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Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for July 19, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • The omnipresent time line.
  • What happened? It started in the Garden.
  • Why is Trump pandering to the LGBQ community?
  • When do we take a stand? Is it too late?
  • Sodom and Gomorrah got it wrong!
  • Trump disavows "send her back" chant.
  • Five guys arrested at Five Guys..
  • Who are are Sacklers? Why you should care.
  • Should we support filthy TV programming?
  • Franklin Graham says Equality Act will be catastrophic for Christians.
  • Plus much much more!
  • High energy extremely politically incorrect green show.


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for July 18, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • Trumps fight with the Federal Reserve is a scripted farce!
  • Trump uses Gods name in vain again. So he’s born again?
  • Who was Robert Maxwell?
  • Why was he a media mogul?
  • Who was his daughter?
  • How is she linked to Mossad agent Epstein?
  • Advertisers in Central America using media to promote free everything in America.
  • Who’s paying these expenses?
  • Trump tweet clown show continues.
  • Rand Paul capitulates again.
  • The importance of eggs in the diet.
  • The importance of healthy cholesterol.
  • Plus much much more!
  • Very information packed show!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for July 17, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • High energy politically incorrect barn burner green show!
  • Pansies in the pulpit. In depth discussion.
  • Compromised religious leaders and their perversions and greed!
  • Who created the opioid crisis? In depth discussion.
  • Are white Americans too stupid to survive.
  • Who created Planned Parenthood?
  • Why was it created?
  • Who started Eugenics?
  • Why is the mass genocide promoter Margaret Sanger not reviled by the black community?
  • Sweden destroyed by political correctness.
  • A brain smart phone interface is now being tested.
  • This is a high energy green show.
  • At one point for probably nefarious reasons my signal is cut.
  • But I come back with a vengeance!
  • Green show must listen.


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for July 16, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • Super high energy must listen Green Show!
  • Why is Donald Trump sending out controversial tweets right now?
  • Why doesn’t he stay focused on Jeffrey Epstein?
  • Is he scripted? ...Is he an actor?
  • This is a highly controversial green show!

Topics covered include:

  • The Book of Enoch.
  • The Ancient of Days.
  • Why the Book of Enoch was removed from the Bible.
  • Who rules us.
  • Are aliens real?
  • What was the real purpose of the Frankfurt School?
  • Who was Samuel Untermeyer?
  • Why you should care about core history.
  • Why estrogen mimickers are being used against men.
  • Is The whole World being manipulated by a being who has already taken over other worlds?
  • Plus much more.
  • Ted goes on a rant naming names and intentions.
  • Yes this is that show!
  • This is a must listen!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for July 15, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • Peter Thiel says google is Chinese controlled..I disagree.
  • Ebola outbreak continues in Africa. Vaccine is being pushed.
  • Epstein scandal being used against Netanyahu opponents in Israel.
  • Was Henry Ford right?
  • Steve Pieczenik says Israel involved in 911 and Epstein is not a billionaire and is Mossad.
  • Who really are the billionaires?
  • Johnson and Johnson stock drops due to talc lawsuits.
  • Fluoridated water causes arterial calcification.
  • Ladies say no to nail polish.
  • Russian Orthodox Church opposes mandatory vaccines.
  • Plus much more!


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