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Friday, September 3, 2021

Florida will issue a $5,000 fine to businesses, schools and government agencies that require COVID-19 vaccination proof

Robert Schuller And Billy Graham Speaking Wide Acceptance​

Christian charity bans Christmas themed children's gifts​

Texas Passes Law Banning Abortions after a Heartbeat Is Detected, Planned Parenthood Leader Threatens Riots​

Biden Regime Lost Track of 5,000 Unaccompanied Migrant Children, Sparking Concern over Child Labor and Sex Trafficking

The Smoking Gun: the CDC and FDA Admit They Used a "Contrived" Model Instead of a Virus

Pfizer Is Now Developing A Twice-Per-Day COVID Pill to Take Alongside Its Covid Vaccine

Tokyo Medical Association Chairman Publicly Told Doctors to Prescribe Ivermectin for Covid

Trump Predicts 9/11-Style Attack Following US Defeat in Afghanistan and Mass Migration of Refugees​

Supply Lines Latest: Dearth of Workers Risks Even Higher Food Prices​

What if the wheels come off the wagon and the police are no longer guardians of peace. What would the police do if they became hungry and angry, just like the masses.

Map of PFAS drinking water contamination in the US​

The Goal of Covidism is Communism

Fauci Considering Booster Shots Every Five Months for All Americans… The Spike Protein Assault Never Ends​

New Covid variant, known as ‘Mu’, under close WHO scrutiny due to concerns over its vaccine resistance​

Oregon Vaccine Mandate Could Lead to Mass Exodus of Firefighters and Paramedics Across the State​

Different Faces, Same Cult​

This Is Definitely Going To Be “Not A Normal September” For The Rapidly Imploding U.S. Economy​

State Department Still Blocking Americans From Leaving Afghanistan​

Quantitative Brainwashing​

I discussed this on Friday's show: The Rich Man and Lazarus

This Is Definitely Going To Be “Not A Normal September” For The Rapidly Imploding U.S. Economy​

How CDC Manipulated Data to Create ‘Pandemic of the Unvaxxed’ Narrative​

Israel is now the world's Covid hotspot with almost 0.2% of population catching it yesterday​

Dr. Tess Lawrie​

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Derrick Wilburn, District49 School Board meeting, 8.12.2021

27 U.S. Air Force Pilots Resign Over Covid-19 Vaccination Mandate

PURE EVIL: Democrats Block Legislation to Rescue Americans Stranded in Afghanistan ​

After decades of propaganda warfare and Stealth Invasion, the idea of a free America is hanging by a thread

Due to medication side effects: Another Hidden Covid Risk: Lingering Kidney Problems

Remdesivir stopped after kidney failures occur in covid drug trials ​

Remdesivir and Acute Renal Failure: A Potential Safety Signal From Disproportionality Analysis of the WHO Safety Database​

Pharmaceutical Scientist Warns of Potential Problems With Remdesivir As COVID-19 Treatment

Kidney disorders as serious adverse drug reactions of remdesivir in coronavirus disease 2019: a retrospective case-noncase study​

Harvard Epidemiologist Says The Case For COVID Vaccine Passports Was Just Demolished​

Lawyer Representing 17 Jan. 6 Defendants Has Mysteriously Gone Missing: Court Filing​s

Supreme Court declines to block Texas abortion ban​

'I Feel Good': Joe Rogan Contracts Covid, Bounces Back Within Days Using Drug Cocktail Including Ivermectin​

Sleepwalking into a Non-White Future​

What we’re up against: White liberals rejoice at Whites becoming a minority​

The Triumph of Evil​

Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections​

‘Dystopian nightmare’: Russian tech billionaire Durov slams America's Apple & Google for ‘censoring’ information on the internet​

The Moral Fiber of the West No Longer Exists​


U.S. opens investigations into bans on school mask mandates in 5 state​s

Two Top Virologists’ Frightening Warnings About COVID Injections: Ignored by Government and Big Media​

Why do "Health Authorities" and Presstitutes Lie to Us about Covid?​

CalifNumber of people with dementia set to jump 40% to 78 mln by 2030ornia seeks gender neutral displays in large stores​

CDC/FDA smoking gun of smoking guns​

FDA Did NOT Grant Full Approval To Pfizer Covid Gene Therapy Shots​

Europe's CDC Breaks With Biden Admin, Says No Urgent Need For COVID Boosters​

Biden Administration Erased Afghan Weapons Reports From Federal Websites

US citizen stranded in Afghanistan unaware last planes were leaving

Chris Hedges: The revengeful suffering orchestrated by the American empire on Afghans will be of Biblical proportions​

The medical-industrial complex, like the military-industrial complex, is a threat to democracy​

Sackler Family Wins Immunity in Opioid Lawsuit — Court Should Unseal Company Documents to Prevent Future Crises​

NY Health Commissioner Repeals Mask Mandate for Unvaxxed After Federal Lawsuit Filed


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

"The Unthinkable Has Become Possible" - Germany Faces A Political Revolution In 4 Weeks

"Rental Policy Shock": 750,000 Households Are About To Be Evicted - What Happens To The Economy​

Mother of Marine killed in Kabul says Biden rolled his 'f***ing eyes' when she remembered son during meeting​

Dr Ardis - Vaccines are causing polio ​

"The Unthinkable Has Become Possible" - Germany Faces A Political Revolution In 4 Weeks​

California: Antifa High School Teacher Admits Turning Children Into Communist Revolutionaries​

What Is the Metaverse and Why Is It Worth so Much Money? ​

How to Break Down Medical ‘Fact-Checking’ Propaganda ​

Who Will Survive the Vaccine Holocaust? (Within 5 years, 80% or more of those who have been vaccinated, either by choice or by coercion, will at worst be dead, and at best, will be deathly injured due to prions, spike proteins, Messenger RNA converted into transhumanist DNA)

PCR Tests Can’t Identify Delta Variant; It’s All Fiction

Fauci The Greatest Liar in Gov’t in History

This Is What Is Going To Happen Nationwide In The Not Too Distant Future If We Don't Set Things Right​

Democrats to Close Down Jobs and Living in California for the Unvaccinated Via AB 455​

Fauci The Greatest Liar in Gov't in History​

Hiding malware inside AI neural networks ​

Chicago School Bus Drivers Have Quit In Droves Over COVID Vaccine Mandate : NPR​

US woman left behind in Kabul with 130 rescue dogs thanks to DOD no-fly animal policy​

Supreme Court allows Texas’ 6-week abortion ban to take effect​

Israel opposes U.S. plan to reopen Jerusalem embassy as 'destabilising'

Bill Belichick Strongly Pushes Back On Notion That Cam Newton’s Vaccination Status Impacted Patriots’ Decision

US Government Recorded 33,000 Phone Calls of New York Times Writer Charged as Paid Iranian Agent

AP Breaks With Mainstream Media Narrative: Time to Retire ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’ Sound Bite​

CDC Director Tells The Unvaccinated Not To Travel Over Labor Day Weekend - Except What About Natural Immunity?​

Ohio Judge Orders Hospital To Treat Ventilated COVID-19 Patient With Ivermectin​

US Warns Of Polio-Like Illness Outbreak In Four Months​

Gates Vaccine Spreads Polio Across Africa​


“Attack on the Brain: Neurowars and Neurowarfare” by Armin Krishnan (“Space and Defense;” US Air Force Publication, 2016): Explains Torture of TIs

Derrick Wilburn, District49 School Board meeting, 8.12.2021

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

CA Democrats postpone plan for COVID vaccine verification

Immigration is Really Just a Distraction at This Point – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore​

The Corruption of Science. The Hydroxychloroquine Lancet Study Scandal. Who Was Behind It? Anthony Fauci's Intent To Block HCQ on Behalf of Big Pharma

Most Vaccinated Countries Have Most COVID Cases

Video: Prominent Pathologist: What These Jabs Do to the Brain and Other Organs

Starting Sept 1 China Will Require Foreign Vessels To Report In Its "Territorial Waters"​

New Orleans Entirely Without Power, 911 Service Due to Ida: Officials ​

‘Hundreds’ of Americans Still in Afghanistan After Last Military Flight: CENTCOM​

Empire's Fate​

'Retired' US SpecOps Insiders Detail Chaotic Exit From Afghanistan​

124 retired generals and admirals question Biden's mental health​

American Generals Warn: This is How America Falls to Marxism​

The Vaccine Holocaust Is Well Underway With Globalists At War With 7.8 Billion People: They’ve used two main bioweapons on us, a lab engineered virus and deadly ‘vaccines’​

Afghanistan: Taliban hold mock funerals for western forces​

Ex-CIA officer turned Q-Anon conspiracy theorist dies of COVID-19 while on anti-vax tour of Florida​

Chicago agency probes officer's encounter with black woman​

BOOM! Major law firm confirms FDA deceived America with its confusing ‘approval’ of Pfizer vax​

EU to Reimpose Travel Curbs on U.S. Amid Rise in Covid Cases

The Sweden experiment: how no lockdowns led to better mental health, a healthier economy and happier schoolchildren​

Hurricane Ida Exposes Grid Weaknesses As 2,000 Miles of High-Voltage Lines Damages​

Gov. DeSantis Demands Biden Administration Cease Resettlement Of Illegals In Florida​

The number of homeschooled kids in America has doubled during the pandemic​

Two senior FDA vaccine regulators are stepping down

This may be the world record. Man dies 60 seconds after taking the kill shot

Monday, August 30, 2021

Two Top Virologists’ Frightening Warnings About COVID Injections: Ignored by Government and Big Media

Marine battalion commander RESIGNS after he was relieved of his duties​

UK: 2/3 of Covid Deaths Occurred in Vaccinated People ​

BOMBSHELL UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine push

California Democrats Trying to Force Mandatory Vaccines for All and Vaccine Passports​

Pfizer CEO Says Covid-19 Vaccine-Resistant Variant Likely to Emerge - But Pharma Co Has System in Place to Release New "Variant-Specific" Jab in 3 Months (VIDEO)​

Did the FBI Admit 'Scant' Evidence of Organized Plot at Capitol to Stop Investigation because of FBI Involvement in Breach?​

Chicago: Judge James Shapiro Strips Mother of Parental Rights for Not Being Vaccinated​

Aspartame: A Chronicle of Crime​

Donald Rumsfeld and the Strange History of Aspartame​

Dr. Bryan Ardis - Hospital Protocol is what is Murdering Covid / Flu Patients​

A Tool of Control: How Health Officials Weaponize Language to Manage Public Perception of COVID Vaccines​

Brought to you by the CIA and the KabbalistsFear Porn Inc.

Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Berenson After Viral COVID Tweets

Medicine Regulators knew in October 2020 that the Covid-19 Vaccines would cause blood clots, heart damage, harm to children, and death​

Important Information for Employers from America’s Frontline Doctors​

Glenn Beck tells Tucker Carlson State Department has blocked attempts to rescue Afghan Christians​

Georgia County’s Records Show 43K Absentee Ballot Chain of Custody Forms Have Incomplete or Late Information

Larry Elder Releases Spanish Campaign Ads as Latino Support Rises for Newsom Recall

Poll: Canada’s Trudeau Losing Ground Ahead of September Election

CDC Claims No Deaths Reported in Young People Due to Heart Inflammation Side Effects of Coronavirus Vaccines

Video: Joe Biden Refers to Black Adviser Cedric Richmond as ‘Boy’

Exclusive—Michael Savage: Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster Is ‘Terror’s Greatest Victory in My Lifetime’

McCaul: There Are More Americans in Afghanistan Than State Department Claims, Fate of Interpreters Left Behind Is ‘Very Certain’

Pentagon Announces End of the Afghanistan Evacuation, with Hundreds of Americans Left Behind

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Hurricane Ida strikes Louisiana; New Orleans hunkers down

Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines

US Capitol Police Officers Sue Trump, Allies Over January 6 Violence ​

The U.S. Is Becoming A Third World Country Right Before Our Eyes​

The FDA Has Proved Itself to be a Totally Corrupt and Criminal Organization​

Hurricane Ida winds hit 150 mph ahead of Louisiana strike ​

U.S. Used a Special Hellfire Missile in Afghanistan Airstrike on Islamic State​

Renters Prepare for Eviction After Supreme Court Ruling​

Israel strikes Gaza after fire balloons, border clashes​

"Backdoor Gun Control" - How Biden Banning Russian Ammo Will Make Range Ammo "Hard To Come By"​

Smoking gun: Fauci states COVID PCR test has fatal flaw; confession from the “beloved” expert of experts​

Alert: All Children Ages 12 to 15 to be Injected with COVID-19 Shots in UK Schools With or Without Parental Consent​

Teen mental health hospitalizations rise by 57% during lockdowns in Victoria​

The Approved Pfizer Vaccine Is Not Yet Available​

248 Chinese Companies with Off-Limit Audits and a Market Cap of Over $2.1 Trillion Are Listed on U.S. Exchanges​

The SEC Is Allowing 5-Count Felon JPMorgan Chase to Trade Its Own Bank Stock in its Own Dark Pools

Two Hedge Fund Billionaires Hedge their Bets on Regeneron as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Opens Regeneron Treatment Centers for COVID-19 Across Florida

The Congressional Budget Office Is Forecasting U.S. Debt Levels Not Seen Since World War II as GDP Forecasts Dim

Three of the Fed’s Wall Street Bailout Programs Vanish from Its Monthly Reports to Congress ​

Vaccinated Australians To Be Granted New "Freedom"; Government-Sanctioned "Hour Of Recreation"​

Covidnosis: How Empire Brainwashed the World ​

With Five Month Booster Shots Discussed By Fauci, Children Born Today Could Be Vaccinated 175 Times Against COVID

VIDEO: Joe Biden Slumps Over, Appears To Fall Asleep During Meeting With Israeli PM​

Fauci says 8-month COVID booster shot timeline 'very flexible,' confirms rollout begins Sept. 20​

School district investigates teacher video encouraging students pledge allegiance to gay pride flag​

Americans Have Traded Their Freedoms For Safety From COVID, And Now We Have Neither​

Supreme Court Won't Block Indiana University's Vaccine Mandate​

Hillsong Church founder charged with hiding dad's child sex crimes ​

Americans Have Traded Their Freedoms For Safety From COVID, And Now We Have Neither​

Pfizer Demanding Bank Reserves, Military Bases And Embassy Buildings As Collateral For COVID-19 Vaccines​

Dr. Avery Jackson: Neurosurgeon Says Early Treatment Works And Vaccine Is Killing People​

Dr James Neuenschwander: Vaccine Is Killing People And Does Not Stop The Spread ​

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Delta Airlines Will Raise Health Insurance Costs for the Unvaccinated by $200 Monthly

Miami mayor says South Beach's iconic nightlife should SHUT DOWN in wake of growing gun violenc​e

CCP's Anti-Satellite Weapons Present Complex Challenge For US: Experts​

'This Ends The Debate' - Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta

Denmark To Scrap All Covid-19 Restrictions

Harvard appoints 'athiest' as president of university chaplains - not everyone is happy​

‘Ivermectin. Ivermectin. Ivermectin.’​

Astragalus Root Review: Health Benefits, How it Works and Uses​

This is a must-readmRNA Vaccines: The Silent Weapon​

Japan Plans To Build Undersea Tunnel To Help Dump Radioactive Water From Fukushima Into The Pacific​

Marine commander relieved of duties for saying senior leaders need to admit 'we messed this up'​

Immunization expert: 'Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others'​

"Don't Take Me for Granted"​

"Rapidly Becoming Untenable" - Eurozone Finances Have Deteriorated​

"I Demand Accountability": Marine Commander Fired For Viral Video Ripping 'Inept' Afghan War Decisions​

This is destroying AmericaHow The Fed Is Enabling Congress's Trillion-Dollar Deficits

Taliban Fighters Reportedly Seize Military Side Of Kabul Airport Using American Weapons

Judge Slaps Down DeSantis Order Banning Mask Mandates In Florida​

Fed Up With The Fed's Abuse Of Power​

Feds Shutter Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Was Found Dead​

New Report Finds US Has Spent Over $2.3 Trillion On Afghanistan War​

Soothing the symptoms of anxiety with graphene oxide​

It’s Easier To Kill A Million People Than To Control A Million People (Now change that to Billion)​

I thought Italy would be next to leave the EU; now I’m convinced it will be Hungary because it looks like Brexit all over again​

Ida will be worst hurricane to hit Louisiana since 1850s: Biden, Governor warn residents​

Friday, August 27, 2021

Ruling Class Increasingly Calls Upon The Private Sector To Make Lives Of The “Unvaccinated” Difficult

Witness – The Biopolitical War on Breathing

COVID Bailouts Have Nothing to Do With COVID

Kamala Harris Finally Goes Full Marxist: ‘Equitable Treatment Means We All End Up at the Same Place’

Supreme Court blocks Biden administration's eviction moratorium

4,811 recovered Israeli COVID patients got reinfected​

This Is Harvard University Today

Researchers Ready Lab-Grown Covid-19 Delta Variant for Human Trials

Toxic epidermal necrolysis: 49-year-old New York woman develops life-threatening skin-rotting disorder one week after Pfizer mRNA injection​

The All-Seeing "i": Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy​

Researchers Ready Lab-Grown Covid-19 Delta Variant for Human Trials

'This Ends The Debate' - Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta

Travesty: Governments Know the Vaccines Are Ineffective But Still Force People To Take Them​

Ivermectin flying off North Texas shelves as a COVID-19 remedy despite FDA warnings, side effects

BBC Radio Host Died of COVID Vaccine Complications, Coroner Confirms

Tucker Carlson brands Joe Biden 'a lunatic with no self-respect' after Kabul suicide bomb​

We Face a Vaccine-induced Public Health Catastrophe

More truthful shot research

Regeneron Granted Fundamental Patents Covering Mouse Antibody Technology Used in VelocImmune Mice 

Bombshell: CDC Counts People Who Have Died within 14 Days of Taking a Covid Jab as Unvaccinated!​

Homeland Security Insider Blows Whistle on International Child Sex Trafficking Gangs Inside the US​

COVID Trends: 10 Current Operation Coronavirus Trends​

COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Jump by 27,000 in One Week, FDA Pulls ‘Bait and Switch’ With Pfizer Vaccine Approval

Chicago police union says 'hell no' to Lightfoot's COVID-19 vaccine mandate​

Eric Clapton Releases New Protest Song, ‘This Has Gotta Stop’​

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Desperate Afghan Christians turned away at airport, aid groups say

'Highly lethal' terror threat that could strike 'within hours' forces Kabul airport to CLOSE​

California siblings banned from school for refusing to wear masks

More than 180,000 children tested positive for COVID-19 last week - a nearly 50% increase

Asian-American father says white couple harassed him and his two children after he scolded his son

Here we go again: Afghanistan's chilling new face of terror: 'ISIS-K' see the Taliban as far too liberal

Taliban going door-to-door executing Christians

No Americans Have Been Rescued Outside of Kabul: Pentagon

You Don't Need To Go To Kabul To See The End Of American Order

The Unbelievable Covid Stupidity of the Medical Establishment, Governments, and Corporate Executives

Biden Administration Likely to Approve Covid-19 Boosters at Six Months

CIA, U.S. Troops Conduct Missions Outside Kabul Airport to Extract Americans, Afghan Allies

Federal government to expand use of facial recognition despite growing concerns

Why The Delta Variant Is So Contagious: A New Study Sheds Light : Goats and Soda

CDC warns Delta variant is as infectious as 8X chickenpox; vaccinated people can transmit

The All-Seeing "i": Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy

The Fallacious Covid Narrative Has Completely Fallen Apart But the Corrupt Medical Establishment Steams Ahead On Its Catastrophic Course​

Human-animal hybrids: Senate approves billions of dollars for their chilling creation

Taliban Secures World's Largest Lithium Deposits After US Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Officer who shot Ashli Babbitt during Capitol riot breaks silence: 'I saved countless lives'

Tropical Storm Ida forms, could hit US Gulf Coast as major hurricane

NYPD, graffiti artist in 12-hour-long standoff at Brooklyn water tower

Cops Are Dressing Up Like FedEx Guys and Arresting People for Drugs

Slammed by staff shortages and ‘desperation,’ some North Florida prisons to shutter

Poll: Majority Of Floridians Disapprove Of Governor DeSantis’ Response To COVID-19

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

FDA ‘playing bait and switch’ with Americans, tricking them into believing shots currently being offered have been granted full approval when they have not

The Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism

The Birth Of Cultural Marxism: How The “Frankfurt School” Changed America

Study: Fully Vaccinated Healthcare Workers Carry 251 Times Viral Load, Pose Threat to Unvaccinated Patients, Co-Workers​

57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release Shocking Study on COVID Vaccines and Demand Immediate Stop to All Vaccinations​

Largest US Food Distributor Having Trouble Keeping Shelves Stocked; Price Shock Imminent

Instagram Fuels 70% Rise In Online Grooming Of Children: UK Charity

Buchanan: The Bitter Fruits Of Interventionism​

Supreme Court Rules Biden Admin Must Resume Trump's "Remain In Mexico" Policy

‘The Real Anthony Fauci’

Denmark Abolishes All Corona Measures

The FDA Has Proved Itself To Be A Totally Corrupt And Criminal Organization

Could It Be a Population Reduction Plot After All?

Bank of America Spied on Customer Data to Combat 'Extremism'. Now, the BofA Says Toddlers Are Racist.

FDA Approves Pfizer's mRNA Jab Despite CDC Chief's Warning that Early Vaccinations May Have Increased Severe Disease

Tucker Carlson Agrees With Jason Whitlock on 'Satanic' Liberal Beliefs

Drinking DISTILLED waterDrinking 8 glasses of water a day may be key to healthy heart for decades

Washington State high schools faces controversy for asking students to wear COVID 'ankle monitors'

Dr. Peter McCullough Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘The Vaccines Are Failing’​

Biden receives inconclusive intelligence report on covid origins

Jason Miller's right-wing "Gettr" site backtracks Roger Stone ban after "censorship" accusations


FBI Bankrolled Publisher of Occult Neo-Nazi Books, Feds Claim

FBI Palantir glitch allowed unauthorized access to private data

Delta Air Lines is raising health insurance premiums for unvaccinated employees by $200 a month to cover higher Covid costs

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

WAYNE ROOT: SUICIDE: How Vaccine Passports Will Cause the Economic Collapse of America

Covid-19 natural immunity compared to vaccine-induced immunity: The definitive summary

Stay Away From The Vaxxed, It Is Official, From Pfizer’s Own Documents

Is The Government Planning A Food Shortage?​

Tyson Foods mandates spike protein injections for all its workers… is spike protein shedding a concern with the food supply?

Indian drugmaker seeking greenlight for 66.6% 3-dose Covid-19 vaccine, touted as world’s 1st plasmid DNA vaccine​

WAKE UP AMERICA: We Are In The Midst Of A Revolutionary Epoch And Probably Most Don’t Even Know It​

The fascist takeover of America is now almost complete​

Delta cases show 300 times higher viral load​

Afghan evacuation on 'war footing' as G7 meets on pullout deadline

White House claims Afghan allies let into Kabul airport but NONE allowed through for two days​

All These Simultaneous Disasters Are Messing With Our Brains

Soldiers Fight Back Against Military’s Upcoming Vaccine Mandate by Filing Lawsuit Against Pentagon​

Pfizer names former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb to its board​

Vaccinated passengerCarnival passenger who tested positive for coronavirus on cruise dies

CIA Director William Burns held secret meeting in Kabul with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar

Planned Parenthood Jumps into the Hormone-Therapy Game​

Horowitz: FDA disseminates dangerous and libelous misinformation against lifesaving COVID treatment​

Morning habits you should stop: Drinking coffee first thing, hitting snooze or checking your phone​

NYC Orders 150,000 Teachers & School Staff To Either Get Vaccinated Or Find A New Job; NJ Orders Jabs For State Workers​

Unauthorized Vaccine Cards Are Selling Like Hot Cakes in the US​

Graphene Antennas Can Be Two Orders Of Magnitude Smaller Than Metal Antennas ...Think Internal Nanotech Possibilities

‘World class joke’: Cambridge university museum to install signage explaining ‘whiteness’ of Greek & Roman plaster-cast sculptures​

Israel to open schools on September 1 despite Covid-19 surge, students to get vaccinated between classes​

The new Marvel series ‘What If…?’ is a woke wet dream where white male superheroes are replaced by women and minorities​

20 Attorneys General Join Fight Against Biden's Executive Gun Control ​

Ten reasons why the jab must never be mandatory​

Negotiating with Terrorists: Taliban Gives 'No Extensions' for Evacuation​

‘World class joke’: Cambridge university museum to install signage explaining ‘whiteness’ of Greek & Roman plaster-cast sculptures​

Negotiating with Terrorists: Taliban Gives 'No Extensions' for Evacuation​

Covid-19 vaccination is greatest threat humanity ever faced​

"The Time Has Come. Enough Is Enough" - Fauci Dismisses "Freedom" In Call For Vaccine Mandates​

Monday, August 23, 2021

FDA Knew on October 22, 2020 that the DeathJab would maim and kill, cause heart damage, clotting and ravage children

At Least 22 Dead, 50 Missing After Deadliest Flood Event Ever In Middle Tennessee​

Trump the populist is losing his base over this one issue that increasingly defines the times​

The Taliban warned of 'consequences' if the US extends its military presence in Afghanistan beyond the August 31 deadline​

$1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill and $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan Will Break America​

Is The Cloward-Piven Strategy Being Used To Destroy America? ​

Florida Governor DeSantis Pulls the Rug Out from Under the False Covid Narrative 

The Pandemic Is Only Beginning, the Future is Dire

Two Top Virologists’ Frightening Warnings About COVID Injections: Ignored by Government and Big Media​

Travesty: Governments Know the Vaccines Are Ineffective But Still Force People To Take Them

‘The Real Anthony Fauci’

Could It Be a Population Reduction Plot After All?​

Scientists Sound Alarm: Vaccines Will Kill Millions​

Pfizer Jab Receives Full Approval From FDA, Pentagon Mandates Vaccinations For All Troops​

The Fentanyl Flood Into The US: Why Can't We Make It Stop?​

Biden Stands By Kabul Evacuation, Laughs When Confronted With Poll Suggesting Majority No Longer See Him As "Competent Or Effective"​

Ron Paul: The Secret Ronald Reagan Told Me About Gold And Great Nations​

Delta Variant Fear-Mongering Begins To Dent Travel Industry

CNN Says Trump Wants His Supporters to Die -- After He Recommends 'Take the Vaccines!'


Taliban death squads 'dragging people from homes & executing them' in fresh hunt for interpreters who helped US & UK

FDA Fully Approves Pfizer's Coronavirus Vaccine

Indian Bar Association Charges WHO Chief Scientist for Mass Murder​

The Pandemic Has Most Americans Paying No Federal Income Taxes

Singapore PM Says US Image in Question During Press Conference With Kamala Harris

Sunday, August 22, 2021

‘Tainted’ Blood: Covid Skeptics Request Blood Transfusions From Unvaccinated Donors

The Tea Party's Front Page.

The Vaccinated Are Worried and Scientists Don’t Have Answers ​

After 4 Years Of Trying To Throw Out Trump, It May Actually Be Biden Who Doesn't Finish His First Term​

Aussie Cops Pledge To Unleash "Full Force" As Large Anti-Lockdown Protests Turn Violent​

Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P Episode 59 5 Doc Special Aug 19 2021​

TONY BLAIR: US retreat is imbecilic - and tells our enemies we don't have values worth defending​

Defense Contractors Told Not To Personally Assist ‘Friends And Former Colleagues’ Stuck In Afghanistan​

US general tells British special forces: Stop escuing people in Kabul, you're making us look bad​

Physical Cash Stops Digital Theft –David Morgan​

The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy​

This will destroy small businessesBiden And Pelosi Set To Impose Tax Hikes On Small Businesses

In Their Last Meeting Merkel Asks Putin for Help in Getting Her Out of Afghan Mess

After an embarrassing military defeat in Afghanistan the US is opting for plan B to get its hands on the nation’s resources: money​

US general tells British special forces: Stop rescuing people in Kabul, you're making us look bad​

Despite deaths and disabilities compromised Trump continues to say take the kill shot.

Germany's Largest Amusement Park Segregates Vaxx'd From Unvaxx'd With Colored Wristbands

Billions in US weaponry seized by Taliban​

Moscow Says New Sanctions Show US Unwillingness to Build Partner Relations​

American mom trapped by Taliban describes horrific violence, pleads for Biden to solve evacuation crisis​

This is a must-readAfghanistan: Predictable Outcome

Photos of U.S. and Afghan Troops Patrolling Poppy Fields June 2012

American mom trapped by Taliban describes horrific violence, pleads for Biden to solve evacuation crisis​

13,000 Deaths, Nearly 600,000 Adverse Events Reported After COVID Vaccines, as Debate Heats Up Over Boosters​

Black Seed Oil and Coronavirus: Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial​

Schumer Dances with Colbert While Americans, Allies Are Still Stranded ​

Pentagon Enlists Commercial Airlines For Afghanistan Evacs; Critics Call A Political Stunt​

Behind Oil's Precipitous Plunge: Systematic Selling Pressure​

'A Fumbling, idiotic, confused, lying fool, incapable... ' Judge Jeanine Throws Fire At Biden in her MARVELOUS open​

The False Spectre of ‘Domestic Terrorism Threats’ Is Nothing More Than a Government Plot to Control and Incarcerate All Dissenter

“The Scientific Process Is Short-Circuited By Politics” – Startling Admission From Scientists Jeopardizes Biden’s Boosters

It's Worse than We Thought: Taliban Seized 75,000 Vehicles, 600,000 Weapons and 200 Aircraft in Afghanistan Leftover by Biden Admin

While Afghanistan Fell, Military and CIA Focused on Diversity

The Tea Party's Front Page.

Russian Military Hails Syria’s Successful Intercepts Of 22 Of 24 Missiles In Latest Israeli Attack

Biden Administration Sent Out Thousands of 'Bogus' Visas to Americans in Afghanistan

Marxist Minnesota Principals ‘Making Good Trouble in Education’

Tucker Carlson Defends ‘Senile’ Biden as Officials, Media Abandon POTUS Over Afghanistan Disaster

Baffled Reporters Confront Biden Administration on Targeted Missionaries in Afghanistan​

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Why is the BBC so obsessed with promoting transgender propaganda to young people?

JFK to 9/11 | Everything is a Rich Man's Trick​

Ronald Reagan Cow Manure Joke ​

US Warns American Citizens To Avoid Kabul Airport One Day After Biden Reassures That All Is Well​

CDC Buries Study Finding That Student Masking Has 'No Statistically Significant Benefit'​

‘America First’ Host Says FBI Took Almost $500K From His Bank Account After He Attended Trump’s DC Rally​

ABOUT COVID VACCINES : Dr Stephanie Seneff - MIT senior research scientist since 5 decades

Germany Sending Special Ops Helicopters To Kabul To Rescue Evacuees Outside The Airport (Updated)

Vaccine resistance in the military remains strong, a dilemma for Pentagon as mandate looms

Patriots Come Together In San Diego & This Woman Let's The Tyrants Know What Is Ahead Of Them! (Video)

Mississippi COVID-19 patients who refuse to self-isolate could face fines, jail time

In Los Angeles, This Covid-19 Surge Is Different From Earlier Outbreaks

More than 23,000 metro Atlanta students in quarantine weeks into school year

The Vaccinated Are Worried and Scientists Don’t Have Answers

Four weeks in July: Inside the Biden administration’s struggle to contain the delta surge

Conservative talk show host Phil Valentine dies after COVID-19 battle

Jesse Jackson Sr., Jacqueline Jackson test positive for COVID-19, currently hospitalized at Northwestern

Biggest tax hike on wealthy since '93 is bogged down in US Congress

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Queen orders senior Palace aides to plan legal fightback after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s hurtful attacks

Tony Blair: ‘Withdrawal will have every jihadist group cheering’

As Kabul turmoil mounts, Taliban's PR offensive falters

Taliban Return To Power Sees Local Media Huddle In Fear & Self-Censorship – Special Report From Afghanistan

NO SHAME US most wanted Al Qaeda terrorist Khalil Haqqani reappears in Kabul alongside Taliban with $5million bounty on head

IS threat forces US changes to evacuations at Kabul airport

U.S. Considers Ordering Commercial Airlines to Help in Afghan Evacuation

U.S. evacuations from Afghanistan face new roadblocks as Taliban co-founder arrives in Kabul

Friday, August 20, 2021

‘What was the difference between Sweden and the rest of the West on Covid? We trusted the people to have common sense’

Biden administration appears to have stockpiled military equipment for Taliban months before collapse​

‘Long Overdue’: EPA Bans Pesticide Chlorpyrifos on Food Crops

Large-Scale Israeli Attack Rocks Damascus, Multiple Impact Sites Burning​

Palm Beach County schools will require masks starting Monday with opt-outs only for medical reasons ​

Taliban vow to ban heroin, but can they survive without it?​

Graphene oxide touches blood: in vivo interactions of bio-coronated 2D materials​

Australian Government Builds Mandatory Quarantine Facilities, Officials Say Jab Is “Golden Ticket to Freedom”​

Jabbed Australian Official Develops Bell's Palsy in Middle of Covid Press Conference ​

Leaked report reveals Moderna COVID vaccine caused 300,000 vaccine injuries in three-month time span, hidden from VAERS​

Putin’s warning to the West: Moscow sees Ukraine as part of ‘Russian world’ & this is meant to be taken seriously by outsiders​

Chinese media warn Taiwanese leaders against acting as ‘strategic pawns’ of US, calls Afghan crisis a ‘lesson’ for them​

Scientists Sound Alarm: Vaccines Will Kill Millions​

Biden and Pelosi Set to Impose Tax Hikes on Small Businesses​

Why Are We Being Deceived About Covid?​

How the COVID Scam Is Perpetrated: For the first time in history, the world’s population has been used for mass clinical testing of an experimental vaccine​

CDC Director Admits Those Who Were 'Vaccinated Early' At 'Increased Risk Of SEVERE Disease,' Vaccine Effectiveness Is 'Waning'​

Biden plan could force thousands of family farms to sell rather than face transfer tax​

Sex workers and models slam OnlyFans for 'using them' after explicit content ban​

FBI Shoots Down Dem 'Conspiracy Theory' That Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Was Pre-Planned​

After Cornering Rentals, Blackstone Is Now Going After Student Dorms​

$2,000 Flight Evacuation Fee For Americans Escaping Kabul Triggers Outrage​

US Investigates Moderna Jab After Data Show 2.5x Higher Risk Of Heart Inflammation​

Rabobank: The Market Has Become "Springtime For Hitler"​

What Rental Hyperinflation Looks Like: "Soaring Prices. Competition. Desperation"​

Carrie Underwood is facing woke mob’s wrath for ‘liking’ an anti-mask tweet because so called ‘liberals’ demand total compliance​

The Fed Just Published 36 Years of Its Money Data. It Shows a Spike in Repo Loans Is an Early Warning of an Impending Market Crash​

U.S. Banking System Has a $168 Trillion Nightmare Looming. It Was Ignored in Written Testimony for Today’s Senate Banking Hearing ​

FDA is planning to grant full approval to Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine by Monday​

Thursday, August 19, 2021

DEVELOPING: Vehicle With Explosives Outside Library of Congress - Police Are Investigating

Covid Will Prevail As Long As The Known Cures Are Against Protocol​

Afghanistan evacuation: Chaos continues at Kabul airport​

Nothing can stop what is coming!

What Shall We Do With The Tyranny We Are Faced With?

Nursing homes will need to get staff vaccinated or lose federal funds, Biden says​

‘Will Die Welt acknowledge it was wrong?’ Head of RT in Germany asks newspaper after courts rule it published lies about outlet

CDC Planning “Green Zone” Relocation Camps For People At “High Risk” For The Coronavirus​

Senators "Horrified" To See Black Hawk Helicopters In Taliban Hands​

Israel extends Covid restrictions to three-year-olds as cases surge​

Ronald Reagan Cow Manure Joke ​

Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian kindergarten

1,135,579 Injuries 1,559 Dead in the UK Following COVID-19 Injections According to UK Government​

California Fires Exhaust 10,000-Strong Army Fighting Them

Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink satellites are responsible for over HALF of close encounters in orbit - even with just 1,500 of a proposed 12,000 launched so far, study warns

Henri to come dangerously close to New England as a hurricane

401(k) balances hit a new all-time high, Fidelity says

American Bar Association Poised To Mandate Diversity Training, Affirmative Action at Law Schools

OnlyFans to Ban the 'Sexually Explicit Content' That Made It Rich

Fox News’ ‘Gutfeld!’ Finally Overtook Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ in Viewers Tuesday

Hurricane Grace makes a mess of Mexico’s Mayan Riviera

Nude man stabs second nude man on Seattle sidewalk

Caught On Video: Motorcyclist Struck By Hit-And-Run Driver, Then Robbed While Unconscious

‘I Was Screaming: “Please, Stop, Stop!”‘ Woman Describes Pain And Horror As She Was Brutally Beaten By Group Of Teens Downtown This Past Weekend

Donald Trump Explains Correct Withdrawal Tactics: Get All Americans Out First

Report: Biden Admin Charging Americans Up to $2000 Per Evacuation from Kabul

Deputy NSA Finer: Cable Warning of Afghanistan Collapse ‘Reflects What We’ve Said’ That Nobody Got It ‘Exactly Right’

Report: State Department Memo Warned of Afghanistan Collapse Back in July

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Biden Admin To Extend Travel Mask Mandate To Jan 2022; Flight Attendants "Weary, Exhausted, & Forgotten"

The AMA ‘Denies Science,’ Recommends Excluding Gender on Birth Certificates

Central Banks Are Now in the Endgame

Luciferian elites will continue to steal elections and terrorize humanity until they meet overwhelming resistance​

Collapse Of Afghanistan Has Brought US Closer To A Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan

Exclusive: Space Force Officer, Punished After Denouncing Marxism, to Leave Military

Massive US cargo planes are taking off with average of just 100 passengers from Kabul​

Biden Admin Sends Note to Thousands of Americans Stuck in Afghanistan: We Cannot Guarantee Your Safety​

Will the next US military airlift be out of Washington DC as the American empire implodes on itself?

Covid Will Prevail As Long As The Known Cures Are Against Protocol

White Privilege and White Racism Are Hoaxes​

All of the Evidence Is In: The Covid Vaccine Is a Failure

The New Nuremberg Trials 2021 – Please Share this info!​

What Afghanistan’s Saigon moment teaches us about America’s ‘humanitarian wars’​

US ‘failure’ in Afghanistan handed country to Taliban, Moscow says, claims American ‘hegemony’ declining as Russia & China on rise​

US Embassy warns Americans in Kabul to take shelter, says airport reportedly UNDER FIRE amid hasty evacuation of western missions

Mock Human Sacrifice at CERN

Full Bizarre, Demonic Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony, Satanic, New World Order, Illuminati Ritual

Wanna see the “New European” homo-erotic “culture”?

The American people, the permanent underclass in America, have allowed themselves to be so distracted and divided that they have failed to notice the building blocks of tyranny being laid down right under their noses

Massive US cargo planes are taking off with average of just 100 passengers from Kabul

'Greatest debacle that NATO has seen’: Biden stuns allies with Afghanistan mistakes expected of Trump

Don't duct tape unruly passengers, United Airlines says in memo to employees

Actress Sally Kirkland After Moderna Vaccine: In My 79 Years, I’ve Never Experienced This Level of Pain​

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin - August 13, 2021

Why Was the National Guard Hiring Internment/Resettlement Specialists LAST WEEK?

George Washington's Vision, Valley Forge, Winter Of 1777.

Saigon 1975 on steroids': Hannity blasts 'derelict' Biden for 'humiliating America'

Google's Latest Android Feature Tracks Facial Expressions to Control Phone ​

America is a FAILED STATE… God’s wrath being unleashed to take down a nation of sin… Prepare yourself to walk through the valley of the shadow of death​

'America last': Pentagon won't give priority to Americans in Afghanistan evacuation

Revolver Exclusive: Navy Commander Warns of National Security Threat from Mandatory Vaccination

Airline Pilot Goes Public as United Airlines Goes Full Commie, Terminating 'Unvaxxed'

T-Mobile investigating report of customer data breach that reportedly involves 100 million people

Nuclear: FDA Knew on October 22, 2020 that the DeathJab would maim and kill, cause heart damage, clotting and ravage children

Historic drought threatens California farms supplying much US food

PICTURED: 640 Afghan refugees who ran onto US evacuation jet in Kabul

Revealed: the true extent of America’s food monopolies, and who pays the price

'Up to 40,000 Americans are still stranded' in Afghanistan

Airlines beginning to ban the VACCINATED.

Antibody Testing Is Not Currently Recommended to Assess Immunity After COVID-19 Vaccination: FDA Safety Communication

'We are led by buffoons - they couldn't even secure a single runway': Tucker Carlson attacks Biden

Chinese State Media Outlet Says US Will ‘Abandon’ Taiwan, Too, ‘Once a War Breaks Out’

Breaking: China Dispatches Warships, ASW Aircraft and Fighter Jets off Coast of Taiwan Following Fall of Afghanistan

Pentagon Admits Taliban Has Billions In US Weapons; Biden Has Yet To Speak To Any World Leaders Since Fall Of Kabu

"Asymptomatic, Fully Vaccinated" Texas Governor Abbott Tests Positive For COVID

Taliban Warning: US Must Fully Withdraw American Troops By Sept. 11

Taliban Immediately Moves To Confiscate Firearms From Civilians

Chinese Media Warns Taiwan Against Acting As US Puppets, Calls Afghan Pullout A 'Lesson' For Them

Why The Global Economy Is Unraveling

Kiwi Crushed As Single Case Of COVID Sparks Nationwide New Zealand Lockdown

Thousands Of Counterfeit COVID-19 Vaccination Cards From China Seized In Tennessee

‘Prepare for the worst’: Like Bin Laden, Taliban is another ‘American project’ & ‘US scam against Muslims’

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Doctor in Sarasota Hospital Witnesses a 50-Year-Old Man Being 'COVID Killed' by Hospital Personnel - Doctor Restrained When He Advocates for Patient (VIDEO)

Pfizer Submits Phase 1 Data From 'Booster Jab' Trial To FDA

What Trick Did Tricky Dicky Pull 50 Years Ago Today?

Austria to keep returning illegal aliens to Afghanistan, as govt calls for deportation centers in nearby Middle Eastern countries

US ‘failure’ in Afghanistan handed country to Taliban, Moscow says, claims American ‘hegemony’ declining as Russia & China on rise

'Can't Exhaust Herself Worrying About Afghanistan': 'Out of Office' Jen Psaki Trolled Online​

'This is Not Saigon': Blinken Insists US' Afghanistan Mission Was a 'Success'​

Would-be German chancellor Scholz jumps the gun on EU expansion eastward, which may provoke more states to follow the UK and exit

Dr. Mike Yeadon, Former Pfizer VP latest message - Everyone must listen

Monday, August 16, 2021

California’s dry season is turning into a permanent state of being

H.R.4980 - A Bill to Mandate Airline Passengers to be Vaccinated

Official Twitter Account of the Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujahid

Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland

Military Members, Families Fighting Potential Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate

Alleged Burglar Enters Backdoor, Dies from Shotgun Blast

China’s zero-Covid policy is so strict that it shut down a whole shipping terminal after just one case

CNN Medical Analyst Wen: Kids Need Weekly Testing, N95 Masks ‘Cloth Masks Are Not Enough’

GoFundMe Search: “Covid vaccine” ​

Republicans remove page praising Donald Trump's 'historic' Taliban peace deal​

Media in America and Britain react to Afghanistan crisis​

Revolver Exclusive: Navy Commander Warns of National Security Threat from Mandatory Vaccination​

All of the Evidence Is In: The Covid Vaccine Is a Failure​

Dr. Lee Merritt – ‘Covid Is Not A Disease – It Is A Takedown, An Act Of War’ – A BioWeapon Kill Shot Global Attack On Human Kind​

Nuclear: FDA Knew on October 22, 2020 that the DeathJab would maim and kill, cause heart damage, clotting and ravage children​

Airline Pilot Goes Public as United Airlines Goes Full Commie, Terminating 'Unvaxxed' ​

Just as Expected; More Covid Propaganda, Hyper Inflation, Climate Change Hysteria, ‘Vaccine’ Push, and War Drums​

All Humanity Is Under Siege: How is it that the world’s first global siege can take place, and the vast majority of pastors and Christians not even notice?​

Bennett's Rosh Hashanah threat: If people don't get vaccinated, they won't hear the shofar ​

Historic drought threatens California farms supplying much US food

T-Mobile investigating report of customer data breach that reportedly involves 100 million people

Children Shown Propaganda Song Urging Them to Put Their 'Faith in Fauci'​

Carrie Johnson Calls on Pregnant Women to Get Vaccinated as She Receives Her Second COVID Jab​

PICTURED: 640 Afghan refugees who ran onto US evacuation jet in Kabul​

"Get Your Sh*t Together" - Angry American Airline Customers Hit With Travel Delays Due To Labor Shortage​

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Perly Mugot's Post of Losing Families After Vaccination Went Viral

India's Ivermectin Blackout​

This is the correct lawIsrael furious as Poland signs law to limit property claims

COVID Vaccines: What If The Silenced Scientists Warning Against Them Are Right?

Why Wokeness Is a Christian Heresy

The Potential Orwellian Horror of Central Bank Digital Currencies

Vaccine Expert Vanden Bossche Calls For “Immediate Halt” To Vaccinations, Says They Encourage “Escape Mutant” Variants​

Afghan President Ghani Flees Country As Taliban Enter Kabul Seeking "Peaceful Transfer Of Power"​

Former CIA Officer: "The Most Infamous & Devastating Press Conference Ever Held By An American President"​

Rabobank: The World's Biggest Oil Consumer Showed Its Political Vulnerability To Higher Oil Prices And Skyrocketing Inflation​

Do Masks Work? A Review Of The Evidence​

Rhode Island Teachers' Union Sues Mother For Daring To Ask To See Her Kindergartener's Curriculum​

Ghislaine Maxwell Loses Bid To Drop Child Sex-Trafficking Case​

A Bill Has Been Introduced In Congress That Would Ban Tens Of Millions Of Americans From Flying​

T Is For Tyranny: How Freedom Dies From A To Z​

Homeland Security and TSA are Now Flagging Conservative Figures as “Domestic Terrorists”​

Nikki Fried suspends concealed weapons permits of 22 people charged in Capitol riot​

Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing​

More than 400 U.S. counties are now minority white​

Crypto Market Retakes $2 Trillion Market Cap Amid Bitcoin Gains

Wall Street Is the Most Bullish on Stocks in Almost Two Decades

Rural population losses add to farm and ranch labor shortage

Biden administration approves largest increase to food assistance benefits in SNAP program history

USDA to permanently boost food stamp benefits by 25 percent

Embattled California Gov. Newsom, facing recall election, says it’s time for Democrats to wake up

'Easy money': How international scam artists pulled off an epic theft of Covid benefits

HACK WARNING T-Mobile probes ‘huge data breach’ as hackers claim they have names & social security numbers of 100m customers

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Fewer white Americans, more Asians and Hispanics: new census data shows US ‘changing dramatically’

US Embassy will be evacuated in 72 HOURS and staff are already being rushed to Kabul airport​

Liberals and Washington Post Can’t Wait to Be Rid of White People

‘We are afraid’: Kabul residents uneasy as Taliban closes in on Afghan capital, slam Biden for withdrawing US troops​

‘He avoided double death?’ Man killed by Covid was spared ‘worse condition’ because he was fully vaxxed, reassuring report claims


Fauci Warns All Will ‘Likely’ Need Booster Shots Eventually Amid Vaccine ‘Diminution’​

The Astonishing Hubris Of A Global Experimental Vaccine​

Western liberals are threatened by Hungary’s success, can’t accept ‘conservative national alternative,’ Orban tells Tucker Carlson​

The Black Call for Separation​

Medical Information Is Being Suppressed To Cover Up For The False Covid Narrative​

'This Will Blow Up Narratives': DeSantis Offers Prediction On How Delta Variant Will Spread​

Small Towns Grow Desperate for Water in California

‘Why did my friend get blown up? For what?’: Afghanistan war veterans horrified by Taliban gains

Taliban Sweep in Afghanistan Follows Years of U.S. Miscalculations

As America exits, history repeats itself in Afghanistan

‘I Inherited a Deal Cut By My Predecessor’: Biden Issues Statement on Afghanistan, as Taliban Control Spreads

Scoop: Biden braces for brutal loss

Embattled California Gov. Newsom, facing recall election, says it’s time for Democrats to wake up

‘Respect Reviews’: Critics Praise Jennifer Hudson’s Performance, But Call Out Clichés

Yale researchers say social media's outrage machine has the biggest influence on moderate groups

How Andrew Cuomo’s Exit Tarnished a Legacy and Dimmed a Dynasty

The Cuomo Touch: How he lost the governorship.

