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Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Austrian Parliament greeted Zelenskyy with disgust

Train derailment in Minnesota: Train containing ethanol bursts into flames in Raymond MN

Gun-toting Texas granny shoots dead an armed robber who tried to hold up her food truck

Judicial Watch: Records Show Air Force Academy Focus on Anti-American Critical Race Theory Training of Cadets – Academy Head Ties Cadets to Racism and Social Injustice

'Trans Day of Vengeance' Set to Proceed, Despite Nashville Transgender School Shooting​

Male powerlifter protests Canada's self-ID rules by entering female contest and smashing record​

EU Pushing the ‘Criminalisation’ of Physical Cash with New Anti-Money Laundering Law

Exodus From America’s Big Cities Slowed Last Year

Migrant babies thrown over border as 1,000 rush El Paso seeking asylum

Russia arrests Wall Street Journal reporter on spying charge

Gwyneth Paltrow wins US legal battle after explosive ski crash trial

Judge in Trump Company Trial Knew How to Read the Numbers

Former President Trump indicted by NY grand jury

Trump indictment follows 50 years of investigation on many fronts

Gun control activists storm Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville after 'Trans Shaman' joined occupation of Kentucky legislature - as fears of a left-wing uprising loom ahead of Trans Day of Vengeance

Donald Trump indictment: Charges won’t keep him from presidential race, but will make reelection bid much harder

‘People Better Be Careful’: Watters Slams Trump Indictment and Hints at Potential Violence to Come

Trump Grand Jury Digs Into Hush Money Paid to Second Woman

NYC Ramps Up Security Again Ahead of Possible Grand Jury Action Against Trump, Police Sources Say

TRUMP INDICTED New York grand jury votes to indict Donald Trump over Stormy Daniels hush money – first-ever indictment of ex-president

Donald Trump indicted; 1st ex-president charged with crime

Trump allies erupt in fury over former president's indictment

Trump’s Getting Close to Forcing a Judge to Order Him to Shut Up

JUST IN: CNN Reports Trump Has Been Criminally Indicted on Whopping 34 COUNTS

Former President Trump indicted by NY grand jury

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Chris Christie ups profile with acerbic attacks on Trump

Christie repeatedly berates Trump in N.H., signals 2024 decision by June ​

Pentagon Prepares for Space Warfare as Potential Threats From China, Russia Grow​

Humans will achieve immortality in eight YEARS, says former Google engineer​

Elon Musk calls for pause on developing 'dangerous' AI​

Experts Urge Personhood Rights for the "Conscious" AIs of the Future ​

HORRIBLE: Democrat Katie Hobbs' Press Secretary Calls For MORE VIOLENCE Against "Transphobes" - HOURS After Trans Mass Shooter Murders Children in Nashville​

Rob Schneider: If Joe Biden was a dog, you'd put him down​

Fetterman set to return to Senate

Michigan Democrats Rise, and Try to Turn a Battleground Blue

California reparations amount, if any, left to politicians

Kentucky's GOP-dominated legislature overrides veto; trans youth bill becomes law

'You should probably sit this one out!' Alec Baldwin is slammed for reposting Nashville shooting gun control message - after he fatally shot cinematographer on Rust set in 2021

Nashville shooter, who was 'under doctor's care for emotional disorder,' used 3 guns, police say

Mass school shootings kill 175 from Columbine to Nashville

Private Dinner Party: Clothing Not Allowed

Christie ups profile with acerbic attacks on Trump

Why Glenn Youngkin Would Be Crazy Not to Run for President

DeSantis faces setbacks as potential Trump indictment looms over 2024 race

Manhattan Trump grand jury set to break for a month

Elon Musk and Others Urge AI Pause, Citing 'Risks to Society'

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

An Artificial Sweetener Dampens Immune Cell Responses


Revelation of FBI Informants Shakes Proud Boys’ January 6 Trial

U.S. Stillbirth Rate Remains ‘Unacceptably High,’ With Problems ‘at Every Level’

America Pulls Back From Values That Once Defined It, WSJ-NORC Poll Finds​

For Decades I Have Explained that Watergate Was a CIA Scheme to Remove President Nixon from Office

Fauci Lied and People Died

Finally After Millions are Murdered and Injured by Covid “vaccines” Federal Appeals Court Blocks the White House Fool and Big Pharma agent’s Vaxx Mandate

How They Convinced Trump to Lock Down

White House Raises Budget for Munitions As Stores Are Depleted in Aid to Ukraine ​

Nashville shooter was ex-student with detailed plan to kill​

Governance By Artificial Intelligence: The Ultimate Unaccountable Tyranny​

Train Derails in North Dakota Spilling Hazardous Materials​

The Quota Hire Pretending to be a Secretary of Defense is terminating the US Army.​

3,631 reports of miscarriages and fetal deaths in Europe

Operation Gladio - Dr Paul L Williams gives his insight into what it means to you​

RFK, Jr. Details Ugly History of How Anthony Fauci Shifted Gain-of-Function Research to Wuhan​

Who is Klaus Schwab's father?

Humans will achieve immortality in eight YEARS, says former Google engineer who has predicted the future with 86% accuracy

‘Felt that earthquake in my sleep.’ Cluster of quakes rattles Northern California awake

FBI Releases Files on Ivana Trump

'Killer cop' Twitter account suspended after LAPD union sues its owner

Staffer for Rand Paul stabbed in D.C. in apparently random attack

The IRS Makes a Strange House Call on Matt Taibbi

Chris Christie: ‘I just can’t’ back Trump for president again

Monday, March 27, 2023

The Season is Here

Unvaccinated Blood Unrecognizable After Application Of Low Level Electrical Current And Structures Rapidly Grow​

Circus Politics Are Intended to Distract Us. Don’t Be Distracted​

More obfuscation: Punishing Germany: Seymour Hersh makes new Nord Stream sabotage claim

5th pilot collapse in the past 3 weeks​

70-car train derails in North Dakota, spills hazardous materials: officials​

HIDE AND SEEK ‘Secret camouflage’ clothing is being created to keep people hidden from ‘creepy’ facial recognition AI

Macron defiant as France braces for fresh protest turmoil

Volunteer pilots fly patients seeking abortions to states where it's legal

Ex-Tucker Carlson producer files new claims Fox News lawyers coached her testimony in Dominion lawsuit

Indicted Chinese exile controls Gettr social media site, ex-employees say


4 in 10 Dems Want Biden to Step Aside in 2024

‘Fox & Friends’ host Brian Kilmeade slams ‘awful’ rally move by Trump

Former Tabloid Publisher Testifies Again Before Trump Grand Jury

Trump bombshell as mystery witness is revealed: Former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker testifies before Manhattan grand jury in hush money probe - as indictment looms

Netanyahu delays judicial overhaul after mass protests

Protests continue after Netanyahu suspends judicial reform

Chargers lineman says he was sexually assaulted by TSA agent

Biden bans feds’ use of spyware but keeps secret exactly what’s banned

Here is the FBI’s Contract to Buy Mass Internet Data

Deputies accused of shoving guns in mouths of 2 Black men

Now trans activists burn Harry Potter books: JK Rowling ridicules Australian campaigner over video showing copy of the 'Goblet of Fire' being torched - as Brit women's right's protester Kellie Jay-Keen leaves Down Under after violent clashes

Publishers Prepare for Showdown With Microsoft, Google Over AI Tools

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Salvaged Teslas Will Be Allowed Back on the Supercharger Network, but There's a Fine Print

CIA Ordered to Plant Media Stories Blaming Ukraine instead of Washington for Destroying Nord Stream Pipelines

Trump slams Manhattan DA's Stormy Daniels hush money probe at Waco 2024 mega-rally​

Parents across the country say children are struggling in school and fighting more without ADHD meds​

Australia Senator dropping Covid Bombs… The Vaccinated are dying…

EV Fail: Rivian Electric Truck Owner's 'Honeymoon Phase' Ends When It Gets Stuck in Snow​

