Oral Chelation Therapy: A Natural Way to Clean Out the Arteries!


Cleaning out your arteries and ridding the body of toxic minerals i.e. lead, aluminum. A frequent topic of my newsletters is the continual deterioration of the cardiovascular system, which occurs with the aging process. The deterioration I am speaking about is the slow closing of the veins, arteries and capillaries, all 75,000 miles of them through calcium and fat plaquing. Let me tell you a story of an amazing product that can actually reverse this process.


In 1938 German scientists discovered a new compound called ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid, or EDTA, for short. The elements that made up this amino acid were similar to common household vinegar. However, this EDTA had an amazing ability to grab hold of metals and chemical toxins in the blood stream.

Once the EDTA had grabbed these metals and poisons it would dissolve them allowing them to be flushed out of the body through the stool and urine.

Now let us fast-forward 10 years to 1948 in which a group of 240 factory workers manufacturing lead batteries were diagnosed with lead poisoning.

After years of being exposed to lead, many received bad news. They had only months or maybe a year to live. Others would slowly lose their hearing, vision and ability to control bodily functions. In addition, their heart and kidneys would be damaged and eventually stop working.

The good news is a group of American scientists had learned about the breakthrough technology discovered by the Germans in 1938. These workers were administered the EDTA and recovered. Wow, what an incredible story!

The EDTA worked so well for these factory workers that it soon became the approved treatment of choice for heavy metal poisoning.

That is why years later, when the U.S. Navy soldiers were exposed to lead paint, the U.S. Navy used regular EDTA treatments for their soldiers.

The chelation therapy not only saved the lives of these soldiers and factory workers, but the scientist working with them made an amazing discovery. Which I feel became the biggest breakthrough in the history of cardiovascular health.

When Dr. Clark, then director of research at Providence Hospital in Detroit, used EDTA to treat patients with lead poisoning, he noticed an incredible effect.

While the lead and toxic metals were being flushed out of the patient s blood, so was the dangerous substance known as calcium plaque. This is the same plaque that can easily clog all 75,000 miles of your veins, arteries and capillaries. This plaque becomes so hard doctors performing bypass surgery have actually cut their gloves.

This plaque has been caused by a variety of factors.

Drinking water that is not distilled. Remember most water contains large amounts of inorganic minerals, particularly metallic calcium. The body cannot use this calcium, unlike the calcium from good food and supplements. So when you ingest it, it is stored in your soft tissue, helping to attribute to the calcium plaque that stores in your arteries. That is why I have sent you repeated information on our home water distillation systems. You must not drink water that contains inorganic calcium. It can literally turn your cardiovascular system into stone. I am including in part 3, an article on the distillers. When you reduce the calcium plaque and toxic minerals there have been multiple side effects recorded in medical literature. They include:

  • Patients who had Angina were pain free
  • Improved circulatory health
  • Cleaner sharper thinking 
  • Improved Vision
  • Restored hearing
  • Improved sense of smell
  • Increased energy level
  • Increased Libido


Over 1823 clinical and scientific studies show that using a chelating agent such as EDTA is 82% effective in eliminating plaque from your arteries.

Interestingly enough the standard medical procedure for individuals with blocked heart arteries is bypass surgery. I have a simple question? If those few inches of arteries are blocked and then replaced, how are you going to clean and replace the other 75,000 miles of arteries veins and capillaries?

The point here is plugged arteries are an indication of an overall problem. Remember, the same blood vessels that feed your heart, also nourish your skin, strengthen your bones and keep your vision and hearing working at peak capacity. Without proper blood, even sexual function stops.

When you flush this calcium plaque from your entire circulatory system, life-giving blood can once again surge through your entire body, as it did when you were younger, helping to improve all of the aspects of your health.

While the effects of intravenous chelation therapy have been well documented there are several drawbacks;

  1. Extremely time consuming, 3-5 hours 1-2 times weekly
  2. Medical supervision is needed and difficult to find
  3. You have to use IV needles
  4. Costly, up to $300 per treatment, costing thousands for a correct protocol. Then up to 10 more treatments every year thereafter.
  5. Insurance usually never pays for the treatment.


