Sheila's Ultimate Female Stack

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Evening primrose oil is no longer in this kit.

On Sale for over 14% OFF Shelia Zilinsky recommended this protocol on her show. This is Sharon Broers personal protocol to looks decades younger than her age of 60. Ultimate multiple insures the daily requirement of specific nutrients to maintain overall health. B complex energizes the mitochondria for maximum energy. Hgh stimulate allows pituitary gland the nutrients it needs to produce human growth hormone to preserve muscle and burn fat. Sharon says it helps her to maintain her youthful figure and to burn cellulite. CLAburns fats especially stubborn fat. 5htp keeps the brain healthy and happy aiding In serotonin production. It’s The brains feel good chemical. Provides a great marriage according to Sharon. Regeneration clinically shown to regenerate cells. Cod liver oil for beautiful skin works with regeneration and cod liver oil to promote that “youthful appearance “. Omega 3 oil is a great source of omega three fats. Muscle blast sharon says it really makes her strong and gives her that alpha female workout.

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