10 Foods NOT to eat​

Teen overdose deaths have doubled in three years. Blame fentanyl.​

New CDC Study: Autism rate up 243% since 2000 ​

WATCH: Sen. Kennedy Wrecks Janet Yellen, WH During Grilling on US Economy​

Shrinking food stamp benefits challenge retailers ​

It's Pancaking All the Way Down, Folks!​

‘It’s All Being Covered Up’: Sen. Ron Johnson on Missing Batch of Fauci Emails, COVID Origins, and Silencing of the Vaccine-Injured​

Another California Storm Is Coming​

Cargo theft, led by food and beverage, is surging across the U.S. ​

Dramatic moment Mississippi meteorologist calls on God as he watches major tornado hit small town​

'Live free and die'? The sad state of U.S. life expectancy

For some, TikTok is a path to riches and the American dream. With a ban, it could all disappear

Elon Musk Offers Employees Stock Grants Valuing Twitter at About $20 Billion

Pentagon Woos Silicon Valley to Join Ranks of Arms Makers

‘It’s all about trolling’: how far-right influencers are shaping Republican narrative

WATCH: Ted Nugent Attacks Ukraine’s Zelensky as ‘Homosexual Weirdo’ in Off the Rails Trump Rally Rant Before National Anthem

Trump Rally Crowd Eerily Quiet As He Acts Out Ron DeSantis Crying and Begging for His Help

DeSantis looks to revamp strategy amid signs of political strain

Trump, facing potential indictment, holds defiant Waco rally

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Disney Flexes by Hosting Major LGBT Rights Summit in Florida After Ron DeSantis Restored Their Tax Breaks

NEOCON ALERT: Ron DeSantis Steals 'Gas Station' Talking Point From John McCain on Russia and Vladimir Putin​

Silicon Valley’s Latest Fascination is Exploring ‘DMT Hyperspace’ ​

Alzheimer's first signs may appear in your eyes, study finds​

Distraction Ops​

Deutsche Bank Collapse Risk Grows As Experts Wait for Next 'Domino to Fall'​

Trump Deletes Post That 'Threatens' DA Alvin Bragg ​

Scholz: 'No Reason To Worry' As Deutsche Bank Bloodbath Reignites Global Bank Crisis Fears

Financial Stability Oversight Council Releases 'Nothingburger' Statement

Deutsche Bank Stock Tumbles. The Banking Panic Isn't Over.​

Leeb – JP Morgan’s Massive Gold Derivative Short Position May Be Larger Than The Bank’s Assets

DeSantis looks to revamp strategy amid signs of political strain

Homeland Security Reorganizes, Appearing To Scrap Last Remnants Of Ill-Fated "Disinformation Governance Board"​

Is there life after death? People who have 'died' reveal their incredible tales​

20 worst US cities to take a vacation in if you have allergies​

Israel Introduces Bill to Outlaw Teaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Sentence Violators to Prison

US Weighs Expanding Fed's Emergency Liquidity Program To Stabilize First Republic, Other Regional Banks

Welcome to the Superprime Banking Crisis

Tornadoes kill at least 23 in Mississippi with dozens of people still trapped in rubble after ELEVEN 135mph twisters - including one MILE-WIDE storm - cut a 100-mile swath across the state

‘There’s nothing left’: Deep South tornadoes kill 26

There's a new dividing line for world leaders: Would you arrest Putin?

An Anxious Asia Arms for a War It Hopes to Prevent

Apple enjoys 'symbiotic' relationship with China, Cook says

Trump, under legal threat, tries to short-circuit DeSantis momentum

Keanu Reeves, Age 58, Having Biggest Box Office Hit in 20 Years with “John Wick 4”​

Friday, March 24, 2023

2023 Boston Middle School Youth Risk Behavior Survey

When Will Stubborn Trump Loyalists Face Inconvenient Truths?

Trump: ‘Take the guns first, go through due process second’

Ivanka Trump talking to lawmakers about gun reform legislation: report

Trump’s openness to extensive background checks for gun buys draws warning from NRA

Is Florida a model for Trump on gun legislation?

'Gun-grabber-in-chief': Conservatives turn on Trump as threat to confiscate guns prompts Second Amendment-related outrage

Enough With the Pervert Adults in Public Schools, Already

Russian Pilots 'Spill The Beans' On How They Intercepted US MQ-9 Reaper Drone Over The Black Sea

152,000 IT Workers Were Laid Off In 2022

"The Banks Are Melting", And Signs Of A Major Credit Contraction Are Already Starting To Emerge

Medvedev laments that US will not be brought to justice for Nord Stream bombing

The Outer Limits of Central Banking: "We Will Control the Horizontal. We Will Control the Vertical."

On the road to Autonomy, Qualcomm Drives Progress and Innovation

French protests said to be ‘out of control

Russia lifts veil on gold holdings

Walmart laying off hundreds at e-commerce fulfillment centers

Google’s ChatGPT rival Bard takes different tone when asked same question about Biden, Trump

Germany and Italy are rewriting Europe's electric car mandate with synthetic fuels

How They Convinced Trump to Lock Down

Trump Inquiries Present a Stress Test for Justice in a Polarized Nation

Banks Are Still Drawing on the Fed for $164 Billion of Emergency Cash

Trump won’t change, and that shows he can’t win

Trump posts disturbing baseball bat photo with Alvin Bragg, threatens ‘death and destruction’

Trump Deletes Post That Drudge Declared an Explicit Threat to DA Alvin Bragg

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Vitamin B supplementation, homocysteine levels, and the risk of cerebrovascular disease: a meta-analysis

DeSantis changes message, calls Russian leader Vladimir Putin ‘a war criminal’

Why Hypersonic Weapons Change Everything​

What the Fed's latest rate hike means for credit card rates and other loans

UK Government confirms 1 in every 310 people died within 48 days of receiving the first COVID Vaccine Booster

Study finds 1 in every 99 COVID Vaccinated Toddlers require Emergency Care or Hospitalisation​

UBS set for talks with Michael Klein to terminate Credit Suisse investment bank deal​

Russia Ukraine war: Lukashenko warns of 'lesson for whole planet' when depleted uranium ammo is used​

Hydrogen is a new demand driver for platinum - report​

It Wasn’t Just Credit Suisse. Switzerland Itself Needed Rescuing.

Charted: 30 Years of Central Bank Gold Demand

U.S.economy likely headed for recession: JPMorgan​

This is all theater. Space-based weapon platforms rendered B-52s obsolete decades ago: Russia Ukraine war: Lukashenko warns of 'lesson for whole planet' when depleted uranium ammo is used

The weirdos who run the planet often use these incidents to initiate chaos: Rare Cosmic Event Will See 5 Planets Align in The Sky. Here's How to Watch

Donald Trump gives us a tour of his Trump Tower office

DeSantis says Trump should've given up power like George Washington after loss

Now DeSantis says his 'territorial dispute' comments on Ukraine were 'mischaracterized'

Roger Moore's son insists only a MAN should ever play the famous spy

Swiss Defend $17BN AT1 Bond Wipeout In Credit Suisse Deal As Furious Creditors Including David Tepper Vow To Sue Switzerland

Ron DeSantis says he will not greenlight Trump extradition on porn hush money charge by liberal D.A.

