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Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for January 27, 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Chinese President calls CoronaVirus a grave situation and has suspended international tourist travel from his country.
  • Ted has boots on the ground in China with a friend of 25 years.
  • Ted reads chain of emails from his friend in China giving you the real update.
  • Did China steal the Coronavirus from Canada and weaponize it?
  • In depth discussion.
  • Ways to boost your immune system.
  • Are the international bankers using this as cover?
  • Did the bankers facilitate this crisis?
  • Ted prays for his listeners on air.
  • This is a must listen show!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for January 24, 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Is the coronavirus a weaponized release?
  • People dropping dead?
  • Tens of millions affected?
  • In depth discussion on the immune system.
  • Is this a planned release?
  • My county, Polk
  • County now a Second Amendment sanctuary county.
  • Soros slams Trump again. Staged opposition.
  • Red flag gun law in Virginia on the way?
  • Will sex robots to be used for population control?
  • Militant lesbians have driven men away.
  • Is HPV vaccine causing cervical cancer rates to spike in the UK?
  • Homeless population and suicide in San Francisco out of control.
  • High energy must listen show!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for January 23, 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Draw close to God. He loves you.
  • Ted shares scripture verses.
  • Corona virus is viral and spreading. Thousands infected.
  • China seals off major city.
  • How to build your immune system.
  • Five clinically proven ways to elevate testosterone.
  • Hogg mocks gun owners.
  • Trump says who cares about the budget...well I do.
  • Info on obtaining religious exemptions for vaccines.
  • Why is there a statue of Albert Pike in DC?
  • A lot of health information in this show.
  • Plus much more.


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for January 22, 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Cathay Pacific cabin crew wants to wear masks against SARS. Spreading globally!
  • Stay committed to God. Pray daily. Ted starts the show with scripture.
  • Buttigieg says USA needs 11 million immigrants to function.
  • How abortion has devastated our work force.
  • Virginia Governor ignores rally and goes full communist.
  • Clinton, Biden, Trump, Sanders update.
  • Always use an attorney rather than speaking to police.
  • Avoid road rage.
  • Plus much more!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for January 21, 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Globalist puppet weirdo Thunberg upset because no one is listening.
  • Alternative talk show host won’t address the real Trump issues.
  • Hackers can breach voting machines in 90 minutes
  • Vitamin works great to prevent flu.
  • New SARS epidemic in China spreading globally.
  • How to strengthen your immune system.
  • Cell phone withdrawal anxiety.
  • Wash your hands here’s why.
  • Rally in Virginia went great.
  • Plus much much more!
  • High energy must listen show!


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