CBD Oil ( Organic Hemp Derived )

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cbd oil
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1 oz bottle - 300mg Per Bottle

10mg of Pure Organic Cannabidiol per serving

  • Comes from Organically Grown Hemp in the United States specifically Colorado. Many are grown in Europe.
  • Full Spectrum CBD.
  • Simple formula - 3 ingredients.
  • Our label is upfront on exactly what you're getting. A lot of companies try to trick consumers or hype up certain aspects while being very clandestine about important facts.
  • CGMP certified manufacturing.
  • 3rd party tested for purity. ( test results above )

Simply put, this is important because you want other cannabinoids along with CBD to maximize the benefits.

This is important because too many companies are trying to complicate CBD they add flavors, sweetners, essential oils, fillers and everything else you can imagine.

This is a 3 ingredient product. The hemp itself which comes from the flower (the highest CBD concentration is in the flower), the MCT Oil for a transporter and a dusting of aqua trace minerals to make it more like a food source instead of an isolate.

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The ͏CBD Oil is fantastic. I’ve paid more for products labeled as having higher ͏CBD content. After using this product, it’s now clear the actual content of those products was not as labeled. The Best