Fall of the House of Trumpenstein

Romans 12:1-21 ESV - A Living Sacrifice - I appeal to you

Manhattan DA: Trump created false expectation of arrest, Republicans interfered

Off-duty pilot flying as passenger takes over plane after captain becomes incapacitated mid flight ​

Antichrist Israel Introduces Bill To Punish Christians With Jail Time For Proclaiming The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

Toxic liberal feministsLand of the Resting B***h Faces

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The Rise of Tyranny in the United States

As What Remains Of America Burns Come Out Of Her My People ​

Pentagon move to block cooperation with The Hague marks a critical moment for US imperialism​

Who Had It Worse, Trump or Jesus Christ? ​

Circus Politics Are Intended to Distract Us. Don’t Be Distracted​

As Signs Abound The Evil Ones Are Rushing To Complete World Domination & The Enslavement Of All Americans & What Remains Of America Burns, 'Come Out Of Her, My People'

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH on Twitter

kanekoa.substack.com on Twitter​

MAGA Protesters Should Heed Proud Boy’s Message: ‘F*** Trump’

Judge approves ‘crime fraud exception’ in special counsel probe of Trump classified documents

Trump Lawyer to Testify in Mar-a-Lago Case After ‘Extraordinary’ Last-Minute Legal Battle

Plans for Trump Grand Jury to Return Thursday After Staying Home Wednesday: Sources

Trump Still Hasn’t Been Arrested But He’s Raked in $1.5 Million Riling Up His Supporters About Seeing Him in Handcuffs

Trump’s potential indictment caps decades of legal scrutiny

‘Killing Me!’ Trump Haters Can’t Contain Themselves Over AI-Generated Photos of Cops Nailing and Jailing Trump

Florida rule would expand so-called 'don't say gay' to 12th grade

Heaps of trash pile up on Paris streets amid protests against France retirement law: Photos

Wurope is Running Out Of Doctors And Nurses, WHO Warns

Wall Street is thirsty for its next big investment opportunity: The West’s vanishing water

LIVE: Deadly storm became a bomb cyclone as it walloped California with high winds, torrential rain

It Wasn’t Just Credit Suisse. Switzerland Itself Needed Rescuing.

DNA From Beethoven’s Hair Unlocks Family Secret

Thoughtful technology: We can now control robots — with our minds

Publishers Prepare for Showdown With Microsoft, Google Over AI Tools

Bill Gates Says AI Is the Most Revolutionary Technology in Decades

Are we growing more dumber? Americans’ IQ scores drop in four of five measurements

Philadelphia will PAY women to get pregnant: Expectant mothers will be entitled to $1,000 a month 'with no strings attached' amid falling fertility rates and rising baby deaths

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

California proposes bill to ban some food products while nutritionists fret about 'gross' ingredients

EXCLUSIVE: Two Knesset members propose legislation to outlaw sharing the Gospel in Israel and send violators to prison – could it become law?​

Biden Crime Cabal Wages War Upon The Truth And The Laws Of The Universe​

Dodge unveils last super-fast gasoline muscle car​

The Global Banking System Is Truly In Uncharted Territory, And They Are Making Up The Rules As They Go Along​

The Rise of Tyranny in the United States

Diagnosis To Death - Days Or Weeks: Testicular Turbo Cancer Found In Young Athletes

Left/Right Alliance Could End Massive Domestic Spying Program, Tucker Carlson Admits Errors, & More

Trump Predicts Ron DeSantis Will Face Sex Scandal ​

Why is social media pushing young women to donate our eggs?​

He promotes his Kabbalist awardDonald Trump gives us a tour of his Trump Tower office

Probably due to Covid shot and impaired immune system: CDC Warns of Dangerous Fungal Infection Spreading Through US at ‘Alarming Rate’

Mike Pence implies that Trump is a fake Christian during speech to room full of journalists

China Brags About Slowly Taking over Iraq 20 Years After U.S. Invasion

Twenty Years After the U.S. Invasion, Iraqi Christians Fight for Survival

Race Hoaxer Rachel Dolezal Attends Katie Hobbs’ Hair Discrimination Ban Executive Order Signing

White Fragility Author Robin DiAngelo Says ‘People of Color Need to Get Away from White People’

Donald Trump and J6 Prison Choir Reach Number One on Billboard Chart with ‘Justice For All’

White House Withholds Requested Info About Biden’s Classified Doc Scandal Cover-Up

James Comer Demands Joe Biden Correct False Denial of China Payout to Family

Rand Paul Says DA Should Be Jailed: A Trump Indictment a ‘Disgusting Abuse of Power’

Andy McCarthy Predicts Alvin Bragg Will Have Tough Time Convicting Trump of a Felony

Exclusive — House Administration Chair Bryan Steil: Alvin Bragg Has ‘Until Thursday to Come Forward’ to Congress

Poll: Momentum-Backed Trump Surges to 14-Point Lead Since Early February

Ron DeSantis Criticizes Trump in Interview with Piers Morgan

Monday, March 20, 2023

Silver Boxes The Gift of Encouragement

Fed Panics, Announces "Coordinated" Daily US Dollar Swap Lines To Ease Banking Crisis

Bed, Bath And Beyond Bludgeoned Below A Buck, But Still Not Bankrupt​

85% Of Trump Supporters Think Protesting Against Arrest Is A Jan6-Style Trap​

Futures Reverse Overnight Plunge As European Banks Stabilize From Historic Rout​

"This Is It!" - Von Greyerz Warns "The Financial System Is Terminally Broken"​

UBS buys Credit Suisse while Central Banks take joint liquidity action​

Was the Stormy Daniels Hush Money Illegal? Here's What You Need to Know ​

Germany Will Execute International Court's Arrest Warrant If Putin Enters Territory​

The Decline & Fall of the United States

TRAPPED: The Fed Is Fettered between Inflation and Financial Meltdown

Proposed legislation would outlaw talk about Jesus in Israe​l

AI develops cancer treatment in 30 days, predicts survival rate

Xi Jinping says China ready to ‘stand guard over world order’ on Moscow visit

Paper plates and short showers: life with no water in Arizona

Why is social media pushing young women to donate our eggs?

French government narrowly survives no-confidence vote amid backlash over pension changes

SPRING BROKE Spring break fears as expert warns Mexican cartels are targeting US tourists after another American citizen goes missing

Ohio State student dead after spring break

Miami Beach struggles with spring break violence, big crowds

Biden issues first veto, taking on new Republican House

Trump Goes Scorched Earth on DeSantis, Raises Questions About His Sexuality and Peddles Groomer Smear

In Trump probe, grand jury hears from final witnesses

Cohen: Trump will ‘absolutely’ take mugshot, be fingerprinted if arrested

U.S. cases of a deadly fungus nearly doubled in recent years

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sharks’ Reimer Won’t Wear Pride Night Jersey, Plans to Boycott Warmup Skate

Blocked Gov't Report Finds Fluoride Lowers Kids' IQ, Case Heads to Court​

Trump Literally Triples Down on Call for MAGA to 'PROTEST!' ​

The Jan. 6 investigation is the biggest in U.S. history. It’s only half done.

Nearly 200 banks could fail the same way SVB did: study

Another shot victim?: Meteorologist collapses on live TV in frightening moment

Trump Says He'll Be Arrested Tuesday amid Manhattan DA Probe, Calls for Protests ​

Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' Trailer Gets More than 1 Million Dislikes in One Week, Left Blames 'MAGA Racists'​

MAGA supporters demand DeSantis defy any Trump arrest with National Guard at Mar-a-Lago​

Manhattan DA: I won't tolerate intimidation tactics from Trump's and his supporters​

Diagnosis To Death - Days Or Weeks: Testicular Turbo Cancer Found In Young Athletes

Meta staffers reportedly spar with Mark Zuckerberg after mass layoffs

NEW TWIST Mystery as another US citizen goes missing in Mexico and FBI takes major step in probe after four Americans kidnapped

Unwanted visitor ruins spring break in Florida - toxic algae

Defiant spring breakers return to site of deadly Miami Beach shooting

Spring break horror as gunman kills one and injures another in Miami Beach while Mexico deploys the armed SOLDIERS on Cancun coast... but revelers ramp up celebrations

New Florida bill would ban discussion of menstruation in elementary school

DeSantis plays on America’s divisions as he readies 2024 campaign

The Jan. 6 investigation is the biggest in U.S. history. It’s only half done.

