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Friday, June 16, 2024

Beyond Bad: Fake Meat And Other 'Ultra Processed' Vegan Food Linked To Heart Disease, Early Death

Star Wars Website Responds to Witchcraft Criticism in the Acolyte

Horrifying bodycam footage shows bloated 14ft alligator with 41-year-old mother in its body after she was dragged into murky canal and killed

President Biden, Barack Obama Rip Donald Trump During L.A. Fundraiser

Yair Netanyahu attacks IDF, Shin Bet, and Military Intelligence heads

John McEnroe faces backlash over comment about French Open winner Iga Swiatek 'throwing on a little makeup'​

San Diego’s Yoga Crackdown Leaves Yogis Bent Out of Shape

Americans sick of the 'cultural revolution' under Joe Biden are setting up incredible off-grid city in the DESERT hundreds of miles away from civilization with their own government and courts... and offer chilling prediction for the future of the country

As War Drags On, Gazans More Willing to Speak Out Against Hamas

MAGA Youth Activist Charlie Kirk’s Big Conservative Shindig Is Full of Old Folks

Strong winds, steep terrain hamper crews battling Los Angeles area’s first major fire of the year

Dangerous heat wave looms for over 135 million this week from Chicago to New York

China pursuing ‘significant’ expansion of nuclear arsenal, report says

Nato in talks to put nuclear weapons on standby

GUN WARS How tolerant Sweden has become a haven for ultra violent gangs because of its open door immigration

British tourists may face ‘lie detector’ tests when trying to enter EU

Tories heading for 'warfare', Farage predicts, as ex-Cabinet minister pleads with voters to 'unite the right'

Latest Polls Say UK Conservatives Head for Election Wipeout

171,300 patients traveled out of state for abortions in 2023

2024 Presidential Election Polls

White House Fumes at Trumpworld’s Latest ‘Cheap Fake’ Video

Biden Looks to Hollywood for 2024 Boost. It Hasn’t Been That Simple

President Biden and Barack Obama Rip Donald Trump During Starry L.A. Fundraiser

The Tasty New Challenge to Venezuela’s Autocrats: ‘Freedom Empanadas’

Welcome to the age of geriatric millionaires

Thursday, June 15, 2024

Russian Fighter Jet Breached Swedish Airspace on Friday

Alex Jones allowed to liquidate assets to help pay debt in Sandy Hook defamation verdicts, judge rules

Shelling out: Hamptons deli charging $120 for pound of lobster salad

Seattle To Allow Illegals To Join Police Department

Leaked documents reveal patient safety issues at Amazon’s One Medical

Meta to pause plans to use personal data to train AI models

Lara Trump is building an army of ‘100,000 poll watchers and over 500 lawyers’ to ‘deploy’ across America in November 

Lara Trump vows to prosecute anyone who cheats in an election: ‘We will track you down’

The Man Who Saved Biden’s 2020 Campaign Lets Loose

White Nationalist Nick Fuentes Booted from TPUSA Conference: ‘Israel Controls This Event!’

Democrats divided over Supreme Court controversies as decisions loom

Thousands march in France in pre-election protest against far right

How this US region has become a hip place to live — with it also being dirt cheap: ‘We’re never leaving’

US Navy faces its most intense combat since World War II against Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels

RAFAH HORROR Eight Israeli soldier killed in Rafah blast after IDF convey is ‘ambushed’ by Hamas fighters

A powerful heat dome is just one of the extreme weather hazards coming next week

Former CDC director predicts bird flu pandemic

Musk's Neuralink former employee forced to work with herpes infected monkey; sues company

Russian nuclear submarine spotted off UK coast sparks emergency defence meeting

Donald Trump at Risk of Losing Florida, Recent Polls Suggest

Trump-Friendly CEOs Shocked By ‘Meandering’ Meeting With Ex-President, Per CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin

Ex-Trump Official Makes Stunning Revelation: Trump Talked About Executing People At Several WH Meetings

Southwest Plane Plunged Within 400 Feet of Ocean Near Hawaii

Confederate names make comeback, triggering lawsuits

This city just made it illegal to advertise SUVs. Here’s why.

Wednesday, June 14, 2024

Disney Withdraws Lawsuit, Ending Final Conflict With DeSantis, Appointees

'BURN!' Biden Drops Brutal Jan. 6 Ad Amid Trump Hill Visit

Doctors reveal how antidepressants can PERMANENTLY destroy your sex life, cause pleasureless orgasms and numb genitals - as young people who have taken them say: 'I've feel like I've been castrated'​

Fmr MIT Prof Jeremy England: Jews Must Reject 'Lingering' Christian Morality and Embrace Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza​

CIA-GATE – 9. US Intelligence/Polish Arms Traders’ Shadow Schemes for Ukraine with Alleged Sri Lanka Help​

Southwest Plane Plunged Within 400 Feet of Ocean Near Hawaii

These cities are now so expensive they’re considered ‘impossibly unaffordable’

How Jeff Bezos Is Trying to Fix The Washington Post

Mark Zuckerberg is building a sprawling compound on the Lake Tahoe shore, blueprints show

Meta to pause plans to use personal data to train AI models

Book Publishing in Crisis as Self-Help, Airport Fiction Dominate Amazon, Literary Publishers Fired

US Navy faces its most intense combat since World War II against Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels

Anthony Fauci: Volcanic Donald Trump Screamed F-Bombs, Then Said He Loved Me

Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic

These Three Politicians Once Looked Like the Future of the GOP. 72 Hours Later the Dream Was Dead.

Crypto Titans’ $160 Million War Chest Threatens Senate Democrats

Analysis-Super-rich may quit UK over Labour plans for inheritance taxes on trusts

Farage willing to lead merged Reform-Conservative party after election

AI candidate running for Parliament in the U.K. says AI can humanize politics

CEOs at Trump meeting: Ex-president ‘meandering’ and ‘doesn’t know what he’s talking about’

Trump-Friendly CEOs Shocked By ‘Meandering’ Meeting With Ex-President, Per CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin

Who Will Live Longer—Trump or Biden?

At 78, Trump too is showing signs of aging

Macron’s Gamble on Stopping Le Pen Now Risks Ushering Her to Power

A Surging IRS Penalty Is Costing Americans Billions. Here’s How to Avoid It.

EXCLUSIVE Two new 'alien' mummies from Peru are revealed - and they could be shipped to US for DNA tests

Tuesday, June 13, 2024

Alan Keyes on the definition of marriage

When A 1964 Video Says It All!!​

"LAX may be drug-smuggling gateway of the world"

Tesla's unsold inventory is creating stockpiles you can see from space

VIDEO: You can burn an American flag, but if you deface the gay flag, the regime will put you in prison...​

Fed’s $1 trillion pile of paper losses are turning into actual losses — with more in sight​

Devastating dangerous rainfall and flooding swamp streets in Florida as DeSantis declares state of emergency​

Pentagon official reveals tantalizing seven-minute encounter with glowing blue UFO - which emitted enough energy to 'power a small city'​

U.S. Department of Commerce has plan already in place to digitize the identities of all Americans receiving 'public benefits'​

Tesla shareholder Elon Musk pay package at annual meeting

Federal Judge Blocks ATF Rule Expanding Definition Of Gun Dealer​

Star Wars Lesbian Witches "Use The Force" To Get Pregnant Without Men​

Earth's inner core rotation slows down and reverses direction. What does this mean for the planet?

O'Donnell: Herman Melville’s Terrifying Ride into Mosby’s Confederacy

Mark Ruffalo Repeats Pro-Hamas Propaganda on Rescued Hostages: '4 for 274'

John S. Mosby - Wikipedia​

Justice Alito neighbor says secret tapes prove he lied about flags

New documents show unreported trips by Justice Clarence Thomas

Record Share of U.S. Electorate Is Pro-Choice and Voting on It

Kavanaugh’s comments point to the stakes of the 2024 election

Supreme Court rejects bid to restrict access to abortion pill

Unpaid Parking - Tesla’s massive pileup

Tesla shareholders approve Elon Musk’s massive pay package, but legal fight ‘far from over’

Jeff Bezos has a vision to colonize space with a trillion people. We asked experts to put it to the test.

NASA sparks public panic after accidentally airing emergency astronaut drill on livestream

Tuesday, June 12, 2024

‘HAUL OUT THE GUILLOTINE!’ Trump Campaign Uses Dark Imagery of Beheading in Email Attacking Rivals

South Florida residents told to steer clear of 'life-threatening' flooding

Evangelical Texas pastor Dr Tony Evans reveals he's resigning from church after 48 years due to mysterious 'sin' he committed in the past 

America Could See Surge in People Not Voting

New poll goes deep on Kamala Harris’ liabilities and strengths as a potential president

Boebert fights for political survival amid stream of controversies

Challenger Mucarsel-Powell surges in US Senate poll, closing in on Rick Scott

The hidden costs of owning a home are surging for Americans

Atlanta bus 'hijacker' hid inside Peachtree Center mall during mass shooting hours earlier

Chinese Outraged As Putin Ally Vows to 'Subjugate' Russia's Neighbors

Russian warships enter Havana harbor under Washington's watchful eye

Russian warships, nuclear submarine enter Havana Harbor under watch of U.S. destroyers

Biden Plan to Brand Trump a Felon Is Hit by Son’s Conviction

Bernie Sanders has lost Vermont Working-class voters are fleeing the state

Why more American expats are renouncing their US citizenship

Inflation slows in May, with consumer prices up 3.3% from a year ago

Republicans vote to hold Garland in contempt of Congress

Kushner’s Deal with Pro-Russia Serbs Raises Hackles

Senate Democrat probes Jared Kushner’s investment firm

SpaceX Sued by Engineers Fired After Accusing Elon Musk of Sexism

Elon Musk’s Boundary-Blurring Relationships With Women at SpaceX

Trump Campaign Launches ‘Latino Americans for Trump’ to Emphasize U.S. Citizenship


Economist Forecast: Donald Trump Has 2-in-3 Chance of Making Greatest Comeback in Modern American Politics 

Poll: Donald Trump Opens Up 8-Point Lead in Arizona

Hunter Biden’s Adult Children Join Grandfather Joe Biden in Travels to Italy a Day After Hunter’s Conviction

Biden Pushes Gun Storage Laws, a Magazine Ban, Lawsuits Against Firearm Makers

Monday, June 11, 2024

It's Not 2000... But There Are Similarities

Biden's "executive order"? Revealed Border Patrol memo tells agents to continue to release illegals into the country​

The Five Stages Of Denial When Skeptics Are Faced With Economic Collapse​

Hunter Biden Convicted On Felony Gun Charges​

LIQUIDATED: Corporate State Lawfare May Have Finally Sunk the InfoWars Ship​

Elon Musk Maybe Not So Mad At OpenAI After All, Drops “Benefit Of Humanity” Suit One Day After Trashing Company & Apple

‘Elon Doesn’t Care About Tesla Anymore’: Musk’s Biggest Fans Are Turning On Him

Democratic efforts to lure young voters include beer and birth control

Do Trigger Warnings Need Spoiler Alerts?

A Florida law blocking treatment for transgender children is thrown out by a federal judge

Clarence Thomas raised him 'as a son.' Now he's facing 25-plus years on weapons and drug charges.

Aileen Cannon Offers 'Sweetener' to Donald Trump

Globally, Biden Receives Higher Ratings Than Trump

Martha-Ann Alito Condemns Pride Flags, the Left, and the Media

Justice Alito questions possibility of political compromise in secret recording

Alito, Roberts secretly recorded at historical society dinner

First third of June 2024 hottest in Las Vegas history

A tale of two families: Trumps hide and Bidens unite in face of criminal trials

Phony 'news' portals surpass US newspaper sites, researchers say

The Ozempic effect

Oprah Hospitalized for ‘Very Serious’ Stomach Issues

Biden Plan to Brand Trump a Felon Is Hit by Son’s Conviction

In the rough: Felony convictions could cost Trump liquor licenses at 3 New Jersey golf courses

‘Stop S**t-Talking America!’ Democratic Governor Unloads on ‘Whining’ Trump

Sunday, June 10, 2024

Evil Can Destroy the World

Judd: ‘We’re frightened to death of the negatives of A.I.’

ANALYSIS: What 9th Circuit Ruling Reinstating Challenge to LAUSD's Employee Vaccine Mandate Means

Revealed: The 28 sodas, juices and other drinks recalled by FDA due to containing harmful ingredients and cancer chemicals

Walmart store closures are a warning sign of retail apocalypse with other chains also facing threat, expert says

The haunting connection between UFOs and America's nuclear weapons is laid bare in fascinating new study which concludes: They're trying to stop us from annihilating ourselves

Cardiologist calls for abolishment of the WHO: 'Enough is enough!'

Mapped: The US beaches where deadly, flesh-eating bacteria lurk in the water- is your vacation spot safe?

Top oncologists weigh in on the rise of rare and unusual cancers in young people - and the links to Covid​

5 Celebrities Who Regret Endorsing Joe Biden in 2020​

Legal Experts: Hunter Biden Could Be Hoping for 'Jury Nullification'​

“Covid mRNA Nanoparticle Injection are Bioweapons for Mass Destruction”. Affidavit by dr. Boyle, US Bacteriological Arms best Expert

Biden To Offer Saudi Arabia Defense Treaty In Exchange For Official Ties With Israel


99.9% Chance AI Will Wipe Out Humanity, Predicts Top Scientist.​

Russia ready to strike NATO airfields hosting Ukrainian jets​

France: Sudanese refugee won't be deported despite burning down 16 apartments, multiple cars, part of a church, and seriously injuring a student​

VIDEO: Indonesian Woman Killed After Python Swallows Her Whole

Trump says that Israel needs to “finish the job” in Gaza.... AGAIN

Explosion rocks Polish arms plant which supplies Ukraine​

‘Poop-gate’: Is Biden’s D-Day confusion worthy of all the uproar?​

Donald Trump Suffers Quadruple Polling Blow

Ukraine warplane gets ‘first direct hit’ on Russian soil, destroying ammo warehouse

Top US Commander Outlines ‘Hellscape’ Response If China Invades Taiwan

Dockworkers Cancel Bargaining, Threaten Strike at U.S. Seaports

EU nightmare over fresh right-wing surge in election results with Olaf Scholz humiliated

Centrist Groups Keep Majority In EU Parliament: Projection

The main takeaways after the far right rocks European politics, sparking a snap election in France

In Calling Elections in France, Macron Makes a Huge Gamble

Saturday, June 9, 2024

French President Macron calls a snap legislative election after defeat in EU vote

EU nightmare over fresh right-wing surge in election results with Olaf Scholz humiliated

German far-right makes strong gains in EU vote, ruling parties suffer

Centrist Groups Keep Majority In EU Parliament: Projection

Far-right advances in EU election, France calls snap national vote

Hubris, Revenge and a Breakup Brought Down Big Tech’s Proudest Ally

Glamorous Atlanta prosecutor is jailed for stealing $15m of Covid funds and using the cash to buy diamond rings and a Rolls Royce

Large chunk of Wyoming’s Teton Pass road collapses; unclear how quickly it can be rebuilt

STORE CLOUDS Walmart store closures are a warning sign of retail apocalypse with other chains also facing threat, expert says

Beneath the Calm Market, Stocks Are Going Haywire

ON ALERT ISIS makes ‘lone wolves’ threat to Paris 2024 Olympics with chilling mock-up of Eiffel Tower being attacked by drone

EXCLUSIVE The haunting connection between UFOs and America's nuclear weapons is laid bare in fascinating new study which concludes: They're trying to stop us from annihilating ourselves

Why the Dutch are euthanising physically healthy children – and could the UK be next?

Billionaire, 91, is arrested and charged with sexually assaulting multiple women

Is Your Driving Being Secretly Scored?

Americans Are Leaving Both Parties. This Colorado City Shows Why.

The Fall of Roe: You Thought Dobbs Was Bad? They’re Coming for Brown v. Board

Texas towns try to close roads to abortion-seekers

Supreme Court to rule on pivotal abortion cases two years after overturning Roe v. Wade

Supreme Court’s Strains Intensify as Term’s End Approaches

Trump immunity, abortion weigh on Supreme Court before summer recess

EXCLUSIVE: Prison bosses preparing to house Donald Trump if he's sentenced to jail following conviction

Trump probation interview set for Monday after hush money conviction

Why the Dutch are euthanising physically healthy children – and could the UK be next?

It Called Itself a Yoga School. Prosecutors Say It Was a Sex Cult.

Silicon Valley in uproar after California lawmakers demand AI firms install ‘kill switch’

AI Systems Are Learning to Lie and Deceive, Scientists Find

Friday, June 8, 2024

Some Gen Zers seem to be bringing parents to job interviews. It may not be as bad as it sounds.

Wild pigs, conquering all Florida counties, are now taking over the US

Trump: "I've Done More For Black People Than Anybody Since Abraham Lincoln," And They Understand It

As Trump Rallies in the Southwest, Extreme Heat Threatens MAGA Faithful

Justice Clarence Thomas formally reports trip to Bali paid for by conservative donor

The Supreme Court’s slow-walk on Trump immunity is playing with fire 

Can Samuel Alito Survive Flag Controversy?

Shouting match ensues between senior Arab officials at Blinken meeting - report

CIA assessment concludes Netanyahu is likely to defy US pressure to set a post-war plan for Gaza

US warns Israel: 'Limited war' in Lebanon could push Iran to intervene

Right-wing media reckoning: Some outlets pay a price after spreading 2020 election misinformation

Alex Jones to Sell InfoWars to Pay $1.5 Billion Debt to Sandy Hook Families

U.S. Intelligence Helped Israel Rescue Four Hostages in Gaza

Four Israeli hostages — including Noa Argamani — rescued as Hamas claims over 200 killed during ‘complex’ Gaza raid

Israel ‘killed hostages’ during deadly rescue operation in Gaza, Hamas says

The Auto World’s Next Obsession: What Comes After the SUV

Texas man catches ANTHRAX after eating contaminated lamb meat - in case that shocks doctors

Jordan Bardella, the New Face of France’s Right

Assault which left Danish PM 'shaken' likely not 'politically motivated'

How this Maryland pastor ended up leading one of the fastest-growing churches in the nation

Conservative family who relocated from California to Idaho to escape liberal politics reveal why they've now moved back 

Florida is so last year — here is the new affordable hotspot people are moving to in 2024

The Hidden Life of Google’s Secret Weapon

Orban Critic Draws Masses In Hungary On Eve Of EU Vote

Tens of thousands join election rally against German far right

Friday, June 7, 2024

Patriotism Has Destroyed America

Excess Deaths Explode Following Covid Vaccination

The Beginning of Accountability for the death-dealing Covid “vaccine”?

Congress Introduces Law That Would Provide President Power To Block Access To All ‘Digital Assets’​

Wall Street Admits The Biggest Economic Shocker: All Jobs In The Past Year Have Gone To Illegal Aliens​

The 9/11 Documentary You’ll Never See

‘Jesus was the best affiliate marketer in the world’: How a ‘Reverend CEO’ allegedly stole $1 billion in a crypto scam

Operatives with GOP ties are helping Cornel West get on the ballot in a key state

Danish Prime Minister Attacked in Copenhagen

Biden asks Americans to recommit to democracy in speech in Normandy

Exclusive: Biden tells Muir US weapons will not be used to strike Moscow, Kremlin

Russian Spoofing Sends War Scenes to Kids’ Channel in Europe

Oceans can no longer protect America

Russian warships, including nuclear sub, missile frigate, will arrive in Cuba next week

Alex Jones to Sell InfoWars to Pay $1.5 Billion Debt to Sandy Hook Families

Trump hush money trial judge Juan Merchan warns parties of incriminating Facebook comment the day before the verdict

Businessman Tells Jury He Bribed Senator Menendez With a Mercedes-Benz

Hunter Biden trial highlights: Naomi Biden testifies about her father’s drug use

Some Gen Zers seem to be bringing parents to job interviews. It may not be as bad as it sounds.

Conservative family who relocated from California to Idaho to escape liberal politics reveal why they've now moved back 

The Brits Invade US Newsrooms With a ‘Killer Instinct’ and Fleet Street Ethics

Wild pigs, conquering all Florida counties, are now taking over the US

It’s a Buyer’s Market for Boats, RVs and Other Pandemic Toys

Teens Are Sticking With E-Bikes Even When They’re Old Enough to Drive

No One Wants a New Car Now. Here’s Why.

Archaeologists discover records of Pompeii’s survivors, proving famous eruption didn’t kill everyone

Scientists map one of Earth’s top hazards in the Pacific Northwest

Thursday, June 6, 2024

New York Times, Reuters journalists clash with news union

World stocks shine after cautious ECB rate cut

Conservative family who relocated from California to Idaho to escape liberal politics reveal why they REGRET their move after struggling to fit in with 'judgmental gossips'

US Southwest sizzles under heat dome in an ominous prelude to summer

Russian warships, including nuclear sub, missile frigate, will arrive in Cuba next week

Steve Bannon's Trial Postponed

Judge orders Steve Bannon to report to prison on July 1 for contempt of Congress sentence

‘Natty or not?’: how steroids got big

At-home brain zapper helps binge-eaters lose weight

New test promises to predict dementia nine years before diagnosis

‘Unusual’ cancers emerged after the pandemic. Doctors ask if covid is to blame.

‘Roundly Booed’: Rob Schneider Removed From Stage At Charity Event Over Anti-Trans And Anti-Vax Jokes

Americans approve of LGBTQ+ people living as they wish, but their support drops for trans people, poll shows

New NC sex-ed rules promote abstinence. But some say that message isn’t strong enough.

Texas may pay schools to use curriculum critics call overtly Christian

Analysis-Pope's friends, observers try to make sense of homophobic PR disaster

Trump’s Obsession With Revenge: A Big Post-Verdict Danger

Even Sean Hannity can’t get Trump to back away from wanting revenge

Florida tire shop flies Nazi flag to protest ‘modern-day holocaust’ in Gaza — and owner insists it isn’t antisemitic

Sen. John Fetterman tells critics he's 'not a progressive': That label left me

Trump wants local police help on deportations. GOP sheriff candidates: not in Miami-Dade

Former federal prosecutor: ‘Appreciable chance’ Trump dies in prison if he loses reelection bid

Growth reduction: NYPD cops told to trim hair, ditch beards and goatees

Ashton Kutcher Says Soon ‘You’ll Be Able to Render a Whole Movie’ Using AI: ‘The Bar Is Going to Have to Go Way Up’ in Hollywood

Scientists have discovered a cause of inflammatory bowel disease. They said it's a 'holy grail' discovery that could transform treatments.

SIZING UP Map reveals the countries with the biggest penises and breasts – and where they’ve gotten SMALLER

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

The truth about drinking on planes: As research shows just two beers on a flight could pose a health risk experts reveal the reasons you might want to avoid a tipple before you fly

Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping

Red Lobster planning the closure of ANOTHER 135 restaurants if landlords won't give in to the chain's demands​

Which Movie Will It Be?​

U.S. Fertility Rates Collapse​

How The PhD Scientists Totally Wrecked And Ruined The World​

Porsche Taycan's Values Plunge; Mercedes, Stellantis Pause EV Battery Factory On Sliding Demand​

BMW Admits Not Changing Logo To LGBTQ Colours In Middle East Due To "Cultural Aspects"​

Now doctors face new cancer crisis - mystery rise of lung tumors in young people who've NEVER smoked​

CDC recommends using antibiotic as a 'morning after pill' for STDs - to halt epidemic of syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea​

Two more Boeing whistleblowers go public over plane safety: ‘Like a ticking timebomb’

Nvidia passes Apple in market cap as second-most valuable public U.S. company

World's richest have never been so wealthy: study

Americans Have More Investment Income Than Ever Before

New sexually transmitted fungal infection detected in NYC — the first case in the US

Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths

World Health Organization warns a NEW strain of bird flu has jumped to humans with 'potential for high public health impact' - as man in Mexico, 59, tests positive before dying from it

Do Americans hate each other enough to tear the country apart?

Georgia court of appeals indefinitely pauses the election subversion conspiracy case against Donald Trump

Judge Aileen Cannon rips up court schedule in Mar-a-Lago case in ways that benefit Trump

‘Top Republicans’ Privately Telling CBS Reporter ‘Trump Could Be In Prison’ When He’s Nominated

Trump said Clinton shouldn't run under investigation. Now he's running as a convict

Trump Again Floats Prosecution as Payback If He Wins: ‘Very Possible It’s Gonna Have to Happen to Them’

The G.O.P. Push for Post-Verdict Payback: ‘Fight Fire With Fire’

Russia deploying air and sea assets for military exercises in Caribbean, U.S. official says

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Doctors reveal deadly diet combos that could be causing explosion of colon cancers in young people

Have doctors cracked mystery of rising cancer cases in young people? Low-fiber diets and too much sugar to blame for surging rates, say experts

Dr Anthony Fauci reveals what he would do differently if there's another pandemic - after admitting 6ft distancing rule was not based in science​

Overweight children have lower intelligence and are more likely to be depressed, controversial study finds​

Fauci Squirms During GOP Grilling Over COVID, Pandemic Response​

$517,000,000,000 in Unrealized Losses Hit US Banking System, FDIC Says.

20% Of New York City Hotels Are Now Migrant Shelters​

Netherlands Joins Denmark In Saying Ukraine Can Use F-16s To Strike Inside Russia​

The Camp of the Saints is the here and now​

The truth about drinking on planes: As research shows just two beers on a flight could pose a health risk experts reveal the reasons you might want to avoid a tipple before you fly

Westminster Uniparty: Sunak vs Starmer Snoozefest Promises More of the Same After Election

Breitbart Business Digest: Consumer Strength Powers Growth Despite Soft Job Openings

TIME Biden Interviewer: He Looks Like He Does on TV, ‘It’s Visible’ That He’s Older than in 2020

Grammy-Winning Singer-Songwriter The-Dream Accused of Rape, Sex Trafficking

Police: Rideshare Driver Shot Nude Man Who Was Attacking Woman

IDF Chief of Staff: Near ‘Decision’ on War in Lebanon

WATCH: Biden Backtracks on Criticism of Netanyahu

FBI Witness Confirms on Stand in Hunter Biden’s Trial: The Laptop Is Real

Alec Baldwin, Facing Manslaughter Trial, to Star in Reality Show

Biden Claims He Can Do the Job of President ‘Better than Anybody You Know’

Nine Takeaways from First Days of Hunter Biden’s Gun Trial

Donald Trump: ‘I Am the Political Prisoner of a Failing Nation’

Watch Live: Merrick Garland Called to Testify over Weaponization of Department of Justice

U.S. Navy Special Warfare Command Posts Pride Month Graphic, Limits Replies

Wisconsin Attorney General Files Felony Charges Against Trump Allies

Monday, June 3, 2024

Maher: If Trump Goes To Jail There Will Be A Racial Civil War

Claudia Sheinbaum Will Be Mexico’s First Jewish President​

Obesity blamed for ‘disturbing’ rise in cancer cases among young

Idaho bar celebrating 'Heterosexual Awesomeness Month' in June creates stir

Children and family are key priorities for Russia – Putin​

Retired 4-Star Admiral Arrested in 'Triple-Digit Millions' Navy Contract Bribery Scheme​

The mysterious disappearance of a Mexican 'supermodel' Gabriela Rico Jiménez who emerged screaming from glitzy hotel claiming the elite were 'eating humans' ... and then vanished​

Illinois poultry farm fire: Mass amounts of chickens dead

American Airlines Union Warns: "All Flight Attendants Need To Prepare For Strike"​

US Air Force promoted drag events on military bases, docs show​

AMERICA’S COLOR REVOLUTION — Brought To You By The U.S. Intelligence Community & Coming To A City Near You​

Rand Paul Warns Of “War In The Streets” Coming From Trump Verdict​

Is America Becoming An Anti-Christ Nation?

