Body Balance HEMMLA

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Healthmasters HEMMLA

Hormone Stability
Lipid Profile
Antioxidant boost

Healthmasters HEMMLA is an omega-3 Phospholipid concentrate.
Super Critical-Solvent Free Extraction
Highest Yield of Phospholipid, EPA/DHA and Astaxanthin
Healthmasters HEMLA is the First Medical Food Sourced from Krill.
NDC (National Drug Code) Registered Product

HEMMLA- is formulated to provide clinical dietary management of omega-3 phospholipid deficiency which may be associated with mild-to-moderate hypertriglyceridemia; and to support cell membrane fluidity, normal homocysteine metabolism, and cardiometabolic health. - 

No Benzene
No Acetone
No Solvents

60 softgels per bottle

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