Wall Street Is the Most Bullish on Stocks in Almost Two Decades

Weakened Fred to strengthen into a tropical storm again over Gulf of Mexico

Biden increases US deployment to Afghanistan, warns Taliban

Friday, August 13, 2021

Supreme Court won’t block Indiana University vaccine mandate as Justice Barrett rejects student plea

9/11 Timeline ​

Attorney Thomas Renz Drops BOMBS! Hospital Administrators Killing For Cash, Threatening Docs​

Luciferian elites will continue to steal elections and terrorize humanity until they meet overwhelming resistance​

INTERVIEW: Bioweapon Kill Shot is Global WAR Against Common People

Disgraceful: Chicago Mayor Backs Decision to Cancel Honor Guard and Bagpipes for Fallen Officer Ella French​

Two Hawaii visitors arrested for falsifying vaccination cards, governor says​

Children born during pandemic have lower IQs, US study finds​

INTERVIEW: Bioweapon Kill Shot is Global WAR Against Common People​

Army National Guard Recruits For 'Internment' And 'Resettlement' Specialist, Military Documents Lay Out Procedure For 'Civilian Internees'​

200 Million Americans Roast In Two Massive "Heat Domes"​

‘Historic Win’: CHD Wins Case Against FCC on Safety Guidelines for 5G and Wireless

FDA Approves Boosters for Immunocompromised, Pfizer and Moderna Set to Reap Billions From Sales of Third Shot​

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Emergency Appeal From Indiana University Students Opposing Vaccine Mandate​

Thanks to Vaccine Mandates, Segregation Is Making a Comeback. Once Again, Black Americans Will Suffer Most.

J. Robert Oppenheimer: "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."​

Virginia Teacher Resigns After Ordered to Turn In Co-Workers who Criticize Marxist Agenda​

White bread not bad for you after all? ‘Fast carbs’ don’t make you fat, study says

A plant-based diet is the best way to avoid heart disease, according to a new report

Touchless Taco Bell could be the future of drive-thrus

Taliban sweep across Afghanistan’s south, take 4 more cities

New York Assembly will suspend Andrew Cuomo impeachment investigation after governor resigns

The Cuomo Touch How he lost the governorship.

‘Commander-in-absentia’: Biden resumes vacation while crises rage at home, abroad

Jill Biden wears medical boot after foot injury in Hawaii

The Co-Founder Of The Fact-Checking Site Snopes Was Writing Plagiarized Articles Under A Fake Name

10 Plaintiffs in Deshaun Watson Lawsuits Interviewed by NFL, Attorney Says

Deshaun Watson latest: Grand jury investigation being used for possible criminal charges, sources say

V.P. Biden ’09: ‘We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt’

Thursday, August 12, 2021

89 Authentic Recipes from Around the World

How Cold Is It?​

Why Do COVID-19 Vaccines Have To Be Stored at Different Temperatures? ​

Speaking as a true fascist'Screw your freedom': Schwarzenegger tells 'schmuck' anti-maskers to 'get vaccinated, get masks and do social distancing'

Hunter Biden Says He Lost *ANOTHER* Laptop to Russian Drug Dealers in Naked Pillow Talk

Form, Function, Or Ritual – The Freemasonization Of America – The Ouroboros, Kabbalah, And Technology​

Why Do Some People Support Tyranny While Others Defy It?​

Poll: Half Of America Believes Vaccine Mandates, COVID Passports More Important Than “Protecting Freedom”​

Discrimination Against Unvaccinated Soon to Make Life VERY Difficult

The Deception Spinning in Your Head Simply Means They Want You Dead​

DeSantis confronts growing resistance over COVID-19 handling​

Nurse suspected of giving thousands in Germany saline solution instead of COVID-19 vaccine​

Civil liberties group sues to end post office surveillance program ​

Deagel Makes Mysterious Changes To 2025 Population Forecast For America As Bill Gates Launches ‘Grand Challenge’: The ‘Holy Grail Of Influenza Research’ And ‘Bridging The Valley Of Death’​

This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘Healthy Babies Don’t Just Die’ + More

Pentagon Deploying 3,000 U.S. Troops Back to Afghanistan in ‘Temporary’ Mission

Russell Crowe Slammed for Shooting Movie in Locked Down Australia: ‘People Can’t See Family … But ‘A-Listers’ Producing Movies Is Essential?’

Coronavirus: Australia Locks Down 431,000+ People in Capital over 4 Cases

Fauci: ‘Inexplicable’ People Are Attacking Me — ‘Enemy Is the Virus’

Fauci: ‘At the Local Level You’ll Be Seeing’ Vaccine Mandates

DHS Mayorkas Allows 55 Percent of Migrants to Cross Border in July

Former CBP Chief: Potentially 40K COVID-Positive Illegal Aliens Released into U.S. by Biden’s DHS

DHS Admits Coronavirus-Positive Border Crossers Increasingly Arriving in U.S.

Far-Left Democrats: No Infrastructure Bill Without Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Exclusive — Ryan Zinke: Biden Took America from ‘Energy Dominance’ to Being ‘Held Hostage’ by OPEC for Oil

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Prince Andrew seen at Balmoral supported by ex-wife Fergie a day after being sued in New York

The Real-World Data Show the Covid Vaccines Are Ineffective​

Push Aside Fear and Learn​

Joe Biden is Recreating “The Camp of The Saints” at the US Borde​r

The Camp of the Saints​

George Soros Was Exposed As A Rothschild Agent in 1996

COVID-19: The Canadian & The Walk Outs ​

Tucker Carlson: Ugly Buildings Are Designed to Dehumanize Us​

Is This Calm Before the Storm Meant to Create a War Against Dissenters and the ‘Unvaccinated’? Absolutely!​

FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 2:20PM Test Messages Will be Sent to TVs and Radios Along with Select Cell Phones That Have Opted-in to Receive Test Messages

BREAKING: DeSantis Moves To Withhold Salaries Of School Officials Who Force Children To Wear Masks​

BREAKING: Two brothers charged in fatal shooting of Chicago cop Ella French​

Benefits of Vitamin E; What Makes Healthmasters' Vitamin E Different?​

Minorities drive population growth in US while number of white people declines for the first time​

The Real-World Data Show the Covid Vaccines Are Ineffectiv​e


Get a Covid-19 Vaccine or Face Prison, Judges Order in Probation Cases​

US House Candidate Steve Cox: "We Should Be Allowed To Shoot" Anti-Vaxxers - Citizens: Well, C'mon & Try It!​

Marburg Virus Case Identified in Guinea - Ebola Relative Would Cause Chaos in US

Liberal, socialistCollege Professor Accused Of Setting Fires In Dixie Fire Area

Is she a Zionist Kabbalist?Beth Moore unleashes on "Unvaccinated Christians"

Prime Minister of Israel warns that if people don't get vaccinated they will "postpone the Messiah"

`Hummingbird' soup boasts beans, but no birds​

Poll: Joe Biden’s ‘Average’ Approval Rating Sinks to 49 Percent Record Low

Exclusive — Rep. Nicole Malliotakis: Investigate Andrew Cuomo for ‘Nursing Home Scandal’ and ‘Cover-Up’

Italian Americans Outraged Over Andrew Cuomo Dismissing his Behavior as Cultural: ‘My Nonna Would Have Beat his Ass with a Wooden Spoon’

Biden Accuser Tara Reade Lashes Out After Cuomo Resigns: ‘Expose the Corruption’

Hunter Biden Says He Lost *ANOTHER* Laptop to Russian Drug Dealers in Naked Pillow Talk

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

More than 700 Walmart Stores House a Bank with a Predatory Past

Concentration camps on the way?: Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings

Florida capital schools go against DeSantis, require masks ​

Leon Black - Wikipedia ​

“You Have to Let Them Do Whatever They Want”: Billionaire Leon Black Flew a Russian Model to Meet Jeffrey Epstein, New Legal Filing Claims

Nobody Makes Money Like Apollo’s Ruthless Founder Leon Black

CDC flip-flops AGAIN, now admits “fully vaccinated” people are spreading COVID-19​

The “Covid Pandemic” Is a Money-making Hoax and Perhaps Serves Darker Agendas

UCSF's callous abortion harvesting operations exposed in records obtained by pro-life group​

China’s gene giant harvests data from millions of pregnant women

Is the US About to Experience a Massive Shortage of Healthcare Workers?​

The DOJ Admits It is Withholding Potentially Exculpatory Evidence in January 6 Criminal Cases in Legal Filing​

Renowned propaganda expert: Worst is still to come in global psy op if people do not rise up and resist​

This kill shot interview that is a must listen

Court Rules Against Bayer in Roundup Cancer Trial Appeal, Cites Monsanto’s ‘Willful’ Disregard for Safety

‘The Need to Grow’ Filmmaker Tells RFK, Jr.: Industrial Ag Is Killing Our Soil — Regenerative Farming Is the Answer

The Fake "Delta Variant" and the Fourth Wave: Another Lockdown? Upcoming Financial Crash? Worldwide Economic and Social Sabotage?

Andrew Cuomo resigns as governor of New York

Did archaeologists find the Trojan Horse?​

Marines Rebuke Def. Sec.: “No Mandatory Vaccinations for My Marines.”​

Former Border Patrol Chief Just Sounded The Alarm On Massive Infrastructure Bill

More than a Decade after the Volcker Rule Purported to Outlaw It, JPMorgan Chase Still Owns a Hedge Fund

Andy Biggs Files Articles of Impeachment Against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Joe Biden: Andrew Cuomo Did a ‘Hell of a Job’ as Governor Aside from ‘Personal Behavior’

Nolte: Bombshell Report Says Chris Cuomo Still Advising Brother Andrew

Monday, August 9, 2021

High vitamin D levels may protect against COVID-19, especially for Black people, study suggests

Zinc for the prevention and treatment of SARS-CoV-2 and other acute viral respiratory infections: a rapid review

This is pure propaganda: Florida church reeling after six members die within 10 days amid spike in cases

Due to geo-enginering!'Due to chemtrails there is Nowhere to run': UN report says global warming nears limits as methane gas releases from the Arctic

Trump takes credit for Covid vaccine rollout that saved ‘100 million people,’ but says inoculation should be voluntary

Never Trump Leader Ben Shapiro Believes Jan. 6 Patriots Should ‘Rot in Jail’ for U.S. Capitol Protest​

Antifa and Proud Boys clash in downtown Portland over prayer event

Probably Epistein's friends, dual-Israeli citizens18 Senate Republicans Put So-Called Infrastructure Bill on Glide Path to Passing

Rand Paul Calls for Defiance of New Covid Mandates, Lockdowns

Charles Hurt: The Cuomosexual and the Sniffer in Chief

Pandemic set off deadly rise in speeding that hasn't stopped

The arrogant mentality that saw Galileo derided still exists today, claims Harvard professor who wants to prove aliens exist​

Proposed Bill Could Soon Land you In Prison For Filming Agents Of The State​

Thousands of fish killed by toxic red tide wash ashore on Florida beaches

The "Covid Pandemic" Is a Money-making Hoax and Perhaps Serves Darker Agendas

The Suppression of Ivermectin Is a Criminal Act​

The Establishment Refuses to Allow You to Be Informed about Covid or Anything Else​

Video: Graphene Oxide: A Toxic Substance in the Vial of the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine​

FDA Reportedly Planning For COVID Vaccine Booster Shot Approval By September

Study: Vaccinated people who got ‘breakthrough’ infections can carry as much virus as others​

Funeral arrangements made for Bobby Bowden

Iowa: Two Mothers with Mask-Injured Children Get State Law Passed Making Masks Optional at School​

Pelosi Orders Capitol Police to Arrest Staff and Visitors Who Fail to Comply with House Mask Mandate​

Yes, Joe Biden Called U.S. Troops "Stupid Bastards" — Here's The Video​

Anne Wilson - My Jesus​

Sunday, August 8, 2021

International banker-controlled: Chinese Regime Has Stolen Enough Data To Compile "Dossier" On All Americans: Former Official

"One Step Closer To Dictatorship": Joe Rogan Slams Vaccine Passports, Warns Vax May Cause 'Virulent Mutations'

Pandemic of the VACCINATED? COVID Outbreak On Carnival Cruise Despite ALL ABOARD Jabbed​

Top American doctor: COVID shots are 'obsolete,' dangerous, must be shut down​

Soylent Green (1973)​


Obama hits dancefloor at celeb-filled 'scaled back' Martha's Vineyard 60th birthday bash​

Longtime Physician on COVID Care: “When Did the World Become Insane?”​

DHS Warns Of 'Violent Threats' From 'Conspiracy Theorists' Who Expect Trump To Return To Power

Delta Variant Throws The World Back Into Orwellian Autocracy​

Pure nonsense: The Plague of Death: MSMS Reports “Delta” Is So Dangerous You Are in Danger of Mistaking It for Allergies

VAERS Latest Data Include 2 New Reports of Teen Deaths Following COVID Vaccine, as Total Reports of Deaths Exceed 12,000​

Mandatory COVID-Injections: More Information & Resources ​

A Tonkin Gulf Incident In The Gulf Of Oman?​

Jim Bovard: America's COVID Kulaks​

Swedish Professor Says 5 Shots Of COVID Vaccine May Be Necessary​

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Armored S-Class Can Withstand AK-47 Bullets​

WATCH: Taliban fighters ride in Humvees after capturing Nimroz provincial capital & seizing more US-made weaponry​

Intellectual Deep Web - Robert Anton Wilson – Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley

Devastating New Data From PHE Shows Vaccine Effectiveness Down to 17% and No Reduction in Infectiousness – But Mortality Cut by 77%

Civil Rights Group Sues George Mason University on Behalf of Professor Required to Get COVID Vaccine Despite Having Natural Immunity​

Leaked document reveals 'shocking' terms of Pfizer's international vaccine agreements

Saturday, August 7, 2021

‘Alex Jones was right’? US govt-funded project ‘harvests’ ORGANS from aborted babies for medical research, documents show

Fauci’s institute funded ‘deadly & unnecessary’ experiments on DOGS, animal research watchdog says​

Apple to scan photos on all US iPhones for ‘child abuse imagery’ as researchers warn of impending ‘1984’​

Sex Perverts Have Created a Depraved America​

Place Your Bets! Jim Crow, Jim Snow—Or Murraytopia?​

America R.I.P.​

Latest Imperial REACT Report Finds Vaccine Effectiveness Could Be As Low as 22% – and Under-64s Are at Greater Risk of Hospitalisation Than Before the Vaccines​

Missouri governor pardons St. Louis couple who brandished guns at BLM protesters​

Booster shots coming, vaccines will be MANDATORY for nightclubs, UK govt announces​

US sends in B-52 bombers and Spectre gunships to halt advance of Taliban​

Snowden joins battle against iPhone photo-scanning plan as Apple insults privacy activists as ‘screeching voices of the minority’​

America R.I.P.​

"He's A Pathological Liar": Cornell Chemistry Professor Dave Collum Unloads On Dr. Fauci And Covid Hysteria​

Obama Did NOT Kill Osama bin Laden​

Fake Covid Vaccination Cards Are on the Rise in the U.S., Europe​

Did Congress CONFIRM the Wuhan Lab Leak "Conspiracy Theories"? ​

Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women, Retaliated Against Employee: NY Attorney General​

US Scientists Discover Massive Dead Zone on the Bottom of Gulf of Mexico​

What Would Our Economy Look Like in the Shadow of Vaccine Passports?​

Larry Sanger: The Astonishing Hubris Of A Global Experimental Vaccine​

Brace For Astronomical Shipping Costs As China Goes Into Lockdown Mode​

Watch a-10 Attack Aircraft Operate From a US Highway for First Time ​

Bayer in Court Again, Faces Another Person Who Alleges Roundup Weedkiller Caused Cancer​

"They Can't Arrest Us All" - Sen. Rand Paul Urges Americans To "Resist" Pelosi & The Petty Tyrants​

"Trust The Science", They Said...​

Friday, August 6, 2021

Biden administration considers withholding funds and other measures to spur vaccinations

Spirit canceled most flights Wednesday amid days-long disruption for strained air carriers​

Total obfuscation: Israel 'Ready to Attack Iran' as Defense Minister Says 'We Need to Take Military Action'

Carlson on Eviction Moratorium Extension: 'Hard to Overstate' Momentous Change -- 'Thought You Owned Your Home, Not Anymore'

Biden ATF nominee Chipman failed to disclose Chinese state TV hit used as propaganda by the communist state​

McAllen, Texas, declares disaster after 7,000 COVID-infected illegals pour into city

Event Bright Cancels and Refunds Tickets to Upcoming Christian Event 'BARDSFEST' in St. Louis After Hit Piece by Media Matters​

Ranchers Selling Off Cattle In Order To Stay Afloat During Drought​

Spirit canceled most flights Wednesday amid days-long disruption for strained air carriers ​

Carlson on Eviction Moratorium Extension: 'Hard to Overstate' Momentous Change -- 'Thought You Owned Your Home, Not Anymore' ​

G. Edward Griffin Explains Communist Control Of America And How It Will Take Us Down ​

Pentagon to mandate COVID vaccination for active-duty force ​

The Tokyo Olympics Horror Show COVID Series - Part 29 ​

Pfizer's Confidential Contract Reveals the Company's Jaw-Dropping Terms ​

Pure lying fear porn: Corona Doom, Lambda Variant

Kamala’s ‘America is Back!’ tour will flop as US doesn't have a strategy for Southeast Asia beyond sabre-rattling. China does​

All Humanity Is Under Siege​

Federal Reserve admits losing 9 trillion dollars. - Video​

U.S. Banking System Has a $168 Trillion Nightmare Looming. It Was Ignored in Written Testimony for Today’s Senate Banking Hearing ​

Hungarian prime minister hits back at Biden calling him a 'thug' on 'Tucker'​

Dr. Paul Recounts Every Exchange with Dr. Fauc​i

Massive Death Wave Coming Amidst Vaccine Mandates While Truth and Revolution Fill the Air​

Rand Paul: Nothing More 'Authoritarian' than No-Fly List for Unvaccinated People ​

Forced vaccines are on the table: Delta-Variant COVID Questions Answered, From Booster Shots to Returning to the Office

Butcher Biden Launches Comprehensive Vaccination Effort in Schools ​

Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’:"The Fusion of our Physical, Digital, and Biological Identities"​

U.S. judges slam the notion that Capitol riot defendants are patriots, political prisoners​

Dingbat US Rep Cori Bush Claims She'll Spend $200K To Protect Herself But Wants To Defund Police For Everyday Americans​

SICK: University of Pittsburgh Admits Harvesting Kidneys From Living Babies Murdered in Abortion Procedures​

America's "Re-Education" Camps​

Tuesday, August 5, 2021

CDC Study——Three-Quarters Of New COVID Cases Are In Vaccinated People

We Will Not Comply: A Campaign Against Medical Tyranny​

Watching America Disintegrate

Wall Street bets you'll never buy another home​

COVID Propaganda Roundup: CNN says, ‘The Carrot Is No Longer Going to Work’ – ‘don’t get the vaccine, you can’t go to the supermarket.’ ​

CRT Shares the Same Ideology as China’s Cultural Revolution, Chinese American Warns​

They Killed People for Vaccine Profits​

Will America go full Nazi? Next line to be crossed will be to deny medical treatment to the unvaxxed​

DeSantis blasts Biden: "I am standing in your way"​

Census breaks new ground with survey questions on sexual orientation, gender identity

Former Obama Official Demands 'a No-Fly List for Unvaccinated Adults' ​

Acres of Diamonds

Starving cows. Fallow farms. The Arizona drought is among the worst in the country

Andrew Cuomo isn't the first New York governor to face impeachment. In 1913, another Democrat was removed.

Andrew Cuomo lounges poolside as sexual harassment scandal swirls

Cuomo Impeachment Looming, Assembly Gives 1 Week Deadline for Evidence

Shock poll shows Gavin Newsom losing recall vote by double digits

Apple's Plan to "Think Different" About Encryption Opens a Backdoor to Your Private Life

Apple Plans to Have iPhones Detect Child Pornography, Fueling Privacy Debate

Apple will report images of child sexual abuse detected on iCloud to law enforcement

Apple to scan U.S. iPhones for images of child sexual abuse

White House pushes student vaccinations as hospital admissions, deaths rise about 40% in a week

Education secretary warns DeSantis, Abbott on masks: 'Don't be the reason why schools are interrupted'

Biden administration considers withholding funds and other measures to spur vaccinations

The NFL’s Most Valuable Teams 2021: Average Team Value Soars To $3.5 Billion As League Shrugs Off Pandemic Year

Cowboys franchise value reaches $6.5 billion. Yes, with a B. Here's how.

Virgin Galactic restarting space tickets from $450,000

VIDEO: Wind-Whipped Dixie Fire Ignites Homes In Greenville; Fire Crews ‘Going Into Life Threat Mode’

'We've lost everything': Survivors reeling as downtown Greenville leveled by Dixie fire

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Digital health passports: The snare that will lure many into the one-world cashless system

Shock: Americans ditch biblical worldview for 'fake Christianity'

J&J Covid vaccine recipients can get supplemental Pfizer or Moderna dose in San Francisco​

Text - S.3571 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): Banking for All Act​

Americans In 2021 Could Learn A Lot From John Wayne ​

Judicial Watch: DC Medical Examiner's Officer Requested Cremation of Ashli Babbitt's Remains 2 Days after Murder -- Email Sent to DC Govt. Was Returned in Chinese Characters ​

WTH? The "CDC" Unilaterally Extends New 60-Day Moratorium on Evictions - Steep Criminal Penalties For Landlords Who Violate Order​

Multiple Walt Disney Employees Among 17 Suspects Arrested in Undercover Child Predator Operation​

More disinformation: Delta Seen to Push Herd Immunity Threshold Above 80%

America has become its own worst enemy​

Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day​

WATCH: U.S. Wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock Praises God, America After Winning Gold​

​​Physicians who post COVID-19 vaccine misinformation may lose license, medical panel says ​

CDC now pushing for nationwide mandatory vaccine tracking database of all Americans, even after admitting the vaccine is failing ​

Switzerland: 730 Years of an Independent Sovereign Nation – Really?​

American Airlines Cancels Nearly 300 Flights, Most Due to Pilot Shortages​

One man's road trip across California revealed many of the inconveniences of driving a non-Tesla electric car​

Gene Splicing Pathogens to Make Biological Weapons Is Illegal — But Nobody Is Enforcing the Law​

First autopsy of dead person vaccinated for covid found to contain spike proteins in every bodily organ​

'Influencers' Are Being Paid By The Government to Shill Covid Vaccines to Children, NYT Reveals ​

Mandates Will Be Necessary To Convince 93 Million Americans To Accept The Vaccine​

Trying to kill off the soldiers: Army gives Pfizer $3.5B to make 500M COVID vaccine doses

58% of Infant Deaths Reported to VAERS Occurred Within 3 Days of Vaccination, Research Shows​

BREAKING VIDEO: Biden Spokesperson Psaki Targets FL Gov DeSantis: If You Aren't Going To Force Vaccinated Americans To Wear Masks..."Get Out Of The Way" ​

Biden Announces "Unpopular" New COVID Guidelines, Then Threatens Any Business That Wants a Federal Government Contract​

The FBI’s ploy of using photos of female staff as underage bait to ensnare predators is just one of its disturbing online abuses​

Candace Owens decries ‘predatory cartoons’ pushing kids into ‘gender dysphoria’ after Muppet Babies cross-dressing episode​

America’s Newest Carrier Is a Fiasco. The Navy Just Admitted Why​

America's Chinese Fentanyl Flood​


Craig Murray’s imprisonment is an exceptionally harsh punishment for a principled man who could have taken a much easier route​

Telling everyone what to do: Israel Advises EU to Drop 'Shameful' Participation in Iranian Leader's Inauguration

Male Fertility is Declining – Environmental Toxins To Blame​

Dr. John Coleman - 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300​

Mandates Will Be Necessary To Convince 93 Million Americans To Accept The Vaccine​

To kill off the Army gives Pfizer $3.5B to make 500M COVID vaccine doses​

Scientist: ‘What We’re Seeing Is Virus Evolution 101’ — Delta Variant More Transmissible, Not More Deadly​

Infrastructure Bill Would Require Alcohol Monitors for All New Cars​

NEW: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to Make Covid Vaccine Mandatory For All Active Duty Troops

Parent Organization Sues Florida School District To Locate Alleged "Very Pornographic" Children's Textbooks​

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Philip Roth - Wikipedia

Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Technology, Signals the Worst-Case Scenario About COVID-19 Vaccines​

Video: CDC Admits Vaccinated Can Transmit Delta & Dr McCullough Sued by BSW Health over Media and Meeting Appearances

Moderna Rep: Everyone Taking COVID-19 Vaccine Is “Pretty Much” Part of a Clinical Trial​

Pilots May Hold Key to Mobilizing Against Military COVID Vaccine Mandate​

CDC Says Vaccinated May be as Likely to Spread COVID as Unvaxxed, as Reports of Serious Injuries after Vaccines Surge​

How the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine works​

Isreali Mossad spywareFrench finance minister says Pegasus spyware may have infected govt devices, including his own phone

[SHORT VERSION] Black conservative leaders discuss how the NRA was created to protect freed slaves

If you tell the truth Social Media Nazis Ban you

Con Inc Declares Total War On Ben And Jerry's For 'Not Loving Israel Enough' ​

Watching China: Anatomy of a Suicide​

Severe travel warning for US, Italy, France and Greece delayed

Bad Things Are Coming! Nothing Is Going To Stop It Now!​

Maggots fill beaches in Florida - Fishermen worry about their livelihoods after red tide fish kill​

NYT: White House Forms 'Influencer Army' to Convince Young People to Get Vaccinated ​

461 Shootings During July Alone in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago ​

FBI Agents with Shields, Weapons Drawn, Raid SoCal Home of Non-Violent January 6 Protester who Walked Through Capitol, Took Photos (VIDEO)​

Passengers are left stranded as American cancels or delays 1,500 flights, Spirit cancels 400​

Mask-free Sweden is close to ZERO daily Covid deaths​


FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Aug. 11 Test Messages Will be Sent to TVs and Radios Along with Select Cell Phones That Have Opted-in to Receive Test Messages​

Highly Vaccinated Iceland & Gibraltar DESTROY COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Narrative, - Vaccinated People Are The Biggest Spreaders​

Israel’s Director of Public Health Stuns TV Viewers with Statement that 50 Percent of New COVID Cases Are Among Fully Vaccinated ​

U.S. Banking System Has a $168 Trillion Nightmare Looming. It Was Ignored in Written Testimony for Today’s Senate Banking Hearing​

The Fed Announces Plans to Permanently Backstop Wall Street with a Standing Repo Loan Facility of $500 Billion…Starting Tomorrow ​

After JPMorgan Chase Admits to Its 4th and 5th Felony Charge, Its Board Gives a $50 Million Bonus to Its CEO, Jamie Dimon​

Someone Is Buying Up Power Plants and Critical Infrastructure in 22 Countries. The Trail Leads to JPMorgan – a Bank Repeatedly Charged with Rigging Markets​

The Fed Has Approved 3,576 Bank Mergers in 15-1/2 Years; Denied Zero. One Business Day after President Biden’s Executive Order Warns Against Bank Concentration, the Fed Approves Another Bank Merger. ​

State Attorney General Files Suit Charging Wall Street Mega Banks with “Multi-Year Bid Rigging and Price Fixing” Conspiracy in Credit Default Swaps Market ​

Frontline Investigates the Federal Reserve: Is It a Captured Regulator that’s Wrecking the U.S. Economy with Asset Bubbles? ​

How the Jab Works, Why It Causes Blood Clots at a Microscopic Level​

Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts on Central Bank Digital Contro​l

Monday, August 2, 2021

Covid Scam Unraveling at High Speed

Sharks fleeing toxic red tide take refuge in Florida canal​

A ‘safe space for racists’: antisemitism report criticises social media giants

Questions Arise as More Than One in Five Danes Infected With Delta COVID Have 'Corona Pass'​

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Blasts Florida Governor DeSantis for Holding US 'Hostage' to COVID-19​

CDC releases study showing 3/4 Delta cases are among the vaccinated, says masks are the answer​

UN special rapporteur on torture requests info after video shows German police officer throwing elderly woman to ground​

mRNA vaccine inventor: COVID-19 vaccines may make virus more dangerous​

Former CIA agent admits to collection of devices 'found inside alien abduction victims' ​

Dr Charles Hoffe​

Delta variant: White House frustrated with 'hyperbolic' and 'irresponsible' coverage​

Bay Area Imposes Mandatory Masking As Cuomo Demands Private Businesses Ban Unvaxxed​

Iran Ready To Deliver "Crushing" Military Response After US, Israel Vow Imminent 'Action' For Tanker Attack​

Reese Witherspoon's Media Company Sold To Blackstone-Backed Firm For $900 Million

The Road To Totalitarianism

When Will The COVID Revolt Come?​

Brandon Smith: Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?​

White Americans are the first people in history who genocided themselves.​

No Laughing Matter — Comedian Jimmy Dore Says ‘Symptoms Never Went Away’ After Second Moderna Shot​

CDC Study on 12- to 17-Year-Olds Who Got Pfizer Vaccine: 397 Reports of Heart Inflammation, 14 Deaths​

Matt Damon's Daughter Calls Him Out Over Use of Homophobic Slur ​

Graham 1st vaccinated senator to test positive for COVID-19

U.S. advises against travel to Greece, Ireland, Iran, U.S. Virgin Islands

Air travel hits another pandemic high, flight delays grow

Fox News drops analyst Andrew Napolitano after Larry Kudlow producer accused him of stroking his arm and making sexually suggestive comments in an elevator

Sunday, August 1, 2021

This is pure propaganda: Florida breaks record with more than 21,000 new COVID cases

Box Office: You “Jungle Cruise,” You Lose: $200 Million Disney Theme Park Ride Turned Movie Set to Flop

Disney sails into new LGBT waters with 'Jungle Cruise' film ​

What’s REALLY behind the war on home ownership?​

Walmart Stores Keep Temporarily Closing for This Reason​

Welcome to the Great Reset? Corporate landlords poised to snatch Americans’ property after eviction moratorium EXPIRES​

Walt Disney, Walmart Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine for US Employees, Alter Mask Policy ​

Cash Flood Drives Use of Fed Reverse Repo to Record $1 Trillion

DC Mayor SLAMMED for partying maskless hours before her own mandatory facemask order came in​

Thousands of anti-vaxxers march through Paris in opposition to compulsory jabs and vaccine passports

German ′flood wine′ sold to combat fallout of flood disaster​

Is Australia giving up on Zero Covid? Top doctor says country may NEVER eliminate Delta strain​

Gov. DeSantis Declares War on Biden: ‘In Florida There Will Be NO Lockdowns, NO School Closures, NO Restrictions, NO Mandates’​

Graphene Oxide Hydrogel: Injecting Synthetic mRNA Into Every Cell ​

Federal charges dropped against PhD student accused of spying for Chinese government​

Column One: In drought-plagued northern Mexico, tens of thousands of cows are starving to death​

Maps of crops vs drought in the US​

Elite Satanists Hiding in Plain Sight​

I despair when I read stories of kids as young as two being labelled as ‘trans’ – such children need protecting from their parents​

Keith Olbermann Wants Jimmy Dore Banned From All Platforms​

American Couple Fined $50,000 For Traveling To Canada With Fake Vaccination Documents​

Frenchman to be tried for erecting dummy guillotines with names of politicians who support Macron’s health pass​

Soldiers are sent in to enforce lockdown in Sydney​

How George Soros' money manager was accused of BDSM crimes

17,503 Dead, 1.7 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

Covid-19 Vaccines Lead to New Infections and Mortality: The Evidence is Overwhelming

The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of "Positive Cases" are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis

Joe Biden's DHS Deports 147 Migrants, Admits Thousands Daily

Mayhem on streets of Berlin: Anti-lockdown protests turn into violent scuffles with police in Germany, 600 arrested​

Why the Delta Covid variant ISN'T really spreading as quickly as chickenpox (even though US health officials say the mutant strain is just as contagious)

Saturday, July 31, 2021

BREAKING: Disney makes announcement on vaccine mandate for all employees

Black Magic Rules the World - Not Politicians, Bankers or the Military​

HAPPY HOUR - Dr. Ted Broer - From the Nephilim and Dinosaurs to the Resurrection of Christ ​

This is a total distortion and is probably caused by the vaccine: Florida coronavirus cases jump 50 percent in one week

60 Minutes: Victim of Hillsong Church founder's pedophile father says childhood was destroyed by sexual abuse

Covid in Sydney: Military deployed to help enforce lockdown​

Walmart corporate staff, managers have Covid vaccine by October

Disney tells salaried and non-union employees they must be vaccinated

Watch: Biden Loses It With Reporter Who Dares Question Mask Mandate Flip-Flop

US DoJ Files Lawsuit to Block Texas Order Restricting Undocumented Migrant Travel in State​

Arkansas Judge Orders Unemployment Stimmies To Continue Despite 40,000 Vacant Jobs

'About Time': DOJ Reverses Course, Orders Treasury to Hand Trump's Tax Returns Over to Congress

Vaccinated Covid Deaths 20X More Common Than Fauci Claimed​

House Republicans Call on Fauci to Explain NIH Grant Funding 'Gain-of-Function' Research in Wuhan​

Who runs Hollywood? C'mon​

Pfizer Projects $33 Billion in COVID Vaccine Revenues, Driven by Boosters and Vaccines for Kids​

Israel Switching to Air-Launched Cruise Missiles in Response to Russian Moves Against Its Strikes on Syria​

Israel Used Pegasus Spyware to Bribe Repressive Arab Monarchies​

Fully Vaccinated People Are Contagious And Spread Delta Variant To The Unvaccinated Says CDC​

FDA Extends Expiry Of J&J Vaccine Again For 6 Months Fearing Unused Doses Would Become Useless​

Don Lemon Thinks Unvaccinated People Shouldn't Be Able To Buy Groceries Or Go To Work [VIDEO]​

They have to tell us what they are going to do - antibody-induced enhancement: Jim Cramer Freaks Over Delta Variant: Could Be 100 Million Sick in 9 Weeks

‘Come into my office & arrest my entire staff’: Capitol Police ordered to ARREST maskless staffers, Republicans say they’ll resist

Graphene Skies?

Two 'very red' rocks in the asteroid belt may have come from beyond Neptune​

74 Percent of COVID-19 Cases From Massachusetts Outbreak Occurred in Fully Vaccinated People: Study​

The Covid Scam Is Unraveling​

Illegals Are Now So Bad That My Mom Won't Water Flowers Without a Gun: TX Resident ​

Yes, It's a "Killer Vaccine". They Are Killing Our Children​

The Shadow State: Twitter Suspends Commentator For Criticizing Vaccine Policie​s

B.C. health authority apologizes after yellow star handed out at COVID-19 vaccine clinic​

Latest News and Top Stories​

Mexico won’t be ‘hostage’ to Big Pharma, president says, as internet predicts trouble after country rejects Covid jabs for kids​

CDC releases study showing 3/4 Delta cases are among the vaccinated, says masks are the answer​

Mask-free Sweden nears zero daily Covid deaths as chief epidemiologist warns against ‘far-reaching conclusions’ about Delta strain​

Covid-19 vaccines cause dramatic rise in new infections and mortality, says WHO statistics​

Gov. DeSantis Leads the Way: 'In Florida There Will Be No Lockdowns, No School Closures, No Restrictions, No Mandates'​

Information security expert reveals Pfizer COVID jab contracts: ‘There’s good reason Pfizer fought to hide the details’​

The Alleged “Kidnapping of Gov. Whitmer Was an FBI Plot to Create the Fiction of “Domestic Terrorists” so White Americans Can Be Arrested on False Charges​

The Idea of Kidnapping Governor Whitmer Came From the FBI

Delta COVID-19 Variant Shed by Vaccinated People, Spreads Like Chickenpox, CDC Document Suggests​

Wait, Slavery Is OUR "Original Sin"?​

The Jan. 6th Show Trials Threaten All of Us​

Department of Justice Warns States Against Violating Federal Law With Audits ​

CDC asks VACCINATED Americans to mask up again

Israel’s COVID outbreak is mostly fully vaccinated people. What’s going on?​

We Have The First Trillion Dollar Reverse Repo​

France: President Macron Declares He Will Govern Like a Roman God ​

Watch: NHS Nurses Demand To COVID Test Newborn Baby, Claim It's Not Mother's Property Once Outside Of Womb​

FALLING AWAY: America’s new religion is "Fake Christianity"​

Friday, July 30, 2021

BREAKING: Gov. DeSantis defies CDC, signs executive order regarding masks in schools

BREAKING: Disney makes announcement on vaccine mandate for all employees

Cooper mandates vaccines for state employees under him​

Clive Maund – Genocide is their End Game and everything that has happened and is happening is due to a meticulously planned and sinister plot being implemented by the narrow clique of gangsters who now control our world.

Key inflation indicator up 3.5% year over year in June for fastest gain since 1991

Robinhood Stock Sale Soured By Investor Confusion, Valuation Concern

Elon Musk and Apple deny wild story that he tried to replace Tim Cook

Review: A deep new history of Tesla takes the shine off Elon Musk

Man, 76, Cops Plea For Home Castration

The first Black woman to run St. Louis is shaking up the city with a war on normal

Tokyo Olympics Ratings Highs and Lows So Far – And How They Stack Up to 2016 Rio Games

'Sir, there is something on your chin': Moment Biden wipes his face after staffer spotted a yellow mark and handed him a note during Zoom meeting with governors

Government denies Blue Origin’s protest of NASA’s human moon lander contract

Amazon Hit With Record EU Privacy Fine

Jeff Bezos Loses $13.5 Billion After Amazon Disappointment

Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Jeff Bezos’ Face?

Senate moves to legalize pot at federal level. What are the chances?

In-flight tensions at historic high

Explicit anti-Biden signs in front of man’s home irk Grapevine neighborhood

US sues Texas over Abbott’s order restricting transport of migrants

47 percent of Republicans say time will come 'to take the law into their own hands': poll

Trump to acting AG, according to aide’s notes: ‘Just say the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me’

Trump urged Justice officials to declare election ‘corrupt’

Justice Department tells Treasury to turn over Trump tax records to House

Justice says IRS must give Trump tax returns to Congress

Thursday, July 29, 2021


FACE FIRST Facebook is about to release Ray Ban ‘smart glasses’ – and could have built-in camera to record EVERYTHING you see

Amazon Maintains Profit Run, but Sales Miss Expectations in Pandemic First

Eating foods high in flavonoids could slow down cognitive decline, a study says

Navy Charges Sailor with Arson, Hazarding a Vessel in 2020 Bonhomme Richard Fire

New NPR Ethics Policy: It's OK For Journalists To Demonstrate (Sometimes)

Billionaire Nikola Founder Trevor Milton Pleads Not Guilty To Criminal Fraud Charges, Freed On $100 Million Bail

Brace for Higher Prices for Ice Cream, Beer and Bottled Water

Real Estate Is Booming in Bozeman, Mont.—or Shall We Say, Boz Angeles

America fails to make it into the top five places most likely to survive the end of the world because its giant borders make it vulnerable to mass migration, study finds

New Zealand rated best place to survive global societal collapse

TENSIONS FLARE WW3 fears as China stages massive ‘Taiwan invasion’ drills and boasts it would defeat US and UK in any conflict

Russia, China to hold joint military drills in mid-Aug - Ifax

Billionaire Developer Mulls Closing NYC Tourist Hot Spot After 14-Year-Old Leaps to His Death

Pending home sales drop in June — more evidence of a housing turnaround

U.S. GDP Trails Forecast Even as Consumer Spending Surges

Largest US quake in half-century causes Alaska little damage

Tsunami warning canceled after 8.2 offshore earthquake sent people in many Alaska coastal communities to higher ground

LAUSD To Require Students, Staff Be Tested Weekly For COVID When In-Person Instruction Resumes

Texas Gov. Abbott issues executive order prohibiting cities from requiring masks, vaccines

‘Jungle Cruise’ Is a Waste of Time, Money, Paul Giamatti and Scenes From Better Movies

Disney sails into new LGBT waters with 'Jungle Cruise' film

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney over 'Black Widow' release. Will more suits follow?

Disney Strikes Back Over Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Black Widow’ Lawsuit, Reveals Her $20 Million Payday – Update

Ex-Cardinal McCarrick charged with sexually assaulting teen

Woman Found Beheaded On Shakopee Sidewalk; 42-Year-Old Man Arrested

As violent crimes surge, Californians' faith in gun control slips in new poll

Could conservative radio host Larry Elder actually be the next governor of California?

Gavin Newsom's San Francisco wine shop has been broken into. Again.

In-flight tensions at historic high

Biden orders tough new vaccination rules for federal workers

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The "new outbreak" is among the vaccinated

The Fauci Protection Team​

Why Governor DeSantis Thinks YOU are SAFE if Vaccinated​

Appeals court stunner: State can force Christians to violate religious beliefs​

The Fauci Protection Team​

'Failed miserably' — Pentagon's wargame failure signals that the wokester generals are fighting the last wars​

DOJ Drops Charges Against China Military Members Who Lied to Get Visas​

California moves to cut off water to thousands of farmers, as drought dries up rivers​

California moves to cut off water to thousands of farmers, as drought dries up rivers​

Hebrews 8 NIV - The High Priest of a New Covenant​

Onward, Christian Soldiers Lyrics ​

NYC Brain Computer Startup Announces FDA Trial Before Elon Musk

Facebook now getting involved in religion, signs contract with megachurch

Long term effects and efficiency: "Purchaser acknowledges...the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known."

Med Schools Are Now Denying Biological Sex

Fauci’s Claim That 99.2% of COVID Deaths Are Unvaccinated Was a Big Filthy Lie​

Videos: Fauci, CNN, White House, Newsom And Cuomo All Ratchet Up Attacks On Unvaccinated Americans

DOJ declares vaccine mandates legal​

50,000 migrants released into U.S. without court date

Researchers Identify 300+ Chemicals as Potential Risk Factors for Breast Cancer​

Will the Covid fear mongers ever stop! ​

"Not Grounded In Reality": Many Republican Governors Make Clear They Will Not Be Mandating Masks Or Vaccines​

FBI Using the Same Fear Tactic From the First War on Terror: Orchestrating its Own Terrorism Plots​

Terrorism Plots Are FBI Orchestrations​

The "Killer Vaccine" Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People​

The Covid Outbreak: "Biggest Health Scam of the 21st Century." Report by 1500 Health Professionals

Bovard: The Coming "January 6" Train Wreck​

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

America Has Lost The Trade War With China, And The Real Pain Has Yet To Begin

Electrical Engineer Gets Five Years In Prison For Selling Missile Technology To China​

NFL Teams With Unvax'd Players To Forfeit Games, Incur Financial Liability During Outbreaks​

DOJ Drops Charges Against China Military Members Who Lied to Get Visas

Merkel Chief of Staff: 'Vaccinated Will Definitely Have More Freedom' ​

Coronavirus Spreading Among the Vaccinated in Highly Vaccinated Countries​

Department of Veterans Affairs becomes the first federal agency to make employees get vaccinate​d

Inventor of PCR Test Said Fauci 'Doesn't Know Anything' And Is Willing To Lie On Television​

World's Food Supplies In Jeopardy Amid Climate Disasters

Minnesota woman has both her legs AMPUTATED after contracting COVID-19 days after receiving vaccine​

Nebraska Sex Education Standards Include 'Grooming 101,' Horrifying Framing of Abortion​

America Is A Moral Cesspool, And Student Loans Prove It​


Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?​

Israel – the template for tyranny will lockdown on the 8th August for kill shot refusers: Watch the fascist Israeli prime minister lie on a monumental scale and lay out the global agenda for everywhere

'Health Freedom' Is The Hottest Global Political Issue, And Our World Will Never Be The Same After This​

World Renowned Physician & COVID Expert Says Vaccines are Bioterrorism​

CDC to reverse indoor mask policy, saying fully vaccinated people should wear them indoors in Covid hot spots​

Republicans Refuse Vaccines at Same Rate as Black Health Care Workers​

U.S. on Course to Become ‘Digital Dictatorship’ Under Proposed Biomedical Research Agency​

ATF Nominee 'Frustrated' By Gun Owners Saying Things He Doesn’t Like​

Pfizer Contract Forces Governments to Acknowledge Vaccine Is Untried and Side Effects Unknown​

Here we go again​

‘A tipping point’: Governments, agencies, health workers move to require coronavirus vaccines​

Biological weapons, Chemical weapons, Brain machine interfaces … and that’s just the Covid-19 injections.

Unconditional Surrender: Joe Biden Submits to More Coronavirus Mandates

Cuomo: We Must 'Drive Them and Get that Vaccine in Their Arm' ​

Chuck Schumer Demonizes 74 Million Americans Who Voted for 'Racist' Trump ​

Coronavirus: Germany plans new COVID-19 testing rules for travelers

Walmart will pay FULL cost of college tuition including books for ALL of its 1.5 million employees​

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Sighting in South Carolina Stirs MUFON Interest​

Covid: Biden will announce vaccination requirement across federal government on Thursday​

At FDA Urging, Pfizer and Moderna to Include Thousands More Children in Clinical Trials​

GOP Lawmakers Blast Biden's Surrender: Americans 'Have Had Enough'​

Monday, July 26, 2021


The American Descent into Madness – America went from the freest country in the world in December 2019 to a repressive and frightening place by July 2021. How did that happen?​

War on Free Speech: In Training Digital Army to Target 'Right-Wing Disinformation'​

We Live In A Fraud Of Unprecedented Dimensions​

The World Will Run Out Of EV Batteries By 2025

Time To Buy Gold As A Hedge Against "Extreme Financial Deleveraging" Credit Suisse Says

Could alien life exist in parallel universes?

$18,000+ Gold, Copper And A Global Crisis​

Undercover FBI informants played key role in plot to kidnap Michigan governor, suspects claim, as they accuse govt of entrapment​

Meet Toka, the Most Dangerous Israeli Spyware Firm You’ve Never Heard Of​

Foreign Intel Agents Launch New Covert Propaganda War Against Americans on US Soil​

Quotes on Banking and the Federal Reserve ​

Sheldon Emry-Billions For The Bankers​

Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing ​

‘Filthy, disgusting & selfish’: Australian leaders blast anti-lockdown protesters, unleash ‘strike force’ to track them down​

Mask flip-flop? CDC ‘actively’ considering face cover advisory for vaccinated Americans, according to Fauci

New Israeli Government Goes Full-Orwell, Makes Covid 'Vaccines' Compulsory for All Citizens Over 12​

‘Draghi Like Hitler’: Protesters slam Italian PM for introducing Covid health pass, call it discriminatory​

Insanity Now Rules the Covid Hype, Rational Discourse Is Impossible​

How the Covid Scam Is Perpetrated​

Montclair: COVID sticker mandate set to take effect for maskless city employees​

Czechs Approve Constitutional Amendment Granting Right to Bear Arms ​

Vaccine Passports Were Planned Even Before the Pandemic Began​

47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects​

Facebook says users can say "death to Khamenei" for the next two weeks​

Global central banks to boost share of Chinese yuan while reducing US dollar holdings​

‘Dems want this SO BAD here’: France to REQUIRE vax pass for ALL dining, travel. MANDATORY vaccine for health workers.

French Lawmakers Reportedly Reach Consensus on Controversial COVID Bill as Protests Rock Nation​

Minnesota fourth-grade student says class was told not to tell their parents about 'equity survey'​

Department of Veterans Affairs becomes the first federal agency to make employees get vaccinated​

Ron Paul Warns The Jan. 6th Show-Trials Threaten All Of Us​

Millions Of Renters Face 'Unprecedented Spike' In Evictions As Moratorium Expires​

Sunday, July 25, 2021

He refused to give up his coveted Twitter handle. Then he was 'swatted' and died of a heart attack.

