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Is your antacid destroying your ability to absorb vitamins and other Nutrients?

There's a quick and easy way to get rid of heartburn and acid indigestion with out taking deadly drugs.

My Dear Friends, I’ve spent much of my career exposing mainstream lies and the habitual chronic use of antacids is one of the biggest that I’ve ever seen… But I know that you are wondering, is there a natural alternative?? When that awful burn starts climbing your throat and scorching your chest from the inside, no one can blame you for seeking some relief. And Big Pharma has spent years peddling antacids to you like candy– some of them are even fruit-flavored with artificial chemicals. It's so ridiculous!

But their blatantly false info is finally starting to get some major attention, as in this recent editorial: The patient has a symptom; we give it a fancy name. We call heartburn “gastroesophageal reflux.” Next, we treat the symptom with a medication, ideally one in pill form. The problem with this paradigm is that for most patients the adverse effects of [heartburn drugs] outweigh the benefits.” - Journal Archives of Internal Medicine And the sad truth is the corporate drug companies have made billions by doing this at your expense, pulling the wool over your eyes and… Making you pay…for toxic products that simply don't fix the problem.

You see, antacids simply put, shut down your body’s ability to absorb nutrients – so they literally starve your body. They simply stop acid production which is critical for proper nutrient absorption. While you’ll never hear this from them, there are actually several natural ways to fix heartburn pain when it hits – and even easier to stop it from even happening in the first place. But there’s one important difference…these natural methods don’t put your health in jeopardy.

Before I explain, you should know exactly what Drug Companies have been up to and why their drugs should be banned. Because even more shocking than their “cure” is how they deceived you about the real cause of your heartburn. The real reason you feel that burning sensation… Yes, stomach acid is what ignites the pain inside your chest, BUT it’s NOT that you have too much of it. The real cause behind that painful flare-up is a small muscle inside your esophagus. If you don't have enough acid this concentric circle muscle will not close properly. It actually senses how much acid is in the stomach.. When the acid or digestive enzyme concentration levels are high enough, it securely closes off the stomach to prevent acid from creeping up the esophagus.

Over time, as we age, the body loses the ability in many cases to produce enough acid so the circle doesn't close properly and lets the acid sneak up from your stomach. In other words, the real problem isn't stomach acid creeping in where it doesn’t belong. The real problem is not enough Hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes to close the stomach off from the esophagus, But in most cases you don’t have to deal with the antacid protocol concerning heartburn anymore. Because the next time your heartburn strikes, you’ll be armed with the tools to stop that searing pain in its tracks – without their pills. Because with antacids… It’s like putting a band-aid on your heartburn …as if that band-aid was soaked in harmful chemicals Like a band-aid, antacids do make you feel better at first, but pill by deadly pill…they break more than they claim to fix.

Because when you take an antacid (depending on which kind you take) it will either reduce the amount of stomach acid you have or it’ll inhibit your body’s ability to produce stomach acid at all. And either of these will ease the burning you feel.But what they failed to tell you is… Without enough stomach acid you CANNOT digest your food and therefore cannot absorb vitamins and nutrients. You may as well be throwing your money away because no matter what healthy foods you’re eating or how many vitamins you’re taking, your body can’t absorb the nutrients you need.

And there’s no reason to put yourself through this, because there is an easy way to soothe that burn without jeopardizing your health. Because as bad as blocking your body’s ability to absorb the nutrition you take in is – That’s not even the worst part… Since you’re being robbed of the nutrients you need to stay healthy, you’re suddenly at serious risk of developing dangerous and even deadly vitamin deficiencies… Now I realize vitamin deficiencies may not sound that serious, but by the time you’re diagnosed with one, it could be too late to repair the damage.

Antacid-induced vitamin deficiencies may lead to: High blood pressure Irregular heart beat Muscle Weakness Impaired immune function Osteoporosis Anemia Sexual dysfunction Hair loss Fatigue Depression Hearing loss Even cancer And not only that, antacids also destroy your immune system’s first line of defense… Stomach acid doesn’t just break down your food, it also helps your body destroy harmful bacteria and viruses as well. So without stomach acid, you may leave yourself open to whatever germs come your way.

But you don’t have to turn to dangerous drugs anymore, because now you can… Arm yourself with the real solution to end your struggle with heartburn and indigestion – once and for all. But even better than finally knowing how to stop that painful burn, now you can… Stop heartburn from your body for good – without giving up the foods you love. Big Pharma wants you to believe that their method is the only way to heal your heartburn is by using drugs.That is simply not true. In my many years working with clients all over the world, I’ve compiled dozens of natural protocols that aren’t just effective they’re completely safe too. And I included all of them in our Healthmasters.com emails But back to the heartburn solution.

Here at healthmasters we have developed digestive enzymes that are simply amazing. Several years ago I noticed that I was having severe heartburn after certain meals.. They were so bad I was praying that a heart condition that I had 25 years earlier had not returned. Well, I had my heart checked and it was doing great. So I knew it had to be digestion. I started taking our Healthmasters digestive enzymes and guess what heart burn and acid reflux ..GONE..

There are, however, several additional suggestions I can make.

1 Stop drinking with your meals.

2. Use our Aloe Vera liquid solution 6 ounces 30 minutes before a meal.

3.Only use enough water for one hour after the meal to swallow your vitamins; Again, when you guzzle water with your meals you dilute stomach acid..It's really that simple. For me, I can drink some with my meals but I don't over do it.

But what I have learned is that I HAVE to take digestive enzymes with each meal.. If I eat a small meal I will take 2 to 4. If I eat a steak I take 8. But remember that's me. My wife Sharon only takes 2. The sad part is in most cases this is such an easy fix.. The antacids in the vast majority of cases only treats the symptoms not the cause.. remember you don't have an antacid deficiency..but rather a digestive enzyme deficiency..

Also, remember many of these antacids can contain aluminum. That, by the way, has been shown to massively increase you incidence of Alzheimer's disease.. If you have any questions please call my office. 1-800-726-1834 Keep me posted on your results, Ted Broer