Illuminati Wife Tells All - The Kay Griggs Story (full)​

Sacrificing Liberty Docuseries

Exclusive – Michael Savage Likens Trump Verdict to Internal 9/11: Biden ‘Gang’ Trying to Kill Trump with ‘1,000 Cuts’

Waters: Trump’s Revenge Rhetoric Could Lead to ‘Civil War’

One Dead, Eight Injured as Istanbul Apartment Building Collapses

Wes Moore: Claims Trump’s Conviction Will Help Him with Black Voters ‘Deeply Offensive’

Five Migrants Die in As Many Days in One Texas Border Sector

Maine Law Enforcement Officials Report ‘Uptick’ in Fake Social Security Numbers

Idaho Bar Offers Free Beer for ‘Heterosexual Awesomeness Month’

Report: Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed ID’d as Man Who Ambushed, Killed Minnesota Officer

Exclusive – Mara Macie Calls Out John Rutherford for Not Trying to Stop Weaponized Lawfare Against Trump

El Salvador’s President Tells Donald Trump Jr.: ‘We Don’t Jail the Opposition’

Trump Lawyer: If Necessary We Will Take Conviction Appeal to Supreme Court

Sunday, June 2, 2024

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie Calls For All Elected Officials To Disclose Their Citizenship Status​

Ukraine puts faith in robot army to hold back Russia

It’s time Elon Musk faced a blunt truth about Tesla

Israeli justices press government on religious conscription waivers

Maldives will ban Israelis from entering the country over the war in Gaza

NIH scientists made $710M in royalties from drug makers — a fact they tried to hide

America's tech battle with China is about to get ugly

'INFO' WAR Disgraced Alex Jones declares ‘war’ before ‘sobbing’ live on-air as he says government ‘trying to shut down Infowars’

The WA Republicans who wish the Trump era were over

The legal fight over the 2024 election has begun

Money woes, staff issues strain the Intercept

OPEC+ Agrees to Extend Production Cuts in Bid to Boost Oil Prices

Why New Yorkers Want to Leave

The Rise of Poverty Inc.

Blood, Threats and Tears: Inside Diddy’s Nightmare Workplace

Idaho bar celebrating ‘Heterosexual Awesomeness Month’ in June creates stir

Obesity blamed as cancer cases rise more quickly in the young

Trump’s attacks on US justice system after his conviction could be used by autocrats, say experts

Plot twist: WA has a law against felons running for office

A Felon in the Oval Office Would Test the American System

WATCH: James Comey Predicts What Life Behind Bars Would Look Like for Trump

California Sheriff Backs Trump After Conviction: ‘It’s Time We Put a Felon in the White House’

Woke Defense Department Mistakenly Posts LGBT Pride Graphic for PTSD Awareness Month

Anti-Israel Protesters Block LGBTQ Pride Parade in Philadelphia

Saturday, June 1, 2024

The neurodivergent era? Record number of U.S. adults being tested for autism

Aliens were tinkering with equipment in Las Vegas backyard, says expert: 'This is the absolute end'

China Weaponizing 90%-Fatal Ebola

What one man learned living alone in the wilderness for 40 years

MIND GAMES How China’s shadowy ‘Brain Warfare’ unit is preparing for war with new mind-melting weapons to ‘paralyse’ enemies

American Air Union Tells Flight Attendants to Prepare for Strike

‘It’s All Bull****!’ Tucker Carlson Tells Don Jr. January 6th Rioters Were ‘Pure-Hearted’ Americans

Livestream Abruptly Ends As Laura Loomer Calls For Democrats to be Executed

War, AI and more war: the 2024 Bilderberg agenda is sure to set off alarm bells

Is Kamala the Democrats’ secret weapon of 2024?

The Felon: Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, a two-handed consideration

Netanyahu’s coalition allies threaten to quit government if he accepts Biden’s truce

Robot wars: Ukraine puts faith in drone army to hold back Russia

Homebuyers Are Starting to Revolt Over Steep Prices Across US

Investors, worried they can’t beat lawmakers in stock market, copy them instead

Black leaders call out Trump’s criminal justice contradictions as he rails against guilty verdict

From collapsed plea deal to trial: How Hunter Biden has come to face jurors on federal gun charges

Biden Stakes Re-Election Campaign on Reviving Bad Memories of Trump

Former Trump Tower doorman, often overlooked in the hush money saga, speaks out

China probe successfully lands on far side of Moon

Axelrod: Trump, supporters ‘inviting violence’ after conviction

Why survivors of a nuclear World War III will envy the dead

The next generation of the ‘Internet of Bodies’ could meld tech and human bodies together

Mexican candidate assassinations hit grim record ahead of Sunday's election

Friday, May 31, 2024

Supreme Court Unanimously Rules For NRA In Free Speech Case

Tyranny is upon us: Law and juries are weaponized.​

10 Million Illegals Later, Biden To Use Executive Orders To Fix His F-Up: Report

Despite Warnings, Biden Admin Finalizes Rule That Could Cripple Many Offshore Oil Companies

Get Up, Stand Up, Don’t Give Up the Fight: Know Your Rights or You Will Lose Them​

Bilderberg 70th Annual Conference Kicks Off: Meeting Agenda and Attendees List Released

Shari Redstone Faces a Choice: A Deal for Paramount or Her Family Company

Google Cloud error erases $135B pension fund

What one man learned living alone in the wilderness for 40 years

Trigger Warning: You May See Bones in Archaeology Class

Former Vice Chief of Naval Operations Robert Burke Arrested by Feds on Bribery Charges

The neurodivergent era? Record number of U.S. adults being tested for autism

French police thwart terror attack ahead of Paris Olympics

Far right AfD cracks Germany's post-Nazi firewalls with success in the east

The far-right is set to make huge gains in European elections. It could define the next five years of European politics

Trump supporters try to doxx jurors and post violent threats after his conviction

Donald Trump faces possible community service sentence – which could include trash pickup, graffiti cleanup: experts

Upside-Down Flags Become Symbol for Republicans Protesting Trump Verdict

TRUMP BEHIND BARS How Trump prison sentence could look: Secret Service guard, notorious lockup, strip searches & no hair products

Israel Offers Fresh Cease-Fire as Biden Cites ‘Decisive Moment’

Musk Accused of $7.5 Billion of Insider Trades in Investor Suit

A bare breast and ‘civil war’: MAGA diehards showed up at Trump Tower - and it got weird

Exclusive: One in 10 Republicans less likely to vote for Trump after guilty verdict, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds

Donald Trump’s felony conviction now means he’s banned from a host of countries including Canada and UK

Trump carries the stain of conviction like a crown. Will the verdict matter to voters?

The 54 charges Trump faces after his New York conviction

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Jerry Seinfeld Calls For Return Of Dominant Masculinity, 'I Like Real Men'

Having kids may shorten a man's life, groundbreaking study reveals​

US 'Loses' 6th MQ-9 Reaper Drone Since October 2023; Yemen Troops Celebrate Atop 'Near Intact' UAV

More fear porn!: U.S.: Russian Subs in Atlantic ‘More Active Than We’ve Seen Them in Years’

Donald Trump: ‘Wacko’ Robert De Niro Looked ‘So Pathetic and Sad out There’

Robert DeNiro defends anti-vaccination documentary at Tribeca Film Festival: 'It is critical that causes are examined'​

Exposing the Satanic Empire​

The Paris Review - How Stanley Kubrick Staged the Moon Landing

Live updates: Donald Trump found guilty in hush money trial

Why scientists say we need to send clocks to the moon — and soon

CNN Will Buck Tradition and Put Commercial Breaks in Biden-Trump Presidential Debate

RFK Jr. files complaint over potential exclusion from debate stage

Man pleads guilty to making 12,000 harassing calls to Congress members

Departing House Members Ask: ‘Why Am I Here?’

Biden’s Black voter troubles are setting off alarm bells

‘A dying empire led by bad people’: Poll finds young voters despairing over US politics

More than half of Americans are following election news closely, and many are already worn out

3 suspects in custody after reported machete attack injures 1 at Times Square McDonald’s

A Third Person in the U.S. Has Bird Flu. This Time, It’s Different

Opinion | We Are Starting to Enjoy Hatred

Stunned Trump fans burst into tears outside courthouse as he's found guilty on all counts

As it happened: Trump found guilty on all hush money charges

Donald Trump rails against ‘disgrace’ verdict - and rages the US ‘has gone to hell...is a nation in decline’

Shellshocked Donald Trump says 'I'm a very innocent man' after being found guilty

Donald Trump guilty on all 34 felony charges

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Doug Casey on the Meme Stock Mania and Impending Financial Disaster


European Council Approves “Rapid Response Teams” To Combat “Disinformation”​

Mexico City: Israeli Embassy Set On Fire Using Molotov Cocktails As Protests Intensify Against Israel’s Massacre In Rafah​

Federal Judge Denies Jack Smith’s Request for Gag Order Against Trump​

Alaska's rivers are turning bright orange and as acidic as vinegar as toxic metal escapes from melting permafrost​

WHO Pandemic Treaty Fails For Now We Must Keep Up The Fight


Vets who served at top-secret Area 52 suffering from serious illnesses, can't get health insurance​

THE SHOCKING TRUTH EXPOSED!!! Ukraine War Unveiled: The CIA’s Nazi Network Targeting Russia​

20 Times Disney Featured LGBTQ+ Characters In Movies & TV Shows​

"This Is Insanity": Judge In Trump Case Issues Unbelievable Jury Instructions​

Israel Launches Airstrikes Deep Into Syria - Reports Of Civilians Dead & Wounded​

Report: Richard Dreyfuss Ripped Parents Who Allow Children to Go Transgender​

We became 'asexual' after taking antidepressants for just a few WEEKS - now our genitals have shrunk and we're worried we'll never have sex again​

Eight lifestyle factors proven to slash your risk of dying from multiple causes, including heart attack and stroke by nearly 80 PERCENT​

Historic criminal trial of Hunter Biden to probe drug addiction

Emerging Portrait of Judge in Trump Documents Case: Prepared, Prickly and Slow

Frail Harvey Weinstein wheeled into same courthouse as Donald Trump

How ‘The Chosen’ Creator Turned the Bible Into Binge TV: “This Is Such a Dangerous Show”

Why Reality TV Is On Life Support

Trump Plays Dumb After Five-Week Trial: ‘I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE CHARGES ARE’

Trump Sets Expectations for Conviction As Jury Deliberates: ‘Mother Teresa Could Not Beat These Charges’

In the trial, like the election, Trump’s base is inoculated against loss

Trump jury ends 1st day of deliberations eyeing Trump talks with Cohen, Pecker

Trump trial live updates: Jury sent home for the day without reaching a verdict after more than four hours of deliberation

Jurors in Trump hush money trial end 1st day of deliberations after asking to rehear testimony

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Judge denies request to restrict Trump statements about law enforcement in classified records case

What happens if Trump is convicted in New York? No one can really say

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump's 'unethical behaviour' in trial may have left jury 'very offended'

Evidence against Trump in hush money case is ‘overwhelming,’ prosecutor tells jury in closing argument

Hiding ‘messy’ details of Trump’s tryst with Stormy Daniels is motive for his crimes, prosecutor says in closings

Elon Musk's xAI Raises $6 Billion To Accelerate AI Race Against OpenAI​

Mikhail Khodorkovsky Names Lord Jacob Rothschild As Ultimate Beneficial Owner​

Trans Sports Agenda: Drag Queens Carry The Olympic Torch To Launch Summer Games​

Bragging about how busy you are makes people think you're an idiot​

Cancer Is Capsizing Americans’ Finances. ‘I Was Losing Everything.’​

Prominent pollster spreads Dominion voting machine misinformation

Macron calls far-right rise an 'ill wind' for Europe

Submerged homes, heat waves fuel Mexico climate angst

‘Just brutal’: Why America’s hottest city is seeing a surge in deaths

Climate change to have long-term economic impact: SF Fed paper

The Alitos, the Neighborhood Clash and the Upside-Down Flag

'You are gangsters': Robert De Niro clashes with pro-Trump protesters

DNC plans to virtually nominate Biden ahead of convention amid Ohio ballot concerns

Dems in full-blown ‘freakout’ over Biden

E Jean Carroll’s lawyer hints new lawsuit is ‘on the table’ after Trump attacked her again

Trump suggested at fundraiser he ‘would have bombed’ Russia and China

DRONES to be introduced into Denver police to help respond to 911 calls after city defunded the force by millions

SPACE JAM China’s super secretive spaceplane ejects a mysterious object into orbit over Earth and no-one knows what it’s for

'Aggressive shark behavior' closes ocean access in San Clemente

Plane forced to turn around mid-flight after naked man runs down aisle

Monday, May 27, 2024

Documentary Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, Who Ate Only At McDonald's, Dead At 53 From Cancer

Israeli troops exchange fire with Egyptian soldiers near Rafah, killing one: IDF says incident 'under investigation'​

OMG! This is crazy! Massive hail storms bury Mexico City and Puebla in ice during unprecedented heat wave​

Researchers Call for Urgent Action to Address Mass Contamination of Blood Supply​

The sniper with one of the longest kills in Afghanistan has a message for Joe Biden

The 17 'red flag' colorectal cancer symptoms young people need to look out for, according to study of 25million patients

How the exact time you wake up can influence how hungry you are all day - even if you got your full 8 hours

Why old people's illnesses are soaring in youngsters - from type 2 diabetes and arthritis to early menopause and even strokes

Trust The "Science"...That Just Retracted 11,000 "Peer Reviewed" Papers

Libertarian Party Chooses Nominee Who Supports Open Borders, Trans Policies

The Fed Vs. The Treasury: All Roads Lead To Inflation

Netanyahu admits ‘tragic mistake’ as civilians were ‘burnt alive’ in Rafah camp

Elon Musk Reportedly Building 'Gigafactory Of Compute' For AI

Rashida Tlaib Speaks at Anti-Israel Conference Linked to Terror Group PFLP

Netanyahu's son shares video of IDF soldier calling for mutiny against Israeli leader

At least 21 dead, dozens injured, as suspected tornadoes leave trail of destruction across the South

South Korea says video shows North Korea's failed satellite launch

Biden Administration Presses Allies Not to Confront Iran on Nuclear Program

Israel-Hamas war: Security Council to hold emergency meeting

Israeli army: Exchange of fire at the border with Egypt

Israeli, Egyptian forces exchange fire, Egyptian soldier killed

Argentine President Milei to meet Apple, Google, Meta CEOs in US

Another Roadblock to the EV Transition: Personal Politics

One of world’s rarest whales sighted off Point Reyes coast

Claudia Sheinbaum is likely to be Mexico’s next president. Who is she?

Sunday, May 26, 2024

At least 14 dead in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas after severe weather roars across region

At least 14 dead from storms in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kentucky

Arizona official uses deepfake version of himself to warn voters not to be fooled by AI

Trump’s Post-Verdict Playbook: Anger and Retribution, Regardless of the Outcome

Donald Trump Hush Money Verdict Is Set to Shape a Summer of Presidential Politics

‘Democrat Messaging is Full of Sh*t!’ James Carville ERUPTS at the Left for Focusing on Gaza While Ignoring the Economy

RFK Jr.'s path to the June debate

Ukrainian strike on Russian nuclear radar system causes alarm in West

Professional golfer Grayson Murray, 30, dies by suicide after withdrawing from Charles Schwab Challenge

Tim Cook faces a difficult decision about AI

How a Profane Joke on Twitter Spawned a Legal Army

America’s crisis of loneliness

Tesla Shareholders Advised to Vote Against Musk’s Pay Package

Tesla shareholders advised to reject Musk’s $56 billion pay


Donald Trump Tells Libertarians to Choose Him as Presidential Nominee

Trump, accustomed to friendly crowds, confronts repeated booing during Libertarian convention speech

Trump is BOOED and screamed at through Libertarian National Convention speech

Chris Murphy Blames Trump, GOP for Border ‘Mess’ — They Think ‘It Helps’ Republicans

60-Year-Old Woman Wins ‘Best Face’ at Miss Argentina Beauty Pageant

George Lucas Demolishes Woke Critics Calling His ‘Star Wars’ Films Too White, Sexist: ‘Most of the People Are Aliens!’

VIDEO: Crowd Stampedes After 15-Year-Old Stabbed by Unknown Assailant at NJ Boardwalk

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Admits She Cries After Conservative Rulings

Rashida Tlaib Suggests Voting Against Biden for Handling of War in Gaza

Buttigieg Can’t Explain Why Biden Has Only Built ‘Seven or Eight’ EV Charging Stations

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Exposing The CIA's Secret Effort To Seize Control Of Social Media

Germany Minimizes the Horror of Child Porn​

MP2002-477 Former President Truman Discusses the Challenges of Establishing Israel in Palestine​

PGA Tour star Grayson Murray dies aged 30 after withdrawing from Charles Schwab Challenge

Dave Chappelle accuses Israel of committing genocide in Gaza in blistering stand-up at Abu Dhabi Comedy Week - and reveals the only reason he believes Jewish people support the war

US screens record 2.95 million airline passengers in single day

Record broken for most passengers screened at U.S. airports, as holiday weekend starts, TSA says

‘Furiosa’ Set to Be the Box Office’s Lowest No. 1 Memorial Day Film in 29 Years

In Twilight of Senate Career, McConnell Sees 2024 Races as Last Hurrah

Biden campaign plans to get more aggressive once Trump trial ends

Biden faces small but growing group of uncommitted delegates at DNC convention

Drill rappers who Trump invited on stage at huge Bronx rally have been indicted over conspiracy to commit murder

Sotomayor admits some Supreme court decisions have driven her to tears

Wife of Justice Alito called upside-down flag ‘signal of distress’

Ramaswamy Loudly Booed For Bringing Up Trump at Libertarian Convention: ‘You All Get To Speak Your Mind, I Respect That’

Donald Trump Tells Libertarians to Choose Him as Presidential Nominee

Trump loudly heckled at Libertarian National Convention

Trump booed and heckled by raucous crowd at Libertarian convention

Homes on billionaire hot spot Nantucket are falling into the ocean at an alarming rate — but the wealthy won't stop buying

US screens record 2.95 million airline passengers in single day

America's secretive $745M nuclear bomber takes flight in first aerial test

Are Russia and North Korea planning an ‘October surprise’ that aids Trump?

This Could Be the Moment Putin Wins the War in Ukraine

Russian jamming leaves some high-tech U.S. weapons ineffective in Ukraine

Xi Jinping’s Recipe for Total Control: An Army of Eyes and Ears

Friday, May 24, 2024

The Murder of a Civilization

Of all the countries on earth America has the lowest chance of survival

'I Did Delete All Of Peter's Emails Relating To Origin': COVID Cabal Conspired To Destroy Evidence To Evade FOIA Requests

Many Americans Say They Will Never Retire

Travis Kelce breaks silence on Harrison Butker after his Kansas City Chiefs teammate said women are destined to be homemakers

Six-step lifestyle protocol REVERSED Alzheimer's symptoms in a group of patients, according to doctor... but experts urge caution

Woke words like 'gaslighting' and 'emotional labor' are dumbing down our language, top researcher says

Number of young adults who vape TRIPLES in two years: Shock data show almost a third of 18 to 24-year-olds have used e-cigarettes as experts urge Ministers to sign off landmark Tobacco and Vapes Bill before the election

Strokes in under 45s have risen 15% in a decade, new CDC data show...amid young cancer spike

Dallas police move forward with controversial AI surveillance tool

Think Twice Before You Cut Off Your Dog's Balls

Jewish leaders call for religious texts to carry warnings highlighting anti-Semitic passages

BREAKING NEWS: Jim Jordan Confronts ATF Director Over Bryan Malinowski Raid: 'Answer The Question!'

Are Russia and North Korea planning an ‘October surprise’ that aids Trump?

George Lucas Rejects ‘Star Wars’ Critics Who Think the First Six Films Are ‘All White Men’: ‘Most of the People Are Aliens!’

Texas power demand breaks May record again as prices soar in heat wave

Biden campaign plans to get more aggressive once Trump trial ends

Donald Trump Tries To Halt ‘The Apprentice’ Hitting The Big Screen With Cease & Desist Demand; “Fair & Balanced” Producers Say Of Film

Prosecutors seek to bar Trump from statements endangering law enforcement in classified records case

Drill rappers who Trump invited on stage at huge Bronx rally have been indicted over conspiracy to commit murder

RFK Jr attacks Trump and Biden as he makes 2024 pitch to Libertarian voters

RFK Jr. Hits Trump’s Covid Response in Bid for Libertarian Vote

US man seen begging for his life after ‘failed Congo coup’ was on his first trip overseas

CITY OF HELL World’s most dangerous city littered with bodies being ‘eaten by pigs’ as families can’t bury them in ravaged Haiti

US missionaries killed in Haiti gang violence

When America was ‘great,’ according to data

‘How Many Politicians Curl Up With Their Wife on the Floor?’

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Foreign Purchase of U.S. Ammo Maker Sparks National

Concerns Grow Over The Increasing Abilities Of AI​

Who owns Vistaoutdoor? Top stakeholders of VSTO according to 13F filings​

German government affirms commitment to ICC law amid Israel's concerns​

Anger Does a Lot More Damage to Your Body Than You Realize​

This article is such obfuscation!: Biden Cancels More than $7 Billion in Student Debt for 160,000 People

Chelsea Handler - Wikipedia

Chelsea Handler Smears Chiefs Star Harrison Butker as a 'Misogynist Bible Thumper'​

Another Provocative Flag Was Flown at Another Alito Home​

Pine Tree Flag - Wikipedia​

Is College Worth It?

Louisiana Legislature approves bill classifying abortion pills as controlled dangerous substances

What Happened to $100M Box Office Openers?

Veepstakes verve: Contenders create media boomlets with leaks and manipulation

Republicans sink fresh bid to beef up US border security

Google's new AI search feature has been recommending people drink urine ('light in color')

FTC chair: AI models could violate antitrust laws

Arizona lawmaker says ChatGPT helped draft new deepfakes law

AI Relies On Mass Surveillance, Warns Signal Boss

Want to dodge Memorial Day crowds? You may want to avoid these destinations

'CHAT XI PT' China builds Xi Jinping AI chatbot to control ‘thoughts, politics and actions’ of citizens while US rivals are blocked

The world's top chipmakers can flip a 'kill switch' should China invade Taiwan, Bloomberg reports

LETHALLY LEASHED China unveils robot ‘dogs of wars’ with machine guns mounted on their backs – and handlers must ‘keep them on leash’

China launches 'punishment' war games around Taiwan

New preseason hurricane forecast is highest ever issued. Brace yourself, Florida

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Government Cartel paid billions to Walgreens and CVS not to fill Ivermectin - the question is why

Disney Bleeding: Pixar Slashes 14% of Workforce Amid Brutal Budget Cuts

‘Queer Planet’ NBC Series to Teach Children About Transgender Animal Fornication​

Taxpayer Costs Skyrocket As Two-Thirds Of Jobless Benefit Recipients In Germany Are Migrants​

Live updates: European countries recognize Palestinian state​

WATCH -- Netanyahu Reacts to ICC Indictments: 'Pouring Gasoline on the Fires of Antisemitism'​

Pope Francis says the US should 'open its doors' to migration to 'grow the country'​


The Migrant Crisis is How Rome Fell – Its Our turn this time

From COVID-19 to Campus Protests: How the Police State Muzzles Free Speech

DARPA’s Ties to the NIH, Flunky Fauci, and COVID​

Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum Founder and CEO, Announces He Is Stepping Down​

WHO Ties Up With CERN For Global Pandemic Surveillance Tool​

The internet is disappearing, study says​

THIRTEEN conservative counties in Oregon approve ballot measures for SECESSION vote that would see them join non-woke Idaho - as they issue list of demands

UK General Election 2024 LIVE updates as soggy Rishi Sunak announces snap vote on July 4

The stock market has already chosen a winner in the 2024 presidential election

Stocks are up 12% this year, but nearly half of Americans think they’re down. What’s going on?

Companies Put Record Amount In Shareholders' Pockets: Report

SpaceX launches first satellites for new US spy constellation

Washington Post announces new subscription plans in bid to boost revenue

The Washington Post Tells Staff It’s Pivoting to AI

Second provocative flag flown at US justice's home: NY Times

Another Provocative Flag Was Flown at Another Alito Home

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Western Civilization Is Being Destroyed by Self-hating Whites

The Ultra-Secret Scheme Is Finally Exposed

DERSHOWITZ ON FIRE: Legal Scholar Attends Trump Trial, Demolishes Judge Merchan's Prejudicial Conduct

Silver Seeing Historic Upside Breakout Above $32 As Gold Nears $2,450, But Take A Look At This…​

Gretchen Whitmer​

EXCLUSIVE Experts reveal the subtle signs that you're on the road to alcoholism... as experts say even one drink a year is unhealthy

Fluoride in the water linked to anxiety, temper problems and headaches in children as young as three, with experts claiming exposure high levels in pregnancy could be a 'risk to the developing brain'

WEF News: Klaus Schwab Resigning

High-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain, researchers find​

"Shocking": Miami leaders angry after TSA gives Cuban officials airport tour

Three Top Mike Johnson Staffers Resign

Kerry Kennedy Leads ‘Heart-Wrenching’ Campaign Against Her Brother’s White House Bid

Pope Francis Sparks MAGA Fury: 'Hypocrite'

Trump shares video suggesting his victory will bring 'unified Reich'

After almost a decade of Trump, America is tired. And scared. 

AI Chatbots Sucked Up Troves of Data. Now Copyright Holders Want a Cut

The internet is disappearing, study says

4 more cats die of H5N1 bird flu in the U.S.​

Egypt aid restrictions are complicating Gaza cease-fire negotiations

Egypt changed terms of Gaza ceasefire deal presented to Hamas, surprising negotiators, sources say

World War III Is Imminent Without Ukraine, Historian Predicts

‘What’s the Problem?’ Zelensky Challenges West Over Hesitations.

Two sets of earthquake swarms have hit California. What's going on along the Mexico border?

Giuliani, others plead not guilty to felony charges in Arizona election interference case

Finland Proposes New Border Law To Block Migrants

Special counsel suspected additional obstruction effort by Trump in classified docs case

Trump Defense Rests With Verdict Anyone’s Guess

Trump defense rests at New York hush money trial, ex-president doesn’t testify

Seismic storm hits Italy’s Campi Flegrei super volcano with strongest earthquake in 40 years

Singapore Airlines horror as one dead and 20 more injured after flight 'plunges 6,000 ft'

Monday, May 20, 2024

'Lives, dreams, families were destroyed': Infected blood report finds 'chilling' cover-up of the 'worst ever' treatment scandal in NHS history that led to sick children treated like 'guinea pigs' in secret trials and 3,000 avoidable deaths

NHS England - Wikipedia


NATO has become military wing of globalist cabal that promotes the self-destruction of all nations in a depopulated world​

Former Cannes Kingpin Harvey Weinstein Calls in Favors at Festival From Prison​

Kevin Costner Civil War Epic Three Hour “Horizon” Panned in Cannes — Star Doesn’t Arrive in Film For an Hour! (UPDATED RT Score)

Kevin Costner Can’t Hold Back Tears as His Western Epic ‘Horizon’ Earns 7-Minute Cannes Standing Ovation, Promises ‘3 More’ Installments

Mexico's howler monkeys dropping dead as heat toll mounts

With JPMorgan, Mastercard on board in biometric ‘breakthrough’ year, you may soon start paying with your face

Amal Clooney approved arrest warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leaders

Israel's hawkish Netanyahu faces global isolation

Florida’s 125% Surge in Property-Insurance Bills Sows Havoc

Trump’s Truth Social Media Company Lost Nearly $330 Million Last Quarter, On Track to Lose More Than $1 Billion By End of Year

After almost a decade of Trump, America is tired. And scared. 

OpenAI to 'pause' voice linked to Scarlett Johansson

The internet is disappearing, study says

Google cuts mystery check to US in bid to sidestep jury trial

Elon Musk’s Tesla pay package assailed by shareholder group

Inside the Legal Battle to Recut Trump Movie ‘The Apprentice’: Why Billionaire Investor Dan Snyder Is Furious With Ex-President’s Portrayal (EXCLUSIVE)

Donald Trump Origin Tale ‘The Apprentice’ Gets 11-Minute Ovation At Its Cannes World Premiere

‘The Apprentice’ Review: Sebastian Stan and Jeremy Strong Are Superb in Chilling Account of the Unholy Alliance That Birthed Donald Trump

The Coming War Between DC and Silicon Valley

Will Trump Run as a Felon? A Big 2024 Question Will Soon Be Answered.

