Warning: these Drugs have been linked to causing suicide. Use at your own risk!

Suicide Linked Depression Drugs dont even help all symptoms

A recent study found that the drug companies are calling an antidepressant, which when taken, leaves you sad and keeps you in the state of not being totally suicidally depressed, effective.

Wow, imagine that!

Give me a break..The use of prescription antidepressants is almost the biggest industry in the world with the exception of other notables like the statin drugs.

I guess since people have not killed themselves...at least not yet... that's what passes for success when these drugs are used these days.

If you think  I am kidding, read the black box warning on the prescription box which warns of suicide as a side effect.

A new analysis of data from the STAR*D trial finds that people who take SSRI antidepressants cope with multiple types of depression symptoms, even while the drug is supposedly working.

The most common symptoms included insomnia (79 percent of patients); sadness (71 percent); concentration problems (70 percent);  low energy (63 percent);  and an even more severe form of insomnia (60 percent).

Even with these types of percentages, the researchers behind these ridiculous side effect drugs still claim the good news is that the drugs worked "overall and that the rates of suicidal thoughts were rare.

"Suicidal thoughts were rare."  Are you kidding me?

How often does a "rare" suicidal thought have to happen before a person kills himself.  The last time I checked, once was enough.

Hooray for these fantastic results!  Of course, I am being facetious!   The following is even more data pertaining to these drugs:

In the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology -- it was stated that  75 percent of volunteers had FIVE or more lingering symptoms of depression even after taking these drugs... or that  two-thirds of patients who took SSRIs, didn't go into remission.

The claim that two thirds of people who take a drug that may cause suicide, but they are not helped!  I really have a problem with these so-called tests...even on volunteers! 


That level of "success" is right in line with placebos, which often get a 30 percent response rate or more in depression trials.

By the way, at least half of all depressed people respond to nothing most of the time.

There is a natural approach to fighting depression which really works well:  A combination of 5htp, Omega 3 fats combined with B5B6, Magnesium and an additional B Complex.  Imagine that!  A natural approach!   A concept that if you feed your brain right, you feel great!

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I cannot believe that this simple approach has eluded so many scientists for so long..

Or has it???

I still remember multiple tobacco scientists under oath telling Congress that nicotine was not addictive..

Tell that to a two  pack-a-day smoker.. They would probably slap you.

On a side note: Many people-- especially vegetarians -- suffer depression and other mood-related issues when they are not getting enough of the vitamin B12 found in meats.  So if this is the case, make sure you include some B12 in your diet.  Better yet,  eat a steak every once in a while,  along with your vitamins and digestive aid..

By the way. just the smell of an organic steak on the grill makes me feel great!

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