Chemtrail lab test

Chemtrails and what they contain

I wanted to personally know what they are spraying in the sky. I have been told its barium  and aluminum. But I wanted to test it for  myself . 

I will be setting out sterilized containers to do a rain water collection to have the rain water tested. There should be nothing in it with the exception of maybe some sulfur due to  a local coal burning electrical plant.
Many of you dont know it but pure rain water is distilled water as  its made through evaporation. If  it has high levels of metals, the metals were put there by man...not nature   unless we have had a major volcano that has put particulate matter in the atmosphere...but I havent seen a volcano in Florida.

Here are my lab reports:

Aluminum: 232 ug/l   the EPA maximum limit for potable drinking water is 200.8 

Please understand this is not drinking water or lake water or pond water, it was simply pure rain water collected in steam purified containers directly after a chemtrail hazing.

This means that our rain water is so contaminated,the epa would not even allow us to use it as drinking water. Our rain water in florida would be categrozied as non-potable water.


Barium : 103 ug/l      Bariumis is super toxic even at a low amount. Because of its high chemical reactivity barium is never found in nature as a free how is it in our rain water??

Download the CHEMTRAIL TEST PDF Here

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