Joe Rogan's most unhinged interview yet: Terrence Howard's wild claims on podcast from remembering his own birth to how we're about to 'kill gravity'

Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Federal Reserve Continues To Pull the Wool Over Everyone’s Eyes

Low testosterone in men linked to early death

Ex-CDC Director Says It's High Time To Admit 'Significant Side Effects' Of COVID-19 Vaccines

University's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Violates US Constitution: Court

Boeing Whistleblower Autopsy Report Released As Police Wrap Up Probe

Louisiana set to become 1st state requiring 10 Commandments be posted in schools

Donald Trump slams teleprompter blunder in Minnesota speech plagued by issues

All the Times Trump Bashed the Fifth Amendment

Trump’s hush money defense in question as criminal trial nears close

Donald Trump’s lawyer fighting to stop former president from testifying in trial next week

As American global hegemony ends, multi-alignment rises

‘We’ll See You at Your House:’ How Fear and Menace Are Transforming Politics

Rishi Sunak to apologise for worst treatment disaster in NHS history - as devastating report will lay bare failing over infected blood scandal that's claimed 3,000 lives

AI deepfake Putin film sells big at Cannes

Kevin Costner Can’t Hold Back Tears as His Western Epic ‘Horizon’ Earns 7-Minute Cannes Standing Ovation, Promises ‘3 More’ Installments

Oliver Stone on New Cannes Documentary ‘Lula,’ Donald Trump’s Trials and Money in Politics: ‘Corruption Is a Way of Life’

Biden tells black graduates Republicans 'don't see you in the future of America' in fiery speech slamming right-wing 'extremists'

Biden and Trump Hunt for Breakthrough Moment in Stagnant Election

Americans are down on the economy (again), with inflation topping election concerns

Pope Francis tells 60 Minutes in rare interview: "the globalization of indifference is a very ugly disease"

Helicopter carrying Iranian President Raisi crashes, search under way

Iran’s hard-line president still missing after likely helicopter crash in foggy, mountainous region

U.S. Fears Undersea Cables Are Vulnerable to Espionage From Chinese Repair Ships

Threats and bullets: Mexico's candidates risk lives to compete

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators chant 'Intifada revolution' and 'UK government watch your back, Palestine is coming back' as Met police move in to make arrest

Saturday, May 18, 2024

BlackRock, Vanguard, ETFs

Woman says Atlantic City casino refuses to pay 7-figure jackpot

RFK Jr. Voters Span MAGA to Liberal—Making Them an Election Wildcard

‘Never Trump?’ ‘Never Biden’ voters might loom larger.

Donald Trump slams teleprompter blunder in Minnesota speech plagued by issues

Johnson’s Trump trip unsettles some Republicans: ‘Tell me this isn’t so’

New ad taunts Trump to take stand in hush money trial - or admit he’s a coward

TRAGIC LOSS Alice Stewart suddenly dead at 58 after CNN correspondent & ex-Ted Cruz adviser’s body found outside near her home

These cities bar facial recognition tech. Police still found ways to access it.

Threats and bullets: Mexico's candidates risk lives to compete

Federal judge orders ICE to end 'knock and talk' arrests of immigrants in Southern California

ON THE BRINK 10 ways world could spiral into nuke war as summer of Putin victories would mark first steps to WW3, army bosses warn

As Putin Girds for Protracted War, a New Russian Elite Emerges: Meet the Princelings

Putin’s Friends Are Helping Russia Upend the US-Led World Order

Russia and China ‘manipulating UK public opinion by promoting pro-Palestinian influencers’

Mosquitoes are swarming around Houston. The future could bring even more.

Houston area grapples with heat, power cuts after major storms

Israel pushes further into parts of north Gaza; new cracks in Netanyahu coalition

Rudy Giuliani's 80th birthday in Palm Beach ends with an indictment - party guests cry and scream as Arizona officials gatecrash celebration to serve papers

Rudy Giuliani’s birthday bash ends in chaos as guests scream and cry when he’s served papers for AZ ‘fake electors case’

Donald Trump’s lawyer fighting to stop former president from testifying in trial next week

Friday, May 17, 2024

Bank of America trader, 25, dies suddenly 'of a cardiac arrest' during work event - two weeks after ex-green beret turned investment banker died aged 35 while doing 100-hour weeks

AstraZeneca Covid vaccine victim: Athletic marathon-running father, 50, left disabled, unable to work and struggling to breathe after suffering ultra-rare complication from the jab

Hidden Mind Control Audio Files Found in Netflix's 'Leave the World Behind'

NYPD to start using drones as ‘first responders’ on 911 calls

World’s top golfer Scottie Scheffler arrested on charges of assaulting officer at PGA championship event

Hearts, Minds, and Huevos

New ad taunts Trump to take stand in hush money trial - or admit he’s a coward

Upside-down flag at Justice Alito’s home another blow for Supreme Court under fire

Supreme Court justice faces recusal calls over inverted US flag

At Justice Alito’s House, a ‘Stop the Steal’ Symbol on Display

San Francisco's most exclusive restaurant is delicious, and doomed

Dow closes at record high above 40,000 to cinch a five-week winning streak

Houston storms leave 7 dead, buildings shattered and power outages may last weeks

Apocalyptic scenes in Texas as monster storms rip through Lone Star state, killing at least four and leaving 1million without power

SPACE PLUNGE Farmer finds mysterious charred space object on his land…and experts brand it ‘deadly’

Go outside for your sanity! Spending 67 minutes outdoors refreshes mental health

Statue weeping blood? Visions of the Virgin Mary? Vatican has new advice on supernatural phenomena

Haiti gangs brutally behead police officer as scores killed in horrifying violent wave

Federal judge orders ICE to end 'knock and talk' arrests of immigrants in Southern California

These ISIS news anchors are AI fakes. Their propaganda is real.

World War War III May Already Have Started—in the Shadows

With Few Details About Assassination Attempt, Questions Swirl in Slovakia

Russians Plunged into Darkness After Monster Drone Attack

Putin’s Friends Are Helping Russia Upend the US-Led World Order

CUDDLY TYRANTS Bizarre moment Xi and Putin go in for TWO HUGS in unprecedented touchy-feely embrace during despots’ love-in talks

Thursday, May 16, 2024

GOP Sen. Mitt Romney says Biden should have pardoned Trump

Ominous and Red Official Portrait of King Charles Widely Panned as Banal at Best, Satanic at Worst

What Do You Notice When You Mirror The Image Of King Charles' Portrait? Do You See It?​

Walmart Soars To Record High After Beating Estimates, Guiding Higher As Consumers "Trade Down"​

Who owns Wal-Mart Stores? Top stakeholders of WMT according to 13F filings​

The West Has an Illiterate Financial Pres​s

CLIMATE PSYOP & GASLIGHTING OPERATION: The Single Most Destructive Hoax In Recorded History​

Why Are Western Countries Committing National Suicide?​

The Financial Incentive to Murder and Poison American Children​

Tied of Being Called “Anti” Simply For Having an Opinion Counter to Someone Else

CDC Launches National Dashboard To Track Bird Flu In Your Area​

Why Has The Vatican Chosen This Precise Moment To Drop Bombshells About UFOs, Aliens And “Apparitions”?​

Trump, allies are laying the groundwork to contest potential election loss

Biden asserts executive privilege over audio of interview with special counsel Hur

Abbott grants Daniel Perry pardon in murder of Black Lives Matter protester

Pope to hold press conference on aliens and the supernatural – and people are confused

Pope Francis says US Catholic conservatives have 'suicidal attitude'

Dow closes lower Thursday after briefly topping 40,000 for first time: Live updates

Neuralink’s First Patient: ‘It Blows My Mind So Much’

Israel’s War-Cabinet Rift Bursts Into Open Over Postwar Gaza

Mystery in the Alps: A Chinese Family, a Swiss Inn and the World’s Most Expensive Weapon

Russia Launched Research Spacecraft for Antisatellite Nuclear Weapon Two Years Ago, U.S. Officials Say

As Russia Advances, NATO Considers Sending Trainers Into Ukraine

'The world's fault': Zelenskyy speaks out amid Russian assault

In talks with Putin amid Ukraine war, Xi calls Russia-China ties a 'strong driving force'

Elon Musk says humans 'will be living in city on Mars' in next 30 years

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

So sad. Boarders on blasphemyHistoric German church hosts service featuring Taylor Swift music

"They Left Us No Choice": Woman With Vaccine Injury In Clinical Trial Sues AstraZeneca

Should You Believe Faulty U.S. Crime Stats Or Your Own Lying Eyes?

Man on three times the minimum wage says he can't afford to live: 'The American Dream is dead'

Consumer Prices Have Risen Every Month Since 'Bidenomics' Began, Up 19.5% To Record High

Couple from Massachusetts are diagnosed with cancer within FOUR MONTHS of each other reveal details of shared struggle

Stormy Daniels' Husband Barrett Blade: Likely We Will Leave the U.S. If Trump Acquitted

Does Western Civilization Any Longer Exist?

I received a request for an interview from a French University Ph.D. Student for His Dissertation: This is my reply

"Make My Day, Pal": Biden Wants June, September Debates; Trump Accepts: "I'm Ready To Go"

Mark Ruffalo: 'Machines Hunting Down People' in Gaza

Rail Union Warns German Train System Turning Into "Battleground" Thanks To Male Migrants

Israel Relocates to Washington, D.C.

Israeli settlers destroy truckloads of aid, as Israeli forces watch, Gazans starve – Day 220

‘The machine did it coldly’: Israel used AI to identify 37,000 Hamas targets​

‘Lavender’: The AI machine directing Israel’s bombing spree in Gaza​

Google and Harvard unveil most detailed ever map of human brain

Bay Area city orders scientists to stop controversial cloud brightening experiment

Deadly heat waves are showing India's struggle to protect a 1.4 billion population at increasing climate risk​

Amazon Workers Say They Struggle to Afford Food, Rent

Walmart’s Reign as America’s Biggest Retailer Is Under Threat

US intel chief warns of increasing threats to 2024 election

Trump holds slim lead over Biden in both head-to-head and five-way race: poll 

Biden aides worry about psychological torment as Hunter heads for trial

RFK Jr. becomes presidential debate X factor

‘Rigged!’ Lara Trump Is Already Claiming the Debates Her Father-in-Law Agreed to Are Fixed

Biden and Trump agree to 2 presidential debates, with first set for June 27 on CNN

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Deceitful tactics by artificial intelligence exposed: 'Meta's AI a master of deception' in strategy game

The Rothschild Family, the Masterminds of Central Banking, Just Bought Bitcoin

UNC Chapel Hill Trustees Vote To Redirect DEI Money To Campus Safety

Texas woman, 34 and California man, 58, claim they've been left with lifelong disabilities and suffered strokes from Covid shots

Russia is manipulated by the same elite financial interests that control the West

Utah teacher, 42, sues AstraZeneca claiming she was left permanently disabled by its Covid vaccine - in first of its kind lawsuit in US

Peru officially classifies trans people as ‘mentally ill’

FBI warns ISIS could attack Pride Month events in June as terror fears explode

New York Times staff complain of ‘unwillingness to tolerate dissent’

Nicholas Kristof says press ‘shouldn’t be neutral’ with coverage of Trump’s threats to democracy

Jimmy Kimmel Unleashed at Disney Upfronts: “We’re Building One Big Ad-Supported Pile of Sh**”

The Megalopolis trailer might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

The increasingly embarrassing details at Trump’s trial

Melania Trump may be 'angry' about Stormy Daniels scandal but will never leave Donald, ex-aide says

Michael Cohen Testifies Trump Told Him Federal Election Probe Would Be ‘Taken Care Of’ By His AG Jeff Sessions

Michael Cohen describes Oval Office scene in which Trump talked hush-money reimbursement

Cohen gives insider details at trial as Trump’s defense attorney accuses him of seeking vengeance

SAIL AWAY, SAIL AWAY Saudi Arabia unveils ultra-lux resort for BILLIONAIRES complete with private docks for world’s biggest superyachts

A Teary Meryl Streep Reflects on Her Last Time at Cannes While Accepting Honorary Palme d’Or: ‘I Was About to Turn 40 and I Thought My Career Was Over’

How the authoritarian Middle East became the capital of Silicon Valley

AI-generated spam is starting to fill social media. Here's why

Google rolls out its most powerful AI models as competition from OpenAI heats up

SpaceX plans to launch 90 rockets from Vandenberg Space Force Base by 2026. Could that harm the coast?

'Clueless f****ng idiots!' Cybertruck owners mocked as vehicle issues mount up

Defying West, Russia's Putin due to meet Xi Jinping in Beijing

The Misfits Russia Is Recruiting to Spy on the West

Russia reeling as Vladimir Putin's troops can't stop bombing their own villages

How Europe and Britain are getting ready for 'WWIII': Interactive graphic reveals how West will stop Putin unleashing Armageddon, with nukes at Russia's doorstep, mass conscription at 18 and arms factories firing up

King Charles’ official portrait divides public as new artwork branded 'monstrosity' by critics

CDC issues urgent warning against drinking raw milk as bird flu fears rise

Search for missing Florida diver takes shocking turn as different body found, cops say

Why being a 'man's man' could add years to your life, according to new study

Californians are fleeing to a rich southern enclave. Locals aren’t happy.

California exodus left a gaping population hole. Can the Golden State finally bounce back?

School segregation surges 70 years after Brown v. Board ruling

US suffers radio blackouts after being hit by ANOTHER solar storm, NOAA says

Monday, May 13, 2024

Biden Calls Illegals Crossing The Border “Hispanic Voters”

Gavin Newsom is called out for dodging questions after blowing $24 BILLION tackling homelessness without any results

Report: States serving YOUR kids the least healthy school lunches revealed - after junk food like Lunchables had been linked to cancer spike in kids

The foods that cancer experts want you to stop eating

Are 'soy boys' real? Experts weigh in on viral TikTok claim that says dairy-free drink makes men feminine

Does Soy Turn Little Boys Into Little Girls? The Shocking Truth!

Doctors reveal TERRIFYING new psychological side effects caused by Ozempic

WATCH: 'Queers for Palestine' Protesters Block Access to Disney in Florida

Trump Vows To Undo Biden's Pro-Transgender Rules On 'Day One' Of His Administration​

Dietary Choices Have 'Profound' Impact On Brain Health: Study​

Suddenly There Aren’t Enough Babies. The Whole World Is Alarmed.​

Pumping iron for a fitter brain: Weight training has surprising cognitive rewards​

How colorectal tumors increased 500 PERCENT in some age groups, per new analysis​

"There's A Lag In The Real Economy... And It's Hitting Now" - Ed Dowd Warns Of "Huge Credit Crisis Coming"

Leftists Triggered By Trump Policy To Potentially Execute Child Sex-Traffickers​

Bill Maher Trashes Stormy Daniels Testimony over Blatant Contradictions​

Russia is manipulated by the same elite financial interests that control the West​

Psychologists make frightening prediction about Trump's cognitive decline and the personality trait that will only get WORSE

Judge Judy Sues National Enquirer Owner For Defamation Over Phony Menendez Brothers Article

Who is Michael Cohen, the witness whose testimony could send Donald Trump to prison?

Donald Trump's defense scrambles as bombshell tape branded 'critical' piece of evidence

Highlights from Trump trial Day 16: Cohen directly implicates Trump in testimony

TECH-ED OFF Moment human-like robot tells students to ‘take risks’ in creepy graduation speech – it even responded to ‘haters’

OpenAI chief Sam Altman just showed he has what Tim Cook really wants — but Apple still has one big advantage

OpenAI gives ChatGPT new powers to see, hear

Deceitful tactics by artificial intelligence exposed: ‘Meta’s AI a master of deception’ in strategy game

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Hertz Charges Tesla Model 3 Renter $277 Gas Fee, Won’t Back Down

Globalists Plot Worldwide Genocide Via WHO Pandemic Treaty​

WHO aims to monitor and control the global food supply​

Top Doctor: Covid Shots Have 'Highest Kill Rate in History'​

Investigation Finds Navy Supply Ship Ran Aground After Captain Left to Eat Dinner​

Huge Financial Shock Inevitable & Hitting Now – Ed Dowd​

'Genocide Joe' Suffers Another Mortifying Slap-Down at the United Nations​

Pro-Palestinian protests dwindle on campuses as US college graduations are marked by defiant acts

Abortion Rights Get a Win in Texas

Schools turn to artificial intelligence to spot guns as companies press lawmakers for state funds

EYE TO THE SKY Watch moment crime-fighting drones track and catch shoplifters within minutes in new crackdown on theft

A combustible Cannes is set to unfurl with ‘Furiosa,’ ‘Megalopolis’ and a #MeToo reckoning

Short-selling news startup didn’t disclose investment in anti-hangover drink

UPDATE 1-British newspaper groups warn Apple over ad-blocking plans, FT reports

Can the 2024 DNC Thwart Chicago Protests By Going Virtual?

IRS Audit of Trump Could Cost Former President More Than $100 Million

Thousands Turn Out to Hear Trump Rant About Whales and Hannibal Lecter

Trump insults prosecutor at Jersey Shore rally filled with vulgar jabs

Jersey Shore swamped with 80,000 Maga supporters as Trump gets nasty, brands Biden a total moron

A guilty verdict? Donald Trump and allies are bracing voters for the worst

In top races, Republicans try to stay quiet on Trump’s false 2020 claims

'One of the most exciting senators': John Fetterman makes his mark in D.C. two years after stroke

‘Boardwalk Empire’ star Steve Buscemi punched by maniac in random NYC attack

Michael Cohen on deck as Trump prosecutors say they could rest case next week

Michael Cohen: A challenging star witness in Donald Trump’s hush money trial

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Donnie After Dark

Nikki Haley keeps racking up votes in final stretch of the GOP primary, and Donald Trump keeps ignoring them

Questions swirl about Nikki Haley’s next move

Energy drinks can lead to serious heart issues in kids and teens, health experts say

Brazil's catastrophic weather spawns spate of conspiracy theories

‘Explosive’ secret list of abusers set to upstage women’s big week at Cannes film festival

Nearly half of all cancer cases are linked to obesity

McDonald’s to launch $5 meal deal to lure back diners after pricing out low-income customers with high prices

WHOLESOME MOVE Whole Foods CEO announces major changes to store that’ll help customers save money and ‘minimize impact of inflation’

Inside the 21st Century Gold Rush

America's Population Time Bomb

America’s debt tops $34 trillion, but a commission to address it appears dead in Congress

U.S. offers Israel intelligence, supplies in effort to avoid Rafah invasion

First 'extreme' solar storm in 20 years brings spectacular auroras

EYE TO THE SKY Watch moment crime-fighting drones track and catch shoplifters within minutes in new crackdown on theft

Donald Trump's very Jersey Shore rally: Ex-president boasts he ate a hot dog and mocks Chris Christie at oceanfront event that campaign claims attracted an 80,000-strong MAGA crowd

Jersey Shore swamped with ‘80,000 MAGA supporters’ as Trump hits stage in Wildwood

Justice Alito Warns of Threats to Freedom of Speech and Religion

Conservative plan calls for Trump to kill everyone on federal death row in second term

Older adults are having sex, and they’re getting STIs, too

Burning Man, home of 'radical self expression,' removes pro-Palestinian sculpture from its website

America Is Broken, and the Media Ain't Helping

Poll: Results ‘Reversed’ in 2024 Election as Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden Among Independents

Donald Trump: ‘I Support Israel’s Right to Win Its War on Terror’

Joe Biden: Ceasefire in War with Israel ‘Up to Hamas’

Friday, May 10, 2024

United Airlines Boeing 737 Makes Emergency Return To Japanese Airport After Wing Flap "Irregularity"

Hertz Charges Tesla Model 3 Renter $277 Gas Fee, Won’t Back Down

The US is in the middle of an exceptional tornado streak. Here’s what it looks like

The 10 Most Dangerous States in America

Nearly half of all cancer cases are linked to obesity

Virginia school board votes to restore names of Confederate leaders to schools

RADICAL RAGE Moment army of black-clad anarchists storms Elon Musk’s Tesla gigafactory in Germany after ‘Vulkan Group’ declares war

Near Record Heat for South Florida Late Week

See the colossal sunspot that’s already caused major radio blackouts across the world

Severe solar storm threatens power grids and navigation systems

World told to brace for 'severe geomagnetic storm' today - the first in nearly 20 years - which could bring chaos to mobile phone networks, GPS satellites and power grids

Melania Trump reveals son Barron, 18, has pulled out of being a delegate nominating his father for president because he has 'prior commitments'​

Justice Clarence Thomas decries Washington as ‘hideous’ and pushes back on ‘nastiness’ of critics

Justice Thomas Criticizes ‘Nastiness and the Lies’ He Faces​

Welcome to the AI dystopia no one asked for, courtesy of Silicon Valley

UK troops in show of force against Putin at biggest NATO wargames since Cold War in Russia's back yard

DEVIL ON VLAD’S SHOULDER Putin appoints new right hand man ‘Professor Doomsday’ who says West should be nuked NOW & Russians have ‘despotic DNA’

Mike Johnson Told Us What He Really Thinks About Joe Biden, Hakeem Jeffries and Donald Trump

FAA initiates environmental impact study for SpaceX Starship launches from KSC

Target to cut LGBTQ Pride month products from some stores after backlash: Bloomberg

Gen Z has lost the ability to manage basic adulthood

Trump’s defense secretary called him ‘a madman in a circular room screaming’, new book reveals

‘Madman in a circular room screaming’: ex-aide’s verdict on Trump in book

Prosecutors in Trump Hush Money Trial Say They Could Rest Case Next Week

4 reasons this year’s presidential election could blow up America as we know it

Thursday, May 9, 2024

38 Trillion Operations Per Sec: Apple Releases M4 Chip Faster than NPU of Any AI PC Today

FBI Is Restarting Censorship Efforts Ahead Of 2024 Election

Be careful what you wish for: Technology is about to crush us all -- if we let it

German industrial orders unexpectedly fall as 4 in 10 companies express concern over lack of business

Nanobots That Release Toxins And Harvest Energy From the Body

Bill Gates Admits the Shots Contain Nanotech

It’s All B.S. – Why The Fed Can't Cut Rates This Year​

Tiny cell, toilet and a bench: what Trump might face if jailed for violating gag order

‘Grueling’: The Trial May Be Getting to Trump

Donald Trump trial live updates: Defense lawyers demand a mistrial over 'prejudicial' Stormy Daniels 'spanking' allegations and claims Donald didn't wear a condom during sex

Trump ‘hush money’ NYC trial live updates: Ex-prez rips ruling to deny mistrial a ‘disgrace,’ claims he is ‘being held in this court with a corrupt judge’

Technology crushing human creativity? Apple's new iPad ad has struck a nerve online

Netanyahu: 'We will fight tooth and nail,' even if alone

Biden says he will stop sending bombs and artillery shells to Israel if it launches major invasion of Rafah

Protesters descend on Eurovision, object to Israel’s participation

Inside the Campus Playbook To Build a Nationwide ‘Unity Intifada’ in Support of Hamas

'Are you a Zionist?' Checkpoints at UCLA encampment provoked fear, debate among Jews

Peter Thiel was trapped inside a student debating hall by pro-Palestine protesters accusing him of genocide

OpenAI considers allowing users to create AI-generated pornography

Biden touts new $3.3 billion Microsoft data center at failed Foxconn site Trump backed

‘Seriously Underwater’ Home Mortgages Tick Up Across the US

Just 4% of current retirees say they are ‘living the dream,’ survey finds. Here’s why

Hospitals Are Refusing to Do Surgeries Unless You Pay In Full First

Sexism, cheating, and nightclubs: inside the dark heart of modern chess

Neuralink’s First Brain-Chip Implant in a Human Appeared Flawless. There Was a Problem.

Wesnesday, May 8, 2024

Why so many women suffer irritable bowel syndrome: The definitive expert guide to the frequently misdiagnosed condition that doctors can fail to detect for years

AstraZeneca Pulls Covid Vaccine After Admitting Rare Side Effect


Doctor reveals why he NEVER drinks water from a plastic bottle

ADHD diagnoses surge by 70 percent in elderly Americans, intriguing new data shows

Boy Scout Movement Becomes Trans-Friendly 'Authentic Self' Group​

Bad-Loans Hit Record-High As Used-Car Prices Suffer Worst Bear-Market Ever

Disney Shares Plunge Nearly 10% as Bob Iger Warns about Future Profitability, Decreases Marvel Output

Federal Reserve Chairman: Migration Boosts Mortgage Rates

'You Need to Stop': Kristi Noem Defends Story About Dog Shooting

Biden compares Hamas attack to Holocaust in antisemitism warning

FOR SHAME: Neturei Karta’s Terrorist-Loving Yisroel Dovid Weiss Burns American Flag​

Syrian Hamsters Dead After Chinese Scientists Engineer Horrific Ebola-Enhanced Virus​

REVEALED: Map shows the states where doctors are most likely to bungle your surgery​

AstraZeneca Covid vaccine victims hail withdrawal of jab globally, saying 'no one else will suffer now' - as lawyers warn Brits harmed by rare side effect linked to 81 deaths may have run out of time to claim compensation because of three-year cut-off

Anti-Gunners' Lawsuit Against Smith & Wesson Dismissed

England and Manchester City star Jack Grealish is fined £666 for speeding in his £100,000 Range Rover Sport after he was caught doing 44mph in a 30mph zone​

Chinese network behind one of world’s ‘largest online scams’

Scientists celebrate ‘first step’ in making food allergies history

Ultra-processed foods (UPFs) are harming our health – here’s what to eat instead

Record Wave of Americans Fled Big Cities for Small Ones in 2023

Greene booed as Republicans turn on her over bid to oust Speaker Johnson

Greene moves to oust Speaker Johnson

Scoop: Schumer plans to revive bipartisan border deal

Just One Human Is Infected by Bird Flu in the US. More Cases Are Likely

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

West Point's Teaching Woke: Cross-Dressing, Undoing Patriotism

German Army admits major video conference security breach that put 6,000 meetings on the public web​

Civil Unrest Across US Universities – Staged Actors​

The Met Gala’s Opulence Is Always Gross. This Year, It’s Obscene.​

Rising Number of Men Don't Want to Work​

Gen Z Sinks Deeper Into Debt

41% Of Americans Think Civil War Likely By 2029, Some Say Sooner Amid Chaos

Jeffrey Katzenberg Compares Trump to Hitler in Los Angeles Speech​

Why so many women suffer irritable bowel syndrome: The definitive expert guide to the frequently misdiagnosed condition that doctors can fail to detect for years​

The Trump campaign contemplates a jail sentence

Pajamas, 'honeybunch' and sex: Stormy testifies

Stormy Daniels tells jury about sexual tryst with Trump at hush money trial; his lawyers' request for mistrial is denied

Stormy Daniels describes meeting Trump during occasionally graphic testimony in hush money trial

Stormy Daniels 'spanked' pajama-clad Donald Trump with Forbes magazine in secret hotel rendezvous

Ahead Of Elections, Venezuelan Journalists Accused Of 'Extortion'

German Conservatives Vote For Compulsory Military Service

Cubans recruited by Russia to fight in Ukraine as Putin offers high pay and passports

Putin, launching fifth term, promises Russians victory

Ukraine arrests two officials for treason over alleged Russian plot to kill Zelensky

KILL LIST Ukraine foils assassination attempt on Zelensky after Putin spies ‘tried to infiltrate bodyguards to kidnap & kill him’

Spacey Unmasked review: A devastating portrayal of the power dynamics of fame

Many of the best-known social-media influencers are literal unknowns. Anonymity provides cover as they peddle disinformation.

RFK Jr. challenges Trump to debate at Libertarian Party convention

‘He Just Shouldn’t Be President’: Jon Stewart Torches Biden at Comedy Show

Elon Musk listens to podcasts about fall of civilization to get to sleep - even though it worries him

Mark Zuckerberg considered acquiring or permanently funding The Associated Press

Mnuchin Believes TikTok Algorithm Could Be Rebuilt If He Buys It

TikTok, ByteDance sue to block US law seeking sale or ban of app

Donald and Melania Trump 'sleep in separate rooms,' Stormy Daniels claims in testimony

Monday, May 6, 2024

China Is Buying Gold Like There’s No Tomorrow

More lies!: Gas and propane stoves linked to 50,000 cases of childhood asthma, study finds

Famed economist who predicted 2008 recession warns Feds of huge 'shock' coming and reveals the stock market bubble that is about to burst

Citizen Free Press on X

Our Deer In The Headlights Moment: The “Worst Market Crash Since 1929” Is Rapidly Approaching And The Fed Doesn't Know Which Way To Go

Biden Places a Hold on Shipments of Arms and Ammunition to Israel

mRNA Inventor: Globalists Are Pushing 'Death Agenda' to 'End Humanity'

'Romance' Scammer Promised Fake Gold To Bilk Victims For Millions

Can you compare the president to Hitler?​

The FAA investigates after Boeing says workers in South Carolina falsified 787 inspection records

Confidence in Biden Economic Stewardship Historically Low

Trump mocks Sen. Tester’s weight, hints at a Mont. campaign appearance

Trump’s family steers clear of trial — even as he spotlights them

Don't Sleep On Justice

Israel says Hamas decision to accept ceasefire deal is a 'ruse'

BREAKING: Hamas In Official Response: “We Agreed To Ceasefire Deal”; Israeli Officials Say Proposal Was Changed

Dozens of Gazans stopped by Egyptian military as they attempt to cross the border

IDF strikes Hamas terror targets in East Rafah

Judge warns Trump of potential jail time for violating gag order

Will Trump Be Safe in Jail?

