The Worlds most common drug causes diabetes, cancer, kidney failure & HBP

I have been telling you this for years, but finally the Direct Link between statins and diabetes is confirmed by the Feds! (The next thing that I have told you is that these same statin drugs also cause CANCER. By the way, as your cholesterol goes under 200 almost all disease and death rates go up. Keep reading...)

So, If you're taking statins because you believe that under 200 cholesterol is your goal, I've got some bad news for you. After years of pushing these drugs as the answer to just about everything, the FDA now admits they were wrong... because statins can actually CAUSE diabetes. "MY BAD" is, I guess, what they expect us to accept now?... I mean are you kidding, ALL Statin drugs should all be removed from the market in my opinion... We're not talking about a tiny risk here, either.

One expert crunched the numbers in The New York Times and concluded that 100,000 Americans currently taking statins will get diabetes BECAUSE OF the very drugs that were supposed to "save" them. But let's look at this in more detail. Most of the Mega Drug companies that make statins also make meds for diabetes and its related conditions. Actually it’s like one drug CEO said years ago: "It was his fiduciary responsibility to sell as many drugs as possible."

I mean how many people do you know who take one drug to cover up the side effects of another drug? Let me tell you that count is in the millions. Another great side effect besides cancer and diabetes from statins is High Blood pressure. For the drug companies, 100,000 new diabetics isn't a terrible side effect -- heck, it's the ultimate business and product development model...(By the way, from a purely profit standpoint I am being deadly serious.)

I always wonder who got a raise for developing the drugs to counter all the side effect from statins...Again more Drug Company insanity at work! Of course, none of this is a surprise to regular newsletter readers. I've been warning you for years now that statins are deadly. -- And that a higher risk of diabetes is just one of the myriads of the nightmare of side effects of this product.

By the way: The new FDA warning also says these drugs can cause high blood sugar, memory loss, and confusion. Now I realize that many of you have already discontinued the use of these drugs and for the rest of you let me go a step further to try and help you to realize that lifestyle and dietary habits are the better alternative. Statins have also been linked to serious muscle pain and muscle death, liver problems, kidney failure, nerve damage, sexual dysfunction, vision problems, and more. I mean this product can quickly turn into a nightmare from which you can't wake up.

Yet, despite all those risks -- and despite the fact that statins cure no disease, and haven't even been proven to save lives -- these meds have become some of the best-selling drugs of all time, taken by a quarter of all adults over the age of 45. This is crazy because the very reason for their existence is complete obfuscation. If you're like many people, the only cholesterol problem you may have is LOW cholesterol. That might sound absolutely nuts if you've been listening to years of mainstream advice, but the facts speak for themselves:

The very blood fats you've been taught to fear are crucial to everything from heart function to brain health to hormone production. Men, if your cholesterol is too low you are unable to think and it's almost impossible to produce testosterone. If you can't produce testosterone you will lose muscle mass, strength and your libido. One study out of Japan a couple of years ago, even found that people with HIGH cholesterol actually lived longer than those with "low" levels. As for me and my house we will continue to eat beef. I mean I really love a good grass fed organic center cut.

Healthy compounds like the one below can help maintina healthy cholesterol without the use of drugs:

Cholesterol X

Cod Liver Oil

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To find out how you can learn more about the Healthy Cholesterol, read the email I wrote just on this subject.