Zinc: It's Important Role in Reducing Hair Loss, and Helping Prostate. Must Read


Zinc is critically important for men.  There are several reason zinc is so important.  I will briefly cover a few of the reasons.

 Zinc is a key player in health, overall it is at the top of that list for immune function. Along with boosting the production of immune system cells that attack infection-causing organisms, zinc enhances the ability of those cells to keep on fighting. Zinc also increases the body’s supply of infection-fighting T-cells.

Zinc is in demand; in fact, it is necessary for the activity of about 100 enzymes in the body and is required for cell division. The production of proteins and DNA also depend on zinc, and wounds heal better when there’s enough zinc in the body. You can also thank zinc if you have a normal sense of smell and taste.[1]

Zinc For Men

Now let’s explore why zinc is such a critical nutrient for men:

Supports testosterone levels. Experts have known that a significant zinc deficiency is associated with abnormally low testosterone levels, but what about mild to moderately low zinc? A research team at Wayne State University School of Medicine evaluated 40 men (ages 20 to 80) and their zinc and testosterone levels. The authors induced marginally low zinc in young men and provided zinc supplements to elderly men who were zinc-deficient. They discovered that limiting zinc intake for 20 weeks caused a decline in testosterone levels and that zinc supplements given for six months improved testosterone production.[2]

Back in 1981 when I first started my company I quickly became known as the go to guy when men had problems with ED.   Remember I didn’t have HGH stimulate back then so it was necessary to develop a protocol for ED that worked. I found that 50 mgs of zinc combined with natural vitamin e corrected the ED in most cases.  The craziest thing I learned back in the 80's was that many men were dealing with ED in their 20s and 30s, today ED is much WORSE!

Promotes healthy sperm. Healthy, active sperm is essential for men who want to be fathers, and zinc plays a critical role in not only promoting sperm production but in regulating the motility (ability of sperm to swim) as well. A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America reported on the importance of zinc in ensuring healthy sperm, noting that zinc “is an essential trace element for the maintenance of germ cells [immature sperm cells], the progression of spermatogenesis [sperm formation], and the regulation of sperm motility.”[3]

Back in the 90's my wife was having difficulty getting pregnant.  Her mother had taken DES when pregnant with Sharon.
One of the protocols we had to do was to have my sperm count checked.  When the Doctor came in with the results he was amazed.  He said "you have the most potent sperm sample I have ever seen". I explained to him it was the zinc and vitamin e I was taking.  He didn’t pay any attention to the facts I had given him. So I will say this one more time. Men if you have poor quality sperm and your wife can’t get pregnant or if you have a low or non existent sex drive take Super Potent E and Zinc. Viagra can cause blindness and deafness.

Protects the prostate. Guess which nutrient is found in high concentrations in the prostate? Although zinc is present throughout the body, the prostate is second only to bone for high levels of zinc in males. Scientists are still exploring the significance of zinc in the prostate, but thus far they’ve found that men with low dietary zinc tend to be at greater risk for an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH) and prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate), and possibly prostate cancer. For example, a 2007 study reported that men who had prostatitis or prostate cancer had lower concentrations of zinc than healthy men.[4]An Oregon State University study found that zinc could be an important factor in “regulating cell growth and apoptosis [cell death] in hyperplasia cells.”[5]  I have also found over the years that men who take zinc on a regular basis dont seem to have problems in this area.      

Helps prevent hair loss. Zinc deficiency is seen in a significant number of people who suffer with alopecia, which can range from minimal hair thinning to complete baldness. Could taking zinc supplements help? A study of 15 individuals (10 men) with alopecia looked at this question. All the participants were given 50 mg per day of zinc for 12 weeks, and by the end of the study, nine participants had experienced hair growth. Zinc levels had increased more in the subjects who had hair growth than in those who did not respond to treatment.[6]    In addition to this benefit zinc when combined with active B vitamins seems to reduce gray hair.  Notice my 55 year old photo.  I still have almost no gray hair neither does my wife Sharon who is now 55.

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How much Zinc?

The recommended daily allowance of zinc for men is 11 mg (it’s 8 mg for women).   I personally believe that this is way too low.  Zinc is too important to be deficient.  I have been taking 50mgs a day for over 30 years.


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