Pence indicates he won't challenge all aspects of special counsel's subpoena, as more details emerge

New chief judge oversees Trump grand juries as courts face partisan tests

How the long-running hush money probe evolved as Manhattan DA Bragg nears possible indictment of Trump

Ex-Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Says Evidence Against Former Boss Is ‘Irrefutable’

NYC bracing for unrest after Trump calls for protests over possible arrest, indictment

Cohen: Trump will ‘absolutely’ take mugshot, be fingerprinted if arrested

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Must-readCOVID-19 Vaccines: The Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes and Menstrual Function

What a Day! The "Non-Systemic" Collapse Deepened Systemically as the Fed's Balance Sheet Suddenly Skyrocketed with "Not-QE" 

The Galician genocide: How Russian identity was wiped out in what is now Western Ukraine​

Emails in 2020 blow the covid PCR test scam out of the water​

American Government Agrees To Allow UN Military Takeover BY: STEVE ALLEN​

Pfizer, CDC Withheld Evidence of Myocarditis After COVID Shots, New Documents Reve​al

Maher: SVB Collapse, Inflation Are 'the Result' of Government Spending ​

Nolte: Janet Yellen Admits Government Choosing Bank Bailout Winners and Losers ​

Isaiah 5:20 TLB - They say that what is right is wrong

Treasury Secretary Yellen says not all uninsured deposits will be protected in future bank failures

SVB board bickering wasted crucial time before collapse

UBS, regulators race to seal Credit Suisse deal as soon as Saturday - FT

JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon plays key role in bank rescue, in echo of 2008

Bank fears return to haunt global stock markets

Big banks may get bigger as crisis swamps ‘too big to fail’ worries

Trump says he expects to be arrested, calls for protest

Fox News anchor tells viewers Trump could be handcuffed if indicted

DEUS EX MACHINA AI Gods & ChatGPT religions are coming – they will be better than human priests & they could turn evil, warns experts

A Yellow Vest rerun? Anti-Macron protests could harden

GOP leaders’ threat of US intervention has Mexican president whipping up frenzy

CDC bought access to Americans' phone location data to monitor compliance with lockdowns, social distancing, and more, contracts show

Hunter Biden's lawyers mount legal offensive against Trump allies over laptop data

10 reasons why the Earth's future is better than you think

Seeing sporting events in person boosts mental health as much as getting a job!

The DOJ and FBI are investigating TikTok over allegations that employees spied on journalists

House GOP gave Jan. 6 footage to Carlson without telling Capitol Police, lawyer says

Oregon’s Rural-Urban Divide Sparks Talk of Secession

Friday, March 17, 2023

List Of The 10 Worst Presidents

First Republic gets $30 billion in deposits from 11 major U.S. banks​

Florida beaches could be dealt a one-two punch of red tide and giant seaweed blob​

Ellen Brown: The Looming Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Tsunami​

Humanoid robots are coming ​

J6 Political Prisoner Matthew Webler: The FBI Raided His Home After He Walked into the US Capitol with a Flag - Then Feds Came Back and Took His Son​

Ukraine Russia war: Putin vows to 'destroy' MiG-29 jets donated to Ukraine by Poland and Slovakia​

Kremlin dismisses ‘outrageous’ ICC claims​

Hunter Biden files counterclaims against computer repairman over handling of infamous laptop​

House GOP gave Jan. 6 footage to Carlson without telling Capitol Police, lawyer says

66 MILLION Americans want a 'national divorce': New poll shows growing number back Marjorie Taylor Greene's call for a split between blue and red states

Putin Honors Pilots Who Downed U.S. Drone as 'Heroes'

Vladimir Putin officially wanted on war crimes 'for abducting children from Ukraine'

Arrest warrant issued for Vladimir Putin by International Criminal Court over Ukraine war

China-proposed initiative on global civilization hailed

US army hit over death of recruit who was allegedly sexually harassed

Iron County sheriff, two deputies charged in 'criminal street gang activity'

1,000 federal judges seek to remove personal info from internet as threats skyrocket

Trump holds just three-point lead over DeSantis among Florida Republicans in new poll

The 2024 right-wing influencer primary heats up

The prosecutor, the ex-president and the ‘zombie’ case that came back to life

Manhattan DA's office 'asked for a meeting' with law enforcement ahead of possible Trump indictment

Law enforcement agencies are prepping for a possible Trump indictment as early as next week

Fox News anchor tells viewers Trump could be handcuffed if indicted

Trump won’t refuse to surrender if indicted in NYC, lawyer says: ‘There won’t be a standoff at Mar-a-Lago’

Thursday, March 16, 2023

'Apocalyptic Conflict': Attack On Russian Aircraft In Neutral Airspace Will Be Seen As Declaration Of War

Report: Microsoft cut a key AI ethics team

 First, They Spied on Protesters. Then Churches. You’re Next​

Scientists Confirm the Incredible Existence of Time Reflections ​

US banking crisis poses global threat, former Treasury official tells RT​

HUGE: "THEY LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING" - 96-Page DC Police Report UNCOVERED - Shows Govt Knew MAGA Was Coming on Jan 6 and Entrapped Them ALL​

Carl Icahn: ‘Our System Is Breaking Down,’ ‘We Absolutely Have a Major Problem in Our Economy Today’​

Ex UFO chiefs claim their Pentagon bosses misled Congress​

"The Market Is Being Brutal": Futures Crash As Banks Crisis Slams Europe, Credit Suisse Craters​

“Dr. Peter McCullough on the ‘Holy Grail of COVID-19 Vaccine Detoxification”​


FDA authorizes Pfizer's Covid omicron booster as fourth shot for kids under 5

How You Can Avoid Praying Witchcraft-Type Prayers

Moody's cuts outlook on U.S. banking system to negative, citing 'rapidly deteriorating operating environment'​

Twenty years ago today Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old American woman was murdered by a Nazified Israeli soldier for protesting the demolition of a Palestinian’s home​

Larry Summers version of the bank failure coverup​

Trump-appointed judge Timothy Kelly sides with corrupt Biden Justice (sic) Department and withholds exculpatory evidence from “Insurrection” defendants​

Judge Denies Requests From Jan. 6 Defendants to Cross-Examine FBI Agent on Leaked Messages​


France’s Macron skirts parliament to force through unpopular retirement reform

Goldman boosts US recession odds after slashing GDP forecast

Eleven Banks Deposit $30 Billion in First Republic Bank

Bank shares rebound off lows as big banks come to the aid of First Republic

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Media Whore New York Times Helps Corrupt Biden Regime Cover Up Washington’s Destruction of Nord Stream Pipeline

The Satanic Mentally-sick American Left Has Been Lying about Florida’s Governor DeSantis banning books​

Women Don’t Let Women Drive War: Feminists Say Fire Nuland​

Victory for Alec Baldwin as Rust special prosecutor quits the case​

France's First Lady Loses Transgender Lawsuit​

N-Acetylcysteine to Combat COVID-19: An Evidence Review​

The American Diet Has a Sandwich Problem​

Stock market today: Live updates ​

Lindsey Graham calls for Biden to 'hold Russia accountable' for downing a US drone​

Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Flooded With Deposits As Bank Run Drains Small Bank Of Cash​

The Covid "Killer Vaccine". People Are Dying All Over the World. It's A Criminal Undertaking

Federal investigators examined Trump Media for possible money laundering, sources say

FBI investigating fire at Upper East Side hotel where Chinese billionaire arrested

Abortion pill under threat in Texas court case

SC women who get abortions could face the death penalty under proposed bill

WATCH: Charlie Kirk’s UC Davis Event Disrupted By Protestors Smashing Through Windows in Front of Cops, Leading to Arrests

Market Stress Snarls Trading in U.S. Treasurys

Why (almost) everyone in Washington is ticked at the Fed

Bank Runs, Crypto Concerns and Takeovers: A Timeline of the Panic

The Silicon Valley Bank crisis' parallels to the 1980s

‘Net worth of median household is basically nothing,’ says Carl Icahn. ‘We have some major problems in our economy.’

