Stress is Linked To Every Major Disease. How To Stop Its Deadly Effects.

Let me simply explain to you what stress does from a physiological stand point.

God gave us a “Flight or Fight” mechanism.  When we get scared or mad our body is flooded with adrenalin and cortisol.  These are two of the primary stress hormones.  God did this so if you find yourself in a dangerous situation or confrontation, you can run away quickly or fight if you’re forced to. 

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I know a man who was once attacked by a vicious attack trained Doberman.  The man was in his own yard.  This animal had already bitten two other people sending one to the hospital.  The owner of the dog had been regularly warned to keep the dog in his own yard.  The dog, however, kept getting out and terrorizing the neighborhood.  Finally one morning the man I knew was in his back yard when the dog attacked him.  Well by the Grace of God it ended badly for the Dog.  The man was armed.  Later when I spoke to the man who was attacked he told me that when he worked out that day he was incredibly strong.  That’s the adrenalin.  God gave us that hormone to help us when we are under stress or danger. 


The problem is most of us don’t realize is that it is important to try and not get under stress and release adrenaline. 

You see when you release adrenaline you also release another hormone called cortisol.  The cortisol is really hard on your body and causes rapid aging and body fat storage.

 Let me explain to you how this works.  Cortisol is a “stress” hormone.  When it is released with adrenaline the body’s digestive system pretty much shuts down.  Haven’t you ever noticed when you get really mad or stressed out, you’re not hungry? 

Well there is a reason for that.  The body doesn’t want to waste the nutrients and raw material and energy needed to digest food when you are running away from an attack dog, lion, or a crazy driver. Remember it takes energy to digest and  hopefully  get more energy from your food. 


But here comes the main problem, when you are constantly stressed out, your digestive system stays chronically “shut down” in other words you have an extremely difficult time digesting and obtaining nutrients from your food to maintain your health.  In other words even if you’re eating fresh organic food your body can’t digest it properly and you end up with nutrient deficiencies. 

 When these deficiencies include A, C, E, Selenium, and D3 your body’s immune system becomes chronically impaired.  This is one of the  primary causes of disease and rapid aging and other chronic degenerative diseases especially cancer. 

Example: Have you ever seen someone who gets a job that is very stressful and short period of time looks much older. Usually the Presidents of the USA go through this metamorphosis.  Also, when your body gets under stress your Ph goes acidic.  Combined with the lack of Antioxidant absorption, you can quickly become a breeding ground for Cancer and Heart Disease. 

I remember going to my 30th year High School reunion and being shocked at all the old people with white hair (B vitamin, copper, and zinc deficiency), wrinkled skin (A, C, E, and Omega 3 deficiency), atrophied muscles (HGH and protein deficiency), no energy (adrenal fatigue, B5 &  B6, B-Complex, Vitamin C, and protein deficiency), diabetes (excessive, cortisol, syndrome X- excessive non used insulin, sugary diet, high glycemic carbohydrates in excess)

Well I could do this all day, but I think you get the picture.  You have to digest your nutrients and food properly if you want to stay healthy.   

Example: when you stop digesting the nutrients and raw materials  you need, to manufacture hydrochloric acid (HCL) digestion is impaired.  The HCL becomes progressively weaker and the food  nutrient absorption becomes less which in turn makes the HCL  production reduce even further.It literally becomes a catch 22 downward spiral.  Remember the first day you take in less energy than you put out is your first day of illness. 

By the way, that is why one of the most widely used drugs is antacids.  The vast majority of the time the reason you have an upset stomach is because of a lack of acid.  So what do the drug manufactures give us? An aluminum pill (Tums) to reduce the little acid we have left.  By the way aluminum has been linked for many years to Alzheimer’s.   Of course if you are unfortunate enough to give yourself Alzheimer’s through the intake of aluminum, sadly, you probably won’t remember what you did to get Alzheimer’s. 


By the way, have you seen the new stop smoking medication commercial that admits that it causes suicide?  I think there are better ways to stop smoking.

Or how about the Viagra ad that tells you that you may go blind and deaf if you use the Viagra.    

By the way our HGH stimulate two times a day, vitamin E four a day, zinc four a day, and adrenal support four a day usually works better than Viagra, plus you don’t go blind or deaf.  It’s not bad enough that a man is impotent. But then he goes blind and deaf and he’s still impotent after these drugs.  It is totally ridiculous.

Well enough of that.  Over the years whenever possible, I have spoken to many of you in my office or on the phone, or at seminars, some of the most common complaints are, I’m stressed out or I’m sick all the time. 

First of all I want you to do me a favor and yourself a favor.  Avoid stress as much as possible.  Trust me, getting mad in traffic only leads to poor driving and sickness.

Secondly control your outbursts and try not to put yourself into a stress induced negative state.  Example, I once saw a 50 year old women get so mad that she screamed a psycho shower scene scream then threw herself on the ground and pounded the earth with her hands and feet.  Well the ambulance came and took her away.  By the way, if I hadn’t seen that with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.  It was sad to see someone put themselves into a self induced rage.

RECOMMENDATIONS So here’s my recommendation to reduce stress and absorb your nutrients. 


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Now if I know you, your next question would be, Do you really take this many products every day?  Well the answer is yes.  Plus I also take zinc daily.  Have you ever wondered why at 57 I have no gray hair?  I have been taking zinc for 30 years.  Well that’s all for now-please call my office if you have any questions or to order any products. 

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By the way about the stress thing, always remember that God is in control and prayer changes things.

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