‘I’ll Do That Sacrifice!’ Trump Says He’s Ready to Go to Jail Over His Gag Order After Contempt Ruling

How would Americans react to Trump in jail?

CHILLING THREAT ‘You won’t be safe in Downing Street’, warns Kremlin as Putin orders NUKE weapons test after West vows to back Ukraine

Social Security and Medicare finances look grim as overall debt piles up

Rising Number of Men Don't Want to Work

More women are working now than at any time in U.S. history

'INSANE' ‘Only Travis Kelce can afford this’, Miami Grand Prix fans fume over ‘ridiculous’ food prices including $180 nachos

Gov. Kristi Noem suggests Biden's dog should be shot too: "Commander, say hello to Cricket"

Kristi Noem Attacks ‘Fake News’ for Questioning Fake Kim Jong-un Story

Mike Johnson signals House power play in 2025

Self-funded candidates roil congressional races: From the Politics Desk

U.S. soldier detained in Russia and accused of stealing, officials say

The Collapse of the News Industry Is Taking Its Soul Down With It

Democracy is in peril because ‘both sides’ journalists let MAGA spread disinformation

China hacked Ministry of Defence, Sky News learns

MIT becomes first elite university to ban diversity statements

China’s cheating threatens to wreck Paris Olympics, US anti-drugs chief says

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Association of Obesity With Risk of Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer Among Women

WEF Whistleblower Has Q Freakout On-Air

New York Times Investigation Finds People Injured by COVID Vaccines Are Being ‘Ignored’​

Boeing faces critical launch Monday ferrying astronauts to the International Space Station

Retailers Shake Up Self-Checkouts to Curb Irritation—and Theft

Iranian IRGC Warship Crosses Equator For First Time

Twitch streamers become go-to news source for campus protest coverage

Pro-Palestinian protesters are backed by a surprising source: Biden’s biggest donors

US Marines official: Nearly half of drones IDF shoots down are its own

CIA Chief Headed To Qatar For 'Emergency' Meeting On Gaza Talks: Source

How Pope Francis opened the Vatican to transgender sex workers

Tesla driver terrified after 'getting stuck in her car during 103F heat'

Congestion in Earth's orbit is getting even worse

The Growing List of Global VIPs Who Detest Elon Musk

Patience wears thin at ABC News as frustrated staffers wonder when Disney will make leadership changes

ABC News President Kim Godwin Is Stepping Down

Trump says he has decided on 2024 running mate but refuses to name them: ‘Can’t tell you’

Sadiq Khan Re-Elected Mayor of London in Latest Win for Labour Party

‘No turning back’: This Wall Street bear is predicting the biggest market crash since 1929 — Here’s how to prepare your portfolio if he’s right

More than 90% of stablecoin transactions aren’t from real users, study finds

Republican Firebrand Ted Cruz Now Courts Democrats to Win Re-Election

Divided Trump campaign weighs joining TikTok, the app he tried to ban

How surfing ‘trip of a lifetime’ to Mexico turned deadly for Aussie lacrosse star, his brother and a pal

Warren Buffett mulls over his own mortality at this year’s Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting

Berkshire Hathaway operating earnings soar 39% as Buffett’s cash hoard swells to record $188 billion

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Exploring the German cartoon about a depressed loaf of bread

Tracy smith on X

Steven Spielberg's latest project: Providing strategy for the Biden campaign

Advanced Antigravitic Craft and Technology

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) in Neurodegenerative Diseases​

MicroRNA: Biogenesis, Function and Role in Cancer​

This is beyond insanity. It's criminal.​

Japan develops world’s first 6G device that’s 20 times faster than 5G

Concerns regarding Transfusions of Blood Products Derived from Genetic Vaccine Recipients and Proposals for Specific Measures[v1]​

Association of Obesity With Risk of Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer Among Women ​

Inflation is scrambling Americans' perceptions of middle class life

Wall Street big shots may be forced to cancel their summer vacations

‘No turning back’: This Wall Street bear is predicting the biggest market crash since 1929 — Here’s how to prepare your portfolio if he’s right

First photo of Texas farm worker who caught bird flu shows bleeding in his eyeballs

Counties where avian flu has been detected in wild mammals since 2022

6 months out, a tight presidential race with battle between issues and attributes: POLL

An expensive, personal, very close presidential race careens toward an uncertain end

6 months out, a tight presidential race with battle between issues and attributes: POLL

At a private donor event, Trump likens the Biden administration to the 'Gestapo'

Trump calls classified documents special prosecutor Jack Smith a 'f**king a**hole', brands Fani Willis a 'real beauty' and likens himself to Al Capone during fiery Mar-a-Lago speech.

Shock survey reveals huge number of Americans see another civil war within five years

Is Venezuela Serious About Invading Guyana?

NATO drills show it is preparing for potential conflict with Russia, Moscow says

Russia adds Zelensky to criminal 'wanted' list

America’s War Machine Runs on Rare-Earth Magnets. China Owns That Market.

Xi Visits Europe, Seeking Strategic Opportunity

China Is Buying Gold Like There’s No Tomorrow

Friday, May 3, 2024

AI engineers report burnout and rushed rollouts as 'rat race' to stay competitive hits tech industry

Evacuations ordered, homes damaged in Texas as rivers surge to Hurricane Harvey levels

Apocalypse goes mainstream: The end of the world is becoming normal conversation

Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Unfrosted’ Divides Critics: “One of Decade’s Worst Movies”

SEC charges Trump Media auditor with ‘massive fraud’ on hundreds of companies, imposes lifetime ban

Hope Hicks witnessed nearly every Trump scandal. Now she must testify.

Nervous Hope Hicks Takes the Stand—and Won’t Even Glance at Trump

Week 3 of Trump’s Hush-Money Trial Reaches Its Explosive Finale

Truth Social keeps shrinking despite the Trump trial and looming election

Employers added 175,000 jobs in April, as labor market growth slows

US Spies See China, Russia Militaries Working Closer on Taiwan

MOONSHOT China blasts rocket to eerie far side of the Moon in new Chang’e-6 mission to grab mysterious rock sample before Nasa

Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar and wife indicted on bribery and foreign influence charges

Texas man files legal action to probe ex-partner’s out-of-state abortion

Long Beach declares public health emergency after deadly tuberculosis outbreak

The ruins that could prove the Bible was TRUE: Stretch of wall in ancient Jerusalem vindicates the holy book's account, archaeologists claim

Satellite Image Shows Construction of World's First Floating City

Young Democrats warn Biden he must quickly change course

Harvard Commencement Speaker Published Editorial Likening Israel to Hitler

Columbia is rethinking its commencement ceremony in the wake of campus protests

More than 2,100 people have been arrested during pro-Palestinian protests on US college campuses

The ‘Micro-Intifada’: How American Protesters Are Being Trained in ‘Militancy’

Ron DeSantis bans 'global elite' lab-grown meat

Thousands Believe Covid Vaccines Harmed Them. Is Anyone Listening?

Exercise pill closer to reality as science unlocks molecular secrets of working out

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Biden: Violent protests ‘not protected’

Anti-Israel university protests live updates: Over 200 arrests made on UCLA campus as police clear encampment, chancellor says

Columbia goes remote after campus arrests

More than 2,100 people have been arrested during pro-Palestinian protests on US college campuses

Violent clashes spread across US between protesters and riot police

Iran's Axis of Resistance Claims New Front Against Israel

Gaza needs biggest post-war reconstruction effort since WWII: UN

Turkey halts all trade with Israel, cites worsening Palestinian situation

For Laura Loomer, a Trump comeback is everything

How Trump's trial is (not) changing the polls

Political center revolts against fringe, as leaders rebuke Greene, protesters

After Large Rallies, Trump Is Greeted at Courthouse by a Single Fan

Sex tapes and Lindsay Lohan rehab records: Trump trial detours into tabloid scandals

Donald Trump is ditching the Maga psychos and building a very slick team

Elon Musk Promises to Lift X Ban on Neo-Nazi Leader

Swedish Police approve Quran burning event in Malmo ahead of Eurovision

Palestinian man visits Auschwitz, publicly calls on Jews to return there 'where they belong'

Major College Democrats Organization Warns Biden: Our ‘Votes Are Not to Be Taken for Granted’

Iran university offers scholarships to US students expelled over Gaza war protests

Israeli Terror Victims Sue Anti-Semitic Campus Groups for Aiding Hamas

Americans cash out of sustainable funds

Macron vows to send TROOPS to Ukraine if Putin's forces break through front lines and Zelensky asks for reinforcements - further raising the risk of NATO going head-to-head with Russia

Texas runoff between Rep. Tony Gonzales and pro-gun YouTuber is key GOP test

Border agent on horseback falsely accused of whipping migrants in Texas now awarded for his service

WNBA star Brittney Griner reflects on 'mistake' that led to agonizing detention in Russia in '20/20' special

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

US Bird Flu Outbreak Spreads to Chickens, Cattle, Raises Concerns Over Human Infections

Children and adults are gobbling supplements. Do you know the risks?

Man Nabbed For Fried Chicken Battery On Sister

Science shows how a surge of anger could raise heart attack risk

American conservatives embrace Hungary’s authoritarian leader at Budapest conference

News organizations have trust issues as they gear up to cover another election, a poll finds

Political center revolts against fringe, as leaders rebuke Greene, protesters

Why the job market has stayed so hot for so long


Donald Trump is ditching the Maga psychos and building a very slick team

Decrepit Harvey Weinstein appears in NY court handcuffed to wheelchair — as prosecutors say they’ll be ready to re-try him for rape before 2025

Harvey Weinstein Will Face New Rape Trial, Manhattan D.A. Announces At First Hearing Since 2020 Conviction Was Overturned

Iran university offers scholarships to US students expelled over Gaza war protests

College protests live updates: Hundreds supporting Pro-Palestinian protesters at UCLA

New York City Warned of 'Radicalization' Infiltrating City

Violent clashes spread across US between protesters and riot police

Soaring US munitions demand strains support for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan

Blinken Pushes for Gaza Cease-Fire Deal in Visit to Israel

Biden Faces Make-or-Break Moment in Gaza Cease-Fire Talks

Israel Prepares to Send Delegation to Cairo for Last-Chance Gaza Cease-Fire Talks

American conservatives embrace Hungary’s authoritarian leader at Budapest conference

Arizona lawmakers vote to undo near-total abortion ban from 1864, with Gov. Hobbs expected to sign

Arizona lawmakers vote to repeal 1864 abortion law

Opinion: How robots making your burger and fries can lead to greater income inequality

The demise of Red Lobster is a perfect case study in how to kill a business

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

1 in 4 Americans fear losing their job this year — what’s causing it?

Consumer confidence drops to 21-month low due to worries about food and gas prices

Immigration Named Top U.S. Problem for Third Straight Month

US Republicans vote to remove wolf protections

Feds Removed ‘250 Cameras’ From Diddy’s Homes, New Documentary Claims

Musk deepens ‘hardcore’ job cuts at Tesla

Humanity is one convincing deepfake away from a global catastrophe

War Zone Surveillance Technology Is Hitting American Streets

BIG CHANGE ‘Last thing we should be focusing on,’ fires baffled American after Biden vows to make marijuana less dangerous drug​

What marijuana reclassification means for the United States

Former Secret Service agent sues New York Post and Daily Mail over Hunter Biden claim

Fox News takes down Hunter Biden ‘mock trial’ miniseries after lawsuit threat

Michael Moore Sends Stern Warning to Biden on CNN: ‘His Chance at Not Being Reelected Is So Great’

Police arrest Columbia students, clear occupied building in campus unrest

Columbia University anti-Israel protests live updates: Columbia’s Hamilton Hall secure, anti-Israel encampment fully cleared out: NYPD official

Panicked pro-Palestine protesters fall down the stairs as they try to flee hundreds of NYPD riot cops swooping on occupied Columbia University building and huge encampment: At least 50 are arrested

Israel Prepares to Send Delegation to Cairo for Last-Chance Gaza Cease-Fire Talks

Victims of harassment by federal judges often find the judiciary is above the law

‘He makes France proud’: why Macron and the French elite still worship Gérard Depardieu

Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis: An Exclusive First Look at the Director’s Retro-Futurist Epic

How a Few Secret Donors Are Fueling the New Right-Wing Infrastructure

Trump held in contempt for violating gag order in "hush money" trial. Here's how much he owes.

Trump trial live: Bombshell texts show tabloid editor calling Stormy Daniels story ‘final nail in the coffin’

Ancient text reveals details of Plato’s burial place and final evening, experts say

Scientist who gave world the Covid sequence is locked out of his lab by Chinese

Monday, April 29, 2024

Gangs forced out Haiti’s government. This FBI ‘Most Wanted’ gang leader claims they’re liberating the country

Wally the emotional support alligator goes missing while on Georgia vacation with his owner

Face shields, dry suits, showers: Lifeguards in South County, Calif., adapt to persistent sewage contamination

The wild rise of Zillow Gone Wild

Property prices boomed here during Covid - they are now being slashed as soaring numbers of homes sit unsold

FOR REAL? Watch as speedy new humanoid AI robot shows off impressive cooking and cleaning skills ‘faster than man’

AI faces its Oppenheimer moment

Dallas church opens pregnancy center with abortion resources

Elon Musk publicly dumped California for Texas—now Golden State customers are getting revenge, dumping Tesla in droves

Musk’s Fortune Soars by Most Since Before Twitter Purchase

Xi Is on a Mission to Drive a Wedge Between Europe and the US

TikTok, Tesla Show US-China Battle Over Data Is Just Beginning

Forget the paleo diet fad – study shows cavemen dined on plants

White House Officially Claims Biden Has Made 148 Mistakes During 2024 Public Remarks

Hope Rises for New Talks on Gaza Cease-fire as Israel Scales Back Demands

72 Minutes Until the End of the World?

READY TO BLOW Europe planning new ‘nuclear umbrella’ with 300 French nuke missiles spread across continent for showdown with Russia

Ukraine's Zelenskiy calls for faster arms supplies as NATO chief visits

Russia Loses Control of Key Island

BROKEN ARSENAL Putin has lost 450,000 soldiers, 3,000 tanks & vehicles and nearly 500 aircraft in Ukraine, says UK intelligence

NATO chief says Ukraine can still win war despite Russian advances

Parties see hope for a Gaza cease-fire: ‘Maybe this time it will work’

Hope for new Israel-Hamas cease-fire piles pressure on Netanyahu as Gaza war nears 7-month mark

Israel-Hamas war protesters and police clash on Texas campus, Columbia University begins suspensions

University protests dominate media coverage, obscuring the true horror of Gaza war

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Russia arrests more journalists on ‘extremism’ charges

Tesla CEO Musk meets China's number two official in Beijing

Journalists at Italy’s public broadcaster walk out over right-wing government ‘censorship’ of media

Are we all going to end up with the same face?

A Media Heiress’s Bid to Sell Sets Off Mayhem Inside Paramount

Why so many men in the US have stopped working

New York City’s Jewish Population Under ‘Dark Cloud’ as Tensions Rise

Islamist group slams democratic values, rallies thousands in Germany

US Pushes for Gaza Truce, Hostage Release as Blinken Visits

Biden jokes about Trump’s age and legal woes at White House journalists’ dinner

Here are Biden and Trump’s paths to victory in the Electoral College

HIGH FLIER Taylor Swift flew 178,000 miles in a year, her defiant plane ‘stalker’ reveals – as he vows to carry on tracking star

Trump Meets DeSantis Seeking to Tap Ex-Rival’s Donor Connections

Tornados leave trail of destruction as 4 injured, hundreds of homes damaged

Tornadoes kill 4 in Oklahoma, leaving trail of destruction and thousands without power

How does ‘burnout culture’ affect our bodies, minds?

As tourists move in, Italians are squeezed out on holiday island of Capri

What 60,000 Headlines Say About the Fed’s Next Move

Fed Rate Doubts Have Options Traders Covering Both Hikes and Cuts

Trump and DeSantis privately meet after bruising primary fight

Donald Trump's Women Voter Problem is Getting Worse

Donald Trump Campaign Accused of Spamming People With Unsolicited Emails

University of Texas Suspends Palestine Solidarity Committee After On-Campus Pro-Hamas Protests

VIDEO: Jill Stein Arrested at Washington University Pro-Palestinian Protest

Protesters Remove American Flag, Raise Palestinian Flag in Harvard Yard

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Proclaims April as Arab American Heritage Month

WATCH: Pro-Israel, Pro-Palestinian Protesters Clash at UCLA ‘Encampment’

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Google Seeks to Throw Out Ad Tech Antitrust Case Before Trial

Digital ad market is finally on the mend, bouncing back from the ‘dark days’ of 2022

Donald Trump Campaign Accused of Spamming People With Unsolicited Emails

Donald Trump: What his prison experience would look like if convicted in criminal case

Trump on trial: Personal anguish, political defiance and a loss of control

Steven Spielberg’s latest project: Providing strategy for the Biden campaign

This electrician and union leader could be Biden’s secret weapon in Michigan

Forecasting pioneer: ‘A lot would have to go wrong for Biden to lose’

Moment evangelical pastor Loran Livingston torches Trump's 'disgusting' and 'blasphemous' $60 MAGA bible in wild rant

Evangelical Preacher Goes Berserk On ‘Disgusting’ Trump Bible In Stunning Viral Rant

Kristi Noem's VP Odds Crash After Dog Killing Revelation

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem defends book excerpt where she describes killing dog and goat

Florida Rep. Bill Posey becomes latest Republican to announce retirement

Max Acquires Kevin Spacey Docuseries ‘Spacey Unmasked’ Featuring Never-Before-Seen Interviews; Trailer Revealed (EXCLUSIVE)

Russell Brand announces baptism after months-long spiritual journey: 'Taking the plunge'

Harvey Weinstein taken to hospital after transferring to Rikers Island jail ahead of court appearance

Dangerous tornado outbreak, flash flooding event expected Saturday as 55 million under severe weather threat

Homicide Rap For Tesla Driver On Autopilot

HOLY CHATBOT Virtual AI priest ‘Father Justin’ who believes he’s REAL and can absolve your sins faces backlash over bizarre answers

Young Americans Are Getting Left Behind by Rising Home Prices, Higher Stocks

The new class war: A wealth gap between millennials

California Democrats Keep Being the Victims of Crime

No sleep? Try creatine instead of coffee to sharpen your mind

SHOAL THING State’s ‘best kept secret’ is paying people $10,000 to move there and it offers the best comfort food & nature trails

Urgent warning for anyone using scarily accurate ‘AI death calculator’

Friday, April 26, 2024

Cheap Russian drones overwhelm US-made Abrams tanks, taken out of action

Blinken tells CNN the US has seen evidence of China attempting to influence upcoming US elections

Regulators Seize Troubled Philadelphia Bank, Republic First

In Howard Stern interview, Biden says he's 'happy' to debate Trump

Biden Taunts Trump, Calling Him a ‘Loser,’ Trying to Get Under His Skin

What Trump was doing on the other Jan. 6.

Trump Floats Conspiracy Theory ‘They’ Are Keeping ‘Freezing’ New York Courthouse Cold ‘On Purpose’

Pecker at hush money trial says Trump feared trysts would hurt image, but didn’t mention Melania

Defense attorneys grill tabloid head in Trump hush money trial

Splashy testimony dominates first week of Trump’s hush money trial

A day all about Trump: Mostly out of sight, but still ubiquitous

Overrun Japanese town putting up eight-foot barrier to block tourist photos of Mount Fuji

‘Saltburn’ for Real: Meet the Young, Rich ‘Narco-Toffs’ Who Party Hard

Russia arrests Forbes reporter over social media posts on Bucha massacre

Asia’s next war could be triggered by a rusting warship on a disputed reef

Climb stairs to live longer, say cardiologists

1 in 5 samples of pasteurized milk had bird flu virus fragments, FDA says

Even after massive fire, 90% of iconic Oceanside Pier saved, says fire chief

Cheap Russian drones overwhelm US-made Abrams tanks, taken out of action

Biden's 13th-Quarter Approval Average Lowest Historically

Maine Dems say they’ll consider cutting off Trump’s path, if Nebraska moves to hurt Biden

He Worked for the Nastiest People in Politics. Now He’s Airing Dirty Laundry.

The Most Feared and Least Known Political Operative in America

Trump VP contender Kristi Noem writes of killing dog – and goat – in new book

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Can Florida legally sell your DMV information to third party companies?

Feminism has left middle-aged women like me single, childless and depressed

Use Of Alcohol And E-cigarettes Among Youth 'Alarming': WHO

San Diego is now the top border region for migrant arrivals

Bright light boosts brain power and alertness, illuminating study reveals

An artificial mind, with a lifelike body

Beverage giants Coke and Pepsi driving worldwide plastic crisis, study claims

Outrage over bizarre chicken sacrifice in Mexican Senate as politician in hot water

Plunging Home Prices, Fleeing Companies: Austin’s Glow Is Fading

World’s billionaires should pay minimum 2% wealth tax, say G20 ministers

US Yields Soar as Traders See Fed Delaying First Cut to December

GDP growth slowed to a 1.6% rate in the first quarter, well below expectations

Exclusive-ByteDance prefers TikTok shutdown in US if legal options fail, sources say

A day all about Trump: Mostly out of sight, but still ubiquitous

What Trump was doing on the other Jan. 6.

Donald Trump Trial Suddenly Erupts in Shouting

Trump ‘hush money’ NYC trial live updates: Ex-National Enquirer boss testifies about scheme to bury Stormy Daniels’, Playboy Playmate’s stories

Tabloid head wanted to 'protect' Trump from salacious stories

Israel intensifies airstrikes on Gaza's Rafah before ground operation

Inside Google’s Plans to Combat Misinformation Ahead of the E.U. Elections

Private equity’s latest trade: The financial futures of millions of retirees

Weinstein to use NY ruling to boost his appeal in California conviction: lawyer

COURT DRAMA Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction overturned in bombshell ‘Me Too’ ruling as disgraced producer could face re-trial

McConnell argues against presidential immunity for criminal prosecution

Justice Jackson suggests Trump claims risk turning Oval Office into ‘seat of criminality’

Trump's three US Supreme Court appointees thrash out immunity claim

At US Supreme Court, clashing views presented on presidential immunity

Supreme Court seems poised to allow Trump Jan. 6 trial, but not immediately

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Microschool Movement Is Taking Off in Tennessee

Why China Is Projected to Have Just 525 Million People by 2100

The Results of California’s New $20 Fast Food Minimum Wage Are Already In

Could Fractional-Reserve Banking Work with a Gold Standard?

New Study Calls into Question Whether DEI Programs Really Boost Corporate Earnings

The Character Trait of Competence

Bernie Sanders’s Failed Four-day Workweek

Veteran Teacher: Here’s What’s Wrong with Traditional Schooling

The Federal Phase-Out of Gasoline Cars Has Begun

Why Karl Marx Desperately Needed Jordan Peterson’s Advice

Pro-Palestinian protests spread at US universities

The Gateway Pundit, Infamous Conspiracy Blog, Declares Bankruptcy After Suit From Election Workers

Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani and Arizona 'fake electors' charged with state crimes

Nearsightedness reaching epidemic levels: Half the world will need glasses by 2050

The murky, unregulated world of anti-ageing stem cell therapy

Forecast group predicts busiest hurricane season on record with 33 storms

Pope Francis uses first ever US TV interview to slam climate change deniers as 'fools' and insists 'climate change exists'

Pope Francis says of Ukraine, Gaza: "A negotiated peace is better than a war without end"

Scientists say they have found a chapter of the Bible hidden under a section of text for more than a thousand years

Is California really a high-tax state? New findings question that claim

The right starts to reckon with its Marjorie Taylor Greene problem

Arizona state House passes bill to repeal 1864 abortion ban

US Supreme Court split over Idaho's strict abortion ban in medical emergencies

Female Supreme Court justices push back most strongly on Idaho abortion ban

Bleach blond? Biden mocks Trump's hair in personal barb

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Sahara dust cloud transforms Athens into eerie Martian landscape: photos

Why this summer may be especially hot in the United States

As Google pulls news from search, fate of California Journalism Preservation Act is unclear

FTC votes to ban noncompete agreements

Post-WWII order on 'brink of collapse': Amnesty head

US, Russia set for a showdown at UN over nuclear weapons in space

Colleges Struggle to Contain Intensifying Pro-Palestinian Protests

AI can predict political orientations from blank faces – and researchers fear 'serious' privacy challenges

Fox News Airs Brutal Anti-Trump Ad Of ’88 Felonies’ Applicant With History of Sexual Assault Getting Rejected For Jobs

Marjorie Taylor Greene makes wild claim that Democrats want Trump to be ‘murdered in jail’

Donald Trump's Polling Numbers Plummet With Independents

Trump faces potential punishment for violating gag order as hush money trial resumes

National Enquirer made up the story about Ted Cruz's father and Lee Harvey Oswald, former publisher says

Tabloid publisher says he killed stories to help Trump politically

A secret pact at Trump Tower helped kill bad stories in 2016

Elon Musk calls Jacqui Lambie 'enemy' of the Australian people and suggests she should be in jail after she deleted her X account

Tesla to accelerate launch of cheaper cars after sales miss

Tesla shares jump 11% after Musk says company aims to start production of affordable new EV by early 2025

Opinion: Elon Musk gives Wall Street what it wants, but more pain could be around the corner

GOP senators urge Biden to mobilize National Guard to protect Jewish college students

Russian cyber attackers hack Texas Panhandle drinking water and flood town in first-ever raid by 'Kremlin aligned' group

Donate on Repeat: Biden Pulls Ahead in Small-Dollar Fundraising

Biden Calls for 44.6% Capital Gains Tax Rate, Highest Capital Gains Tax Since Its Creation in 1922

JPMorgan CEO Dimon says US economy is booming

Monday, April 22, 2024

Ukraine Gets Their Billions Despite CIA Director Reportedly Warning Zelenksy To Stop Stealing So Much Money

15 State Officials Warn Bank Of America About 'De-Banking' Of Christians

Police storm Yale University’s campus with riot gear, 47 arrested as hundreds stage anti-Israel protest

CLASS CHAOS NYU pro-Palestine protests in chaos as cops ‘make arrests & clear tents’ hours after Columbia shut down classes

Columbia University president orders virtual classes as anti-Israel protests take over: 'We need a reset'

Colleges Struggle to Contain Intensifying Pro-Palestinian Protests

Biden Edges Trump in Two-Way Presidential Contest; Opens Up Lead Among Definite Voters

Ben Shapiro Is on the Warpath to Purge the Conspiratorial Cranks from the Right

Bannon Slams ‘Performative’ Jim Jordan, Says House Republicans Secretly Want Trump to Lose

Trump trial updates: Prosecutors say Trump engaged in criminal conspiracy and a cover-up. Defense lawyers call it 'democracy.'

