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Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for May 28 2020

Show Highlights:

Today is a high energy green show! It is a message of hope and direction.

Topics covered include.

  • Who are the real planetary rulers?
  • Why won’t Christians discuss these topics?
  • This is a deep deep rabbit hole show!
  • What are we capable of as Christians having a blood covenant with the most high God?
  • How are the global rulers tied into an inter-dimensional matrix?
  • Why child sacrifice?
  • Are there other species that we don’t know about inter-dimensionally?
  • How do these entities eat?
  • Where does their sustenance come from?
  • What are the names of these entities?
  • Why are they poisoning the planet?
  • How does stress from never-ending wars affect your health?
  • CERN, GMOs, chemtrails, AI, Morgellons, fluoride, autism, smart dust, perversion, drugs, soul cooking, secret societies, transhumanism and the Power of REAL prayer is covered.
  • This is a must-listen green show!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for May 27 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Ted discusses his shock when he entered the DMV! Coronavirus bracelet tracker...this technology is past insanity.
  • The power of symbols..how they rule the world.
  • Black magic and masks.
  • The face mask as a powerful symbol of oppression.
  • The evil symbol that rules the world.
  • The Rothschild Kabbalist UN new world order is upon us.
  • Satanic movies to be released.
  • Stand against this!
  • Plus much more!
  • Remember you are in covenant with the Most High God!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for May 26 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Is a Covid passport just another form of the Chinese social credit score?
  • What did the Nuremberg medical ethics code determine?
  • What is psychological projection?
  • How is Q using it?
  • The different types of psychological coping.
  • Who is Steven Pinker?
  • Does he really blame evangelicals and their belief in the after life for causing the lockdown to be lifted?
  • Who do you have hope in?
  • Plus much much more!
  • This is a thought provoking green show.


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for May 25 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Nurenberg code established the principle of informed consent.
  • Why is it being ignored?
  • The economic reopening is a lie. Madonna performs in Israel as the antichrist.
  • Constitutional scholar says Trump is a globalist!
  • Being unplugged from the matrix.
  • Ann Coulter stays on script and slams Trump again.
  • The dangers of social media and children.
  • The real vaccine agenda.
  • Soros rears his twisted head again!
  • Plus much more.
  • High energy must listen show!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for May 22 2020

Show Highlights:

  • Coronavirus follows the Alinsky/Cloward Piven/communist/Rothschilds/Zionist/Kabbalist plan for the takeover of America.
  • FBI offered to pay British Spy.
  • Lock up Fauci and Birx.
  • GM delays plan to reopen...told you.
  • Left wing columnist says she would vote for Biden regardless of what he did.
  • Universities try to block congress on China involvement.
  • Coronavirus vaccine trials are a sham bypassing primate studies...total insanity.
  • HR 6666 total gematria.. who’s in charge!
  • Plus much more!


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