Does Soy Turn Little Boys Into Little Girls? The Shocking Truth!

This information may totally change your health and your families’ health through the knowledge contained. Be prepared for an awakening unlike many of you have never experienced concerning your food and this ingredient. A further warning this e-mail is not, I repeat, is not politically correct. If you are politically correct you probably don’t want to read this information.


I have done over 5000 Radio and T.V. talk shows. I have spoken to over 1,000,000 people at seminars and over the air; I have through the Grace of God been able to do all of these things and in doing so literally have changed the lives of thousands, if not millions, of people. I consider Sharon and I to be blessed to have been so used by God to do what I believe and pray has been His will.

I rarely get this emotional about any particular topic, but this one has really disturbed me. The truth about soy needs to be told.

Be prepared, this information can change your life. I normally don’t ask you to this, but please forward this blog post to everyone you know and care about.


Do not read this if you do not want to find out the truth about Soy products!

Genistein is the plant estrogen found in soy beans. It is not identical to estrogen in the human body, but it is close enough to fool the body into thinking it is human estrogen. When soy formula is fed to infants their Genistein (Phytoestrogen or Soyestrogen) levels are 20 X higher than would be in bre.ast milk. However, the estrogen equivalent is much worse than the 20 X. This is because the Phytoestrogens are only part of the soy problem. If all soy factors are taken into account the picture produced is worse than a horror show. There are actually 15,000X more of these estrogen mimicking compounds in soy formula than is in mother’s milk or goat’s milk formula. So what does this mean? Well here is the reality a baby who only gets soy formula is getting, NOW GET THIS! The equivalent of 5 birth control pills per day. This is why I will not sell soy protein in my office. Many of you have gotten mad at me for this, maybe now you understand why.

It has only been for the last 40 years and particularly the last 20 years that soy has ended up in approximately 60 % of our food.

Many vegetarians and some religious groups who eat large amounts of soy protein products get very upset with the facts I am now telling you.

We have become a nation obsessed with soy everything. Soy drinks, tofu, soy milk, soy protein, soy burgers and soy pet food. Soy can in many cases damage the thyroid gland causing a decrease in energy. Soy can damage the pancreas and cause an increase in diabetes.

Soy interferes with calcium absorption. Plus soy formulas use toxic oxidizing omega 6 oils which interfere with infant brain development.

Here are some more interesting facts concerning infant development. Baby’s have to have omega 3 fat in high concentration for proper brain development. That’s why I use the goat’s milk formula with cod liver oil mentioned in Sharon’s bookTrain Up A Child In The Way They Should Eat.” which is available online and through at my office by calling 1-800-726-1834.

An infant girl and an infant boy have different types of brains; obviously a little boy has different DNA than a little girl. In the first few months of life little boys undergo a testosterone surge. This is the hormone surge that allows proper secondary s.e.x characteristics in men. When you pump this little boy up with the equivalent estrogen of 5 birth control pills, the testosterone surge may not take place properly, it can’t. This can cause his brain development to become feminized and he can develop the brain of a little baby girl. Secondly his reproductive organs, including his testicles, may not develop properly and in many cases are undersized. He therefore may not produce sufficient testosterone to obtain proper secondary male s.e.x characteristics, size, strength, deep voice, facial hair. Plus this hormonal imbalance can lead to gender confusion. This has been widely known in scientific circles for many years. Scientists have simply not wanted to speak about how estrogen supplementation in infants, in the general population, increases homose.xual rates.

So many of you are asking, weren’t there homose.xuals along with gender confusion before the rampant use of soy products. The answer is, of course, yes. There are many factors which contribute from a scientific standpoint to homose.xuality; however, there has been a major increase in homose.xuality in the past 40 years. All of this cannot be blamed on one parent households, Hollywood, the music industries, genetics or estrogen in meats

Now let’s talk about little girls and soy. Soy estrogen can cause hyper feminization in girls. They can develop bre.asts at age 5 or 6. They can go into puberty at age 9 or 10. This also leads to obesity and increased risks of bre.ast cancer. The statistics are even worse in the black community. Black children in many cases have adverse reaction to cow’s milk. A large % of black children are put on soy formulas. This is probably why black girls have 50% rate of premature puberty. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics says, “Healthy full-term infants should only be put on soy formulas only when medically necessary.” However soy formulas are 25 % of the US infant formula market. THAT’S NUTS. Use our goat milk formula instead.