Well needless to say, many of us simply can't afford or find a facility or take the time to do intravenous chelation.

I however, have good news for all of us. Chelation experts now feel that oral chelation is also effective to reduce calcium plaque in the arteries and joints. It has also been shown to increase the concentration of calcium in your bones where it is needed.

But that wasn't enough for me and my colleague Brian Blackburn, who by the way, is a pioneer in the natural health and supplement development.

We went together to develop a product, which is the best oral chelation product ever developed. We didn't stop with EDTA. We went much further. Look at our list of ingredients and what they are used for.

Our "Chelation Therapy" product contains the following ingredients.

Clinical Applications
Reduction of Heavy Metals

Our product, Chelation Therapy, is an extraordinary all-natural combination of unique and therapeutic ingredients formulated to support the safe and effective removal of heavy metals. It is designed to protect against heavy metal-induced free radical damage with the addition of the powerful antioxidants, N-Acetyl-Cysteine and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

 EDTA has the ability to bind with virtually every metal in the Periodic Table. EDTA is FDA-approved for lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium toxicity. There is benefit in combining EDTA with other chelators because alone it acts slowly and could potentially lead to redeposition of metals. It is important to replace beneficial minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, cobalt and manganese that are bound by the EDTA.4


DMSA is a non-toxic, water soluble 2, 3, -dimercaptosuccinic acid employed as a metal chelator since the 1950's. Containing two sulfhydryl groups, this relatively stable compound with high affinity for the toxic metal, penetrates into tissue deposits of the metal, and rapidly eliminates the chelated toxic metal through urine and stool.3 It is the best oral chelation known. It is approved by the FDA and actually works in the cell membrane to eliminate aluminum and mercury. It also does a great job on calcium plaque.

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) (asa. Chinese parsley, coriander) suppresses the deposition of lead by chelating the metal.5 A sorbent prepared from cilantro was found to have good efficiency in removing organic and methyl mercury.

Chlorella, green algae has the ability to take up toxic metals in its environment preventing heavy metals excreted through the liver from being reabsorbed back into the gut. Chlorella s influence is synergistic with that of garlic and cilantro. Researchers observed a dramatic reduction of 66.03% in blood lead levels in a group of mice receiving chlorella extract concurrent with lead exposure.7 

Garlic in a variety of forms has been shown by researchers to be beneficial in the management of heavy metal toxicity especially lead, 8 cadmium9 and mercury10.

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) has the ability to interact with reactive oxygen species (ROS) and stimulate the body to produce glutathione enhancing cell survival after exposure to heavy metals or toxins.11

Alpha Lipoic Acid is mostly known for its attribute as a powerful antioxidant. However, it may also directly chelate heavy metals especially copper, 12 arsenic, 13 cadium14 and mercury15.

Then it was decided that if we were going to release this product, we wanted a clinical trial to prove it works. So we did just that. The results were spectacular. Check out these numbers.


Approximate average increase in urinary excretion of:
Aluminum 5000% These numbers are huge!!!! They show the incredible effectiveness of our oral chelation therapy.
Arsenic 8%
Cadmium 20%
Lead 40%
Mercury 90%


Needless to say, this product works and it works extremely well. By the way, to our knowledge, this is the only oral chelation product that has been clinically tested.

Put simply, our product Chelation Therapy , is your personal in home chelation program, without painful needles or a high price tag. In fact, our Chelation Therapy , will cost you around $1.15 cent a day. You just take 4 capsules at bedtime. You will to need to be on our Ultimate Multiple along with the Chelation Therapy to be sure you are you getting a daily supply of your patented chelated minerals. Take 4 Ultimate Multiple with breakfast. This will help to gently and effectively flush out the hardened plaque, lead, mercury and aluminum etc. and to increase your blood flow. That means you can once again experience more energy and sharper clearer thinking, not to mention all of the other benefits I have already mentioned.

Please order here or call my office to order at 1-800-726-1834. We have had a massive demand for this product. Our inventory is limited, so please call ASAP. By the way, if you want the technical, scientific, hard to understand literature about this amazing product, I'll forward this to your e-mail address upon request.

I have included these references to let you know how much time and research has gone into this product!

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