Maximum Health 6-DVD Series

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Dr. Ted Broer's Cutting Edge Series - MAXIMUM HEALTH. Includes 6 Life-Transforming DVD's that talk about:

• Your six weeks to ultimate energy

• How to save big dollars and be healthier through food substitution

• Clean and unclean foods: the Do’s and Don’ts

• A proper nutrition guide for your children

• The importance of a bountiful breakfast

• Valuable vegetables and their importance in health

• Beans, lentils and rice – great recipes

• Savory Soups your family will love, Delicious health drinks.

• The importance of regular exercise

• Healthy holidays

• The colon and your health

• Fasting, the key to a younger you

• The facts, fads and fallacies of nutrition

• Natural laws- why you should be compliant

• Purchasing and preparation of a healthy menu

• Foods that tend to heal.

• Surviving the supermarket safari

• Doubling your energy and doubling your output.

• Auto-toxemia: a major cause of illness

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