A rogue version of ChatGPT is predicting the stock market will crash this week. Here's why the AI chatbot is dead wrong.

Credit Suisse shares tumble to new record low as European banking sector reels

Swiss National Bank says it will provide Credit Suisse with liquidity if necessary

Credit Suisse shares tank after Saudi backer rules out further assistance

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Inflation Report Arrives as Fed Confronts Bank Failures

Robert Kennedy Jr. wants to take on the vaccine conglomerate

How Biden's $4TRILLION COVID stimulus package helped create a tech investment bubble

Tel Aviv shares drop as SVB failure triggers cash-flow concern for Israeli startups​

This is NOT vetted!: FBI Facial Recognition Confirms Majority of Initial Capitol Breachers Were Federal Agents

Dr McCullough: The Most Promising Substance Against Spike Proteins Is an Enzyme Called Nattokinase​

Senator Warren Calls For Powell's Recusal From Fed's Bank Failure Investigation​

Futures Rise, Bank Stocks Soar On Report Private Equity Firms Circle SVB Loan Book​

Here’s why living in the country may actually hurt your mental health

San Francisco reparations idea: $5 million per Black person

At Wellesley College, a Fight Over Whether to Admit Trans Men

Miami hotel loses liquor license after kids shown ‘sexually explicit’ drag show

EXCLUSIVE: American spy on secondment to GCHQ was stabbed by alleged terrorist just three miles from its Cheltenham headquarters

First on CNN: Kamala Harris to make first trip to Iowa since becoming vice president

Inside the Coming Wall Street Journal Shake-Up

Russia 'sends WOMEN prisoners to Ukraine war zone for the first time' as Putin looks to make up for recent heavy losses that have seen more than 1,000 invading troops killed daily

Putin says Russia is in a fight for the existence of the state

US SUMMONS Russian ambassador as Moscow DENIES its fighter jet collided with American Reaper drone in international airspace and sent $32M unmanned spy plane crashing into Black Sea after dumping fuel on it

Russian fighter jets ‘bullied’ US drone before knocking it out of the sky

Sunbelt Traffic Jams Are Frustrating Drivers and Threatening Growth

Coming soon to Florida beaches: Massive, messy and maybe record mounds of seaweed

Flooding rain and high winds wallop California while power outages mount

Dow closes more than 300 points higher, snaps 5-day losing streak as bank shares rebound: Live updates

Moody’s cuts outlook on U.S. banking system to negative, citing ‘rapidly deteriorating operating environment’

US inflation eases but stays high, putting Fed in tough spot

Monday, March 13, 2023

17-year-old cheerleader suffers heart attack during warm-up at Raleigh high school

ANDY PUZDER: Biden's mad spending juggernaut and woke-obsessed bankers fueled this banking tsunami​

‘National Customer Rage Survey’ points to troubling trend among US consumers

Trump continues to suck the air out of the GOP primary

The Death of the 9–5 Day Job

Zuckerberg Was Warned on Social Media Addiction, Filing Says

Illinois enacts mandatory paid leave ‘for any reason’

Feinstein, Fetterman absences leave Democrats with fragile majority

Kamala Harris won't speak to Elizabeth Warren after 'pretty insulting' 2024 snub: report

If Biden doesn’t run, would Bernie be the best alternative?

Family of women who disappeared travelling from US to Mexico left 'desperate'

Giant seaweed blob twice the width of the US takes aim at Florida

BREAK IT UP Spring Breakers seen throwing punches and partying as thousands enjoy wild weekend on Fort Lauderdale beach

Zelensky: Ukraine seeks 'spiritual independence,' acts against church

British navy warship escorts Russian frigate in waters close to UK

China’s Xi promises to build ‘great wall of steel’ in rivalry with West

TOTAL WIPEOUT How China would hit US bases from California to Japan with ‘invincible’ hypersonic missiles in Pearl Harbor-style strike

LASER FOCUS Chinese satellite gathering intel for Pearl Harbor-style hypersonic missile attack by using green lasers, claim experts

Fed Battle Plan for Inflation Shredded by Financial Turmoil

Opinion: Silicon Valley Bank survived the dot-com crash and the Great Recession, but SVB met its match in Powell’s hawkish Fed

Regional banks are seeing flight of deposits to too-big-to-fail megabanks

$100BN wiped off US banking market in SINGLE DAY as former White House adviser calls it 'tip of the iceberg': Bloodbath on Wall Street saw regional banks fall by up to 60% and the Big Four drawn into SVB's collapse contagion

First Republic drops 60%, leads decline in bank stocks despite government's backstop of SVB

US Regional Banks Remain Under Pressure as First Republic Sinks

Who are the winners and losers in Iran-Saudi ties? - analysis

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman warns more banks will collapse tens of thousands of jobs lost

The 10 Rules Of Propaganda​

'Schism' – German Catholic Bishops Vote To Bless Same-Sex Unions ​

Who's Your Daddy - Priscilla Shirer​

This is an absolutely must-watch: Who Is This Man?

Cyndi Lauper Compares Laws Banning Transgender Surgery on Children to Nazi Germany: 'This Is How Hitler Started'​

This could be hyperbole: The Banking Collapse Has Begun

Top Scientists Find ‘Substantial Scientific Evidence’ RF Radiation Causes Cancer​

Bonds, Bitcoin, & Bullion Surge After Fed Bailout, Rate-Hike Odds Plummet​

EXCLUSIVE: Red Cross Packets Show Migrants Where To Cross The US Border

These increases probably due to Covid shot: FDA warns of cancer risks after finding more deaths and tumors in implant patients

Fed’s New Backstop Shields Banks From $300 Billion of Losses ​

SVB Fallout Spreads Around World From London to Singapore ​

Biden says 'the banking system is safe' after Silicon Valley Bank shutdown ​

Biden says 'US banking is safe' as shares plummet up to 74% in pre-market trading​

Pajama Nation: Americans Have Morphed into the People of Walmart, by RockaBoatus

Gigantic 5,000-mile blanket of rotting seaweed dubbed the 'red tide' can be seen from space​

America's $620 billion ticking time bomb: FDIC reveals 'unrealized losses' across US banks​

2nd Such Incident This Month! Veteran British Airways Pilot Dies Of Heart Attack Just Before He Was To Fly Packed Airbus A321 From Cairo To London​

Number 20 - interestingAmerica’s Best Banks

BOOM! Oversight Chair James Comer: "IT'S AS BAD AS WE THOUGHT - We Have In Hand Documents That Show Biden Family Was Getting Money from Chinese Communist Party"

Bank Holiday of 1933

General Motors Attempts To Cut 35,000 Jobs In Michigan A Year After $1 Billion Corporate Welfare Handout ​

First Republic drops 70%, leads decline in bank stocks despite government’s backstop of SVBs

Fed’s New Backstop Shields Banks From $300 Billion of Losses

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank Run Drained $42 Billion of Deposits

Arizona launches hotline for public to report ‘inappropriate’ school lessons

9th grader files lawsuit, says teacher pushed her against a wall for not saying Pledge of Allegiance

Oscars Seeking To Eschew Politics, Partisanship In Favor Of Old-School Escapism

BBC Staff Revolts Over Suspension of Sports Commentator for Political Tweets

Kari Lake Is Considering Senate Run, Making Some Republicans Nervous

Storm breaches California river’s levee, thousands evacuate

75% of Americans who moved last year have regrets—here’s the No. 1 reason why

Murderous Mexican Drug Cartels Are Thriving On Elon Musk’s Twitter

Criminals in Mexico Violated Their Unwritten Rule: Leave Americans Alone

3 women missing after crossing Mexico border 2 weeks ago

Three women missing while travelling to Mexico after four US tourists kidnapped last week

Will it take market crash for Congress to raise debt limit?

