Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for May 16, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • This is a must hear show!
  • Is the Social Credit Score in China aimed at the affluent?
  • China has blocked 25,000,000 plane and train tickets.
  • America will lose the global trade war!..here’s why.
  • Almost everything you hear on the Main Stream Media and many alternative shows is manipulation.
  • This is a must hear discussion.
  • What really happened with the California fires?
  • PGE now having rolling black outs.
  • South Africa update - the killing of whites continues.
  • Today’s show includes two must hear rants from both Ted and Austin
  • Gardasil vaccine exposed by Kennedy.
  • Are Statin drugs really worth the risk?
  • Did Monsanto hire black op teams to silence their critics?
  • Must hear high energy green show!


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