Four Symptoms of Old Age That Are Caused by a Toxic Colon


by V. E. Irons

Exhaustion: Fatigue and exhaustion are the main symptoms of a toxic colon. Toxins from the colon will travel to the energy glands of the body (the thyroid and the adrenal glands) and slow them down immensely. As soon as this happens, you will gradually start to lose the pep and vitality you had in your youth. The sooner you clean out your colon, the sooner you will regain your youthful energy.

Reduce Cholesterol and Lower Your Heart Disease Risk Profile



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Nutritional Steps to Avoiding Depression

Depression affects millions of Americans every day. Yet, depression is not a new phenomena. It has afflicted people since the beginning of recorded time. Descriptions of what we now call depression can be found in numerous ancient documents. The Old Testament, in the book of Kings, recounts the story of King Saul during a profound state of depression. In the Iliad, Homer tells of Ajax, whose depression led to his suicide. Around 400 B.C. Hippocrates began to use the term “melancholia” to describe disturbances in mood.