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Serenex: Stress Control

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Applications for Health Improvement

  • May help promote sense of inner calm
  • Supports physical reserves and a healthy response to stress
  • Concentrated form of a Traditional Chinese botanical formulation
  • May support healthy endocrine and neurological function
  • 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Ultimate Immune Booster

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Xeno-estrogens cause cancer. They come from chemicals and pesticides in our environment. They get into our liver and become carcinogens. This product has been clinically proven to reverse and neutralize environmental carcinogens. This is a super important product. It has been shown to kill lung cancer cells in vitro. This is one of the only substances known to man that is not toxic and will kill lung cancer cells. It has 5 United States patents from John Hopkins University. This product is made from broccoli. Always remember cancer is a continuum, the cells are always forming. This product is incredible for the lungs, colon and breast tissue. Natural antioxidant and detoxifier, contributes to integrity of cells, promotes health and well-being. Great free radical protection. Great supplement for anyone who has or has ever had any type of cancer. (30 capsules)

Ultimate Multiple Fit Food Vegan

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Healthmasters Ultimate Multiple Fit Food Vegan in our incredible tasting Dutch Chocolate, is a nutrient-rich shake mix ideal for vegans, individuals sensitive or allergic to soy and/or dairy, or those seeking an alternative source of quality protein.


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Applications for Health Improvement

  • Helps protect the macula, retina and lens from oxidative damage
  • Supports healthy eye structure and function
  • 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Ultimate Multiple CHEWABLE

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Applications for Health Improvement

  • Supports Micronutrition for Optimal Growth, Normal Development, and Long-Term Health
  • Helps Ensure That Children Who Are Picky Eaters, Have Poor Appetites, or Are on Restricted Diets Get the Nutrients They Might Be Missing
  • Helps Bridge Nutritional Gaps Resulting from Diets Low in Healthful Fruits and Vegetables and High in Processed Foods and Sugar
  • Provides Micronutrients Important for Healthy Immunity to Fight Common Ailments
  • Ideal for Children and Adults
  • 120 Chewable Tablets

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Eyesight 5
Serenex: Stress Control 4
Ultimate Immune Booster 9
Ultimate Multiple CHEWABLE 9
Ultimate Multiple Fit Food Vegan 2