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Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for August 3 2021

Show Highlights:

  • Don’t post violent rhetoric on line.
  • 3,000 page bill to be passed which hasn’t been read.
  • Another Capitol policeman committed suicide?
  • Jan 6 attendee turned in by one of his prayer group attendees.
  • The war zone known as Chicago has 600 shootings in July.
  • Kabbalist Witherspoon sells company for $900 million.
  • Malone, the inventor of the mRNA shot, warns against taking it.
  • Plus much much more.
  • High energy, must listen show!

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for August 2 2021

Show Highlights:

  • The globalists/kabbalist are turning up the screws.
  • Stress is at an all time high.
  • Everything is inverted.
  • Has 5G been turned on nationally?
  • Ted does a 20 minute rant on whose doing this and why!
  • Ted prays for the listeners.
  • This is a must hear green show!
  • The time is past to be using encryption for messaging.
  • Isaiah Chapter 29 discussed.
  • As we told you face diaper masks are back.
  • Study suggests that the vaccinated are as contagious as chicken pox.
  • Must hear broadcast!

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for July 30 2021

Show Highlights:

  • This kill shot is an advanced eugenics bio-weapon!
  • It's off world technology.
  • Our battle is not against flesh and blood!
  • Top virologist says shot is a toxin.
  • That scientist's made a mistake.
  • This is one intense show!
  • A conspiracy so vast it's almost impossible to believe.
  • Will the sterilization shot destroy the ovaries and testes of young children?
  • Gain of function defended by Fauci.
  • This show today is a politically incorrect, high energy truth barrage.
  • This one is not for the faint of heart.

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for July 29 2021

Show Highlights:

Must listen! Ok, this show is probably the clearest most succinct show that I have done concerning the following topics. It is a must listen high energy show! It ties these topics together!

  • The multidimensional fractal universe.
  • What is the purpose of black magic?
  • Why is there an atavistic hatred of Christ?
  • Who are the four horseman of banking?
  • Who owns the world?
  • What is Babylonian money magic?
  • What is the threshold at CERN?
  • What is the Veil?
  • How does The Blood of Christ save us?
  • How is Jesus the Passover Lamb of God?
  • What does it really do when you accept Christ?
  • How should Christians live?
  • Why have contemporary churches many times removed the Blood of Christ songs?
  • Are they preaching the real Jesus?
  • What is an inter-dimensional interface?
  • Why is the third temple being rebuilt?
  • Yes, this is that show! A lot of new information.
  • This is a high energy must listen broadcast!

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for July 28 2021

Show Highlights:

  • Facebook and Hillsong are partnering.
  • A match that is awful.
  • Does Governor Desantis know the real statistics?
  • The DC clown show is playing for your blood.
  • Why does the CIA propaganda use the term shot in the arm?
  • More people dropping dead from the shot.
  • The blood of Jesus is discussed.
  • The Old vs the New Covenant is discussed.
  • Plus much more!
  • Must listen, high energy show!

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