Why Are Heart Attacks a Leading Cause of Death? You can prevent them, here is how.

It's almost ironic when you hear of someone dropping dead from a heart attack or heart disease with no symptoms. One day they seem the picture of health, the next day their dead; two days later you are at their funeral.

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Suddenly a giant void is opened leaving behind bereaved spouses and children. It is so sad to me to hear of this tragic scenario of events that happen so often.

In fact, of the half a million Americans who die of heart attacks each year, almost half of these unsuspecting souls have none of the classic heart attack warning signs.

That's right, I am going to repeat it again. Half of the people who die have normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol, and no I repeat no previous heart problems.

What all of this means is that you can go to your traditional doctor, get great results, drop dead the next day, and be buried three days later.

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Obviously, the tests that determine a person's cardiac health are extremely unreliable, yet standard physicians have no choice but to rely on them. They simply check your cholesterol and tryglycerides. Then they look at a person's blood pressure and weight and ask you if you smoke or exercise. If they are really thorough they may check your homocysteine levels, (which by the way are much more important than just cholesterol) and C-reactive protein levels.

But there is one more thing that I learned about 30 years ago and that the latest research is showing is one of the most important risk factors of all.

Why is this problem so important to understand? Because all of the other factors like blood pressure. LDL, and Fibrinogen are merely symptoms of this factor that involves the food that you eat.

So what is this factor and how does food affect it?

Well, I am glad you asked.

The risk factor that I learned about 30 years ago is so simple. But it makes such a huge difference in your cardiovascular system? It's blood viscosity. Or simply put, how thick is your blood? I know this sounds incredible and I have briefly touched on it in other newsletters, it is so important to emphasize this to you because I have had it with people I know dropping dead because their blood is too thick. In many cases their already too thick blood has become much thicker because they have eaten an extremely high fat meal  loaded with trans fats or hydrogentated oils within 24 hours of their death.

To understand blood viscosity, consider the difference between water and room temperature honey. If you turn over a glass of water it just pours out. If you turn over a jar of room temperature honey, it just kind of oozes out. Some folks call it thick blood, blood sludge or blood goo. To get the honey to come out fast, some people put it in a plastic squeezable container and just squeeze it out. Well blood works much the same way, your heart needs to squeeze the blood by pumping it. Well here's the problem when the blood gets too thick, the heart has to pound like crazy just to move the blood. This causes tremendous stress and damage on the arteries, kidneys and the entire vascular system. It can even run the blood pressure through the roof, causing you to have a stroke.

Most artery damage occurs at the branching of the forks of the blood vessels. If this damage was caused primarily by cholesterol or homocysteine levels, you'd expect it to be throughout the entire cardiovascular system. But it is not. Why you may ask? Because the primary damage is caused by the friction and pressure, of this too thick blood, flowing through these branched areas.

What ends up happening, is this thick blood produces so much friction that it can erode the inner lining of the artery. What happens then is, the body has to heal this erosion by patching up the artery. This patch is called plaque. But when the body puts on a patch, it further narrows the artery, which causes more erosion, another patch, and so on. It becomes a viscous cardio vascular constricting cycle.

Just so I can paint the whole picture for you, let me cover some of the other factors of heart disease and how those factors relate to blood viscosity.