Trump fumes as prosecutors say he 'orchestrated a criminal scheme to corrupt the 2016 election' and detail 'catch and kill' plot in blockbuster opening statements in hush money trial

BREAKING SNOOZE: Trump Had To Be ‘Jolted Awake’ In Court — 4th Time At Least

Silent and brooding, Trump endures courtroom ordeal

Technology stocks show signs of ‘breaking down’ ahead of Big Tech earnings

Meet the Tesla Diehards Sticking With the Stock Despite Its Disastrous Year

Musk calls Australian court ruling against X terror posts censorship

Court orders Elon Musk's X to block Sydney church stabbing footage

Chinese-Americans Are Pushing San Francisco Toward the Political Center

House Republican infighting getting worse after foreign aid vote

The Accidental Speaker

North Korea conducts first "nuclear trigger" simulation drills, state media says

Putin Sets Stage for Upheaval in Another Country

Russia scrambles nuclear-capable missiles to NATO border as WW3 fears skyrocket

Poland: We’re ready to host nuclear weapons

Moment Ukraine TV tower collapses in major city after brutal Russian strike

Israeli Protesters Burn Symbolic Passover Table Outside PM's House

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Poll: Election interest hits new low in tight Biden-Trump race

Biden leading election betting

Trump spends more than a quarter of campaign donations on legal fees

Tesla cuts prices in China, Germany and around globe after US cuts

Tesla Spends Weekend Cutting Prices of Cars and FSD Software

Elon Musk’s Robotaxi Dreams Plunge Tesla Into Chaos

White House condemns ‘blatantly antisemitic’ protests as agitators engulf Columbia University

Company Bosses Draw a Red Line on Office Activists

Pro-Palestinian Activists Dig In and Fan Out, as D.C. Pivots Toward Israel

TikTok star who makes living off Chinese-owned app reveals why US must force sale: ‘I am terrified of what I’m seeing’

Hillary Clinton claims Trump wants to 'KILL his opposition' like Putin and Kim Jong Un in wild rant pleading for Americans to vote for Biden - but admits the president, 81, IS old

Trump Plaza residents in fierce battle about removing Donald Trump's name from luxury apartments

Migrants Keep Coming to Georgia Despite Policies Meant to Deter Them

NY Home Depot hires guards, dogs to keep parking lot safe from thieves, aggressive migrants

ISS crew find 'drug-resistant bacteria' on-board and have no idea how it got there

Inside the bizarre Las Vegas conference where Trump-loving sheriffs, felons and conspiracy theorists vowed to form militias to patrol polling places and seize voting machines to stop Biden

Newsom proposes law to help Arizonans get abortions in California

Suspect arrested in break-in at home of L.A. Mayor Karen Bass

Why Saudi Arabia is making a high-risk $1 trillion bet on tourism

Get ready for one of the busiest Atlantic hurricane seasons on record, forecasters say

Let Them Eat … Everything

California wants Big Tech to pay for news. Google is fighting back.

Tax breaks to hire local journalists approved in New York, a national first

Nearly a quarter of Londoners have been attacked or threatened with violence in the past five years, shock new poll reveals

Alex Jones is 'partying pretty hard' in Texan desert town dubbed America's 'last outpost for outcasts' - despite still owing Sandy Hook families $1 BILLION

Saturday, April 20, 2024

‘Moscow Marjorie’ Taylor Greene, GOP rebels defeated as House passes $61B in Ukraine aid package

R.F.K. Jr. Raises New Uncertainty for Biden in Michigan

Democrats pulling out all the stops against RFK Jr.

Lasers, Inflatable Dancers and the Fight to Fend Off Avian Flu

The cicadas are coming, and some may become ‘flying saltshakers of death’

Get ready for one of the busiest Atlantic hurricane seasons on record, forecasters say

As Supreme Court takes up homeless ban, a city’s unhoused feel abandoned

The Secret Retreats That Have CEOs, VIPs and Billionaires Jockeying for Invites

Nasa warns China may try to take over the Moon

Gold dust spewing volcano leaves boffins baffled as it leaks crystals worth £5k each day

Israel Asks US for More Ammunition as Tension With Iran Rises

Iran says Israel drones ‘like children’s toy’ as Iraq investigates military base explosion​

President Zelensky says Ukraine aid deal passed by US House will ‘save thousands of lives’

US House passes $95 billion Ukraine, Israel aid package, sends to Senate

House passes $95.3B aid package for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan​

NJ rabbi found dead in prison decades after hiring hit men to kill his wife

Scientists push new paradigm of animal consciousness, saying even insects may be sentient

Axed Tesla staffers say the chaos will lead to ‘pretty bad’ quality only getting ‘worse’

Elon Musk Lost Democrats on Tesla When He Needed Them Most

Bill to ban TikTok in US moves ahead in Congress

Iran’s ‘Axis of Resistance’ Watches Israel and Waits for Command

Iran’s Nuclear Calculus Has Now Become More Dangerous

Western appeasement of Iran has failed, says shah’s son

A team of bitter rivals is making Israel’s most crucial war decisions

Mass Protests In Canary Islands Decry Overtourism

Friday, April 19, 2024

Israel-Gaza live updates: Israelis fired 3 missiles in limited strike

‘Conspiracy theorist’ from Florida sets himself on fire outside Trump hush money trial in NYC

Trump Falls Asleep in Court Again, Scoring Courtroom Slumber Hat-Trick

Alleged Manifesto of Man Who Set Himself on Fire Outside the Trump Trial Posted Online

Opening statements in Trump's historic trial set to begin Monday after tense day of jury selection

Could a stealth juror derail Trump’s trial?

CNN analyst warns of ‘civil unrest across the country’ if Trump jailed for gag order violation

Will Kennedy play spoiler at the state level? New polling says … maybe.

Democrats in Trump Districts Are Outraising Republicans in Biden Districts

Mexican election campaign marred by skyrocketing political violence

Speaker Johnson’s Ukraine Package Clears Key Hurdle With Democratic Help

Another Republican joins effort to oust Johnson, putting the speaker in real peril

Matt Gaetz attended 2017 party where minor and drugs were present, woman's sworn statement obtained by Congress claims

Water Facilities Warned to Improve Cybersecurity as Nation-State Hackers Pounce

California Assembly Introduces Legislation to Combat Retail Theft

Police arrest man in Paris Iran consulate incident, threatened to blow himself up

Netflix Shocker – Streamer Will Stop Reporting Quarterly Subscriber Numbers In 2025

Welcome to 'peak boomer' era: A wave of retirees is about to blow through their savings and cling to Social Security to stay afloat

Something strange has been happening with jobless claims numbers lately

SKY HIGH Inside SpaceX’s plans to build network of spy satellites as US Space Force looks to take on Chinese ‘kill web’

Millions of New Yorkers May Be Planning to Leave

Would you marry your spouse today? Reddit survey reveals uplifting, alarming insights

Longest Covid infection recorded at 613 days

FAA investigating after it says a flight told to cross a runway where another was starting takeoff

Infected blood scandal: Children were used as 'guinea pigs' in clinical trials

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Texas Is Being Turned Into a Woke Democrat State

This is excellent: The Truth About the Destruction of Gaza

Argentina bombshell as Javier Milei submits request to join NATO

The Real-Time Deepfake Romance Scams Have Arrived

UPDATE 3-German finance minister rejects Brazil's proposal to tax super-rich

Taxing the Super-Rich Is Brazil’s G-20 Plan for Climate, Hunger

Second US civil war becoming ‘increasingly plausible’ as more insurrections likely

Sick of Your Blue State? These Real Estate Agents Have Just the Place for You.

Hundreds of Conservative Job Seekers’ Personal Information Exposed by Meadows’ Conservative Partnership Institute, Which Left Resumes Uploaded to ‘Job Bank’ Unprotected

36-year-old joins wave of House Republican retirements

House conservatives have a special group dedicated to preserving their power. Of course, it's called the FART team.

Congress Fast-Tracks TikTok Ban Legislation, Setting Up Possible Passage This Month

Mike Johnson Gives Impassioned Ukraine Speech as He Defies MAGA

Kennedy family endorses Biden in show of force against RFK Jr.

Pentagon speeding up work on first new nuclear warhead in 40 years

Could a stealth juror derail Trump’s trial?

The jurors: who is on the Trump trial jury?

Avian flu outbreak raises a disturbing question: Is our food system built on poop?

Human Cases Of Bird Flu 'An Enormous Concern': WHO

Analysis-Tesla tries legal 'Band-Aid' to revive Musk's huge pay deal

Longest Covid infection recorded at 613 days

Former Naval Officer Raises Alarm About “World-Changing” Underwater UFO Captured on Video

Meteorologist Warns of 'Weather Wars' Between Countries

‘Five hours to reset a computer?’: Cybertruck owner says touchscreen broke after going to a car wash

Go and Drink Water Somewhere Else, Colombian President Tells Bogota Residents

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Republican Speaker of the House Flushes US Constitution Down the Toilet

NSA "Just Days Away From Taking Over The Internet" Warns Ed Snowden

Telegram’s Founder Says Apple and Google Are More Dangerous to Freedom than Governments

World faces ‘deathly silence’ of nature as wildlife disappears, warn experts

Crude, cheap and deadly: Russian glide bombs are pounding Ukraine into surrender

Republican AGs in 14 States Put Bank of America on Notice After 'Debanking' Conservatives

RFK Jr: How BlackRock Controls Political Parties, Big Pharma & Military Industries

Islands That Climate Alarmists Said Would Disappear Due to Rising Sea Have Grown in Size

"We Have 15,000 Samples In Wuhan ... Could Do Full Genomes Of 700 CoVs": Rand Paul Drops COVID Bombshell

7 Jurors Sworn In For Trump Trial, More To Come

Whistleblower outlines safety concern about Boeing 787 Dreamliner

More adults being diagnosed as neurodivergent. What does it mean for modern workplaces?

Inside Amazon’s Secret Operation to Gather Intel on Rivals

Airline executives predict a record summer and even more demand for first class

Americans check their phones 144 times a day: How you can break bad digital habits

Henry Cavill James Bond Trailer Gets 2.3M Views Despite Being an AI Fake

Opinion: Tesla shareholders shouldn’t be fooled again on Elon Musk’s pay package

Arizona House again blocks repeal of 1864 abortion ban, Senate leaves door open

Trump campaign asks for cut of candidates’ fundraising when they use his name and likeness

Trump’s increasing court outbursts come with increasing risks — for all

Ex-prosecutor ‘worried’ about Trump jurors’ safety 

Foreign holdings of US Treasuries hit record high; Japan holdings rise, data shows

Netanyahu says Israel will decide how to respond as Iran warns against retaliation​

Sexual assault and brutal beatings: Iran renews violent hijab crackdown

Fake priest preyed on churches across US in string of robberies, California cops say

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Why Europe Rejected Flouride – Protect the Peninsula's Future

Mario Nawfal on X​

American Air Pilots Cite ‘Significant’ Jump in Safety Issues

Eating junk food during childhood may lead to long-term, irreversible memory issues​

Accelerated aging may be a cause of increased cancers in people under 55​

America's young men are blowing their money like never before​

Tesla 'Layoffs' Spell Bad News for Elon Musk

'Oral Argument Favored Defendants' - Supreme Court Just Ended Hearing Obstruction Case Affecting J6 Defendants​

Trump's criminal hush money trial has its first seven jurors

First 7 jurors are chosen for Trump’s hush money criminal trial; 11 more still needed

Trump Fell Asleep Again at Day Two of Hush Money Trial

Boeing whistleblower says 787 fleet should be grounded

IMF Steps Up Its Warning to US Over Spending and Ballooning Debt

Powell Says Inflation Progress Has Stalled, Rates Will Hold Steady for Longer

World faces ‘deathly silence’ of nature as wildlife disappears, warn experts

New mutant strain of monkeypox with 'pandemic potential' is discovered in Congo village - as health officials call for 'urgent measures' to contain it

Sen. Bob Menendez may blame alleged crimes on wife if he testifies: Court documents

Mike Johnson Vows to Stay Speaker as Foreign-Aid Plan Sparks Backlash

Momentum builds to oust Johnson from House speakership

Kari Lake suggests supporters 'strap on a Glock' to be ready for 2024

Trump’s Fundraising Shows Reliance on Oil Sector, Wealthy Donors

Melania Trump Avoids the Courtroom, but Is Said to Share Her Husband’s Anger

‘Perfect Storm’: A Sleep Expert Analyzes Trump’s Trial Nap

Romania’s far-Right party to use lie detector tests to prove candidates’ loyalty

Dubai is flooded within a few minutes after incredibly intense storm

Monday, April 15, 2024

'Miracle' weight-loss drugs could have reduced health disparities. Instead they got worse

TERROR FEARS Macron admits Olympics opening ceremony could be ‘limited’ due to security risk amid fears of ISIS attacks across Europe

Dana White, Donald Trump and the Rise of Cage-Match Politics

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says He Was Approached to Be Trump's VP

Trump Media closes down more than 18% after filing plans to issue more DJT stock

Gloves Off! DA Wants Trump Punished for Contempt on Day 1

As hush money trial begins, Trump’s sex life emerges as key theme

Angry Trump Emerges from Court After First Day of Trial: ‘The Judge Isn’t Going to Allow Me to Escape This Scam’

Donald Trump hush money case: More than 50 of the first 96 jurors are dismissed after admitting they CAN'T be impartial in the former president's criminal case

Donald Trump's Polling Numbers Are Dropping

Jury selection starts at Trump's landmark criminal trial in New York

Trump trial day 1 highlights: Court adjourns for the day with no jurors picked

Judge Warns Trump He Will Be Jailed If He Doesn’t Show Up to Court Every Day of Hush Money Trial

Trump ‘Glared’ At Maggie Haberman for ‘Several Seconds’ After She Reported He Fell Asleep In Court

'Idiots': 2 men sought for destroying ancient Nevada rock formation

Californians are buying up guns after Border Patrol starts dumping thousands of migrants on streets

Tesla will lay off more than 10% of global workforce: Read the Elon Musk memo

Justice Department to File Antitrust Suit Against Live Nation

EXCLUSIVE Bank of America accused of religious and political 'discrimination' by 'de-banking' or refusing to service Trump supporters, Christian churches and Republican-led states want answers

Republican candidatesdownplay pastanti-abortion stancesahead of 2024 election

Justice Clarence Thomas absent from US Supreme Court session

American Anti-War Activists Cheer for Iran’s War

Anti-Israel protesters shut down O'Hare airport by blocking highway - as video shows frustrated passengers abandoning their taxis and cars and walking 20 MINUTES to the terminal

Americans Sleeping Less, More Stressed

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Iran confirms ‘extensive’ strike against Israel

The US Air Force is bringing a 40-year-old supersonic bomber out of mothballs. This is why

The Beauty Parlor’s Full of Sailors and the Circus is in Town

Biden’s remark on Ukraine apocalyptic

Geoengineering Test Quietly Launches Salt Crystals into Atmosphere

U.S. moves MORE forces into the Middle East to prepare for 'imminent' Iranian strike on Israel: Pentagon sends aircraft carrier that can intercept missiles to the Red Sea in warning to Tehran

Number One Scottie Scheffler Says Jesus Defines Him, Not Golf

The world stands on the brink of all-out war

Is Silver About To Do A Cocoa?​

UGA students get impromptu baptisms in pickup trucks​

I am a neurologist but was still diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in my 40s - and it all started with one very common symptom

Gaza protester, 28, says she'll murder lawmakers at public meeting - then sobs like a baby after being arrested and jailed over vile threats

Seafood shocker: Warning shrimp and lobster contain dangerous levels of cancer-causing 'forever chemicals' - as types of food most at risk are revealed​


Here are the rants of horrible leader towing the globalist line. Ridiculous! Pure propaganda!: BORIS JOHNSON: If Ukraine falls, it'll be a catastrophic turning point in history - and an utter humiliation for the West... Why the hell are we waiting to give this heroic nation the weapons it needs?

Boomers Bought Up the Big Homes. Now They’re Not Budging.​

Leading doctor warns of deadly unforeseen side effects of Ozempic: 'It raises your risk 900 PERCENT'​

The Tenacious Brain: How the Anterior Mid-Cingulate Contributes to Achieving Goals​

GOP Lawmakers Demand US Retaliate Against Iran Over Attack On Israel, Pushes Aid Package: ‘Long Past Time For Iran To Pay’

West Bank sees biggest settler rampage since war in Gaza began as Israeli teen’s body is found

Investors Bet On Further Rise In US Gasoline Prices

NYPD deploying resources to houses of worship, sensitive locations in city

US helps Israel thwart Iran assault; world awaits Israeli response

Biden warns Netanyahu US will NOT support Israel's counterattack on Iran amid fears of all-out war: President tells PM in late-night call 'you got a win, take the win' after IDF shot down 'nearly all' incoming drones and missiles

Trades make a comeback with Gen Z workers

Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Black Swan Rears Its Head: The Fed Has Negative Capital Using GAAP Accounting

Leaked Dossier Shows German Government Conspired to Silence Reiner Fuellmich​

The astonishing effect of stem cell implants - as groundbreaking treatment 'transforms' life for those with brain damage and MS​

How fit are YOU for your age? Experts say how you perform in four simple exercises is the ultimate indicator...so where do you score?​

Airspace closures throughout the Middle East ground, divert flights as Iran launches drone attack on Israel

Booms and sirens in Israel after Iran launches ballistic missiles and drones in unprecedented attack

Iran has launched drone attacks at Israel, U.S. officials say

REVENGE STRIKE Iran’s major assault on Israel hits Tel Aviv as explosions heard and RAF jets are scrambled in major escalation in war

Iran's deadly kamikaze drones arrive in Jerusalem: Sirens heard across the city as Israel fires missiles to intercept aerial bombardment - with explosions seen lighting up the sky

Iran attacks Israel: IDF warns that threat is ongoing, interceptions continue

Church Attendance Slump Caused Mental Health Crisis, Harvard Professor Suggests

Google will reduce some users access to California news sites

Stabbing rampage at Sydney mall leaves at least 7 dead, including attacker

NYPD deploying resources to houses of worship, sensitive locations in city

Strong economy can be double-edged sword for Biden if rates stay high

Washington, DC Tops List Of ‘America’s Hardest-Working Cities’

Greene threat to oust Speaker Johnson has Senate Republicans anxious

Bird flu is spreading to more farm animals. Are milk and eggs safe?

West Bank sees biggest settler rampage since war in Gaza began as Israeli teen’s body is found

Biden Shrinks Trump’s Edge in Latest Times/Siena Poll

Trump tests limits of gag order ahead of New York trial

Protests, Traffic, Crowds: Court Braces for a Trump Trial Like No Other

"Key player": Legal scholar says Hope Hicks' hush-money testimony could be "devastating" for Trump

The West must remember how to fight. It may already be too late

Death Valley is alive this year. A super bloom is the latest sign.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Covid: Vaccine study links virus to rare neurological illness

GODL! Precious Metal Soars Above $2,400 After Sudden Gap Higher​

By compromising on the issue of LIFE, Donald Trump and Kari Lake have now sealed the GOP’s doom as a viable conservative party; it may never recover​


Could Avian H5N1 Influenza be Disease X for the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex?​

Biden Admin Finalizes Controversial Rule To Expand Background Checks On Gun Sales​

BRICS: US Economist Anticipates Bankruptcy & Market Crash

Ford Lightning Price Cut "Sends Shockwaves Through EV Market"​

Homes Purchased by BlackRock Being Set Up to House Illegal Migrants​

The Actual Civil War Was Also Preceded by Fiction That Imagined, “What if America Had a Civil War?”

6 in 10 U.S. Catholics are in favor of abortion rights, Pew Research report finds

'Unprecedented' and 'stunning' number of Trump administration alums oppose his reelection

Hot oil summer: Soaring prices threaten consumers and Biden

Gold Futures Hit New Record on Central Bank Buying, Safe-Haven Demand

U.S. restricts employees’ travel as Iran vows revenge on Israel

U.S. Moves Warships to Defend Israel in Case of Iranian Attack

Israel Bracing for Unprecedented Direct Iran Attack in Days

President Biden Delivers Message to Iran: "Don't" Attack Israel

U.S. Moves Warships to Defend Israel in Case of Iranian Attack

New York ratchets up security for Trump’s trial now that he’s the presumptive GOP nominee

Trump Threatens Reaction to Pending ‘SHAM Trial’ in Fundraising Email: ’72 Hours Until All Hell Breaks Loose!’

Manhattan court must find a dozen jurors to hear first-ever criminal case against a former president

Michael Cohen on the Trump Trial: Prepare To Be Surprised

Argentina's government (and a bot) say inflation is easing. Shoppers aren't so sure

What China’s EV buyers’ remorse means for the world

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Homes Purchased by BlackRock Being Set Up to House Illegal Migrants

Law-abiding gun Owner Killed During Red Flag Confiscation Raid

Alaska Airlines shows Elon Musk is right: Boeing DEI could kill people

Yellen Confirms US Banana Republic Status Comes

California's Latest Hustle: Utility Bills Based On Ratepayers' Income

The Great Global Death Spiral Has Now Been Unleashed

Volkswagen electric car sales plunge as Europe returns to petrol

Donald Trump Opposes Arizona Supreme Court Ruling Protecting Babies From Abortion​

Wisconsin engineer Nicolae Miu takes stand at murder trial to describe how he stabbed five teens in 'self defense' with Swiss army knife during tubing day out on Apple River after they taunted him with 'pedophile' chants

WSJ calls Downtown St. Louis real estate a ‘nightmare,’ critics and locals respond

Andrey Sushentsov: Americans can’t tell us who blew up Nord Stream, but they solved the Moscow terror attack case in 15 minutes?

Heads Of World Bank And Verizon Say Digital IDs Are Part Of ‘Social Contract’ Between Government And Citizens

Tyranny by the Numbers: The Government Wants Your Money Any Way It Can Get It​

Who are Nicolae Miu's defense attorneys in Apple River stabbing trial?

O.J. Simpson dead at 76

Stocks Surge, Goldgasms To Record High After "Adjusted" PPI Sparks Buying Frenzy​

Vertigo/dizziness following COVID-19 vaccination​

How COVID-19 Can Attack the Inner Ear​

Psychedelics Paid for by Work? It’s Coming

Conservatives no longer care about freedom

Drug shortages reach all-time high

Joe Scarborough Says Trump Must ‘Want to Jump Off the Brooklyn Bridge’ After Looking at Drudge Headlines

EXCLUSIVE OJ Simpson died owing more than $100MILLION to families of murder victims Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown - as they pledge to go after late NFL star's estate

Credit-card delinquency rates were worst on record in Fed study

‘Serious possibility’ that Fed’s next rate move is a hike, warns Larry Summers

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Tucker Carlson: How does the government of Israel treat Christians?

Harvard professor claims that UFOs could have travelled to Earth via 'extra dimensions' that CERN scientists are trying to unlock

Twelve Ways Biden's Handlers Are Hellbent On Destroying America

15 US Agencies Knew Wuhan Lab Was "Trying To Create A Coronavirus Like COVID-19": Rand Paul​

From Allowing An Invasion Of America To Pretending Men Really Women​

Commentary for a Monday: The Obama/Biden Regime Has Transformed the U.S. Justice System into the Most Corrupt in the World​

EPA Threatens Locally Produced Beef


Daily Mail: Jewish leaders call for new editions of the Bible and the Koran to carry trigger warnings highlighting anti-Semitic passages​

'Social order could collapse, sparking wars' if AI is not restrained, two of Japan's most influential companies warn​

Jewish leaders call for religious texts to carry warnings highlighting anti-Semitic passages​

New York Fed Will Not Confirm or Deny that 5-Count Felon JPMorgan Chase Is Custodian of $2.4 Trillion of Its Securities

Billionaire Larry Fink of BlackRock, Which Grabbed Fed Bailouts in 2020-2021, Lectures Struggling Seniors on Making More Sacrifices

Is Gold Warning Us Or Running With The Markets?​

Are YOU living in a secret forever chemical hotspot? Interactive map shows parts of US where cancer-causing PFAS toxins are most common in drinking water - after Biden's new ban​

More than 100 US deaths linked to Ozempic and similar weight loss drugs - including 28-year-old who died from 'intestinal mass' and a pregnant woman, our analysis shows​

You won't believe these simple diet tweaks that will help you shred serious pounds with minimal effort

Dietitians reveal the 100 unhealthiest foods in your supermarket - including margarine, pickles and STOCK CUBES​

House Kills FISA Bill, Republicans to 'Regroup'​

A $1,400 SUV payment? A $1,600 truck payment? Sounds ‘absurd,’ but it’s becoming more common.​

The Synagogue of Satan​

Julian the Apostate​

US 'Considering' Dropping Prosecution Of Assange, Biden Says

Fallout from Arizona abortion ruling just beginning  

Arizona Republicans Thwart Attempts to Repeal 1864 Abortion Ban

Julian Assange prosecution may be thrown out by the US, Joe Biden says

Arizona Supreme Court rules a near-total abortion ban from 1864 is enforceable

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Tesla's Cybertrucks were 'rushed out,' are malfunctioning at astounding rate

Netanyahu faces MUTINY as top ministers demand full-scale invasion ploughs on after IDF troops pulled from south Gaza​

"We Cannot Cope": Police Scotland Deluged With Politicized Hate-Crime Reports​

Futures Flat In Cautious Trade Ahead Of CPI As Gold Roars To New Record High​

Melania Trump to host Mar-a-Lago fundraiser for pro-homosexual Log Cabin Republicans​

German Troops Start First Major Deployment Since Second World War​

Gold rallies to new records on worldwide tensions, central bank buying​

Judge Reduces Roundup Verdict Against Bayer From $1.5 Billion To $550 Million​

NPR journalist blows whistle on network's obsession with DEI and progressive diktats and reveals how stories like Hunter Biden laptop were ignored: 'Here's how we lost America's trust'​

More coverup of clot shot damage?Have scientists cracked cancer mystery in young people? Experts think they've pinpointed bodily changes that are driving skyrocketing cancer rates in under 50s

Blackstone Makes $10 Billion Bet On Multifamily Units As Real Rents Begin Re-Accelerating

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from Doug Hagmann | The Hagmann Report​

Tucker Carlson on X​

NAIA, small colleges association, bans transgender athletes from women's sports competitions​

Finally the truth about Israel​

Musk Says Speaking Out Leads to ‘Many Self-Inflicted Wounds’

Elon Musk’s Deposition in Defamation Case From Jewish Man He Falsely Labeled a Nazi Released in FULL — With Stunning Revelations

Biden is building a behemoth of a campaign. Trump at this point seems to be playing catch-up.

Biden campaign ad blames Trump for near-death of woman denied abortion in Texas: ‘Donald Trump did this’

Arizona bombshell tests Trump's abortion gamble

Kari Lake Blasts Abortion Ban She Once Was ‘Thrilled’ About

The Arizona Supreme Court just upended Trump’s gambit on abortion

Arizona Supreme Court rules a near-total abortion ban from 1864 is enforceable

If the secret to living forever is a boring life, is it really worth it?

TURDBULENCE United Airlines flight is forced to divert after dog poops in first class and smell lingers despite 2 hours of cleaning

The partisan gap in U.S. politics continues to center heavily on age

Monday, April 8, 2024

Insurance companies are now using drones to find reasons to cancel your home insurance

The Government Wants to Play God. What Does That Mean for Our Freedoms?


Diddy appears to pray while wearing a top alluding to 'miracles' after accusations

Feminists accuse pro-trans activists of ‘intimidation’ on Scottish march

I'm a urologist - this is the question I always ask my patients and the red flags that something is wrong with your bladder

Kirby: Israeli Defense Forces Have to Make 'Deconfliction Changes' in Gaza

RFK Jr Vows Special Counsel To Probe 'Harsh Treatment' Of Jan 6 Defendants

WATCH: Joe Biden Smuggles Illegal Migrants into Maryland Politics

Kobe and Gianna Bryant took communion before fatal crash​

OpenAI board member says quiet part out loud: 'Almost all forms of human labor' will be replaced by artificial intelligence​

WATCH: 'Tyrants!' Shock video as military pounces on member refusing COVID shot​

According to AI this is what hell looks like.

US Scientists Shoot Salt Crystals Into Atmosphere To Block Sunrays To Fight Climate Change, But Did Not Tell The Public To Avoid Scrutiny​

Gold prices hit new record as China's central bank ups reserves and UBS eyes $2,500​

Jamie Dimon Warns World Faces "Risks That Eclipse Anything Since World War II"​

Here's Why "America Is Broken" And People Are Worried

If Biden Loses The Election, What Will Be The Top Reason

DOJ Stonewalls Over Audio Of Biden Interview With Special Counsel Hur

Nolte: Experts Already Predict Global 2024 Box Office Failure

Appeals court judge denies Trump's bid to delay next week's hush money trial


Activists Want Energy Companies To Pay Climate Damages. That Could Imperil US National Security, Former Joint Chiefs Say.

