Water Distiller Model 7022

SKU: 807022

Waterwise 7000 Series

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This is designed to be a house unit and with additonal plumbing can go to any kitchen you would like.

Waterwise 7000/12-Gallon Countertop Distiller #7022 and with #7550 Faucet pump and Prefilter #1100


Includes: Distiller, Reservoir and 1 Carbon Filter Cup 
Distillate Capacity: 9 Gallons (34 liters) in 24 hours with 12-Gallon
(45.4 liters) Reservoir 
Dimensions: Height 42" (91 cm), Depth 11" (28 cm), Width 17" (43 cm)
Net Weight: 44 Ibs (16.8 kgs) Rating: 120VAC/60Hz 1200W
International: 230VAC/50Hz 1100W

Fully automatic start, fill and shutoff Each of these workhorses will keep you fully supplied with pure, fresh waterin the 12 gallon reservoir. The 7000 is constructed of durable stainless steel, and with one simple feed water connection, will produce up to 9 gallons a day, refilling its reservoir continuously and automatically. Best of all, with the included Remote Faucet Pump System , you’ll enjoy the luxury of pure water from your refrigerator’s dispenser, icemaker, and even your sink and wetbar.

As with all Waterwise distillers, the 7000 combines steam distillation with carbon post-filtration, resulting in optimum water purity. The optional Carbon Prefilter System is available, which we recommend to protect the distiller’s inlet water valve from the sediment in your tap water and improve distiller function and performance. Each model has both front and side tap capabilities, so you have flexibility in optimizing the placement of your distiller.

Purified/distilled water is collected and stored
in the stainless steel reservoir.

Because of its patented gravity control system, and unlike some old-fashioned boiler float systems, the 7000 will not malfunction and cause boil down or boil over. The seamless, stainless steel boiling tank (with large 8" opening) can be removed in seconds for easy cleaning.

Remote Faucet Pump System

This  enables you to have distilled water on tap throughout your home; in your kitchen, wet bar—up to 5 locations. Just put the 7000 in a garage, basement, laundry, or other out-of-the-way location. Then allow the Remote Faucet Pump System to
deliver distilled water to a gooseneck faucet at your sink and to your icemaker for pure, delicious, crystal clear ice cubes.

Carbon Prefilter System
This two-stage spun fiber and organic coconut-shell carbon filter protects the distiller’s inlet water valve from sediment and improves distiller function. It pretreats your tap water by effectively removing suspended particles and significantly reducing industrial chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. The cartridge should be replaced about once a year.

7-Stage Purification Process

  1. The first stage of the prefilter cartridge effectively reduces sediment.
  2. The solid carbon block cartridge significantly reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as trihalomethanes, chlorine, chloroform, chlorinated hydrocarbons, herbicides, and pesticides.
  3. This prefiltered water is heated to 212° F (100° C) killing microbes such as bacteria, cysts and viruses that may be present.
  4. Steam rises, leaving behind dead microbes, dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals, and other substances.
  5. The vent system releases low-boiling light gases (residual VOCs).
  6. Steam is cooled in the stainless steel condenser.
  7. This final filter enhances taste and purity by adsorption, aeration and degasification.