More Lies About the Flu Shots.

Here they go again, another big push for flu shots and immunizations. Now to add to a list of lies from the drug manufactures they are telling us that the new flu vaccine is 60% effective at preventing the flu. This is total nonsense.

Here’s how they manipulate these numbers. Most folks never get the flu, only 2.7% of the general population and 1.2% of those who are vaccinated.

That’s an approximate 60% drop if you twist the statistics. It’s actually a ridiculous 1.5% reduction in the total population which doesn't even take into account the risk for mercury poisoning and senile dementia associated with mercury poisoning.

Yes that’s right, flu shots still contain mercury, which has been linked by the way to a massive increase in senile dementia, but I want you to check it for yourself.

Next time you are in a pharmacy and you see someone giving shots, check out the vile for yourself. All multi dosage viles use mercury as a sterilant, but just to confuse you, they use the name Thimerosol which is just mercury under a different name. Another analysis released earlier this year found no evidence the shots reduce the rate of hospitalization or slowed the spread of the disease.

That study even found that the little positive evidence for flu shots came from studies that were statistically manipulated by vaccine makers. In other words, more lies!

By the way while the benefits may be nonexistent, the potential risks are all too real: Flu shots have been linked to fatigue, pain, nerve damage, seizures, paralysis and even death. The best way to avoid the flu is to wash your hands and work on good hygiene and a strong immune system.

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