A Pa. library posted a children's drag queen book on Facebook. Then the calls and threats came

LGBTQ Floridians heading to state Capitol, where they face increasingly hostile political climate

As Banks Topple, Regulators Face Reckoning on Week of Mayhem

Bailout talk roils Washington after Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse

From wine country to London, bank’s failure shakes worldwide

Why the Cult of the Presidency Must End

Joseph Stalin in His Own Words

How the Free Market Handles Monopoly

North Korean Refugee Who Became Best-Selling Author: 'Only in Capitalism Is My Story Possible'

An Economics Book Whose Time Has Finally Come

Economist Explains the One Piece of Advice He’d Give His Younger Self

The Myth That America Prospered After WWII Despite Extremely High Taxes on the Rich

Friday, March 10, 2023

Surging leukemia diagnoses, sudden, happening among children and young adults; is this due to the Pfizer and Moderna COVID mRNA technology gene injections? Lipid-nano particles (Makis)


Kyiv Caught Filming FAKE Battle Footage for Social Media


Ukraine War Fake Propaganda‼️

[Fake Ukraine war]Mine! It's all Mime.

The Wrong People Are in Jail

Rantz: AG pushing most dangerous bill in legislative history

DeSantis indicates privately he intends to run in 2024 as allies prepare

What Comes After the Great Liquidation

“We Control Both Left & Right”​

GOP Presidential Field Rallies Around One Idea: Declare Drug Cartels Terrorists

Z Codes for medical tracking started at the WHO

No Planes: Special Effects Expert Completely Destroys Official 9/11 Story! Video Composites Revealed​

Silicon Valley Bank is shut down by regulators in biggest bank failure since global financial crisis

Mass Backstabbing Spree Over Putin’s War Sweeps Russia

Healthiest Cities In America: Top 5 Places For Wellness, According To Experts

Financial markets go down the rabbit hole

The End of Obesity?

Steve Forbes assaulted by protesters at conservative book launch party

‘Don’t Be Fooled’: Why Leading GOPers Are Taking Aim At Both Trump and DeSantis

Ron DeSantis rails at 'woke ideology' in Iowa debut as he weighs likely presidential bid


DeSantis indicates privately he intends to run in 2024 as allies prepare

Inside the “Private and Confidential” Conservative Group That Promises to “Crush Liberal Dominance”

160,315,000: Record Number of Americans Employed in February

Thursday, March 9, 2023

‘Gaslit into silence’: Swimmer Riley Gaines explains why she spoke out against Lia Thomas and trans athletes

Ron DeSantis Blasts Media for Tying Him to Bloggers Bill

The United States Deliberately Destroyed The Two Nord Stream Pipelines​

India's oil deals with Russia dent decades-old dollar dominance ​

The lying US intelligence apparatusUS intelligence warns China is building HUNDREDS of new missile sites, producing more WMDs, making weapons that can shoot down satellites and want a military that can take on the U.S. in a 'large-scale, sustained conflict'

Stable Diffusion CEO Suggests AI Is Peering Into Alternate Realities

Mind-reading AI turns your thoughts into pictures with 80% accuracy​

Stephen Spielberg warns AI ‘terrifies’ him: 'It will be the twilight zone'​

Blackstone to acquire Ancestry.com for $4.7 billion​

What The American People Weren’t Told About January 6th​

FDA warns of boob-job cancer risks after finding more deaths and tumors in implant patients​

Ukraine's top nuclear plant lost power for the sixth time. Is disaster imminent?

Lots of Russian soldiers want to surrender. Ukraine makes it easier with a high-tech hotline

Russian missile barrage slams into Ukrainian cities; 6 dead

Hackers break into Russian TV and tell everyone there’s been a nuclear attack

Hamburg shooting: Six dead and more injured in 'church attack' as gunman 'in building'

Scientists create mice with two fathers after making eggs from male cells

‘Not a Concept I Support’: DeSantis Calls Out Media Using His Picture for ‘More Clicks’ on Blogger Registration Bill He Doesn’t Advocate

‘Excessive’ Biden budget plan would cause national debt to hit nearly $51 trillion by 2033

List of Tax Hikes in Biden’s Budget

Lauren Boebert trashes sex-ed — then announces teen son is making her a “36-year-old grandmother”

GOP Leader McConnell remains in hospital after concussion

UPDATED: Chinese Rocket that Delivered Military Spy Satellites Breaks Up Over Texas

Elon Musk Is Planning a Texas Utopia—His Own Town

A Startling Document Predicted Jan. 6. Democrats Are Missing Its Other Warnings.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

‘Not a Concept I Support’: DeSantis Calls Out Media Using His Picture for ‘More Clicks’ on Blogger Registration Bill He Doesn’t Advocate

Risk of New Pathogens Spreading From US-Funded Biolabs Threatens Globe

Dual citizen: Schumer: 'Tell Carlson Not to Run a Second Segment' of J6 Video Footage

URGENT: mRNAs jabs may have caused tens of millions of serious new health problems worldwide, a huge peer-reviewed study shows

Apparent risks of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome diagnoses after COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-Cov-2 Infection

George Webb - Investigative Journalist on Twitter​

Where Is the Russian Army?​

The Coming Wave of Evictions Is More Than a Housing Crisis​

Pilot Reportedly Suffers Heart Attack 30 Minutes Into Flight, Says Aviation Herald Report ​

Fed Chair Powell says interest rates are 'likely to be higher' than previously anticipated​

A Message To All Who Got the Vax​

Perth Mint Sold Billions In Diluted Gold To China, Tried To Cover It Up; Report​

Norfolk Southern Has Another Trainwreck Of A Week​

Christian Preacher Refered to Terror Police for Calling 'Transwoman' a Man ​

Tennessee First State To Ban Drag Shows For Minor​s

American Community Survey (ACS) ​

Proof that we know where weapons go in Ukraine

Frustrated Republicans want to "move on" as far-right revives Jan. 6

Tucker Carlson’s scorn for Trump revealed in court papers

Joe Rogan Opens His Anti-Cancel Culture Club in Austin

Flight attendants fear for safety amid unruly flier spike

French Senate Votes To Raise Retirement Age From 62 To 64

California at risk of life-threatening flooding from new atmospheric river

Scientists create mice with two fathers after making eggs from male cells

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Apparent risks of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome diagnoses after COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-Cov-2 Infection

Southern Poverty Law Center lawyer arrested, charged with domestic terrorism amid Atlanta 'Cop City' attack

Walmart to shutter Portland locations just months after CEO’s warnings on crime

‘Horrifying’ flight diverted as some passengers vomit in 9-hour ordeal, travelers say

Skinny cylindrical-shaped UFO flying near Baghdad is seen in six thermal images​

DHS has a program gathering domestic intelligence — and virtually no one knows about it​

Life Among the Ruins

U.S. Special Ops Wants to Use Deepfakes for Psy-ops

Ford Holds Patent for Future Vehicles to Repossess Themselves ​

Four Americans Kidnapped By Armed Gunmen From Minivan In Mexico​

Is The Greater Idaho Movement A Model For National Divorce From The Political Left?​

Kelsey Grammer won’t apologize for the 'difference' that Jesus has made in his life​

Uncanny Valley: Examples, Effects, and Explanations ​

Guide to Robots & AI in Japan

'Jesus Revolution' to Add 100 Movie Theaters After Box Office Success

Talos of Crete: A 2,000-Year-Old Tale of the First Robot God

Trump’s call for building ‘Freedom Cities’ plays right into globalists’ plan for Fourth Industrial Revolution control grid

Grenell to speak in Iowa amid Trump VP speculation

The “safe and effective” mRNA “vaccines” caused more Covid cases and more deaths than the virus itself