Some 80 wildfires that have destroyed 1.3 million acres continue to rage out West​

How The US Government Faked A Pandemic In 1976​

Doctors Raise Awareness on Ivermectin Treatment for COVID-19 ​

Attorney: Jan. 6 Prisoners Brutally Beaten, Stripped, Hogtied, Humiliated by Guards - One Prisoner Blinded in One Eye - Worse Abuse Than Gitmo (VIDEO)​

Biden Bows Before The Boss​

Syrian Civilians Attacked By Terrorists Using American Weapons​

Becoming Pod People (To be socially isolated except for your internet connection until finally, they pull the plug on our feeding tubes.)​

Protesters Rage Across Europe As Lockdown, Vaccination Mandates Begin​

Semi Shortage May Let Up For Autos, But Broader Supply To Remain Limited Until 2022​

US Won’t Investigate Governors Who Ordered Nursing Homes to Accept COVID-Positive Residents​

US Parents Sue Over Clandestine Covid-19 School Vaccination Program Which Does NOT Require Parental Consent​

French hospital goes on INDEFINITE strike to protest Covid-19 vaccination mandate​

Germans divided over restrictions for the unvaccinated​

Newsmax issues statement in favor of vaccines after host says they're 'against nature'​

CDC Panel Signals Support for Booster Shots, as Reports of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccines Near 500,000​

Biden is spending $2B to halt border wall construction as thousands of migrants cross every day​

Peter McCullough, MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee​

Nanoparticles and their interactions with the dermal barrier ​

In Texas, CRT debate is dividing the Christian church​

Why Is The CDC Quietly Abandoning The PCR Test For COVID?

Fauci reveals CDC may recommend Americans go back to mask wearing and blames 'unnecessary predicament' on the unvaccinated taking country in 'wrong direction' on COVID

This Manual for a Popular Facial Recognition Tool Shows Just How Much the Software Tracks People​

Wireless Radiation Exposure for Children Should Be ‘Hundreds of Times Lower’ than FCC Limits, Environmental Group Says​

Super Bowl Champ Tells RFK, Jr.: 6 Months After Moderna Vaccine, Wife’s Injury ‘Progressively Worse’

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Biden praises GOP Gov. Kay Ivey after she said its 'time to start blaming unvaccinated'

Karl Marx: Father of Critical Race Theory and the Rampaging American Left (With Jim Simpson)​

America Is Only One Step Away From A South African-Style Social Implosion​

Eric Clapton after COVID vaccination: 'I should never have gone near the needle'​

We Live In A Fraud Of Unprecedented Dimensions​

Dr. Robert Malone Interview - Inventor Of mRNA Technology Censored For Speaking Out On Vaccine Risks​

How are the other nations of the world going to feel about us when they discover that vaccines developed by American companies under US Government grants have gifted scores of millions of their citizens with thrombotic organ failure? ​

Cake is linked to slavery because it contains sugar? Yes, the woke witch-finders have struck again

What's Dumber Than CRT? CNN

New study calls on wildlife bodies to rectify harm caused by ‘damaging, racist and bigoted’ bird names

South African Riots Prove Apartheid Theorists Right: The Black Tribes Can’t Get Along

The Covid “Pandemic” Is Not Real But the Vaccine Pandemic Is​

Undercover FBI informants played key role in plot to kidnap Michigan governor, suspects claim, as they accuse govt of entrapment

Spike in Death Reports Following COVID-19 Vaccination Caused by a Mistake: CDC

Pentagon Reportedly Tracking "Extremist" Web Searches Including "The Truth About Black Lives Matter"

Undercover FBI informants played key role in plot to kidnap Michigan governor, suspects claim, as they accuse govt of entrapment

The Covid Deception Exposed​

Biden Doubles Down on Voters

America’s Frontline Doctors File Federal Lawsuit to Curtail Emergency Use of Covid Vaccines

Herschel Walker Blasts Woke Olympic Protests: 'Why Are You Here?' ​

Ron DeSantis Win: Federal Appeals Court Reverses CDC Vaccination Order​

Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Tells Tucker Carlson He Is ‘Embarrassed’ by Site He Created

Soros's deep pockets direct $1 million toward defund the police efforts

CRIME-RIDDEN NYC: 4 Black Attackers, One Wearing A Shower Cap, Bludgeon Disabled, Elderly White Woman With Kitchen Pot, Steal Her Walker and Credit Cards [VIDEO]​

Australian anti-lockdown protestors clash with police amid new restrictions after just 176 new cases

This article is misleading because that language has been in the statute since 2002, but DeSantis didn't push to have it changedFlorida Bill “Banning Vaccine Passports” Actually Allows State To “Use Any Means Necessary to Vaccinate” Citizens

Friday, July 23, 2021

Not A Single Seal Or Sea Lion Seen On Reader's Recent OR Coast Trip

MassPrivateI: National Park Service To Spy On Picnics, Family Gatherings, Weddings And Much More​

Black Widow Box Office Decline: Theater Owners Blast Disney ​

‘The carrot is no longer going to work’: CNN exec says in leaked email that US should rethink ‘carrot vs. stick’ vaccination drive

Florida and Texas Threaten Sanctions Against Ben & Jerry's Over Israel Boycott

Senator Ron Johnson Says Data from Israel Shows 84% of New COVID Cases are with Vaccinated Individual


Minnesota Woman Loses Both Legs and Both Hands Following Second Pfizer COVID-19 Shot​

Must See! French Police Join Anti-Forced Vaccine Protest ​

Coronavirus Top Health Officer Orders Australians: ‘Don’t Have a Conversation’ With Others'

Larry Elder Reinstated as Candidate to Replace California Governor Newsom in Recall Election

Is the 'Delta Variant' a Hoax? Or Is It a Cover for COVID Vaccine-Related Deaths?​

Democrat 'Infrastructure' Package to Federalize Local Zoning Laws, Displace Single-Family Homes in Suburbs ​

Kabbalist agentTHE DEVIL HIMSELF: George Soros Funnels $1M To Defund the Police as Violent Crime Surges

Senate panel votes to make women register for draft​

‘Nowhere is safe’: heat shatters vision of Pacific north-west as climate refuge​

Whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts Reveals Central Banking Reset Plan!​

COVID Propaganda Roundup: Children’s Risk of COVID Death 2 in 1,000,000​

Ron DeSantis: Vaccines Are 'Saving Lives,' 'Reducing Mortality' ​

This is not true - it is an oxymoron. Who started Marxism? Pure propaganda: Franklin Graham: Blackburn Is 'Absolutely Right,' War Is Between 'Judeo-Christian Values and Marxism'

FNC's Carlson: Biden Has Lost Control of the Southern Border ​

CDC Quietly Deletes 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths From Its CDC Website Total in One Day -- Caught by Internet Sleuths (VIDEO)​

Pfizer Covid Vaccines “Destroy Every System of the Human Body” Warns Israeli Health Experts​

"Alarming Forecasts" Show US Agricultural Belt In For 15-Day Dry Spell​

Biden installing federal judges at blistering pace​

REPORT: Vikings Coach Rick Dennison Leaves The Team After Refusing To Get The Coronavirus Vaccine​

Here we go: Covid US: 40% new cases are in Missouri, Texas and Florida

How Matt Gaetz helped make Ron DeSantis

Pentagon admits it trained SEVEN of Haiti president’s murderers, but denies ‘encouraging’ assassination​

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Processed meat linked to heart disease, mega study says

Jeffrey Epstein’s Rolodex: Famous Friends and Acquaintances ​

McConnell on Israel: “Let’s Leave No Doubt Where America Stands” ​

Faith and fear are like fire and water. They cannot occupy the same space. Faith and fear are also mutually exclusive. Faith and fear cannot abide in the same heart. “A double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways.” ​

Mitch McConnel: "I'm proud to support Israel. Let’s leave no doubt where America stands . . . ."

Mel Gibson Rep. Claims Controversial ‘Rothchild’ Movie Is ‘Completely Unrelated’ to the Rothschild Family

Reset Means Crash of Epic Proportions​

Segregation returns to America as universities threaten, harass, intimidate unvaxxed students​

Biden's ATF Nominee Labels US Gun Owners "Tiger Kings" Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse Who Need to Hide Their Guns Behind their Jerky (VIDEO)​

Biden Downplays Inflation, Predicts Businesses Will Be In 'Bind' Over Labor Shortages, Then Has Brain Freeze​

China Refuses To Cooperate With 2nd WHO Probe Into COVID's Origins​

Pennsylvania Decertifies County's Voting System, Cites Violation Of Election Code​

What Will This New Wave Of Lockdowns Do To The Global Economy?​

Today is a must-listen show ​

Israeli firm behind Pegasus spyware paid Biden adviser Anita Dunn for PR advice​

DVIDS - News - NATO's Joint Force Command Norfolk Declares Full Operational Capability During a Ceremony July 15​

Biden Bows Before The Boss​

Joe Biden Bows to Force Majeure​

This is 5G: Then the Birds Began to Die

Widespread Outage Disrupts Major Retail, Financial, Travel, Olympic Websites Worldwide​

Americans Can’t Travel Because State Department Employees Won’t Work​

Pressure mounts for DeSantis in Florida​

Biden flubs answer on foreign policy work, falsely says you WON'T get COVID if you have the shot​

Biden changes the subject when asked if there are Democrats who want to defund the police.​

After Massive Web Outage, Akamai Implements “Fix”, Says “Not Cyberattack”​

Mitch McConnell Is Full Of Hubris excluding ‘Vaccine’ Death & Injury as He Warns of Lockdowns If More People Don’t Get COVID-19 Vaccines

Should Covid Commies Worry About Violent Resistance? (Not only did the Communists steal the election, they want to liquidate the 80-plus million patriots who voted for Trump.)

While Military Leaders Lie, White Men Die​

Democracy is an Illusion (Perspective) The Covid Scam Has Alerted Millions to The Fact That The World Is Controlled By A Small Cabal Of Satanist Central Bankers Who Wish to Enslave Us

CDC ‘Corrects’ Number of Reported Deaths After COVID Vaccines by Dumping Foreign Reports​

YouTube Deletes Family Research Council Video​

The Apocalyptic Drought In The Western U.S. Is Causing Widespread Crop Failures On A Massive Scale​

There's A Racist And A Communist Hiding Under Every Bed​

YouTube Deletes 15 Videos From Brazilian President's Channel For "COVID Misinformation"​

Scientist Sounds Alarm: COVID Vaccines Producing Symptoms of Parkinson’s, Other Neurodegenerative Disorders​

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Pentagon racks up $35 trillion in accounting adjustment in one year

In the UK and Israel, Half of All People Diagnosed with COVID-19 Have Been Vaccinated!

Pfizer Is the Largest Donor to a Child Doctors Group that Suddenly Demanded All Kids Over 2 Wear Masks At School

The mRNA COVID Vaccine Is Not a Vaccine​

Genocide is their End Game and everything that has happened and is happening is due to a meticulously planned and sinister plot being implemented by the narrow clique of gangsters who now control our world

The Undead vs. the Unvaccinated

Former US treasurer Mnuchin leads $275 million funding in Israeli Cybereaso​n

Lawmakers Sound Alarm Over China Purchases Of US Farmland​

Report: FBI assets controlled nearly every aspect of Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot

All DNR lands in Eastern Washington to be closed to the public

COUNTDOWN TO 2025 AND THE SECRET DESTINY OF AMERICA—PART 4: Inviting Those Pagan Entities to Rule over America and Guide Us into the Novus Ordo Seclorum

RULERS OF EVIL by F. Tupper Saussy

Pawns in the Game

Rand Paul writes to the Justice Department seeking a criminal referral of Dr Anthony Fauci

Rand Paul: I Will Be Seeking a Criminal Referral Against Fauci for Lying to Congress ​

Commonist: Amazon's Jeff Bezos Gives $100 Million to Van Jones for 'Courage and Civility'

Vatican Chief Chides Pope Francis for ‘Harsh Disciplining’ of Conservatives

Dubai creates its own RAIN to tackle 122F heat: Drones blast clouds with electrical charge

Vatican Chief Chides Pope Francis for ‘Harsh Disciplining’ of Conservatives​

Video Shows American Airlines Passenger Duct-Taped to Chair After Trying to Open Door

U.S extends travel restrictions at Canada, Mexico land borders through Aug. 21

FAA reports nearly 100 cases of unruly airline passengers in past week​

Double-ear slap, eye-poke, and groin-kick - the aggressive moves cabin crew are learning to take down unruly passengers​

2,4-D Weed Killer Toxicity, Use in Herbicides and Potential Danger​s

How bad is health research fraud in pharma​

Banner Health becomes latest hospital system to require employees to get vaccinated against COVID​

United States extends its travel ban at the Canadian and Mexican borders​

America Has Been Overthrown by the Satanic Cult ​

ESPN: Bobby Bowden 'at peace' after being diagnosed with terminal medical condition​

Mitch McConnell tells Americans to ‘get vaccinated immediately’​

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Appeals court allows CDC to enforce plan on resuming cruises

South Africa — The First Country Built on ‘Critical Race Theory’ — Officially Implodes​

Irish Ice Hockey Star Resigns in Protest Over Vaccine Passports, 'Total Government Control'

The Saga of NAACP Leader Who Yelled 'Let Them Die' About Opponents of CRT Continues by Rebecca Downs

Cuba Protester: 'You Don't See Americans Going to Cuba on a Raft!' ​

Ben Carson: Critical Race Theory Is About Creating Division and Strife ​

NAACP Official Wished Death on Opponents of Critical Race Theory, But After Newest Development She's Probably Just Wishing She Kept Her Mouth Shut​

Hundreds of Immigrants Amass at Texas Border Wall, Attempt to Force Their Way Through Gate​

Taco Bell's menu hit by nationwide shortages of ingredients​

This is caused by geoenginering: Floodings are surging around the world and seem to become a new normal

Video: 'The Left Is a Death Cult' Says Candace Owens

Remember when the initial decision to not use Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin was based on data from a fake company run by a known scammer and a former adult actress? Yes, that really happened.

WHO's Hydroxychloroquine trials were halted based on a dubious 'study' by an unknown company with fake data

How A Pornstar & Sci-Fi Writer Influenced WHO Policies On Hydroxychloroquine With Fake Data​

Fatal Assumptions That Preppers Make In These Time​s

COVID Shots Are Driving Mutated Variants ​

China Not Cooperating With WHO On Wuhan Investigation; Again Says Fort Detrick Should Be Focus​

Floods Close Rail Lines In Europe For Months Or Longer​

Why Are Soros And Gates Buying UK COVID Testing Company?

Watch: Protesters Brutally Beaten And Arrested By Police On UK "Freedom Day"

US Air Force To Launch Operation Pacific Iron 2021 In July, Including Large Fleet Of F-22 Raptors

Mapping Tyranny: The Countries Where Vaccination Is Mandatory

Victor Davis Hanson: The American Descent Into Madness​

Dr David E Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW​

Everything they tell us is a spin or a lie. Everything!: ‘We’ve Got To Fight Disinformation,’ Says Empire Made Entirely of Disinformation

Only Cowed, Indoctrinated American People Accept Tyrannical Covid Restrictions

Now They Are Saying That The Republican Party Is The #1 "National Security Threat To The United States Of America"

French Face 6 Months in Jail for Entering a Bar or Restaurant Without a COVID Pass​

​​As a parent, the speed that Western society and culture is descending into hysterical self-hatred makes me worry for my children​

Covid Cases are Surging in the Most-Vaxxed Countries, Not in the Least-Vaxxed​

Biden DHS Official: Americans Trying to Preserve Their Heritage 'Makes Me Sick'​

"You Don't Know What You're Talking About" - Frazzled Fauci Erupts After Latest Rand Paul Grilling​

The Shadow State: Embracing Corporations As Surrogates For Government Action​

"It's Not A Conspiracy"

Watch: Two Dams In China's Inner Mongolia Collapse After Heavy Rain​

Myron Fagan exposes the Illuminati/CFR [1967]​

"It's Not A Conspiracy"

Irrational Hatred Drives the Progressive movement​

The Approaching Storm​

Update Julian Assange

Canadian Doctor: 62% of His Patients Vaccinated for COVID Have Permanent Heart Damage. "Microscopic Blood Clots"​

Pentagon Using Air Force Base to 'Secretly' Fly Illegal Migrants Across US, Tucker Carlson Reveals​

How the Covid “Pandemic” Was Orchestrated​

Republicans Protect America’s Reputation by Covering Up the Stolen 2020 Election​

Is the Collapse of the Western World Too Advanced To Be Reversed?​

Pentagon racks up $35 trillion in accounting adjustments in one year​

The toxicity of Pfizer is insane

Incoming freshman loses scholarship after refusing to get covid vaccine due to medical conditions​

Monday, July 19, 2021

COVID-19 Patents: State Little RICO Acts Prosecution?

U.S. Surgeon General, Rockefeller Foundation Announce Big Initiatives to Address ‘Urgent Threat’ of Vaccine Misinformation​

Navy Admiral oversaw 29 Spies in Nazi Germany & started US Secret Space Program

Gene Roddenberry Based Star Trek on Secret US Navy Space Fleet

Mysterious New 'Borg' DNA Seems to Assimilate Genes From Different Organisms

Union warehouse workers vote unanimously to strike against Fred Meyer

Israeli firm behind Pegasus spyware paid Biden adviser Anita Dunn for PR advice

Victoria's Secret gets rid of Angels at flagship Manhattan store before reopening later this month

Florida man gets 8 months in prison in 1st felony sentence from Capitol riot

"Our Species is Being Genetically Modified": Humanity’s March Toward Extinction? Analysis of the Microbiome and Virome

Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers unable to access accounts for hours after online banking goes down

7.15 > Vaccinated or Protected?

Appeals court allows CDC to enforce plan on resuming cruises

L.A. County coronavirus spike hits alarming levels, with 10,000 infected in a week, as Delta variant spreads

Mask mandates make a return — along with controversy

20% of Americans believe microchips are inside COVID-19 vaccines - study

Fox has quietly implemented its own version of a vaccine passport while its top personalities attack them

MOZZY HELL Terrifying video shows ‘tornadoes’ of sex-starved mosquitoes blotting out the sun as millions of insects hunt mates

The CW’s ‘Dead Pixels’ Season Premiere Settles for a 0.0 Rating and 189,000 Total Viewers

Tom Brady reportedly will attend Buccaneers White House ceremony Tuesday

Branding the U.S. left: AOC makes a push into political merchandise

ALL EARS Google ADMITS employees listen to conversations recorded by Google Assistant even without a user’s ‘Hey Google’ trigger

Takeaways from the Pegasus Project

Revealed: leak uncovers global abuse of cyber-surveillance weapon

Capitol rioter who breached Senate gets 8 months for felony

Prince Harry writing explosive memoir about his life in the royal family

Homeland Security Has Warning For South Florida Boaters Planning To Take Part In Flotilla To Cuba

China is buying up American farms. Washington wants to crack down.

Microsoft Exchange hack caused by China, US and allies say

Philippines Challenges Chinese Warship in South China Sea

BOMB THREAT WW3 fears as China threatens to NUKE Japan on eve of Olympics if it intervenes in Taiwan conflict

Amazon magnate Bezos ready to ride his own rocket to space

Sunday, July 18, 2021

This is what Roundup does to your bodyGLYPHOSATE

Monsanto Funded and Faked Scientific Studies That Claimed Glyphosate Was Safe

Round up is killing you

'Not backed by science:' LA County sheriff will not enforce new mask mandate​

Chinese CEO gets prison in Jacksonville export ploy to ‘reverse engineer’ US military gear

Vax Wars are Global – Gerald Celente​

Union Pacific Halts Shipments From West Coast To Chicago To Ease "Significant Congestion"​

Judge Throws a Monkey Wrench Into Capitol Riot Prosecutions​

1600 lightning strikes north of Alaska in extremely rare Arctic electric event​

How the Air Force Academy Makes the Disloyal Military Leaders of Tomorrow​

17,503 Dead, 1.7 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

Music is BANNED in restaurants and bars on Greek island of Mykonos

Mom, 45, Who Got Job at Johns Hopkins Hospital Dies After Reaction to Work-Mandated COVID Vaccine

Governments are using credit card purchase data as "contact tracing' COVID surveillance​

"This Is Worrying Me Quite A Bit": mRNA Vaccine Inventor Shares Viral Thread Showing COVID Surge In Most-Vaxxed Countrie​s

Is Gates Thinning the Herd with a Food Crisis?​

Creating Monsters by Manipulating the Electrical Fields

Ancient wall painting in the Nubian pyramids depicting a Giant carrying two elephants

Universal Studios faces lawsuit over the ‘OK’ gestur​e

UK Government Minister Suggests New Lockdown Before The Current One Has Even Ended​

French Face 6 Months In Jail For Entering A Bar Or Restaurant Without A COVID Pass​

McWhorter: Many 'End Up Pretending to Agree' with Certain Opinions on Race So They Don't Get Embarrassed on Twitter​

LAPD orders crowd to disperse during protests over transgender rights at Koreatown spa​

Pinkerton: What Inflation Does and What to Do About It — from Someone Who Lived Through the Great Inflation of the 1970s

Ben Carson: Critical Race Theory Is About Creating Division and Strife That Allows Control

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Pfizer Fails to Convince FDA on Immediate Need for COVID Booster Shots

Leaked Email Shows US Military Is Secretly Moving Illegal Immigrants Around the Country

Three Presidents Reject Covid Vaccines; Three Presidents Die

U.S. Military Confirmed Training Some Suspects in Moise Murder Plot​

Spread of Covid-19 variants heightens debate over extra vaccines​

Report: Young kids spend over 2 hours a day on screens

Bidenflation: Cost of Gas, Used Cars Up 45%, Car Rentals 88%

A Furious Hungary Threatens To Veto Europe's Green New Deal​

Scientists Create Injectable Swarm of Brain Reading Nanosensors

The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton Relationship

Dr. Philip McMillan interviews Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

Aaron Lewis - Am I The Only One (Lyric Video)

Dogs ‘just get’ humans in ways other animals can’t, evolutionary scientists conclude

What Will Netflix Bet On Beyond Subscriptions?

Lights, Camera, Souvlaki! Hollywood Sets Up in Greece

Catastrophe! Cannes Prize Winners: Spike Lee Accidentally Announces Palme D’or Winner “Titane (Drive My Car)”​

Cannes Film Festival: Julia Ducournau Becomes 2nd Female Director In History To Take Palme D’Or With ‘Titane’ – Full Winners List

Ethereum Co-Founder Says Safety Concern Has Him Quitting Crypto

Austria investigating reported 'Havana syndrome' cases among U.S. envoys

Europe flood death toll tops 160, costly rebuilding ahead

Great Salt Lake is shrinking fast. Scientists demand action before it becomes a toxic dustbin

Germany cuts short Olympic warmup with allegations of racism

New Zealand say 'huge focus' on trans trailblazer at Tokyo Olympics

Team GB have Covid ‘paranoia’ at Olympics, admits Bianca Walkden

First case of coronavirus in Olympic Village confirmed six days before Opening Ceremony

4 people shot outside Nationals Park during Padres-Nationals game, police say

Friday, July 16, 2021

NFL to Increase Social Justice Messaging, Play 'Black National Anthem'

Experts Warn of ‘Huge Risk’ as Moderna Launches COVID Vaccine Trials for Pregnant Women

Glyphosate Still Used Everywhere, Despite Evidence It Causes Cancer, Other Illnesses

Los Angeles Announces It’s Requiring Masks Indoors Again For Everyon​e

60 Dead, Dozens Missing In Western Germany Flooding​

Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden Using Military to Fly Illegal Aliens to U.S. ​

Does Anyone Think That We Are Free? This Tyranny Will Continue To Grow Until We The People Grow A Spine!​

66% of Southern Republicans Are For Secession Says New Poll ​

South Africa riots - Starving rioters say they are 'on verge of eating each other' after violence sparks food shortages​

The Shocking Truth To The Critical Question: What Are The Long Term Effects Of The COVID Vaccine?​

Nearly 11,000 Deaths After COVID Vaccines Reported to CDC, as FDA Adds New Warning to J&J Vaccine​

WH ‘Flagging’ Posts for F Moreacebook to Censor Over COVID ‘Misinformation’

Woman With ‘Life-Altering’ Injuries After COVID Vaccine Teams Up With U.S. Senators to Demand Answers

Ticket sales are moving slowly for the coming Trump-O’Reilly stadium tour​

This is a total garbage lie: Common cholesterol drug reduces risk of COVID death by 40%

Liquidity Crisis: Wells Fargo & Repo Markets Sound Alarms​

Pfizer Fails to Convince FDA on Immediate Need for COVID Booster Shots​

America Goes On A Buyer's Strike: Explosive Inflation Leads To Record Collapse In Home, Car Purchase Plans​

Striking Photos Show Aftermath Of Europe's Devastating Floods​

Bill Clinton Took 2 Previously Undisclosed Trips Abroad With Ghislaine Maxwell​

Mass Protests Erupt Across Greece As Government Bans Unvaccinated From Public Spaces​

"Stunning Numbers" - Record Number Of Americans Died From Drug Overdoses During Pandemic, Driven By Fentanyl​

Amy Klobuchar, Stacey Abrams to Host ‘Voting Rights’ Event in Georgia

Democrat Joyce Beatty Draws Comparison Between Her Arrest and Martin Luther King Jr.’s

Amy Klobuchar, Stacey Abrams to Host ‘Voting Rights’ Event in Georgia

Analysis: Joe Biden’s Open Border to Drive 1.7M Illegal Aliens to U.S. in 2021

Exclusive–Kris W. Kobach: DACA Is Finally Dead at Last

Texas Federal Judge Rules Obama’s DACA Program Illegal, Blocks New Illegal Alien Applicants

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Can long Covid be cured by a monthly dose of the vaccine? A major British trial is about to find out - after many sufferers said they'd recovered following their jab

Report: Biden-Linked Groups, DNC Want Private Text Messages Monitored For Vaccine ‘Misinformation’

Is Graphene Oxide Causing What Is Falsely Being Referred to as ‘Covid-19?’​

The Shocking Truth To The Critical Question: What Are The Long Term Effects Of The COVID Vaccine?

Marxist America, the new Soviet Union ​

Robotic Workforce is Unleashed to Replace You​

The Approaching Storm

America Has Been Taken by Force

They Warned Us That There Would Be A Collapse Of Civilization In Our Generation, And They Were Right

Think They’ll Stop at 3 Shots? The UK Is Talking About Monthly “Vaccines” for “Long-COVID” Patients

Biden’s Vaccine “Strike Force” Plan Stinks Of Desperation

France’s mandatory ‘health pass’ with government-issued QR codes for access to everyday life is the start of a dystopian nightmare​

NFL to Increase Social Justice Messaging, Play 'Black National Anthem'

Chicago to Dispatch Mental Health Experts on 911 Calls Instead of Cops

Snake expert who claimed he was immune to venom is killed when cobra bites him as he ‘tries to kiss it’

Toyota Ceases Donations to Republicans Who Opposed Election Certification​

Poll: 23% of Vaccinated Say They Experienced 'Negative Reactions'

Graphene Sensors Read Low-frequency Neural Waves Associated with Distinct Brain States​

United Airlines Purchases 100 New Electric Planes For Regional Flights​

Clashes in Paris as protesters march over mandatory Covid jabs & incoming ‘health pass’ scheme in France (VIDEOS)​

France’s mandatory ‘health pass’ with government-issued QR codes for access to everyday life is the start of a dystopian nightmare​

Horrible Man Won’t Take Second Dose of Vaccine After Wife Died of Blood Clo​t

Covid Australia: Anti-lockdown protestors storm Melbourne in the eve of Victoria's five-day lockdown​

Covid-19 global updates: Protests hit Athens and Paris over new coronavirus restrictions, vaccine mandates​

A private Israeli firm has helped governments hack journalists and human rights advocates​

Poll: Over 7 Million Americans Turned Down Jobs Due to UI Benefits ​

Wednesday, July 14, 2021


Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War​

Start at 11:30Aldous Huxley in 1958 - Pharmacology and Propaganda Will Make The Masses Love Their Slavery

Capitol Police opening up new offices in Florida, California to handle threats to Congress​

BIS Boss Announces Absolute Control Over Every Dollar And All Currencies On The Planet And HOW You'll Spend Your DIGITAL Money​

Ken Starr helped Jeffrey Epstein with ‘scorched-earth’ campaign, book claims​

Goldman Has "Aggressively" And Quietly Liquidated A Quarter Of Its Equity Investments​

WATCH: Biden Says Capitol Rioters Worse than Confederates ​

'Pose' Star Mj Rodriguez Is First Transgender Nominated for Lead Actress Emmy​

Kudlow: Biden tax hike 'seven times' as large as Trump tax cut​

Communist Goals - 1963 Congressional Record

Massive flight delays, cancellations prompt finger-pointing

Doctor: Heart Failure from mRNA Jabs “Will Kill Most People”

Report Urges U.S. Space Force to Begin Preparing for Space Military Action​

Judicial Watch Sues FBI for Records on Alleged Transfer of Bank Financial Data of Every Person in Washington, DC Area around January 6 ​

Naming the Capitol Police Officer Who Killed Unarmed Jan. 6 Rioter Ashli Babbitt​

ABC’s Hostin: DeSantis COVID Campaign Merchandise Is ‘Despicable,’ ‘Disgusting’

Jussie Smollett Heads Back to Court for Hate Crime Hoax Case, Facing Several Charges

Poll: Joe Manchin to Lose Support Among West Virginians If He Votes for Democrats’ Amnesty Plan

Sanders: $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill Won’t Add to Inflation Since Its Paid for ‘Significantly by Higher Taxes’

Mike Pence: Democrats ‘Are Hesitant to Criticize Their Communist Friends in Cuba’

Cuba Protests: 5,000 Arrested, Police Target Religious Leaders

Cubans Rally in Florida: Communism ‘The Last Thing You Want for a Country Like America’

Pop Star Pitbull Calls on Jeff Bezos to Provide Aid to Cuban People: ‘Wake Up Because This Is About Freedom and Human Rights’

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Republicans push to ban "discrimination" against unvaccinated people

Russia’s sovereign wealth fund cuts US dollar reserves to ZERO​

How Google and Wikipedia Brainwash You

Biden Regime to Monitor Private Communications, Calls on SMS Carriers to "Dispel Misinformation About Vaccines That is Sent Over Social Media and Text Messages"

Abbott slams Texas Democrat 'hypocrite' runaways who fled on private jet to stop voting rights bills​

Mel Gibson is seen SALUTING Donald Trump at UFC match​

Jamaica wants £7 BILLION compensation from UK over slave trade​

Larry Fink - Wikipedia​

Customers Are Back at Restaurants and Bars, but Workers Have Moved On​

Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan steps down, marking a symbolic end to 20 years of war​

The Financial Times Is Carrying An Argument For Central Planning Of The Economy

Wardenclyffe Tower - Wikipedia

Ford and GM replace 'chairman' title with gender-neutral 'chair' ​

Documents Obtained via a Freedom of Information Request by Judicial Watch show Tony Fauci Financed the Wuhan Lab’s work on Covid virus​

17,503 Dead, 1.7 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots​

FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines. Analysis of "Adverse Event Outcomes"​

In Amerika Today, Law Used as a Weapon Is the Prime Danger to Citizens​

Actors, writers and producers warn of 'reverse racism' in the film industry​

Mom of Bullied Daughter Speaks Out About California Schools’ ‘Indoctrination’​

The Jan. 6 Video Cover-Up: Case of John Steven Anderson, by Michelle Malkin

Nurse Blows the Whistle on the Medical Industry: ‘They’re Not Offering Informed Consent’

Trump campaign says he can't be anti-LGBTQ because he once had a gay friend​

UK Library Forced To Apologize After Hiring Man In Monkey Dildo Costume To Perform For Kids

Where The Divide In Star Wars Mirrors The Culture War

Macron announces vaccination passes and warns the country's fourth wave has ALREADY begun 

Navy is in disarray and focusing more on diversity training than warfighting, report says

More propaganda lies: Covid cases are surging in almost every US state with seven in the South seeing infections DOUBLE

Raw sewage from Chinese fishing vessels is killing South China Sea coral reefs and can be seen from space, claims US firm

North Carolina: Door-to-door vaccines launch in Mecklenburg County

Criminal Fauci: "Vaccines" Will Get Full Approval - Those With A Free Mind Will Resist It Then Too! 

Macron announces vaccination passes and warns the country's fourth wave has ALREADY begun

“What we have found, as I say, is that most of the treatments that have been with N-acetylcysteine or glutathione and even with other antioxidants such as astaxanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant, have been very favorable treatments for the patients contaminated with graphene oxide.”

Surgeon who operated on young Italian vaccine victim: ‘You have never seen anything like this’

Biden nominee locked access to her thesis calling for population control

How to Operate a Human via Remote Control

Monday, July 12, 2021

Britney Spears, MK-Ultra, and the Destruction of America

UK: Almost 87% of Adults Have Had One Dose of a COVID Vaccine. The Gov't. Is Planning for Vaccine Passports in the Fall.​

Hitler Had a Secret Anti-Gravity UFO, and the US Took It ​

Need to Fit Billions of Transistors on a Chip? Let AI Do It​

Pfizer Confirms COVID-Vaccinated People Can 'Shed' Spike Proteins And Harm The Unvaccinated​

Synthetic mRNA Vaccine Could Systemically Change Human DNA​

Supreme Court on DNA

Official Gov't Data: 5400% Increase in Women Who’ve Lost Their Baby as a Result of Having the Covid-19 Vaccine

Lottery-based incentives do not increase COVID-19 vaccination rates, study finds

Trump's Deep Connections to Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeff Epstein

News cameraman dies after attack by far-right mob protesting LGBTQ march

Capitol Police - who Are Above the Law - to Expand Throughout US with $2B in Funding​

FDA to Add Warning to J&J Vaccine of ‘Serious But Rare’ Autoimmune Disorder​

Unlocking the ‘gut microbiome’ – and its massive significance to our health

Fauci Says Vaccines Should Be Mandated Locally

Pfizer, Israel agree: New COVID vaccines coming August 1​

The Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism

The Birth Of Cultural Marxism: How The “Frankfurt School” Changed America​

Trump lawyers might be penalized over Michigan election case ​

Fauci Calls For 'More Vaccine Mandates At The Local Level', Slams Alex Berenson For Spreading Facts At CPAC​

CBS's King Tells Fauci She's Banning Unvaccinated Family Members from Thanksgiving -- 'That's How Strongly I'm Taking What You're Saying'​

The Fourth Branch Of Government Just Exposed Itsel​f

FDA To Add Warning Over Rare Neurological Side Effects Linked To J&J Jabs​

"It's Coming!!"​

Infrastructure Spending Could Be Good... But It Won't Be​

Ron DeSantis: Anti-Police Rhetoric Causing 'Disastrous Consequences' ​

CNN Medical Analyst Wen: Life 'Needs to Be Hard' for Unvaccinated Americans ​

Finally a truthful article: Climate change: Just 25 mega-cities emit 52 per cent of the world's urban greenhouse gases

Mainstream Media Is Wrong: Vaccine Hesitancy Is Not Highest Among Republican Men And Trump Isn't To Blame​

It’s Time To Unplug The Hype Over Electric Vehicles​

CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Donald Trump (Taken from the CFR membership and Bilderberg participant lists)​

The Rise and Fall of Donald Trump's Atlantic City Empire ​

5G Microwave Neighborhoods Coming​

The War on Freedom: How Tyranny Overran the United States​

"How to Dull People’s Minds and Then Kill Them": Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt​

Sunday, July 11, 2021

I don’t believe this. I personally think it was staged: Billionaire Richard Branson reaches space in his own ship

Panetta calls on Biden to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for military

Buy, Borrow, Die: How Rich Americans Live Off Their Paper Wealth​

Massive red tide kills thousands of fish off St. Pete, Florida in videos and pictures

The Second Amendment’s Right To Bear Arms: What It Means​

Quebec Could Mandate Vaccine Passports for Entering Restaurants and Bars Come September

Deaths from Covid “vaccine” so high that the fact can no longer be suppressed

FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Aug. 11 Test Messages Will be Sent to TVs and Radios Along with Select Cell Phones That Have Opted-in to Receive Test Messages

Biden Regime Launches Door-to-Door “Outreach” Program Pushing Covid Vaccines Using FEMA Squads

20 Things I’ve Learned (Or Had Confirmed) About Humanity During The ‘Pandemic’​

In apparent world first, IDF deployed drone swarms in Gaza fighting​

WATCH: Rainbow Monkey Dildo Story Hour at Redbridge Library ​

Viral video showing young boy pulling up an American flag from a lawn and throwing it the ground​

U.S. and France Sign Special Forces Pact as Regular Troops Head Home​

Communism and Depopulation in America: 10 Steps to TOTAL TYRANNY​

America's Descent To Third World Statu​s

FBI Email: "Clintons Hired To Murder Seth Rich"

Darryl Cooper: Why Trump Supporters Are Pissed Off And Don't Trust Anything

Violent Extremists Took Over The US Capitol Long Before January 6

25K Applicants In First Week After Indiana Offers Free Gun Carry Licenses

The Second Amendment’s Right to Bear Arms: What It Means

Thousands of Teachers Vow To Defy State Bans on Critical Race Theory

Chicago schools to give condoms to 10-year-olds

Dozens of School Districts are Using Book that Claims ‘Whiteness’ is the Devil and That White Children Sell Their Soul for ‘Stolen Land and Stolen Riches’

I Was Fired For Criticizing Israel. Now I Dig Holes For A Living

Professor: Biden Administration Using Domestic Terrorism as Political Weapon to ‘Bludgeon’ Opponents


Saturday, July 10, 2021

Charlottesville removes two Confederate statues as onlookers cheer

‘Insanely disrespectful’: Lincoln Project co-founder blasted for calling January 6 Capitol Riot ‘MORE DANGEROUS’ than 9/11

New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes In Georgia To Tip 2020

Justice Department says Trump's reinstatement talk could fuel more violence from his supporters

Boebert blasts "January 6 database" asks "Where is the ANTIFA database? Where is the BLM database?"​

Former Pfizer Exec: Children Are 50 Times More Likely To Die From Coronavirus Vaccine Than From The Virus Itself​

America is a Nation of Weak Men

Federal Government Paying $6.1 Million To Create Database For Capitol Riot Prosecutions​

Just 25 'Under 18s' Died From COVID In England, 100s Died From Suicide And Trauma​

Homeschool Applications Double In California

Will these agents be used to coordinate forced vaccines?: Biden Sending FBI, DHS To Haiti After President Assassinated

Will the Biden Administration really go door to door…comedy sketch as to outcome ​

Gay Chorus Plays Victim After Death Threats Because Of Video Singing "We Are Coming For Your Children"​

The Mystery Plague That Is Killing Countless Birds In 9 States And Washington D.C. Has Gotten A Lot Worse​

CDC Releases New Mask Guidance For K-12 Schools, Says Vaccinations Should Be Tracked​

A Country That Has Lost Its Way: U.S. Government and Corporations Combine To Strip Citizens of Their Rights​

12-Yr-Old Boy Uses Hunting Rifle to Shoot and Kill Armed Intruder Threatening His Mom Inside Their Home​

What should you do when federal agents arrive at your door with questions about your personal health decisions?​

Speed limit to be reduced to that of horse wagon in almost ALL Paris streets in bid to make city greener​

Passengers on American Airlines flight to Miami forced to put hands on heads for an hour​

Arizona Lawmaker Advises People to Put up ‘No Trespassing’ Signs to Deter Door-to-Door Vaccine Checks​

Population Control Charity Awards Meghan and Harry for ‘Enlightened Decision’ to Have Only Two Children

Jarome Bell: Democrat Elaine Luria Has ‘Done Nothing’ for Virginia’s Second District

WATCH: Community Rallies Around NYPD Officer Who Beat Cancer

Pinkerton: The Glaring Loopholes in Hunter Biden’s Art Deal – The White House Thinks Less Transparency Can Fix an Ethics Problem

Rep. Madison Cawthorn: Biden Door-to-Door Vaccine Checks Could Turn into Gun Grabs

Alaska Republican Party Endorses Murkowski Challenger Kelly Tshibaka

Watch: Christian Woman, L.A. Times Debate Transgender Display in Women’s Spas

Friday, July 9, 2021

Bans on Native American mascots pick up after Washington Football Team name change

‘Financially Hobbled for Life’: The Elite Master’s Degrees That Don’t Pay Off​

Biden: Government agents will go ‘door to door’ to get ‘remaining’ Americans vaccinated​

CNN Political Analyst Says It’s Time to Make Vaccinations and Vaccine Passports Mandatory

Private Manhattan school teaches children from book that features 'whiteness' contract with devil​

The peasants must obey or die!: CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Reiner: 'It’s Time to Start Mandating Vaccines'

Whistleblower: Albuquerque Recommends Books About Race, Queerness​

Marvel Studios Executive Promises More LGBTQ 'Representation' in Coming Projects​

A Conspiracy to Murder – The Government and the Big Pharma-Dependent Medical Profession Are Hiding the Facts About Covid and the Vaccine​

Aspartame: A Chronicle of Crime​

Rumsfeld announced Pentagon audit finds $2.3 trillion missing​

Donald Trump discusses his Tree of life award. ​

This is nauseating: President of The United States Biden grovels and Kneels Before Israeli President In White House, Pledges ‘Unquestionable Commitment’ To Israel

The Jewish National Fund’s Most Covetous Award, the “Tree of Life Award”, was Awarded to Donald Trump for his Outstanding Dedication to American-Israeli Friendship and for his Support of Israel

Censorship Is Being Used to Institutionalize Disinformation and to Discredit Reliable Information: The Case of Naomi Wolf​

‘It’s confirmed, it’s true’: Fox News host Tucker Carlson says NSA leaked his emails to journalists​

Confronted with the fact their policies are ruining US cities and killing thousands, Dems give the usual reply: ‘Shut up, racist!’​

Donald Trump shows off The Kabbalist Awards​

Vaccination Does Not Protect Against Delta Variant​

Number of Deaths Reported After COVID Vaccines Jumps by More Than 2,000 in 1 Week, According to VAERS​

Pfizer to Seek Emergency Use Authorization for COVID Booster Shots — But CDC, FDA Say Science Is Lacking​

College Students Reject COVID Vaccine Mandates — By Voting With Their Dollars​

Community College Withdraws Vaccine Mandate After 9 Days​

Mother says trans woman with 'penis and beard' got into hot tub with her daughter, 6, at LA spa​

VICKY WARD recorded Jeffrey Epstein and what tapes reveal about Ghislaine Maxwell is shocking​

QAnon has receded from social media -- but it's just hiding ​

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Biden’s Plan to Deploy Federal Teams in Door-to-Door COVID Vaccine Campaign Sparks Backlash

Biden Promotes Four More Years of Free Government Education ​

Nolte: Leftists Freak Out at the Thought of Cameras Exposing Fanatical CRT Teachers​

The LGBTs are coming for your kids — and they're not hiding it​

The Second Amendment's Right To Bear Arms: What It Means

UFO Cover-Up Inside the U.S. Government

Group Formed to Promote Assisted Suicide Picks Planned Parenthood Board Member to Lead Org ​

Those dying post-vaccine: Where are the autopsies? ​

How the CIA made Google: Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet

Early American Astronauts No Strangers to UFO Sightings

The Schumann Resonance is a low-frequency hum created from lightnings and influences human behavior​

Artificial Intelligence vs. Humanity: Will A.I. Rule Over Us with Life and Death Decisions? ​

What should you do when federal agents arrive at your door with questions about your personal health decisions?​

"It's Absolutely Govt's Business To Know Vax Status": Authoritarian Biden Regime Doubles Down on House to House Vax Campaign​

Those dying post-vaccine: Where are the autopsies? ​

These Charts Suggest the Stock Market Is Mentally Unhinged ​

Tel Aviv trumps New York to be named world's best gay city​

Former Planned Parenthood President Says Biden Should Mandate Vaccinations​

Here we goFive clusters of unvaccinated Americans making up 15 million people across 12 states are putting the entire country at risk of another surge in COVID-19 cases, analysis finds

15 Bible verses about All Believers Are Saints

Man who claims he died for 23 minutes says he was 'pulled into depths of hell where he saw pit of burning bodies'​

Olympics will ban spectators after Japan declares state of emergency ​

Graphene Oxide: The Actual Contents Inside Pfizer Vials Exposed!​

Was Donald Rumsfeld Guilty of ‘Dereliction of Duty’ as Pentagon Chief on 9/11?​

Good riddance!: Why Media Mogul Barry Diller Thinks The Movie Business Is Dead

Where was Trump's pardon???: Over 535 charged six months after Jan. 6 riot: DOJ

Why laughter can make you more productive at work

Wells Unexpectedly Shuts All Existing Personal Lines Of Credit, Hinting US Economy On The Edge​

"This Is About Misuse Of Government Power": Judge Quickly Denies CDC's Appeal To Keep COVID-19 Cruise Restrictions​

Biden Tells The World "US Has Achieved Its Goals In Afghanistan"​

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The ACLU and the Biden Regime Argue that Protections Against Electoral Fraud Are Racially Discriminatory

Gary D. Barnett – Vaccines, Masks & Tests All Contain Graphene​

Remember Event 201? World Economic Forum To Execute "Cyber Polygon" Drill On Friday - What Kind Of Mind Control Are They Going To Unleash Now?

Vaccinated Israeli Student Catches COVID from Vaccinated Relative and Then Infects 83 High School Students -- But Please Take your Vaccines! ​

Hobby Lobby Faces Backlash for Ad Declaring America is ‘One Nation Under God’​

FDA reverses itself: rejects COVID antibody test results; insanity reigns

Cyberdyne is upon us: Israel uses first-ever AI drone swarm in battle to hunt down and blitz Hamas terrorists with NO human input

Probably our own fleet of high-flying assets: Mystery as ‘fleet of 10 UFOs’ spotted hovering near International Space Station on NASA live stream

US Air Force Academy Prof. backs Critical Race Theory for ALL troops

Haiti in upheaval: President Moise assassinated at home

Their Endgame For The Flag, The National Anthem, The Declaration Of Independence And The Constitution

Weimar Los Angeles: "You Can't Go Home Again"​

Critical Race Theory Should Be Banned, And A Black Parent Explains Why​

A "Great Listener And Collaborator": Stalinist Professor Under Fire For Praising Genocidal Soviet Leader​

Kushner Told RNC Chair 'I Don't Give a **** About GOP's Future: Book

Biden Administration Will Be Going Door To Door In An Effort To "Educate" Unvaccinated Americans [VIDEO]​

CNN: Tucker Carlson Is Alex Jones – We Hereby Demand He Is BANNED From All Platforms​

Rulers Prepare To Execute “Cyber Polygon” Drill On Friday ​

Klaus Schwab: Cyberattack Worse than COVID-19 Crisis – Power Grid Down, Banking Offlin​e

Identity of Ashli Babbitt Killer Confirmed -- Careless Capitol Police Lieutenant Is Being Protected by Democrats, Pelosi and Deep State FBI

Judge Denies Release of "Q Shaman" - He's Been in Jail For Several Months with No Trial Date and Suffers Mental Health Issues for Walking in US Capitol

Family demand answers as father fights for life on ventilator after having AstraZeneca jab​

Japan considers ban on Olympic spectators, prepares state of emergency for Tokyo​

Leaked Docs Show Defense Contractor Raytheon Pushing Extreme Critical Race Theory Re-education On Employees​

Nobody (Still) Wants To Work As Job Openings Hit New Record, But Number Of People Quitting Tumbles

Ex-Republican candidate for San Francisco mayor says city is run by 'far-left ideologues'​

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Canada, US are easing pandemic border-crossing restrictions

This article is nauseating - it’s propaganda. Read carefully. It blames independent, White Christians for the so-called staged "Capitol attack," which they say was a kind of Christian revolt: A horn-wearing ‘shaman.’ A cowboy evangelist. For some, the Capitol attack was a kind of Christian revolt.

