Train Up Your Children in the Way They Should Eat

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Today if you are like most Americans, you have eaten a big helping of chemical additives, pesticide residues along with regularly consumed poisons. No wonder the United States has the highest infant death rate of any industrialized nation in the world, and the leading cause of death in children ages 14 and under other than accidents is cancer. We are raising a generation of children at risk. But you can shield your children from painful ear infections, miserable allergies, life-threatening asthma, obesity, poor health and even death — if you are willing to make simple changes right now in your family’s diet. Sharon Broer internationally recognized fitness and nutrition expert, and mother of four, shows you step by step how to reap the rewards of good nutrition and how to: Improve the health of your unborn child Nourish your infant and toddler so they can thrive and maximize their intelligence Protect & enhance the all-important immune system of your children. Fuel active minds and bodies for complete physical and mental growth. Learn what your pediatrician can’t tell you about nutrition and your children’s health. Stop serving beverages that destroy your child’s brain. Plus you will know exactly how and what to feed your children. Just follow Sharon's health tips throughout the well-organized information-packet text. Soon your children will learn how to make their own healthy choices providing them with a lifetime of vitality, energy and good health.