West created ‘Nazi paradise’ in Ukraine to fight Russians

Getting Donald Out Of Debt: The 25-Year-Old Ties That Bind Trump and Wilbur Ross

Meet Wilbur Ross, who once bailed out Trump in Atlantic City and is now his pick for Commerce secretary

DeSantis demands Biden allow unvaccinated Novak Djokovic be let in for Miami Open

French strikes against pension reform to continue as unions intensify fight

Poll: Trump Leads DeSantis in Head-to-Head Matchup ​

Ron DeSantis Delivers State of the State: 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' ​

As Truth Declines So Do We All

Elon Musk Performs Bizarre Public Exit Interview with Twitter Worker Left in the Dark by Company ​

Monday, March 6, 2023

Perverted and disgusting: Woke Christianity: Historic London Church Hosts Drag Queen Performance

Atheist Group Furious at New University of Colorado Coach Deion Sanders for 'Infusing His Program with Christianity'

Two Ukrainian pilots are in the U.S. for training assessment on attack aircraft, including F-16s ​

Fauci 'Prompted' Scientists To Fabricate 'Proximal Origins' Paper Ruling Out Lab-Leak: House GOP​

Tulsi Gabbard Accuses Democrats Of Becoming ‘Racists They Claim To Hate’​

Nothing Stopped Neon Deion Sanders until the Clot Shot ​

Florida bill would require state registration for bloggers before writing about DeSantis, cabinet ​

Florida soon to pass Controversial Law

1 Kings 11:1-9 NIV - Solomon’s Wives - King Solomon​

Top virologists who changed tune on COVID-19 lab leak theory received millions in NIH grants​

Elon Musk says that A.I. ‘humanoid robots’ will eventually outnumber people: ‘It’s not even clear what an economy means at that point’ ​

Update on the Biggest Trial Against Big Pharma in American History​

Men who have regular sex slash their risk of prostate cancer by A THIRD

Walmart closing ALL Portland stores after historic theft rise​

Farmers ‘paralyse’ Brussels with tractors in protest over plans to limit nitrogen emissions​

Everything normal, right? The Swiss National Bank reported TODAY an annual loss of 132.5 billion Swiss francs ($141.54 billion)​

Moscow in flames after explosion at major power plant sparks '20-metre-high' fireball​

Iceland leading all of Europe in excess mortality; Philippines sees record high in excess deaths ​

Top power grid operator warns: More blackouts and energy shortages due to forced retirement of fossil fuel plants​

What Happens When a Major Central Bank Loses Credibility? We’re Going to Find Out.​

Report: Jeff Zucker Forbade CNN Staff from Investigating Coronavirus Lab Leak Theory ​

Novak Djokovic Denied Entry into the US for a Second Time, Withdraws from Indian Wells Tournament ​

Why leading scientists want the food colourant in BACON to be banned​

Wegovy has potentially deadly side effect, scientists warn​

Pete Buttigieg’s List of Lowlights Grows with East Palestine

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Watch: Samantha Power Lets Slip The US Is At War With Russia, But "Ukrainians Doing The Fighting"

Most Americans believe feds helped incite Capitol riot – poll​

America’s Buried History of White Slavery​

Japan's birth rate just half of its record-setting death rate, most deaths in a year since WWII​

Worst-ever economic crash comin​g

Receive the Holy Spirit ​

Why Is Every Walmart In The Entire City Of Portland Being Permanently Shut Down?​

Gates Foundation Insider Admits Covid Vaccines Are 'Abortion Drugs' To Depopulate the World​

Musk Said AI Is an Existential Threat to Humanity; It Also Represents an Existential Threat to Truth​

15-year old dresses down school board for indoctrinating white students​

Is Justice Possible in America?​

Twitter received ‘state-sponsored blacklists’ from US

Pfizer kills Children for Profit: COVID Vaccine causes 17x increase in Child Deaths across Europe​

City Paying Out Millions to Protesters Who Faced Police During George Floyd Riots ​

Biden's Executive Order Nightmare: Government Will Track Every Dime You Spend​

The chemicals released in East Palestine revealed: From a WWI choking agent to known carcinogens​

Evidence Dates To 2011 The mRNA Vax Was A Bioweapon Created By DARPA And The DOD ​

West created ‘Nazi paradise’ in Ukraine to fight Russians​

A mile-long line for free food offers a warning as covid benefits end

Treasury to Testify for Withholding Biden Family Suspicious Wire Transfers

Bakhmut is 'nearly destroyed like Mariupol' as Russian forces encircle Ukrainian eastern front town​

Ex-Russian president warns against German tank plant plan for Ukraine​

Shelter in place issued as ANOTHER Norfolk Southern trail derails​

First-Time Homebuyers Are Absolutely Screwed Right Now​

Court Strikes Down Biden's 'Ghost Gun Rule'

Doctors, Scientists Call On Mississippi Officials To Take COVID Vaccines Off The Market

Washington Post: Yes, The Biden Loan Forgiveness May Be Unconstitutional But...​

The Attack Of The Subversive Elites

These Are The Most (And Least) Expensive Cities To Live In

Snowed-In And Terrified: Trapped California Mountain Residents Plea For Hel​p

WATCH: Bondage Drag Show for Babies Cancels Show After Backlash

CPAC Straw Poll: Trump 62, DeSantis 22, Everyone Else Single Digits

El Al says no pilot has volunteered to fly Netanyahus to Rome​

Saturday, March 4, 2023

At least 10 dead as storms lash the US, leaving millions without power

In Southern California, Snow Has Trapped People for Days

‘Epic’: Extreme storms have California near an all-time snowpack record set 40 years ago

The Republican presidential nomination could run through California. Yes, California

Haley to hit Trump on spending record in closed-door Saturday speech

The Sad, Desolate Scenes of CPAC 2023

Kellyanne Conway and George Conway to divorce after 22 years of marriage

Between Rounds of Golf, Trump’s Searching for the Perfect DeSantis Diss

Michael Cohen says he expects to testify before grand jury hearing evidence against Trump soon

As 2024 race begins, special counsel advances with focus on Trump lawyers

Trump seeks to block Pence’s grand jury testimony in 2020 election interference probe

A Do-Nothing Day Makes Life Better

New York Times embroiled in debate over transgender coverage

Nancy Pelosi untethered: The former speaker revels in newfound freedom

Do Democrats need a past ‘superstar’ to hold the White House in 2024?

Doctor: Lesion removed from Biden’s chest was cancerous

Dems want to cut Fox off after lawsuit revelations

Scoop: Trump to blast Bush Republicans at CPAC

Eyeing DeSantis, Trump Readies for a Long Primary Battle

School Kids Taught How to Masturbate and Virtues of ‘Rough Sex’ in Lessons Hidden from Parents

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Signs Laws to Ban Child Sex Changes, Restrict Drag Performances

White House: We Spend on Ukraine Because War Impacts U.S. Through Inflation, It’s About Independence, and Cost of Inaction Is Higher

Treasury to Testify Friday for Withholding Biden Family ‘Suspicious’ Wire Transfers

Poll: Most Believe Joe Biden Will Be ‘Too Old’ in Second Term

Donald Trump Demands China Pay Pandemic Reparations, Vows to Again Withdraw U.S. from W.H.O. as President

Friday, March 3, 2023

Reason for firings at key US nuclear base revealed – CNN

Christianity Is Still Fair Game for Secular Leftist Loons

Cross Road Blues in the Time of Biden​

The Day of Reckoning is Here​

Bob Lazar describes alien technology housed at secret S-4 base in Nevada -- Part 5​

Roger Waters' tour calls President Biden a 'war criminal' ​

The World Economic Forum's 'AI Enslavement' is Coming for YOU!​

The cameras know who you are. Now they want to use AI to find your friends too

Fox News bosses scolded reporters who challenged false election claims

Crowd erupts in laughter at Russia's top diplomat after he claimed the Ukraine war 'was launched against us'

Putin Orders New Rules for Defense Firms in Case of Martial Law

Russian COVID Vaccine Creator Found Strangled to Death With Belt

‘It’s now come to our doorstep’: Librarians find themselves at the center of increasingly bitter culture wars

A 'perfect storm' of recession, debt, and out-of-control inflation is coming for markets this year, 'Dr. Doom' Nouriel Roubini says

Murdaugh’s fall from grace ends in life sentence for murder

How Biden leaves wiggle room to opt against reelection bid

Robert F. Kennedy Jr 'thinking about' launching Democratic challenge to Biden for 2024 White House nomination

The Democrats’ SOS Candidate Keeps His Options Open

Tijuana sewage isn't only in Imperial Beach waves. It's in the air. And San Diegans are breathing it.