Solar Eclipse 2024 reaches its grand finale in Vermont and Maine as skiers take a break to view the rare cosmic phenomenon that brought America to a standstill and sent zoo animals wild

‘Social Order Could Collapse’ in AI Era, Two Top Japan Companies Say

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Stunned archaeologists probe claims of giant skeletons in Nevada caves where they found a 15-inch sandal that had been worn down as well as massive handprints across the walls


A.I. Deciding Who to Kill for Israel

‘Climate: The Movie’ (2024) – Full Film

Container Ship Reportedly "Lost Power" In NYC Harbor, Right Before Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge

LOT TO LOSE Desperate Zepbound customers ‘drive 5 hours’ for $1,000 weight loss drug as US is hit by shortage & placed on backorder

The perfect heist? Inside the seamless, sophisticated, stealthy L.A. theft that netted up to $30 million

Two weeks after raid on Diddy’s homes, it’s quiet on the news front

Diddy appears to pray while wearing a top alluding to 'miracles' after accusations

Mike Johnson Prepares to Unwrap Mystery Ukraine Aid Package

‘Increasingly chaotic’: Why House Republicans are heading for the exits

Soros fund is building an audio empire

Secretive Chinese military advancements 'could pose threat' to US

Muslim protestors chant 'death to America, death to Israel' at rally in Michigan's Dearborn after city was branded 'Jihad capital' of the U.S by WSJ

Biden to warn Beijing against meddling in South China Sea

Israel withdraws most troops from south at six-month mark of Gaza war

IDF ends active ground invasion, completely withdraws from southern Gaza

Weather is the hot topic as eclipse spectators stake out their spots in US, Mexico and Canada

China using AI-powered social media accounts to influence US election, Microsoft warns

With no way out of a worsening war, Zelensky’s options look bad or worse

Ukraine military chief’s chilling warning to the West about Russia’s threat

Why scents are being used to treat dementia and depression

Russia accused of using chemical gas attacks against Ukrainian soldiers

Woman sues Texas prosecutors for $1 million over wrongful murder charges after having abortion

Tens of thousands march in Budapest against Orban

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Former Federal Reserve Exec Thomas Hoenig: Our Money Is Dying

Behind Today's Stellar Jobs Print: It Was Literally ALL Part-Time Jobs (And Illegals)

Judge Dismisses DeSantis From Lawsuit Over Illegal Immigrant Flights To Martha’s Vineyard

US Urges Tehran Not To Target American Bases If It Retaliates Against Israel

Credit Card Debt Surges To New All-Time High, Just As Card APR Rates Hit Fresh Record

Israel Sacks Top Officers Over Aid Convoy Attack As Biden Gives 'Ultimatum' To Netanyahu

American Cancer Society warns that a 'tidal wave' of tumors is coming - with cases set to rise 80% by 2050

The 12 surprising signs you could be deficient in vitamins, from cracked lips to a low sex drive

Stunned archaeologists probe claims of giant skeletons in Nevada caves where they found a 15-inch sandal that had been worn down as well as massive handprints across the walls

Beverly Hills scammer pleads guilty to $18-million cannabis con

The perfect heist? Inside the seamless, sophisticated, stealthy L.A. theft that netted up to $30 million

Forecasts for cloudy skies cast shadow over North American solar eclipse

During a solar eclipse, some Indigenous groups believe it’s not just your eyes that need protecting

Biden may have trouble getting on Ohio’s general election ballot, state’s top election official warns

Could Israel’s strike on Iranian embassy be the tipping point into wider regional conflict?

UN chief 'deeply troubled' by reports Israel using AI to identify Gaza targets

Aid worker deaths have appalled Israel’s European allies. Some are considering a halt to arms sales

Pelosi joins call for Biden to stop transfer of US weapons to Israel

US officials’ fury at Biden Gaza policy means mood in State Department now worse than during the Iraq War

Biden's Israel shift: not enough for Democrats, too much for Republicans

After six months of war, Israel’s isolation grows with no end in sight

Israel protests spark chaos in Tel Aviv as thousands call for Benjamin Netanyahu to resign

Biden Raises $90 Million, Widens Fundraising Lead Over Trump

Officials mum about potential sale of Las Vegas Trump Hotel

Job growth zoomed in March as payrolls jumped by 303,000 and unemployment dropped to 3.8%

Friday, April 5, 2024

WCW INVESTIGATION: $1M USDA-CCP Program Souping Up Bird Flu with Wuhan Experimenter; Sen. Ernst Demands Answers

US Army Corps of Engineers plans to reopen Baltimore channel affected by bridge collapse by end of May


'From the depths of hell': Inside the profound evil of transgender ideology

Most gender-confused children grow out of it, landmark 15-year study concludes - as critics say it shows being trans is usually just a phase for kids

Is THIS what's causing mystery rise in colon cancers among young people? New research points to bacteria in the gut linked to processed food and not eating enough fiber

The 1970s See Good Times in Agriculture

Zionism and Child Sex Trafficking Among the Globalists – Like Epstein, Sean Combs “P Diddy” has Strong Ties to Zionists

German Government Admits There Was No Pandemic

German Government’s Dossier on Reiner Fuellmich and Recommendations for Dealing with Him

Israel: In Violation Of God’s Law, Natural Justice, The Laws Of War & All Customary International Humanitarian Law

Now scientists say wearing JEANS is bad for the environment: Study reveals wearing a pair just once is the equivalent to driving a car for 6.4 miles

Peace feels further than ever at six months of Israel-Hamas war

Hezbollah leader issues chilling warning on Iran as terrorists fire rockets at Israel

"We won't support you": Inside Biden's ultimatum to Bibi

Job growth zoomed in March as payrolls jumped by 303,000 and unemployment dropped to 3.8%

Oil Holds Above $90 After Middle East Tensions Push Brent Higher

Georgia inmate serving life mailed bombs from prison to D.C. office building, Alaska court, feds charge

FALLOUT FEARS Russia declares ‘state of emergency’ after radiation leak with potentially lethal contamination detected in Khabarovsk

Reign of Fear: Secret Raids Sweep Russia After Terror Attack

DEEP COVER Putin’s spies caught working at Nato HQ in humiliating intelligence breach – and they’ve been active in Europe for YEARS

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s office in Vermont caught fire. Arson is suspected, but the motive is unclear

Iran Tells US to Step Aside as It Readies Response to Israel

US preparing for significant Iran attack on US or Israeli assets in the region as soon as next week

Israel, U.S. believe Iran is about to retaliate for Israeli bombing of Syria consulate, officials say

M 4.8 - 2024 Whitehouse Station, New Jersey Earthquake

US East Coast earthquake rattles millions, but region escapes sweeping damage

NYC and tri-state rocked by biggest area earthquake since 1884, sending terrified residents into the streets

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Ultra-Processed Food as Ultimate Soft-Kill Weapon

Police Scotland Deluged With Nearly 4,000 Complaints As New Hate Crime Law Is Weaponized

Navy Reveals Major Shipbuilding Delays As Global War Risk Elevated

Major League Baseball Begins Biometric Facial Recognition Scans

Office Tower Vacancy Rate Hits Record High As Zombie Buildings Litter Skylines of Cities

Zelenskyy Acquires Highgrove House, Former Residence of King Charles for £20Million

Rosemary Kennedy - Wikipedia

Leaked Files From Transgender Association 'Shocking' And 'Horrific' Admission, Critics Say

Russia and NATO are now in 'direct confrontation', Kremlin declares on the day the alliance celebrates its 75th anniversary as it accuses the US-led bloc of 'moving towards our borders'

Russia Takes Aim at America's Achilles Heel

Practical quantum computing is coming in 3 to 5 years, but will be cloud based, NSA official predicts

Trump Media is ‘a scam’ and people buying its stock are ‘dopes,’ Barry Diller says

Trump’s GOP isn’t built to win, but only to protect himself

Roseanne Goes Full QAnon in Deranged Rant About ‘Baby Blood-Drinking’ Democrats At Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Party For Kari Lake

CDC director says agency ‘is taking bird flu very seriously’ as epidemic fears grow

For Some Christians, Solar Eclipse Signals Second Coming Of Christ

Warren says she would move to block sale of F-15s to Israel

Israel to open more aid routes to Gaza and increase deliveries after pressure from Biden, U.S. says

Israel’s Protest Movement Re-Emerges With Focus on Bringing Down Netanyahu

IDF halts leave for combat troops, intel chief warns 'worst is yet to come'

Tel Aviv GPS Scrambled as Israel Awaits Iran Revenge Attack

KNIFE EDGE Israel’s war cabinet meets over threat of ‘imminent’ attack by Iran amid fears Middle East crisis could spiral into WW3

Iran Runs War Drills in Support of 'Palestinian Intifada'

CIA 'warns Iran will attack Israel within 48 hours' as revenge for consulate strike

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Kanye West accused of racism and antisemitism in new lawsuit

"Backlash Is Real": DEI Exodus Gains Steam Across Corporate America​

Compassionately Communicating Life: Kristi Noem​

Leaked Files From Transgender Association 'Shocking' And 'Horrific' Admission, Critics Say​

Globalists Claim Mass Immigration Helps The US Economy – Here's Why That's A Lie

Gun Sales Skyrocket In The Face Of Invasion

Who Is Behind The Gold Buying?

The world turns on Israel after World Central Kitchen slaughter: International fury grows, with UK possibly axing arms deals as IDF is accused of war crimes and aid worker death toll exceeds that of any other conflict​


Bidenomics Failure Shows Up At Polls As Gen-Z Revolts Against Democrats​

Smart dust technology... It's in all of us now through vaccines, chemtrails,...

Coming to a street near YOU? Warning that Chinese-made 'Frankenstein' drug 1,000 times stronger than morphine will trigger terrifying zombieland scenes engulfing opioid-ravaged US cities​

Non-binary person, 33, in Canada wants taxpayers to fund $70k surgery to give them a vagina AND keep their penis​

Heart health warning for women going through the menopause as study finds plunging oestrogen levels can trigger plaque build-up in arteries​

'It's a matter of when, not if': DailyMail.com asked seven bird flu experts if the H5N1 case in Texas raises risk of a future pandemic... this is what they said​

How delusional are YOUR dating expectations? Use this calculator to find out the percentage of Americans that meet your criteria - and tell us how you got on in the comments​

Trump Declares November 5th "Christian Visibility Day"​

Victims of a 'killer' antibiotic: Mother, 44, suffers stroke and is left partially deaf while Rambo actor, 61, develops debilitating arthritis​

America's officially a rent-a-womb nation! Michigan becomes last state to legalize paid surrogacies - as Governor says it'll 'protect IVF and ensure LGBT  parents are treated equally'​

The dark side of meditation retreats: Two Americans kill themselves after being driven to psychosis by 11 days of silence​

Watch: Chaos As Anti-Netanyahu Protesters Storm Israel's Knesset​

Taiwan quake could plunge global smartphone industry into chaos as world's largest chipmaker responsible for 90% of supply halts operations

Video: Justin Trudeau Trembles With Fear As Furious Crowd Chant ‘F**k You, Trudeau!’​

Largest fresh egg producer in U.S. finds bird flu in chickens at Texas and Michigan plants​

Fooled Again? Robert Kennedy Chooses as VP – The World Economic Forum​

"Insane": US Physicians Received Billions From Pharmaceutical And Medical Device Industry, New Research Finds

Zelensky Lowers Draft Age to Shore Up Ukraine’s Depleted Army​

Brand new Cybertruck owner left fuming when his $82,000 EV breaks down with critical fault just SECONDS after pulling out of the lot: 'Elon, what are you doing bro?'​

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Why are Americans so unhappy?

Temporary Shipping Channel Reopens Near Baltimore Bridge Collapse For Small Vessels

Rishi Sunak backs JK Rowling's right to free speech as Scotland's hate crime laws come into force: PM says 'people should not be criminalised for stating simple facts on biology' after author dared police to arrest her for 'misgendering'

This is total propaganda nonsense. Of course he know: Carville: Biden Didn't Know Easter Was Trans Visibility Day, No One in the White House Knew There Was Easter Overlap

Hamas strategy is nonsense. This is Kabbalah strategy: Exclusive: Renown Urban Warfare Expert John Spencer Warns ‘World Playing into Hamas’s Strategy’

Trump posts $175 million bond in New York civil fraud case

Tesla Shares Plunge After Suffering First Q1 Delivery Decline Since 2020​

What can Centenarians teach us about cholesterol levels and longevity

The US Is Overflowing with Immigrant invaders with No Where to Put them​

The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are “thoroughly captured by Big Pharma.” — US Senator Ron Johnson​

New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Baltimore Were Once Such Beautiful Cities…

Some of the Most Popular Websites Share Your Data With Over 1,500 Companies​

Weaponizing Reality: The Dawn of Neurowarfare​

Cops Running DNA-Manufactured Faces Through Face Recognition Is a Tornado of Bad Ideas​

New York Times Backhandedly Acknowledges Getting Censored by DHS​

What Might the US Owe the World for Covid-19?​

U.N. Has Flown $2.9B in Cash to Afghanistan Since Taliban Seized Control

‘People mustn’t feel meat is being taken away’: German hospitals serve planetary health diet ​

Study Shows Toxic Pesticide Levels in Families Dropped by 60% After One-Week Organic Diet​

This Is Only Phase 2 of Biden's Migrant Border Invasion Plan, on the Way to Phase 4​

Biden Approval Index History

Biden leads online betting

'Outraged' Biden Says Israel 'Not Done Enough' To Protect Aid Workers In Gaza

Huge American flag-burning protests erupt as Iran vows revenge for deadly ‘Israeli strike’

Monday, April 1, 2024

Globalists Claim Mass Immigration Helps The US Economy – Here's Why That's A Lie

They came for Florida's sun and sand. They got soaring costs and a culture war.

The Lonely Crowd: 40% Of Adults Go Days Without Face-To-Face Interaction​

This is obfuscation. The general popularion realized that the cars are not worth the money or hassle: Would-be Tesla buyers snub company as Musk's reputation dips

More CIA?Erdogan Suffers Historic Loss in Turkey Municipal Elections

Gold prices hit new record high on Fed cut expectations

In Easter Ruling, Judge Orders Release Of 'Border Riot' Migrants Who Overwhelmed National Guard​

Gross Domestic Income Shows America Is In Stagnation

These Are The Top 20 Countries Where Older People Are The Happiest​

Germany Goes Green: Cannabis Legalised, Drug Prisoners Released​

Christian Hip-Hop Artist Lecrae Recalls 'Evil Things Taking Place' at Parties Hosted by Sean 'Diddy' Combs​

Minorities Don't Need DEI If They're Actually Qualified For The Job

This Is Not an April Fool’s Gag​

White House Approves Transfer To Israel Of More Bombs & Jets Worth Billions​

Fury as FDNY firefighters are forced to remove Stars and Stripes honoring 9/11 heroes after Democrat lawmaker branded it a 'fascist symbol'​

Concern Over Food & Water Supply Grows Among Europeans​

25 Years Wiped from Life Expectancy of Fully Vaxxed​

Alleged Israeli airstrike takes out Iranian general in Damascu​s

SHOCKING: USA has recorded over 1 Million Excess Deaths among the over 65’s since the FDA “approved” the COVID-19 Vaccine​

Asymmetric Response And The Perp Walk To World War III​

Official Data Links 143,233% Cancer Surge to Covid Shots​

Leading feminist group is slammed for DEFENDING inclusion of trans athletes in female sports and calling critics 'white supremacists'​

Pilot on United Boeing 777 forced to return to airport after 'poo from broken toilet flows into cabin'​

Kanye West apologizes to Jewish community in a post in Hebrew after repeated antisemitic remarks — including just weeks ag​o

Biden Budget Shells Out $320 Million On Border Walls... For Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, And Tunisia​

"I Didn't Do That": Biden Reportedly Has No Idea He Issued 'Trans Day Of Visibility' Proclamation

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Scientists Create Designer Chromosomes In Landmark Genetic Engineering Feat

The Empire Doesn't Hide Its Worst Deeds, It Just Manipulates How People Think About Them

Trillions of bugs to swarm in ‘once-per-221-years’ mating frenzy in weeks – it last happened to the Founding Fathers​

Joe Rogan Accuses Israel of 'Genocide,' Compares Gaza to 'Holocaust'​

EXCLUSIVE: Now Chinese migrants are sneaking onto Guam: Top Republican warns Communist Party wants to 'exploit' every part of the U.S. map and warns critical American base is vulnerable

How Immigration Became a Top Political Issue Far From the Border

Who wouldn’t like prices to start falling? Careful what you wish for, economists say

Moves to ban lab-grown meat intensify in Republican US states

Half of senior staffers in Congress are so fed up that they may quit

Obamacare once cost Democrats elections. Now Biden’s hoping to win on it.

God To Trump: Stop Pimping My Word, And Start Reading It

Donald Trump, Blasphemous Bible Thumper

Civil War film-maker Alex Garland: ‘In the US and UK there’s a lot to be very concerned about’

Embittered Republicans plot to knock off House GOP’s hard-right leader in Virginia primary feud

They came for Florida’s sun and sand. They got soaring costs and a culture war.

"Convince us to stay": U.S.-China ties see head-spinning shift

It Only Takes a $7,000 Debt to End Up Trapped in China

Mnuchin’s plan to buy TikTok has some insiders bewildered

FBI Agent Says He Hassles People 'Every Day, All Day Long' Over Facebook Posts

Kamala Harris pushes the envelope as Biden struggles with some Democrats

Rising global threats force ‘epoch-making’ shift in world order

Why Are Older Americans Drinking So Much?

He Turned 55. Then He Started the World’s Most Important Company.

George Washington family secrets revealed by DNA from unmarked 19th century graves

Colleges Are Facing an Enrollment Nightmare

AT&T says leaked data set impacts about 73 million current, former account holders

A conservative publisher actually had ties to Soros. Litigation ensued.

Members-Only Mania: Why Are More Private Clubs Popping Up in New York?

No Showers, No Sleep: Van Life Isn’t as Cool as Instagram Makes It Seem

Saturday, March 30, 2024

JFK vs. Israel in 1963 – Part 1

Leaked Documents: AIPAC Israeli Lobby to Spend $100 Million on US Elections and May Draw US into War​

In Historic Reversal, US To Restart A Shut Down Nuclear Power Plant For The First Time Ever​

Chris Hedges: The Crucifixion Of Julian Assange​

Stress Creates A 4-Fold Increase In Spread Of Cancer: Study​

United Airlines Boeing 777 Diverted To Denver After 'Engine Issues'​

Putin Friend Predicts Nuclear Strike 'Most Likely' Coming

Prepare for Putin pivot to invade us, say Baltic states

Vladimir Putin can exploit this NATO loophole to attack the US and NOT trigger Article 5

A growing number of Americans end up in Russian jails. The prospects for their release are unclear

Russian journalist who covered Navalny’s trial is arrested for extremism

Zelenskyy fires more aides in a reshuffle as Russia launches drones and missiles across Ukraine

Diddy Asks A Young Justin Bieber Why He’s ‘Starting To Act Different’ In Another ‘Creepy’ Resurfaced Video

New York City’s mayor gets baptized in jail by Rev. Al Sharpton on Good Friday

Is DEI a Racial Slur? Rise in Term Outrages Black Americans

Men are becoming less fertile – and we may finally know why

Feds set to widen Diddy sex probe over claims rapper boasted about shooting people, bribing jurors and using J.Lo as gun mule

Mnuchin’s plan to buy TikTok has some insiders bewildered

Esper ‘definitely not voting for Trump,’ leaves door open for Biden

Trump’s weaknesses with GOP voters go beyond the suburbs

God To Trump: Stop Pimping My Word, And Start Reading It

Donald Trump, Blasphemous Bible Thumper

Civil War film-maker Alex Garland: ‘In the US and UK there’s a lot to be very concerned about’

Pope presides over Easter Vigil service after skipping Good Friday procession

I moved to an Arizona oasis that banned cars. It's as dreamy as I expected, but it can be a struggle to venture outside it.

Friday, March 29, 2024

If I Were the Devil by Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey transcript

Globalists are constructing AI-powered control grid designed to end independent journalism and free speech on the internet​

Matt Walsh Addresses “Coincidence” of Obama’s New Movie Containing Scene Where a Cargo Ship Crashes Due to Cyber Attack and the Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse (VIDEO)​

Jeffrey Epstein’s Island Visitors Exposed by Data Broker​

MICHAEL MOSLEY: The test that reveals Covid has made us more stupid... and what you can do about it​

Parents Outraged After Women's Soccer Team with Five Trans Players Wins Tournament

Is a Sperm Toxin In Your Pancake Mix?

Trump Has a Big Problem With GOP Voters

Tesla’s Terrible Quarter Catches Some Analysts Asleep at the Wheel

American YouTube star YourFellowArab kidnapped in Haiti while trying to meet gang leader ‘Barbecue’

BBC blasted for 'abandoning Christianity' over controversial Easter schedule decision

Pope skips Good Friday event to preserve health ahead of Easter, Vatican says

A Filipino villager is nailed to a cross for the 35th time on Good Friday to pray for world peace

Rudy Giuliani says he shouldn’t be forced to sell $3.5M Florida condo in bankruptcy case — because he needs it for podcasting

NBC’s Ronna McDaniel disaster is dragging Comcast into the political firestorm

Why Hasn’t Biden Called Chris Christie?

Trump Shares Image of Biden Tied Up in the Back of ‘MAGA’ Pickup Truck

God To Trump: Stop Pimping My Word, And Start Reading It

Federal judge warns of Trump’s attacks in extraordinary rebuke

At glitzy Biden fundraiser, three presidents unite to blast Trump

LOVE BUGS Trillions of bugs to swarm in ‘once-per-221-years’ mating frenzy in weeks – it last happened to the Founding Fathers

Iranian journalist stabbed multiple times outside London home

Why buying a house feels impossible right now

Why It’s So Expensive to Live in Phoenix

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Israel has ‘no choice’ but Rafah offensive, Netanyahu tells US members of Congress

Bonds Got Relabeled. Now Millions of Americans Get Higher Electric Bills.​

How the Democrats Plan To Steal the Election​

Assange wins right to appeal extradition to US​

Billie Jean King wins 1973 'Battle of the Sexes' tennis match​

Are Any Politicians Truly Fighting for Us?​

How Democrats Steal Elections​

How Justice Thomas’s ‘Nearly Adopted Daughter’ Became His Law Clerk

Some Legal Scholars Push For Justice Sonia Sotomayor To Retire

Trump's Bibles and the evolution of his messianic message

RNC weighs limiting NBC’s access at this summer’s convention

Russian network that 'paid European politicians' busted, authorities claim

Ukraine Is Now 'Holy War,' Russian Church Declares

Fears grow that two more European nations are edging closer to war after 48 chaotic hours

Next epidemic to spill out of China could be SUPER GONORRHEA - where rate of antibiotic-resistant STIs are 40x higher than US and UK

STIs & Seniors: Study Reveals Overlooked Sexual Health Crisis Among Adults Over 50

Where Are This Year’s Tax Refunds Going? Right Into a Debt Hole.

The wealth of the 1% just hit a record $44 trillion

FALL FROM GRACE Crypto kingpin Sam Bankman-Fried jailed for 25 years over historic $10bn FTX fraud as he admits ‘my useful life is over’

Penthouse to prison: Sam Bankman-Fried’s journey from crypto king to convicted conman

DOD in early talks to fund a peacekeeping force in Gaza

Don't believe the Donald Trump hype, Joe Biden's poll numbers are rising

Biden to raise $25 million in ‘historic’ fundraiser with Obama, Clinton

Consumer sentiment climbs to 2½-year high as inflation eases

Liz Cheney Draws Big Crowd in Iowa, Argues Trump’s J6 Trial Must Happen Before The Election: ‘He Knows How Damaging That Will Be’

King Charles's Easter message calls for kindness and friendship after double cancer shock

‘Shortcuts Everywhere’: How Boeing Favored Speed Over Quality

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Princess Catherine cancer video spawns fresh round of AI conspiracies

King Charles's Easter message calls for kindness and friendship after double cancer shock

NEW HEIGHTS Walmart, 7-11, and Chick-fil-A launch new project to speed up every shopping trip – you won’t even need to go to a store

Houston Mayor John Whitmire says city is 'broke' after decades of overspending that has stopped them from being able to pay firefighters

Saudi Arabia controversially elected chair of UN forum for women’s rights

Most Americans oppose Israel’s war in Gaza, poll finds

Israel admits it may not be able to destroy Hamas now US has turned its back

Puerto Rico declares an epidemic after dengue cases spike. What you need to know.

Alabama Democrat Marilyn Lands, running on IVF ruling, flips Republican House seat

Alabama underscores abortion threat to Republican election hopes

HD10: Lands 62%, Powell 38% — After Democrat special election blowout, Republicans asking 'what happened'?

Trump agitates hush money judge as he seeks to stave off NY trial

Donald Trump assails judge and his daughter after gag order in New York hush-money criminal case

Trump’s claim about hush-money judge’s daughter appears false

Why investigators are looking into ‘dirty fuel’ in Baltimore bridge collapse

We're entering the age of AI BS

Apple Turns to Longtime Steve Jobs Disciple to Defend Its ‘Walled Garden’

A $15 toll to drive into part of Manhattan has been approved. That’s a first for US cities

Nigerian woman faces seven years in prison for writing a damning online review of tomato puree

GOP lawmakers are fueling a conspiracy theory without mentioning ‘chemtrails’

Kari Lake and the Trump movement’s billion-dollar defamation problem

Arizona becomes ground zero for 2024 election misinformation fears

Idaho attorney general’s take on abortion referrals lands at Ninth Circuit

CNN Exclusive: Conservative bigwig Matt Schlapp agreed to hefty settlement to end sexual assault lawsuit

R. Kelly prosecutor says Diddy should be 'very concerned' by Homeland Security raids and arrest of drug mule

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

High Omega-3 DHA Level Linked With 49 Percent Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Ashwagandha: An Ayurvedic Herb With Unexpected Benefits

The Norwegian Illusion: EVs Are Not More Energy Efficient

New York City Arrested Her For This – Awaken with JP – His take!​

Rescuers scramble to save dozens including 20 construction workers after Baltimore's colossal Key Bridge collapsed when container ship crashed into it flinging 'multiple' cars and a semi-truck into the river amid fears of mass casualties​

Diddy Was "Aboard" Private Jet "When Homeland Security Rolled Up": Report​

Chart: Declining Value of the U.S. Minimum Wage

Robertson: Haiti 'cursed' since Satanic pact​

Denzel Washington's Spiritual Speech: 'What Is Our Role as a Man?'​

Top Cocoa Processing Companies Worldwide

Church Of England Archdeacon Openly Calls For "Anti-Whiteness"​

Netanyahu Cancels Meeting with Biden White House After UN Resolution Fiasco​

Exclusive – Tax Documents: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Turns to Soros-Funded Groups and Democrats to Keep Dwindling Operations Alive​

Donald Trump: 'It Will Be My Honor to Post' $175M Bond

8 states are planning to BAN the sale of gas-powered cars entirely - after Biden unveiled ambitious plans to phase them out by 2032​

Drug manufacturer Eli Lilly says two of its diabetes drugs are in short supply - as millions of patients face weeks of chaos​

NBC reverses decision to hire Ronna McDaniel after on-air backlash

Donald Trump flogging $60 ‘God Bless the USA’ Bibles saying ‘it’s my favorite book’

A Titanium-Tools Factory Embraces Workplace Drama—for Real

Kari Lake won’t defend her statements about Arizona election official

NYC begins handing out prepaid debit cards to migrants in controversial program

The Baltimore bridge collapse is raising some big policy questions

Baltimore bridge rescue effort faced tough conditions and ticking clock

Police radio captures calm, then panic, as bridge collapses

Live Updates: All six workers missing after bridge collapse are presumed dead

Monday, March 25, 2024

It’s War: The Real Meat Grinder Starts Now

UC Berkeley Professor Apologizes for 'Misogynist' Comment on Dating in the Bay Area​

Ocasio-Cortez: Israel Has 'Crossed the Threshold of Intent' on Genocide​

Truth Justice on X

Ocasio-Cortez: Trump 'Ordered Essentially a Terrorist Attack' on the U.S. Capitol​

Worldwide Support Pours in For Princess Kate After Cancer Announcement

Al-Fayed calls royals a "Dracula family"​

King Charles III is a descendant of Dracula and owns properties in Transylvania​

US FAA boosting oversight of United, may delay airline projects

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun announces he'll step down after Alaska Airlines door plug disaster and 737 MAX crises: Stocks jump as two other executives also quit​

The US and Europe Have Given Their Countries to Immigrant-invaders​

A Tower of Babel Is a Country Without a Language​

In America Punishment is Reserved for American Patriots​

Honest Doctors Have Forced the Lying Big Pharma Shills at the FDA to Remove the Ivermectin Warnings​

FDA Settles Ivermectin Case, Agrees to Remove Controversial ‘Stop It’ Post​

Another person vaxed to death?

