Without This Nutrient You Die!

CO-Q Max

If you are looking to maximize your health and energy; read this newsletter as quickly as possible! Now, for those of you still reading, I have a simple question: Are you interested in learning about a natural nutrient every cell in your body needs for its own energy production and for protection against free radical damage? Wait...before you decide to read a magazine instead . consider this:

Every ten years beyond 30 years of age, your body's natural production of this nutrient decreases by 20%! Any wonder why you get tired more easily as you age? (A young, healthy individual may manufacture 300 mg/day of this nutrient.) To get just 30 mg of this nutrient from food sources, you would have to eat 1 pound of sardines or 2 pounds of beef! Now that I have your undivided attention, it is time to reveal the mystery nutrient is:


CoenzymeQ10 caught scientists' attention in the late 1950's. It is a natural vitamin-like substance that belongs to a group of compounds called ubiquinones. The name comes from the same root as the term 'ubiquitous', which means 'everywhere'. CoQ10 is a substance that can only be absorbed along with fat, is present naturally in the food chain and is manufactured in all of your cells. Your heart muscle has the highest concentration, followed by your liver, kidney, spleen and pancreas. CoQ10 is called a "co-enzyme" because it works along with your body's enzymes to help them perform their functions.


CoQ10 is involved in three known activities:

1. Produces Energy

2. Removes dangerous "super oxides" and prevents harmful "free radicals" from destroying cell membranes

3. Prevents formation of "bad" cholesterol particles (LDL)

Although CoQ10 is produced by the body, aging and increased demands by the tissues in your body can create a deficiency of this very important substance. Your body can only synthesize CoQ10 if you eat a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Dietary intake of CoQ10 ranges between 3-5 mg/day; this is not enough to raise the level of CoQ10 in your blood or tissues. Can you picture yourself sitting down to a pound of sardines or two pounds of beef for dinner each evening? If not, CoQ10 in supplement form may be an attractive alternative! But remember, not all CoQ10 supplements are "created equal"; some forms are better absorbed and more readily usable by the body than others. In fact, the vast majority, over 90%, in the U.S. are made in China and don't work at all.

Before I tell you about a new, exciting, highly-absorbable form of CoQ10, let's look at who could benefit by its use. To begin with, if you or someone you know is on medication, chances are fairly good CoQ10 blood and tissue levels are low. Why? There are 143 known pharmaceuticals that cause decreased levels of CoQ10. These drugs include: beta blockers, antidepressants, antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone replacement and especially, cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. If you are taking these drugs, please take CoQ10 Max, your life may depend on it!

Secondly, so many of the common health conditions lower blood/tissue CoQ10 levels. For example, lower CoQ10 levels have been found in patients with congestive heart failure, disease involving the heart muscle, low energy syndromes such as Chronic Fatigue-Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome ("CFIDS"), cancers, age-related degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease, immune deficiencies such as AIDS, kidney failure and gum disease.

Now that you know who may benefit, you will need to understand a bit about the absorption challenges of supplemental COQ10. Absorption is a measure of the amount of how much CoQ10 goes into the bloodstream from a single known dose you swallow in supplement form. Before your body can absorb the CoQ10 from a supplement, you have to swallow it, it has to be broken down into small molecules in your stomach and small intestine and then it has to go into the absorption cells which deliver the CoQ10 into your lymph system and then into your bloodstream where it is carried to the tissues that desperately need it. Getting a nutrient like CoQ10 to the tissues that will use it is known as making it bio available. Without absorption in the small intestine, CoQ10 is literally flushed out of (this is what happens with the chemical crystal Chinese version) the body and is not available to the body; without absorption, CoQ10 cannot be bio-available.

The absorption process from many CoQ10 supplements on the market is generally poor and slow. The commercial manufacture of CoQ10 forms crystals, (picture what ice would look like under a microscope). The human body has a very hard time absorbing crystals - if at all. When commercial COQ10 is heated to approximately 118 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees higher than typical body temperature), the crystals dissolve; but when the CoQ10 is re-cooled to room temperature, the crystals form again and usually they are even bigger crystals than they were to begin with. Thus, absorption of the powdered form of a CoQ10 supplement is only about 1%. That means if you take 100 mg of powdered CoQ10 only about 1 mg would be available to your body!

Factors affecting CoQ10 supplement absorption include:

  1. The size of its particles,
  2. How readily the particles of CoQ10 dissolve into the other ingredients it is mixed with in the capsule or soft gel.
  3. The type of food you eat at the same time you take the supplement.

Through the years of extensive research we have developed a better Co Q-10 which has been clinically shown to be vastly superior to the crystal form. I guess you would agree that man has had a hard time mimicking the body's ability to synthesize this vital substance!

Co Q 10 Max is NOT your typical commercial CoQ10. Several proprietary/patented ingredients and processes significantly enhance its absorption and availability to your cells:

This product is not a petroleum by product.

It is made by yeast fermentation of sugar cane and beets (resulting in a "natural" form of CoQ10 that is identical to the kind synthesized in the body) Crystal-free - this means it has smaller particles than most CoQ10 on the market greatly increases absorption.

The CoQ10 in Co Q 10 Max is combined with three specific fats that:

  1. Aid in dissolving CoQ10 crystals into single molecules,
  2. Prevent crystals from re-forming
  3. Enhance absorption.

It took us years to develop this product! All natural - no synthetic ingredients, no chemical additives, no titanium dioxide soft gel delivery system

There's no need to just take my word for the superiority of this formula. One human clinical trial determined the total amount of CoQ10 absorbed from a dose of Co Q 10 Max within 36 hours of taking it. Another human study measured the amount of CoQ10 in the blood available for use by the body cells over a 28-day period after taking Co Q 10 Max. Both of these studies were "double-blind" meaning that neither the researchers, nor the study participants knew which of two kinds of CoQ10 was being swallowed. In both of these studies Co Q 10 Max was compared to a standard dry powder CoQ10 product.

The results of the 36-hour absorption study showed that Co Q 10 Max had a total absorption of 11.65% compared to dry powder having absorption of 1.32%. This means Co Q 10 Max is absorbed 783% more than dry powder.

The bio-availability study showed that CoQ10 Max is 440% more bio-available than the powdered form of CoQ10. (Reminder: "Bio-availability" is the degree to which a supplement or drug becomes available in the body at the place it is needed or can be used.) No other product even came close!

If you are trying to MAXIMIZE your energy, if you want to MAXIMIZE protection from free radicals that occur with stress, pollution, toxic exposure, various medical conditions, etc; if you in the "over 30" crowd and want to contribute to MINIMIZING the damage aging causes aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin, or if you are on any of the kinds of drugs that deplete CoQ10 (especially the Statin drugs used to treat high cholesterol). Then please call our office to get this incredibly important supplement. Your life and health depends on the amount of Co Q 10 in your body.

Please call our office you have further questions or wish to place an order, 1-800-726-1834 or order here.

There you have it! Now it is all up to how you personally choose to age. One reminder: None of these formulas take the place of a healthy diet, enough exercise, a good amount of restful sleep, keeping your mind active and reducing stress.


Dr. Ted A. Broer