The Insane Truth Behind Obamacare!


    Yes, you read the heading correctly.   I have had enough of this nonsense, so today I am going to personally write to you about Obamacare, and the insane truth behind it.

The mainstream bankster controlled  lying press will not tell you what I am going to tell you.  Let's take a look at the real facts.  In my latest book, Breakthrough Health, I wrote about so many of the insane occurrences in our medical profession today and the effects of these occurrences on the health of the American people.  I will reference the book as I delve into the insanity of Obamacare.  

     First of all, Obamacare is not about free health care.  It is  about total government control over your  health.  It's literally about so much control over your life that it would have made the Nazis proud.

    Once you peel the mask away from Obamacare, it becomes a complete list of approved treatments for every disease-label under the sun.  And everyone in the insurance plan will eventually be told that they need to take and do what the doctor tells them.  If you do not give the prescribed medicine to your children or if you do not give them the "required by Obamacare" injection, you may even lose custody of your children.  By the way, this is already happening. This hidden agenda of Obamacare disease care will be that it will determine your health choices and the choices of your children.   For the first time in a long time, I am actually proud of our Congress in standing up against this tyranny.

        I have been fighting this insanity in the field of health care practices for thirty-three years.  When I first started doing TV and radio shows twenty-eight years ago, people thought I was nuts.  I was one of the first to break the then cutting edge information that aspartame, sodium nitrates, trans fats, Tylenol, and many, many more, were all bad for your health.  There were several times when on a radio talk show, that I have almost been in a fight for standing my ground on the information I was discussing over the air.   So, please believe me, as I delve further into the truth about Obamacare, that I am not making it up.  It really is what is happening.  Our biggest problem that makes it all difficult to believe is that our media is "bought and sold" and owned by European banks, and you, the American public, are NOT being told the truth.  I am to the point that I do not watch the evening news, but get my news through alternative outlets via the internet. This is one of the reasons I write this email so you will be told the truth.

    Now, some facts about our American healthcare:

    On July 26, 2000, "The Journal of the American Medical Association"  published a landmark paper by Dr. Barbara Starfield (John Hopkins School of Public Health) titled "Is U.S. Health Really the Best in the World?"   In her paper Starfield revealed what many people inside the medical establishment already knew:  every year, like clockwork, the medical system was killing huge numbers of people.   She revealed the following causes of deaths in the U.S.:

    12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgeries

    7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals

    20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals

    80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals

    106,000 deaths from FDA-approved correctly prescribed medicines.

The total of medically-caused deaths in the U.S. every year is 225,000...a conservative estimate.

My personal opinion, in which  I document in my new book  is over 784,000 dead each year when everything is taken into account.

This makes our medical system the leading cause of death in the USA.


    In the wake of Starfield's devastating report, other facts came to light.  2.1 million people in America, every year, are hospitalized as a result of reactions to FDA-approved medicines.  Annually, 36 million serious adverse reactions to those drugs occur.

    Obamacare, if it gets fully implemented, will cause these rates to dramatically rise.   But, you, the general public, are not being told these awful "secrets."

    Our government wants us to believe that increasing more and more medical and drug care is a good thing for the American people.  This is quite frankly, a gigantic lie.   In Germany, during WWII, death rates from iatrogenic care actually massively decreased when a percentage of main stream medicine was being used to treat the wounded soldiers.

     Obama is simply forcing a medical system down our throats that is one of the leading causes of death in the USA.   I personally believe that, in the long run , all alternative care, including vitamins, chelation, and natural protocols for cholesterol, arthritis, joint problems, aging, high blood pressure, depression, blood sugar and all natural health treatments will be banned.   I cover this in the first chapters of my new book, Breakthrough Health.

Unapproved treatments will be banned.  People and natural health practitioners who try to use alternative treatments will find themselves in trouble.  The government has, for years through the FDA, attempted to eliminate the purchasing of vitamins.  I have sent out multiple emails asking my subscribers to please contact your Congressman and Senators to stop proposed vitamin- banning legislation.  Europe has already banned almost all vitamin supplements.

    Dr Kinsey my chiropractor, one of the best chiropractors in the country, in Kissimmee, Florida, told me that he was deeply concerned about Obamacare.  Other physician friends of his are simply retiring.  Remember the old saying from the "70's"?..."You ain't seen nothing yet!"   Friends, get ready for the cataclysmic events, including IRS seizures for non-compliance of Obamacare.  You, unfortunately, will not have a choice.

    Here is the reality:  Like all government abuses in the early days of this nightmare, a lot of this stuff probably will not happen.  But, given time, it will happen...and you can count on it.

    Doctors who are part of this who refuse to give the standard government protocol to patients and elect to use alternative treatments, will probably be fined and jailed.  This has already happened to many health care professionals who refuse to believe and go along with chemo, radiation, and surgery as the only viable forms of cancer treatment.

    You can count on...or " bet your bottom dollar" that psychiatric care will eventually become mandatory.  A patient suddenly diagnosed with clinical depression or bipolar disease, will be told he must take the drugs...and suffer their adverse effects or be jailed.  Even more children will be given Schedule 2 drugs in increasing amounts. 

    The government will probably have even more "flu pandemics" to sell increasing larger amounts of mercury- laced vaccines.

    The following are the figures on the last several "epidemics:"  These are not yearly, but grand totals, to date, global totals, except in the case of West Nile (US only).

    SARS:  774 deaths

    West Nile:  1159 deaths

    Bird Flu:  202 deaths

    Smallpox: (terrorist threat)  Zero deaths

    Swine Flu:  18,500 deaths

    Those numbers are insignificant compared to normal disease rates.  Around the world 250 to 500 thousand die from the flu annually.  Billions are raked in by the vaccine companies with complete government-granted immunity, if the vaccines kill you.  I have been studying this for thirty-three years, and have included the dangers in my latest book, Breakthrough Health.

    Over ten years ago, I wrote a book on the drugging of our children with Schedule two drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin, which are both super addictive amphetamine salts.  I personally believe the use of these drugs has massively contributed to the horrible problem of methamphetamine addiction in the USA.  Have you tried to buy Sudafed for a cold lately?  You must provide a government ID, as it can be used in the production of meth.

    Was George Orwell so crazy in writing his book, 1984?  I personally believe that the track-able personalized medical chip is on the way.  Obamacare will greatly facilitate this ID chip.  Then, if someone doesn't want to follow the Obamacare mandates (or even laws), they will easily be found and forced into compliance.  Remember the Nazis and their idea of the chip was to tattoo the number of the prisoner on the prisoner.  This chip is a much improved way to ID people.

    So much information on our medical care in the United States...the good, the bad, the indifferent, is covered in my latest off the press, with over 12,000 copies already sold in pre-release.  Please order one for yourself from either, by calling our office (800-726-1834) or now you may order a Kindle version for your Ipad from Amazon.   I back up so much that has been written here, in more detail.  You owe it to your family to read this truly breakthrough, health –information- filled book.

 One more thing always remember if you have any questions  please call my office.

I stand with you in search for truth.

I call you Blessed!