Why are Healthmasters’ B Vitamins Different


Why are Healthmasters’ B Vitamins Different? 

Debatably, B Vitamins are the most misunderstood, misrepresented, and saturated vitamin in the market. Most large-chain grocery chain stores will set the prices of their B Vitamins and portray them as great deals when, in reality, it is misleading to people because the product they are purchasing is inactive and not absorbable. A vital concept to understand is not all B Vitamins are created equal.

            Below is a list of various types and forms of several B Vitamins in the market: (All bold ingredients are found in the B Complex, and if you are interested in learning about an individual ingredient, click on the blue links to be taken to either the Benfotiamine – B1, Vascular Relaxant – B3, Corticare B5 B6, Folate Max – B9, or Sublingual B12.)




  • Riboflavin (Alone, it can be hard to absorb)
  • Riboflavin 5’-phosphate Sodium (Easy to absorb; Natural; Water-soluble) [1]





  • Overall, B7 in the form of Biotin is quickly absorbed and used by the body.


* It is estimated 20-70% of the population has a defective MTHFR Defective Gene. This means some people lack the ability to produce the MTHFR enzyme which is needed to convert folic acid into folate. Since folic acid cannot be converted, homocysteine levels can rise which may cause various issues, and people with the defect may be deficient in B9, B6, and B12. That is why it is essential to have the methylated form of these vitamins [3].


* For more information on the types of B12 Vitamins, please click here. Austin wrote an excellent article illustrating the differences between Methylcobalamin and Cyanocobalamin.


            The forms of B Vitamins chosen in the B Complex, Benfotiamine, Vascular Relaxant, Corticare B5 B6, Folate Max, and Sublingual B12 were individually selected to ensure maximum absorption and bioavailability. For fun, next time you are at the grocery store, pick up a bottle of B Vitamins and compare the label to our Healthmasters’ B Complex. You will be amazed at the types of B Vitamins that were chosen, and soon you will realize why the vitamin is cheap and on sale. Supplements should be bought with the expectation they will work, and a difference can be felt. Personally, I have spoken with many customers who have said they will never go back to their old B Vitamins because of how they feel after taking the active and readily absorbable forms the body uses. This is because of both the active and methylated forms chosen in our formulas.

If you have any questions about the B Complex, Benfotiamine, Vascular Relaxant, Corticare B5 B6, Folate Max, or Sublingual B12, feel free to call us at 800.726.1834.

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