German media giant: If you’re anti-Israel, don’t work for us

Is the 'Delta Variant' a Hoax? Or Is It a Cover for COVID Vaccine-Related Deaths?​

The Ice-Cream Flavor Next Time​

Western Civilization Has Been Destroyed by Diversity​

Wikipedia Co-founder Warns: ‘Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever’ ​

American Airlines cancels Bahamas flight after teens refuse to wear masks​

These tech companies say they’ll require vaccines​

UK Ministers Told Once Human Vaccine Roll Out Is Over, Pets Should Be Given Covid Jabs

Man puts up pool for homeless in Portland, stabbed to death next day ​

What??!: Bill Cosby Says Mainstream Media Are the Insurrectionists Who Stormed the Capitol, Trying to Demolish the Constitution


Dad: My Son’s School Made Him Get a COVID Vaccine, Now He Has a Heart Condition

‘President Dementia’ Is Getting Worse !!! (Can we call it a national security crisis yet? The stress that comes with the job of POTUS seems to be accelerating the cognitive decline of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. at a time when the world is becoming ominously more dangerous.)

Their Endgame For The Flag, The National Anthem, The Declaration Of Independence & The Constitution

Neurotechnology for National Defense: the U.S. and China ​

Target, Walgreens close early due to thefts in California stores

Oakland Streets Erupt Into ’12 Hours Of Non-Stop Chaos’; Homicides, Shootings, Sideshow Violence

Looters ransack San Francisco Neiman Marcus in broad daylight: Video

LIVE: Conditions deteriorating as Elsa upgraded to Category 1

Eric Adams wins Democratic primary in NYC’s mayoral race

Disputes over mask mandates comprise 75% of FAA’s unruly-passenger complaints on planes

Flying is a mess this summer. 6 travelers share their cancellation horror stories and tips.

Blue Jackets goalie Matiss Kivlenieks died of fireworks blast at coach’s Michigan home

65% of Americans believe in aliens, new poll finds

US withdrawal from Afghanistan nearly complete, CENTCOM says

ROCKET ATTACK Iraq base hosting US troops ‘is under attack with at least three drones and 20 rockets’

Hurricane Warning Issued For Florida's West Coast as Hurricane Elsa Heads For Landfall Wednesday

How Trump's claims to being 'the king of the tax code' could come back to haunt him

Monday, July 5, 2021

Colon Cancer Is Rising in Younger Adults. Do Sugary Drinks Play a Role?

David Stockman On The Fed's Socialist Monetary Policies And What Comes Next​

The Culture War Has A New Target: Independence Day​

Former Police Officer Recounts Witnessing "Industrialized" Organ Harvesting In China​

Kabbalist cutoutNot Content With Just Launching Revolutions Across America, This Democrat Kingmaker Is Now Gunning For You, Your Property, Your Children And Ultimately, Your Way Of Life

Orbán: European Union's LGBT 'Colonialism' Threaten's Our Way of Life

Rothschilds Kabbalist-controlled: China prepares to move into Afghanistan following America's departure with 'Belt and Road' program

Fort Hood sergeant indicted for murder in 2020 death of Austin protester

IDF to send rescue team to assist in Miami disaster

JUICE — Florida Politics’ Juicy Read — 6.28.2021 — Israeli Army Sends Elite Team to Miami to Help—Exploiting Building Collapse For Political Gain—More

Rep. Massie: U.S. troops say they will quit if forced to vaccinate​

Using Disaster Capitalism to Control All Humans​

New Study Shows Those With Machiavellian Tendencies Support Mind Uploading Technology​

Dr. Peter McCullough: Covid vaccines are killing babies in the first trimester at an astonishing rate… an “atrocity” to vaccinate expectant mothers

Plandemic Film Stars Dr David Martin and Dr Judy Mikovits Q&A Session​

Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases​

Vitamin D Deficiency in Covid Hospital Patients Increases Risk of Death Seven-Fold, Study Finds​

Activist Teachers Brag About Injecting Race, 'Equity' in Elementary Classrooms ​

Might Covid Injections Reduce Lifespan?​

NPR gets an earful after claiming Declaration of Independence is riddled with ‘flaws’ and ‘hypocrisies’​

More ballot chain of custody problems in Georgia​

The Bad War The Truth NEVER Taught About World War II​

The Campaign against Ivermectin: WHO’s Chief Scientist Served with Legal Notice for Disinformation and Suppression of Evidence​

The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of "Positive Cases" are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis

Children wearing masks could be exposed to dangerous levels of carbon dioxide, study finds

Parents at exclusive Manhattan school reject apology from principal over woke video​

I did find out that the minister of national defense was the largest drug trafficker in all of Central America and the minister of immigration, the largest human trafficker,​

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Witches rule this organization: BREAKING: NEA adopts motion to promote critical race theory in America’s schools

Exclusive — J.D. Vance: Leftists 'Trying to Make Us Hate Our History'

Radio Host Says 'Burn the Churches' as Fires Reported Across Canada​

‘Black people can only blame themselves for their poor decisions,’ says YouTube star who went viral attacking Critical Race Theory​

Police To Target Americans For Their Ideological Beliefs And Behaviors

Teenager Dies in Sleep After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, Reports Say​

Des Moines faces extreme measures to find clean water ​

Biden White House to Deploy "Delta Variant" Response Teams Across US to Communities with Low Vaccination Rates​

Spain's Proposed 'National Security Law' Would Allow Seizure Of Citizens' Property During Health "Crisis"​

Former Police Officer Recounts Witnessing "Industrialized" Organ Harvesting In China

America's largest teachers' union says it supports teaching children critical race theory in schools​

Violence breaks out after spa customer complains about transgender woman exposing penis to kids​

11 'Sovereign Citizens' Arrested Following 9-Hour Armed Standoff on Mass. Highway​

Nitrate in drinking water and colorectal cancer risk: A nationwide population-based cohort study

Howard University dean Phylicia Rashad apologizes to students after voicing support for Bill Cosby's release​

Tyson Foods recalls 8.5M pounds of chicken amid possible listeria outbreak​

Moment student captures 'large UFO' hovering over Devon seafront at night 'for ten seconds'​

Kabbalist want-to-be: John Hagee denies Jesus claimed to be the Messiah.

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia​


'I'm embarrassed to be American': Shocking campus video from Georgetown sees students struggle to articulate pride in the US on July 4 as woke politics rip through schools

Rep. Cori Bush: July 4 ‘Is for White People,’ ‘Black People Still Aren’t Free,’ America Is ‘Stolen Land’

Oregon Gov. Brown: ‘Absolutely Unacceptable’ FEMA Does Not Provide Assistance to Undocumented

Recently Surfaced Video Concerning Diversity Sparks Backlash at ESPN

Maxine Waters Criticizes Declaration of Independence on Fourth of July

Independence Day: Marvel Comics Makes Captain America Say American Dream ‘Is a Lie’

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Pennsylvania Democrats To Propose Bullet Tax And Encoded Rounds To Track Ammo Owners

Prager: 'New Religion' of Fear Says Saftey Is More Important Than Truth & Liberty​

Alien Vaccines with Mutant Spikes​

At some point, the governing criminals will [probably] come after all those not willing to be injected, and will make living very difficult for all of us… This could become a very dangerous country in a short amount of time for people demanding freedom.

The "Deprogramming" Begins: Public Defender Representing January 6th Defendants "Re-Educates" Them​

Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 400,000 Following COVID Vaccines​

Facebook goes full Big Brother with new “extremism” warnings​

70 years of cover-ups over UFOs are finally coming to an end. I believe we’re on the verge of a profound breakthrough​

The lying never ends"Chuck Todd at msnbc has a meltdown because some people wont get vaccinated​

Glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) is Applied to Oats, Not Just Wheat!

Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 400,000 Following COVID Vaccines​

Injured by a COVID Vaccine? Want Financial Compensation? Too Bad, Says Injury Compensation Law Firm​

The Descent Into (Utter) Madness​


Massachusetts cops issue urgent 'shelter-in-place' warning with eight heavily armed black men on the run​

Police Standoff Ends With 11 Heavily Armed "Rise Of The Moors" Members Arrested

Former head of Germany's spy agency slams Angela Merkel's immigration policies as 'fatal'​

Actress Kirstie Alley Warns Hollywood Is Putting Society on a Path to Accept Pedophilia: 'Protect Your Children'​

Radio Host Says 'Burn the Churches' as Fires Reported Across Canada ​

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Blames '99%' of Criticisms on Sexism, Racism ​

Biden’s First National Security Strategy Has Singular Focus on Domestic Terrorism​

Israeli Merchant Ship Hit With "Unknown Weapons" In Persian Gulf​

SCOTUS to Decide On Case Barring Christian School from Aid Program    

Amazon Uses Artificial Intelligence To Terminate Delivery Drivers

Friday, July 2, 2021

Florida HB241 - Parents' Bill of Rights

Joint Chiefs Chairman Ignores Evidence Showing Critical Race Theory Harms Unit Cohesion

Facebook Now Sending Messages to Some Users Asking About Potentially ‘Extremist’ Friends ​

World Economic Forum announces creation of Orwellian ‘Global Coalition for Digital Safety’

Did Biden Really Win California?

Gold & Basel III's Trillion-Dollar Question

Sounds like the flu to me: UK Government Adviser Says Fatigue, Headache, Sore Throat, & Diarrhoea Should Be Added To COVID Symptoms List

Lumber Prices Suffer Biggest Monthly Drop On Record​

Aruna Khilanani, Child Of Privileged Immigrants, Hates The White People She Was Raised With​

Sick as a Dog? Pets Often Catch COVID From Humans, Study Finds​

More than 68% of active US military receive COVID-19 vaccine, DOD says​

Turkish women protest after President Erdogan withdrew his country from women's rights convention​

Number Of US Truck Drivers Sidelined Due To Substance Abuse Violations Has Surpassed 60,000​

FDA reverses itself: rejects COVID antibody test results; insanity reigns​

‘We Made a Big Mistake’ — COVID Vaccine Spike Protein Travels From Injection Site, Can Cause Organ Damage​

Video Shows Black Man In Suit Shooting Ashli Babbitt, Strong Resemblance To Capitol Police Lieutenant​

I saw up close how Rumsfeld deliberately caused the deaths of US troops for personal gain. He deserves a special place in hell​

Facebook Reveals Ben Shapiro Paid Them Almost $3 Million in Advertising​

Shapiro Consistently Gets Highest Engagement on Facebook Following Reports Zuckerberg 'Shadow-Boosts' Him​

As Women Continue to Fail, Air Force Removes Running and Pushups From Mandatory Training​

Why are flesh eating parasites invading the US and Canada ​

EVs Must Drive Tens Of Thousands Of Miles Before Doing Less Environmental Harm Than Gas-Powered Vehicles​

Remarks by President Biden and President Rivlin of the State of Israel Before Bilateral Meeting​

Witness Drops Bombshell at House Hearing: Hedge Funds Are Getting “100 Times” Leverage on Crypto ​

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Vetoes ‘Stealth’ Action Civics Bill ​

Michigan boy dies days after getting Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine ​

New Leaks Shows ATF Running Background Checks On Gun Buyers Retroactively ​

The Covid Cult Has Been Slowly Killing America's Economy And There's Not Much Time Left​

Inside Biden’s new “domestic terrorism” strategy​

Police To Target Americans For Their Ideological Beliefs And Behaviors​

Canada’s Government Is Seeking to Silence Canadian Journalists at Home and Abroad with a Draconian Censorship Bill​

Thursday, July 1, 2021

World Economic Forum Releases Guide on How to Coerce and Manipulate Public into Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

Former US State Sec Mike Pompeo Claims There Is Risk of 'Something Else Leaking From Wuhan Lab'​

U.S. Destroyer Shows Up Right Off Crimea On Vessel Tracking Sites But It Never Left Port (Updated)​

Warning: Long Term Effects of Myocarditis and Pericarditis from Covid Vaccines are ‘Unclear’​

Governments Are Engaging in Behavioral Warfare to Push Vaccines. Is This Just the Dry Run?​

Wait...China Ordered the NIH to Delete Gene Data on COVID?​

DAMNING VIDEO Released by Bobby Powell of Jan. 6 Protests Shows Violent Hoodlums in Black Smashing Windows, Damaging US Capitol -- But FBI Refuses to Look for Them Despite Iron-clad Evidence! Weird, Huh? ​

Caitlin Johnstone: The US again bombs nations on the other side of the world in the name of ‘self-defense’​

Whose the God of the Elites ​

Amazon Delivery Companies Revolt Against Amazon, Shut Down ​


Israel providing aid at scene of Florida building collapse, offers rescue team

Judge rules to unseal dozens of documents about Ghislaine Maxwell's personal affairs

U.S. Supreme Court backs voting restrictions in Arizona

WORST “SIDE EFFECT” EVER: Heart inflammation happening all over the world due to blood clotting caused by covid-19 vaccines​

'Inventor of mRNA Vaccines' Reveals What He Suspects is Behind Childhood Heart Inflammation Cases

Mass killer via aspartame and 911: Donald Rumsfeld dead at 88: Former defense secretary at helm of Iraq, Afghanistan wars

The Weird, Creepy Media Blackout on Recent Assange Revelations

This is a joke sentenceActress Allison Mack sentenced to 3 years in NXIVM sex-slave case

New Study Links "Acute Chest Pain" In Male Soldiers To mRNA Vaccines

Fertility Rate in 2021 in England and Wales Could Be Lowest Ever Recorded in 2021​

Freak storm buries French town in deluge of hail, locals forced to dig way out of homes (VIDEOS)​

9 Popular Drugs Linked to Dementia and Memory Loss​

Enjoy July 4 this Sunday. It might be the last one.​

EXCLUSIVE: USB DRIVES Were Suspiciously Stolen, Transferred and Inserted Into Voting Systems Used in Swing States in 2020 Election

NOT MAKING HEADLINES: CDC Officials Admit More Hospitalizations of Young People from Vaccine than From the Actual COVID Virus - Including HUGE Number of Heart Problems Reported ​

Western Provocations, Ties With US, & Vaccination: Highlights From Putin's Annual Q&A Session ​

CDC Experts Disagree With Pfizer on COVID Boosters, Threatening Pharma Giant’s Billion Dollar Revenue Stream​

Australia the most red-pilled country in the world

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The last US troops are packing up and leaving Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan

‘Huge red flag’: Medical researchers bury data showing 82% miscarriage rate in vaccinated women​

Navy Unit Forced to Take Part in Mandatory ‘Diversity Hike’ Waving LGBT Flags​

Pentagon accused of UFO COVER-UP after 'top-secret' section left out of 'historic' report is released​

Guinea Pigs United – Is Mass Vaccination Creating New Strains? Covid-19, the virus that was supposed to disappear from our lives, mutated into something else. (THE DESIGN PARAMETERS OF THIS BIO-WEAPON WERE DESIGNED TO MUTATE, ONCE RELEASED.)

Giants - Dead Scientists - Gold Metals

New Emails ordered Biden who Ordered Facebook To Censor President Trump Before the Election

By 2030 You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy​

NOT TO MISS: Rep. Lauren Boebert UNLOADS on Speaker Pelosi, Hunter Biden and Cop-Hating Democrats in Pro 2A Speech for the Ages​

Putin: US aircraft involved in Black Sea UK incident ​

Army Develops AI-Enabled Programmable Fiber For Military Uniforms​

Scores dead as record-breaking heat wave grips Canada, US ​

World Economic Forum makes censorship pledge to "tackle harmful content and conduct online"​

Kabbalist: Top U.N. Education Officer Says Homeschooling Threatens “Harm to Children and Adolescents”

Children noticing Vaxxed parents have memory problems ​

Calls rise for FDA to fully approve COVID-19 vaccines​

DeSantis: America Would Look Like Canada if Florida Hadn't Fought Against Lockdowns​

Jason Whitlock: Dear Black America, We Are Being Lied To...​

Ivermectin tablets to be distributed among Uttarakhand residents to prevent Covid, says state govt 

Teacher handed out flyers telling children they can have an abortion without parental consent

Secret British military docs allegedly found near BUS STOP reveal UK foresaw furious Russian reaction to Crimea incursion​

US coronavirus: Fauci warns there may soon be 'two Americas' as vaccination divide widens​

Biden Regime Bombed Syria And Iraq In 'Self-Defense,' Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby Says​

DAMNING VIDEO Released by Bobby Powell of Jan. 6 Protests Shows Violent Hoodlums in Black Smashing Windows, Damaging US Capitol — But FBI Refuses to Look for Them Despite Iron-clad Evidence! Weird, Huh?

Masonic: Bill Cosby released from prison after Pa. Supreme Court overturns sexual assault conviction

DeSantis feuds with Trump over Florida rally amid search for survivors in Surfside​

Biden Executive Order Mandates Divisive, Unscientific Race ‘Training’ At Every Level Of The Federal Government​

Terrifying exorcism saw woman 'levitate' with so much force she nearly smashed ceiling​

BREAKING NEWS: Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld dead at 88​

Riot in Capitol: Lakeland man arrested in connection to Jan. 6 attack on U.S. Capitol ​

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

BREAKING: FDA Adds Warning About Myocarditis, Pericarditis Heart Inflammation To Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines

NWO Depopulation Agenda – Holistic Doctors Who Died Mysteriously Exposed the Dangers of Vaccines and Cures for Cancer​


Meet the Man Building an Anti-Gravity Device, and the Alien God That Inspired Him​

America’s Descent Into Totalitarianism​

The Problem with Wikipedia and the Digital Revolution ​

Yes. Teach Critical Race Theory in Schools.​

This is complete garbageSpread of delta variant prompts new restrictions worldwide

More obfuscation. The NSA monitors EVERYTHINGTucker Carlson Claims He Is Being Monitored by the NSA

4,115 Fully Vaccinated Have Been Hospitalized or Died With Breakthrough COVID Infections, CDC Says

Facebook Hits $1 Trillion Value After Judge Rejects Antitrust Complaints​

Millions skipped church during pandemic. Will they return? ​

Amazon Demands One More Thing From Some Vendors: A Piece of Their Company​

Stop Gaslighting Parents On Critical Race Theory​

Biden Assures Israeli President He Won't Tolerate A Nuclear-Armed Iran​

5 Signs That Show That The Depravity In America Has Reached An Entirely New Level​

Critical Race Theory Banned In 6 States (That's 44 States Too Few)​

Syria's Largest US-Occupied Oil Field Comes Under Missile & Mortar Attack​

Biden Orders Series Of Airstrikes Along Syria-Iraq Border

Mysterious Pilot Deaths Are Increasing Globally, Large Numbers of Flights Cancelled​

In Joe Biden’s America, Whites Are the Enem​y

Critical Race Theory Is Just Anti-White Racism​

By banning words like ‘picnic’ & ‘trigger warning’, language police are rewriting history to control the way people think​

VileMake-A-Wish Foundation Says It Won't Help Terminally-Ill Kids Unless Their Entire Family Is Vaccinated

Singapore, IMF, and World Bank Join Efforts to Create Central Bank Digital Currency

Caitlin Johnstone: The US again bombs nations on the other side of the world in the name of ‘self-defense’​

Blinken says US airstrikes on Iraq & Syria send ‘clear’ message to Iran-backed militias​

Geopolitics, Profit, and Poppies: How the CIA Turned Afghanistan Into a Failed Narco-State​

The last US troops are packing up and leaving Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan​

Omar: 'I Don't' Regret Grouping U.S., Israel with Terror Groups, House Dem Critics 'Have Engaged in Islamophobic Tropes'​

Monday, June 28, 2021

Jonah and the whale.. what is the meaning…

FDA Adds Heart Inflammation Warning to Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines as Some Experts Call for Full Approval​

Anti-Vaccine Protesters Gather at 'Springsteen on Broadway'​

Hillary Clinton Campaign Official and Founder of Org to End Sexual Violence Against Children Is Arrested on Child Rape Charges​

3 Largest Massachusetts Hospital Systems Requiring Employees Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Programmable photonic chip lights up quantum computing

Birds are suddenly dying: What’s causing mystery illness in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana?

Politics, Profit, & Poppies: How The CIA Turned Afghanistan Into A Failed Narco-State

BREAKING: FDA Adds Warning About Myocarditis, Pericarditis Heart Inflammation To Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines

SHOCK MOVE US Olympian & Black Lives Matter activist Gwen Berry TURNS AWAY from US flag and says she was ‘p***ed’ anthem was played

Biden Honeymoon With Liberals Fades as Priorities Downplayed

As Biden reassures moderates on infrastructure, progressives worry

Clarence Thomas says federal laws against marijuana may no longer be necessary

Mexico top court decriminalizes recreational marijuana use

Breyer's future is Supreme Court's biggest question

Supreme Court won't hear dispute over bathrooms for transgender students

Miss Nevada USA title won by transgender woman for 1st time

Pope sends letter praising priest who ministers to LGBTQ Catholics

Tropical storm warning issued for South Carolina coast

Judge dismisses FTC and state antitrust complaints against Facebook

Exclusive: White House order pushes antitrust enforcement throughout U.S. economy

White House targets corporate giants in draft executive order

Rudy Giuliani was 'drinking heavily and incoherently telling Trump that Pence would overturn the election results the night before January 6th', book claims

D.C. Prosecutors Set Their Targets on Don Jr.’s Posse

Roger Stone urges Trump to dump "weak-kneed" lawyers in the face of likely indictment

Trump lawyer: Manhattan DA won't charge former president

Trump Organization Lawyers Make Last-Ditch Effort to Avoid New York Charges

Sunday, June 27, 2021

As it was in the days of Noah: Thousands climb Indonesian volcano for ritual sacrifice

Pentagon accused of UFO COVER-UP after 'top-secret' section left out of 'historic' report is released​

Here Come Wall Street Rental Communities: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?​

Fed Chair Powell Misleads House Hearing on Wall Street’s Bailout Programs​

Another Choice Offering from Wall Street: A Doughnut with 11-25 Grams of Fat from a Company Awash in Red Ink with a Checkered Accounting History​

Experts Have Been Warning for Months of an Unprecedented Stock Market Bubble Set to Explode​

Wall Street’s Mega Banks Are Bleeding Market Cap Like It’s March of 2020​

There Is Not One Elected Official at the Federal Reserve, But It Has Been Unilaterally Rewriting the Rules on Wall Street Since 2007​

Fed’s Reverse Repos Surge to Historic $485 Billion: What’s Wall Street Afraid of This Time?​

Are Record-Setting Commodity Prices a Result of Demand or Futures Manipulation?​

Hero Inadvertently Shot, Killed After Shooting Cop Killer

Donald Trump Rally: Joe Biden ‘Already a Complete and Total Catastrophe’

Report: First Lady to Replace Joe Biden at Tokyo Olympics, Host Diplomatic Meetings

Joe Biden Reverses His Tax Ultimatum After it Threatens Bipartisan Deal

Greece: Raped by Afghan, Pregnant Woman Pleaded for Help But Three Pakistanis Passing by Raped Her Too

European Parliament Votes to Make EU Climate Neutral by 2050

Romney: I Trust President Biden – I Take Him at His Word

Cassidy: I Expect McConnell Will Support Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

House Intelligence Committee Republicans Find China’s Malign Influence in Corporate America

FNC’s Wallace Accuses GOP Rep. of ‘Defunding the Police’ for Not Supporting Biden COVID Stimulus

Maxine Waters: GOP, Fox News Can’t Make 1/6 Investigation Go Away — Dems Will ‘Move Forward’

Protest Outside ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ Slams Aging Rocker for Vaccine Mandate, ‘Segregation’

Report: Lockdowns Hurt Young People of Color the Most

AOC Pans Crime Surge Fears as ‘Hysteria,’ Reaffirms Demand to Defund Police

Jamaal Bowman Requested Police Protection at Home While Championing Defunding Police 

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Drug repurposing based on a Quantum-Inspired method versus classical fingerprinting uncovers potential antivirals against SARS-CoV-2 including vitamin B12

VIDEO: John McAfee’s widow speaks out, says his last words to her prove he was not suicidal​

Netflix is an absolute antichrist streaming service! Disgusting!The Pornification of Netflix Continues With ‘Sex/Life’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. WARNS: Don’t take a COVID-19 vaccine under any circumstances

Blackrock, GlaxoSmithKline and the Great Reset​

Arctic Circle is already recording 118 F degree days (and summer is just heating up)​

Biden Wants Newborns to get COVID Vaccine in 2022​

Photos: Egyptian Farmer Accidentally Finds 2,600-Year-Old Tablet Dating Back to Pharaoh From Bible​

Tucker: Sean Parnell warns implementing critical race theory will destroy military​

Genetic Vaccines: Are They the New Thalidomide?​

Thousands of flights cancelled as vaccinated pilots fall ill or die​

UFO report reveals officials can't explain the mysterious sightings​

Report finds UFOs may be security risk, have no 'single explanation' ​

Veteran: Biden's comments show he doesn't understand the Constitution​

Most Who Took COVID Vaccines will be dead by 2025

The truth about the Zohar

Airbnb Is Spending Millions of Dollars to Make Nightmares Go Away​

The Spike Protein Is the Killer – Beware of mRNA “Vaccines”​

Where Did The Towers Go : Dr.JUDY WOOD, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.​

Report: United States Ranks Last In Media Trus​t

White House: Afghanistan Is "Not a Winnable War"​

Hungary Told To Repeal Law Banning LGBT Promotion To Children "Or Else Leave EU"​

US Navy's Most Advanced Nuclear-Powered Sub Plagued With Problems​

650 Troops To Stay In Afghanistan As US Intelligence Warns Of Taliban Takeover Within 6 Months​

Greenwald: What is Behind Gen. Mark Milley's Righteous Race Sermon? Look To The New Domestic War On Terro​r

Used Car Prices May Have Finally Just Peaked​

Heat wave forecast: A long-duration heatwave begins today in Oregon, Washington and Idaho​

COVID Injections: Whistleblowers & Horrific Number of Dead ​

Suspect in Daytona Beach Officer Shooting Captured in Treehouse

New Russian Belgorod submarine launches for first time since incident with British ship in Black Sea

World's most famous medical journal The Lancet is accused of doing China's dirty work - by denouncing the Covid lab leak theory as a conspiracy, writes IAN BIRRELL

Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 11,000 in Ages 12 to 17 Following COVID Vaccines

'Smart' Thermostats in Texas Homes Are Being Accessed Remotely and Turned Up Due to an Energy Shortage​

There is More to BlackRock Than You Might Imagine​

A Scientist Found Deleted Coronavirus Sequences. Here's What That Means For SARS-CoV-2 ​

Ron Paul: The Road To Authoritarianism Is Paved With Fiat Currency​

Governor Abbott Signs HB 3257 Into Law, Creating The Texas Holocaust, Genocide, And Antisemitism Advisory Commission​

Canadian surgeon FIRED for voicing safety concerns over Covid jabs for children​

Dr. Roger Hodkinson: Why suppress discussing Covid vaccines may produce sterilization, heart failure?​

Richard Houck, "The War Against Whites in Advertising"​

A Court Ruled Rachel Maddow's Viewers Know She Offers Exaggeration and Opinion, Not Facts​

Who Runs the World? Blackrock and Vanguard​

Who owns Big Pharma + Big Media? You’ll never guess​

Will Scammers Destroy Online Shopping?​

Amazon Donated Hundreds of Copies of ‘Antiracist’ Book to Virginia Public School, Report Says​

Profits Take Precedence Over Public Health and Civil Liberty​

Mao Zedong America: Woke, anti-fact, emotion based cancel culture demanding submission​

Updating Lamm’s Plan To Destroy America: End Home Ownership, Immiserate Americans, Incite Anti-White Hate

IKEA employees walk off job after company serves fried chicken and watermelon for Juneteenth ​

When the FBI Framed Four Innocent Men

They've Done This Before: Five Past Cases of FBI Incitement​

Friday, June 25, 2021

In sentencing regretful Capitol protester, federal judge rebukes Republicans

Warren Buffett Dumps $4.1 Billion into Leftist, Family Foundations

Third COVID Wave Will Kill Or Hospitalize 60 To 70% People Who Took Both The Vaccine Doses Says Official UK Govt Model​

Hacker Reveals Smart Meters Are Spilling Secrets About Texas Snowstorm

WATCH: Tucker roasts Gen. Milley for defense of CRT reading list

Pediacide — Vaccine Risks for Kids​

Toxic Corporations Are Destroying the Planet’s Soil

Video: Covid-19 “Pack of Lies”: Crimes against Humanity. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Doctoral Candidate Who Sought to Prove Justice System Was 'Racist Against Blacks' Stabbed to Death by Black Male in Chicago​

Biden’s “New Atlantic Charter” Advances Globalist World Order​

Does the PCR Test Affect the Pineal Gland? Humans and "Transhumans". Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger​

Exclusive: Teen Suffers Severe Heart Damage After Second Pfizer Dose, Mother Says Hospital ‘Clueless’ About Reporting to VAERS​

Former officer Derek Chauvin faces sentencing Friday afternoon​

WHY WAR? (Do our “Defense Departments” really defend us? Absolutely not! Their very title is a lie.)​

The "Conspiracy Theory" Charade​

Preview of Pentagon's 'UFO Report' Sparks Talk of 'Threat to National Security' Among US Politicians

Do You Want To Know The Truth? Infrastructure All Over America Is Crumbling At A Frightening Pace​

I don’t believe this storyNew prehistoric human unknown to science discovered in Israel

UNHINGED Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark A. Milley GOES OFF During Testimony - Blames "White Rage" for Jan. 6 Attacks - Brags About Reading Marx and Lenin (VIDEO)​

Air Force fighter pilot punished, suspended from flying for refusing to wear COVID mask​

Iranian Facility Attacked Wednesday Was On List Of Targets Israel Gave To US

DHS 'very concerned' by theory Trump will be reinstated in August​

Rising Number of Children on Antidepressants Coincided with Lockdowns​

This is probably due to 5G and HAARP: Why Are Large Numbers Of Birds Suddenly Dropping Dead In Multiple US States?

Pelosi names ‘white supremacy’ & ‘anti-Semitism’ as root causes of Capitol riot, announcing new Congress probe into ‘insurrection'

Liberals aghast as American TV news host says ‘traitors’ who stole election from Trump can face ‘execution’

mRNA vaccine inventor speaks out on 'Tucker' after YouTube deletes video of him discussing risks​

Derek Chauvin Sentenced To 22.5 Years For Floyd Killing

Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 7,000 in Ages 12 to 17 Following COVID Vaccines​

CDC, FDA Prepare Mass Distribution of a Merck/Sanofi Six-in-One Vaccine for Kids, Turning Blind Eye to Safety Signals

Noel Ignatiev - Wikipedia ​

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Norway Says Risk Of Dying From AstraZeneca CoviShield Vaccine Higher Than Of COVID-19

Whistleblower Funeral Directors Speak Out! The Only Ones Dying Are From the Vaccine

VAERS: vaccine reporting system has recorded more than 500 spontaneous abortions after experimental COVID-19 "vaccines"​

Majorities in emerging economies connect belief in God and morality​

Synthetic Lipid Nanoparticles Targeting Steroid Organs​

Biden's 'Gun Grabbing' ATF Nominee David Chipman Confirmation Set To Advance Despite Missing Personnel File Controversy​

CDC Finds ‘Likely’ Link Between Heart Inflammation and Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines

Porsche Signs JV To Make High Performance Battery Cells In Germany​

Here’s a Catholic Priest getting it right. ​

FAA says US airports will get $8 billion in pandemic relief ​

UNHINGED Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark A. Milley GOES OFF During Testimony - Blames "White Rage" for Jan. 6 Attacks - Brags About Reading Marx and Lenin​

Loudoun County, Virginia school board CUTS OFF public comment on transgender policie​s

AG Merrick Garland Declares War On The Open Internet: Seizes Domains Of Press TV And MidEast News Sites​

Flashback: Bill Clinton gave China missile technology​

Toshiba apologizes to nation for sale of submarine technology​

BlackRock owns 5 percent of Toshiba, likely becoming top shareholder​

Biden announces crackdown on guns to stop rising crime after 'defund the police' movement​

Inventor of mRNA vaccines says young adults and teens should not be forced to take COVID vaccine​

FDA to add warning about heart inflammation to Pfizer, Moderna vaccines​

Snowden Says After McAfee’s Death by Suicide That ‘Assange Could Be Next’​

Warren Buffett Dumps $4.1 Billion into Leftist, Family Foundations ​

Nolte: Incoherent Joe Biden Warns Americans the Government Has F-15's and Nukes​

In sentencing regretful Capitol protester, federal judge rebukes Republicans ​

The National Guard Just Simulated A Cyberattack That Brought Down Utilities Nationwide ​

Senate's Failure To Prohibit Human-Animal Hybrid Research Is An Affront​

Klaus Schwab Confirmed Deagel And The Georgia Guidestones In His Book​

US Senate Finally Admits That Neuroweapons Exist ​

Third COVID Wave Will Kill Or Hospitalize 60 To 70% People Who Took Both The Vaccine Doses Says Official UK Govt Model​

Twelve-story Miami Beach apartment building collapses leaving at least one dead

The Forgotten History Of Banking (And What Happens Next)​

Lumber Prices Extend Plunge Amid Increasing Sawmill Capacity​

It Always Ends The Same Way: Crisis, Crash, Collapse​

The Fed Is Trying To Gaslight The World... It Won't Work​

Used Truck Prices Are Exploding On Feverish Demand And Lack Of Suppl​y

New Law Requires Florida Students To Be Taught About "The Evils Of Communism"​

Is HAARP Firing Up? FAA Issues Warning About "Electromagnetic Radiation"​

DeSantis Signs Bill Allowing College Students to Record Professors ​

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

DeSantis Signs Bill Mandating Minute Of Silence To Begin Every School Day

Americans Must Understand The Frankfurt School To Understand Critical Race Theory​

Prometheus Analysis Part VI A – Black Goo: The X Files Excitation

The Purity Virus (The X-Files Explored)​

Vaccines Deliver Graphene Oxide Nanotubes for 5G Mind Control​

New epidemic of “Black Fungus” is sweeping across India ​

Manufacturing (New Normal) “Reality”​

Virginia's Loudoun County School Board silences public comment after raucous meeting, 2 men arrested​

COLUMN: Florida Bill Banning Vaccine Passports Contains Hidden Clause Allowing for MASS FORCED VACCINATIONS, Mandatory Solitary Confinement Quarantine of Residents With COVID-19



Over 30,000 US Veterans of Post-9/11 Wars Have Killed Themselves Since 2001​

Stanford professor Joel Peterson reveals student called him 'racist' for standing for the flag​

INTERVIEW: The Biggest Buyer of Silver on Earth 2021​

With Its Power Grid On The Verge Of Failure, California Begs Residents To Change Their EV Charging Routines​

Violent Crimes Surge in Democrat-Controlled Los Angeles ​

2010: Rockefeller’s ‘Operation Lockstep’ Predicted 2020 ‘Lockdown’​

Most Americans still want to believe that the future is going to be just wonderful, and so they see absolutely no need to prepare for the chaotic times that are approaching​

World Health Organization Says Do Not Give Children Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots


The Kay Griggs Interviews-1998-Satanism in the Military (Full Length)​

Synthetic Lipid Nanoparticles Targeting Steroid Organs​

DeSantis Signs Bill Mandating Minute Of Silence To Begin Every School Day​

Supreme Court sides with cheerleader who was kicked off squad for posting 'f**k cheer' on Snapchat​

US Military Poorly Led and Disgraced​

15,472 Dead 1.5 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots​

‘I Was Stunned’: Minnesota Girl Speaks out Against BLM Poster in Classroom ​

‘Did David Duke produce this?’: WaPo ripped for video on ‘white accountability groups’ to help understand ‘whiteness’​

White Liberals Need Sensitivity Training​

Google Keeps Suppressing the Shocking Interview of Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Vaccines. Here It Is.​

White Illinois Farmers Sue Over Race-Based Farm Loan Relief Program ​

New Study Links Ivermectin to ‘Large Reductions’ in COVID-19 Deaths ​

Wuhan's Bat Lady Found 'All Genes' Required To Genetically Engineer SARS-Like Coronavirus: 2017 Report

Is the Danger Covid or the Vaccine?​

Whiteness Is Being Eliminated​

Americans Are Fleeing California and New York for Florida and Texas: Study​

Limping Victoria’s Secret grounds angels & hires female success icons like Megan Rapinoe & Priyanka Chopra as new faces of brand

The FBI's role in the Jan. 6 Capitol fracas is absolutely disgusting​

A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids' Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here's What They Found

Questions About the FBI's Role in 1/6 Are Mocked Because the FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media

CDC says there's likely link between rare heart inflammation in young people after Covid shot ​

Communist Pope Francis: You Can Recognize False Christians by Their ‘Inflexibility’​

Green New Deal: California To Cut Off Water Supply Over Drought — After Dumping Trillions of Gallons of Freshwater Into Ocean!​

Barack Obama Argues Elections Takeover is Needed to Prevent Another January 6th 'Insurrection'​

So Much Of What The CIA Used To Do Covertly It Now Does Overtly​

"Out Of Order!" Colorado Mayor Bans Pledge Of Allegiance, Then Snaps At Meeting Attendees Who Recite It Anyway​

‘Where Are the Admirals? Where Are the Generals? Where Are the Veterans?’​

The horrible history of Big Pharma: Why we can’t leave pharmaceutical corporations in the driving seat of the Covid-19 response

New Harvard Data (Accidentally) Reveal How Lockdowns Crushed The Working Class While Leaving Elites Unscathed​

US Warns of Illness Caused by Hand Sanitizers in Latest COVID-19 Update​

Discovery of Microscopic Metals in Patients’ Brains May Offer Clues to Alzheimer’s Disease​

America's Largest Landlord Just Got Bigger: Blackstone Buys 17,000 Houses For $6 Billion​

Existing Home Sales Tumble For 4th Straight Month To Lowest In A Year​

BlackRock, GiaxoSmithKline and the Great Res​et

Dom Busby: 53-year-old BBC sports reporter develops brain tumor, dead 11 weeks after experimental AstraZeneca shot​

4,000 Women Report Menstrual Problems Including Heavy Bleeding and Delayed Periods after Getting Their Covid Vaccine​

Nicola Sturgeon says face masks & work from home to continue after AUGUST as she delays lockdown lifting​

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Men who think their relationship is a failure 'at a higher risk of premature death'

The Federal Reserve Cartel – Eight Families own the USA BIS, IMF, World Bank

My Woke Employees Tried to Cancel Me. Here’s How I Fought Back. ​

Black Democrats, Activists Silent on Whitehouse’s White-Only Club Membership

POLITICO Playbook PM: Why NYC’s ‘instant runoff’ could take weeks to decide

‘No one is gonna steal the election from me’: Echoes of 2020 in NYC mayor’s race

US takes down Iran-linked news sites, alleges disinformation

The legal right to disconnect could become the norm in Europe

U.K., U.S. F-35Bs Launch Anti-ISIS Strikes from HMS Queen Elizabeth

This was a mock drillBATTLESHIPS Russia ‘sinks AIRCRAFT CARRIER’ near Hawaii as US Navy strike group heads to region and fighter jets on standby

Capitol riot suspect says 'Schindler's List' helped her learn from participation

Pelosi signals new panel to investigate Jan. 6 Capitol riot

GOP filibuster blocks Democrats’ big voting rights bill

‘Prices That We’ve Never Seen Before’: Rising Food Costs Hitting Restaurants Hard

Many Restaurant Job Applicants Aren’t Showing Up For Interviews

U.S. Existing-Home Prices Hit Record High in May

A Record Buyout Is Just the Start as Wealthy Flee Tax Hike

Dozens in Chicago Tribune newsroom take buyouts

Scoop: The Hill ramps up sale talks

Biden pushes effort to combat rising tide of violent crime

As homicides soar nationwide, mayors see few options for regaining control

'Two COVID nations': Delta variant threatens sections of the country where vaccination rates lag

‘It’s out of control.’ Airlines, flight attendants want stiffer penalties for unruly passengers

Fourth of July expected to bring near record travel volumes

FAA says US airports will get $8 billion in pandemic relief

Monday, June 21, 2021

Major US Cities Race To “Re-Fund The Police” As Utter Lawlessness Reigns From Coast To Coast

One Mad Market & Six Cold Reality-Checks​

The World Relies on One Chip Maker in Taiwan, Leaving Everyone Vulnerable​

Behind the Vaccine Veil: Doctor cites ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC who claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans​

2 Corinthians 3:14​

American Airlines Canceling Hundreds Of Flights

'Prepare for Iran nuclear facility strike,' says Israeli official after election of 'Butcher of Tehran'​

Illinois city goes ahead with Juneteenth and LGBTQ parades, festivities after canceling in-person July 4 events over Covid-19​

"Smart Mark"[Of The Beast?] In a Kids NETFLIX Cartoon Called "Stretch Armstrong & The Flex Fighters"

FBI Releases Document with Detail of Alien Bodies, Spacecraft and Planet ​

Neuralink Has A Nemesis: Paypal Mafia Split Over Brain Gains ​

Fury as New York prosecutors DROP looting charges against hundreds arrested last summer​

Failure At WA Chlorine Plant May Force Some To Conserve Water​

Behind the Vaccine Veil: Doctor cites ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC who claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans​

Ron DeSantis Beats Trump in Conservative Summit Straw Poll ​

First U.S. Cruise in 15 Months Set to Sail as Restrictions Ease ​

Exclusive: Athlete Who Recovered From COVID Facing ‘Very Different Future’ After Second Dose of Pfizer Vaccine Triggers Myocarditis​

World War II Was Stalin’s War​

Jeff Bezos, the CIA’s man at Amazon, suppressed the effective Covid treatment used by America’s Frontline Doctors​

Censoring Truth-Telling About All Things Covid

Israel has already tested a digital shekel cryptocurrency

Biden Overall Job Approval Drops to 52%

Hell Freezes Over? Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners In Deal To Make Movies For Netflix

Medicaid enrollment swells during the pandemic, reaching a new high

Instagram reach is down | Is Instagram dying (2021)?!

REVEALED: Residents of more than 20 cities in US are receiving $500 a month universal basic income payments as popularity of Andrew Yang's proposal grows

Sunday, June 20, 2021

NFL player Cole Beasley vows not to take Covid-19 jab or follow league’s draconian rules, even if he has to RETIRE

Majority of Physicians Decline COVID Shots, according to Survey​

The Killer in the Bloodstream: the "Spike Protein"

What the spike protein does and how it spreads from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated.​

Million-dollar lotteries fail to cut through vaccine apathy

VIDEO: Police seeking suspects after wild gun battle in the Bronx

The rotting core of the Big Apple: How iconic Washington Square Park has become a no-go zone for law-abiding locals after dark - amid a string of overnight raves which have descended into chaotic violence

Downtown Chicago emerges from pandemic -- hobbled by crime wave

Pickup truck plows into Fort Lauderdale Pride parade killing one, injuring two and narrowly missing Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Police say 'unclear yet if driver acted intentionally'

American Airlines Cuts Some Flights to Avoid Potential Strains

First U.S. Cruise in 15 Months Set to Sail as Restrictions Ease

Crypto Currency Confusion: Georgia man wakes up a 'trillionaire'

The housing market is on fire. The Fed keeps adding gasoline

How Long Can America Keep Borrowing?

As pandemic subsides, businesses push Congress for one more bailout

Congress barrels toward debt cliff

Pandemic-delayed surgeries share blame for blood shortage

A Real Estate Mogul Has a $100 Million Plan to Save the Internet

Sesame Street introduces family with two gay dads during Pride Month

‘It lessens my bills’: $500 payments tested in upstate NY

TOKYO THRIFT Inside Tokyo’s COVID-19 secure Olympic and Paralympic village – where athletes are forced to eat​

Olympics-Venue medical officers want no spectators amid COVID-19 fears

Ugandan Olympian tests positive for virus upon arrival in Japan, the first detection as athletes head to Tokyo

NZ weightlifter Hubbard to become first transgender athlete to compete at Games

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Man Tells School Board: “If You Force The Vaccine On Our Kids, It Will Be 1776 All Over Again!”\

What the world is experiencing in 2021 and going forward is a manmade EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT via an ongoing series of bioterrorists acts perpetrated by a genocidal conspiracy of state actors

Enemies Within the Church (with Trevor Loudon)

NFL player Cole Beasley vows not to take Covid-19 jab or follow league’s draconian rules, even if he has to RETIRE​

Florida Governor DeSantis declares victory as federal judge slaps down CDC ‘overreach’ on Covid-19 cruise ship rules​

Trump Says Critical Race Theory In Schools Is "A Program For National Suicide"​

Ex-Trump doctor turned GOP lawmaker wants Biden to take cognitive test​

Taibbi: Why Has "Ivermectin" Become A Dirty Word?

'A Lifetime In Debt' - Older Americans Are Facing A Student-Loan Crisis

Questions About the FBI's Role In 1/6 Are Mocked Because The FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media

You Can't Create Permanent Inflation From Artificial Growth​

The Speech That Got John F. Kennedy Killed ​

The New Test for Central Bankers’ Cool: Booming House Prices

Charles won't let Archie be a prince: Prince of Wales's plan not to include grandson among slimmed-down, lower cost frontline royals is revealed as row that ignited Oprah outburst

A Very Late Night With the Yangs: The former frontrunner and his wife vent about Eric Adams, the media, and much more.

The rotten core of the Big Apple: How iconic Washington Square Park has become a no-go zone for law-abiding locals after dark - amid a string of overnight raves which have descended into chaos and violence

Taser-wielding madman sparks mayhem in Washington Square Park, cops say

Minnesota Farmers Worry As Drought Continues To Dry Out Crops

Severe Blood Shortage Nationwide Impacting Minnesota Hospitals

DoorDash app temporarily crashes, drivers stuck with orders

Poll: 30 percent of GOP voters believe Trump will 'likely' be reinstated this year

Mike Pence Gets Heckled at Faith & Freedom Coalition Summit With Boos and Cries of ‘Traitor!’

