Exciting news! Our HGH Stimulate has been improved.

Dear Friends,

I have exciting news for you. Many of you have called up and made suggestions on how we can improve the HGH Stimulate. Well here at Health masters we value your opinions.

You wanted a smaller container with the same serving size: Done.

We have almost cut the container size in half! Many of you wanted to be able to fit the can in your luggage: Done.

Many of you have requested that we make the product easier to mix (more soluble): Done.

Finally many of you wanted the taste to be more flavorful: Done. The product taste great.

The product initially will only be available in the container with no individual serving sticks. We had to do this to reduce the size of the packaging to accommodate your request. Initially this will be the only HGH Stimulate we carry.

If enough of you want to have a choice of the serving sticks with the old packaging, we will reorder them as well. But this will take several months. Remember here at Health masters it is all about quality. We continue to strive to bring you the highest quality supplements in the world.

Thanks again for your input.

Here at Health masters we listen.

Again I appreciate your support.

I remain sincerely,