Have Osteoporosis Drugs Been Fraudulently Approved?


Remember a a while back when I was fussing about the FDA?
Well guess what they are finally admitting what I warned you about.

Years ago I warned you against the use of Fossomax and other drugs being sold to increase bone density.
These drugs don't work in the long haul and the side effects are much worse than any potential benefit. I guess all of you know that upon occasion I get criticism from conventional medicine on the emails that I write and the stands that I take.
Such as the insanity of fluoride and mercury usage and how it destroys the brain.

Here’s the deal: Both these products are labeled as neuro toxins. Well guess what, I believe the warning labels. The skull and cross bones always get my attention. I actually believe the research showing them to destroy brain cells, CAUSE senile dementia and Alzheimer's. I have told you since 1981 not to use fluoride in toothpaste, mouthwash or water or take (thimerosol) mercury in shots.

I guess according to some people who don't read or don't understand what the symbol of a skull and cross bones means, this makes me a trouble maker...How ridiculous!
Here’s a Biblical analogy. A true Shepherd cares about his sheep.
When danger comes, the Shepherd will defend his sheep. A hireling won’t do that. With the first sign of danger he will run away leaving the sheep open to an attack.
I want you to know that I am NOT a hireling. I will always tell you the truth.  I care about all of you.

 Here’s a simple truth.  The FDA bases its decisions on studies, which measure the impact of a synthetic drug on symptoms. The studies conducted by and paid for by the drug companies in most cases do not look at the real drug side effects of suppressing the symptom, or at the problems taking the chemical over time will cause. Remember these drugs don't cure anything! In most cases they simply cover up the problem by masking the symptoms. This was very clear with the very popular bisphosphonate osteoporosis drugs.

When the FDA approved these drugs, the studies looked at their effect on hardening bones. Here are the facts, in the short term these drugs may make bones more dense. But how does that translate into effectiveness in preventing fractures over the long haul? And what are the long term health side effects? You see, once the FDA approves a drug, most doctors go berserk in prescribing the chemical. And they do it indefinitely. Or until the drug is finally pulled off the market or until its warning label is changed. By the way approximately 50% of all drugs have their warning labels changed or are pulled off the market within 5 years.

The FDA has just hit the popular osteoporosis drugs, like Fosamax, Actonel, and Reclast.
In so doing, the agency has almost admitted that the initial research was fraudulent and deceptive. The agency now is warning doctors and patients that after five years, the drugs don't work.
Imagine that! In actuality, they may predispose anyone who takes them to more fractures. And, much worse, they can have devastating toxicity. This includes destroying your jawbone.

This is one of the extremely rare studies conducted by FDA reviewers that zeroed in on the long-term clinical effects (safety and effectiveness) of a drug class, not just its power to alter a lab result. The results will allow the FDA to alter the warning labels and the recommendations of this class of drugs for users, especially long-term users.
I wonder how Sally Fields feels about these long term results. She spearheaded the media frenzy on the use of Boniva years ago.  Of course she is probably just another hireling.

I have warned all of you for years to avoid this horrible group of drugs. The only reason they sort of work in the beginning in some cases is that they poison your osteoclasts. These are the cells that remodel and remove old useless bone. So initially your bones become harder, yes, but more brittle. That's what's led too much of the awful toxicity of these drugs. Your jaw is at risk of permanent necrosis (death) of bone for the poisoning of the cells that remove old useless bone.

Please consider stopping these drugs immediately. Instead, take supplements like Ossomag or Ultimate bone support:Osaplex. These really will help you build healthy bone and avoid fractures.

Men I want to tell you this again. Don't take calcium supplements unless absoutely needed, use organic dairy instead. Some studies are now showing an increase risk of heart disease with men using calcium supplements.
With women due to the risk of osteoporosis, only use our high quality absorbable products, do not take cheap calcium. You may as well grind up rock, they are that bad for you.

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