As Brazil tops 500,000 deaths, protests against president

Israel says it sent ‘completely normal’ vaccines to Palestinians

Mexico City shuts down classes again, enters higher COVID-19 risk tier

Thailand Once Shut Out Covid-19 but Is Now Pivoting to Living With It

Friday, June 18, 2021

Hundreds of Vaccinated Indonesian Health Workers Get COVID-19, Dozens in Hospital

Candace Owens speaks out against Juneteenth holiday, says "Democrats really need to stop trying to repackage segregation"​

Florida Judges Declare Mask Mandate Unconstitutional ​

Four Healthy British Airways Pilots Die in One Week - Airline Says No Link to Covid-19 Vaccine​

Royal Caribbean postpones cruise after eight vaccinated crew test positive for COVID​

Murder hornet 2021-Insect found near Seattle scaring locals with size and leaving experts warning of 'serious danger​

Farmers Blame The Feds: The "Government Stole Our Water"​

Hospitals See Surge In Double-Lung Transplants As COVID "Honeycombs" Organs​

Florida Gov. DeSantis Pardons Violators Of Masks Mandates, Social Distancing Rule​s

Two Men Ejected From Flight At San Fran Airport After Fighting Over Elbow Room​

Nikki Fried - Wikipedia ​

Kabbalist?: Nikki Fried, Florida’s Agricultural Commissioner, to Run for Governor

Reminder: Nikki Fried’s $700,000 luxury home appears to violate gift ban law

Nikki Fried’s Connections to New Cannabis Company Raise Questions​

Bezos' Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott Donates $2.7B to Fund HIAS, Open Borders Lobby, Pro-Censorship Groups, Racial Justice NGOs​

Universities Can't Require Vaccines: Arizona Governor's Executive Orders​

Senators running out of patience on mask mandate for travelers​

Some vaccine experts having second thoughts about rushing to inoculate kids ​


5th Exec Joins Moderna Billionaire Club — as Stock Price Soars Despite Growing Number of Injury Reports

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declares racism a public health crisis – and gives $10million in Covid money to fight it​

LGBT Activist Calls for Ban on ‘Gentle Non-Coercive Prayer’ for Gays ​

'There's no water,' says California farm manager forced to leave fields fallow

Nolte: Victoria's Secret Seeks to Destroy Brand with Spox Megan Rapinoe

Mike Pence is called a 'TRAITOR' at faith conference​

Devastated Roger Stone reveals details of his wife's Stage IV cancer battle in exclusive interview

Read theseMore Lives Shattered By Spike Protein Kill Shots The Vax 'Side Effects' Are Horrific And Life-Destroying Genocide Is Well Underway - Whether Slow Or Fast

Forget 5G, Super-Fast 6G Is Already Here

Lumber Bubble Bursts; Term Structure Slope Suggests Relief Coming For Homebuilders​

Netanyahu shredded documents before Bennett took office​

First manifestation of multiple sclerosis after immunization with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine ​

Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent​

The Summit Was A Propaganda Trap​

Atlanta May Be Headed for a Final Divorce as Communities Nationwide Seek to Redraw the Lines

The Killer in the Bloodstream: the "Spike Protein"​

Air India Pilot COVID Death: “He said that he will get vaccine after coming back from Dubai flight. But that could not happen,” said Air India Pilot's wife​

Texas Power Companies Remotely Raise Temps Amid Energy Shortage ​

Media hushes up report suggesting FBI involvement in Capitol riot, as White House turns anti-terrorism efforts on American people

America’s Soup-Brained President Says the U.S. Never Interferes In Other Countries’ Elections​

Inventor of mRNA Technology: Vaccine Causes Lipid Nanoparticles to Accumulate in ‘High Concentrations’ in Ovaries​

Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Lessons of Waco

The Secret Relationship Between Rappers and Kabbalists. ​

The Covid Vaccine and Depopulation; The Beginning of the Trail​

5th Exec Joins Moderna Billionaire Club — as Stock Price Soars Despite Growing Number of Injury Reports

Florida Sheriff To Blue-State-Migrants: Don't Vote The Way You Did Before "Or You'll Have Here What You Had There​

FBI Helped Organize and Coordinate Capitol Unrest, Tucker Carlson Claims in Bombshell Report​

Governments That Do Not Respect Truth Are Themselves Unworthy of Respect​

Why a Judge Has Georgia Vote Fraud on His Mind: ‘Pristine’ Biden Ballots That Looked Xeroxed​

'Touch The Ballots, Go To Jail': AZ Lawmaker Warns Biden AG As Audit Showdown Brews

How a Respected Pediatrician Lost His Medical License — Because He Supported Informed Consent​

Celente – Expect More Chaos And Violence In The Streets, This Time Because Of Massive Inflation​

EU Approves COVID Passport: Here’s How It Works — and Why the U.S. Doesn’t Have One

America Needs a Tourniquet Generation ​

Mao’s Cultural Revolution Has Arrived in America

Is UNICEF for the children? ​

The Biblical Meaning of a Mark on Your Forehead​

Internet outage: Airlines and bank websites go down in another major failure​

Politicians express concern over impact of UFOs on national security following briefing​

National security threat or nothingburger? Lawmakers send mixed signals after being briefed on UFOs​

Obama-Biden Admin Wanted Aborted Baby Parts From Boy Babies to Create “Humanized” Mice

Obamacare survives after Supreme Court rejects latest Republican challenge​

Lake Jackson drains overnight in giant sinkhole near Tallahassee in videos and pictures​

‘This Is About Power’: Black Theologian Voddie T. Baucham Exposes ‘Demonic Ideology’ Behind CRT, BLM, Antiracism

Generational Worldview Shift: Millennials Seek World without God, Bible, Churches​

First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2​

Drug, Opioid Overdose Deaths Soared During Covid-19 Lockdown​

Chipmakers Offered 25% Investment Tax Credit in New Senate Bill​

St. Louis gun-waving couple plead guilty to misdemeanor charges​

Women aged between 18 and 50 should NOT drink AT ALL, under shock WHO plan​

Rand Paul: HHS, NIH Have Not Turned Over Requested Coronavirus Docs​

STUDY: Covid vaccines cause Alzheimer’s, brain changes ​

Black man who targeted white males shoots five in 20-hour shooting spree ​

COVID, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century​

Inventor of mRNA Technology: Vaccine Causes Lipid Nanoparticles to Accumulate in ‘High Concentrations’ in Ovaries


Universities Can't Require Vaccines: Arizona Governor's Executive Orders​

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


19-Year-Old College Freshman Dies From Heart Problem One Month After Second Dose of Moderna Vaccin​e

'FBI operatives were organizing attack on the Capitol': Tucker Carlson claims insurrection planned​

USS Regan Strike Group Enters Heavily Disputed South China Sea​

NORTH KOREAN DEFECTOR Says US Similarities to NK Are "Insane" ​

Huge explosions rock Gaza as Israeli warplanes launch first airstrikes since ceasefire​

Hedge Fund Manager Kyle Bass Estimates U.S. Inflation is Around 12%​

White House Lays Groundwork to Target Conservatives as 'Domestic Terrorists'​

Team Biden Asks Americans to Report Radicalized Friends and Family ​

Federal Judge Deals Major Blow To Biden's "Green" Agenda, Orders Resumption In Federal Drilling Auctions​

Feels Like 1977: Inflation Too High, Money Too Loose

How Rigidly Controlled European "News"-Media Are

WHO 'Highly Compromised', Unfit To Lead COVID-19 Investigation According To Former CDC Director

Robert R. Redfield - Wikipedia ​

White House Lays Groundwork to Target Conservatives as 'Domestic Terrorists'​

Putin Condemns 'Political Persecution' of Jan 6 Protesters: 'Did You Order The Assassination' Of Ashli Babbitt?​

The Destruction Of Jerusalem - Message by Dr. Chuck Baldwin on Aug. 25, 2019​

Biden threatens cyber response against Putin and snaps at press​

Scientists develop an ultra-thin crystal film that could allow humans to see in the DARK​

North Mississippi farmers experience total loss for some crops after unprecedented flooding​


Check Out The Anti-Drone Weapons Carried By Security At Biden's Meeting In Brussels​

Vladimir Putin Refers to ‘Black Lives Matter’ to Deflect Human Rights Questions in Geneva

Pollak: Joe Biden Got Nothing in Geneva Summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin

Joe Biden Apologizes to Establishment Media Which Returns Favor Praising Performance at Summit with Putin

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Why Countries Collapse

'Rare, dangerous and deadly' heat wave tightens grip on western US​

Why Are Hordes Of Wealthy People Hitting The Escape Button And Heading To Montana? ​

New Material Able To Withstand Extreme Temperatures Discovered Totally By Accident

9 Signs That Some Of America’s Long-Term Trends Are Starting To Become Very Serious Short-Term Problems

US troops forced to segregate by race and sex for 'privilege walks,' told they're racist and more, Sen. Cotton says​

While America Slept, China Stole the Farm​

Exclusive: Dad Says Life ‘Not the Same’ for 21-Year-Old Student Who Developed Myocarditis After Second Moderna Shot​

Difference Between Myocarditis and Pericarditis​

DeSantis, cruise companies clash over vaccine requirement​s

Autism Prevalence Rates in U.S. and Northern Ireland Continue to Ris​e

Armed at Disney World: More tourists caught with concealed guns during pandemic​

Hawaii-Based F-22s Scrambled On FAA's Request But Nobody Will Say Why (Updated)​

I Think There Is A Great Evil At Work. None Of This Ends Well. Dark Dark Days Ahead!​

UNICEF Says Restricting Children's Porn Access Infringes Human Rights.​

WHERE’S JOE? Biden TWO HOURS LATE for NATO News Conference...and Counting ​

Supreme Court asks Biden admin whether it should challenge Harvard’s race consideration in admissions​

Fox 26 Reporter Ivory Hecker Releases Tape of Bosses; Sounds Alarm on 'Corruption' & 'Censorship'​

China sends 28 warplanes near Taiwan in year's largest exercise

'Fentanyl has changed the whole landscape': San Francisco faces worst drug epidemic ever

DeSantis’ much-touted Florida EVerify immigration law snares no one

U.S. workers are among the most stressed in the world, new Gallup report finds

NY Lifts Most Coronavirus Restrictions

Conservatives Applaud Jon Stewart For Backing Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Covid-19 Ranged From Illinois to Massachusetts Before States Reported First Cases

Monday, June 14, 2021

Hydrogel Biosensor: Implantable Nanotech to be Used in COVID Vaccine?

More fear nonsense: Coronavirus: Warning that UK faces 100,000 daily Covid cases by July

Netanyahu blasts Biden in 'scorched earth' departure speech, says Iran will be 'celebrating' defeat​

Lipid Nanoparticles : Dr Richard Fleming​

The Global Brain Hive Mind Artificial Intelligence Control Grid

Americans find another point of polarization as poll shows 79% of Democrats support employers forcing workers to get Covid-19 jabs

Creator of D-Wave: Artificial Intelligence is the "altar of an alien god" ​

Physicist Geordie Rose Recruits Techies to Create a ‘Tsunami’ of AI Demons Who See Humans as Ants

D-Wave Systems

Five big upcoming Supreme Court decisions

A great 'reckoning' in the Southern Baptist Convention is about to take place

'Urgent' British report calls for complete cessation of COVID vaccines in humans

UPDATE: Accurate List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases Shows 87 Total Cases - Trump and/or GOP Won 71% of Cases Where Merits Were Heard

VIDEO: Vernon Jones at US Border: "Where Is VP HARRIS? Women Are Being RAPED HERE - It's Human Trafficking for the Cartels!"

Community, LA County Sheriff clash on Venice boardwalk over housing the homeless

Judge orders temporary halt to $4B federal loan relief program for farmers of color

Judge Tosses Texas Hospital Workers' Vaccine Lawsuit

'Touch The Ballots, Go To Jail': AZ Lawmaker Warns Biden AG As Audit Showdown Brews

EXCLUSIVE: Texas to Build Its Own Border Barriers, Says Governor

UK Charity Teaches Staff 'White Women Reporting Rape By Black Men Support White Supremacy'

Why Countries Collapse​

The Wizard Of Oz: The Dark Reality That The Deep State Hides From The World​

8 Fully Vaccinated Die of COVID in Maine, as States Continue to Report ‘Breakthrough’ Cases​

How a Respected Pediatrician Lost His Medical License — Because He Supported Informed Consent​

CDC Holding Emergency Meeting over Heart Disorders in Vaccine Recipients​

EU Blocked G7 Condemnation of Xinjiang Slave Labour: Report​

Heart diseases in vaccinated teens: Tucker Carlson

Seven Things Nobody Talks About That Will Eventually Matter... A Lot​

Oracle Engineer Who Helped Design CDC Coronavirus Tracking System Dies from COVID-19 Two Months After Getting the Vaccine​

Pakistan Shuts Off Phone Service To Non-Vaccinated Citizens ​

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Vaccinated Individuals On No Fly List

Of course, he’s wrong again. The ancient Canaanite religions will finally openly show themselvesOBAMA: NEW RELIGIONS WILL ARISE AFTER CONTACT WITH ALIENS

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Warns: COVID-19 is a bioweapon designed and paid for by sociopaths in order to create global panic and manipulate humanity into sheepishly getting injected with a poisonous death shot

iHeartMedia Says They Will Not Hire White People

First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2​

Thor Industries Now Has $14 Billion Order Backlog Amid Booming Demand For RVs​

Covid-19 leads to brain changes & Alzheimer’s-like dementia, new AI-powered study finds​

Fed explores ‘once in a century’ bid to remake the U.S. dollar​

CDC: 42.6% of U.S. Adults Are 'Fully Vaccinated' ​

Media Flipping 180° On UFOs At Pentagon’s Directive Says More About Media Than UFOs​

Frustrated Homebuyers Are Competing With Investment Funds That Are Literally Buying Up Entire Neighborhoods​

Police in India Force Unvaccinated to Wear Skull and Crossbones Signs ​

Man crashes car after getting covid vaccine ​

Watch: Rand Paul Says "Elitist" Fauci Believes Americans Too Stupid To See Through "Pseudoscience"​

I hope this is trueBye Bye Bibi: Israel Parliament Vote Narrowly Unseats Netanyahu

Reporter Who Broke Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Story And Received 'Significant' Death Threats Found Dead

Inflation Is Starting To Get Really Crazy... And It Is Worse Than You Think​

Brandon Smith: The Real Reasons Why California Leftists Are Terrified Of The AR-15​

Germany Rolls Out First Digital EU "Vaccine Passport"​

"Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Of The Gun Lobby": Newsom Attacks Federal Judge Who Ruled In Favor Of Gun Rights​

D'Souza: An Orchestrated Hoax​

It’s Official: Naftali Bennett Confirmed as New Israeli Prime Minister, 60-59

Pollak: The Democratic Party Is the Dividing Line in Israeli Politics

Hamas Terror Group Honors Al-Jazeera for ‘High Professionalism’ in Anti-Israel Coverage

Pinkerton: Dr. Fauci, Meet Dr. Frankenstein – Did ‘Gain of Function Research’ Create a Monster?

Saturday, June 12, 2021

WHO Chief Scientist Accused of Suppressing Evidence that Ivermectin Cures Covid

Psychopaths are killing your kids. Where are you?

Respiratory Inhibiting Drugs Used To Treat Critically ill alleged ‘COVID-19’ Patients​

Biden asks G-7 to take a tougher line on China, but not all allies are enthusiastic

Low Taxes Brought Ireland Prosperity. A Global Tax Deal Now Threatens It.

CNN’s Cuomo: GOP ‘Too Concerned with the Wuhan Lab Story’ to Care About Trump DOJ Surveilling Dems

Eric Greitens: Kamala Harris Refusal to Visit Border a ‘Total Failure of Leadership’

Marlow to Tucker: Big Tech and Media Cover-up of Covid Origins Is ‘Really About Protecting Corporate Business Models in China’

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Chant ‘Allahu Akhbar,’ Torch Israeli Flag in NYC Demonstration

Ex-Mossad chief signals Israel culpability for Iran attacks

He 'won the lottery' of Israeli politics. But Naftali Bennett remains an enigma

Netanyahu offered to resign, let Benny Gantz serve as PM - report

May snaps long-standing streak for strong tornadoes in US

New Jersey school district removes names of all holidays from school calendar

Montana, the sold-out state New Yorkers can’t get enough of

BLOOD ON THE BEACH US tourist hit by stray bullet in Cancun after being caught in crossfire during cartel execution by gunmen on jet skis

Rocket men: Bezos, Musk and Branson scramble for space supremacy

Blue Origin auctions seat on first spaceflight with Jeff Bezos for $28 million

Looming heat wave could push Phoenix, Vegas temps to 115 F or higher

Half of young adults think one-night stands will be thing of past after pandemic ends thanks to ‘virtual intimacy’

‘Our Lord Isn’t Woke.’ Southern Baptists Clash Over Their Future.

Man urinating in middle of north Houston street, shot and killed by confronting residents

Road rage shootings kill or injure someone every 18 hours: analysis

Delta passengers and crew subdue off-duty flight attendant on Atlanta-bound flight

Airlines have seen an unprecedented rise in disruptive passengers. Experts say it could get worse.

Justice Dept. watchdog to probe Trump-era leak investigations, including secret subpoenas for data from Congress, journalists

Barr distances himself from Trump-era subpoenas of Democratic lawmakers

Justice Department requested data on 73 phone numbers and 36 email addresses from Apple

Apple tightens rules after Justice Department targeted U.S. lawmakers

Friday, June 11, 2021

The Real Reasons Why California Leftists Are Terrified Of The AR-15

Communism in America? Go Back to 1850​

Greg Abbott: Texas will build its own border barriers​

Here’s the Covid Game Plan for Global Genocide and Enslavement of Humanity​

CDC Admits Teens Vaccinated With Pfizer or Moderna at Higher Risk of Heart Inflammation​

KabbalistON THE A-GENDER Boris Johnson urges G7 leaders to build a ‘more gender neutral, more feminine’ world in woke plea

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's Testimony to the Ohio House of Representatives

The Hangover Arrives: Explosive Inflation Leads To Record Collapse In Home, Car Purchase Plans​

CBS Late Night: Knuckle Sandwiches to the Unvaccinated! 

Over 90% of the News You See on Television Is Owned and Controlled by Just 5 Giant Corporations​

New Yorker Article on UFO, ET Presence ​

If You Sell a House These Days, the Buyer Might Be a Pension Fund​

CDC to Convene Emergency Meeting on 226 Reports of Heart Inflammation After COVID Vaccine in People Under 30​

49 Jewish Groups Including ADL Call For Biden To Put 'Pathway to Citizenship' For Illegals In Spending Bill​

Where is Trump? Where are the pardons?The Geophysicist Who Stormed the Capitol

Which Countries Have The World's Largest Proven Oil Reserves?

EXPLAINER: What will change under Israel's new government? ​

Fall of the Cabal, The Sequel: The Wrath of the Jesuit Council​

Rates of anxiety and depression among college students continue to soar, researchers say ​

Netanyahu wages Trump-style campaign to stop Israel's transfer of power​

Johnson & Johnson ordered by FDA to throw out 60MILLION Covid vaccine doses after 'possible contamination'​

Suffering from VAX-CLOT? New blood-clotting disorder is sweeping the globe​

Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle - an overview​

Oregon will allow homeless individuals to pitch tents on public land​

Was it sunk to create the Federal Reserve?The Titanic was Sunk Deliberately to Create the Federal Reserve

Virginia Tech Football Player Says He Killed Tinder Match After Discovering He Was a Man

Torture Enters the Courtroom

Expressions of Anti-White Hatred in High Places: Aruna Khilanani at Yale​

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Israel Wins Big in Washington $1.2 Billion More is on the Way!

Was Lincoln a communist? Why is communism taught in schools?

Houston Methodist hospital workers refuse COVID vaccine, get suspended

Germany Makes Rapid Virus Tests a Key to Everyday Freedoms​

The new global religion demands the allegiance of every human being: Will you fall for its deceptions?​

The new global religion demands the allegiance of every human being: Will you fall for its deceptions?

Black professor calls for parents to pull kids from private school over critical race theory​

Psychoanalyst condemned for paper branding whiteness 'a malignant, parasitic like condition'

Magnetism INTENTIONALLY Added to ‘Vaccine’ to Force mRNA Through Entire Body​

Magnetic nano and micro particles by chemicell - Magnetofection, Magnetic beads, DNA separation

California’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Violates Second Amendment: Judge ​

Shocking Case of Academic Censorship​

Who Rules America?​


Report: Unvaccinated Students ‘Numbered’ and Tracked at Prom

Celebrity Millennium - Two passengers on first fully vaccinated cruise in North America test POSITIVE for Covid

Deutsche Bank issues dire economic warning for America

Florida city bans gambling amid prospects of Trump-owned casino

NOT DON-E Donald Trump WILL be ‘reinstated’ as president by the end of this year, a third of Republicans believe

Mueller prosecutor says Manhattan DA may have 'insider' in Trump criminal case

Pastor battles human smugglers on Facebook

Texas will build its own border barriers, governor says: ‘We have to step up and do more’

Gore pressed Biden to stick with climate plans as liberals fear White House is softening its agenda

Miami Bitcoin Gathering Was a Covid Hot Spot, Attendees Say

OH SHIP! Celebrity Millennium – Two passengers on first fully vaccinated cruise in North America test POSITIVE for Covid

Iran sends warships to Atlantic amid Venezuela concerns

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Ted & Austin Broer Speak to Polk County School Board. Say No to Masks and Cultural Marxis

Airline travel horror stories mount as Americans pack the not-so-friendly skies

Inside the Washington jail where accused Capitol rioters are treated as 'domestic terrorists'​

UFOs Repeatedly 'Took Offline' US Nuclear Capabilities, Ex-Chief of Pentagon Secret Unit Says​

Trump's election fraud claims propelled them to the Capitol on Jan. 6. His ongoing comments are keeping them in jail.​

Steven Brandenburg sentenced to three years in prison for tampering with COVID-19 vaccine doses​

Terrifying moment seven sharks seen circling beachgoers as one lurks beneath rubber raft​

New York Times Editorial Board Member ‘Disturbed’ by Sight of American Flags​

Bill Clinton says there are UFOs 'flying around' and is confident there is 'life somewhere else'​

Trump's election fraud claims propelled them to the Capitol on Jan. 6. His ongoing comments are keeping them in jail.​

Were the Cyber Attacks on Essential Fuel and Food Industries Planned? ​

With Fed's Reverse Repo Hitting Half A Trillion, Wall Street Scrambles To Figure Out What Comes Next​

Health Care Journal Publishes Research Calling Whiteness A 'Parasitic Condition' Without 'Permanent Cure' ​

Pfizer, Moderna Say Kids as Young as 5 Could Get COVID Vaccines by September

More Than 10,000 Vaccinated People Catch Covid-19, Leading Many to Question if Vaccines Really Work​

Netanyahu's Legacy of Hate Defines His Long Goodbye​

For Most People the Covid Vaccines Are More Deadly Than Covid

White House ‘Perplexed’ By Kamala Harris Performance on First Foreign Policy Trip: CNN

Harris hears criticism from all sides amid difficult first trip

China Returns to Its Strict Covid Restrictions to Fight a New Outbreak

U.S. warns Venezuela, Cuba to turn away Iranian ships believed to be carrying arms

Senators ask for 10 years of Supreme Court justices’ travel records

Whitehouse and Kennedy request Supreme Court travel records

Rowdy Hampton Beach Crowds Organizing Through Social Media, Police Say

The perfect storm making everything you need more expensive

As mystery over 'Havana Syndrome' lingers, a new concern emerges

Keystone XL Oil Project Abandoned by Developer

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Ted & Austin Broer Speak to Polk County School Board. Say No to Masks and Cultural Marxism​

COVID deaths plunge after major world city introduces ivermectin

MORE LEAKS: Facebook Whistleblowers Reveal Secret 'Filter' for 'Liberty-Based' and 'Religious-Based' 'Objections & Skepticism,' Including 'Vaccine Passports'​

Brookings Institution: Younger Evangelicals Are Walking Away From Israel​

No Jab For Me ​

Global glitch: Swaths of internet go down after cloud outage ​

WATER EMERGENCY ALERT is Issued as Brazil is Facing Drought ​

BOMBSHELL: FBI Violated Constitution to Track 'Far-Right Extremists'—Months *BEFORE* Capitol Riots​

10,864 Venezuelans Pour Into Texas Border Region, Up From 135 Last Year​

Informed choice? Not even close! The full-spectrum truth that’s being withheld​

10 Things We Have Learned During the Covid Cou​p

CMT Urges Viewers to Wear Orange for Bloomberg-Backed Gun Control Org​

USAF sergeant ‘got so close to UFO he touched it’ – and it had ‘inscriptions’​

The United Nations & the Origins of “The Great Reset”​

How Biden's Effort to Weaponise Human Rights Against Russia May Backfire on Washington​

Worldwide Genocide Continues: 13,867 DEAD and 1,354,336 Injuries in European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots​

France plans to oust English as the bloc's most common tongue and use French in EU meetings​

Netanyahu is out if new government survives confidence vote on Sunday

Britney Spears shows snake outfit as she shocks fans as she calls herself a snake' in bizarre rant while wearing snakeskin bodysuit​

Nobody Wants To Work: Job Openings Soar To All Time High 9.3 Million As Record Numbers Quit Their Job​

Watch: French President Slapped In Face By Man Shouting "Down With Macron!"

Crypto Carnages Wipes $1 Trillion In Wealth As Transactions Tumble To 3-Year Lows

To reduce the velocity of money: China Beefs Up Latest COVID Lockdown In Guangzhou As New Cases Climb

Israeli Defense Chief Warns Hezbollah: Strikes On Gaza Were "Only Tip Of The Iceberg"​

Give Me One Generation Of Your Children And I’ll Transform Your Countr​y

Scinto: Hitler quote used to stress early education

Understanding the brainwaves of your children

Frankfurt School Weaponized US Education Against Civilization ​

Doctors´ Desperate Warning: "THIS IS DEPOPULATION / GENOCIDE"​

Face Masks Lack of Safety and Ineffectiveness Research

Partial Pressure of Oxygen (PaO2) Test: Uses, Procedure, Results ​

As a beta test: Major media, govt websites hit by global outage

27 Experts Demand FDA ‘Slow Down and Get the Science Right’ + Humanity Must Embark on ‘New Relationship With Natural World’​

Twitter Suspends Author Naomi Wolf After Vaccination Claims​

The Twining Memo Still Speaks to UAP Report Authors

Response To Fauci's Emails Proves Everything Is Fake, Narrative Management Trumps Reality, And Those In Power Want It That Way

How To Monitor Illegal-Alien Charter Flights

Burger King Donating to Pro-Child Sex-Change Group With Every New Chicken Sandwich Sold

Cancelling Christianity? They’re Trying, Warns Author​

'Explosive' Evidence Coming Out Of Georgia: 17,400 'Missing' Ballots Would Have Put Trump On Top​

Inside the Washington jail where accused Capitol rioters are treated as 'domestic terrorists'​

Random Musings at The End of Life as We Knew It

Monday, June 7, 2021

The China Bioweapon: American Taxpayers Funding Americas Destruction

Otto Hermann Kahn - Wikipedia ​

Jacob Schiff - Wikipedia ​

E. H. Harriman - Wikipedia ​

COVID-19 Vaccine-Reluctant in U.S. Likely to Stay That Way ​

Genome sequencing almost certainly proves COVID was deliberately made in a lab, US experts claim​

Outsourcing Production Of Virtually Everything Has Brought US To Brink Of Nightmare Economy Scenario​

US Mulls Launching ‘Digital Dollar’

“Transitory” Inflation? — Sublime Yet Ridiculous​

It is NOT a Conspiracy if They (Government) are Truly Trying to KILL YOU: PCR Swabs are Coated With Ethylene Oxide – A Known Deadly Carcinogen Which Can Change our DNA

Soaring Used Car Prices May Result In "Shocking" Inflation Report Next Week​

Must read: Khazarian Banksters Unveiled Method of Control

The Alarming Case Of The USAF’s Mysteriously Missing Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles​

Fauci's NIH Funded Wuhan Military Scientist Who Died Mysteriously After Filing COVID Vaccine Patent​

Air Force 2 suffers technical issue with Kamala Harris on board & is forced to return to base – delaying Mexico trip ​

The Search for Capitol Rioters Is the Ultimate Online Manhunt

FDA approves Biogen's Alzheimer's drug despite lack of evidence​

Gen Z Is Spending At 125% Of Pre-Covid Levels, Amex CEO Says​

Why You Should Disable ‘Amazon Sidewalk’ on All Devices Before June 8​

The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of "Positive Cases" are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis​

How the Media Hides the Record of Vaccine Deaths. Deceives Americans​

Video: Pfizer's Criminal Record. Largest Medical "Fraudulent Marketing" Case in US History​

Doctors vs Health Authorities. Clinically Proven Drugs vs the Jab. Who will Prevail?​

More than 5,000 Covid Vaccine Deaths in America, 25,359 "Serious Injuries" and Almost 300,000 Reported "Adverse Events"​

Medical Bureaucrats to Ontario Doctors: ‘Shut Up or Lose Your Licence’​

CHAOS at Portugal’s Faro Airport as Brits rush to get home ahead of new mandatory quarantine rules (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)​

Western Public Health Authorities Continue to Suppress Effective Covid Treatments​

How Long Before America Appoints a Horse to the Senate?​

Covid Disinformation & Media Suppression of Experts’ Warnings Give Creditility to Conspiracy Theories

Jury: Suspect not guilty in Hardeeville SC fire chief murder​

Minneapolis unrest continues as Winston Smith Jr.’s family demands police video ​

Astra (weapon) - Wikipedia

Operation Mockingbird - Wikipedia ​

The Origin of Compulsory Schooling​

Semi Shortage To Last Until "Mid-To-Late 2022", World's Third Largest Electronics Manufacturer Says​

The United Nations & the Origins of “The Great Reset”​

The Spike Protein - Dr. Byram Bridle Professor of Viral Immunology University of Guelph - YouTube​

REPORT: High-Ranking Chinese Defector Working With DIA Has 'Direct Knowledge' of China's Bioweapons Program—and It's Very Bad​

Shocking Moment Amazon Employee Viciously Punches Elderly Woman in California Caught on Camera​

No Jab for Me – And Here Are 35 Reasons Why​

After 16 Years of Throwing Money at Defense Industry US Navy Finally to Admit Railgun Is a Delusion​

COVID deaths plunge after major world city introduces ivermectin ​

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Ron DeSantis destroys Fauci...

Hacking the Brain with Nanoparticles​

Rothschild- and Kabbalist-controlledChinese scientists allegedly investigated weaponising coronaviruses five years before the Covid-19 pandemic and may have predicted a World War III fought with biological weapons


The Pentagon Gave MILLIONS to Wuhan Lab-Connected Group with Ties to Dr. Anthony Fauci

Greatest Financial Event in History Coming – Bo Polny​

Latest VAERS Data Show: 5,165 Deaths Reported Following COVID Vaccines​

‘Self-Spreading’ Vaccines Pose Multiple Risks to Society​ - Including the End of Informed Consent

Rothschild- and Kabbalist-controlled: ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE Cybersecurity Experts: Chinese Cyberwafare Attacks Flipped U.S. Election From Trump To Biden; Chinese-Made TCL / Alcatel Phones Distributed To Georgia Poll Managers Secretly Connected Election To Internet

The Alarming Case Of The USAF’s Mysteriously Missing Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles

Despite vaccines, nursing homes struggle with outbreaks ​

Lumber Prices Slump As Historic Boom Hits A Wall

CDC given $1 billion to push covid vaccine propaganda, funded by the very same taxpayers being damaged by vaccine adverse events​

Electric Car Batteries Are Turning This Country Into an Actual Hellscape ​

An Inconvenient Truth: EVs May Offer A "Negligible" CO2 Difference From ICE Vehicle​e

German Study Finds Lockdown "Had No Effect" In Stopping Spread Of COVID​

Fauci's NIH Funded Wuhan Military Scientist Who Died Mysteriously After Filing COVID Vaccine Patent​

Cyber Polygon: Will The Next Globalist War Game Lead To Another Convenient Catastrophe?​

High court asked to review men-only draft registration law

G-7 nations reach historic deal on global tax reform

More than 600 earthquakes have shaken the California-Mexico border since Saturday -- the largest registering 5.3

Manchin’s opposition clouds future of Dems’ elections bill

Ransomware attacks are closing schools, delaying chemotherapy and derailing everyday life

Trump’s grievances cloud Republican agenda heading into 2022

Golfer Jon Rahm Was Cruising Toward a $1.7 Million Win—Until His Positive Covid Test

Saturday, June 5, 2021

US military says UFO sightings could be aliens or new hypersonic technology from Russian or China

Minneapolis cops tear gas protesters who lit FIRES as workers dismantled George Floyd Square​

Tucker Carlson rips U.S. government officials who 'helped China cover up COVID origins'​

Dr Judy Mikovits Warns Spike Protein Injections May Kill 50 Million Americans​

280% vin Lumber Prices Indicate Market Manipulation. Government Is the Ultimate Market Manipulator.

Pentagon UFO report 'has CLASSIFIED annex' fueling speculation government has secret info on alien encounters 

The ‘Dark Side’ of Corporate America’s Voice-Profiling Revolution​

State department officials say they were told not to open 'Pandora's Box' by probing Wuhan lab leak​

What the heck is going on in Israel? The Netanyahu show looks kind of like the Trump show.​

Glyphosate and Covid-19, MIT's Stephanie Seneff Connects the Dots ​

Judicial Watch Obtains Records Showing NIAID under Dr. Fauci Gave Wuhan Lab $826k for Bat Coronavirus Research From 2014 to 2019​

California and Nevada Are Now 100% in Drought​

Messing with your head: the government’s psychological war against the nation explained. (THE ANTIDOTE TO BRAINWASHING IS INCREASED UNDERSTANDING. ARM YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE!)

Tiananmen Survivor: China Is 'More Dangerous and Vicious than Nazi Germany'

REPORT: High-Ranking Chinese Defector Working With DIA Has 'Direct Knowledge' of China's Bioweapons Program—and It's Very Bad

White House Is Planning A ‘Graceful Exit’ For Anthony Fauci After Leaked Emails Show Pattern Of Deception And Coverups Surrounding COVID Scandals

Facebook Shuts Pro-Israel Jerusalem Prayer Team Page After Anti-Semites Flood Site With 800,000 Hateful Comments

Glyphosate and Covid-19, MIT's Stephanie Seneff Connects the Dots ​

Vaccine researcher admits ‘big mistake,’ says spike protein is dangerous ‘toxin’​

Taxpayers Fleeing California Take $8.8 Billion In Gross Income to Other States

‘Finished As A City’: Atlanta At Risk Of Losing One Of Its Wealthiest Neighborhoods Over Crime Wave

Russian National Wealth Fund to Decrease Share of Dollar to Zero, Finance Minister Says

COVID Deaths Plunge after Major World City Introduces Ivermectin

The Campaign against Ivermectin: WHO’s Chief Scientist Served with Legal Notice for Disinformation and Suppression of Evidence​

Zionist Tyranny Unchanged Under Any Under Any Israeli Leadership​

The Finders: CIA Ties to Child Sex Cult Obscured as Coverage Goes from Sensationalism to Silence​

Friday, June 4, 2021

Ex-Treasury employee gets prison for leaks on Trump

Google fails to fire head of diversity over anti-Semitic blog post and instead gives him new job​

Biden Declares 'White Supremacy' Greatest Threat to America, Says Never Forget 'January 9th' Capitol 'Insurrection'​

Uncovered Emails Show Fauci Supported ‘Grotesque’ Experiments at Wuhan Lab​

While others debate digital health passes, the EU has already hit the ground running​

UN “Worried” As Global Food Prices Soar To Ten Year High​

Are These Cyber Attacks Live Drills for What is Coming Later this Summer?​

Long Slide Looms for World Population, With Sweeping Ramifications

US military says UFO sightings could be aliens or new hypersonic technology from Russian or China​

Paul claims Fauci wanted to debunk COVID leak theories because the US invested in the Wuhan lab​

Do You Know What Your Children Are Watching On Supposedly 'Child Friendly' Networks? The Gay Mafia Are Going After Your Children On TV, With Toys And Even Foods

Minneapolis cops tear gas protesters who lit FIRES as workers dismantled George Floyd Square

Tucker Carlson rips U.S. government officials who 'helped China cover up COVID origins'​

FAA Data Shows Strange Pattern Of Military Encounters With Unidentified Aircraft ​

Watch: A Vindicated Rand Paul Decimates Fauci Over Emails

Dr. Peter Daszak is spotted outside his million-dollar home in upstate New York

How can Peter Daszak be part of WHO's team investigating the original source of the outbreak?

US intel report on UFOs: No evidence of aliens, but ...

Make Way For The Snitch State: The All-Seeing Fourth Branch Of Government ​

BOMBSHELL: Fauci Kept Funding Peter Daszak's Wuhan 'Gain of Function' Experiments with $7.5 Million after Trump Canceled Grant​

The Jaw Dropping Dr. Fauci Emails: Like Something Out of a Bond Movie​

Fauci Privately Advised Obama Staffer to NOT Wear Masks: ‘Not Effective’​

Probably a KabbalistTom Hanks: Schools and Hollywood ‘Must Portray the Burden of Racism in Our Nation’

SMOKING GUN: FAUCI LIED, MILLIONS DIED — Fauci Was Informed of Hydroxychloroquine Success in Early 2020 But Lied to Public Instead Despite the Science #FauciEmails

Thursday, June 3, 2021

'No Longer a Secret': Swedish Police Chief Links Deadly Shootings to Immigration

The Truth About Slavery​

If One Deep State Player Falls, They All Fall: Shot Heard Round the World​

The Rise of the Ex-Vangelicals​

Ron DeSantis, Cabinet sued over meeting in Israel ​

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs legislation against antisemitism into law​

Governor Ron DeSantis Signs MOU with Israel Supporting Travel and Tourism ​

‘Who is this man?’ Ron DeSantis bids farewell to Israel ​

President Trump silently affirms the Jewish Noahide Laws Thursday, April 4, 2019​

Renowned Texas Professor and Doctor: COVID-19 Shots are “Bioweapons thrust upon the Public!” ​

‘We Made a Big Mistake’ — COVID Vaccine Spike Protein Travels From Injection Site, Can Cause Organ Damage​

Tucker Carlson: Uncovered Emails Show Fauci Supported ‘Grotesque’ Experiments at Wuhan Lab  

Supreme Court: J&J Must Pay $2.1 Billion in Baby Powder Lawsuit​

Upcoming UFO report to Congress creating lots of buzz

Starting Lawyer Bonuses Soar To Record $164,000 Amid Unprecedented Comp Surge​

"People Are Panicking Now" - Container Ship Charter Rates "Have Gone Out Of Control"​

Biden Declares 'White Supremacy' Greatest Threat to America, Says Never Forget 'January 9th' Capitol 'Insurrection'​

Bodycam video captures deputies in shootout with 12-year old boy and 14-year-old girl: "Let's not shoot these kids"

EXCLUSIVE: Sly smuggler uses Border Patrol for free trips home

United Airlines Wants to Bring Back Supersonic Air Travel

10,000 volunteers drop out; Tokyo Olympics open in 50 days

GAME ON Tokyo 2020 Olympics chief confirms games WILL go ahead despite Japan’s capital being in state of emergency over Covid

Japan moves forward with Olympics despite COVID crisis and public doubts: "It's a tug of war"

Netanyahu attacks ‘dangerous’ coalition seeking to topple him

Netanyahu foes push for quick vote to end his 12-year rule

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Staged attacks on “Asians” in America sets the stage for ZERO criticism of the Chinese Communists for their takeover of America

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months​

Largest meat producer getting back online after cyberattack ​

EU Launches "Digital Wallet" In Latest Step Toward 'Cashless Society'​

The Beast Seeks To Destroy The Family By Promoting What God Condemns​

Do covid vaccines contain GMO “Magneto” protein capable of remotely controlling behavior, brain activity?​


Clive Maund Technical Analysis ​

Fears of beef and pork shortages grow after cyber attack on meatpacking company JBS​

Will you allow yourself to be ‘marked’ by the world system? 30-year-old prophecy foretold of a coming vaccine that will do exactly that​

Denver School Board Director and Black Lives Matter Activist Accused of Molesting Over 60 Undocumented Teens ​

Wuhan, the lab? No, the other Wuhan nobody is talking about: Opioid Trafficking Headquarters for Death and Destruction

HORROR! EXCLUSIVE VIDEO -- CAPITOL POLICE FIRED EXPLODING FLASH GRENADE INTO CROWD on Jan. 6 -- Explosion Fired into Crowd of Men, Women and Children!

‘Forever chemicals’ found in home fertilizer made from sewage sludge

Love And Courage Greater Than Fear ​

Israel Spots Probable Link Between Pfizer Vaccine, Myocarditis​

LOCKDOWN FOREVER! W.H.O and Fauci Warn Coronavirus Danger Is 'Far From Over'

Email Shows Researcher Who Funded Wuhan Lab, Admits Manipulating Coronaviruses, Thanked Fauci For Dismissing Lab-Leak Theory

‘More black kids demonstrating their lives don’t matter’: Brits disgusted by gang stabbing in London’s Hyde Park​

Ron Paul Exposes The 'Woke' Fed​

Founder Of Black Lives Matter Chapter Quits After Learning the "Ugly Truth"

German Judge Declares Mask Mandates Illegal And Harmful To Children

Appellate Court Strikes Down Racial And Gender Preferences In Biden's COVID Relief Law

US Mint Delays Silver Shipments Due To "Global Silver Shortage"

German Scientist Discovers What Causes Rare Blood Clots In Some AstraZeneca Jab Recipients​

Sweden Goes From Being One Of The Safest Countries In Europe To The Second Most Dangerous

Life Insurance & COVID-19; Something Doesn't Make Sense

Fed's Reverse Repo Hits All Time High $485BN As Reserves Flood System​

Vaccines Offer No Protection and Cause Mad Cow Disease​

mRNA technology pioneer says Covid-19 vaccinated people can shed spike protein, Twitter says delete this​

Coronavirus: Germany downgrades its risk status​

Appellate Court Strikes Down Racial And Gender Preferences In Biden's COVID Relief Law​

Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci and Gates Foundation Will Make Billions on Coronavirus Vaccine ​

Canadian Doctor Tells RFK, Jr.: Many Patients Experiencing ‘Serious Injuries’ After Moderna Vaccine​

Exclusive — Johnson Aims to 'Kill' Schumer China Plan: 'Not Too Late' ​

Nolte: Media Confirm Two More 'Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories' ​

DeSantis: 'You Can't Be Cowed' by Woke Corporations, NCAA -- 'To Hell with These Events'

Swedish Police Chief Links Migration to Surge in Fatal Shootings

DeSantis: Investigate Fauci's Role with Gain of Function Research ​

Chris Pratt to People Who 'B*tch and Moan About America': 'Your Right to Free Expression Is Paid for in Blood'​

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

New peer reviewed study on COVID-19 vaccines suggests why heart inflammation, blood clots and other dangerous side effects occur

Vaccine researcher admits ‘big mistake,’ says spike protein is dangerous ‘toxin’

Bellevue Idaho deputy known for viral TikToks is fired

TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecrafts​

Hackers hit Australian meatworks giant ​

117 Employees File Lawsuit Against Texas Hospital for Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine​

Vaccine Expert Warns: "We Made a Big Mistake”​

Republican Rep Mike McCaul says it's 'more likely than not' COVID came from the Wuhan lab​

US subsidiary of meat-packing giant JBS hit by cyberattack ​

Meat Plant Shutdowns Are Spreading After a Cyberattack on JBS ​

Close encounters: Democrats and Republicans unified in taking UFOs seriously ​

Pure propaganda to stop Patriots. He is compromisedTrump is Reportedly Telling People He Will Be Reinstated as President By August

Drinking Too Much Is An American Problem

Sidney Korshak - Wikipedia​

Israel on Edge as Politicians Wrangle Over Coalition to Oust Netanyahu

Xi Jinping seeks 'lovable' image for China in sign of diplomatic rethink

Amazon warehouse workers suffer serious injuries at higher rates than other firms

Amazon US customers have one week to opt out of mass wireless sharing

Pentagon report clears use of drones made by top Chinese manufacturer

Anthony Fauci’s pandemic emails: ‘All is well despite some crazy people in this world’

'Disgruntled' firefighter shoots dead co-worker at Santa Clarita fire station before driving home, barricading himself inside, setting property alight and killing himself

Owner of Maywood barbershop charged with killing customer who refused to pay

Neighbors Fear Bear-Themed Compound Will Be Next Ruby Ridge

‘SpongeBob’ and ‘Transformers’ Cost U.S. Taxpayers $4 Billion, Study Says

CAMEO APPEARANCE Donald Trump Jr flogging $599 videos on celebrity website Cameo to get MAGA messages across after Don’s Twitter ban

Trump’s company puts D.C. hotel lease up for sale, again

One way companies are concealing higher prices: Smaller packages

How the World Ran Out of Everything

Monday, May 31, 2021

How Hollywood’s ‘Jesus’ Jim Caviezel Went Full QAnon

Four more Oath Keepers indicted in Jan. 6 federal conspiracy case: court filing​

PR Carrie Symonds at the centre of Boris Johnson affair scandal

Michael Flynn says he thinks a coup like Myanmar should happen in US with calls for court-martial

It Was Kushner Who Told Flynn To Make Calls About Israel UN Vote, Source Says ​

Clive Maund – Genocide is their End Game and everything that has happened and is happening is due to a meticulously planned and sinister plot being implemented by the narrow clique of gangsters who now control our world

Expert: Neuralink Could Sell Your Private Thoughts to the “Highest Bidder”

Michael Flynn says he thinks a coup like Myanmar should happen in US with calls for court-martial 

Cruise lines and Florida Gov. DeSantis square off over vaccine passports ​

Aluminum and Tau in Neurofibrillary Tangles in Familial Alzheimer’s Disease

Millions of Americans could face eviction as housing protection expires in June ​

117 Employees Sue Hospital in Houston over Vaccine Mandate: You’re Forcing Us to Be ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ ​

Federal Law Prohibits Mandates of Emergency Use COVID Vaccines, Tests, Masks — 3 Resources You Can Use to Inform Your School or Employer​

1 Million Hit the Streets in London to Fight for Freedom – While Millions of Americans Mask up and Go on Vacation for Memorial Day​

Fauci’s Hidden History And Secret Affiliations Finally Catch Up With Him​

Feds arrest man who received controversial pardon from Matt Bevin in slaying

In Portland, shootings and homicides soar, and activists take to the streets to protest the violence

Arizona bringing back gas chamber with chemical favored by Nazis

The Texas governor said he plans to strip the Legislature's pay after Democrats staged a walkout to prevent restrictive voting laws from passing

Texas Democrats leave House floor, effectively blocking passage of restrictive voting bill for now

Dems walk, stop Texas GOP’s sweeping voting restrictions

California eyes shuttered malls, stores for new housing

For DoorDash and Uber Eats, the Future Is Everything in About an Hour

U.S. travelers on the road again with Memorial Day holiday still subdued by pandemic

TEARS FOR FALLEN Memorial Day: Biden breaks down at Tomb of the Unknown Solider & jabs at Trump as he vows to ‘fight for soul of America’

U.S. Covid cases near pandemic low as travel picks up for Memorial Day weekend

Israel’s Netanyahu fights to block opposition parties from taking power

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Evangelical Lutherans Accept Self-Mutilation as Christian

Greer: Update on False UFO Disclosure​

Is Ivermectin The New Penicillin?

Biden Slams GOP-Proposed Texas Voting Rights Bill as ‘Part of an Assault on Democracy’

DeSantis: People Moving to Florida ‘Overwhelmingly’ Registering as Republicans, Including Democrats ​

World-Renowned Academic Physician Blows Lid Off Covid Vaccines​

Covid-19 Vaccines Lead to New Infections and Mortality: The Evidence is Overwhelming​

I’m a doctor, but Covid’s broken my faith in medical research. I can’t believe anything I read or accept any mainstream facts​

Dalton parents enraged over 'masturbation' videos for 1st graders ​

House Hearing: Only Jamie Dimon’s Microphone Mysteriously Malfunctions During Pivotal Questioning ​

Homeowners’ Insurance Companies in Florida Are Raising Rates by Unprecedented Amounts, Effectively Confiscating the Stimulus Checks from Struggling Families and Seniors​

The Fed Has Misled the Public about the “Strength” of the Wall Street Mega Banks: This Chart Shows the True Picture​

Is Christian Cohabitation the New Norm?

‘When do we round up?’ What if the vaccine-hesitant block our hitting thresholds to reopen?

Firefighters battle huge blaze at Ergon oil refinery in West Virginia​

Virologists Say Genetic "Fingerprints" Prove COVID-19 Man-Made, 'No Credible Natural Ancestor'​


'Creepy': Netizens Enraged Over Joe Biden's 'Inappropriate' Comment About a Young Girl

If Everything Is Going To Be Just Fine, Why Do The Shortages Just Keep Getting Worse?

The Lavish Lives of the Kremlin’s Ultra-Rich Daughters

Several Earthquakes Shake Lake Tahoe – With A Big One Overdue, Is It Coming Soon?

Mothers criticize BLM activists for profiting off their dead sons

An Arms Race in America: Gun Buying Spiked During the Pandemic. It’s Still Up.

U.S. monitoring Iranian warships that may be headed to Venezuela

Total of 22 people shot, 2 killed outside Northwest Miami-Dade banquet hall

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Stupid, uneducated, and victimizedVaccinated teens can get free Six Flags ticket at DuPage County event

Exposing The "Keys" to Disney's Operations and Agenda

Dr. Breggin talks book Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We Are The Prey

NCGOP Brass Are Giving Grassroots Activists and Committeeman the Runaround on President Trump's Upcoming Visit to North Carolina​

Tennessee Hat Shop Blasted for Selling Nazi-Style Jewish Stars Proclaiming 'Not Vaccinated' ​

Aging reversed: Study shows how you can become 3 years 'younger' in just 8 weeks!

DHS Secretary Admits: “We’re Taking a Very Close Look” at Vaccine Passports

Back in January Satan Soldier Nephilim, AKA

Nine US Navy warships were 'swarmed by up to 100 UFOs' over one month period

Biden's Budget Assumes a Massive Retroactive Capital Gains Tax

Tucker reacts to State Dept memo encouraging diplomats to support BLM

A viral TikTok video brought chaos to Huntington Beach. Officials fear it's just the beginning

As the Hamptons Booms, a New World of Luxury Problems

In visions of post-pandemic life, Roaring ’20s beckon again

Bitcoin Slumps as Traders Brace for a Volatile Long Weekend

Tesla starts using cabin cameras to make sure drivers are paying attention

Fox News and Donna Brazile Quietly Part Ways

Washington Square Park ‘drug den’ horrifies Greenwich Village neighbors

Do deficits matter anymore? Biden’s first budget signals they don’t.

