Products Mentioned on This is Your Day

Dear Friends,

I had an amazing time with my beautiful wife, Sharon, on the This is Your Day program this week. Many of you have asked for a list of the supplements and products that we mentioned on the broadcast. Here is a list of the items that we discussed. I also encourage you to sign up for my newsletter and read through my blog posts to further research issues that pertain to your health.

Here is the list:

Without This Nutrient You Die!

CO-Q Max

If you are looking to maximize your health and energy; read this newsletter as quickly as possible! Now, for those of you still reading, I have a simple question: Are you interested in learning about a natural nutrient every cell in your body needs for its own energy production and for protection against free radical damage? Wait...before you decide to read a magazine instead . consider this:

Virus Killer: Swine Flu, H1N1, Tuberculosis, even the Common Cold

By the way, if you ask anybody who takes 5000 units of Vitamin D a day, they’ll tell you they just don’t get sick anymore; the colds and flu just don’t happen. How that works is amazing. Your body makes hundreds of naturally occurring antibiotics called antimicrobial peptides and people have been looking for a long time to see what up-regulates genetic production of them, what increases productions of antimicrobial peptides.