  1. Male or Female; One of the factors that cause pre-menopausal is women to have lowered heart disease rates is when a women menstruates it thins the entire blood supply. When a women ceases menstruation after menopause, the risk of heart disease for men and women is close to the same. In fact, some cases it even goes up for women.
  2. Body Weight; Eating high fat meals & high sugar carbohydrate meals, both increase blood viscosity. In most obese patients their primary diet consists of high fat and high glycemic sugary meals. These high glycemic meals also increase insulin which can result in syndrome X. Plus, just eating high fat meals can cause a weakened cardiovascular system to fail and for you to die in just 24 hours.
  3. Diabetes; When diabetics take insulin which is a salt it can over ionize the blood system causing additional plaquing. In fact, diabetics run a much higher heart disease rate than the general population. Plus diabetes can make the red blood cells stiffer which also increases the blood viscosity.
  4. Alcohol consumption; Alcohol is a diuretic. It makes you urinate. When you urinate you lose water. When you dehydrate yourself by drink diuretics, such as alcohol or caffeine, your blood gets thicker, increasing viscosity. This is why when you fly in an airplane, it has super dry air, you must drink water continuously. If you don't you could dehydrate and end up with blood clots. I remember several years ago when I was speaking with First Lady Barbara Bush about losing some weight. She asked me about former vice President Dan Quail who was suffering from blood clots when he flew, and if I could help him. I told her to have him drink 12 - 15 glasses of no chlorine, no fluoride purified water a day when he flew and to follow my cardio vascular procedure ( I will cover this is an insert of today's e-mail). By drinking purified water, ½ your body weight in distilled water daily, is the quickest and most reliable way to help your blood. This should be your first step in any cardiovascular healthy heart program.
  5. Smoking; Nicotine constricts blood vessels increasing blood pressure and it thickens the blood by increasing fibrinogen and inflammation. Don't smoke. If you do, drink a lot of pure water, avoid diuretics and follow my cardiovascular program.
  6. Cholesterol; HDL thins the blood, LDL thickens the blood. The best way to elevate HDL is through omega 3 supplements with my Organic Cod Liver Oil. Plus, as a side note about arthritis and my cod liver oil;
    "Scientists at Cardiff University (Wales, UK) have confirmed what thousands of people with arthritis have believed for years. Cod liver oil is effective in treating joint pain and can slow or even reverse, the destruction of joint cartilage."
    That's right, my Dr Ted Broer's Organic Pure Cod Liver Oil doesn't just kill the pain, it can reverse the whole process. This is a quote from the head researcher, Professor Bruce Caterson:
    "Our most recent work shows that by exposing human osteo-arthritic cartilage to cod liver oil in the laboratory for just 24 hours, we can turn off, or reverse, the action of the derogative enzymes and inflammatory factors affecting the tissue."
    What Professor Bruce Caterson is saying is that Cod Liver Oil can transform tissue overnight! It is amazing to see cod liver oil work this 21st century magic. If you examine cod liver oil under a microscope you will see that it is packed with EPA and other kinds of omega 3 fatty acids. Cod liver oil can reverse arthritis, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and help to keep your arteries open.
    A lot of people ask me, "but why can't I take regular fish oil, why should I take Cod Liver Oil." Taking fish oil can't hurt you, but taking Dr. Ted Broer's Organic  Cod Liver Oil is loaded with natural vitamin D, and vitamin D has scientific studies to show that it keeps your immune system from attacking your joints. And the people in this study who got the most vitamin D, had the lowest risk of arthritis! I hope now that you will take our high vitamin D, Organic  Cod Liver Oil for your arthritis.
  7. Blood Pressure; As I have already covered, when you are trying to pump honey thick blood through your arteries, the pressure goes through the roof. Again, more pressure more friction more plaque and narrower arteries.
  8. Age; As you age the replacement of everything in your body slows down. This also includes red blood cell replacement. Young red blood cells fresh out of the bone marrow, (God sure did make us amazing), are soft and flexible. But as with any cells as they age, they incur damage. The damage makes them stiffer. (The same as aging does to the joints.)

Eventually, the old stiff red blood cells are taken out and recycled in your spleen. But remember because the blood cells are still, they have a difficult time getting through your capillaries. So again, greater blood pressure is needed to literally drive them through the capillaries.

Again, I believe that blood viscosity is an extremely important factor for cardio vascular health. This newsletter has been but a brief overview into this fascinating subject.

By the way, I realize that the current economic environment is a challenge, but remember, your health is most important asset. I and my office staff will continue to pray for all of you. Again I thank you for your support.

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OK, lets talk about getting a healthy heart. If you want to avoid a stroke, heart attack or dying from Americas #1 killer, you probably need to forget all the mainstream information you have heard. The truth of the matter is very eye opening. Heart disease was basically unheard of in 1910. Only causing about 3000 deaths annually in the United States by 1930. 500.000 deaths by 1960 and despite spending hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars since then it has never decreased below that level. Several years ago the rates hit 1 million per year, one every 33 seconds. Many of us have realized something is wrong, very wrong. 

First let me tell you why there was such a huge spike from 1930 - 1960. That was the era junk food (processed) production went crazy in this country. That is also the era that hydrogenated oils were first used. Hydrogenated oils were first used as a substitute for butter. During the war there was a scarcity of butter. What scientists discovered was if they took corn oil and heated it then bubbled hydrogen through it using nickel as a catalyst, they could take the liquid corn oil and turn it into a solid fat (Crisco). Then yellow food coloring could be added producing a butter substitute, (margarine). The problem is this type of fat is not found in nature. It is called a trans fat and is extremely toxic. It causes heart disease, cancer and infertility just for starters. Finally this year the USDA has required all manufacturers to list the amount of trans fat in their product. However some of the manufactures have already found ways to hide this on their labels.

So here's the fact, the processed foods that we are eating are causing almost all of the deaths from cardiovascular diseases. Notice I have not mentioned cholesterol, tryglycerides or blood pressure. That's right, because these three can be controlled through dietary changes. By the way, half the people who die of heart attacks have normal blood pressure, cholesterol and tryglycerides. Many of them just prior to dropping dead have had physicals, EKG's and stress tests showing that their hearts were in great shape. Interestingly the major drug companies don't want you to have these statistics. I wrote in my book Maximum Energy (which by the way is an international best seller covering in detail the top ten foods never to eat) about a coach I had in high school. His name was Tom Bowman. He was a great guy. One day I was speaking to him in the local gym telling him how good he looked. His comment was I'm 62 years old. The doctor told me I have the body of a 42 year old. He was curling 150 pounds for 10 reps. He was amazing. Three days later he was dead. He had a massive heart attack. The entire community was devastated.