McConaughey: Face masks a 'short-term inconvenience for long-term freedom'

As U.S. calls for focus on covid origins, China repeats speculation about U.S. military base

Eastern Europe Has Been Hardest Hit By Covid: AFP Tally

U.S. monitoring Iranian warships that may be headed to Venezuela

Several Earthquakes Shake Lake Tahoe – With A Big One Overdue, Is It Coming Soon?

Happy summer? Rain, unseasonably cold temps to greet Northeast for holiday weekend

Friday, May 28, 2021

Mask mandate and use efficacy in state-level COVID-19 containment

Tebow, Trump, and DeSantis

Vile History Of US Human Experimentation

BREAKING: USPS Worker Admits To Dumping Election Ballots In New Jersey Dumpsters​

FBI Releases Posters in Hebrew, Yiddish to Encourage Reports of Hate Crimes​

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Sued by White Reporter for Allegedly Refusing Interview Based on Race ​

Weirdo mental: Jenner says ‘of course’ boys who started trans ‘treatment’ young should compete with girls

Covid-19 Vaccines Lead to New Infections and Mortality: The Evidence is Overwhelming​

Lisa Shaw: BBC presenter, 44, died from blood clot after having AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, her family say​

Moscow Court Increases Fines on Twitter to $380,000 for Failing to Delete Banned Content

Moment USS Omaha is SWARMED by 14 UFOs on radar in 2019

U.N. Challenges Israel: Alleges Defensive Strikes in Gaza Possible 'War Crimes' ​

California's Massive Container-Ship Traffic Jam Is Still Really Jammed

This Is DNCNN: 'Breaking the News' Reveals Deep Ties Between CNN, Democrat Power Players

FNC's Carlson: Spike in Violent Crime a Product of 'Stupid, Malicious' People Taking Full Control of the Country

Senate Republicans KILL bill to create a Capitol riot commission

Syrians Democratically Reelect President Bashar al-Assad​

Meet the outspoken Rabbi who says Israel is a monster that should be removed from the map​

Corporate Media's Double Standard: They Attack Whomever They Want, But You Cannot Criticize Them​

We are Human Guinea Pigs": Alarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines Warrant Urgent Action​

‘Dangerous’ New Wave of Censorship Culminating in the US: Dershowitz​

Doctors, Parents Sue HHS Over COVID-19 Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization in Children Under 16


Insouciance Destroyed America​

The latest, disturbing trend amongst gender-bender narcissists? Becoming a ‘nullo’ by having one’s genitals surgically removed​

Leaked State Department Memo Indicates Official Support For BLM Agenda

Black Lives Matter Supporter at Capitol Breach Said He ‘Brought My Megaphone to Instigate’ Trump Supporters: DOJ​

Florida Gov. Signs ‘Big Tech Bill’ to Stop ‘Power Grab on Speech, Thought and Content’​

Halt Covid Vaccine, Research Scientist Urges CDC ​

America’s Public Health System Is Utterly Corrupt​

COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds More Than Triple in 1 Week, VAERS Data Show​

Banking Corruption: Facts, Information ​

The Paula White Controversy: Taking Over for Zachery Tims Stirs Up Drama ​

Inhaled nanobodies could be new secret weapon against severe Covid cases, animal trials suggest​

Canada: Woman Calls Funeral Homes for Truth about COVID Death Numbers ​

San Francisco Allows Children To ‘Consent’ To COVID Vaccines Without Parents Knowing ​

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Australia's Victoria state to enter COVID-19 lockdown after fresh outbreak

Ex-official who revealed UFO project accuses Pentagon of 'disinformation' campaign​

Resistance to vaccine mandates is building. A powerful network is helping. ​

Biden ATF director nominee: 'I support a ban' on AR-15 rifles​

Lawyers & Doctors File Lawsuit For Nuremberg Code Violations ​

Calls for Fauci to resign after flip-flopping on origins on COVID​

Cities That "Defunded" The Police See Extreme Spikes In Crime And Now Begging For Outside Help And More Money​

What Is Your Plan As Major U.S. Cities Devolve Into Lawless Wastelands Dominated By Violent Criminals?​

"I Don't Know Of A Bigger Story In The World" Right Now Than Ivermectin: NYTimes Best-Selling Author​

Jeffrey Epstein's 'recruiters, lovers and pals set to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell in her sex trafficking trial’​

Biden Unveils $6 Trillion Budget That Will Raise Federal Spending To Highest Post-WW2 Level​

Facebook shows it's 'true and ugly colours' over Wuhan censorship​

Facebook lifts ban on user comments about COVID-19 being man-made​

Canadian soldier charged with ‘mutiny’ after calling on troops not to distribute ‘killer’ Covid-19 vaccine​

Oregon House passes bill removing religious, philosophical exemptions for vaccines​

U.S. Miners on No Domestic Production of Critical Minerals: China Wins ​

Biden Shut Down Wuhan Lab Investigation Probing CV Origins [Video]​

Rand Paul: "Fauci Cannot Investigate Himself; Get Him Under Oath"​

New Pfizer study: Four fifths of all vaccinated children aged 12 and over complain of side effects ​

Model Stephanie Dubois Suffers Blood Clot, Dies Days After Getting COVID Shot ​

The Tide Is Slowly Starting To Turn​

BREAKING: Judge Torpedos Bayer’s Plan to Skirt Legal Liability in Roundup Cancer Cases, Citing ‘Glaring Flaws’​

Turkish mobster's videos targeting top politicians draw millions of views

More Deaths Reported After J&J, AstraZeneca Vaccines, Plus Researchers Link AstraZeneca to Strokes in Young Adults​

Satan Soldiers Tell Us When We Can Go​

Dr Sherri Tenpenny - A Massive Extermination Project Is Coming This Autumn/Winter​


L.A. Marzulli: UFO Disclosure - Full-Length Film​

Von Braun’s False Flag Alien Invasion – a genuine warning or Fourth Reich deception?​

That Didn't Age Well: Wuhan Propaganda From MSM Laid Bare​

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

They Are Telling Us The Plan: A Future Virus “More Deadly” Than COVID Is Coming

Big Pharma Is Already Preparing Vaccines For The Next Global Pandemic​

Colleges weigh COVID-19 vaccine mandates for fall​

US New Home Sales Plunge After Massive Downward Revision As Prices Soar​

Here Comes The Hangover: Soaring Prices Result In Record Crash In Home, Appliance Buying Plans​

How the Unthinkable Became Thinkable: Eric Lander, Julian Huxley and the Awakening of Sleeping Monsters

MyPillow’s Mike Lindell is turned away from Republican governors event

Poll: Over 1 billion people worldwide unwilling to get COVID-19 vaccine, global herd immunity at risk

The Zionists on the Defensiv​e

Who really won America's 2018 Midterm Election?

How American Journalism Became a Mouthpiece of the Deep State​

Drivers Beware: The Deadly Perils of Blank Check Traffic Stops

Communist China was created by Communist Kabbalist infiltrators working for the International Banking Cartel

Mystery as anchor-shaped UFO leaves trail of smoke before crashing into sea off Indonesia ​

This is a must read: Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It 

Canadian Government Lured Children with Free Ice Cream to Take COVID Vaccine without Parental Consent​

California to Require Uber, Lyft Drivers to Transition to Electric Vehicles in Latest Climate Change Mandate ​

'COVID Vaccine Secrets' Is an Excellent Video to Share with People who Are Considering Taking COVID-19 Vaccines

SM-102 - Wikipedia

Before COVID Vaccine, Her Son Was a Healthy Athlete — Now He Can ‘Barely Walk,’ Mom Says​

Jewish House Democrats Call for Ambassador to Combat Antisemitism

Senators and Congressmen Who Hold Dual Citizenship

Google Strikes Deal With Hospital Chain to Develop Healthcare Algorithms

Resistance to vaccine mandates is building. A powerful network is helping.

Public transit worker fatally shot 8, then killed himself at San Jose rail yard, authorities say

The Woke-Industrial Complex

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d'Etat and the "Great Reset"

Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals - COVID Vaccine Is 'Creating Variants'​

OSHA Abruptly Reverses Course, Says Employers Will Not Be Liable for COVID Vaccine Injuries After All​

Bishop Asks for Resignation of Catholic Priest Who Blasted "Godlessness of the Democrats" and Allowed Parishioners to Attend Mass Without Masks​

Santa Clara County: Businesses Must Submit Vaccination Status Of All Employees-Every two weeks!​

US has provided total $146bn in aid to Israeli regime, $3.8bn military aid in 2020 ​

Don't Let The Media Get Away With U-Turning On The Lab Leak Theory​

Fed To Treasury Dealers & Congress: We Can't Count On You, We're Taking Charge

A year after left-wing news TRASHED theory that COVID originated in Wuhan lab outlets now BACK idea


Intercepted: Big Pharma’s Deadly Covid-19 Vaccine Monopoly

Florida universities are rolling back face mask requirement​s

Fans to return to Florida university sports at full capacity​

Detained Belarusian dissident appears in video as fury mounts over 'hijacking' of Ryanair flight

Andrew Yang's wife Evelyn rips 'racist disfiguration' of husband in New York Daily News cartoon

America's anti-Semitism crisis worsens: Teen is put in a chokehold, feces is left outside a synagogue, man is arrested for torching a community center and temple-goers get armed escorts in LA amid spike in hate crimes as pro-Palestinian factions target Jews

US sees startling rise in antisemitic attacks

Coughing with difficulty breathing, Nasrallah speaks and threatens Israel

FBI investigating death threat and package sent to Rand Paul's home

RAND THREAT Rand Paul receives chilling death threat as white powder and pic of him with RIFLE to his head sent to Senator’s home

Fox News to Stream Some of Prime-Time Lineup

Ireland rejects President Biden's global corporate tax plans and will keep 12.5% rate, finance minister tells Sky News

Poll: Over 1 billion people worldwide unwilling to get COVID-19 vaccine, global herd immunity at risk

Biden, Putin to meet in Geneva on June 16

Russia deploys nuclear-capable bombers to Syria for training

White House touts US reaching 50% adults fully vaccinated

Marjorie Taylor Greene Thanks Supporter For Tweet Calling Kevin McCarthy a ‘Moron’ and ‘Feckless C***’

Silicon Valley Wants Dogs to Live Longer So Humans Can, Too

DC attorney general sues Amazon on antitrust grounds, alleges it illegally raises prices

Monday, May 24, 2021

Get Ready for the 'Plate Reset'

UFO Pentagon report: US navy nuclear submarines detect mystery speeding objects underwater​

'Evil' Critical Race Theory 'fruit' of Marxist 'long march,' says Os Guinness ​

POST A COMMENT: CHD Calls on FDA to Immediately Take COVID Vaccines Off the Market​

Rothschild Investment Group Partners With Vatican To Rebrand Communism As 'Inclusive Capitalism'​

The US Isn’t An Israel Puppet, Israel Isn’t A US Puppet: It’s One Empire​

The sexual counterrevolution is coming

Nobel Peace Prize Winning Virologist: "The Curve Of Vaccination Is Followed By The Curve Of Deaths"​

Shocking Live Blood Analysis After Vax

An exclusive interview with Dr Roger Hodkinson – "When the history of this madness is written, reputations will be slaughtered and there will be blood in the gutter"

Greyerz Issues Dire Warning – Global Population Will Be Cut In Half As Financial And Economic Chaos Erupts

CDC: Death Toll Following Experimental COVID Injections Now at 4,647 – More than 22 Years of Recorded Vaccine Deaths from VAERS​

Ominous Signs Those Getting Vaxxed Are Part Of A Huge Experiment

Warehouses Look to Robots to Fill Labor Gaps, Speed Deliveries​

Major cruise lines to restart voyages for vaccinated passengers​

Ron Paul: Fed Inflation Is Propping Up Big Government Spending

US State Dept Issues "Do Not Travel" Advisory For Japan As Calls To Cancel Olympics Intensify

The CDC Misled the US by Implying that there Is a 10% Risk of COVID Transmission Outdoors. Instead, It Is Close to Zero

UK scientists admit to using ‘ethically questionable’ fear tactics in COVID response

World Health Organization (WHO) Calls for Global Surveillance, More Authority over Nations and Billions in Funding ​

Court Upholds FDA Approval of Controversial GMO Fake Meat Ingredient​

Coronavirus vaccine mandates more popular than vaccine passport​s

Lego announces LGBTQ set ahead of Pride Month: 'Everyone is Awesome' ​

DeSantis Signs Law Equipping Floridians to Fight Big Tech Censorship

Freemason Insider Exposes Luciferianism as the World’s Oldest Secret Religion and Their Plan for a New World Order

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Nobel Prize winner: Mass COVID vaccination an ‘unacceptable mistake’ that is ‘creating the variants’

"Greater Israel": The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

Video: Pfizer's Criminal Record. Largest Medical "Fraudulent Marketing" Case in US History

A Timeline of "The Great Reset" Agenda

"The Human Bomb": Effects of mRNA “Vaccination” on Unvaccinated People?

Message to Doctors By the Ontario College of Physicians & Surgeons Shows Desperation To Silence Them​

Caught Red-Handed: CDC Changes Test Thresholds To Virtually Eliminate New COVID Cases Among Vaxx'd​

CDC investigating heart problems in teenagers and young adults after Moderna or Pfizer vaccine​

Snyder: Thoughts On The "New Normal" & What We're Losing As A Society... ​

Unpaid Student Loans Top $435 Billion​

CDC's Absurd Guidelines For Summer Camps: A Recipe For Dystopian "Fun"

Oregon Is Bribing Its Residents Into Getting Vaccinated With A $1 Million Lottery

Total Tyranny: We'll All Be Targeted Under The Government's New Pre-Crime Program

Zionist: Biden Vows "No Shift" In Commitment To Israel After 'The Squad' Confronted Him

The Mysterious Death of Dr Fauci’s Most Notable Critic

Christian College Loses Battle Against Biden's Directive That Would 'Place Males Into Female Dorms'

Held down and injected with forceCompulsory Covid-19 Vaccinations May Be Unpalatable but Necessary

FDA looking at removing these compounds

Fake Refugee 'Children' Boarding Plane Bound For Midland, TX​

Why Are Media Ignoring Data Showing Massive COVID-19 Vaccine Death Spike?

It’s Official: on July 1st, the EU Becomes a Huge Concentration Camp (Let’s not fool ourselves: this European “ausweis” (ER: ID card) is nothing more than a permit to leave the European open-air prison in order to be able to circulate again between the different European countries.)

Microsoft Mesh Mixed Reality Platform Will Make ‘Avatar’ a Reality​

World Economic Forum Urges Companies To Fire Unvaccinated Employees As Part of 'Jobs Reset,' Deletes Tweet After Backlash

Why Are Democrats So Afraid of Election Audits?

Psychotics? Yep – Created And Fed

Dr. Tenpenny - Covid Shots Have No Off Button. They keep killing and killing and killing...

Inflation & Implosion – Hyperinflation in 2022​

Wuhan Lab Workers Were 'So Sick They Sought Hospitalization' According To US Intelligence​

Fed Prepares To Go Direct With Liquidity​

Kabbalist-controlled school: Fury as $47,000-a-year as Manhattan school forces juniors to attend compulsory PORN lessons

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Blaming the unvaccinatedForget Herd Immunity! Winter COVID Surges Will Bring Lockdowns, Travel Bans, Crammed ICUs

Most New Cases of COVID-19 Are From Vaccinated Persons

Newsweek Officially a Tool of Israeli Propaganda

The progressive haven of San Francisco is now a haven for shoplifters, thieves and drug addicts​

The Mysterious Death of Dr Fauci’s Most Notable Critic ​

This is the nature of the ruling beast, and if their campaign is successful, the people will become easier to control as time passes​

Antibody-dependent enhancement​

Slovakia Report: Covid “Tests” Contaminated With Nanotech Hydrogels & Lithium​

Researchers Find 1,000 Different Proteins in AstraZeneca’s COVID Vaccine Linked to Deadly Blood Clots​

Plandemic: Indoctornation World Premiere​

Bombshells Hidden Within AP Story Hint Mandatory Shot Ahead ​

Microchipping Humans With Ultrasound Powered Devices Could Alter Medicine​

Girl Banned From Wearing “Jesus Loves Me” Mask to School Inspiring Other Children to Follow Christ​

Canadian Pastor who was arrested for having Church has property set on fire by arsonists ​

Nearly half a billion people on the planet now have diabetes - though many have no idea​

Georgia Gov. Urges Educators Not To Teach Critical Race Theory’s ‘Dangerous Ideology’​

Anti-Israel Protests Across Europe Descend Into Anti-Semitism​

Ron DeSantis Vows Action on 'Offensive' Tax Funding of Critical Race Theory ​

Giroir: Gain of Function Research Probably Still Happening in China with U.S. Funding​

How high taxes, rampant crime, streets littered with addicts are blamed for ruining the Golden State​

'It's a badge of honor:' Chicago mayor says she's delighted by police union's vote of no confidence​

FDA Protects Covid-19 Vaccine Makers Seeks Withdrawal Of Competing Dietary Supplement​

The Medical Rebel ​

Meat Eaters Hit Hardest as Inflation Sweeps U.S. Grocery Aisles

New COVID-19 cases plummet to lowest levels since last June

Friday, May 21, 2021

Ex-Israeli Pilot: 'Our Army Is a Terrorist Organisation Run by War Criminals' 

Arms Trade: Which Countries and Companies Are Selling Weapons to Israel?​

Video: The Corona Crisis and the Engineered Destabilization of the Global Economy. Michel Chossudovsky.​

F-35s Bombing Gaza​

Video: The Carrot but No Stick in US Policy Towards Israel​

Survey: 43% of Millennials ‘Don’t Know, Care, or Believe God Exists' ​

Researchers Find 1,000 Different Proteins in AstraZeneca’s COVID Vaccine Linked to Deadly Blood Clots​

Bill Allowing 90 Percent of Idaho’s Wolves to be Killed Passes House and Senate​

Gaza Lives Erased: Israel Is Wiping Out Entire Palestinian Families on Purpose​

The Promise and Perils of the New Fertility Entrepreneurs​

Israeli State Terror Throughout the Occupied Territories 

Report Highlights How AI Could Amplify Future Disinformation Campaigns​

This is the hidden agenda behind the scamdemic and lockdowns, and the reason they won’t permanently end unless people en masse defy covid rules​

COVID Vaccine Shedding Hurting Unvaxed? Dr. Lee Merritt Explains​


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for May 21 2021:​Today was a message of hope through the Blood of Jesus. In-depth discussion on how the Blood restores our DNA. Ted and Austin attended an excellent meeting last night. How can RNA be used against us. What happens if injections are forced? England is still in lockdown. You can’t go to church in Oregon without proof of injection papers. This time the cabal is playing for blood. They are all in. This is not a drill. This is a must listen, high energy, politically incorrect green show!

Canadian Man Loses Over Six Feet Of Intestine After Blood Clot Caused By COVID Vaccine​

World Health Organization (WHO) Calls for Global Surveillance, More Authority over Nations and Billions More in Funding

Latest CDC Data Show Reports of Adverse Events After COVID Vaccines Surpass 200,000, Including 943 Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds​

The Warnings Are Clear: Vaccinating Kids for COVID Is a Dangerous Gamble​

12 Fully Vaccinated People Died of COVID in L.A. County + More

Will Vaccine Passports be America’s Version of Yellow Badges?​

Tulsi Gabbard Accuses Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot of 'Anti-White Racism,' Calls for Resignation​

New World Order Mindset: Exposing the NWO Psychology & Psychopathy​

Twenty States Are Opposing Taxpayer Funding for Critical Race Theory in Schools

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Republican preacher hits out at 'demonic' lesbian Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot

HERE’S THE LIST of 35 REPUBLICANS Who Just Helped Democrats Pass Bill To Form 9/11 Type Commission To Investigate Jan 6th Incident ​

Are America’s Pastors the Real Thieves?​

There Will Never Be A “Woke” US Military – Here Are The Reasons Why

Russian Army Ad vs. Woke-left Liberal U.S. Army Ad. The West = done.

Archbishop Viganò on the Great Reset (It is our duty to uncover the Great Reset’s deception, because the same deception may be attributed to all the other assaults that have sought to nullify the work of Redemption and establish the tyranny of the Antichrist.)

'She is a monster': Carlson compares Chicago mayor to Nazis for refusal to talk to white journalists

Swine-flu vaccine side-effects so bad 'that children were like schizophrenics'​

Governments need to reveal what they have been hiding about UFOs: Jeremy Corbell​

Everything wrong with the Biden military in one paragraph​

"Biden" DOJ Drops Charges Against Terrorist Antifa, Adds Up More Charges Against Capitol Protesters​

CDC Director Walensky says it is 'possible' COVID escaped from Wuhan Lab​

La Nina Turbocharges Drought In Brazil Putting World's Coffee, Sugar, & Oranges At Risk​

Looking to boost profits, some dentists push unnecessary procedures

Israel shot down armed Iranian drone near border with Jordan - Netanyahu

'Dr Google' AI dermatologist will diagnose 288 skin conditions in virtual appointments

Apple’s Tim Cook Faces Judge With Stakes Beyond $142 Billion of Apps

BBC's Martin Bashir used 'deceitful' methods to secure Princess Diana interview, report finds

Mayor Francis Suarez Wants To Turn Miami Into an Un-Woke, Pro-Bitcoin, Tech Billionaire's Paradise

Tesla Drivers Test Autopilot’s Limits, Attracting Audiences—and Safety Concerns

Ford’s F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck Undercuts Rivals With $40,000 Starting Price

Half of Americans saw their favorite local store shut down because of pandemic

Polish journalist wins legal battle against US activist

Blinken confirms the U.S. does not want to buy Greenland after Trump proposal

Putin to would-be aggressors: ‘Will knock their teeth out’

Chris Cuomo took part in strategy calls advising his brother, the New York governor, on how to respond to sexual harassment allegations

World needs 'new mindset for our survival', says Goodall

Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg under criminal tax investigation by New York attorney general

Survey: 43% of Millennials ‘Don’t Know, Care, or Believe God Exists’

U.S. proposes global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%, with an eye on something even higher

U.S. Treasury calls for stricter cryptocurrency compliance with IRS, says they pose tax evasion risk

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Fauci on Mask Mandates: ‘Issue Is’ We Have No Way of ‘Knowing Who Is Vaccinated’

History: Israel's Move to Destroy the Palestinian Authority Is a Calculated Plan, Long in the Making​

Dr. Pierre Gilbert - “Contaminating the bloodstream will be enforced by law” (1995)​

Israel is deliberately obliterating media buildings in Gaza to cover up the war crimes that will follow

'British diet' high in fat and sugar 'impairs function of immune cells in the gut,' study shows​

Silicon Chip Shortage Leads To Potato Chip Shortage: Farmers Halt Equipment Shipments To Dealers​

Billionaires Are Offloading Massive Amounts Of Stoc​k

Dr. Fauci is Finally Unmasked​

Mark McCloskey Announces Senate Run in Missouri: 'People Are Tired Of Cancel Culture, The Poison Of Critical Race Theory & The Big Lie Of Systemic Racism'​

E.U. to reopen borders to those with accepted vaccines ​

SnitchHe bragged at the dentist’s office about attending the Capitol riot, feds say. Another patient turned him in.

Ex-Microsoft employee says 'toxic culture' flowed from the top after Bill Gates ‘picked out women to fulfill himself'

How Did Bill Gates Know 'We'll All Need Vaccine Passports' Back in June 2020?

The World Economy Is Suddenly Running Low on Everything ​

Federal Law Prohibits Mandates of Emergency Use COVID Vaccines, Tests, Masks — 3 Resources You Can Use to Inform Your School or Employer​

Tucker says it's time for answers on UFOs​

Shortages Keep Getting Worse Despite Claims That Economy Is Improving​

How Bill Gates & Big Pharma used children as “guinea pigs”…and got away with it.

Consumers' Research ads accuse Nike, American Airlines and Coca Cola of putting 'wokeness' first​

Producer Prices Surge to Record Highs in New York, Reinforcing Consumer Inflation Concerns​

Ex-Space Force Commander: Dept. Of Defense Teaching That 'Whites Are Inherently Evil'​

Amazon's Ring is the 'largest civilian surveillance network the US has ever seen'​

Israel-Gaza: Rashida Tlaib tells Joe Biden Palestinian human rights are 'not a bargaining chip'​

NY Attorney General announces the investigation into Trump Organization is now crimina​l

Watch: Communist Professor Declares That US Was Defeated In "Biological War" With China​

Israel-Gaza: Rashida Tlaib tells Joe Biden Palestinian human rights are 'not a bargaining chip'​

MIT Study: Anti-Maskers understand science data better than Mask and Vaccine Advocates​

Everything Is Crashing: Stocks, Bonds, Crypto, Commodities All Tumble​

All main stream and probably 95%of alt media compromisedOperation Mockingbird Still At Play - New Report Shows Spy Agencies Still Control Media Content And Allowed To Disseminate Fake News Without Verification Or Confirmation

Germany vows to crack down on antisemitism at Israel protests

Report: Joe Biden Will Waive Sanctions for Russia Pipeline to Germany ​

Colonial Pipeline's network goes down AGAIN as the South still suffers under fuel shortages​

US-Supplied Planes and Bombs are Slaughtering Palestinian Children in Gaza​

A New Brain Implant Turns Thoughts Into Text With 90 Percent Accuracy ​

Organ Donation Worker Exposes China’s Money-Driven Transplant Industry ​

Fauci Admits Rand Paul Was Right: Mask-Wearing After Vax Was Theate​r

Drinking any amount of alcohol is harmful to the brain, study warns​

Mayor Lightfoot To Only Speak With Reporters Of Color​

Republican preacher hits out at 'demonic' lesbian Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot​

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

SC governor signs open carry bill into law

Scientists build army of 1 million microrobots that can fit inside a hypodermic needle​

Inflation Rate 2021 and Shortages: Companies Panic Buying as Supplies Run Short​

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Dr. Lawrence Sellin: 'Fauci Still Funding Gain of Function Research... Chinese Military Involved'

The Pentagon Inches Toward Letting AI Control Weapons

Supreme Court takes up Mississippi case that could roll back Roe v. Wad​e

Biden will start sending monthly child tax credit checks up to $300 to 39 million families​

Brisbane trainee nurse hospitalised with three blood clots after getting AstraZeneca Covid vaccine​

Israel kills children, doctors in horrific nighttime massacre ​

New Video Reveals Capitol Police Officer Giving Protesters Permission To Enter Building

Israel says it has killed 150 terrorists in Gaza, sunk a Hamas 'suicide submarine'​

Supreme Court rules warrantless home gun confiscation is unconstitutional in 9-0 vote

Demonization of White Americans Now California State Official Policy​

Police Lieutenant Who Was Fired for Donating to Kyle Rittenhouse Files Grievance ​

California: 41 District Attorneys Oppose Early Release of 63,000 Inmates that Will Endanger the Public​

North Dakota Ends Home Equity Theft by Terminating Govt. Profits from Property Tax Delinquent Sales ​

Virginia: Parents Fight Back Against School Teaching Critical Race Theory ​

Create Abundance and Independence in Your Backyard with a Permaculture Food Forest​

Russia warns West against Arctic encroachment ahead of talks​

Executive Order Canceling the Constitution​

Bill Gates 'thought Jeffrey Epstein could help him get Nobel Peace Prize'​

The Transgender Delusion and Widespread Effeminacy Will Lead to Totalitarianism​

Ex-Navy officer says UFO technology is 100 to 1,000 years ahead of the United States​

Navy Secretary Tasks Team to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ​

SM-102 - Wikipedia ​

Ex-Navy officer says UFO technology is 100 to 1,000 years ahead of the United States

U.S. Airlines May Start Weighing Passengers At The Gate

Chinese Communist Party Orders Church To Display Mao's Little Red Book Instead Of Bible.​

Glenn Greenwald Reveals Why Leftist Media Outlet Is Targeting Conservative Reporters Covering BLM/Antifa​

Biden’s Anti-Audit Chief Once Said Elections Could, In Fact, be “Stolen."​

Barack Obama says UFO sightings appear real ​

Pentagon Plans to Monitor Military Social Media for Extremism ​

Joe Rogan Slammed for Suggesting Straight White Men Will Soon Be 'Silenced' ​

The blockbuster movie makes a comeback this summer ​

SM-102 - Safety Data Sheet

SM-102 - Item No. 33474

What Ingredients are in the COVID-19 Vaccine? 


American Airlines Investigating Pilot Who Opposes School District’s Critical Race Theory Plan​

Bill Maher, 8 Ny Yankees Test Positive for Covid after Being Fully Vaccinated ​

WOW: Nearly Half of All NIAID and FDA Employees Are Refusing the COVID Vaccines That They’re Pushing on the Rest of Us

HANDOUT: Joe Biden to Give Reparations to Illegals Deported Under President Trump​

Jeffrey Epstein 'gave marital advice to Bill Gates' as pair laughed about his 'toxic' relationshi​p

Synthetic Dyes in Popular Kids' Foods Linked to Hyperactivity, Learning Disorders​

Pilots ejected from F-15 after plane leaves runway at MidAmerica St. Louis Airport​

Fauci on Mask Mandates: ‘Issue Is’ We Have No Way of ‘Knowing Who Is Vaccinated’ ​

US And Its Allies Try To Split The World In Two​

Monday, May 17, 2021

Woke insanity: why is there so little pushback?!

Second Stage Terror Wars

Philip D. Zelikow​

Broad COVID Commission Planning Group Will Be Based at UVA’s Miller Center​

University of California System Will No Longer Consider SAT, ACT Scores for Admissions​

If No Election Fraud Why Are Democrats Desperate to Block Maricopa County, Arizona Audit?

STUDY: Vaccine Trial Participants Not Sufficiently Informed of Risks From Experimental Jabs

Eric Clapton ‘Feared He Would Never Play Again’ After AstraZeneca Vaccine, Says ‘Propaganda’ Overstated Safety

AstraZeneca Woes Persist as Vaccine Side Effects Generate Headlines​

Israel strikes Gaza tunnels as truce efforts remain elusive ​

U.S. Airlines May Start Weighing Passengers At The Gate

UFOs regularly spotted in restricted U.S. airspace, report on the phenomena due next month

Rudy Giuliani's lawyer says he was treated like a 'terrorist'

Gaetz associate pleads guilty to 6 federal crimes, including sex trafficking a teen

Franklin Graham worries Trump too old to run in 2024

Melinda Gates could be angling to change kids’ $10M inheritance in split

Jeffrey Epstein Gave Bill Gates Advice on How to End ‘Toxic’ Marriage, Sources Say

Long before divorce, Bill Gates had reputation for questionable behavior

Bill Gates Left Microsoft Board Amid Probe Into Prior Relationship With Staffer

AT&T spins off WarnerMedia, forming new media behemoth with Discovery

Is Slack Destroying American Companies? Q&A With Antonio Garcia-Martinez

Bidens’ Taxable Income Came to $607,336 in 2020, Returns Show

Exclusive: Inside the Military's Secret Undercover Army

Millionaires who favor raising taxes on the rich launch protests in front of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ home on Tax Day

Finding gas remains a struggle for Charlotte-area drivers — and a more expensive one

UPDATE: No gas available at nearly half of metro Atlanta’s stations

Many liberals want Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, 82, to retire. Here’s why he may not listen.

Supreme Court to hear Mississippi abortion case challenging Roe v. Wade

Texas reports 0 COVID-19 deaths for first time since tracking pandemic data, Gov. Abbott says

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Netanyahu is a communist and a Kabbalist: Communist Biden Phones Netanyahu After Israel Flattens AP Offices In Gaza - Doesn't Condemn Attack

This is probably being used to conceal the geoengieerring using barium: NASA Rocket Launch Could Dazzle Saturday Night Sky In Eastern US

High fuel prices and shortages hit trucking industry, as nation critically needs gasoline and goods transported

Employers may be liable for ‘any adverse reaction’ from mandated coronavirus shots: OSHA

Thousands Protest in Chicago, New York, and Other Major Cities Across the Globe Against Israel ​

Open Letter from Physicians to Universities: Allow Students Back Without COVID Vaccine Mandate ​

Autism/COVID Vaccine Antidote? Pine Needle Tea Inhibits RNA Replication ​

Algorithm Manipulation: Silicon Valley Keeps Mainstream Media Alive

Amazing Polly: This Isn’t About a Virus

Bio weapons lab by USA in Ukraine ​

COVID Vax Transmission Phenomenon: A Deeper Look ​

Texas AG Sues Biden Administration Over ‘Power Grab’ to Rescind Healthcare Funding ​

Karl Marx's Road To Hell Is Paved With Fake Money​

Coast Guard Reopens Lower Mississippi River After Closure Sparks Massive Barge Jam​

Disney World, Universal Orlando Among Theme Parks Changing Mask Rules ​

Rand Paul: CDC Camp Rules 'All Conjecture' and 'the Burden of Proof Should Be on the State' - No 'Rash of Deaths' from COVID Among Kids ​

HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Federal Judge Signals He May END Twitter's Immunity in Dr. Shiva Case - Speech Police in Panic​

America’s Superpower Days Are Lost and Gone Forever​

Chris Hedges: Israel, the Big Li​e

Science Journals Support Claim that Pfizer Covid Vaccine May Cause Deadly Neurodegenerative Disease​

Dollar Debasement Makes Gold and Silver Shin​e

Cybersecurity tycoon Kaspersky claims CIA hackers could actually be behind US Colonial Pipeline attack blamed on Russian group​

Space Force Unit Commander Removed From His Post For Decrying Marxism in the Military​

Eric Clapton hits out at 'propaganda' over vaccine safety​

Category: Chris Hedges​

Increased Covid Outbreaks and Deaths from Mass-Jabbing

Dominion, Maricopa County Rebuff Arizona Senate’s Attempt to Get Election Machine Passwords​

1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Have Filed a Lawsuit for Violations of the Nuremberg Code​

Druckenmiller: "There's Been No Greater Engine Of Inequality Than The Fed"

THEY KNEW The Catastrophic Outcomes Of Their Technology, Denied Therapeutics And Rolled Out Their ‘Vaccines’ Anyway ​

Western U.S. may be entering its most severe drought in modern history​

A Bill That Removes Fauci from His Position Is About to Hit Congress​

COVID Vaccine Trials In Animals Were Stopped Because They Kept Dying, Revealed In Texas Senate Hearing​

Microsoft Board Members Wanted Gates Gone In 2019 After Investigation Into Sexual Relationship​

Following The 'Science'? CDC Shifts From "Impending Doom" To 'You're Free' In 6 Weeks​

Sanders: Israeli Gov't Includes 'People Who Are Overt Racists' -- U.S. Must Demand Palestinian Rights Respected​

Biden Ends Trump Policy, Migrants Without Health Coverage Welcome ​

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Walmart to Stop Requiring Masks for Vaccinated Workers and Shoppers

Delta CEO Says All New Hires Must Be Fully Vaccinated​

Fauci-Funded Researchers Headlined Wuhan Lab 'Gain Of Function' Conference​

Home Prices Are Soaring So Fast, They Are Negating The Benefits Of Low Mortgage Rates​

Stage Is Set For "Dramatically Higher Inflation" As Transportation Costs Spike Even High​er

Putin Calls Gaza Crisis "Direct Threat" To Russia's Security Interests; communist Merkel Condemns Anti-Israel Protests

Instagram Offers Users 41 Pronouns – Woke Mob Complains There Aren't Enough​

US Industrial Production Disappoints In April As Carmakers Crumbled​

"There Is Zero Evidence" - Scientists Question Need For COVID 'Booster Shots' As Vaccine Makers Lock In Sales​

Outrage After Mob 'Lynching Of Arab' Aired Live On Israeli TV​

Dr Sherri Tenpenny Talks With Nurses About The Great Deception ​

Delta CEO Says All New Hires Must Be Fully Vaccinated​

Why Are Gates and Pentagon Releasing "Gene Edited" (GMO) Mosquitoes in Florida Keys?

‘No immigration for five years’: Ex-EU negotiator Barnier’s bid for French presidency is straight from the Brexit playboo​k

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for May 14 2021​

RAND PAUL: Fauci's Wuhan Bat Research May Make Him Culpable For Entire COVID-19 Pandemic​

CDC Data Show 4,000+ Reported Deaths Following COVID Vaccines as Kids 12 and Older Now Eligible​

Toxic PFAS Chemicals Found in 100% of Breast Milk Samples​

Report: Target, Starbucks, Other Retailers Will Still Require Masks ​

U.N. Addresses China Genocide, Triggering Outrage from Beijing ​


Use N-acetylcysteine? The FDA is trying to make it illegal because it could help treat COVID-19

Amazon verifies it’s eliminating for sale NAC supplements ​

CBD brands suffered plunging sales in 2020 ​

Facial recognition website PimEyes searches 900M photos to find people online with scary accuracy​

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Uncovered - A Direct Link Between the Chinese Military and a Major Pentagon-Funded Virus Research Center ​

Two US Navy UFO sightings leak in one day ahead of publication of Pentagon report​

The Mask myth unmasked- On The Agenda Determines The Science . . . (You’ve probably noticed that the Globalist front group masquerading as our government tends to make up “the science” and “the data” as it goes along.)

Psychopath Fauci Targets American Children: "Unvaccinated Kids Must Wear Masks" ​

Dominion, Maricopa County Rebuff Arizona Senate’s Attempt to Get Election Machine Passwords

Wisconsin Senate approves bill to dissolve dead bodies, dump them in sewer

Russia Turns Back U.S. Military Convoy in Syria Confrontation ​

International Treaty of Westphalia - Wikipedia ​

Westphalian sovereignty - Wikipedia

Supermarkets face fruit and veg shortage over Government not allowing in enough foreign pickers ​

Nearly 90% of Washington D.C's gas stations are out of fuel​

European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports​

COVID Vax Transmission Phenomenon: A Deeper Look ​

The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness​

BOMBSHELL: Gates Foundation, DARPA funding self-replicating, weaponized vaccine technology that began under Apartheid, to exterminate Blacks… and now it’s powering the covid vax ​

Two US Navy UFO sightings leak in one day ahead of publication of Pentagon report​

Fauci Admits — Roughly half of NIH employees have chosen not to get vaccine… 

Here Are The Industries Crushed By Biden's "Generous Unemployment Benefits"

A Primer for the Propagandized: Fear Is the Mind-Killer

Aspartame: A Chronicle of Crime

Amazon verifies it’s eliminating for sale NAC supplements ​

Friday, May 14, 2021

BREAKING: 'Significant Discrepancies' Discovered In Arizona Audit, Ballots Off Up to 17.5%, 'Likely Joe Biden Did Not Win'

Governor of Florida grants clemency to all punished for COVID rule violations​

Ronald Babb: 57-year-old Syracuse man mocks "anti-vaxxers," dead seven days after Johnson & Johnson shot​

No COVID Vax, No College?​


This Isn't About A Virus ​

Supposedly "walk": Sixth Man to Walk on the Moon: Aliens Prevented a Nuclear War on Earth to Ensure Our Existence

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sex-Trafficking Trial Pushed Back as Prosecutors Add New Charges​

The Fourth Turning. Where Are We Right Now?

The Israel Narrative Is Crumbling Because of Phone Cameras and the Internet​

Police Issue 26 Churchgoers The Steepest Known Fines in North America for Attending Services​

It Took Just A Couple Of Days For Madness To Descend Upon America Once Gas Shortages Began​

Gates – Buying the Press to Hide his True Nature​

Biden Plans Expansion of Feds' Army of Snitches in 'Dollars for Collars' Program

IT'S WAR!: Israeli Forces Strike Gaza As The World Braces For A Horrific Conflict In The Middle East

Biden Plans Expansion of Feds' Army of Snitches in 'Dollars for Collars' Program

This is ethic genocide. It’s a complete destruction of an oppressed people whose land was stolenIsrael's deadly deception: IDF TRICKED Hamas into believing a ground invasion was underway... then obliterated tunnel network knowing militants would be hiding underground waiting to ambush tanks

Biden Plans Expansion of Feds' Army of Snitches in 'Dollars for Collars' Program

Anti-white woke barbarians have transformed Disney from the ‘happiest place on earth’ into a totalitarian hellscape

Nearly 800 Barges Stuck In Lower Mississippi River From Bridge Crack​

A Society Based on the Social Credit System is Closer Than You Think ​

Nitric oxide synthase - Wikipedia ​

Acetylcysteine - Wikipedia ​

Military Veterans Say "We Are So Screwed" As Both CIA And Army "Woke" Recruitment Videos Shows Why Our Adversaries Are Laughing At Us​

Military Veterans Say "We Are So Screwed" As Both CIA And Army "Woke" Recruitment Videos Shows Why Our Adversaries Are Laughing At Us

'ET come home!': Two-thirds of Americans believe that aliens exist and the U.S. government isn't telling them the truth about it, survey finds

Thursday, May 13, 2021

The American Multicultural State Is Collapsing

Ohio Launches COVID-19 Vaccine Lottery, Will Give Away $1 Million To 5 Vaccinated Ohioans​

Fight at gas pump in NC shows growing tension over shortage​

The Pentagon Has Been Subverted by Anti-Americans Appointed by Biden​

Spike in Illegal Immigration Overwhelms Sheriffs; Families Exposed to Gang, Drug Violenc​e

As COVID Vaccines Drive Record Profits, CEOs Get Ultra Rich Off Massive Pay Packages, Questionable Stock Sales​

If You Complain About Israel’s Murder of Palestinians and Theft of their Homes, You Are an Anti-Semite​

French Military Chief of Staff Hints Soldiers Who Signed 'Civil War' Letter Should Resign​

Why Does Washington Provoke Russia, China, and Iran when Washington Has No Source of Soldiers?​

Shocking Chart Shows Most Workers Now Make More On Unemployment Than From Their Jobs

Tucker Carlson: Anthony Fauci let the coronavirus pandemic happen, why isn't there a criminal investigation?

‘Civil war is brewing in France and you know it’: French military launches another salvo at Macron with new open lette​r

Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers Nearly $5 Million in Ransom ​

CDC To Ease Guidance On Indoor Mask-Wearing For Those Fully Vaccinated​

Army releases recruitment advertisement featuring lesbian wedding​

'Black Fungus' Infection Adds To India's COVID-19 Burden : Goats and Soda​

WOW! Same FBI that Pushed Trump-Russia Hoax for 3 YEARS then Exaggerated Russia 2020 Election Threat -- NOW Blames Russia for Pipeline Hack ​

Giuliani hires attorneys who defended Harvey Weinstein​

Palm Beach Reportedly Discussing Trump Extradition ​

White House: Fully Vaccinated People Can Ditch Masks Indoors -- In Most Settings​

Video: Rand Paul Continues Fauci Feud; "He Could Be Culpable For The Entire Pandemic"​

Pentagon Evacuates 120 Personnel From Israel As Security Situation Unravels​

Israel Orders "Massive Reinforcement" Of Reserve Troops To Quell Riots; Ground Forces Amass Near Gaza​

Purdue Pharma's Bankruptcy Has Cost The Company Nearly $400 Million In Professional Fees​

‘Plausible’ Link Between J&J Vaccine and Blood Clots, CDC Says After Confirming 28 Cases, Including 3 Deaths​

Seances in the Red Room

Israel goes in: Ground troops storm into Gaza as air force bombards targets​

Scientists Are Mixing Human Body Parts With Robots And Monkeys ​

Ruling Class Says There’s No “Shortage” Of Fuel, Then Blames The Shortage On “Hoarders”​

I’m One of The Millions Who Have Chosen Not To Have a Covid Vaccine — Does that mean I’m to be banned from planes, buildings & shops?​

Oops: MIT researchers infiltrate ‘anti-maskers,’ but find they ‘practice a form of data literacy in spades’

Indian Health Ambassador Gets COVID Vaccine Live on TV to Show Everyone How Safe It Is - Dies 2 Days Later​

Commanding General at Fort Campbell Issues New Guidelines - Unvaccinated Soldiers Cannot Take Pass or Leave Base​

Are Aliens Real? 5 Events That Might Make You A Believer ​

Sweden records 30,000 suspected side effects from Covid vaccines, with AstraZeneca’s jab linked to more than half of all reports​

More than 120 retired military officers write to Joe Biden backing 2020 US election fraud claims ​

Vaccine Virtue Signaling And The Cult Of Woke

Energy CEO Warns Of Catastrophe For America ​

Governor of Florida grants clemency to all punished for COVID rule violations ​

USAF wants to scrap the $150million stealth F-22 fighter jet after just 16 years service​

This is the true goalEnergy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Pipeline Crisis: Drive an Electric Car

Kabbalist: Gal Gadot Ripped Apart by Entertainment Media for Pro-Israel Comments

U. of Michigan Student Government Accuses Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'

COVID vaccines ‘must be halted immediately,’ renowned toxicologist tells CDC

STUDY: Pfizer vaccine causes catastrophic damage to every system of your body ​

The Deadly COVID-19 Vaccine Coveru​p

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Liar Biden says Russia has 'some responsibility' in pipeline ransomware attack

California Governor Proposes Tripling Spending on Stimulus Checks

Nobody Wants To Work: Job Openings Soar To Record High 8.1 Million, Smashing Wall Street Expectations

DARPA Hires Pfizer to Perform Groundbreaking Vaccine Research

Why is it always the Nazis?: Benjamin Netanyahu declares a state of emergency in Lod after mayor warns 'civil war has erupted'

The Deep State Has Complete Dominion Over America! An Upcoming Collapse Is Planned With The Goal Of Total Destruction, Chaos And Disorder

10 Things We Have Learned During the Covid Coup

Now Michigan's Governor Wants to Shut Down ANOTHER Fuel Pipeline

It's Only Been 4 Months: Keystone Pipeline is Shut Down, Gas Prices Are Highest in 6 Years, Gas Stations Are Out of Gas, And Gas Lines in Several States​

Do You Get The Feeling That Events Happening Now Are Leading Us Into An Endless Global Nightmare?

Opposition to Newsom recall grows as Caitlyn Jenner, GOP generate little support, poll finds

Leading Doctors: Governments Are 'Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ of Vaccine-Related Deaths

Court Rules: No Child Can Be Required To Wear A Mask At School

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE2

COVID-19 Is a Vascular Disease: Coronavirus’ Spike Protein Attacks Vascular System on a Cellular Level

The Deep State Has Complete Dominion Over America! An Upcoming Collapse Is Planned With The Goal Of Total Destruction, Chaos And Disorder

Why Are Gates and Pentagon Releasing "Gene Edited" (GMO) Mosquitoes in Florida Keys?

Virility & The Virus: COVID found in penile tissue, may even lead to erectile dysfunction

Now Michigan's Governor Wants to Shut Down ANOTHER Fuel Pipeline

Emergency Declared over Colonial Gas Cyber Attack. Biden's Policies Have Created Shortages.

As COVID Vaccines Drive Record Profits, CEOs Get Ultra Rich Off Massive Pay Packages, Questionable Stock Sales

Brazil Suspends AstraZeneca Vaccine After Pregnant Woman Dies, New Study Links Vaccine to Blood Clots, More Countries Hit Pause​

‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Vaccinating Children and Teens ‘Will Not End Well’

Gas Stations Report Shortages as Pipeline Shutdown Drags on

Rand Paul: 'Dr. Fauci Came to Congress Yesterday and Lied' About Funding of Wuhan Lab​

DeSantis: 'Kids Do Not Need to Be Wearing These Masks' in School

How 'Woke' May Be Leading Us To Civil War


America’s Frontline Doctors: COVID-vaccinated can ‘shed’ spike protein, harming unvaccinated​


Israel steps up Gaza offensive, kills senior Hamas figures ​

64 Days and Counting — Why Won’t the CDC Answer Our Questions?

Scientists are working on vaccines that spread like a disease. What could possibly go wrong?