New York Times reporter was SPAT on after 'being recognized in public' after paper's own reporters and Hollywood A-listers criticized its coverage on transgender issues

Not very reserved! Fed Governor Christopher Wallace is forced to cancel online conference after attendee bombarded group with PORN

Oil companies hit with backlash after bringing in $200 billion in profits last year

Ron DeSantis’ Anti-Free Speech Crusade Would Cancel Fox News

Here’s How Florida Could Become the Capital of Weaponized Libel Suits

Florida bill would require bloggers who write about governor to register with the state



















Thursday, March 2, 2023

School culture wars fuel top House GOP bill

How Peptide Injections Became the Answer to Everything​

Zelensky and his cronies are trying to cover up a major corruption scandal in Ukraine – what role is the US playing?​

Male birth control gel you rub on your SHOULDERS​

GAME OVER: Medicare data shows the COVID vaccines increase your chance of dying​

We Are on the WRONG Side of History With Ukrain​e

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks At White Nationalist Conferenc​e

American Zombies Dr Preston James discusses psychotronic weapons

CIA Caught Covering Up Rampant Child Sex Crimes Inside Agency and NO ONE Has Gone to Jail​

Patriots Forced Out of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' Event for Wearing Trump Gear, Carrying MAGA Flags​

Cross-dressing nut bag: Zelensksy... U.S. will have to send their sons and daughters to die

More Than Half of the World Will Be Overweight or Obese by 2035 - Report

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore generates buzz — and his own selfie line — rallying House Democrats

Why can’t Americans agree on, well, nearly anything? Philosophy has some answers

A THIRD of Americans agree with Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'national divorce' call: 47% of Republicans back bid for red states to split, according to shocking poll

What are the allegations against CPAC head Matt Schlapp?

Youngkin resumes out-of-state travel amid mixed signals on 2024 plans

California Republicans give a boost to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential prospects

2024 signal? Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis heading to Iowa next week

Here’s How the U.S. Is Preparing to Handle Multiple Foreign Policy Crises At Once

Pregnant Russians are streaming into Argentina. Officials are suspicious.

Tycoon Deripaska Warns Russia May Run Out of Money in 2024

VLAD’S MEAT-GRINDER Russian death toll in Ukraine passes 150,000 as Putin’s canon fodder mown down in suicidal infantry waves & tank carnage

EXCLUSIVE: Vladimir Putin plans 'mass suicidal attacks' on Ukrainians for THREE MONTHS

Kremlin accuses Ukraine of violent attack in western Russia

US Senator Dianne Feinstein in hospital with shingles

Florida bill would require bloggers who write about governor to register with the state

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Over 96 Canadian children ages 2-19 have died suddenly or unexpectedly in the past 3 months - a warning call for Canadian parents.

 How Ron DeSantis is following in Viktor Orbán’s footsteps

We Have a Real UFO Problem. And It’s Not Balloons.​

Train carrying more than 30,000 gallons of propane fuel derails in Florida

Mass Drone Attack Unleashes Chaos, Air Raid Sirens Inside Russia

NFL Star Abruptly Retires at 30, Issues Ominous Warning - 'DO NOT Take the Injections They Give You' ​

10 myths told by COVID experts -- now debunked ​

Lori Lightfoot loses reelection — with Vallas to face Johnson in runoff ​

The 15-Minute City: Where Urban Planning Meets Conspiracy Theories​

History is an eternal repetition. Here are quotes from those who lived through the fall of the Roman Empire. ​

Ehden on Twitter​

Berlin left unprotected as air defense systems sent to Ukraine – arms make​r

7.2 Percent Of US Adults Identify As LGBT​

How the fall of Qaddafi gave rise to Europe's migrant crisis​

Gaddafi warned Blair his ousting would 'open door' to jihadis​

Gaddafi's Grim Prophecy Comes True: Countless Refugees Swarm Europ​e

Taiwan says 25 Chinese planes, 3 ships sent toward islan​d

Woody Harrelson Doubles Down, Slams COVID Mandates: US Is "Not A Free Country"​

Face-Masks & Lab-Leaks No Match For Progressive Ideology​

11 Years: Andrew Breitbart's Indelible Legacy ​

House Advances Bill Against China's Live Organ Harvesting ​

Christian Teacher Charged with Misconduct After ‘Misgendering’ Pupil ​

House Wants Companies To Tell Consumers About Cameras, Microphones In Devices​

Largest US Grid Supplier Warns Of An Energy Shortage Due To Undeliverable Mandates

China Scrambles To Save Plummeting Birth Rate With Pregnancy Perks

Vaccinated: Justin Bieber, Flush with Cash from Catalog Sale, Cancels the Rest of 2023 Tour Dates Because of Face Paralysis Health Issue

Girls Basketball Team Withdraws From State Tournament In Protest Against Transgender Player Who Dominates Games​

FBI Director: COVID-19 "Most Likely" Escaped From Wuhan Lab​

Ron DeSantis: 'Old-guard' GOP not up to taking on the left's hijack of big business ​

Air in East Palestine IS toxic, researchers find - despite EPA ruling

Mel Gibson Talks About The Resurrection: 'Passion of the Christ' Sequel

Mystery of colon cancer epidemic among young people in America​

Experts say TOILET PAPER is major source of toxic 'forever chemicals' linked to infertility, cancer

Did We Just Start a Revolution? ​

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Rationing and Climate Change Mitigation

EPA Paused Waste Shipments From Ohio Train Derailment After Texas Uproar

Expert says Murdaugh's pill habit is possible could lead to unprovoked outburst

Trump revamps his fundraising after struggling to raise cash ​

Teen who knocked out his teacher was arrested THREE times for battery and will be charged as adult​

Voice Deepfakes Of Everyone From Joe Rogan To Joe Biden Are Taking Over Social Media

Paving the way for the world's first RSV vaccine, FDA advisers recommend shot from Pfizer

Video shows gunman nonchalantly shooting homeless man execution-style in broad daylight in St. Louis

60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck — ‘inflation is part of their everyday lives,’ expert says

Chicago Votes for Mayor in a Race Dominated by Crime and Policing

US Spy Agency Gets Ready for Fight Over Warrantless Surveillance Program

Palm Beach residents upset over newcomers from the north: ‘So much rudeness’

We Have a Real UFO Problem. And It’s Not Balloons.

'No entry for women' signs placed across Tel Aviv streets

Here’s why being obese is even deadlier than you might think

Tenn. governor to restrict drag shows as photo appears to show him in drag

Tacoma woman with tuberculosis to be arrested Friday for treatment

Biden Is Betting on Government Aid to Change Corporate Behavior


Fox faces an ‘existential threat’ from its multibillion-dollar defamation cases

Pilot makes 360-degree turn to let passengers view northern lights

Governments shut down the internet more often than ever, report says

Supreme Court appears skeptical of Biden’s student debt relief plan

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she was ‘attacked’ by ‘insane’ woman in restaurant

Ron DeSantis’s Book Hits No. 1 as It Goes on Sale

Abbe Lowell Built Ties to Trump World. Now He’s One of Hunter Biden’s Lawyers.

Scientists Now Want to Create AI Using Real Human Brain Cells

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