Tribulus Fuel

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New and exciting formula. Our latest batch now comes in a 450mg capsule giving you more for your money. 

Genuine high quality Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is very hard to find, only a few farms in Bulgaria harvest this incredible herb. Because of this real Tribulus is limited in availability and extremely difficult to find, very few companies have actually been able to source the raw material direct, and then, take the necessary steps to make the finished product to GMP standards.

Many months of dedicated research was spent to find a specialist grower of this powerful natural herb and a company that has the technology to standardise the Tribulus to a minimum of 95% Protodioscin!

Tribulus Terrestris greatly enhances sex drive, natural testosterone production, and strength gains. Many athletes and strength champions choose Tribulus!  

Tribulus Description 
Maximum Energy
-Promotes stamina
-Supports healthy libido and sexual function
-Standardized for purity and potency

450mg Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris 95% Protodioscin by spectrophotometric assay per capsule.

90 caps per bottle

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