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What an eye-opening time it has been concerning baby boomers and their own mortality. Two Baby Boomer entertainment icons dead, one incredibly talented pitchman dead, and finally, my 46-year-old friend, Robert Reed, dead. Hopefully, we all paid attention to last week. I promise you, we will have more like it. The baby boomers were the first generation to be raised entirely on processed food. That is why we are leading the world when it comes to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. We take MORE drugs than any other country on earth, but are ranked as one of the sickest!

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Michael Jackson – Age 50 – Dead – Probably Drugs

Farrah Fawcett – Age 62 – Dead – Cancer

Billy Mayes – Age 50 – Dead – Heart Disease

My Friend, Robert Reed – Age 46 – Dead – Heart Disease

Guess what? Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are NOT going away. The food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies won’t allow it to happen. The food companies know that their products are killing people and causing the majority of the health problems. However, they don’t care because uninformed Americans, (which by the way, are the vast majority of over 90%), HAVEN’T DEMANDED CHANGE BY NOT BUYING THE JUNK FOOD! If you don’t believe me, just go into any regular grocery store and look in people’s carts. I am always amazed. (Even when I used to say something to people about their food choices and what certain foods did that they were buying, not one person ever took the food out of their cart.)

People basically don’t want to know the truth. They don’t realize the truth will set them free. I have learned from history, and our own government through the propaganda machine, that if you tell people a lie long enough, they will believe it. The problem is, when someone like myself, tries to tell them the truth, they don’t believe the truth. They would rather believe the lie. Why? Because in most cases, the lie is easier to believe.

How sad is that last statement? Obviously, I don’t consider any of you getting this newsletter in that category. If you would rather believe the lie you would have already opted out of this email. (Wow! I guess Robert’s Funeral has really gotten me on a soapbox!) By the way, since I am already on a tear, let me go on to say, I have repeatedly warned people about prescription drugs and their side affects. Let me ask you a question: Do you really think that drug companies care about their product causing death rates??? Give me a break! I have warned you for years about Tylenol and Nyquil.

The greedy manufacturers have already started to spin lie propaganda. Quite frankly, it nauseates me. I have had enough of their lies. Tylenol is poison. Enough said in this message. I will devote more at a later date.

You know that I have been preaching the same message for 30 years. I have been able to help many of you receiving this email change your health and the health of your families. That’s what my message has been about. Thank you for sharing with me all of your positive health changes. It makes what I do worthwhile!

My friend Robert was 46 years young. I still remember when I met him he was 14. He was asking me for some exercise advice. He was so full of energy, life and excitement. He was brilliant. I really enjoyed sparring with him intellectually. He could actually stimulate my brain with his disagreements. I pleaded with him years ago to change his diet and lifestyle. He refused. He had a tremendous intellect and work ethic but not a lot of common sense. By the way, that is very common with high IQ types. All of the pleading I did with him concerning the top ten foods not to eat apparently had little impact. When I went to the viewing of his body last week I was shocked. The once brilliant athletic man that I knew was laying in the coffin a mere shadow of his former self. I was visibly shaken. He looked as if he was in his 60’s. I really didn’t want to win this argument with him. I wish he was still alive. He was an only child. His mother was heartbroken. He left a wife and two small children.

I am writing this to you in such detail because I don’t ever want to go to a funeral of a friend again who simply wouldn’t listen. I want everyone reading this email to please wake up and tell your friends and family about what you have learned. Hopefully we can help them realize that all any of us can do is to share information. Many of you have my Eat, Drink, and be Healthy program. Please listen to it again and share it with a friend. That’s a start!

Please, please, please don’t become a statistic and leave mourning friends and family behind. At the end of this message I am including information on heart disease. Please share it with your friends. If each of us do what we can we can at least reduce these horrible death rates among our friends. By the way, thanks for reading this message. At least it lets me know I have done my part. I pray that God continues to bless each of you richly in all the areas of your life through Christ Jesus our lord and that you live a long and healthy life.

