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An important message from Ted Broer on HGH Stimulate 


My name is Dr. Ted Broer, I am a research biochemist, consumer advocate, and nutritionist. Many of you have already seen me and my wife on TV, heard me on radio, or have seen us live at a seminar you already know that we practice what we preach.

Since many of you have already ordered our Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy program, books, products and my Top Ten Foods Never to Eat, I will be doing my best to help continue cutting edge nutritional information on these emails.

My wife and I have been married for over 25 years and we have four children. When I turned fifty, my wife gave me the best birthday party one could ever imagine. Turning 50 was actually a very painless and enjoyable experience.

I have begun to realize that aging doesn't have to be a horrible debilitating experience which is so regularly seen by the standard medical model. When my mother was in a nursing home, her aging process was horrible. Someone else had Power of Attorney over my mother and they allowed my mother to receive drugs that destroyed her memory which finally led to her death. That is the standard medical model. In a later issue I will share with you over 50 drugs that have been clinically proven to cause Dementia, Depression, Psychosis, memory loss and hallucinations. But this is not the focus of this e-mail. Other issues will cover high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, A.D.D. and A.D.H.D., autism, increasing energy, lowering body fat and many other topics.

Every day I read and research as much as possible. It is my goal to share much of this information with you. I appreciate the support many of you have given to me over the past 30 years and I want to share with you the expanded knowledge I have acquired.

Today I want to focus on one of the primary causes of the aging process and build up of body fat and cellulite. The reduction of the Human Growth Hormone.

Many of you have probably heard of human growth hormone. It is a powerful product produced by the body's pituitary gland throughout life. The problem is, as you get older, it declines significantly. H•G•H is what keeps you young. Many doctors, especially in Hollywood are injecting H•G•H into their patients over 40 with amazing results. It has been clinically shown to increase lean muscle mass, increase bone density, lower body fat, strengthen the immune system, tighten up the skin and even increase your brain function. Your next question should be, "Why isn't everyone injecting this substance?"

Well before you sign up for the injections, there could be several serious side effects, which include arthritis, gynecomastia in men, enlargement of the forehead, high blood pressure and increased insulin resistance.

I do however have some good news for you on the benefits. Last year I started doing extensive research on different types of supplements that were supposed to increase H•G•H. Most did not, but I finally found a combination of products, which have only the positive side effects. These results have been incredible. Since I started using this combination of products my skin has tightened dramatically, my body fat has gone down, my mental acuity has gone up, my workouts have become more intense and my lean muscle weight and strength have gone through the roof! My wife has had the same results plus her cellulite is gone which is evident by her photo at the age of 52.

So needless to say, I am very excited about this new formulation. It may not be the fountain of youth, but it sure seems close. My next step was to try this product using clinical observations. Here's what the people using my formulation have experienced; improved memory, reduced wrinkles, improved bone density, improved blood pressure, increased exercise performance, lower body fat and reduction of cellulite, and increased energy. I am currently doing a study with one young man, Chase, using this product who has already lost 60 pounds in several months and dropped 8 inches off his waist.


Let me explain to you how this product, which I have named, Health Masters H•G•H Stimulate works.


One of the key principles of the product is to release Nitric Oxide into the system. Several years ago the Nobel Prize was awarded to 3 scientists for demonstrating that Nitric Oxide relaxes smooth muscle. The smooth muscles are those that work with the arteries in helping to pump blood into the body. This relaxation effect allows for dilation of blood vessels and optimum delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, heart, reproduction organs, other organs and throughout the body including the skin. This is also why this product may help to normalize blood pressure. By the way, this product also has an incredible effect for increasing “the drive” in men.

More than 18,000 research papers have been published regarding the beneficial effects of Nitric Oxide to date. Nitric Oxide was even declared molecule of the year by the esteemed Scientific Journal of Science.

The way that H•G•H Stimulate increases H•G•H is by using the amino acids Arginine and Citruline. These amino acids stimulate the pituitary gland to release H•G•H. The reason that our Health Masters formula works so well is because all other H•G•H products that I have researched don't use Citruline due to the high cost. If they were to use it, they probably would not list the amount because only a trace amount was used. Citruline is 6 times as effective in H•G•H and Nitric Oxide production as Arginine. Also because our product is classified as a nutraceutical, I use 2000 mcg of Folate to facilitate H•G•H production. (Without Folate, the body cannot produce H•G•H from Citruline and Arginine.) I know of no other product that does so. Plus our manufacturing facility is a FDA drug registered laboratory.

What all this means is simple, the product does what it is supposed to do and you can be assured of the highest nutraceutical quality possible.

By the way, one important note, never ever take Arginine and Citruline by themselves. They are very powerful and must be taken with anti-oxidants. That is why my formula is balanced with vitamin C and E and Quercetin and Polyphenols, which are the most potent anti-oxidants known.

I know the next question is, enough of the technical stuff, I just want all of the benefits. How do I get the product? Well this product has taken a while to develop. It's hard to keep this product in stock, so please if you want to try it, order ASAP.

By the way, you know that I am here to help you as much as I can, so here's my commitment to you. If you want to try Health Masters H•G•H Stimulate, the cost is $84.95 and has 60 servings.

And you can also get our super value 3-pack special deal for only $211.99

My commitment to you is simple, I have been in business for 29 years. If you are not 100% satisfied with your results just return the product to our office for a full refund.

I am looking forward to hearing great reports from each of you.

Dr. Ted Broer

Dr. Ted Broer is a consumer advocate, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, biochemist, and international bestselling author. He is a popular seminar speaker and has regularly shared the platform with such notables as former President George Bush, Barbara Bush, President Gerald Ford, Paul Harvey, Larry King, Secretary Of State Colin Powell, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Zig Ziglar, Elizabeth Dole, Naomi Judd, Bill Cosby, Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Evander Holyfield, Larry Bird, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz and many others. During the past three decades he has been privileged to speak to over one million people at live seminars and millions more via radio and television.
Sharon Broer is a bestselling author, mother of four, and popular radio and TV personality. She is recognized internationally as a fitness expert, and is considered a world champion in Martial Arts. Through her book, Train UP Your Children in the Way They Should Eat, she has helped thousands of children nationwide eliminate ear infections, asthma and learning disabilities through proper nutrition.

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