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Natural amino acid...great fat burner. Also supports cardiovascular health and muscle recovery. 60 caps

E-400 with Selenium

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Powerful antioxidant blend, supports cardiovascular and prostate function. (60 softgels)

Excellent C

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This is a functional vitamin C formula. It has added 7.5 mg of Bioperine per capsule. Bioperine is a proprietary, patented piperine extract that has been shown in clinical studies to increase the bio availability of vitamin C by up to 40%. Vitamin C provides valuable anti-oxidant protection and supports the production of collagen and healthy connective tissue. Excellent C is buffered to help prevent potential stomach upset often found with high dietary ascorbic acid intake. Great for the immune system, sustained release. Best tablet on the market. (120 caps) - See more at:


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Excellent calcium/magnesium supplement and D3 formula. Reverses bone loss. Women, this is a must! Also great for fractures. If you want to keep your teeth, use this product.

Proprietary Joint Rebuilding Formula

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Helps protect and develop healthy cartilage. Improves mobility and flexibility of articulations. 180 caps

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Carnitine 18
E-400 with Selenium 21
Excellent C 13
Ossomag 14
Proprietary Joint Rebuilding Formula 18