While the medical community in confusion, has known about unprecedented heart attack rates for years, they literally have not known why. Well I've got good news for you, a new study out of Paris is shedding light on people, primarily men, who are dropping dead from heart attacks for no apparent reason. 

It seems from the Paris study that one if not the primary problems is that these victims have high levels of Non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) in their blood. It can cause dangerous ventricular dysrhythmias if you have coronary artery disease and low oxygen delivery to your heart. STOP! Don't start fussing. I know what you are thinking. He's doing it again. I don't want this technical stuff. I'm not a biochemist. OK, you're right. I'll make it easy. By the way, just for the old university memories, I do enjoy talking and writing like that. But I have a confession to make, my wife always fusses at me when I do. So here's the bottom line. High levels of NEFA's are caused by too much omega 6 in the diet. Remember I warned you about Omega 6 in my 5 health tips from last weeks e-mail. Omega 6 comes from corn, safflower, sunflower, soy and canola oils.

So here's what I recommend for a healthy heart. By the way, I take these every day. (If you want to order these from my office, please call my office Monday through Friday, 9 - 5 EST. Our number is 1-800-726-1834)

1. Start taking Organic  Cod Liver Oil everyday. Our Organic Cod Liver Oil is molecularly distilled which uses a patented process, which removes all impurities. Taking 1 teaspoon a day literally improves vascular integrity and provides anti-inflammatory effects. Remember cardio-vascular disease has been linked to inflammation. One of the bio markers that are used to identify early warning signs of potential cardiovascular disease is called CRP (C-Reactive protein). This inflammatory marker indicates potential cardio-vascular disease. Notice that I really haven't talked much about cholesterol in this newsletter. Here's why, cholesterol is an anti-inflammatory product that reduces inflammation. The body produces cholesterol as a defense mechanism to reduce inflammation. So what does mainstream medicine do?

It gives us statin drugs to reduce our cholesterol. These statin drugs cause muscle wasting (Myopathy) which makes the heart disease much worse, plus they cause cancer. Fish oil lowers CRP naturally, which then gets the body to reduce cholesterol to a normal level. It really is that simple. Now if you are taking prescription drugs. Don't stop. Go to your doctor to have him help you reduce or eliminate your dosage. If he won't help, find a medical doctor who will. If you are still worried about cholesterol, there are two products, which work great without causing myopathy.

2. Healthmasters Cholesterol-X. It is policosanol and a patented magnesium chelate. This acts to reduce cholesterol without causing side effects. It helps to reduce the livers production of cholesterol. 3. Healthmasters Super Potent E, This is a mixed tocopheral product, which is high in gamma E. This is the most potent E to protect against LDL cholesterol (the bad one) breakdown. When you oxidize or breakdown the LDL cholesterol it's like turning little razor blades loose in your arteries. This oxidized LDL cholesterol actually creates lesions (little cuts) in the blood vessels. These little cuts then form scars, which can cause blockages in the arteries, heart disease and heart attacks. I recommend 1600 iu for men and 800 iu for women daily. By the way, I have been taking 1600 iu for 25 years. The study several years ago saying E was bad used chemically produced cheap synthetic E. No study has ever shown that natural mixed tocopheral E does anything but good. 4. Healthmasters Magnesium and Malate Acid: These are natural muscle relaxants. Which help to lower blood pressure. It also uses patented albion chelate minerals, which are absorbed by the body as food. Remember metallic minerals are rock and are absorbed very poorly by the body. I go into detail on the different types of minerals in my home study series "Forever Fit at 20 -30 -40 -50 and beyond. Magnesium also helps to lower blood pressure and allows more oxygen to be delivered to the heart. If your taking Cholesterol-X you won't need this. 6. Use foods high in Omega 3 such as fresh wild Salmon (never use farm raised Salmon). Also good plant sources are leaf lettuce, Flax seeds and Walnuts. Plus, remember to use Olive oil, Grape seed oil, Coconut oil or organic butter in your cooking. It's important to get as much Omega 3 as possible. Here are additional supplements that I suggest taking on a daily basis:

H~G~H Stimulate Improves circulatory, immune and nervous system function, memory, reduces wrinkles, increases bone density, and decreases blood pressure.
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Also remember to reduce or eliminate the nightshade variety of vegetables. They include tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers and white potatoes. They can inflame your joints.

Always remember if you have questions, please call us toll free, 1-800-726-1834. Please read on for more excellent information.


Dr Ted Broer

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