Aspartame: A Chronicle of Crime

            The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) passed the Truth in Food Labeling Act which mandated that food manufacturers disclose a complete list of their products ingredients, and that titles on food labels must honestly represent the contents within the package.  This means that a Low Fat product must, in fact, be low in fat and that “light” means that the product is lighter in calories, not just in package.  Thus, I am astonished that a product marketed as an artificial sweetener can carry the name NutraSweet, when 1) it is not nutritive by definition, and 2) it is shown to be a hazardous chemical causing severe side effects including headaches, seizures and even birth defects in laboratory animals.  One would think that our government would protect us from products that are known to harm us, but in the case of Aspartame, which is marketed under the name of NutraSweet, they have not.  If the public fully understood the irregularities in the research and development of aspartame and the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval process of this chemical, the cries of conspiracy would be heard far and wide.  The path that took this chemical from the laboratory to your kitchen table is one wrought with deception and blatant conflicts of interest, not to mention what could be considered a conspiracy to market a product to Americans which has been proven to be harmful.

  • How did a laboratory accident make it into our food supply?

  • Methanol is 10% of Aspartame’s molecular structure!

  • Every single money in one study developed seizures!

  • From brain Cancer to Depression, why were we not told the truth?

            Many are not aware, but NutraSweet was not the product of researchers seeking a healthy sugar substitute to benefit society.  It was actually an accidental discovery by James Schlatter, Ph.D who was conducting research for the G.D. Searle company on a drug designed to treat ulcers.  In December, 1065, while Dr. Schlatter worked in the laboratory of his prospective anti-ulcer medication, he mixed a substance in a container, called aspartame, with methanol (wood alcohol) when some of the substance accidentally spilled to the outside of the flask.  When Dr. Schlatter picked up the flask, the substance rubbed onto his fingers.  A few moments later, when Dr. Schlatter licked his finger to pick up a piece of paper, he reported that he noticed a very strong sweet taste.  Not knowing exactly what had happened or where the sweetness came from, Dr. Schlatter soon discovered it had come from the contents of his experiment.1 From this laboratory accident a legacy of deception has been forged against the American people which can only be considered a crime against humanity.  You will find in the pages that follow a chronology of the FDA approval process of aspartame, as well as numerous documented irregularities, deceptions and conflicts of interest.  You will also find a full discussion of the deleterious effect of aspartame on the human body which will lead you to question whether the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is really looking out for the health and well being of your family or whether it is merely a puppet of big business.