Say NO to Acid Reflux, It is an easy fix! Simple Remedy!

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Dear Friends,

I am cutting straight to the point today with you.

Struggling with acid reflux and heartburn is a nuance and inhibits living life to the fullest.

Say NO to them today and enjoy this simple remedy.

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Acid Reflux and Heartburn


To clean up digestion problems try the following:

At the beginning of a meal or within the 1st five minutes of starting a meal:


  • If you eat a light meal-take 1
  • If you eat a medium meal-take 2
  • If you eat a heavy meal-take 3



  • If you eat a light meal-take 1
  • If you eat a medium meal-take 2
  • If you eat a heavy meal-take 3



Take 8 capsules throughout the day maybe 4 in the am and 4 in the pm. If you are not going to take 8 a day, don’t take any.

Continue doing this until the digestion is cleared up!

I also highly recommend following my Eat Drink and Be Healthy series.

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