Resveratrol and The Fountain of Youth! Can it really reverse the aging process?

I’m 57 years young and I feel great. I have however noticed something; I am no longer a teenager. When I eat something I shouldn’t (NEWS FLASH-I do that occasionally), or I don’t get enough sleep, I can feel it.

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From the minute we are born we begin to grow and develop. This process continues until our mid twenties. Then something amazing happens. Our bodies begin to age. Sadly, for so many people their best days are probably behind them, if they are over 25. But, most of us really don’t care about the aging process until we can see it in the mirror or until it begins to affect us personally. Suddenly we look in the mirror and we have new wrinkles, new aches and pains, body fat gain, muscle loss, fatigue, high blood pressure, always tired, and our memory starts failing. This list can go on and on.

Well, growing older, we soon realize, is part of the life process. But, I have realized that sitting around feeling horrible and waiting to die doesn’t have to be part of life. Break through science is showing us, through applied research, that we are all very much in control of our aging process if, and only if, you decide to take action and do something about aging. If you take action, I believe that you too can become one of those “Blessed” people who have tremendous energy, vitality, and top mental activity well into your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s and beyond. Remember, in the old testament Moses lived to be 120 and was as sharp as a tack.

Has the fountain of youth really been discovered? Several years ago it was shown that systematic under eating helped to extend the life span. The problem is it’s a very depriving life style. You are always hungry.

Years ago I told you that we had developed HGH Stimulate to help the pituitary gland release HGH and really slow down the aging process? Well guess what? We have now developed another product that activates the anti aging genes, fights free radicals, promotes body fat loss, protects the cardiovascular system, helps to balance blood, fights infections, helps support the immune system, protects the brain, and as for me personally, greatly improved my mental acuity. Remember I take a lot of supplements. Most of the other ones I have tried or done clinical research on don’t work. That’s why you never hear of them.

This product is called Reservatrol Plus.

WOW is this product amazing!!!!! Exciting new research has shown that Reservatrol actually mimics the effect of a low calorie diet. These effects include increasing in lifespan up to 70%. Overwhelming research from leading institutions around the world points to the same conclusion, Reservatrol has the potential to extend human life.

It actually works by activating the very genes that control the aging process. It actually switches on the genes effectively slowing aging and protecting against the degenerative diseases of aging.

By the way the research is so overwhelmingly convincing that the drug companies have taken note. One has actually spent 720 million trying to develop a patented form so they can control it.

The problem with Reservatrol is that everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and they are producing cheap, chemical laden, bad ingredient products that don’t work. Most companies use the inferior CIS form, not the potent trans form of Reservatrol Plus. Also the product must be standardized otherwise you really don’t know the potency. All of Health Masters supplements are nutraceuticals grade. The Health Masters label is the best you can buy PERIOD. Plus we even add 250mg of Quercetin, the strongest antioxidant known. To obtain the purest Reservatrol possible we use only the purest most potent natural extracts possible. I take these every day.

So here’s my, Top Mental Activity, Top Energy, Slow Down The Aging Process Arsenal:

Reservatrol Plus Massively slows down aging, inhibits Breast and Prostate Cancer, helps to obtain top mental activity. THIS IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT!
HGH Stimulate Burns body fat, increases human growth hormone, lowers Blood Pressure, increases strength and Libido. (read the entire HGH blog post)
Ultimate Multiple Best Multiple Vitamin on the planet. PERIOD!
Cortico B5 B6 Bathes the Brain in B5 B6. YOU CAN FEEL THIS ONE.
B Complex Helps the body produce energy.
Excellent C Helps maintain healthy collagen, the cellular glue which helps to maintain skin elasticity.
Cod Liver Oil Thins the blood and provides Omega 3 fats...THIS IS A CRITICAL PRODUCT
Super Potent E Helps blood flow to Brain and keeps your Heart strong!
Ultimate D3-5000 Does just about everything, plus it’s a real Immune System booster.
Fit Food Protein Provides the essential amino acids your body needs plus it tastes great.

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Dr Ted Broer

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