First and foremost, if you are currently being treated for hypertension, or have high blood pressure, discuss with your physician the changes you wish to make to control your blood pressure naturally, before instituting a new program. If your physician does not wish to discuss natural options to your health care, we recommend finding a more open-minded physician who is experienced in natural medicine. Any doctor who thinks that they have all the answers is a scary thought, and is most likely not interested in your personal concerns in the first place. Second, if needed, we recommend a weight reduction program along with an exercise program. We strongly recommend exercise, regardless of whether or not you are overweight. The reduction of stress alone may help reduce your blood pressure in a very short time. Dietary fiber should be increased to the recommended level of 30 grams per day. This can be accomplished by using high fiber cereals or natural fiber supplements. Finally, as we presented, many nutritional supplements have been proven to help reduce blood pressure and we recommend the following as a minimal daily supplementation:
H~G~H Stimulate Improves circulatory, immune and nervous system function, memory, reduces wrinkles, increases bone density, and decreases blood pressure.
Ultimate Multiple Gives foundation nutrition for wellness and disease protection.
Cod Liver Oil Our High-Vitamin Pure Cod Liver Oil, offers more vitamin A and D than any other product on the market.
Ossomag Superior calcium, magnesium and D3 formula to reduce and replace bone loss
Excellent C Helps protect and support healthy connective tissue.
Magnesium and Malate Acid 500 mg per day
CoQ10 200 mg per day
Zinc Glycinate 15 to 30 mg per day
Flax Seed Oil 4 capsules daily, 4000 mg
Evening Primrose Oil 4 capsules daily
Vascular Relaxant SR Helps protect and support healthy connective tissue.
Super Potent E Excellent for heart, circulation and cancer prevention.


1. No caffeine.
2. No margarine or hydrogenated oils. Read product labels carefully. Hydrogenated oils are hidden in many products people use every day.
3. Keep your fat intake to 10-15% of daily calorie intake. You can measure this by taking your total calorie intake, say 1800 calories, and divide by 10, which gives 180. Each gram of fat contains 9 calories, which means that on the 1800-calorie diet, a person could consume 180 calories, or 20 grams of fat.
4. No pork or shellfish.
5. No luncheon meat. These typically contain sodium nitrate, a known cause of colon cancer.
6. No dairy products, except skim or fat free products.
7. No alcohol. Alcohol decreases the body s ability to burn fat by almost 35%.
8. Cut bread consumption to one slice per day. (use only whole grain bread)
9. Use olive, grape seed or macadamia nut for your oil needs. However, use these products sparingly because they are 100% fat.
10. No aspartame, or NutraSweet, or Splenda ( Sucralose) which interferes with the blood sugar regulation in your body. Researchers also theorize that use of aspartame can cause people to actually gain weight. Plus, aspartame is extremely toxic. Watch for an upcoming issue of the EAT, DRINK AND BE HEALTHY newsletter on NutraSweet!
11. No mayonnaise, which is usually 100% fat.
12. No mono-sodium-glutamate, or MSG. Besides being loaded with excess sodium, MSG damages brain cells along with its cousin NutraSweet (both are called excito toxins in neurochemistry).


Not all supplements are the same. Just because a vitamin says it has a nutrient such as calcium in the product, does not mean that the calcium is biochemically available for your body to utilize.

For example, we all need oxygen to breathe. Yet water has oxygen and we cannot breathe it. The point is that the oxygen in water is not biochemically available. Some vitamins are even synthetically produced in a laboratory with no natural ingredients. We have several manufacturers of vitamins, which offer high bio availability and therapeutic effect. Please call or write our office for additional information, 1-800-726-1834 or visit our web site,

Let me tell you the story of several of my patients which will hopefully motivate and encourage you. Matt came to see me several years ago. He was 33 years old, 10 pounds overweight with a blood pressure of 180/120. Matt s mother had informed him that his father had been receiving treatment for hypertension since he was 40 years old, which was 15 years earlier. She then told Matt that his father had been impotent for the past 15 years as well due to the blood pressure medication. Obviously, Matt was extremely motivated. Within one month following my EAT, DRINK AND BE HEALTHY program and suggested supplements, his blood pressure dropped to 120/70 with NO DRUGS!! Sheldon came into my office with a blood cholesterol level of 300. Within 30 days, his cholesterol had dropped to 197!!!

Let me ask you a question: If high blood pressure can be lowered by changing your diet, doesn't it make sense that if you had been eating correctly to begin with, you never would have developed HTN?

I Remain Sincerely,

Dr Ted Broer

All of these high quality supplements can also be purchased by calling my office at 1-800-726-1834.

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