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Applications for Health Improvement

  • Support healthy testosterone levels
  • Support healthy libido and performance
  • Support overall vitality
  • Optimize physical strength and endurance
  • Support sense of healthy mental and physical well-being


120 Vegetarian Capsules


As men age, testosterone levels decrease by approximately 1-2% annually. Lower levels of this hormone have been associated with a decline in libido, weaker erections and/or a decreased ability to become erect, lack of energy, less strength &/or endurance, loss of height, decreased enjoyment in life, being sad or grumpy, less ability to play sports, falling asleep after dinner or decreased work performance. Five percent of males aged 40-50 years and perhaps as many as 70% of men over 70 years are confronted by these problems clinically referred to as Andropause [1-3].

The formula features a patented green oat extract and unique mungbean sprout powder. Salivary assays have shown that the combination of ingredients in Testoplus free up serum-bound testosterone, thereby optimizing availability of this crucially important hormone. This increase in bioavailable testosterone can be seen after two weeks of uninterrupted supplementation [4]. The effectiveness of Testoplus ability to increase testosterone levels has been evaluated by laboratory analyses. Chief among this formula’s benefits over pharmaceutical grade testosterone is that salivary assays following the use of this formula at the recommended dose did not show an increase in estradiol or dihydrotestosterone [5]. This conversion is likely inhibited by the rich content of apigenins which are among the 28 kinds of flavonoids present in the Green oats [6]. Traditionally used for prostate health, nettle may have some association with sex hormone binding globulin and aromatase [7]. Sea buckthorn contains lignans. Lignans block aromatase and 5- alpha reductase, sparing testosterone [8]. Oats, nettle and buckthorn are known to contain neurotransmitters that improve mood.

This is extremely important because many physicians who prescribe testosterone do not do follow-up testing for estradiol levels. Excess testosterone can be converted to estradiol which can negatively impact cardiovascular health.

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