Timeline: How American Scientists Fueled the Chronic Sick Care Industry

Since the beginning of the 20th century, American Scientists, along with the early, developing medical establishment, have invented new, useful ways to fuel the chronic sick care industry. These initial actions have caused modern-day America to be the land of chronic illness, with high rated of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. Learning the history of how this industry was constructed and developed is imperative to understand one’s own health.

In this article, we will begin in 1900, so we can understand the macro picture of how Big Pharma rooted itself deep into our country, destroyed efforts for natural medicine, and fueled this toxic industry.

The 1900s and 1910s

In his prime, oil tycoon JD Rockefeller was the richest man in the United States, and he set up his Rockefeller Foundation in 1904 as the General Education Fund and was fully formed in 1910. The Rockefeller family has a hand in and virtually controlled the formation of pharmaceutical interests through start-up funding and attempted to extinguish holistic medicine, naturopathy, and homeopathy to guarantee his monopoly further. Rockefeller’s foundation would place its own nominees in Federal health agencies to set the stage for the reeducation of the public [4].

Rockefeller’s right-hand man, Andrew Flexner, created the deceiving Flexner Report, which claimed there were too many physicians and medical schools [1]. Remember, during this time, there was still a lot of natural medicine techniques being practiced by traditional doctors because the pharmaceutical industry had not yet gripped hold. However, after this report was published, the American Medical Association (AMA), became the only organization able to grand medical school licenses. This allowed the AMA to begin indoctrinating doctors away from natural, holistic medicine to chemical, pharmaceutical medicine.

The 1920s

After the creation of the AMA, most of Rockefeller’s actions were disguised as the Association’s. In this decade, the AMA removed all nutritional education from medical colleges, while instructing all medical doctors to prescribe synthetic, chemical-based medications that were designed to cover up the symptom instead of fixing the underlying problem [2]. At that time, the AMA was led by Morris Fishbein, and he used the AMA’s journal, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), as a pure misinformation hub for labeling all-natural medicine as “Quackery” and “Alchemy.” Fishbein even called the profession of a chiropractic a “malignant tumor” whose theory was “so simple that even farm-hands can grasp it … a method of entering the practice of medicine ... through the cellar … besmirched with dust and grime” [2].

The 1930s

JAMA published its first cigarette advertisement in 1933, stating it had done so only “after careful consideration of the extent to which cigarettes were used by physicians in practice” [3]. These advertisements continued for twenty years. Also, during this time, Chesterfield began running ads in the New York State Journal of Medicine claiming cigarettes were “Just as pure as the water you drink … and practically untouched by human hands” [3]. These are only two of the many examples of pro-cigarette advertising, even when it was primarily known that Big Tobacco was suppressing evidence of harm. Scientists also figured out this time that smoking led to lung cancer, but it is hard to bring that evidence forth when you are dealing with such a large amount of propaganda, especially when there is no Internet. Further, most doctors working during this time were under the control of the AMA, meaning they had to promote cigarettes and follow AMA guidelines; otherwise, they could lose their license.

In the latter part of the decade, the Rockefeller family continued to sponsor research and donate money to universities and medical schools which had drug-based research and even extended this policy internationally. Rockefeller also formed a “Drug Trust” alliance with the German chemical company IG Farben, i.e., Bayer [4].

The 1940s

When World War II ended, United States industrialists and pharmaceutical companies used IG Farben’s research for their benefit. This acquired research included information concerning food additives, food preservatives, and naturally, fluoride, which has been linked to a variety of health concerns, such as neurological damage, increased incidences of learning disabilities, decreased IQ scores, lowered iodine levels, disrupted thyroid function, burdened kidneys, worsened symptoms of autoimmune disease, considerable bone damage, and increased risks during pregnancy [5]. So, we will just let this simmer for a few decades.

Meanwhile, the production and popularity of synthetic pesticides and herbicides grew, such as DDT, chlordane, and 2,4-D, all of which kills plants, humans, and livestock. Remember, there was a point in time where these chemicals had to be initially developed. Prior, though, there was not a commonly used herbicide of this caliber. Think about it.

The 1950s

Members of Hitler’s IG Farben are released from prison and mass murder charges after spending four to seven years in prison. Many of which went became employees at United States Pharma Companies, NASA, the military, chemotherapy (think Zyklon B), and vaccine research [6].

Also, during this time, the sugar industry began to fund scientific data that showed fat was the cause for rising in heart disease, not sugar. The sugar industry furthered its efforts by massive lobbying efforts and appointing pro-sugar health experts to government nutrition boards, much like the Rockefeller Foundation in the earlier part of the century [8].

The 1960s

During this decade, several stated allowed prisoners to be guinea pigs for pharmaceutical research. The deep establishment in the United States needed Americans to believe in the efficacy of vaccines and not question their authority and authenticity. The cost of this campaign was that many Americans in prisons were injected with live cancer cells [6].

Dr. Jonas Salk co-authored a clinical trial that injected experimental flu vaccine into male patients at a state insane asylum in Michigan. Since then, the experiments have come into public light and scrutiny. Take the polio vaccine, for example. It is an old fast the up to 90 million Americans were exposed to hidden cancer viruses when they received the vaccine [7].

The 1970s

In this decade, the Clinton Corn Processing Company developed high-fructose corn syrup, which basically catapulted diabetes, obesity, and cancer epidemics in America in the 1970s, along with the sugar industry efforts [9]. Best of all, the United States government subsidized the high-fructose corn research, which basically wiped away any natural sweetener competitor. More than $40 billion in Federal subsidies went to corn growers who were indirectly fueling the beginning of type-2 diabetes and cancer epidemics.

The 1980s

In this decade, the United States began to secretly genetically modify (GMO) and mutate corn and soy plants to contain toxic DNA that kills insects and weeds [10]. Monsanto and Bayer funded and conducted their own studies that claimed their products were safe and effective, similar to what Merck did with their initial vaccine research. Also, in this decade, Ronald Reagan opened the doors of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for total corruption. Thanks to GMO technology, American corn, soy, cottonseed, and canola will NEVER be the same [10].

The 1990s

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) increases the vaccine schedule up to sixty immunizations for United States children before the age of six. Neurological and autoimmune disorders in children skyrocket, but all medical doctors are instructed to point the cause to hereditary genes. Even modern-day doctors and organizations completely ignore the hundreds of studies that question the safety and efficacy of vaccines [11].

2000 to Now

Now, we get to sit and bask in the chemical cocktail that is modern medicine. We got chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatments that are pushed harder than ever for every third American who develops cancer cells from processed foods, genetically modified vaccines, and carcinogenic prescription medications [12] [13] [14] and a diet that is lowering Western men’s fertility [17].

Today’s diet is full of high-fructose corn syrup and sugar, thanks to heavily processed fast food [12]. We have dementia and Alzheimer’s rates that are higher than ever. Sodium fluoride is in water disguised as beneficial for teeth, even though it has many associated adverse effects [5]. We have the AMA doctors prescribing medication like they are fulfilling the role of a vending machine [15] and a push for a totalitarian medical state [16] [18].


Remember, this is a highly condensed timeline that does not even begin to illustrate the depth this process went. Whatever sadistic individual dreamt about modern-day America’s health honestly had both a wild imagination and an envious amount of drive to make it happen, and it has.

I wish there were a bright light at the end of the tunnel, but the only thing I can recommend it staying informed on these issues and remember the history behind them and who funded them.

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