These are Death Vitamins; Don't Use Them! Must Read.

Dear Healthmasters Customers,


I am writing you in response to the New York AG investigation of supplements sold at retail outlets.

I have told you and told you and told you that GNC, Walgreens, Target, CVS and Walmart carries many non tested junk supplements.

This is why their products usually don't work. This is why you basically waste your money on these companies products.

At Healthmasters we go above and beyond all testing standards to insure the quality and purity of our supplements.

This is why Healthmasters produces the highest quality products in the world. Period.

This is why our products work. This is why when you call our office to speak to my staff we will not discuss the efficacy of other products.  Why?  Well it should be obvious by now.

Other products from these big retailers are in most cases Chinese junk. I personally was suprised that the products that were exposed did not contain poisonus ingredients and heavy metals. But they may have.

Obviously whoever was manufactruting these toxic fake supplements didn't give a rats bottom about you or your families health. Forgive the anger tone here but I have been telling you this stuff for years. I am so happy that the truth has been exposed. But it greatly saddens me the billions of dollars wasted and the lives that were lost over greed.

So I am emailing you to reassure you of the quality of Healthmasters Formulas.

Below are the facts and quality guidelines for Healthmasters; You will be impressed. My family and I personally take these products. That's why they are highest quality supplements in the world.


1. As required by FDA GMP’s, each and every raw material received into our facility is tested for identity. Identity testing is simply confirming that the raw material is indeed what it says it is on the raw material’s labeling. Most identity testing is conducted via Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers (FTIR) or Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC).


2. All FTIR identity testing is performed in-house, at Healthmasters manufactureres  state-of-the-art analytical laboratory. All TLC identity testing is performed by two of our qualified third-party laboratories, Alkemist Labs and Advanced Botanical Consulting & Testing. These two companies are arguably the most reputable labs in the industry for the identification of botanical ingredients.


3. In addition to finished product certificates of analyses (COAs), customers may also request COAs on raw material identity testing for any raw material in a given finished product lot.


4. In assuring the purity, strength, and composition of all Healthmasters formulas, each finished product has the following performed prior to releasing for distribution:


• Label Claim Verification—Each active ingredient is verified to be no less than 100% of the amount claimed on the label.


• Microorganisms—Must meet United States Pharmacopeia (USP), American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), and/or National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) acceptance criteria for dietary supplements.


• Heavy Metals—Most products are required to meet USP acceptance criteria for dietary supplements. Where feasible, others must meet California’s Proposition 65 safe harbor levels.


• Physical Characteristics—Capsule/tablet weight average and weight variation, disintegration, organoleptic testing, scoop testing, etc.


• Reasonably Anticipated Contaminants—In certain finished products, Healthmasters will test for contaminants that have a slight possibility of ending up in the product. For example, due to the processing of pea protein and our assurance that all of our functional foods are gluten free, we test each and every lot for gluten to confirm it meets the FDA’s recently finalized definition for “gluten free.”


This level of testing IS NOT THE NORM in the nutraceutical field.




Please CALL US with any questions as always we are here to help.


Thank you for your support.

I call you blessed,

Dr Ted A. Broer