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Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for November 13, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • The impeachment of Trump is undermining the Constitution.
  • What I believe about Trump.
  • Student loans are an enslavement tool.
  • Frankfurt School in full bloom.
  • Will Trump refuse to leave office?
  • The breakdown of the USA before our eyes!
  • Comments from an internationally known pastor who is a Trump devotee.
  • Statin drugs the scourge of western civilization and medicine.
  • Can you trust your doctor?
  • Osteen to host Kanye this weekend.
  • Europe is dying!
  • High energy must listen show!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for November 12, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • MeToo backlash worse than anticipated..
  • Women now scared to hire women!
  • Brought to us via The Frankfurt School.
  • The origins of the Frankfurt School.
  • Names and places and dates.
  • Their 12 recommendations to destroy Western Civilization and bring in Marxism.
  • Very important list.
  • This is a green show!
  • DNC resolution takes aim at Christians. Did Trump threaten use of biologicals? No!
  • I believe you believe that explained.
  • Is Trump going to use social credit scores to buy guns.
  • Plus much much more. High energy must listen show!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for November 11, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • The origins of Veterans Day.
  • The treaty of Versailles.
  • WW1 and WW2 and it’s communist interface.
  • How the banks were involved.
  • Facebook purges whistle blower info.
  • What was Holodomor?
  • The CIA drug running from Afghanistan continues.
  • Central Florida employees busted for baby child porn. Sick!
  • Media obfuscation continues.
  • Psychologists being brought in to testify against Trump.
  • The Swedish nightmare continues.
  • Transgenders are destroying sports. Why?
  • Plus much much more!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for November 8, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • Probably one of the best shows in a month.
  • The National ID system is upon us.
  • Multiple descriptions of how we are being used as guinea pigs for government experimentation. Multiple cases exposed!
  • Donald Trump slurring his words. Why?
  • The circus clown show continues.
  • But, The Democrats think it’s a real fight and they are playing for blood.
  • Ted does impassioned must hear rant!
  • Mexican police officer executed. Why?
  • German actress condemns Communist Merkel.
  • USA Control grid modeled after China.
  • Joe Rogan blasts transgender athletes.
  • Plus much much more!
  • This is a must listen green show!


Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for November 7, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • Statue of Moloch placed in front of Roman coliseum.
  • How the ancient Canaanite religions still are ruling the planet.
  • How was Epstein tied to these sects?
  • Who was Alister Crowley?
  • What is the All Seeing Eye?
  • How is rock music tied to Crowley and The All Seeing Eye.
  • Anxiety disorder sweeping today’s youth.
  • More military equipment to police.
  • DNA profiles can now be used against you. Told you!
  • Millennials health is in shambles.
  • Plus much more.
  • Must listen high energy green show!.


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