Pfizer Has a Criminal Record. Did the Media or Your Government Inform You? Had You Known Would You Have Accepted to Receive the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine?​

I see killer aliens in my sleep: The terrifying symptoms of sleep paralysis, and the mysterious deaths of the 100 men who suffered from the phenomenon​

Vaping made my lungs collapse twice at age 20 - now they're permanently scarred

Donald Trump compares himself to CHRIST in bizarre posts from inside hush money court​

Trump's bond in his civil fraud case reduced to $175 million by N.Y. appeals court

Florida's DeSantis signs one of the country's most restrictive social media bans for minors

In a Bumper Year for CEO Pay, One Chief’s $161 Million Award Swells to $1.3 Billion​

Two dead bodies, drugs and 'weird characters.' Are these illicit hot tubs a safety threat?

Lambos. Jewels. How ‘easy money’ from Uncle Sam made Miami a feast for PPP fraudsters

Woke Best Buy Announces Closure of 24 Stores This Year with an Additional 10-15 Expected by Next Year​

'We Want It Now': Black Clergy Demand $15 Billion in Reparations From 'White Churches' in Boston​

Pope Francis Declares ‘God Hates Antivaxxers’​

Kids Ages 2-5 Had Higher Rate of Convulsions After mRNA COVID Shots​

Judge Napolitano Asks Journalist Max Blumenthal 'Who Runs Foreign Policy?'​

Ramaswamy warns liberal justices 'buying political latitude' with 9-0 ruling as more Trump cases lie ahead​

The Norwegian Illusion: EVs Are Not More Energy Efficient​

Sunday, March 24, 2024

The FDA Settled With Us Because They Knew They Were Going To Lose

New government spending bill bans U.S. embassies from flying Pride flag​

Pope Francis Faces Growing Revolt​

Some travelers are changing flights to avoid Boeing airplanes

How US Jewish liberalism metastasized into hatred of Israel

As Princess of Wales reveals diagnosis, doctors warn of mysterious cancer ‘epidemic’​

25 Years Later, We’re All Trapped in ‘The Matrix’​

Playground bullies do prosper – and go on to earn more in middle age​

Missouri secretary of state says he does not have authority to block gubernatorial candidate with KKK ‘affiliation’

RFK Jr. is activating a whole new kind of political donor

With World's Attention on Gaza, ISIS Is Making a Global Comeback

Russian forces torture Moscow terror suspect by hooking his genitals up to 80v battery leaving him foaming at the mouth - and feed another his own EAR: Battered men appear in court as new footage emerges of the slaughter that killed at least 140

Moscow shooting a ‘deliberate provocation by Putin’s special services,’ says Ukraine’s military intelligence

VOLD'S FURY Volodmyr Zelensky brands Putin a ‘low-life b*****d’ for trying to blame Ukraine for ISIS Moscow massacre that killed 137

Putin says gunmen who raided Moscow concert hall tried to escape to Ukraine. Kyiv denies involvement

VLAD VOWS REVENGE Putin says Moscow concert hall gunmen who killed 133 tried to flee to UKRAINE despite ISIS claiming terror attack

Poland to demand explanation from Moscow after missile breaches its airspace during Ukraine attack

Pope skips homily at start of busy Holy Week during Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s Square

Pope Francis Faces Growing Revolt

Senator, Meet Your New Fierce Lobbyist: Your Own TikTok-Watching Teen

NBC’s Chuck Todd Blasts Network as Backlash to Hiring Ex-RNC Chief Grows

Kari Lake, a Trump Acolyte, Struggles to Find Her Path

Lisa Murkowski, done with Donald Trump, won’t rule out leaving GOP

Britain risks losing power to control future lockdowns to WHO

Why Mike Johnson Can’t Run the House Without Democrats’ Help

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Candace Owens Attacks ADL Over 'Smear Merchant Guns'

Some nervous travelers are changing their flights to avoid Boeing airplanes

US FAA boosting oversight of United, may delay airline projects

With World's Attention on Gaza, ISIS Is Making a Global Comeback

Moscow shooting a ‘deliberate provocation by Putin’s special services,’ says Ukraine’s military intelligence

VLAD VOWS REVENGE Putin says Moscow concert hall gunmen who killed 133 tried to flee to UKRAINE despite ISIS claiming terror attack

Islamic State releases photo of alleged attackers in Russia shooting

Putin says gunmen who raided Moscow concert hall tried to escape to Ukraine. Kyiv denies involvement

Trump claims he has $500 million in cash, undercutting lawyers' claims on bond money

“Dumbest thing he could've done”: Experts say Trump’s Truth Social brag could backfire in court

Trump escalates solidarity with Jan. 6 rioters as his own trials close in

Marjorie Taylor Greene files motion to remove Speaker Mike Johnson

Johnson's margin drops to one vote as Gallagher heads for early exit

The double cancer blow to Kate and King Charles leaves Britain’s royal family depleted and strained

New York Attorney General takes initial step to prepare to seize Trump assets

The U.S. Faces the Same Risks Ancient Rome Faced in Caesar’s Day

Missouri secretary of state says he does not have authority to block gubernatorial candidate with KKK ‘affiliation’

Biden campaign puts Florida — sort of — in play

Millennials gave birth to 'Generation Alpha.' Are these kids already doomed?

‘We said no to Elvis Presley sweat and James Dean condoms’: the agent making a killing from dead celebrities

Why Did a Billionaire Snap Up Homes on a Sandbar in Duluth?

NBC hires former RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, who has demonized the press and refused to acknowledge Biden was fairly elected

A turbojet and 13 bombs: Iran's new 'Gaza' drone can threaten Israel

ESCAPE FROM HELL US veterans dodge gun-wielding kids & checkpoints to save civilians from Haiti’s gangs in daring SAS-style missions

The new Miami? Florida panhandle city of Pensacola sees swell in number of $1M homes sold as laid-back vibe, stunning beaches and great amenities attract glut of wealthy newcomers

Friday, March 22, 2024

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: I'm one of the leading experts on intermittent fasting. This is what I recommend after it was linked to heart attacks

Scientists are making a 'groundbreaking' lung cancer vaccine that could prevent up to 90% of cases​

The Language of Force: How the Police State Muzzles Our Right to Speak Truth to Power

TREASON! Nothing But Brazen, Reckless and Naked TREASON​

The Delusional Feminist Power Fantasy Relies On Male Charity And Tolerance​

Ivermectin Could Be a ‘Powerful Drug’ for Fighting Cancer, Here’s Why​

Why Is The National Guard Being Deployed During The Great American Eclipse On April 8th?​

"Everyone Is Panicking": Major Cocoa Processor Scrambles To Find Beans As Prices Hyperinflate​

BEWARE! The Ultimate Frequency Weapon of Mass Murder & Mind Control

JP Morgan To Launch Their Contactless And Facial Recognition Payment System In 2025​

Pope Francis: South American Migrants Are the ‘Suffering Flesh of Christ’​

Candace Owens Out at The Daily Wire After Months of Feuding With Ben Shapiro

I, ROBOT Chilling rise of Chinese humanoid robots with calls for one in EVERY home & workforce to be replaced with droid army

Inside the Operating Room: Doctors Test a Revolutionary Brain-Computer Implant

Tennessee becomes first US state with law protecting musicians from AI

Wendy’s is delivering food by drone for the first time — with one big catch

Apple's nightmarish year keeps getting worse

Instagram’s Sneaky Move to Limit Political Content Outrages Users

Lawmakers see rise in threatening messages as TikTok users swarm Congress

The U.S. Faces the Same Risks Ancient Rome Faced in Caesar’s Day

Exclusive: Texas AG Ken Paxton could see criminal charges dropped in deal with prosecutors

Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump in Eight Polls

'God gave us Trump': Christian media evangelicals preach a messianic message

Moscow shooting a ‘deliberate provocation by Putin’s special services,’ says Ukraine’s military intelligence

Russia says 60 dead, 145 injured in concert hall raid; Islamic State group claims responsibility

Moscow concert hall shooting: At least 60 dead after three gunmen 'in camouflage uniform' open fire on crowd in 'terror attack' as huge venue is engulfed in flames as survivors cower trying to escape massacre

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Illegal Immigrant Can Carry Guns: Federal Judge

Luxury home burglary wave: LAPD, Scottsdale police intensify efforts against organized South American gangs

US Warns of Cyberattacks Against Water Systems Throughout Nation

Tyson Foods Goes Woke: Fires Americans To Hire Illegals

9 in 10 Pregnant Women Missing Nutrients Vital to Baby’s Development: Study

Red Cross Does Not Sort Blood Donors by COVID Vaccination Status​

Airline CEOs Seek Meeting With Boeing Directors to Address Production Problems​

Did You Spot The Gorilla In The Fed's Meeting Room?​

Planet Fitness Bud Light’s Themselves!​

Tennessee Senate passes bill to end chemtrails…

Elon Musk unveils clip of his first human patient implanted with Neuralink brain-chip using 'telepathy' to play chess on computer just by thinking​

Gold prices have been hitting new highs — and the rally is far from over​

140+ House Democrats Demand Ability to Put Veterans on NICS Gun Ban​

Liz Warren And Socialist Pals Want To Normalize Confiscation Of Assets With 'Ultrarich' Tax​

Shocking moment TikTokker tells illegal immigrants how to 'invade' American homes and invoke squatter's rights as provocative video is viewed almost 4million times​

Biden forgives another $5.8 BILLION in student debt for nearly 78,000 borrowers: Here's whose loans have been wiped clean as president takes relief total to $143.6 BILLION​

Kyle Rittenhouse is chased off stage and heckled by BLM protesters during University of Memphis speech​

One in SEVEN boys under 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD - as doctors slam 'preposterously high' figure that is four-fold the prevalence in the UK

Twin studies find reason you cheat on your partner could be written in your DNA

Botox nearly killed me: Texas woman, 36, reveals how regular injections left her partially paralyzed and choking on spit​

World’s population to fall for first time since the Black Death

DOJ sues Apple over iPhone monopoly in landmark antitrust case

Republican trading firm owner and TikTok investor Yass emerges as top donor in US election

Trump Claims 2024 Will Be Rigged, Putting Republican Turnout at Risk

Dow closes near 40K as tech rally sets new records

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Washington Supreme Court: Bar exam will no longer be required to become attorney in Washington State

Is it long COVID or long vax? Does the government want to know?

Chemical in Water Bottles Linked to Child Obesity

Carcinogen linked to popular acne products, new report says

US Lawmaker Cited NYC Protests in a Defense of Warrantless Spying​

Biden's Big Brother teams are now watching what you BUY​

US Court Sides With Apple, Tesla, Other Tech Companies Over Child Labor in Africa​

Emotion-tracking AI on the job: Workers fear being watched – and misunderstood​

Who Could Have Predicted the U.S. War in Somalia Would Fail? The Pentagon.​

Disclosure and National Security: Should the U.S. Government Reveal What It Knows About UAP?

Why Congress needs a select committee to investigate UAP​

How Self-Compassion Can Help People Achieve Weight Loss Goals Despite Setbacks–and Resume Dieting Faster

Why Congress needs a select committee to investigate UAP​

How Self-Compassion Can Help People Achieve Weight Loss Goals Despite Setbacks–and Resume Dieting Faster​

The Latest Way in Which Corporate Mega-Stores Are Looking to Hurt Regular Americans​

Luxury home burglary wave: LAPD, Scottsdale police intensify efforts against organized South American gangs​

French Units In Ukraine Will Be 'Priority' Target, Warns Russia​

Veteran paratrooper reveals British special forces recovered a downed 'non-human' craft in northern England in late 1980s - supporting recent US whistleblowers' claims of a secret UFO crash retrieval program​

Misinformation Polly​

WEF-Linked Scientists Unveil Fake 'Meat' Made from Mold​

Globalists are constructing AI-powered control grid designed to end independent journalism and free speech on the internet

Average mortgage payment nearly doubled in last 4 years

Liberal Influencer Ignites Firestorm After Declaring Barron Trump ‘Fair Game’ on 18th Birthday

Longtime Trump employee: Mar-a-Lago culture would have led many to commit crimes

‘Very, very troubling’: Judges, lawyers flummoxed by Judge Cannon

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

How The Church of "Nice" Replaced The Church of Christ

LA battles spate of 'burglary tourists' as marauding gangs from Chile, Ecuador Colombia and Peru jet in on 90-day visas and ransack millionaire mansions before fleeing back to South America​

Why are middle-aged Americans so lonely — and what habits can we learn from Europeans?​

It's Not Coercion If We Do It...

"It's Like The Wild West": Crime And Violence On NYC Transit Underreported According To NYPD Source​

Chinese Auto Executive: 'Bloodbath' Coming for American Auto Industry​

Trump fails to secure bond for $454M judgment in civil fraud case as asset seizures loom​

The Unmitigated Racist Gall of Suggesting Haitians Give Up Cannibalism​

Brazilian heatwave leaves Rio sweltering in 62C

NOW AVAIL First ever over-the-counter birth control pill now sold in US and available on Amazon with Walmart & Walgreens to follow

A Jewish hands-on dad: why Aaron Taylor-Johnson would be a Bond like no other

Undocumented Immigrants Have Right to Own Guns, Judge Rules

Supreme Court Won’t Block Texas From Arresting, Deporting Immigrants

Record numbers of wealthy Americans are looking for ways to live overseas

More than 60% of US abortions in 2023 were done by pill, study shows

Trump-backed Bernie Moreno wins Ohio’s Republican Senate primary

Trump Criticizes Biden’s Plan on Israel War, Doesn’t Have One of His Own

The stock market’s performance under Biden is now better than under Trump. But a big factor is COVID’s toll in 2020.

US Warns of Cyberattacks Against Water Systems Throughout Nation

Key senator criticizes Mnuchin’s TikTok bid, ties to Gulf money

Why Zillow is worried about America’s housing market shakeup

Inside South Africa's 'whites only' town: Paralympian Ade Adepitan becomes first black person to stay in remote Afrikaners community of Orania for Channel 4 documentary - but gets thrown out of church after trying to speak with congregation

Scammers posted obituaries declaring them dead. They were very much alive

Uber-style pricing is coming for everything

E.U. antitrust chief previews a new era of Big Tech oversight

Monday, March 18, 2024

Could the next pandemic come from within? America is suffering dozens of lab leaks at dangerous virus hubs every year, 'startling' data shows

Biden Accused of Trying to Overthrow Netanyahu but the Plan Suffers a Setback​

Up to 20,000 prostate cancer diagnoses could have been missed during the pandemic, research suggests

Patients are delaying cancer checks because of difficulties booking GP appointments, damning study reveals

How to drink apple cider vinegar safely: As study suggests downing the liquid is a 'weight loss hack' we reveal the potential dangers​

"Reduce Poverty Migration To Zero" – German Politicians Propose Crackdown On Migrants Sending Billions To Their Home Countries​

REPORT: Self-Proclaimed Hezbollah Terrorist Arrested at Border in Texas​

Elliot Page: LGBTQQIAAP2S+-Themed Films Are Not 'Niche' Because 30% of Youth Are LGBTQQIAAP2S+​

Joe Biden's Deputies Quietly Block Haitian Exodus​

Pence: Trump Calling January 6 Rioters Hostages Is 'Unacceptable'​

Israeli Forces Fire on Palestinian Civilians Amid Aid Delivery Chaos​

The intermittent fasting trend may pose risks to your heart

Pro-Trump Michigan attorney arrested after hearing in DC over leaking Dominion documents

Biden And Trump Are Both Old – What Are The Actual Odds Either Survives Until 2029?

Maria Shriver and members of the Kennedy family join Biden to sign women's executive order and celebrate St Patrick's Day in snub to RFK Jr.

Mike Johnson's Problems Are About to Get Even Worse

Eric Adams accuser shares graphic details of alleged sexual assault in new suit, calls mayor a ‘predator’

Mystery as Barack Obama spotted outside No10 Downing Street for unannounced visit

King Charles declared 'alive' after Russian media shares fake death announcement

Trump fails to secure bond for $454M judgment in civil fraud case as asset seizures loom

EV startup Fisker to raise up to $150 million, pauses production

Strange structures discovered in the Pacific could change our understanding of Earth

While Earth enjoys an eclipse, a NASA probe is ready to ‘touch the sun’

Study: “Woke” attitudes linked to anxiety, depression, and a lack of happiness

Protesters Take to Streets in Cuba as Lights Go Out Across Island

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Tapeworms found in Florida man’s brain linked to undercooked bacon

Higher Mortality Found Among Vaccinated Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19: New Study​

Global cancer phenomenon: It's not just America... the UK, Japan, South Africa and Australia are among dozens of countries suffering mystery spikes of all different kinds of tumors in young people

The Alleged superpower, USA, No Longer Has a Military​

A Woke Military Is Not a Fighting Force​

Meritless diversity hires​

Rainbow book bus brings ‘banned’ books to Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ community​

The Ugly History of Vaccines: Part 1​

Russia is NOT Anti-NWO: Bans VPNs, Builds 15-Minute Cities​

Candace Owens: France’s First Lady EXPOSED​

What Will Happen When They Give The Green Light To Millions Of Radicals To Cause Widespread Chaos All Over America?​

70% Or More Of F-35s May Not Be Combat-Capable​

Netanyahu snaps back against growing US criticism after being accused of losing his way on Gaza​

Deflation of a Nation​

Phalanx CIWS Costs $3,500 Per Second In Ammo To Fire​

Why We as Christians Cannot Ignore the Misuse of Romans 13​

How the 'NASA Nazis' helped transform sleepy Alabama farming town into America's 'Rocket City' and win the Space Race - but dark legacy of 'our Germans' led by former SS officer remains divisive​

As Gaza war rages, U.S. military footprint expands across Middle East

Trump predicts the end of U.S. democracy if he loses 2024 election

How Trump Is Scrambling to Raise Cash

Creditors demand Rudy Giuliani sell his $3.5 million Florida condo to pay debts

Behind the scenes, Biden has grown angry and anxious about re-election effort

Behind the Breakup of Elon Musk and Don Lemon

TikTok’s American Growth Is Already Stalling

EXCLUSIVE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Expected to Tap Nicole Shanahan as Running Mate

Trump Calls for Liz Cheney and the Entire Jan. 6 Committee to Be Jailed

Donald Trump chillingly warns of a 'bloodbath' in the US if he isn't elected as president again

Saturday, March 16, 2024

The Great Resignation hits Congress: Lawmakers are quitting, too

French Government Weathered 48-hour Cyberattack: Minister

Apple Fails To Dismiss Lawsuit Claiming AirTags Are Weapon Of Stalkers: 'Determination Cannot Be Made At This Early Stage'

U.S. Supreme Court declines to intervene in lawsuit over West Texas A&M drag shows

Boeing Criminal Inquiry Expands With Subpoenas and Grand Jury

Apple reaches $490 million settlement over Tim Cook’s China sales comments

After 787 dive, Boeing alerts airlines to issue with pilot-seat switches

United Airlines Boeing plane loses external panel in flight

The 6% commission on buying or selling a home is gone after Realtors association agrees to seismic settlement

In this Ukrainian village, almost no men are left

Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter Ella Emhoff publicly raising money for relief group allegedly tied to Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel

Somali pirates begin hijacking ships again after Houthi attacks creates security vacuum

‘Devil comet’ could soon be visible to the naked eye. How to see it.

U.S. Is Investigating Meta for Role in Drug Sales

Exclusive-Musk's SpaceX is building spy satellite network for US intelligence agency, sources say

‘Twitter Files’ journalist Matt Taibbi: Musk proved to be ‘very disappointing’ on free speech issue

Tucker Carlson Duped By YouTubers Into Interviewing Fake Kate Middleton Whistleblower

Behind the Breakup of Elon Musk and Don Lemon

Suspect in custody after deadly Pennsylvania shootings, police say

Experts war-gamed what might happen if deepfakes disrupt the 2024 election. Things went sideways fast.

Why Working from Home Isn’t Working

The Incandescent Ban and the Lie of LED Efficiency

Why a Student With a 1590 SAT Score Was Rejected by 16 Colleges

2024 Federal Tax Brackets Are Out. Find Out Which Bracket You’re In—and Why Tax Rates Are So High

The Feds’ Vehicle ‘Kill Switch’ Mandate Is a Gross (and Dangerous) Violation of Privacy

Friday, March 15, 2024

Army Medic Exposes 973% Surge in Heart Failure in Navy Pilots

Judge Cannon rejects Trump’s attack on the Espionage Act

100 most obese cities in the US, according to new study

America's 2023 drug death hotspots revealed: CDC map shows states where overdoses have risen and fallen in past year... how did YOUR area fare?​

Flint water crisis led to spike in children with special needs and drop in school grades a decade later, according to research that likens fallout from disaster to Chernobyl​

The Israeli Lobby's Motive Promoting The TikTok Ban​

Illegal Immigrants Leave US Hospitals With Billions In Unpaid Bills​

US Industrial Production Sees More Downward Revisions (You Can't Make This Up)​

Zero. That’s how much 28% of the country has saved for retirement.

After 787 dive, Boeing alerts airlines to issue with pilot-seat switches

Boeing whistleblower John Barnett ‘made powerful enemies’ before his death, as workers ‘skeptical’ he killed himself

New Far-Right Conspiracy Claims Boeing’s Accidents Are Intentional

Mike Pence's Refusal to Endorse Trump Ignites MAGA Rage

Trump’s Cabinet of Horrors

Tucker Carlson Duped By YouTubers Into Interviewing Fake Kate Middleton Whistleblower

Americans Can’t Tell The Difference Between Facts And Opinions, Study Explains

American Debt Stings Like Never Before in New Era for Households

Florida House Prices Fall as Homeowners Desperately Try to Sell

Realtors Reach Settlement That Will Change How Americans Buy and Sell Homes

The 6% commission on buying or selling a home is gone after Realtors association agrees to seismic settlement

Real estate lawsuit settlement upends decadeslong policies that helped set agent commissions

Chinese Mogul Funneled Millions to Bannon, Fox, Gettr, Docs Show

Partisans are equally likely to say the other candidate is ‘too corrupt’

‘Civil War’ Director Blasts “Incredibly Dangerous” Political Divide in Interview

A Civil-War Movie With No One Worth Cheering

‘Civil War’ First Reactions From Premiere: “Scary as Hell Cautionary Tale”

Judge delays start of Trump's New York hush money trial

A significant setback for Fani Willis

Nathan Wade resigns after judge says Fani Willis and her office can stay on Trump Georgia 2020 election case if he steps aside

McConnell wants a policy-free midterm campaign. Others in the GOP are less sure.

What to know about judge’s ruling allowing Fani Willis to stay on Trump’s Georgia election case

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Florida Deploys Officers, Fleet to Halt Potential Haitian Influx

Airlines Want to Stop ‘Travel Hack’ JSX From Luring Rich Flyers Away

'America needs to wake up': Doctors and politicians praise England's 'landmark decision' to ban puberty blockers for children over fears about drugs' long-term harms - as they call for similar in US​

Generation Insomniacs: 80 PERCENT of US teens aren't getting enough sleep, says shock new report - and it's because they're so depressed​

85-mile stretch in Louisiana known as 'Cancer Alley' sees rates of disease and birth defects up to SEVEN TIMES the national average in its 1.5million population​

Man diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at 29 fears his 's*** diet' of Subway sandwiches and steaks caused disease that is spiking in young people​

Horrified mom finds huge parasitic WORM in two-year-old daughter's diaper - which CDC says she caught from pigs on family farm​

American Cattle Rancher Exposing That They’ve All Been Sold Out​

Weaponized Immigration as a Form of Asymmetrical Warfare Against America​

Ron DeSantis sends soldiers, aircraft to 'protect' Florida from illegal immigrant boats amid Haiti's 'low grade civil war'​

In bloody Haiti, a 'cannibal' gang and its ‘Barbecue' leader

100 Most Obese U.S. Cities: America’s Weight Problem Centers In The South

D-FW leads all metro areas in population growth, adding 152,000 new residents

Duty, Honor, Outrage: Change to West Point’s mission statement sparks controversy

Election disinformation takes a big leap with AI being used to deceive worldwide

PLEASURE TOWER Stunning plans for $12bn skyscraper CASINO that would change iconic NY skyline forever…but only after a major law change

Scientology Scores A First Amendment Win Over Leah Remini, But Harassment Claims Against Church Still Stand, Judge Rules

Lyft and Uber say they’ll leave Minneapolis after city requires drivers to be paid more

Python farming could offer one of the most sustainable sources of meat in the world, according to a new study

GOP nominee to run North Carolina public schools called for violence against Democrats, including executing Obama and Biden

X Removes Graphic Video Elon Musk Shared Over Rules Violation

Schumer signals slower pace on TikTok measure in the Senate​

TikTok Turns to Creators to Fight Possible Ban

Trump-backed Senate candidate faces GOP worries that he could be linked to adult website profile

‘Civil War’ First Reactions From Premiere: “Scary as Hell Cautionary Tale”

Who will win the 2024 US presidential election?

