause cancer. They come from chemicals and pesticides in our environment. They get into our liver and become carcinogens. This product has been clinically proven to reverse and neutralize environmental carcinogens. This is a super important product. It has been shown to kill lung cancer cells in vitro. This is one of the only substances known to man that is not toxic and will kill lung cancer cells. It has 5 United States patents from John Hopkins University. This product is made from broccoli. Always remember cancer is a continuum, the cells are always forming. This product is incredible for the lungs, colon and breast tissue.

7. Health Masters Excellent C
This is a functional vitamin C formula. It has added 7.5 mg of Bioperine per capsule. Bioperine is a proprietary, patented piperine extract that has been shown in clinical studies to increase the bio availability of vitamin C by up to 40%. Vitamin C provides valuable anti-oxidant protection and supports the production of collagen and healthy connective tissue. Excellent C is buffered to help prevent potential stomach upset often found with high dietary ascorbic acid intake.

8.   B Complex  
This supplement supplies significant amounts of water- soluble B vitamins. They are important for the support of the adrenal hormone production, regulation and the body's own production of energy through its enhancement of Coenzyme A production. Activated B vitamins are utilized in this formula for optimal effectiveness.

All of these high quality supplements can also be purchased by calling my office at 1-800-726-1834.