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FSD 200 Serving Survival Food Bucket

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This is the newest line to the FSD food bucket line. Provides 28,800 calories packaged in mylar sealed bags. This comes out to 200 calories per $1 which is an awesome deal for this quality of food. This provides enough food for 1 person for a full 18 days at 1600 high quality calories per day, Or 4 Adults for over 4 days! We recommend having at least 1 bucket for every family member in the household. This will provide adequate food for any emergency or natural disaster. Now remember, this is high quality non-GMO food. You can surely buy garbage, toxic filled "rations" for cheaper, but do you really want to take the risk of compromising your health in a high stress disaster scenario? We don't.

Ultimate Immune Booster

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Xeno-estrogens cause cancer. They come from chemicals and pesticides in our environment. They get into our liver and become carcinogens. This product has been clinically proven to reverse and neutralize environmental carcinogens. This is a super important product. It has been shown to kill lung cancer cells in vitro. This is one of the only substances known to man that is not toxic and will kill lung cancer cells. It has 5 United States patents from John Hopkins University. This product is made from broccoli. Always remember cancer is a continuum, the cells are always forming. This product is incredible for the lungs, colon and breast tissue. Natural antioxidant and detoxifier, contributes to integrity of cells, promotes health and well-being. Great free radical protection. Great supplement for anyone who has or has ever had any type of cancer. (30 capsules)

Potassium Iodide + Needed synergistic factors

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Potassium Iodine + Needed synergistic factors Iodine is most noted for its action in thyroid health and activity. Iodine accounts for sixty-five per cent of the molecular weight of T4 and fifty-nine per cent of T3. Fifteen to twenty mg of iodine is concentrated in thyroid tissue and hormones. However, seventy per cent of the body's iodine is distributed in other tissues, including the oral mucosa, salivary glands, thymus, epidermis, mammary glands, eyes, gastric mucosa, the cervix, prostate and choroid plexus. Iodine is thought to be in every cell in the body. 12.5 mg Iodine (as potassium iodide) 25 mcg Molybdenum (as molybdenum citrate) 25 mcg Selenium (as selenium chelate) 90 tabs

Excellent C

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This is a functional vitamin C formula. It has added 7.5 mg of Bioperine per capsule. Bioperine is a proprietary, patented piperine extract that has been shown in clinical studies to increase the bio availability of vitamin C by up to 40%. Vitamin C provides valuable anti-oxidant protection and supports the production of collagen and healthy connective tissue. Excellent C is buffered to help prevent potential stomach upset often found with high dietary ascorbic acid intake. Great for the immune system, sustained release. Best tablet on the market. (120 caps)

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Excellent C 20
FSD 200 Serving Survival Food Bucket 28
Potassium Iodide + Needed synergistic factors 19
Proprietary Herbal Joint Relief Formula 21
Ultimate Immune Booster 25