Two steps to help avoid Parkinsons. This is important information. All new!

 Parkinson's disease is awful.  Anyone living with it will attest to the destructive nature of this disease.
It has been a while since I have written on Parkinson’s. In earlier emails I stressed the importance of avoiding pesticides and herbicides. In this email  I will  address Parkinson’s and solvent exposure.
 The dry-cleaning industry today and in years past uses a variety of solvents to clean clothes. Other industries also use these solvents but apparently the latest research on Parkinson’s is looking at lifetime exposure to solvents.   The solvents which seem to be implicated in Parkinson’s are primarily the dry cleaning solvents.
I include in this category:
1. trichloroethylene  
2. tetrachloroethylene   
3. Perchloroethylene

Current studies have shown that when an individual had a six months or greater work related exposure to trichloroethylene that the risk for getting Parkinson’s was 6x greater than the unexposed. The other 2 solvents  also increased risks. Again these solvents are used in other industries.

I do not know if the wearing of dry cleaned goods can increase the risk.
Hopefully these solvents are rinsed out before the clothes are dried.
Due to toxicity concerns the use of trichloroethylene was supposed to be discontinued in the USA years ago.  Due to the huge amount of textile imports from China I believe that China poses a significant health risk to those countries importing from China. I do not know what China uses. They basically have minimal pollution or regulatory controls.  When I was there almost 10 years ago the air quality was so bad that almost everyone was wearing a mask and coughing.

What I do know is that Trichloroethylene is one of the primary
contaminants of our drinking water. It's detectable in up to 30% of U.S. drinking water. Ground water is filled with it because of the run off of the dry-cleaning industry.  This is one of the reasons I have continually pleaded with you for years to only drink distilled water.  I have been using distilled water for over 30 years.  Well water is NOT safe in most cases due to ground water contamination.

Plus ALL well water contains dissolved ionic calcium which can contribute to hardening of the arteries.
This new study perfectly fits into my conclusion that Parkinson's is often neurological degeneration due to toxin exposure. Again, please distill your drinking water. Imagine that, 30% of drinking water is so contaminated it can cause this disease.

You also might consider taking Chelation therapy ,  GHI Cleanse and Memory Support
While I formulated Chelation therapy to help remove heavy metals, it may help in this area as well.
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