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Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for August 6 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Major announcement from on Deutsch Bank and Trump today.
  • In 2018, Netanyahu pointed to the very spot bombed yesterday.
  • Ordinance dropped right before explosion.
  • Jerry Falwell literally caught with his pants unzipped, his arm around another women with her pants unzipped.
  • What is the Greater Israel project?
  • Who controls Trump?
  • This is a must hear segment.
  • Should we feed those who didn’t prep?
  • Plus much much more!
  • Probably the best show in several weeks.
  • Hard hitting politically incorrect broadcast.


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for August 5 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Was a mini nuke used in Beirut?
  • An extreme explosion has caused massive damage and casualties.
  • California Jezebel Womsn attacks a man with hot coffee for not wearing a mask.
  • Will people finally understand the vaccine narrative?
  • How important is a second opinion from a medical doctor?
  • How important is preventative health care?
  • What you should look for in storable food.
  • Gold surges past 2000.
  • Is the earth really round?
  • This is a high energy must listen show.


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for August 4 2020

Show Highlights:

It’s not China!

  • What’s really happening in the China Sea?
  • Trump wishes Ghislaine well again.
  • What is up with him?
  • Is he being blackmailed?
  • Why to alt news sites promote gematria?
  • Austin gets temperature scanned plus more!
  • Why is a relationship with Jesus essential?
  • Why are people so asleep?
  • This is high energy truth show!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for August 3 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Why are twitter accounts advocating pedophilia still allowed?
  • Are aborted fetal cells in vaccines causing gender dysphoria?
  • Another cruise ship has coronavirus outbreak.
  • Trump condemns income disparity. What?
  • Who controls the CIA?
  • Another FED lowlife says further economic shutdown is necessary.
  • Do you believe the Space X narrative?
  • Trump says military will have unprecedented role in COVID vaccines.
  • World bank offers Belarus $940 million to lock down country.
  • It’s not China, it’s the Kabbalist bankers controlling everything .
  • Plus much much more.
  • High energy informative show.


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for July 31 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Three things to do to slash dementia rates by 40%.
  • Trader Joe refuses political correctness.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell is a Kabbalistic sex pervert.
  • Extensive discussion on these weirdos.
  • Ghislaine says Epstein did nothing wrong.
  • The blasphemy of the Starbucks logo!
  • Why won’t the media discuss ways to build up the immune system?
  • This show is a thought provoking must listen expose on the cult that runs the world!


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