Pro-Israeli & pro-Palestine protesters FIGHT in New York City, as inflatable TANK parades through DC (VIDEOS)

Idaho Gov. Signs Bill Barring Enforcement of Biden Gun Controls

US Develops Individual Biological Weapons Plans for Different Countries, Russia Says​

DeSantis signs bill banning gun regulations by local governments​

57 Top Scientists And Doctors Release Shocking Study On COVID Vaccines And Demand Immediate Stop to ALL Vaccinations​

Ohio vaccine lottery ​

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Report on the Black Robe Regiment Summit and The Speech Too Hot to Handle for the Event.

Vaccine Passports Illegal, Infections and Deaths after Vaccines, Government and Media Lies, the "Booster" Myth​

NEW: Man Who Shot Three Random People in Times Square in Broad Daylight Identified as Farrakhan Muhammad​

Globalist Pope Francis Defends Joe Biden Over Abortion Policies - Says Plan by US Bishops to Rebuke Him Might Look "Divisive"​

Corn Prices Up Roughly 50% In 2021 As Americans Brace For Years Of Horrific Food Inflation ​

The American Cyber Stasi Will Suppress All Digital Dissent In Biden’s Dystopia​

Could The Wildly Out Of Control Violence In Jerusalem Spark A Major Regional War In The Middle East?​

Wildfires Rage In Arizona; Southwestern US Faces Megadrought​

Two Israelis killed in Ashkelon rocket attack; Terrorists killed in Gaza​

California Governor Proposes Tripling Spending on Stimulus Checks​

Gas stations begin to run out of fuel after cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline​

Extent of California's drought revealed as Gov Newsom extends state of emergency​

Covid US: FDA authorizes Pfizer vaccine for children aged 12-15​

Israel To Biden White House: Stay Out Of Jerusalem Crisis​

Nobody Wants To Work: Job Openings Soar To Record High 8.1 Million, Smashing Wall Street Expectations​

Western Civilization has become a never-ending Jerry Springer episode​

It Has Never Been More Difficult For Small Businesses To Fill Job Openings​

Colonial Pipeline Partially Reopens; EPA Waives Environmental Rule To Boost Fuel Supplies​

Chelsea Clinton Calls For Global Crackdown On "Anti-Vax" Social Media Posts

71% Of Eligible Gen-Zers Don't Qualify For Military Due To Obesity, Criminal Records And Other Reasons

Police: Man killed 6, self after he wasn’t invited to party

Stanley Druckenmiller says the Fed is endangering the dollar’s global reserve status

Average daily U.S. Covid cases fall below 40,000 for the first time since September

AP’s Sally Buzbee named exec editor of The Washington Post

More than 1,000 gas stations run out of fuel

Monday, May 10, 2021

5- and 7-year-old brothers participate in Pfizer vaccine trial at Duke

US Declares State Of Emergency To Keep Gasoline Flowing After Colonial Fails To Restart Hacked Pipeline​

To better beta-test kill frequencies: Defense Dept. Develops Next Gen Sensor to Implant Under Human Skin, Like a 'Check Engine Light'

What's Happening In Canada Comes Next To The US Unless We Stop It Now​

Hack Idles Pipeline for Third Day as Supply Concerns Mount​

Hell Is Coming, And Death Is Coming With It: Prepare to face this challenge instead of fleeing from it. Prepare to fight back!​

Keep It Simple: Gold vs. a Mad World - Matterhorn​

Willing victims flock to get puncture wounds in Count Dracula's castle for once – as authorities in Transylvania open it as a Covid VACCINE site

AG Bill Barr 'threatened to quit' in 2020 after Trump attempted to fire FBI Director Chris Wray over his handling of the Hunter Biden email scandal

Has The Mainstream Media Finally Turned Against Bill Gates?​

Merit, Schmerit! Pending Illinois Law Will Change 'Affirmative Action' To 'Positive Action' And Cover Everything​

Dr. Carrie Madej – Covid Shots, DNA and Transhumanism​

Man Who Oversees $160 Billion Issues Major Inflation Warning, Says Situation Is “Pretty Scary.”​

This is probably a Mossad attack: ARS TECHNICA: Hackers who shut down pipeline: We don’t want to cause “problems for society”

Dr. Fauci: mask-wearing could be seasonal after COVID​

What do HONEST SCIENTISTS say about covid-19 and the pandemic? ​

Over 150 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel as IDF strikes back​

WATCH: Disney Chairman Reveals He's 'Inspired By Vision' Of The Chinese Communist Party.​

Insane Biden Wants to Rely on China, the WHO (Led by a Ranking Member from a Terrorist Nation), and a Conflicted US Doctor, to Investigate COVID-19 Origins​

HUGE: Citizens Group in Arizona Drops a MOAB - Sues State for 2018, 2019, and 2020 Elections That Were Not In Compliance with Arizona Law​

AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett Drops a BOMB! - Says "It's Very Concerning" that Dominion Has Passwords, Control of Maricopa County Voting Systems and Officials There Do Not ​

DISGRACEFUL DISNEY Corp. Exposed In Stunning Whistleblower Leak…Internal Documents: White Employees Should “Participate in Reparations”…Embrace “Defund the Police” Movement [VIDEO]

"Worms For Dinner?" World Economic Forum Promotes Mealworms as New Protein Source in Europe's Bid to Reduce Meat Consumption ​

Truth Is Gaining Ground on the Lies of World War II​

Barbarossa: Suvorov's Revisionism Goes Mainstream​

Washington Governor Signs Bill Mandating Critical Race Training in Public Schools​

Wokeism Means the Assured End of America​

Halt Covid Vaccine, Research Scientist Urges CDC ​

Florida Gov. DeSantis Suspends Local COVID-19 Emergency Orders, Bans Vaccine Passports ​

Farmers Sue Biden Administration Over ‘Racist’ COVID Relief Plan ​

Maricopa County Refuses to Provide Routers to Election Auditors ​

India’s “COVID outbreak” & the need for scientific integrity – not sensationalism​

To Promote Equality, California Proposes a Ban on Advanced Math Classes​

Dems Trying to Cow Conservatives Via Chauvin's Show Trial & FBI Raid on Giuliani, Ex-Official Says

Barbarians Rampage Through Europe’s Cemetery​

Teen Hospitalized With Blood Clots in Brain After First Dose of Pfizer Vaccine​

EU Regulators Call on Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca for More Data on Heart Inflammation, Guillain–Barré Syndrom​e

Pfizer Vaccine Confirmed to Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases: Study​

EU Court Upholds Ban on Bayer’s Bee-Killing Pesticides in Landmark Ruling Against ‘Powerful Multinationals’

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Swiss Diplomat Who Represented Biden Admin Interests in Iran Is Found Dead After Falling from 17th Floor Balcony in Tehran

Judge rules gun maker not liable for individual's criminal act ​

Bill Gates-Funded Company Releases Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In US​

Confronted with a Nightmare Scenario – John Rubino 5.8.2021​

BREAKING: Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED moments after church today​

The Hate Speech Fabrication as Orwellian Thought Control​

Virginia Military Institute To De-Person Stonewall Jackson, Re-Attribute Quotes in Soviet-Style Purge​

Trudeau Pushing Canada To Adopt Communist China’s Internet Censorship Model​

'Furious' Melinda Gates Warned Bill Over Jeffrey Epstein Escapades: Report​

20 Mechanisms of Injuries (MOI): How COVID -19 Injections Can Make You Sick...Even Kill You

RothschildA mysterious Dogecoin whale now owns $22 billion of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency - and a warning made by Elon Musk in February is suddenly back in focus

Brilliant people: 80% of Who Refuse Covid Vaccine Say NOTHING Can Change Mind

Colorado Springs shooting: 7 dead at birthday party

Report: Walt Disney Co. Promotes Critical Race Theory to Employees, Telling Them to Reject Equality and Strive for 'Equity'​

Report: Athletes Told to 'Be Quiet' About Trans Weightlifter Ahead of Olympic Qualification ​

Allen West to TX Democrat Party: "You're the Real Racist and I Despise You"

Is Dr. Anthony Fauci This Century’s Greatest Killer?

Sidney Powell: America is Now a 'Communist Regime' ​

Possibly COVID shotTawny Kitaen, '80s music video vixen, dead at 59

I am one of millions who have chosen not to have a Covid vaccine. Does that mean I’m to be banned from planes, buildings & shops?

Pfizer Applies for Full FDA Approval of COVID Vaccine​

The end of strategic ambiguity? America has finally stopped pretending it would risk war with Russia over supposed ‘ally’ Ukraine

California reports first yearly population decline in its history, a drop of more than 182K people

West Virginia factory is center stage in supply chain crisis as U.S. economy seeks to rebound from COVID

Fears of gas price surge after 'DarkSide' cyber attack shuts Colonial Pipeline between Texas and NJ that carries 45% of East Coast fuel: Experts call it 'most significant assault on infrastructure to date in the US'

Colonial Hackers Stole Data Thursday Ahead of Shutdown

Cyber attack shuts down top U.S. fuel pipeline network

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Humans could 'erase' unhappy memories with ground-breaking new neurotechnology

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Arizona Election Fraud Challenge, 9-0 Without Comment​

Kabbalists: China controllers have been preparing for WW3 with biological weapons for last six years, US investigators say

How to make GMO people and patent them​

REVEALED: Liz Cheney’s Husband Works For Chinese Communist Party-Linked Law Firm.

Sidney Powell: America Is Now A ‘Communist Regime’​

48-Year-Old Surgeon DEAD after Mocking “Anti-vaxxers” and Writing His Own Obituary after Moderna COVID Injections

CDC Reports 2 More Infant DEATHS Following Experimental COVID Injections During Clinical Trials


Halt Vaccine Passports!​

Communist China: World's Biggest Climate Polluter Keeps Polluting​

Documentary Exposes the Alarming Truth – TV Puts Us In Hypnotic State and Suppresses Critical Thinking​

Johns Hopkins Confirms: Self-Spreading Vaccines Are No Myth – is this legalized depopulation?​

Pinkerton: What the Republican Party Can Learn from the Huge Victory of the British Conservative Party

Rubio: China Has ‘Deputized’ American Businesses to Push for China-Friendly Policies, Apple’s Cook Can’t Speak Freely about China

GOP Rep. Gallagher: Evidence ‘Stacking Up’ Supporting Lab Leak Theory on COVID

Biden DOJ Claims ‘Weapons Parts Kits’ Are ‘Firearms’

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Two Elderly Women Stabbed at San Francisco Bus Stop

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Communications Director Resigns

Three-Time Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering Jackie Vigil Faces Federal Immigration Charges

Report: Biden’s ICE Chief Nominee Sought Release of 1.5K Inmates, Including Illegal Aliens, Violent Offenders

Border Crossers Flying for Free into U.S. with Help from Catholic Charities

Biden Throws Out Trump Reform, Gives ‘De Facto Amnesty’ to Illegal Aliens Ordered Deported

The origin story of Medina Spirit, a Derby winner born on a patch of Florida dirt and sold for $1,000

GOP-led Missouri House votes to create ‘Rush Limbaugh Day’

Elon Musk, ‘SNL,’ Dogecoin, and Mother’s Day: The Making of a Comic Cocktai

Scarlett Johansson Urges “Step Back” From “Sexist” HFPA

Andrew Cuomo Investigation Expands as State Attorney General Looks at Aide’s Calls

Chinese rocket debris set for uncontrolled plummet back to Earth

Major US pipeline halts operations after ransomware attack

Friday, May 7, 2021

Tucker Carlson: How Many Americans Have Died After Taking COVID Vaccines?

Steel prices have tripled. Now Bank of America is sounding the alarm​

The Microbiome, Our Second Brain ​

The Gut: Where Bacteria and Immune System Meet ​

Millions Are Unemployed. Why Can’t Companies Find Workers?​

Biden cuts 'God' out of Day of Prayer proclamation ​

Dr Francis Boyle We Can't Let Biden Inject 150 million Innocent Americans ​

Federal Gov't Telling Facebook to Silence Those With Vaccine Safety Concerns Says Lawsuit ​

Turning Chemicals into Code: $10 Million to Do the Impossible ​

Pro-life, anti-lockdown candidate for London Mayor banned by Facebook on day of elections​

Pfizer Executive admits that their vaccine is not designed to end the pandemic but to turn it into an endemic​

VIDEO: BLM Militants Draw AR-15s And AK-47s On Portland Motorists; No Police On Scene As Reign Of Terror Continues ​

They're now going anti-ChristianUS military goes full speed ahead toward max LGBT inclusion with ‘diversity’ panels, all-gay helicopter crew

Existential Economic Threats: How U.S. States Can Survive Without Federal Money

Robert Lieber - 1962 David Sarnoff Outstanding Achievement Award in Engineering

The Great SPIRITUAL Reset​

American Rescue Plan Information & Resources​

‘Dark Waters’ and Toxic Teflon: RFK, Jr. Interviews Attorney Who Took on DuPont​

Trifecta: DARPA, IARPA And Now HARPA To Complete 'Digital Dictatorship' ​

Ayatollah Khamenei Calls Israel "Not A Country, But A Terrorist Base" As Vienna Talks Intensify​

Opinion: Are Americans Becoming Sovietized? ​

Trump Justice Department secretly obtained Post reporters’ phone records

Israel braces for weekend violence after spate of shootings and eviction protests

Palestinians, Israel police clash at Al-Aqsa mosque; 53 hurt

Violent clashes break out at Temple Mount

MUSK BE FATE Scientist predicted a man named ‘Elon’ would colonise Mars in book written 70 YEARS ago

Thursday, May 6, 2021

French drug assessment center says all four Covid-19 vaccines are dangerous, should be pulled off the market

19,916 ‘eye disorders’ including blindness following COVID vaccine reported in Europe​

FDA has authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, which is not an FDA-approved vaccine. The recipient or their caregiver has the option to accept or refuse Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

The never-ending liar: Biden's bizarre story about hitting 1.5million miles on Amtrak unravels

Joe Biden's very non-Christian family

German Catholic Priests Defy Pope Francis With Public Blessings of Gay Couples​

Did agents raid home of wrong woman over Jan. 6 riot? Maybe. ​

Doctors investigate mystery brain disease in Canad​s

Feds fine unruly and maskless airplane passengers as violent incidents increase​

Flight Club! Another massive brawl breaks out at Miami International Airport 'over face mask'

Tucker Carlson claims that '30 people a day are dying after getting COVID vaccines' and calls for an independent inquiry: Health expert slam him for misrepresenting data

Incredible images show a lion taking on a pack of 30 hyenas

Facebook Permanently Blacklists LifeSite News ​

Trump takes jab at Biden's 'lunacy' of J&J vaccination pause ​

Trump email announcement says refusing Covid-19 vaccination is “deranged pseudoscience” | He is promoting a deadly vaccine and is complicit in Genocid​e

Donald Trump Blasts 'Deranged Pseudo-Science' of 'Anti-vax Movement' in Statement Shilling for Big Pharma COVID Shots​

‘Dark Waters’ and Toxic Teflon: RFK, Jr. Interviews Attorney Who Took on DuPont​

Teachers' Union Caught Influencing School Reopening COVID Guideline. GOP Rep Calls for CDC Director To Resign.​

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Election Integrity Bill into Law

White House Condemns FL Election Security Law Signed by Ron DeSantis

Biden's DHS Plans No Deportations for Illegal Murderers, Sex Offenders ​

Biden Forces Down Deportations of Illegal Aliens to Lowest in U.S. History ​

Nolte: Christian Adoption Agency Opposes Interracial Adoptions ​

BOMBSHELL: Gates Foundation, DARPA funding self-replicating, weaponized vaccine technology that began under Apartheid, to exterminate Blacks… and now it’s powering the covid vax

Deadly Prion Brain Diseases & Experimental mRNA Covid-19 ​

Young man suffers HEART ATTACK after getting injected with Pfizer vaccine ​

STUDY: 70% of Men Would Rather Die Early Than Give Up Meat

DIANA JOHNSTONE: Washington’s Green Branches in Europe​

Two women attacked WITH A HAMMER in Times Square, marking New York City’s latest assault on people of Asian descent​

The Narrative On Lockdowns And Masks Fails Yet Again​

The internet once offered a promise of free speech for everyone; Big Tech has since turned it into a prison​

The US Brainwashes the World​

This guy is neck deep in the genetic engineering eugenics protocol: Charles M. Lieber

Must read: Charles M. Lieber and deadly nanotechnology

The Mad Scientist: The Curious Case of Doctor Charles Lieber​

Behind the explosive Charles Lieber scandal​

Sepsis and Intestinal Microvascular Endothelial Dysfunction : Chinese Medical Journal​

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE2​

New Report sheds light on Vaccine Doomsday Cult​

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

World’s Most Vaccinated Nation Reintroduces Curbs As Cases Surge

U.S. birth and fertility rates dropped to another record low in 2020, CDC says ​

Report: McCarthy Rips Liz Cheney on Hot Mic — 'I've Had It with Her' ​

Bottom Ten Business Friendly States Are All Liberal Cesspools ​

Florida teen faces 16 years jail for winning homecoming queen contest by hacking it with teacher mom​

India’s Health Ambassador & Tamil Actor Vivek Dies One Day After Taking COVID Vaccine​

Despite green light, Broadway to remain dark until fall ​

Facebook 'Supreme Court' Upholds the Blacklisting of Donald Trump

DHS Mayorkas: 'Our Highest Priority' Is to Help Migrant Families

Jordan Peterson Delivers Powerful Message on Importance of "Truth" ​

Virtual tour takes visitors back in time at Lebanon’s Baalbek Heliopolis​

New Report Sheds Light on Vaccine Doomsday Cult​

Physicist Michio Kaku Believes We Will Soon Find Alien Life, But Contacting Them Would be A "Terrible Idea"​

Physicist Michio Kaku Believes We Will Soon Find Alien Life, But Contacting Them Would be A "Terrible Idea"​

Dad who pulled daughter from 'woke' $43k-yr NYC school and moved to Florida says others must follow​

'They want to teach our kids what to think': Virginia governorship candidate blasts school proposal​

Biden celebrates Cinco de Mayo with tacos and enchiladas at a Mexican joint​

US birth rate drops to record low in 2020, despite projected baby boom​

CDC: U.S. Birth Rate Sees Largest Drop in 50 Years ​

$8 TRILLION A MONTH! Will American work ethic survive this government’s socialist-style generosity shower?​

Lights Out For Indian Point As NYC Sources More Fossil Fuels For Power Generation​

China Must Shutter 600 Coal Plants To Meet Its Emissions Goals, New Analysis Finds​

Maskless in Ohio schools ​

WH: Social Media Platforms Should Block More 'Untrustworthy Content' ​

Eli Lilly employees accuse top quality control official of rewriting documents about COVID drug​

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Arizona Election Fraud-Related Challenge​

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Jacques Attali "predicted" 2020 in 1981. 2014 He said WW3 will start in Ukraine.

The Criminalization Of Dissent​

“Mamalitia” Group of Pro-2A, Anti-Vax Moms Under Assault Following Media Smears​

WATCH: Kristi Noem invites laid off police officers to come to South Dakota​

From Mind Control to Viruses: How the Government Keeps Experimenting on Its Citizens​

Murder and Mutilation. Why Judgement WILL come to America​

The Secret Religion of the NEW WORLD ORDER: Told by One Who Left it – ALL OF IT – FOR CHRIST​

12 state attorneys general demand Facebook, Twitter crack down on vaccine ‘misinformation’​

Who Will Survive the Vaccine Holocaust?​

Highly Cited Covid Doctor Comes to Stunning Conclusion: Gov’t ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ of Injection-Related Deaths​

Highly Cited Covid Doctor Comes to Stunning Conclusion: Gov’t ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ of Injection-Related Deaths​

The Feminization of Western Men​

A Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is a Sign of Cultural Collaps​e

Dear European Men: You Are Pathetic Pu****s

On Tape: Billy Graham Tells Nixon of Kabbalist 'Stranglehold' on U.S. Media​

Dresden Holocaust: Slaughter Of 500,000 German Civilians ​

Service Corp Soars To Record As Funeral Company Sees Surge In Deaths​

"Content Modification" - Facebook's New Campaign Should Have Free Speech Advocates Freaking Out

Minneapolis Target Store That Was Ransacked By Rioters Now Features Mural Celebrating Rioters​

NIH Hit With Lawsuit for Failing to Produce Documents Related to Controversial Gain-of-Function Research​

Physicians, Surgeons Call on Universities to Reverse COVID Vaccine Mandates​

Charlie Crist Calls Quits on the House as Pelosi’s Majority Crumbles ​

Florida teen faces 16 years jail for winning homecoming queen contest by hacking it with teacher mom​

St Louis votes to DEFUND POLICE and has the backing of the new BLM Congresswoman​


New Report sheds light on Vaccine Doomsday Cult

The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness

Self-disseminating vaccines to suppress zoonoses​

COVID-19 pill that cures body upon first signs of infection could be authorized later this year

Pfizer PFE earnings Q1 2021 beat estimates

44% of older millennials have a chronic health condition

Nearly half of older millennials have at least one chronic health condition

Monday, May 3, 2021

Very important Covid information and links

Not vetted: COVID-19 PCR tests are implanting electromagnetic transmission systems for remote control

Anti-woke faction opposed to critical race theory wins Texas school board race​

Disneyland's revamped Snow White ride draws backlash over sleeping kiss scene​

Moment Florida principal spanks six-year-old girl with a paddle in front of her mom because she damaged a computer

Pentagon whistleblower warns of UFO intelligence failure on 'level of 9/11'​

NEW INTERVIEW With Alex Newman of The New American and Dr. Carrie Madej: COVID SHOTS, DNA & TRANSHUMANISM​

More testing Fraud

"I Just Wanted A Little More Time" - Texas Nurse Was Fired For Refusing COVID Vaccine​

Disneyland's revamped Snow White ride draws backlash over sleeping kiss scene​

Ann Devlin – Exposing the link between electromagnetic radiation & our health​

The Great Reset: An Ancient Faith Continuously Renamed​

White House Chief of Staff: Surge in Illegal Immigration Not Biden’s Fault ​


IN ONE HOUR EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE- The prophet Isaiah warns us that in the last days God is going to “turn the world upside down.” ​

Freedom Fading ​

Man Finds Out Government is Lying on a Monumental Scale, But Still Thinks They’re Doing Good​

As most of us understand by now, the pandemic was planned with the sole purpose of submitting humanity to a New World Order of unprecedented tyrannical control by the ‘superrich elite

Peter Schiff: The Fed Cheats To Avoid Getting An 'F' On The Economy​

The Fourth Turning: Why America's "Crisis" May Last Until 2030​

You Know It's Bad When CNN Calls Out Biden Over Anti-Science Mask Use​

Ron Paul: No, Conservatives Should Not Embrace MMT

The Fundamental Economic Problem With Biden's Rescue Plan​

Claudia Stuber - “There’s going to be a pandemic” (September 2019) ​

Police Say Minneapolis is Now 'Murderopolis' And They're Ready to Quit​

Biden Tells Mossad Chief US 'Not Close' To Deal While Iran Says Sanctions About To Be Lifted

FDA Approve Pfizer 12-15 Year Olds Next Week​

Denmark Ditches J&J COVID Vaccine, Says Benefits ‘Do Not Outweigh Risk’ of Blood Clots​

Vaccine Passports Are Coming To Sports Venues

Nolte: The Narcissistic Cult of Woke Has Taken Over the CIA ​

Joe Biden Takes 94 Executive Actions on Immigration in 100 Days ​

What All Women and Girls Need to Know [VIDEO]​

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick -Francis Richard Conolly

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Senator Mitt Romney is BOOED by delegates at the Utah GOP convention for voting to impeach Trump

Does The 2A Protect Concealed Carry? The Supreme Court Will Decide ​

How Costco Is Masking A 14% Price Jump With Shrinkflation​

Guess Who's Testifying In Congress US Troops Must Stay In Afghanistan Forever?​

Senate Intelligence Leaders Say Mystery 'Sonic Weapon' Attacks On US Officials Increasing​

Biden Admin Interfering In Mexico's Efforts To Block Genetically Modified Corn​

"There Is No Shortage?" Train Loads Of Lumber Stacked As Far As The Eye Can See​

The American Right Is The New Target Of Washington's "War On Terror"​

DeSantis Vows To Sign Transgender Sports Bill - "We’re Going To Protect Our Girls"​

Watch third video at bottom - whistleblowersDeadly Stealthy DEWs Being Used Upon Americans ​

EXCLUSIVE ROGER STONE: The Political Weaponization of the US Justice System ​

Highly cited COVID doctor comes to stunning conclusion: Gov’t ‘scrubbing unprecedented numbers’ of injection-related deaths​

Transhumanists Aim To Replace God With Machines In Digital Immortality​

Antifa Infiltrated: From Target Lists To Recorded Threats to "Kill People," And "Kill Some Cops" To Doxxing And Threatening A Mayor, We See Who The Real Terrorists And Insurrectionists Are ​


Commoditizing Water: The Winners, The Losers, and How All Americans May Eventually Be Affected​

'Library of the Great Silence' invites E.T. to share long-term survival strategies​

Should People Have Right to Refuse a Blood Transfusion from COVID-19 Vaccinated?​

When Sin Is Legalized and Christianity Is Criminalized, It’s Hell on Earth AKA “Tribulation”

Niece of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb is found dead of a suspected heart attack days after receiving her second Pfizer vaccine

Myth of Systemic Racism: 10% of White Homicide Victims Were Killed by Cops, 3% of Black Homicide Victims Were Killed By Cops – Blacks Die at Homicide Rate 13 TIMES That of Whites!

Over 90 German police injured in May Day riots ​

May Day Rioters Carry Out Violent Acts in Portland, Seattle ​

Significant Jump This Week in Reported Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccine​

One fourth of reported Covid-19 deaths were not Covid after all, UK government now reports​

X-Factor Winner Reveals World's Secret Religion​

"The Costs Are Up, Up, Up. We're Seeing Substantial Inflation" Admits A Surprised Warren Buffett As Powell, Yellen See Nothing​

Saturday, May 1, 2021

How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously

UFOs Likely In Possession Of Lockheed Martin, Says Ex-Sen. Harry Reid

US Navy ‘has discussed possibility UFOs are coming from underwater base’

A major chlorine shortage is set to spoil swimming pool fun this summer

Doctor Exposes Anti-Human Endgame Behind Vaccines

Document Shows Pfizer Anticipated That Those Injected with mRNA Might Transmit Infection to Those who Are Non-Injected

If you thought COVID-19 was bad...watch this!

COVID19: What Is New Triple Mutant Variant Detected In India?​

We now have the technology to develop vaccines that spread themselves

The "Secret Agenda" of the So-called Elite and the COVID mRNA Vaccine

Newsmax apologizes to Dominion worker for false allegations

Germany's Domestic Spy Agency Is Monitoring Anti-Lockdown Protesters

Facebook is making an augmented reality wristband that lets you control computers with your brain

USA Gangster Government – Alex Newman

Huge Group of Doctors from 30 Countries: 'There is No Scientific Foundation to the Concept of Vaccine Passports' ​

The dark night of fascism has finally landed in the United States​

Australia makes it illegal to fly home from Covid-ravaged India ail and massive fines​

Notice the 666: Australia makes it illegal to fly home from Covid-ravaged India ail and massive fines

Majority Of US Companies Will Require Workers To Provide Proof Of Vaccination​

India – People Chase Out Vaccine Nazis​

We can't do a thing to stop UFOs - it could be America's biggest spy failure since 9/11, warns ex-Pentagon investigator​

Mints are running out of gold; not enough physical silver to cover paper - former U.S. Mint Director

A Different View of Covid​

Judge Rejects Democrats’ Bid to Immediately Halt Arizona 2020 Election Audit

18 French active-duty servicemen to face MILITARY COURT over open letter blasting ‘Islamist hordes’ & looming ‘civil war’

‘Tired of being political pawns’: Police union chief tells RT after Albuquerque, New Mexico cops leave riot team in droves​

The American Right Is The New Target Of Washington's "War On Terror"​

For The First Time Ever, Russia Drops Under 50% Of Exports Sold In US Dollars​

Florida Passes New Elections Bill Adding Restrictions To Vote-By-Mail And Ballot Drop-Boxes​

Revelation 20:7 When the thousand years are complete, Satan will be released from his prison​

DeSantis: Claiming Systemic Racism in America a 'Bunch of Horse Manure' ​

Newsmax settles Dominion lawsuit, issues retraction on 2020 coverage​

A Record 34% Of All Household Income In The US Now Comes From The Government

Where’s All the Ammo? Federal Premium’s President Has Some Answers

Ghislaine Maxwell Joins the 'Illuminati' Left Black Eye Club​

Self-disseminating vaccines for emerging infectious diseases ​

Liberty First Legal Vaccine Exemption Letter​

Friday, April 30, 2021

Hillary Clinton Thanks Joe Biden, Credits Him for '220 Million Shots in Arms'

Sen. Roger Marshall: 'No Scientific Support to Wear a Mask' if Vaccinated ​

Twitter Blocks 'Uncle Tim' from Trending Despite Allowing It to Trend

WATCH: Pastor Arrested in London for Quoting 'Homophobic' Bible Verses

Can Colleges and Employers Legally Require You to Get Vaccinated? It’s Complicated.

‘Sick Is the New Normal’ for Today’s Kids, Pediatrician Says​

175 Groups Urge Banks Not to Fund ‘Disastrous’ $12 Billion Chemical Plant in ‘Cancer Alley’​

Amazon Hits Record High On Blowout Earnings And Guidance​

Whitmer Makes Michigan First State To Tie Reopening To Vaccination Rates​

Update On The Escalating Harm Caused By Covid Vaccines ​

Not vetted: Why are certain 5G cell tower components labeled "COV-19?"

Gov. Kristi Noem bans vaccine passports in South Dakota ​

Deleting the Reset: The Imminent Struggle Ahead​

Cuban refugee: Americans have digested 'poison pill of communism' ​

I’m not anti-vaccine. I’m anti-the slaughter of otherwise perfectly healthy human beings.​

President Biden will not rule out ordering military to get vaccinated ​

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Biden wants George Floyd act passed by the anniversary of his death

COVID Vaxxed: Transmitting Ill Effects to the Unvaccinated Around Them

"Read My Lips..." - FedSpeak Exposed

Critical Race Theory Is About To Face Its Day(s) In Court​

Why Did Congress "Bailout" Utah For $1.5 Billion? (When Utah Has A $1.5 Billion Budget Surplus)

NEW LOW? ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt Suggests Fox News Host Tucker Carlson's Rhetoric is Causing Mass Shootings

If You Want to Inject Yourself With Every Vaccine With Proven Benefits That Has Completed Its Trials You Are an Anti-Vaxxer Now

Proof that the World Health Organization Relabeled Flu Cases as Covid-19 to Invent the Pandemic

Facebook's new smart glasses 'will TELEPORT you' and even replace your iPhone, Mark Zuckerberg reveals​

Ten Things You Need to Know about the Experimental COVID mRNA Vaccines​

24 Bible verses about Darkness Of Evil ​

Biden's Climate Goals Are Clear, Concise and to the P...Wait...What?​

Christian Pastor Arrested in UK for Saying Marriage Is Between Man & Woman​

WHO insider exposes GAVI, Bill Gates for perpetrating coronavirus plandemic​

Why are certain 5G cell tower components labeled "COV-19?" ​

US investigating possible mysterious directed energy attack near White House​

Companies sound alarm over commodity price hikes ​

Kamala Harris agrees America is not racist and defends work on border​

Nolte: Biden Congressional Address Was an Anti-Vaccine Infomercial ​

Tim Scott: Outrage Over Georgia Election Law 'Not About Civil Rights'

Joe Biden Now Says There is NO END in Sight for Mask Wearing in the USA

Brave German woman spills the beans: Merkel plans total corona dictatorship​

Kamala Harris agrees America is not racist and defends work on border

Coronavirus Spike Protein Alone May Cause Lung Damage

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Archbishop Vigano rips Vatican conference with Fauci, says Holy See 'servant of the New World Order'

Almost Half of Federal Cases Against Portland Rioters Have Been Dismissed

Do Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremberg Code?

COVID nurse explains becoming a whistleblower: ‘I recorded them murdering patients’​

The New “Triple Mutant” COVID Strain Threatens To Become A Catastrophic Plague Of Epic Proportions In India​

NY’s Full Term Abortion Law and Pelosi’s ‘Equality Act’ Have One Goal in Common: DEPOPULATION​

The Pentagon Adopts New ‘Winning Isn’t Everything Motto’​

Professors Propose Making COVID Vaccinations Mandatory: 'Do Not Honor Religious Objections'​

Report: Joe Biden to Propose Free Preschool for 5 Million Children ​

Fauci: Infections Are Too High to Let Kids Go out Unmasked - 'We Have Children Wearing Masks' Outside Until They're Vaccinated​

Targeting Asia-Pacific defence, Australia to spend $580 million on military upgrades

Anthony Alvarez shooting: Chicago Police release bodycam footage, audio as city leaders call for peace

Deadly California arrest carries echoes of George Floyd case

‘He’s bland’: Republicans struggle to find line of attack that sticks to Biden

Federal Investigators Search Rudy Giuliani’s Apartment and Office

A grand jury has been impaneled in the federal investigation into Rudy Giuliani

Feds Seeking Communications Between Giuliani and Ex-Fox Contributor John Solomon, Fox Reports on Air

Rudy Giuliani's home, office searched by federal agents as part of lobbying probe, sources tell ABC News

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office hid New York's COVID-19 nursing home death toll for at least 5 months, report says

Dr. Fauci says Joe Rogan 'incorrect' to tell young people not to get vaccinated

COVID-19 alters human genes, explaining mystery behind coronavirus ‘long haulers’

Counties with Oregon’s biggest cities moved to extreme risk

Biden launches audacious middle class spending package in speech to Congress

Animated toppling of dystopia takes Arab streaming world by storm

JUST IN: NY Post Reporter Who Wrote False Story on Kamala Harris Books Resigns, Says She Was ‘Ordered’ to Write It

New York Post temporarily deletes, then edits false story that claimed Harris' book was given out in migrant 'welcome kits'

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Apple iOS 14.5 iPhone update is out now -- here's what's new

BREAKING: FL State Legislature Passes Voter Integrity Bill Making It Much Harder To Cheat ​

Radiation poisoning to blame: Scientists Sound Alarm After Finding 25% of California Sea Lions Have Cancer

One Vaccine to Rule Them All​

America Lost Its Religion: Church Membership Plunges Below 50% For First Time​

Canadian Judge Orders Google to Identify Creator of Website Criticizing Antifa​

What’s Your Alternative?​

Tucker Carlson Says Call the Cops on Kids Wearing Masks Outdoors ​

Netanyahu ignores law to appoint loyalist justice minister

This is more fiscal insanityAfter somber tone in first 100 days, Biden plans to try to sell spending to U.S. public

"It's About To Get Much Worse": Supply Chains Implode As "Price Doesn’t Even Matter Anymore"

Advancing AI With a Supercomputer: A Blueprint for an Optoelectronic 'Brain' ​

Artificial intelligence and war without human​s


DHS Begins Internal Investigation to Identify Dangerous Employees with Patriotic Perspectives, aka "Domestic Extremists"​

Company Weaponizes Soldiers' Smartphone Data To Expose US Military Secrets​

Bill Gates Doubles Down On Opposition To "Open Vaccine" Movement​

Civil War is Coming – GLOBALLY​

The “Unvaccinated” Question​

Archbishop Vigano rips Vatican conference with Fauci, says Holy See 'servant of the New World Order'​

April Ratings: Fox News Returns to Dominance, But All Networks See Steep Declines From Last Year

Florida residents claim 'pest control trial' that will release up to a BILLION genetically engineered mosquitos in the Keys to reduce species carrying diseases is 'TERRORISM'

Palestinian President Unleashes Profane Rant Against Rest of the World

“Brink of anarchy”: Netanyahu ignores law to appoint loyalist justice minister

‘He’s bland’: Republicans struggle to find line of attack that sticks to Biden

JUST IN: NY Post Reporter Who Wrote False Story on Kamala Harris Books Resigns, Says She Was ‘Ordered’ to Write It

Australia to upgrade military bases, expand wargames with U.S

Counties with Oregon’s biggest cities moved to extreme risk

Monday, April 26, 2021

Opinion: Why it’ll take more than easy money from the Fed to keep sparking this bull market in stocks

Guardsmen have horrifying theory on order to ready warplane for domestic mission ​

This is a must watch videoCritically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P​

"There's a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel"

Israel Police looks to cast global net of cooperation in post-COVID world

EU Opens Doors To Vaccinated American Tourists In Landmark Policy Shift​

Vox claims Black Lives Matter protests lead to fewer police killings, downplays huge murder increase

'I Did Not Want To Go Through Rioting And Destruction Again': Chauvin Juror Feared 'People Coming To My House If They Were Not Happy With The Verdict'

Religious leaders hold Home Depot hostage unless company meets its demands over election reform law

Black Lives Matter Storms Oklahoma Capitol – Forces GOP Representatives into Lockdown

Oregon HS Track Coach Calls for End to Mask Rule After Athlete Collapses


COVID Natural Remedies BANNED as DOJ and FTC Seek to Silence Doctors Promoting Vitamin D, C, Zinc, etc.

CENTCOM Commander: Drones Dropping Explosives ‘Probably Concerns Me the Most’​

"What Are The Symptoms Of Chlamydia" Most Googled Sex Question As STDs Soar​

The Plandemic Will Be the Demonic Highway​


‘Every Time the US “Saves” a Country, It Converts It Either into a Madhouse or a Cemetery’

The Politics of Heroin and the Afghan US Pullout. Private Mercenary Occupation​

How the Rich Distort Politics. "Government by the 1% for the 1%"​

UCLA Students Are Claiming That Automatic Soap Dispensers Are Racist​

White House Will "Share" Millions Of Unwanted AstraZeneca Jabs With Developing World​

"The Problem Is That Your Ideas Are Stupid" - Bill Maher Blasts "Gullible" Millennials​

Laws banning biological males from competing in female sports ‘UPHOLD WHITE SUPREMACY,’ ex-Team USA women’s soccer player says​

Moron Portland Mayor Urges Residents to Help ‘Unmask’ Rioters, ‘Take the City Back’ ​

THOUSANDS of anti-lockdown protesters TAKE OVER central London (VIDEOS)​

Photos Allegedly Show Epstein, Maxwell As Guests in Clinton White House ​

Sunday, April 25, 2021

This is flawed: The theology behing the Christian Zionist lobby

Election Panic Coming in 2022 – Martin Armstrong

We Were Warned NOT To Let The Genie Out Of The Bottle ​

Start at 10 minutes viral shedding info not vetted.    

Montana governor signs law prohibiting enforcement of federal gun bans in the state to 'protect the Second Amendment' amid Biden push for reform

Medical Journals Corrupt to the Core!​

The Spike Proteins are a Bioweapon - Dr Larry Palevsky blows the lid off the Covid-Hoax! ​

Biden agenda: Undermine 'life, family and religion'

Wokester apocalypse: Public school enrollment plunges in California — and everywhere else

Nickelodeon indoctrinates your kids, teaches them about 'environmental racism'

The Biden Administration’s Plan to Eradicate Gun Makers and Store​s

Google Drive blocks access to document that compiled news coverage of COVID vaccine side effects ​

BREAKING: Canadian Police Return With SWAT to Local Church Run by Artur Pawlowski​

MATH IS RACIST: Virginia schools to dump AP classes because of PRIVILEGE and OPPRESSION​

Bradenton family may spend life in prison after 'church' sold bleach as COVID-19 cure

South Florida hospitals are admitting more COVID patients as variants spread

‘I don’t think it gets any better:’ UFC thrills sellout Jacksonville crowd, plans to return

Restaurants Serve Up Signing Bonuses, Higher Pay to Win Back Workers

Gas prices creep higher in NJ, around nation

The Grocery Price Shock Is Coming to a Store Near You

C.E.O. Pay Remains Stratospheric, Even at Companies Battered by Pandemic

Poll: At 100 days, Biden's approval remains strong. Can the honeymoon last?

Roger Stone Suggests Gas Explosion at Florida Warehouse Was 'Drone Strike' Targeting Him

Fulton County DA has grown frustrated with Georgia Secretary of State’s office cooperation in Trump probe, source says

Allen Weisselberg, self-professed ‘stickler’ CFO at center of Trump criminal probe says he leaves ‘legal side’ of money flow to others

Cops are trolling LeBron on TikTok and I am 100% here for it

Trump supporters Giuliani, Lindell win Razzies for worst film performances

Saturday, April 24, 2021

CDC Investigating 3 Deaths After J&J Vaccine, New VAERS Data Include 584 More Reports of Deaths After COVID Vaccines

Biden Admin Will Invest 'Nearly $300 Million' in Afghanistan ​

How Empires End​

Another Humiliation on the World Stage: Idiot Joe Biden is the Only One Wearing a Mask During Virtual Climate Change Discussion with World Leaders​

Video: Tucker Carlson Mocks "Woke" Liberals for Defending Knife-Wielding Columbus Teen's Violence as "Normal Part of Childhood" ​

FTC charges St. Louis chiropractor with making fake COVID claims​

American theocracy? Montana adopts law that allows people to challenge regulations that interfere with their religious beliefs​

Gates Unhinged: Dystopian Vision for the Future of Food​

"Pathetic Appeal To Hysterical Media, Frightened Voters" - Aussie TV Anchor Unloads On "Loopy-Left Era Of Joe Biden"​

St. George Floyd and Biden’s Anti-White Regime—Enabled By Ethnomasochism​

Members of Congress Question Why CDC Recommends Masks for Children as Young as 2​

Patient Zero of the Bubble Pandemic: Alan Greenspan - Matterhorn​

Aliens are probably lurking under the surface of Mars, scientists reveal ​

Biden's Climate Requirements: Cut 90% of Red Meat From Diet; Americans Can Only Eat One Burger Per Month ​

Used Car Prices Continue To Soar, Smashing Records Amid "Decimated Supply"​

Absolute Interference​

"Shame On Us" - Emotional Georgia Mom Begs School Board: "Take These Masks Off My Child"​

Volatile and Vengeful: How Scott Rudin Wielded Power in Show Business​

Scott Rudin​


Biden Marks Armenian ‘Genocide’ in Challenge to Ally Turkey

'I Didn't Want to Go Through the Rioting': Juror in Chauvin Trial Makes Stunning Admission over 'Guilty' Verdict

The TSA’s mask mandate expires soon; airline industry leaders and politicians are calling for an extension

84% of Republicans But Just 50% of Democrats Call Police "Important".

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;' Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’

How will Biden's climate plan affect everyday Americans

Montana governor signs law prohibiting enforcement of federal gun bans in the state

Merkel Tells Citizens to Submit to 'Tough' New Lockdown Restrictions

Secret and Silent Frequency Wars

The Wireless take-down of America–Can it be stopped?

The United States Has Declared Defeat in Two More Wars

Friday, April 23, 2021

Michigan reports record-breaking number of children hospitalized with UK COVID-19 variant

Montana Senate advances bill banning vaccine requirements ​

Digital vaccine passports: How to fight back and win!​

UFO Images are Real, Pentagon Confirms ​

Low rainfall leaves Mexico City residents delivering water by donkey

Afghanistan: US Exit Is with Caveats​

Yale Public Health Professor Suggests 60% of New COVID-19 Patients Have Received Vaccine​

Vaccine Passports: One Passport to Rule Them All​

Microbiologist Says Vaccines will Decimate the Population of the World

Social Media Influencer Exposes COVID Vaccine Pay-To-Propagandize Scheme

BLM Minneapolis: ‘I Don’t Want to Say We Need to Start Killing All White Folks… But… Maybe They Need to Feel the Pain and Hurt’ (WATCH)

VAERS: Two-year-old baby in Virginia dead six days after second experimental Pfizer mRNA shot

Who is Getting Rich Off of High Lumber Prices?!?​

How Many People Did Joseph Stalin Kill?

Vaccine Passports: One Passport to Rule Them All ​

IBM organised the holocaust, now creating ‘vaccine’ passports​

Winston Churchill & The Ancient Order of Druids ​

Joe Biden: Who is the "Killer President"?​

J&J Covid vaccine: CDC panel recommends resuming use ​

2 in 3 people want to work remotely full-time AFTER the pandemic ends​

Texas Sues Biden for Ignoring COVID-19 Rules at the Southern Border ​

We Are Derek Chauvin​

Norway: Risk of Dying From AstraZeneca Higher Than of COVID-19​

Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Truth about David Chipman

Thousands of Reports of Menstrual Irregularities, Reproductive Dysfunction Following CV Vaccines​

The Society of Catholic Scientists To Hold 'Extraterrestrials, AI, and Minds Beyond the Human' Non-human Intelligence Conference In Washington​

The Chauvin Verdict Proved That Riots and Intimidation WORK ​

Syrian Missile Comes Close To Striking Israeli Nuclear Reactor, Israel Retaliates In Huge Escalation​

COVID Shots to "Decimate World Population," Warns Dr. Bhakdi​

Exiled Gynecologist Exposes Details Of China's Forced Sterilization Of Uyghur Women​

Naomi Wolf: Mandatory Vaccine Passport Could Lead To The End Of Human Liberty In The West​

Pfizer under microscope (x 2000) - living creature IN the "vaccine" (18/4/21 dutch spoken)​

Naomi Wolf claims Fauci beholden to Israel rather than US​

Major sports are all riggedSports betting appears headed to Florida in deal agreed to by governor, Seminole Tribe

Tucker Carlson takes aim at ADL with Israeli immigration policy -analysis

Commercial Airline Pilots Keep Reporting UFOs Over Canada

Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 means that a person will become a GMO zombie, of sorts, with no opportunity to go back to his old self. It sounds a whole lot like the mark of the beast from the book of Revelation, would you not agree?

Why is the Pope inviting abortion-backers to his Vatican ‘health’ talks?​

The Postal Service is running a 'covert operations program' that monitors Americans' social media posts

New York Is about to Pay $2.1 Billion to Illegal Aliens ​

Is The U.S. Postal Service Preparing To Censor Our Mail?

Luke 17:2 It would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. ​

SHOCK VIDEO: Security Guards Body-Slam Fan, Cuff Him and Drag Him from Game for Not Wearing Facemask While Eating at Ralston Arena During Omaha Beef Football Game

'Baldwin Hills' Star Ashley Taylor Gerren dies after getting Covid vaccine ​

CDC: Difficult to Say When We Can Stop Wearing a Mask ​

Exclusive – Sen. Tom Cotton: Gun Grabbing Biden Nominee David Chipman Is Unfit to Lead ATF​

Florida House passes bill banning trans girls from school sports​

The Reasons Why Leftists Will Never Successfully Disarm Americans​

'Supergirl' Star is a transgender guy Who Trashes Transgender Laws Aimed at Protecting Children: 'Please Stop Hurting Us' ​

Norfolk Police Officer Fired For Making Anonymous Donation To Kyle Rittenhouse​

Religious Leaders Hold Home Depot Hostage Unless Company Meets Demands Over Election Reform​

Biden About To Declare US Recognition Of Armenian Genocide, Enraging Turkey​

De-escalation Or Calm Before The Storm? Russia Orders Troops Back After Massive Crimea Drills​

The Covidian Cult Exposed: Six Conditions Of Mind Control​

How Government Subsidizes Obesity

MAGIC: Seasonal Flu Doesn’t Exist Anymore, Only COVID-19

Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine May Trigger Herpes Virus That Causes Shingles, Study Say​s

Probably more black ops money: The Trump admin awarded a firm up to $1.3 billion to make Covid vaccine syringes. Where are they?