Plus soy not only changes a boy’s brain chemistry to that of a girl it causes a huge increase in allergies and other decrease in both se.xes. Plus the processing of soy products in many cases produces the byproduct MSG Mono Sodium Glutamate which is a neurotoxin which can also cause brain damage. WOW this keep getting worse! A few more interesting facts:

  • Soy does not reduce heart disease
  • Soy does not help menopause symptoms
  • Soy does not lower br.east cancer rates
  • Soy does not lower cholesterol
  • Soy does not reduce hot flashes

Here are other possible medical conditions that can be caused by soy:

Premature puberty/hyper feminization in women Infertility
Delayed puberty in boys Lowered Sperm Count
Decreased g.enital size and tes.tosterone in boys Gynecomastia in men (Feminine Ch.est)
Obesity in girls and boys Heart Disease
Asthma Digestive Problems
Uterine Cancer Allergies
Hypothyroidism Immune Disorders
Diabetes Childhood Leukemia
IBS Calcium Deficiencies
Depression Insomnia
Rheumatoid Arthritis Anemia
Chronic Fatigue Eczema
Cognitive and Mental Decline Hair•Loss
Psychose.xual Problems Low Blood Pressure


By the way Childhood Leukemia, retarded growth, obesity, thyroid disease and diabetes are diseases that some experts feel are going to reach epidemic proportions. Think about this, 35 % of 4 year olds are now obese.

You know it is sad to me all the half truths and outright lies you have been told by manufactures.

A few examples of lies:

  • NutraSweet is safe. It is not, it is poison.
  • Splenda is safe. It is not, it is poison.
  • Fluoride toothpaste is safe. It is not, it is poison, read the label.
  • Chlorine is safe. It is not, it is poison.
  • Fluoride Water is safe. It is not, it is poison.
  • Hydrogenated oils are safe. They are not, they are poison.
  • Shell fish is safe. They are not, they can be toxic.
  • MSG is safe. It is not, it is poison it destroys brain cells.
  • Pasteurized Homogenized milk is good for you. No it is bad for you.
  • Red Wine is safe. It is not, it can be addictive. Plus it increase risks of pancreatic cancer, bre.ast cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, alcoholism and osteoporosis
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup is safe. It is not, it leads to obesity.

By the way New Zealand, England, France, and Israel are in the process of banning soy formula or placing other regulations on its use as infant formula.

Mothers, please listen to me!

If you were told to use soy formula for your children it was not your fault. This is a tragedy of international proportions brought to us by the greedy international food corporations. They knew what they were doing.

Friend these industries are only interested in one thing, profit. I remember when a panel of top scientist got before the senate on behalf of the tobacco industry in the 90’s and swore under oath that tobacco and nicotine are not addictive. What a bunch of paid for liars.

Well I’m glad you’re reading this newsletter. What I have told you is the truth. Please forward this to everyone you care about.

Now, many of you are wondering, if I don’t use soy, what is a safe replacement, I like raw certified, grass fed, organic, no hormone cow’s milk for those over the age of two, younger than two, use goats milk, get a copy of Sharon’s book and use the formula in the book. Also, organic eggs are a great source of protein.

We also have cold temperature processed 100% New Zealand Whey protein that is excellent - Health Masters FIT Food Plus it tastes great. As always thanks for your support of Health Masters. The e-mails cost me thousands of dollars a month to send out, if it were not for your support, these e-mails would not be possible. I appreciate each and every one of you.


I remain sincerely,

Dr. Ted A Broer

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