ADL Pushes World Federation of Advertisers to Boycott Tucker Carlson And Fox News For 'Hate Speech And White Supremacy'

Biden & Harris are crass opportunists for branding the US as systemically racist while standing on George Floyd’s grave​

UFO Images are Real, Pentagon Confirms ​

Tyranny: UK Won’t Accelerate Re-Opening Despite COVID Deaths Being Below Road Accident Fatalities ​

‘As sorry as we are’: German lawmakers approve new controversial Covid-19 lockdown bill following heated debate​

YOU are THE ENEMY by Preston James, Ph.D. (Veterans Today, 2014)​

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Passion of the Christ star Jim Caviezel sparks outrage promotes QAnon child blood-harvesting theory

Armed child carjacker caught on surveillance getting body slammed to the ground by would-be victim​

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary (Geoengineering Watch)

The Price Of Plywood Is Absolutely Ridiculous – But It Is Also A Sign Of The Times…


Nancy Pelosi hit for thanking George Floyd ‘for sacrificing your life’​

URGENT: Doctor Confirms Parasitic Worms on Facemasks​

Doug Casey on the Shocking 2025 Deagel Forecast… War, Population Reduction and the Collapse of the West

McDonald's Pays $50 for Job Interviews, Highlighting Hiring Struggles ​

Biden & Harris are crass opportunists for branding the US as systemically racist while standing on George Floyd’s grave​

Protesters heckle diners at a Brooklyn taqueria after Derek Chauvin verdict​

Journalists, Learning They Spread a CIA Fraud About Russia, Instantly Embrace a New One​

Mandatory vaccines are ‘necessary in democratic society,’ don’t infringe human rights, EU court rules​

Glenn Greenwald Explains that the Presstitutes Lie Because that Is What the Audience Wants​

33-Year-Old Woman Hospitalized for ‘Mysterious’ Paralysis 12 Hours After Pfizer Vaccine​

Russia to close parts of Black Sea near Crimea for six months​

UK warships to sail for Black Sea in May as Ukraine-Russia tensions rise​

Unvaccinated Women Claim Unusual Menstrual Cycles & Miscarriages After Being Near Recently Vaccinated Individuals​

China Launches New App Allowing Citizens to Report Others For Expressing “Mistaken Opinions”​

Nolte: Biden and Waters Deliberately Sought Mistrial in Derek Chauvin Case ​

Alaska village requires full vaccine for in-person shopping ​

Ron Paul Disguises Federal Reserve as Nike Store In Hopes Rioters Will Burn It Down​

Biden warns July 4 celebrations are at risk because 'broad swath of American adults are largely unvaccinated' - even though more than HALF have already had a shot

The US Gov’t Has $6 Trillion in Assets and $130 Trillion in Unfunded Liabilities​

Germany's Greens Poised To Seize Power From Merkel's CDU In Upcoming Vote, Poll Shows​

US Postal Service Running 'Covert Operations Program' To Spy On Americans' Social Media Posts, Share With Agencies​

33-Year-Old Woman Hospitalized for ‘Mysterious’ Paralysis 12 Hours After Pfizer Vaccine​

18-Year-Old Undergoes 3 Brain Surgeries From Blood Clots After J&J Vaccin​e

Monsanto Papers Part 2: ‘I Just Want to Die’​

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis

If Lockdowns Are Needed, Why Did More People Die In States That Locked Down Than Those That Didn't?

U.S. Intel Walks Back Claim Russians Put Bounties on American Troops ​

Absolutely senile: Biden administration bans use of term 'illegal alien'

The USAF’s Bad Bets on Pilot Retention Show It Needs Outside Help​

Vaccine production halts at Baltimore factory​

Chauvin Judge Blasts "Abhorrent" Maxine Waters' Words; Says May "Result In This Whole Trial Being Overturned"​

NY Requires Nursing-Home Workers To Sign Paperwork If They "Opt Out" Of COVID Jab

US Issues Rare Warning To Israel: Attacks On Iran Interfering With Vienna Talks

Candace Owens says parents must SUE woke schools who want to cancel conservative thinking

Is A Covid-Based “Medical Dictatorship” Preparing Canada For An End To Democracy?

Genetic Vaccines: Are They the New Thalidomide?​

Communist Revolution Overthrowing Constitution in Once-Free Nation​

Hot zone in the heartland?​

Still Believe Digital Vaccine Passports Are Something Made Up By Conspiracy Theorists?​

The Guns of April​

Farmers Warn Megadrought In Western US Threatens Devastating Crop Failures In 2021​

People trust algorithms more than other human beings, study finds. Who do they think programs those computers?​

Thou shalt have no other gods before me! ​

Derek Chauvin Guilty On All 3 Counts In George Floyd’s Death ​

House Democrats Unanimously Support Waters' Calls For "More Confrontation", Block GOP Censure Vote​

Passion of the Christ star Jim Caviezel sparks outrage promotes QAnon child blood-harvesting theory​

WARNING: COVID-19 Vaccine Is A KILLING Machine! Dr. Judy Mikovitz!!!​

“The Vaccine Won’t Be Enough!” The Rulers Demand Full Enslavement

Chauvin Guilty Verdict Completes the Total Collapse of Law, Order, and Due Process in Biden's America​

Armed child carjacker caught on surveillance getting body slammed to the ground by would-be victim

DeSantis: With More Data, I Would Have Ditched 'Faucism' Earlier, Some of our Restrictions 'Were Ineffective'​

Monday, April 19, 2021

Experiment creates “Planet of the Apes” embryos, Rabbi calls it the sexual sin of the Nephilim

US Cop Shares Tiktok Video Showing How It's Impossible To Confuse Taser for a Gun

How to Operate a Human via Remote Control

BREAKING: Documents Released in Ghislaine Maxwell Case Show DOJ Knew Years Ago that Epstein Abused Girls "As Young as 12 But Younger the Better" But Did Nothing ​

The $2.3 Quadrillion Global Timebomb

US Supreme Court: Gun Licensing Fees Are Unconstitutional 

CNN Host Chris Cuomo Says White People’s Kids Need to 'Start Getting Killed' to Prompt Police Reform​

Florida's New Anti-Riot Law Has a Nasty Surprise for Rioters Who Surround Cars ​

FDA Makes Big Expansion to Abortion Access

Cruz leads Republicans in accusing Maxine Waters of 'actively encouraging riots and violence'

The DeathJab is FIRST a SIN AGAINST PRUDENCE. Therefore the entire question of it containing murdered baby is moot from a moral theology perspective​

Minneapolis boards up as Chauvin trial enters final phase and shooting of two National Guard in city

National Science Foundation Funds Creation of Research Lab at Alaska’s HAARP

Navy Labs To Reopen The Once Taboo Case On Nuclear Cold Fusion ​

Drug Cartel Now Assassinates Its Enemies With Bomb-Toting Drones ​

Canadian gov’t won’t show evidence for lockdowns in trial of pastor charged with breaking regulations

Michael Savage Warns of Civil War — ‘You Should Be Very Frightened’

Monopoly: An overview of the Great Reset – Follow the Money

NY Times targets "White Evangelicals" who refuse vaccines for prolonging pandemic

L.A. Set to Be Largest City to Offer Guaranteed Income for Poor

Drug Cartel Now Assassinates Its Enemies With Bomb-Toting Drones

Navy Labs To Reopen The Once Taboo Case On Nuclear Cold Fusion

Bill Maher: ‘I Don’t Want Politics Mixed in With My Medical Decisions’

Murder case against ex-cop in Floyd's death goes to the jury ​

George Floyd case: Family, friends describe him as 'gentle giant' looking for a new life​

Fears of 'Knockout Game' on Rise in NYC Amid Alleged Spate of Assaults Against Passers-by​

Body Cam Reveals Black Police Officer Begged Black Man With Knife To Drop Weapon 47 Times Before Shooting​

Colorado judge used the n-word and proclaimed that 'all lives matter.' Now she's resigning.​

State Department Plans "Do Not Travel" Advisory For 80% Of Countries Amid COVID Comeback​

The CIA Used To Infiltrate The Media... Now The CIA Is The Media

Gretchen Whitmer Spreads Blame Wide for Michigan Coronavirus Rise

The Dawn Of The E-Vehicle Battery Environmental Disaster …Discarded Even Sooner Than Expected

Exclusive -- Ron DeSantis: 'The More Blue an Area Is, the Worse It’s Governed' ​

If Lockdowns Are Needed, Why Did More People Die In States That Locked Down Than Those That Didn't?​

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Greatest Violations of Nuremberg Code in History

One Question Before Us Is: Will We Be Destroyed in War Before We Lose Our Civil Liberty to the Establishment’s Orchestrated “Covid Pandemic”?​

Honoring WWII heroes is RACIST? WNBA & Nike cancel jersey commemorating female army pilots because no black women were allowed​

Israelis Treat Palestinians Like Nazis Treated Jews​

Facebook and Instagram Block Users From Sharing NY Post Report on BLM Co-Founder’s Multi-Million-Dollar Property Purchases​

Jim Jordan's Nuclear 'Rant' Against Dr. Fauci Speaks for Americans Fed Up with Violations of Their Liberty​

UFO Cover-up

Biden Declares National Emergency: U.S. and NATO Brand Russia an International Pariah​

Beware of Covid PCR Testing and the Relentless "Vaccinate Vaccinate Vaccinate" Campaign​

US to Withdraw from Afghanistan after Two Decades of War Leaving Behind a Tortured Wasteland and Having Accomplished… Nothing.

White House Won’t Say If Special Forces Will Leave Afghanistan Under Biden’s Withdrawal Plan​

Labour Disclosure ‘Shows Antisemitism Was Weaponised Against Corbyn’, Activists Say​

Latest VAERS Data Show Reports of Blood Clotting Disorders After All Three Emergency Use Authorization Vaccines​

Family Sues Telecom Giants, Alleging They Hid Risks of Cell Phone Radiation That Caused Man’s Brain Cancer​

Germany’s Merkel Pushes for Widening of Powers as COVID Surges + More​

Are Conversations About COVID Vaccines Fracturing Your Family? Here’s What You Need to Know.​

Mandatory Covid Vaccines yearly by Pfizer FOREVER​

'Get More Confrontational': Maxine Waters Crosses State Lines To Incite BLM Protesters​

Ever Fewer People Need Ever More Money... Said Nobody, Ever (Except The Federal Reserve)​

WATCH -- Maxine Waters: Derek Chauvin Must Be 'Guilty, Guilty, Guilty' or We Take to the Streets ​

Report: One in Seven Extremists In Sweden Are Women ​

Moment attempted homicide suspect opens fire on a California cop before being fatally shot​

Rothschilds front Man Jamie Dimon says 'American dream is fraying'​

Healthy 43-Year-Old Man Suffers Stroke From Blood Clot Hours After Receiving J&J Vaccine​

When British Royals Are Pedophiles, It's Called Peccadilloes​

Royal’s under siege as crowds scream ‘pedophile’ at the gates of Buckingham Palace

Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles - The Pedophile Connection​

The sex, secrets and spy rumours surrounding Prince Philip’s wild Thursday Club, as portrayed in The Crown​

The CIA Used To Infiltrate The Media... Now The CIA Is The Media

Dr. Lee Merritt: In Animal Studies, After Being Injected With MRNA Technology, All Animals Died Upon Reinfection​

US West prepares for possible 1st water shortage declaration ​


Denying who’s in charge of this Kabbalist agenda

Experiment creates “Planet of the Apes” embryos, Rabbi calls it the sexual sin of the Nephilim ​

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Dems introduce bill to expand Supreme Court to 13 justices

Noem: We're Not Accepting Settlement of Illegal Immigrants in S.D.​

Fauci at NASCAR? White House looks to appeal to vaccine-hesitant conservatives and evangelicals ​

Facebook Calls for More Regulations on Everything But Censorship ​

Delta Air Lines loses $1.2 billion in the first quarter of 2021 but predicts summer rebound

American Cities Are In Decline

Kremlin critic Navalny could 'die any minute': doctors ​

3rd Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Dose ‘Likely’ Needed Within a Year, CEO Says​

US Hospitals Getting Paid More to Label Cause of Death as ‘Coronavirus’

Tucker Carlson Doubles Down on Replacement, Explicitly Mentions White Replacement, and Targets the ADL’s Hypocrisy(!), by Kevin MacDonald

Pentagon confirms leaked video of UFO ‘buzzing’ Navy warships is genuine​

The Military Origins Of Facebook, Part ​1

U.S. Navy controls inventions that claim to change "fabric of reality"​

Biden Admin to Ramp Up Experiments Using Aborted Baby Baby Parts

One Question Before Us Is: Will We Be Destroyed in War Before We Lose Our Civil Liberty to the Establishment’s Orchestrated “Covid Pandemic”?

Deadly Serious DHS List: You Might Be A Domestic Terrorist If…

This is exactly right. Private contractors will be hired to protect heroin productionBiden Isn't Ending The Afghan War, He's Privatizing It

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Plans to Sign 'Anti-Riot' Legislation into Law ​

DeSantis said in September, “These are people that will come from all across the country. If there’s any type of issue, they all of a sudden show up in all these places.” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Plans to Sign 'Anti-Riot' Legislation into Law ​

Broadway Producer Scott Rudin’s Act of Contrition Should Get a Tony: He’s Saving His Mega “Music Man” Production

Deutsche Bank source 'missing', New York Times journalist says

Iran names suspect in Natanz nuclear plant attack

‘In this world, social media is everything’: how Dubai became the planet’s influencer capital

Mike and Susan Pompeo repeatedly misused State Department staff, watchdog concludes

House Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump See Fundraising Boost

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas vows revenge on CNN and Twitter after ban

As mask mandates end, Oregon bucks trend with permanent rule

Two blocks from the Federal Reserve, a growing encampment of the homeless grips the economy's most powerful person

Friday, April 16, 2021

Globalists Will Need Another Crisis In America As Their Reset Agenda Fails

BLM Protesters Tell ‘White Ally’: “You’re White, You Don’t Belong!”

DAYS OF NOAH: Hybrid monkey-human embryos created in lab for first time…Some warn Pandora’s box has opened

Fauci at NASCAR? White House looks to appeal to vaccine-hesitant conservatives and evangelicals​

SPECIAL REPORT: "This is a Well Planned, Well Funded, Industrial Level Invasion"​

Pyramid-shaped UFOs spotted by Navy may be the best 'the world has ever seen,' filmmaker says​

LBMA Acknowledges "Buying Frenzy" In Silver Market And Silver Shortage Fears​

Incalculable Consequences Await America As Zero Hour Closes In ​

Lessons from Roman Empire about dangers of luxury​

One dead, three neurologically disabled, ‘numerous’ reactions from vaccine in tiny Indigenous village​

Is this another false flag?: Police: 8 dead in shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis

Brain fog: how trauma, uncertainty and isolation have affected our minds and memory​

Dems introduce bill to expand Supreme Court to 13 justices​

China's growth surges to 18.3% but rebound leveling off ​

Expert: Neuralink Could Sell Your Private Thoughts to the “Highest Bidder” ​

Rule by Fiat: When the Government Does Whatever It Wants

US Housing Starts Rebound To Highest Since July 2006, Rental Permits Tumble​

"Shut Your Mouth" - Maxine Waters Blasts Jim Jordan During Angry Exchange With Fauci

"Biden's Trillions" Spark Historic Labor Shortage: Record 42% Of Businesses Can't Fill Job Openings​

Delta Air Lines loses $1.2 billion in the first quarter of 2021 but predicts summer rebound​

Going vegetarian can lower testosterone, damage libido in men - Study Finds ​

The science of why we repeat mistakes​

Are you invading, or just lost? Russian navy threatens to ram US warship ‘John McCain’ after it crosses border near Vladivostok

Lawsuit Exposes COVID Jabs As Unsafe Transhumanist Gene Therapies​

Russia's defence minister wants to CLONE 3,000-year-old ancient warriors using DNA​

ICE Pays $352/Day For 199 Days To House 1,239 Illegal Families​

5,800 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Contracted COVID-19, 74 Dead: CDC​

Gov DeSantis Puts Illegal Aliens on Notice by Hanging Signs on All Florida Highways ​

Florida Gov. DeSantis Says Lockdowns Were A "Huge Mistake"

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Brain fog: how trauma, uncertainty and isolation have affected our minds and memory

U.S. imposes sweeping sanctions targeting Russian economy​

Bernie Madoff, Mastermind of the Largest Ponzi Scheme in History, Dies in Prison at Age 82​

Margin Debt Has Exploded by 49 Percent in One Year to $814 Billion. The Actual Figure May Be in the Trillions. Here’s Why.​

Fed Chair Jerome Powell Goes on 60 Minutes to Present a False Narrative on Mega Banks He Supervises Loaning Out their Balance Sheets to Hedge Funds​

One Question Before Us Is: Will We Be Destroyed in War Before We Lose Our Civil Liberty to the Establishment’s Orchestrated “Covid Pandemic”?

Raven Rock Author Tells Us How Our Government Plans For Its Own Annihilation​

Ukraine standoff: Putin will bear 'very painful consequences' if troops cross border​

Vladimir Putin is ready to roll: Ukraine fears it's on the brink of invasion - and nuclear threat​

Dems introduce bill to expand Supreme Court to 13 justices​

Masks Are Nothing but Dress Code Loyalty Oaths to Governments​

Facebook Calls for More Regulations on Everything But Censorship

Noem: We're Not Accepting Settlement of Illegal Immigrants in S.D.

Dems: Illegals Are 'American Heroes' Who Deserve Amnesty from Biden ​

Minnesota Mayor: Police 'Do Not Necessarily' Need Weapons During Traffic Stops

George Clooney, Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood Studios Sign Letter Opposing Voter Integrity Laws

GOP Rep. Cheney: 'I Would Not' Support Trump If He Is 2024 GOP Nominee -- We Can't 'Embrace Insurrection'​

Hybrid monkey-human embryos created in lab for first time in scientific breakthrough

Human cells grown in monkey embryos reignite ethics debate

Supreme Court expansion bill faces serious blocks across political spectrum

The Real Nomadland: Doc Follows Elderly ‘CamperForce’ Living in RVs, Working for Amazon​

Video: Chicago boy wasn’t holding gun when shot by officer

In a year of reckoning, slavery reparations bill moves forward in the House

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

'We Were Creating A Story -- Our Focus Was To Get Trump Out': CNN Director Busted By Undercover Veritas Operative

They'll "Get What They Deserve" - Trump Blasts "Pathetic" Supremes As Biden Court-Packing Looms​

Without Christ there is no hope. No Christians - No USA!: Where's the Hope Newsletter #22: Biden Crime Family, Kamala Ghosts the Border, New Hampshire Audit

Next stop, the apocalypse? The bumbling Biden administration’s claim to fame may be jumpstarting World War III​

'Is Biden Really In Charge?' Asks A Skeptical Sen. Cornyn

Wayne Dupree: Unless the breakdown between police and black people in America is fixed soon, we’ll have a full-scale race war

Covid-19 vaccine STILL does not mean you can ‘eat and drink indoors’, Fauci says, prompting Rand Paul to call him a ‘petty tyrant’

The Most Remarkable Aspect of the Unprecedented Lockdowns: The Widespread Compliance

Corbett Report Banned From YouTube After 14 Years, 570k Subs And 92+ Million Views​

US backs Japan's controversial move to release contaminated water into sea ​

Covid-19 third wave in Germany 'toughest' yet, says Merkel as states reportedly agree to lockdown extension​

Historic harp freeze wreaks havoc on the majority of this year's fruit harvest in France​

Revelation 8:9-11 NLV - One-third part of all sea life died.​

Revelation 16:3 And the second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it turned to blood like that of the dead, and every living thing in the sea died. ​

Coming soon: China's space war against the US​

Ukraine standoff: Russia announces snap live-fire drills in the Black Sea toda​y

Discovery identifies non-DNA mechanism involved in transmitting paternal experience to offspring​

Two-thirds of Americans would rather exercise at home than go back to the gym​

Wall Street, Corporations Team Up with Soros-Funded Group to Pressure States Against Election Reforms​

Ellie Cohanim - Wikipedia​

Ellie Cohanim: Israeli Attack on Iran Nuclear Facility Is Reaction to Biden's Iran Policy ​

Rand Paul: Anthony Fauci Acting as a 'Petty Tyrant' ​

Poll: 62% Say Election Integrity Laws Do Not Discriminate ​

Biden Calls the “Killer”- The big news of the day is that Biden decided to call Putin. (Why the difference in tone? Because the Russians don’t believe in loud statements before a negotiation and, unlike “Biden”, they are not insecure in their legitimacy)

Biotechnology Provides Limitless Ways To Kill Billions Of People ​

Russian TV claims MI6 is working with Ukraine to trigger huge war in Europe​

Probably a false-flag: Israeli-Owned Ship Attacked Off UAE Coast 2 Days After Natanz Incident

Import/Export Prices Explode Higher In March, Hottest In A Decade

We Are Now Entering Full-Blown Tyranny In The Western World ​

FLIR Wins DARPA Contract To Develop Next-Gen Combat Suits For Biowarfare​

Shape-shifting Ebola virus protein exploits human RNA to change shape ​

"Unprecedented Demand": RV Sales Hit Record In February, On Pace For Blowout 2021​

Multicolor crown appears over the top of a cloud​

Congo fends off new Ebola threat – but for how long? ​

The Pandemic Is A Consequence Of War: We Stand At A Precipice Of Extinction. When we wage war on the biodiversity of our forests, our farms, and in our guts, we wage war on ourselves​

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Remember the Biden Democrats Blaming Trump for Immigrant Child Abuse?

Will Supremes Unleash Biden Red Flag Gun Raids?

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine​

We Are Now Entering Full-Blown Tyranny In The Western World​

Harvard Doctors Promote Race-Based Discrimination In Boston Hospital In Order To Be ‘Antiracist’​

CCP Virus Variant Affects Vaccinated People More Than Unvaccinated People: Study​

BLOODY CHAOS: Democrat BLM Terror Groups RIOT, LOOT, BURN Portland and Minneapolis … Again​

Woke-a-Cola: How to Destroy a World-Leading Brand in 60 Seconds​

Dumb Unto Death ​

Japanese government says it WILL release irradiated water from Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea​

Michelle Malkin Rebukes ‘The Left’s War on Whites’ in Scathing Exposé​

Lawsuit Exposes COVID Jabs As Unsafe Transhumanist Gene Therapies

Squad Leader Rashida Tlaib Calls for COMPLETE ANARCHY

DEVELOPING: BLM Crowd Gathers in Minneapolis at Scene of Officer-Involved Shooting - Threaten to Doxx Cops, Target Their Families​

CDC pauses Johnson & Johnson injection citing ‘rare’ blood clots, but here’s what you’re not being told​

Advancing Time: Stimulus And Covid-19 Attitudes Reflect Poor Math Skills ​

Technocrats Will Thus Be Able To Build A Global Society And Control Its Every Facet, But In Order To Achieve These Lofty Goals, They Need To Re-Program Humans​

Russia, China warn Biden at same time to stay out of Ukraine, Taiwan​

Withholding Our Cash And Our Business Is Our Ultimate Weapon Against Woke ​

The US Patriots Tagged As “Domestic Violent Extremists” By The U.S. Intelligence Community​

Is this a cover for Morgellons fibers?: Airborne plastic pollution ‘spiralling around the globe’, study finds

'We Were Creating A Story -- Our Focus Was To Get Trump Out': CNN Director Busted By Undercover Veritas Operative​

China Threatens Retaliation Over Japan's Decision To Dump Radioactive Fukushima Waste Water​

Peter Schiff: Jerome Powell Is Making Promises The Fed Can't Keep​

This is hilarious: Footlocker Looted Again Despite $200 Million In Donations To BLM Causes


Teacher at $57K NYC high school says students there are being 'indoctrinated'​

Minneapolis cop in Daunte Wright shooting resigns​

STDs reach all-time in US for sixth consecutive year​

Trump accuses Biden of 'conspiring with Pfizer' to pause J&J shots for political reasons​

100 Top CEOs Plot To Punish States Which Pass 'Restrictive' Voting Laws​

More than 100 CEOs discuss ways to combat bills curbing voting access​

Monday, April 12, 2021

Police fire tear gas at protesters as officer fatally shoots man 10 miles from George Floyd killing

Why You Should Consider NOT Getting The COVID Vaccine ​

Another Covid Myth Dies the Death​



Pentagon scientists invent a microchip which senses COVID-19 in your body before you show symptoms

US Navy draws mockery after adding a mask to the eagle in service branch's logo on Twitter​

Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing

Tax meat and livestock to avoid future pandemics, say scientists ​

Greyerz – Investors Have Two Choices Ahead Of The Coming Global Collapse

Mystery Wire Podcast: Pyramid-shaped UFOs swarm above Navy destroyer​

Alberta, Canada: Pastor Speaks Out Against Government Seizing Church and Shutting It Down

Wyoming Republican Governor Mark Gordon Signs Voter ID Bill into Law

St. Vincent Residents Who Have Not Taken Covid Vaccine Are Banned from Being Evacuated Following Volcano Eruptions

Biden’s CDC Director Officially Declares Racism a “Serious Public Health Threat”

CA podcaster gets visit from police after ‘lightly’ criticizing AOC on Twitter

Black student admits to racist KKK graffiti hoax at Michigan college: Police

Capitol Protester Who Died of Heart Attack After Being Flashbanged by Police Died of 'Natural Causes,' DC Chief Medical Examiner Says

'Up to 80 percent' in Sicily refuse AZ vaccine: president​

Eerie moment flashing pyramid UFO and bizarre orb swoop on US warships before vanishing in latest Navy footage​

Hardcore Zionist: Cruz: 'Americans Will Die' from Biden Sending Money to Palestinian Authority

“I Was Offered $10 Million Not to Do This!” – Jovan Pulitzer on Offer to Walk Away from His Scanning the Ballots Work on 2020 Election Results​

French Police Tell Airbnb To Report Customers Who Violate Lockdown Rules​

If You Are White You Are Guilty​

GameStop, Foot Locker, & dozens more looted in Minnesota CHAOS following police shooting of Daunte Wright (VIDEOS)​

Exposed! I sent you a video earlier with Doreen exposing the Talmud, but remember, she is not a Christian at all. This summary exposes her Kabbalist beliefs. She twists the information in this video. Her first video was boring but informative. This video shows her true nature. Quite frankly, I don’t recommend her at all. She is way out there. These are weird beliefsKabbalah Secrets Revealed! An Expose 1/2 Doreen Dotan

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Consumer Reporter Says Customers Should Avoid 5G Phones For Up To 2 Years

Erasing History, Diplomacy, Truth, and Life on Earth

World Situation

Jewish-American organized crime - Wikipedia

Lucky Luciano - Wikipedia

In Chile right now, you can’t leave the country or buy goods deemed “non essential” by the government, even online. You’re allowed out of your house for 2 hours, 2x week, with police permission that you have to show to enter a grocery store. (Unreal!)

IDF chief hints at Israeli involvement in recent alleged attacks on Iran

This is such propaganda garbage: Israel’s data shows South African variant able to 'break through' Pfizer vaccine

Five dog tags found in belly of South Carolina monster gator

ADL Defames Tucker Carlson

If Derek Chauvin Is Acquitted, ‘All Hell Will Break Loose’

Will Evidence Matter in Chauvin’s Trial?

Latest VAERS Data Show Vaccine Injury Trends Continue, CDC Fails to Respond to The Defender’s Inquiries​

Jay Dyer Breakdown of SPARS 2025-2028 Depopulation Document​

Hundreds Of Sheriffs Call On Biden To Finish Trump’s Border Wall, Stop ‘Gangs, Guns, Dangerous Drugs’ Entering U.S.​

Religion has role at economic forum

US military paid scientist to build 'physics-bending weapon for wars with UFOs'

The high school girls continue to be in charge of the military​

Pope Francis calls for ‘global governance’ and ‘universal vaccines’ in letter to globalist financial summit​

Why the State Won't Tolerate Independence for Christianity

Mask Meltdowns Show How Crazed The Media Has Made Americans

Visualizing The Plunging Purchasing Power Of The US Dollar

Desperate students turn to sex and OnlyFans after lockdown kills pub and shop jobs

The Rise of the American Gestapo: Has It Already Happened?​

Russian atomic mortars spotted moving toward border with Ukraine

Moment drug dealer, 39, jumps out of his truck and shoots father-of-three cop dead

6000% Increase in Reported Vaccine Deaths 1st Quarter 2021 Compared to 1st Quarter 2020​

"Horror On St Vincent" - Only Vaccinated Evacuees Able To Flee Amid Fears Of Next Big Volcanic Eruption

Bari Weiss: What Should Be Done To Curb Big Tech?

Judge Jeanine Pirro - Leo Terrell and Tomi Lahren​

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Nearly 40% of Marines have declined Covid-19 vaccine

The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d'Etat and the “Great Reset”

Sinister Weapons Of Dictatorship Now Being Used Against Americans​

40 Important Bible Verses About Obedience To God (Are You Obeying?) ​

Virginia cops 'threaten to execute' soldier during traffic stop, lawsuit contends​

China Is Creating a New Master Race​

We Are Living In A Time Where Satan Doesn’t Even Hide Anymore, AND THE WORLD STILL CAN’T SEE HIM​

Biden Nominee To Head ATF Was Involved In Waco Massacre, Oklahoma City Bombing, Ruby Ridge and Fast & Furious​

Inflation Watch: The U.S. Has Spent $10 TRILLION in the Last 12 Months

BLM founder is branded a FRAUD after buying a $1.4 million home​

Descendants of black family who owned thriving resort on LA's Manhattan Beach to have land returned​

Eminent doc: Media censored COVID-19 early treatment options that could have reduced fatalities by 85%​

The Corona Jab Serum & It's Effects On Human DNA & Brain Hacking! Are You Ready To Blow Your Mind?​

Professor Dolores Cahill: Why People Will Start DYING A Few Months After The First mRNA Vaccination ​

Are You Ready For the Semiconductor Apocalypse?​

"Never Seen Anything Like This" - $1 Display Chip Shortage Causes Chaos In Global Supply Chain​

Human-gender-species-planetary-reassignment surgery: We now have a virtual cafeteria of trans-human options​

Kissinger Warns Washington: Accept New Global System Or Face A Pre-WWI Geopolitical Situation​

Woke Ideology: ‘A Recipe for Cultural Suicide’; Case for Defunding Universities​

US military pushes 'inclusion,' effeminacy while Russian recruitment ads emphasize masculinity​

Compromised: Supreme Court says California must allow in-home prayer meetings

Strip clubs to reopen in California, churches remain locked down​

Is A Cultural Revolution Brewing In America​?

Anti-Defamation League calls for Tucker Carlson to be fire​d

Electric Silverado Joins GM's EV Lineup​

Watch: High School Coach Fired After Refusing To Enforce "Senseless, Irrational" Outdoor Masks During Sports

"There Are Absolutely No Job Seekers": How Trillions In Stimulus Sparked A Historic Job Market Crisis​

Biden Just Declared 'War' On Millions Of Law-Abiding Gun Owners​

Biden Says Rejoining 'Open Skies' Would Send "Wrong Message" To Russia After Bashing Trump For Exiting It 

The Biden Border Bonanza Cost $60 Million A Week To Shelter Migrant Children​

3 Black Women Visciously Beat White, Female Postal Worker in Flint, MI Allegedly Over Delayed Stimulus Check​

Could mRNA Vaccines Permanently Alter DNA? Recent Science Suggests They Might.​

Malmstrom Air Force Base Picks Up UFO on Radar; "Sabotage Alert Team Located Another UFO Directly Over The Base"​

Russia-Ukraine 'days from war' as Vladimir Putin puts 100,000 troops on border​

Idiot Biden Confuses Gun Control Talking Points, Repeatedly Refers to the "ATF" as the "AFT" (VIDEO)​

Israel tells International Criminal Court it doesn't have authority to investigate crimes in Palestinian territories

John 14:23 Jesus replied, "If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word. My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.​

Shades of 2008: Derivative Bets Blow Up Archegos Hedge Fund; Inflict Billions in Losses on Global Banks​

Rothschild/Kabbalist​Senator Warren: BlackRock Manages More Assets than the Entire GDP of Japan. How About JPMorgan Chase Having Custody of Assets That Are 5.8 Times the GDP of Japan.)

More than a Year Later, Americans Have No Idea Where $9 Trillion of Fed Money Went ​

BREAKING: Allen West Joins Gab, Defends Free Speech Against Establishment Smears​

Friday, April 9, 2021

Research org led by Fauci bypassed fed oversight of funding to Wuhan lab; GOP Rep demands answers

YouTube Purges Ron DeSantis Video Over Claims Children Don't Need to Wear Masks ​

Intravenous Vitamin C and Cancer​

What Hunter Biden left OUT of his 'tell-all' memoir revealed​

Facts Emerging from Derek Chauvin’s Trial Contradict Media’s Account of the Inciden​t

Ukraine redux​

Vitamin D was a protective factor to H pylori infection, and can improve the success rate of H pylori eradication​

Original Content: Must See: Senile Biden Proves How Lucid He Is: Without Teleprompter, Script Or Staffer​

Stop worrying and love the mob: Democrats would rather see homicide surge than bring back ‘racist’ cops​

Washington’s Follies Are Dangerous to Us and to the World​

Washington Is Misreading Russia at the World’s Peril​

Academic Hysteria, Part II​

'Zero Support': Cops Slam City Council, Leadership as They Quit Portland Police Dept. En Masse​

How Much Longer Will the United States Exist?​

Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and MLB Oppose Election Integrity​

Coronapocalypse; Big Pharma's Doomsday Vaccine #666​

European Plans for ‘Vaccine Passports’ Were in Place 20 Months Prior to the Pandemic. Coincidence?​

Moscow warns of ‘measures’ against any Western troop deployment in Ukraine, as Kiev cites guarantees of US support in a conflict​

Viral Video - Gun Rights Activist Delivers Powerful Speech to City Council in Greensboro NC​

Over 100 Fully Vaccinated People in Washington State Test Positive for COVID-19​

G. Gordon Liddy R.I.P.​

FARMERS FIGHT BACK: French, Croatians Protest Seed Law and Takeover of Food​

Absolute Proof

Denver’s Bar Max Requires Proof Of COVID Vaccination For Indoor Service

Matt Gaetz Paid Accused Sex Trafficker Joel Greenberg, Who Then Venmo’d Teen​

Speech by Comrade Chi Haotian Vice-Chairman of China's Military Commission​

Anomalous cold blast hits Alaska in video and pictures​

Dystopian Nightmare as European Court of Human Rights Rules Mandatory Vaccination is Legal​

Charlotte Iserbyt: Reagan, The Soviets & The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America​

Phillip Adams NFL Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Nationality ​

How Rock Hill killer's rampage unfolded: 911 calls reveal neighbor heard '20 gunshots' when ex-NFL player Phillip Adams stormed into doctor's home, killing him, his wife, two grandchildren and a repairman before turning gun on himself

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for April 9 2021​

New Boeing 737 Max Electrical Issue Grounds Planes With Both American, Southwest Airlines​

Disney makes its pick for next ABC News president ​

Former Pfizer VP’s Warning: “Your Government Is Lying To You!” ​

EXCLUSIVE - Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’​

Joe Biden Declares 'No Amendment to the Constitution Is Absolute' in Gun Control Speech​

COVID "Vaccines" & Auto Immune Diseases ​

Biden is Human "Trafficker in Chief" As Abandoned Young Children at Border are Left Unable to Speak Due to Relentless Brutal "Gang Rapes"​

Man Carrying Confederate Flag Through Capitol on Jan. 6 Hit with Additional 5-Count Indictment ​

University student ordered to undergo PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION & then suspended after questioning definition of ‘microaggressions’​

7 in 10 White House Official Photos Feature Kamala Harris or Her Husband. Just 1/3rd Feature Joe Biden.​

BREAKING - Cardinal Burke: Pro-abortion politicians are in ‘apostasy,’ automatically excommunicate​d

Colorado vaccination site shuts down after several adverse reactions ​

REPORT: New York's Vaccine Passport Has 'Massive Security Flaws,' Barely Functiona​l

These names are being talked about to be the US anti-Semitism monitor

The Curtain Has Drawn Down on America’s Day in the Sun​

‘God, help me hate white people’: Associate theology prof penned vitriolic anti-white ‘prayer’ for a ‘BESTSELLER’ book on NYT list​

White Liberals Have Achieved Their Goal: White Americans Are Now Second Class Citizens​

Thursday, April 8, 2021

COVID vaccine site closes early after adverse reactions to J&J shot

Contacting alien life forms in the universe could invite them to 'rule Earth'​

FDA warns against Real Water brand linked to hepatitis outbreak​

Sorry Kids, But the Adults Have Lied to You​

Hospital blamed over women's death from heart inflammation after vaccination​

Medicare to Double Payment to Administer Vaccines ​

Dentists, Optometrists, Podiatrists Can Now Administer COVID-19 Vaccines in the U.S.​

More media-slanted information: Five including doctor and two children shot dead in South Carolina before police arrest suspect

American Airlines tells cancer survivor to remove hoodie​

Peter Thiel: 'Woke' Big Tech Don't Think of Themselves as American ​

Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Jump to 744,000, Much Worse Than Expected​

Peter Thiel believes blood transfusions from the young could be key to living forever​

Peter Thiel - Wikipedia​

Watch: Illegals End Hunger Strike After Winning $2.1B in Aid from Cuomo​

Palestinian Authority TV Claims Arabs Helped Jews Escape Nazis ​

GOP Rep. Carter: Biden 'Doing Irreparable Damage' to Georgia, But Won't Boycott Olympics in China​

Peter Thiel: 'Woke' Big Tech Don't Think of Themselves as American

Christians being purged from Big Tech 'platforms' at alarming rate while Satanists, pedophiles protected​

Best-Selling Devotional Has Prayer to 'Help Me to Hate White People​

Racist Liberals Assert Blacks Cannot Read, Cannot Do Math And Needs Free Money, As Socialism Takes Over The Democrat Party​

'Til Kingdom Come' examines link between end-times theology and Israel politics​

GOD TV is dead? Israel kicks US-based evangelical Christian channel off air​

CIA’s “Operation Gladio” with Paul Williams ​

Worthy is the Lamb - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Biden's Executive Orders Just Turned a Lot of Gun Owners Into FELONS​

Scientists Call BS On WHO's Wuhan 'Investigation' - Demand Legitimate Probe With Or Without China

Infrastructure Bills Do Not Lead To Recovery, Only Increased Federal Control​


Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski: He's Not Just Running Nazis Out Of His Church!​

EXCLUSIVE - Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’​

Can Blood from Young People Slow Aging? Silicon Valley Has Bet Billions It Will

Global Food Costs Keep Climbing in Threat to Consumer Wallets

British researcher reveals Aztecs' hieroglyphics are among world's most sophisticate​d

"There Are Absolutely No Job Seekers": How Trillions In Stimulus Sparked A Historic Job Market Crisis​

GM Cuts Production, VW Warns Texas Storms Hurt Chip Supplies As Semi Shortage Hammers Carmaker​s

GM Cuts Production, VW Warns Texas Storms Hurt Chip Supplies As Semi Shortage Hammers Carmakers​

Low Inventories, Chip Shortages Spark Unprecedented Spike In Used-Car Prices In March

The Mark Of The Beast Runs Through The Church

Nolte: Biden ATF Nominee David Chipman Spread Blue Anon Conspiracy Theories About Waco​

Japan will dump this Fukushima radioactive water into the ocean

Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. 105 (1943)

Could mRNA Vaccines Permanently Alter DNA? Recent Science Suggests They Might.​

Biden's Pick To Run The ATF Is Scarier Than The Dems House Gun Control Bill Or His Gun Control Executive Orders​

Biden’s Pick To Run The ATF Is A Fanatical Gun Control Marxists, Touts Odd Deep State Conspiracy Theories & Bans

David Chipman, Biden gun czar, says 2nd Amendment requires "well regulated" guns

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Teen Diagnosed With Guillain-Barré Weeks After First COVID Vaccine

246 Vaccinated Michigan Residents Diagnosed With COVID, 3 Dead, State Health Dept. Confirms

The Commonalities Between the Rise of the Nazis and the Tactics of the American Left Cannot be Ignored

Why you need to drink more distilled water NOW​

GM unveils its $105,595 Hummer EV SUV with an 'extract mode' that raises it six feet off the ground

COVID-19: Pandemic? Or Cult?

Angela Merkel calls for national lockdown to curb Germany's coronavirus crisis​

UBS Predicts 80,000 More Retail Stores Will Close In Five Year​s

2+2=5: Oregon Department of Education Pushes Course Claiming Math is Racist Because It Requires a Correct Answer

Chemical Cocktail Found in Face Masks. "Breathing in Carcinogens, Allergens and Synthetic Microfibres"

1,000 'woke' companies unite against election-integrity laws!

Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown on Vimeo

Neuralink Co-Founder Says We Have the Tech to Build an Actual Jurassic Park

"Do Not Be Surprised When Buildings Are On Fire"

The Schumann Resonance is a low-frequency hum created from lightnings and influences human behavio​r

Morgan Stanley sold $5 billion in shares Archegos night BEFORE private investment firm collapse

US Trade Deficit Hits Record High In February

A Trillion Here, a Trillion There​

Watch Live: EMA Delivers Update On AstraZeneca Jab After Acknowledging Blood-Clot Link ​

255 'Transgender' Inmates Request Transfer To Women's Prisons After California Passes New Law

Supreme Court Could Greenlight Warrantless Gun Seizures

Biden Disapproval Soars As Over 170,000 Illegal Immigrants Flood The US In March, Most In A Decade​

Virtue Un-Signaled? Biden Admin Mulls Restarting Border Wall Construction​

Chairman Thompson, Vice Chairs Neguse, Demings and Perlmutter Lead Letter Asking President Biden to Regulate Concealable Assault-Style Rifles​

BREAKING: GraceLife Church RAIDED by police — fencing went up at daw​n

CNN Admits Crime Wave, Highlights Violence in Democrat-Run Cities ​

Chemical Cocktail Found in Face Masks. “Breathing in Carcinogens, Allergens and Synthetic Microfibres”

Cuomo's NY: Illegals to Get $1.1B More in Aid Than Small Businesses ​

Moment 6ft-long monitor lizard climbs up supermarket shelves as it raids store for food

Feds' 2018 Data: 126x More People Killed by Falling than with Rifles ​

Three Videos To Challenge The Un-Vaxed To Watch ​

White Evangelical Resistance Is Obstacle in Vaccination Effor​t

Changes in gut microbiome play a role in autism development, study reveals ​

MORGELLONS : A THESIS – Carnicom Institute​

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

According to Science and Recent Data, NOBODY in the USA Needs to Wear a Mask, Social Distance, Stay at Home or Keep Their Business Closed

Male flight attendant is kicked off Spirit Airlines plane in Orlando​

Netflix lost 31% of its market share over the last yea​r

The Eternal Now 

The Secret Lost Labyrinth of Egypt Finally Found​

The Lost Labyrinth of Ancient Egypt – Part 1​

Former CIA chief says he 'hopes we can be friendly in dealing with other creatures if they exist'​

Pregnant woman kicked off Spirit Airlines flight because her two-year-old was not wearing a mask

Why you need to drink more distilled water NOW​

Chinese Officials Trying to Dodge COVID-19 Vaccinations, Citing Health Reasons: Leaked Documents​

The "New Normal": Flashmobs, Revolutionaries, and a Low Standard of Living ​

A Marine’s Guide to SHTF planning. (Part One—Print and Keep)​

In Service of Progressive Values, US Military Has Become Detached From Reality ​

MLB, Delta and the Catholic Church are at war with us ​

GM unveils its $105,595 Hummer EV SUV with an 'extract mode' that raises it six feet off the ground​

Waiting For The Trigger Event​

Tyrant Klaus Schwab Declares Unvaccinated People to Be a Threat to Humanity ​


Nothing to see here: DHS deletes announcement of terror suspects arrested at border

Trump got evicted from 'the swamp.' Some of his people are trying to stick around.

The Trump White House provided reporters with a gusher of leaks. Everything's changed.

Congressman Alcee Hastings, after career of triumph, calamity and comeback, dies at 84

How Ron DeSantis's critics are turning him into a hero for the right

Satellite technology puts into orbit swarms of spacecraft no bigger than a loaf of bread

"Space Hero" wants to take us all to orbit

Monday, April 5, 2021

Southwest Airlines passengers applaud removal of woman 'who refused to wear a mask'

"We're So Stupid Following Our Politicians" - Charles Barkley Unleashes One Minute Of Truth On America​

Again it’s the narrative, against the governor, but I don’t like the pro vaccine stance of this article - that’s the psy op: Florida Governor DeSantis angrily denies vaccination pay-to-play allegations

Here’s the real Disney - total insanity: Disney World guest arrested for refusing temperature check after booking $15,000 stay

Two men stranded on Pacific island for 15 months in 1965 tell how they survived​

I do not support Steiner, but some of his quotes on vaccines are on pointIn 1917 Rudolf Steiner Foresaw a Vaccine that Would ‘Drive All Inclination Toward Spirituality Out of People’s Souls’​

A Doctor’s View About the New mRNA Vaccines​

Police: Woman Allegedly Shoots at Burger King Workers over Wait Time

Proof that the World Health Organization Relabeled Flu Cases as Covid-19 to Invent the Pandemic

Man Accused of Anti-Asian Attack in NYC Was on Parole for Killing Mother

CNN guest doctor admits that freedom should be taken away to force people to vaccinate

Biden's new $2 trillion spending plan is Green New Deal in 'disguise,' GOP lawmakers say

Atlanta Mayor to Hire 250 Police Officers After Homicides Surge 58%

Human Smugglers Use Facebook to Advertise '100 Percent Safe' U.S. Border Crossings​

Immunologist: Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Could Cause Long-Term Chronic Illness​

THE ELITE HAVE BEGUN THEIR FULL SCALE EXECUTION! The Vaccine And Starvation: ‘The Modern Weapons Of Mass Sestruction’​

Over 20 detained as police use rubber bullets & tear gas to quell riot in Switzerland (VIDEOS)​

Biden's $2.5T infrastructure plan includes $20B for racial injustice ​

Border Patrol Is So Overwhelmed That Nearly 1000 Migrants A Day Are Crossing Unpursued ​

FBI Promises To Hunt Down Anyone Who Lies About Taking COVID Vax As Vaccine Passports Loom​

Suez Canal Authority Says Shipping Backlog Cleared​

Danish Vaccine Passport App "Will Cause Domino Effect" Across Europe​

Male flight attendant is kicked off Spirit Airlines plane in Orlando​

Netflix lost 31% of its market share over the last year​

Sunday, April 4, 2021

New Evidence Shows Israeli Consulate Is Behind Matt Gaetz Extortion Scandal

Florida reservoir 'contaminated with radioactive wastewater could collapse imminently'​

Democracy is an Illusion (Perspective) The Covid Scam Has Alerted Millions to The Fact That The World Is Controlled By A Small Cabal Of Satanist Central Bankers Who Wish to Enslave Us​

Anyone Who Believes Pharmaceutical Companies Have a Moral Compass Believes in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and Vaccines Will Be The Savior of Society

Potentially toxic masks distributed in schools and daycares in Quebec

Stolen Data of 533 Million Facebook Users Leaked Online ​

New ‘Detention Camp In America: Quarantine Camp​s

We Knew This Was Coming No Shots No Papers. No Travel–Tribulations, In Full Swing Compliments of Europe, Satan Soldiers Are Busy

Cancel Culture Isn't A WMD: It's Political Terror

THE ELITE HAVE BEGUN THEIR FULL SCALE EXECUTION! The Vaccine And Starvation: ‘The Modern Weapons Of Mass Sestruction’

Spain Passes Law Mandating Face Masks Even While Swimming In The Sea​

Netherlands Latest To Halt AstraZeneca Jab As Australia Admits "Likely" Blood-Clot Link​

Middle-Aged Millennials Succumb To The American Dream: Taking On Debt And Buying A House​

"Find Of The Century" -  Rare 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder Found In Shipping Container 

Amazon Apologizes for Saying Drivers Aren't Forced to Pee in Bottles ​

NYPD Orders Officers to Allow People to Smoke Weed in Public ​

Paris Deploys 6,600 Police to Enforce New Coronavirus Rules ​

Trump: 'Boycott Baseball' and 'Woke Companies' Opposing Georgia Election Law ​

Southwest Airlines passengers applaud removal of woman 'who refused to wear a mask'​

Minister Farrakhan Defends the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary ​

Pete Buttigieg caught unloading bike from SUV before riding to work for 'green' photo-op: 'Dog and pony show'​

Jeffrey Epstein Threatened To Feed His Victim To Alligators & Raped Her Infront Of His 8 Year Old Son​

Students At Florida High School Warned They Will Be "Re-Educated" If Caught Not Wearing A Mask​

Ireland Opens More Testing Centres For People With NO SYMPTOMS!​

Taboo: Why Is Africa the Global COVID ‘Cold Spot’ and Why Are We Afraid to Talk About It?​

Justin Trudeau accused of ‘anti-Christian’ bias after failing to refer to ‘Easter’ in holiday messag