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Texas Judge Orders Joe Biden to Continue Building Border Wall

Boeing is in big trouble​

Boeing whistleblower John Barnett found dead in US

Exclusive: Johnson, Green, Jordan Blame Mayorkas for Border Deception​

TikTok ban moves forward as House passes bill; fight shifts to Senate

Inside the dark and toxic underbelly of kids TV: Haunting documentary exposes rampant 'abuse, pedophilia, and child PORN' behind Nickelodeon's most popular TV shows - as actor Drake Bell details the 'brutal' assaults he suffered while filming at AGE 15​

Nearly 30% of Gen Z women identify as LGBTQ, Gallup survey finds​

Time For A Backyard Chicken Coop? Supermarket Egg Prices Soaring Once-Again​

House Passes TikTok Divestment Bill; Massie, Musk Rail Against 'Trojan Horse' First Amendment Implications​

Vitamin D Could Help Treat Young People With Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Insulin Production

Riley Gaines Explains How Women's Sports Are Rigged To Promote The Trans Agenda​

Inside Saudi Arabia’s plan to dominate mining

Foreign governments face ban on owning British newspapers - effectively blocking Abu Dhabi-led Telegraph takeover

Boeing ERASED video of workers 'fixing' Alaska Airlines door plug six months before it blew off mid flight and have no records of repairs were done, NTSB claims

United Boeing 777 is forced to land after hydraulic fluid leak during takeoff - the FIFTH safety incident in week that included suicide of whistleblower - as airline tells aviation giant to STOP making its delayed 737 Max 10s

Mexico's most dangerous drug cartel 'using AI to expand criminal empire'

Physical Intelligence Is Building a Brain for Robots

World’s first major act to regulate AI passed by European lawmakers

85-mile stretch in Louisiana known as 'Cancer Alley' sees rates of disease and birth defects up to SEVEN TIMES the national average in its 1.5million population

Death of beaten Oklahoma nonbinary teen ruled a suicide

Nearly 30% of Gen Z women identify as LGBTQ, Gallup survey finds

Protect Earth Instead Of Colonising Mars, Obama Says

Elon Musk Gets Testy with Don Lemon: ‘I Don’t Have to Answer Questions from Reporters’

NOT DON YET Don Lemon pressed Elon Musk on ketamine & Trump meeting in interview before ex CNN anchor’s show partnership was axed

Biden blasts 'loser' Trump as campaign slugfest intensifies

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Official "Let My People Go" Full Length Documentary

The 4 Big Questions the Pentagon’s New UFO Report Fails to Answer​

The Great Ponzi Scheme​

Over 140,000 Farms Lost in 5 Years​

Wall Street Mega Banks Have Created a Circular Firing Squad with Credit Derivatives and Capital Relief Trades – with the Fed’s Blessing

Star Wars child actor Jake Lloyd's mom gives rare health update on his rehab after he suffered a psychiatric break that led to schizophrenia diagnosis​

Family's shock after Ashley Timbery suddenly collapsed and later died due to mystery bacteria that attacked her internal organs​

There's No Excuse For Being Clueless

Alarm over forever chemicals as scientists find 'clear' proof the toxic chemicals lurking in our blood can harm the heart​

Using weed during pregnancy may raise risk of child having autism or ADHD by 30%, large review warns - is this partly why rates of both conditions are rising in US?​

Patients' anguish as FDA delays decision to approve Eli Lilly's 'life-changing' Alzheimer's drug - due to concerns about deadly side effects and how medicine was tested​

Huge push to get 900,000 young adults in 'Wakefield Generation' vaccinated against MMR amid worst measles outbreak in a decade​

Automakers Are Sharing Consumers’ mkDriving Behavior With Insurance Companies​

$20 Cheeseburglar Raids Pockets​

Why Walmart's quick success in gen AI search should worry Google​

A Financial Writer at New York Times Admits He’s Been Misrepresenting Bank Capital for 14 Years

FDIC Data Contradicts Fed Chair Powell: Shows Real Estate Problems Have Skyrocketed at Largest U.S. Banks, Not  the Smaller Regionals

Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s Treasury Secretary/Foreclosure Kingpin, Joins with Hedge Fund Guys to Grab a Teetering, Federally-Insured Bank for $2 a Share

Wall Street Mega Banks Have Created a Circular Firing Squad with Credit Derivatives and Capital Relief Trades – with the Fed’s Blessing​

The Fed Pretends to Send a Warning to Wall Street’s Mega Banks on Derivatives and Counterparty Risk

‘I’d rather die hot than live ugly’: Tanning mania returns

What Deathbed Visions Teach Us About Living

Terrorists Using Fake IDs To Cross Border Raises Red Flags for FBI Director

Biden Finds $300 Million In More Arms For Ukraine Even As Pentagon's Own Stockpile Diminished​

FAA Audit Finds Dozens Of Boeing 737 Max Production Issues, NYT Reports​

'Weekend In Ohio': Two Women Charged With "Gross Abuse Of A Corpse" After Driving Dead Man To Bank To Make Withdrawal​

Florida entrepreneur documents his heartbreaking battle with lymphoma in his 20s - as doctors warn cancer patients keep getting younger: 'I had to sit with my father and write my will at 25'​

Sneezing already? Doctors are seeing 'unusually' high levels of patients with severe allergies BEFORE spring - as they explain why symptoms may feel worse this year​

America's deadly TAP WATER problem: CDC says bacterial infection that spreads through showers, faucets and AC units has killed 80 and hospitalized 500 in US​

Ohio mom reveals 'heartbreak' after son was diagnosed with DEMENTIA at age EIGHT - as she shared the subtle symptom that led to the 'nightmare diagnosis'​

Revealed: How 350 young adults are still getting hooked on smoking every day​

Diet experts slam Robert Downey Jr's new health book for spreading 'harmful misinformation' - like telling readers to eat TREE BARK​

Psychiatrist said he would lose 75% of his patients if people made these two lifestyle changes

Monday, March 11, 2024

Planned Parenthood Aims to Sterilize Young Men

Biden Crashes After SOTU: Struggle to Read Teleprompter Is Concerning and Jill's Face Is Something Else​

Annenberg Public Policy Center Undermines US CDC VAERS​

Do they know something we don't? American titans Jeff Bezos, Leon Black, Mark Zuckerberg, Jamie Dimon and Walmart's Walton family sell a staggering $11 BILLION in stock - as billionaires cash out before looming election​

Teen girl is left in critical condition after high school mob beatdown in Missouri - as shocking footage shows her head being repeatedly slammed against concrete until she blacks out​

About 38 Black-On-White Homicides, Including a White Man Trying to Apologize to a Black Women for Minor Fender Bender​

Nearly 107 Million Americans Do Not Have A Job Right Now

How 'Trusted' Christian Pastors Coerced Congregations To Take Deadly COVID Vaccines Resulting In Untold Deaths​

Can Americans Have Hope?​

Another lens into the rightward shift of Black and Hispanic Americans

Proliferating 'news' sites spew AI-generated fake stories

America’s election chiefs are worried AI is coming for them

Automakers Are Sharing Consumers’ Driving Behavior With Insurance Companies

Brazil’s staggering dengue fever crisis is a warning to the world

JUST IN: Deadspin Sold By G/O Media, Entire Staff Laid Off

Exclusive: U.S. Must Move ‘Decisively’ to Avert ‘Extinction-Level’ Threat From AI, Government-Commissioned Report Says

U.S. ‘prepper’ culture diversifies amid fear of disaster and political unrest

US spy agencies say country faces 'increasingly fragile world order'

Macron on brink of kickstarting WW3 with 'empty' boots on the ground threat to Russia

Russia’s air power roars back into the war with devastating guided bombs

Bloodbath at RNC: Trump team slashes staff at committee

Trump’s Campaign Is So Poor He Might Not Be Able to Hold His Beloved Rallies, Says MSNBC Reporter

Former advisers sound the alarm that Trump praises despots in private and on the campaign trail

Trump’s Jaw-Dropping Praise For Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler Revealed By Ex-Chief of Staff John Kelly

Exclusive: ‘Trump Employee 5,’ who unknowingly helped move classified documents, speaks out

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Alaska Supreme Court rules law enforcement must have warrant to use aircraft, zoom lenses

US senators reintroduce bill to make daylight saving time permanent​

Dramatic moment Russians 'destroys two $400m US-made Patriot surface-to-air missile systems in one hypersonic Iskander strike' in costly blow to Ukraine​

Joe Rogan says Karine Jean-Pierre was an 'identity hire' and the WORST White House spokesperson in history​

Brazil’s staggering dengue fever crisis is a warning to the world

Russian weatherman: Conditions 'ideal' for nuclear strike on NATO

Tesla and Apple's China sales plunge as Chinese told to ditch Western products

America has descended into a new Red Scare

Saudi King Calls For End To 'Heinous Crimes' In Gaza In Ramadan Message

US military evacuates staff, adds security at embassy in Haiti

Gangs attack police stations in Haiti as Caribbean leaders call an emergency meeting Monday

How Haiti's Gangs Grew Into 'Frankenstein' Monsters

Pope says Ukraine should have 'courage of the white flag' of negotiations

Zelenskyy dismisses Pope Francis's call for Ukraine to negotiate peace with Russia

WE WON'T STOP Spring Break revelers ignore crackdown effort as they pound drinks & film sand-wrestling battles in raucous 1st weekend

First-of-its-kind blood test to revolutionize detection of psychiatric disorders

Guests at Johnson County GOP event punch, kick effigy of President Joe Biden

Trump’s Illinois delegates: Some tout election denials, others claim vaccines were useless or QR codes lead to government tracking

The Republican Rep Who Keeps Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

FIREWORKS! George Stephanopoulos Battles Nancy Mace in Explosive Showdown About Her Backing Trump — Despite Jury Finding He’s Liable for Rape

Proliferating 'news' sites spew AI-generated fake stories

‘Oppenheimer’ wins best picture at Academy Awards, Emma Stone takes best actress

Why Some 20-Somethings Are Saying No to TikTok

Less money, less house: How market forces are reshaping the American home

'Buy now, pay later' goes from niche to normal as young people use it for daily essentials

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Justice Department Opens Probe, Interviews Crew in Alaska Airlines Blowout

When Hollywood was actually pumping out Soviet propaganda

A Mistake in a Tesla and a Panicked Final Call: The Death of Angela Chao

DeSantis faces pushback in Florida as voters tire of war on woke

‘You can’t get rid of us’: Spring breakers unbothered by Miami Beach trying to keep them away

Gangbangers openly sell fake IDs, green cards to migrants on NYC streets as officials warn of danger

Mexican cartel members laugh after helicopter carrying three US soldiers crashes

Spring Break has ‘never been so dangerous’ as students face massacre from warring cartels

Lara Trump's RNC Takeover Sparks Fury From Some Republicans

The 10-Year-Old Boy Who Has Become the Face of Starvation in Gaza

Israeli protesters block Gaza aid trucks and hold dance parties on border

‘Ramadan Is a Month of Jihad’: Houthis Stage Massive Anti-American Rallies in Yemen

Jamie Dimon and Ray Dalio Warned of an Economic Disaster That Never Came. What Now?

Americans Don’t Care as Much About Work. And It Isn’t Just Gen Z.

Kellyanne Conway advocating for TikTok on Capitol Hill

Why Some 20-Somethings Are Saying No to TikTok

'Prepping' for disaster diversifies as more Americans lose trust

Irish Votes on Women, Family Defeated in Surprise Blow to PM

Inside Trump's TikTok flip-flop

There’s one man in the way of Trump’s return to the White House – and it’s not Biden

Chinese Buying Set the Stage for Gold’s Latest Record Run

Pope says Ukraine should have 'courage of the white flag' of negotiations

Haitians shot dead in street and there’s no one to take the corpses away

LAPD suggests protester group wants to ‘stop’ the Oscars ceremony: report

Turkey’s Erdogan says upcoming local elections will be his last

Friday, March 8, 2024

Human Traffickers And Drug Cartels Are In Full Control Of The US Border

The Federal Reserve System as the Fulcrum of Corruption​

BOMBSHELL – 320,000 Illegals Flown In – Awaken with JP​

The Death of America Written on Their Hearts​

Powell Says "There WILL be bank failures"​

Credit Card Debt Jumps To New All-Time High, As Card Rates Rise To New Record​

1,500 year old Ceramic Maya Figurine with Removable Helmet that looks like a sound device​

February Jobs Soar By 275K, Smashing Estimates, But January Revised Sharply Lower And Unemployment Rate Jumps To 2 Year High​

Nancy Pelosi Angry That Laken Riley's Killer Was Described As An "Illegal"

Harvard University, Formerly a Great Institution of Learning, now Corrupted by Money

Gold Star Dad Arrested After Heckling Biden Over Son's Death In Botched Afghanistan Withdrawa​l

The federal government has now admitted that it has been actively flying illegal immigrants directly into the United States​

Aspartame Gate: When Donald Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle​

Republican Leaving Congress Over 'Rumors'

U.S. job growth totaled 275,000 in February but unemployment rate rose to 3.9%

Nikki Haley’s Last Dance (Or, the Hillary Clinton of It All)

Tearful Ronna McDaniel hands RNC reins over to Lara Trump, Michael Whatley at Houston ‘coronation’

No Labels Considering Georgia Republican Geoff Duncan to Lead ‘Unity’ Presidential Ticket

U.S. Spy Agencies Know Your Secrets. They Bought Them.

‘911’ Actor’s Lawsuit Over COVID Vaccine Firing Heads to Trial in Major Test for Studios

TV Ratings: State of the Union Address Draws 32M, Up Double Digits

Joe Biden’s State Of The Union Address Draws 32.2 Million Viewers, Up 18% Over Last Year

At least 5 killed after airdropped aid falls on them in Gaza

Hamas Sees Biden's Gaza Aid Plan as 'Positive Step'

Biden blames ‘eavesdropping’ media after Netanyahu needs ‘come to Jesus’ moment hot-mic snafu

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Castrating Kids To Win Elections

10,000 steps really could keep you from an early death - especially if you're sitting all day​

William Way funding: Congress strips LGBTQ center earmark over 'sex parties'​

New York Governor calling in in National Guard to help curb crime in NYC subways​

Top scientist warns AI could surpass human intelligence by 2027 - decades earlier than previously predicted​

Chinese 'snakehead' gangs are working WITH the cartel to bring migrants into the US - as others walk in LEGALLY with help of CBP One app​

UK drone test squadron fails to register a single test since forming in 2020: Procurement minister​

EXCLUSIVE: Strykers with 50-kilowatt lasers in CENTCOM for experiment, Army No. 2 says​

EU Passes Flagship Nature Restoration Law Amidst Protests, Allows For Massive Land Grabs And Heavy Restrictions On Farmers

Canada Moves to Ban Christianity​

"Plane Was Nosediving": United Airlines Boeing 737 Engine Erupts In Flames Over Texas​

Bernhard Goetz​

'Crumbs of freedom': Saudi sisters prove limits of social change

Single dose of LSD provides immediate and lasting relief from anxiety, study says

Mexico’s most dangerous city for police refuses to give up or negotiate with cartels

The Terrifying A.I. Scam That Uses Your Loved One’s Voice

Top scientist warns AI could surpass human intelligence by 2027 - decades earlier than previously predicted

Sexually transmitted infections surge in Europe, latest data shows

Apple's movies are box-office duds. Apple says they're profitable. Huh?

Donald Trump using makeup and hair 'to look younger' than Joe Biden as age concerns mount

CENTER OF ATTENTION Extreme efforts to make Joe Biden look young during campaign can backfire as he faces State of the Union, expert says

Macron: West may need to save Ukraine if Russia makes breakthrough

Republican billionaire with $33B TikTok stake ‘bullies’ lawmakers to stop bill forcing Chinese ByteDance sale

Thousands of children call Congress to save TikTok: Crying users 'hammer' lawmakers' phones from school and tell them to vote against bill that could ban the app because of links to China

Why Biden is making ‘freedom’ a central campaign focus: From the Politics Desk

Biden using State of the Union to contrast with Trump, sell voters on a second term

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Senator Ron Johnson on X: "For those who can't spend 4 hours watching the full roundtable event – Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding – here is a 14-minute edited version that captures many important points.

Biden says he'll 'get in trouble' for answering reporters' questions​

Send Your Neighbor To Prison For "WrongSpeak," Get $2,000 From Taxpayers in State of Washington​

VA Denies Removal Of Iconic WWII Kissing Photo After Rogue Woke Memo Circulates​

'Unconditional Surrender' Statue To Stay On Sarasota's Bayfront​

Nikki Haley to Exit Republican Presidential Race​

Dating apps have gotten so bad that speed dating is in again

A US Army Composed of Immigrant-invaders?​

Trans Joker Movie The People's Joker Being Released Despite Warner Bros.' Copyright Objections​

Dating apps have gotten so bad that speed dating is in again

Missile explodes near Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's meeting with Greek prime minister: Sources

City of peace and love votes for drug screening and more police surveillance

Ex-GOP Congressional candidate and ex-WWE wrestler endorsed by Trump turns himself in on MURDER charge in Las Vegas after 47-year-old man was found dead in Resorts World hotel room

Ex-congressional candidate wanted in connection with a Strip slaying turns himself in

Democrats’ latest problem: 1 in 5 Latino voters are considering switching parties

Democrats ready to hit panic button in Trump-Biden race

Melania Trump missing from Donald’s Super Tuesday victory party, sparks marital woes concerns

Trump BEGS for a Debate With Biden After Skipping Every Primary Debate

Trump allies on the Republican National Committee want to help pay his legal bills

If Trump is reelected, Americans are planning to flee in droves

U.S. fears Haiti could fall ‘at any time’ as doubts grow over Biden’s backup Kenya plan

UPDATE 12-Nikki Haley ends White House bid, clearing path for a Trump-Biden rematchss

Tesla is not one of the 10 largest U.S. companies for first time in 13 months

A Tesla bull turns bearish, and warns EV maker could lose money this year

Argentina's 'troll' president: Milei takes aim at rivals online

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Braindead American Foreign Policy Establishment

Illegal Immigration Is an American Profit-Making Industry​

Why "They" Are Still Running Nikki Haley​

SCOTUS Rules States Cannot Disqualify Trump from 2024 Ballot​

Americans more miserable than people in Zimbabwe and El Salvador: Global report says erosion of family values, working from home and junk food are depressing the West​

Chaos At Georgia Six Flags As Violent Mob Invades - Ends In Shootout With Police​

Western Governments Have Declared Open Season on Their White Citizens​

Trump slurs speech and mangles words in NC rally ahead of Super Tuesday​

The Golden Age of American Jews Is Ending​

America's Amusement Park Holocaust​

The Data is Clear: People Are Having Less Sex

'We Have Liftoff!' - Spot Gold Takes Out Record High​

Elon Musk says 'the groundwork is being laid for something far worse than 9/11' after Biden administration ADMITTED flying 320K unvetted migrants into the US has national security 'vulnerabilities'​

Drinking seven cans of Diet Coke per week linked to deadly heart condition suffered by President Joe Biden, study warns​

Supreme Court temporarily BLOCKS Texas from enacting new law that would allow cops to arrest and detain suspected illegal immigrants​

White Rural Voters are the Greatest Threat to Our Democracy?​

The Five FUBARs​

Tucker – Doug Macgregor​

Conspiracy Theories on the Right Are Finally Being Proven True​

NO THANKS I’ve correctly predicted presidents since 1984 – why I don’t expect Donald Trump to thank me in an unprecedented 2024

Centrist extinction looms as Sinema, Manchin, Romney call it quits

Biden and Trump are dominating Super Tuesday races and moving closer to a November rematch

Will Musk bankroll Trump? Billionaire holds meeting with ex-president as he considers whether to throw his $200b fortune behind efforts to remove Biden from White House

Vermont Presidential Primary Election Results 2024

Trump dominating Super Tuesday as he moves closer to Biden rematch

Monday, March 4, 2024

Why Is Congress Nuking Northeast Gasoline Reserve As Part Of Bill To Avert Shutdown?

Apple is fined $2BILLION by the EU for breaking competition laws and favoring its own streaming service over rivals​

Never Go Full Weimar: America's Monetary Base Has Grown 6 Times Larger Since 2008​

American Paralysis and Decline​

Giant blow for tissue maker Kleenex as lawsuit accuses company of polluting entire Connecticut town with cancer-causing PFAS chemicals​

Supreme Court is expected to rule on whether Donald Trump can hold office TOMORROW - just in time for Super Tuesday​


Cloward–Piven strategy​

Laken Riley's Mother: The Murder Was an 'Avoidable Tragedy'

Boss of 'Europe's Tesla' Tells EV Avoiders: Stop Being 'Scared of Change'

Stunning Admission: Fauci Admits COVID mRNA Vaccines Do Not Work

Reporters Without Shame: Top ‘Media Rights’ Organization Ignores Rampant Killings of Gaza Journalists​

The Braindead American Foreign Policy

The Data is Clear: People Are Having Less Sex

Residents of these 10 states are the most stressed out in America—New York and California didn’t make the list

Electric cars release MORE toxic emissions than gas-powered vehicles and are worse for the environment, resurfaced study warns

Jeff Bezos Surpasses Elon Musk as World’s Richest Person

ChatGPT-rival Anthropic releases more powerful AI

Humanoid Robots at Amazon Provide Glimpse of an Automated Workplace

France becomes first country to put right to abortion in constitution

Detroit, Buffalo set record highs in 70s as warm air swarms Great Lakes

Trump slurs through speech after being mocked by Biden for mispronouncing Melania's name

It’s getting ugly, folks. Trump’s mental decline is no joke.​

The Return of the Clintons

A fifth of Trump supporters think he committed a serious crime

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Journalist Appears in Federal Court in Leg and Belly Chains to Face Jan. 6 Misdemeanors

Warning to men with beer bellies as scientists find protruding gut may raise the risk of dementia​

Latest Biden Remarks on Border Show Just How Deceitful He Can Be, Elon and the Internet Let Him Have It​

Germany Confirms Leaked Audio Of Its Top Generals Discussing Blowing Up The Crimean Bridge​

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Dangerous and Unnecessary​

NATO Nations Hit by GPS Attack Blamed on Russia​

Fed Chair Tight-Lipped on Foreign Nations’ Evacuation of Gold from U.S​.

The Blob Quivers​

This Won’t Stop Until We Do Something – Awaken with JP

Germany accuses Russia of "information war" after military recording

Wildfires ravage cattle country, threatening Texas’ agriculture economy

Texas Panhandle firefighters battle blaze before wind gusts return

Swiss Voters Back Higher Pensions, Reject Working Longer

Rival of Netanyahu visits US, signaling wider cracks in Israel’s wartime leadership

US says Israel has agreed to the framework for a Gaza cease-fire. Hamas must now decide

How a laid-back beach town became California’s MAGA stronghold

McConnell and Haley fight losing battles against Trump’s ‘America First’ worldview

Nikki Haley says she’s no longer bound by RNC pledge to endorse Trump if he wins

The Enormous Pressures About to Land on Judge Tanya Chutkan

GOLD RUSH Mark Zuckerberg among millionaires Doomsday prepping by hoarding gold as election & cell outages spark end-of-times fear

Hotshot Wharton professor sees $34 trillion debt triggering 2025 meltdown as mortgage rates spike above 7%: ‘It could derail the next administration’

Voters Are More Upbeat on Economy, but Biden Gets Little Benefit, WSJ Poll Shows

Majority of Biden’s 2020 Voters Now Say He’s Too Old to Be Effective

Jill Biden puts Donald Trump on notice as her campaign role comes into focus

Backlogged with blockbuster cases, Supreme Court takes on Trump

US Supreme Court to issue ruling; Trump ballot case looms

An anxiety drug has been linked to soaring overdoses. What’s going on?

‘It’s a rerun’: US cable news struggles for viewers fatigued by politics

Trump-Biden rematch hits overdrive with Super Tuesday, State of the Union

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Taibbi: MSNBC, Paul Krugman Panic Over "White Rural Rage"

'Killer' antibiotic that's STILL being prescribed to 15m Americans a year: Widow of singer Bobby Caldwell reveals how pills he was prescribed for a COLD left him paralyzed and with 'unbearable' nerve damage - leading to his untimely death​

America's alcohol epidemic: 500 dying per DAY from booze in latest figures... more than COVID now!​

Obesity now greater risk to global health than hunger for first time - with 1 BILLION too fat worldwide (and America's not even one of the worst!)​

Giant blow for tissue maker Kleenex as lawsuit accuses company of polluting entire Connecticut town with cancer-causing PFAS chemicals​

Prostate cancer is NOT just one disease: Huge breakthrough as scientists discover illness is actually split into two types - and it could save thousands of lives ​

California seized enough fentanyl in 2023 to kill the entire world population 'nearly twice over'​

I took the 'max strength' dose of Ozempic and lost 35lbs - from hair loss to diarrhea and 'next-level' exhaustion, here's what happened​

Jailed, released, jailed again: whiplash in a leading neo-Nazi’s legal case

Ex-Dodger Steve Garvey's remarkable rise to the top of poll in California U.S. Senate race

Appeals court ruling that vacates Capitol rioter's sentence could impact dozens of Jan. 6 cases

Biggest storm of winter to bury part of Sierra Nevada with over 100 inches of snow

A massive blizzard howls in the Sierra Nevada. High winds and heavy snow close roads and ski resorts

Paris is heading for an Olympic-sized disaster

As Sweden joins NATO, it bids farewell to more than two centuries of neutrality

Russia’s Next European Target: Moldova

Inside Ukraine’s last stand in Avdiivka and its ‘road of death’

US Defense Secretary issues chilling warning on NATO's looming war with Russia

What if no candidate wins 270 electoral votes?

GOLD RUSH Mark Zuckerberg among millionaires Doomsday prepping by hoarding gold as election & cell outages spark end-of-times fear

New York Times accused of racial targeting in leak hunt over Israel stories

Red Sea Conflict Threatens Key Internet Cables

US military aircraft airdrop thousands of meals into Gaza in emergency humanitarian aid operation

US says Israel has agreed to the framework for a Gaza cease-fire. Hamas must now decide

Voters Doubt Biden’s Leadership and Favor Trump, Times/Siena Poll Finds

Friday, March 1, 2024

There are growing calls for Google CEO Sundar Pichai to step down

Appeals court ruling that vacates Capitol rioter's sentence could impact dozens of Jan. 6 cases

Trump Florida case still without a trial date; Georgia judge hears summations in misconduct allegations against Fani Willis: Highlights

'She sits in a tough chair': Meet Susie Wiles, the operative trying to guide Trump through four indictments to the White House

Trump Warns of Big Losses From Asset Sales During Property Slump

How Biden aides are trying to shield the president from protests

The private chats and chance encounters that shape Joe Biden’s thinking

FBI Arresting Reporter Sparks MAGA Outrage

Obesity drugs will not solve our billion-person problem, warns WHO

Ozempic is coming for gyms. Here’s how they’re responding

More Than 1 Billion People Worldwide Suffer From Obesity

Obesity now greater risk to global health than hunger, study finds

Signs of Trouble at Regional Banks Reignite Sector Fears

The U.S. national debt is rising by $1 trillion about every 100 days

There are growing calls for Google CEO Sundar Pichai to step down

Inside the Crisis at Google

Gov. Abbott says Texas wildfires may have destroyed up to 500 structures

Sitting all day linked to an early death — and exercise won’t help

Elon Musk sues OpenAI accusing it of putting profit before humanity

California closes Miracle Hot Spring tourist spot - beloved by hippies for its 'healing minerals' after body is found floating in water: Victim is second person to have died there in two years

AI Is Taking Water From the Desert

Blockbuster blizzard is slamming California with 12 feet of snow possible, 100-mph wind gusts

Hamas delegation meets with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister - report

U.S. to Deliver Aid to Gaza Through Military Airdrops

It’s Official: We Can Pretty Much Treat Covid Like the Flu Now. Here’s a Guide.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Migrant Gang Rape Of Child In Italy Prompts CNN To Worry About "Far-Right"

Mitch McConnell to step down from Republican Senate leadership​

Apple Investors Reject Call for Report Into Company’s AI Use

Catherine Austin Fitts shreds Trump acolyte in the most brutal 7 minutes you will find on the internet

Creator of D-Wave: Artificial Intelligence is the "altar of an alien god"

Ultra-processed food linked to 32 harmful effects to health, review finds

NYC millionaire couple are left horrified after buying their dream $2M house for them and their Down Syndrome son only to find a SQUATTER who claims he's the caretaker, tries to rent out rooms for $50 per night and has refused to leave for FOUR MONTHS

US74333VAN47 - PROGRESS RESIDENTIAL 2021-SFR3 PROG 2021-SFR3 F Stock - Stock Price, Institutional Ownership, Shareholders​

Attempts to hire a hearse to take Navalny to his own funeral have been blocked -spokesperson

Putin's paedophiles, murderers and CANNIBALS who have been let out of prison to fight in Ukraine…and are now rampaging and slaughtering in Russia after surviving six months on the front line

Vladimir Putin's nuclear targets mapped: The 14 US locations in Russia's crosshairs

Citing ‘black eye’ on justice, DeSantis signs bill to unseal secret Jeffrey Epstein files

Biden and Trump trade accusations at southern border

EXCLUSIVE-FDA finds problems at animal lab run by Musk’s brain implant company

Florida Homeowners Are Desperately Trying to Move Out

Forget California exodus. New Jersey residents lead an influx back into the Golden State

‘It’s Like Survivor’: Cable News Braces For The Great Pay Cut

Fierce storm in California's Sierra likely to have 'long-lasting disruptions to daily life'

Biggest storm of winter to bury part of Sierra Nevada with over 100 inches of snow

VLAD'S RED BUTTON Putin threatens to NUKE the West after accusing Nato of planning to strike Russia in rambling speech

Deadly Texas wildfire torches 1 million acres – the largest blaze in state history – as more infernos rage

Smokehouse Creek Wildfire is largest in Texas HISTORY as 1.1 million acres of charred Panhandle are followed by SNOW: Flurries blanket scorched earth after fatal inferno the size of Rhode Island kills 1 - with smoke seen 7 HOURS away in El Paso

Smokehouse Creek Fire in Texas explodes to become second-largest wildfire in U.S. history after burning 1.1 million acres

Texas battles historic wildfires as snow covers scorched land in the Panhandle

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Pervert's Paradise: Porn Industry Races to Capitalize on AI Video Generation

The ‘greenest’ car in America might surprise you

AMERICA: You are being slowly set up for an apocalyptic Republic-ending collapse


Some city employees' hours cut as part of Denver budget cuts

North Korea has sent 6,700 containers of munitions to Russia, South Korea says

Survivor of Mao's China tells Tucker Carlson the US is heading toward communism after rearing generations of 'Marxists' now running schools and colleges: 'It must be stopped!'

90% of tattoo ink contains chemicals that can cause ORGAN DAMAGE, study finds - with more Americans than ever now inked

California's Sierra Nevada mountains are warned to brace for up to TWELVE FEET of snow as snow storm brings 120mph winds and extreme blizzard conditions

Brazil starts mass vaccination amid upsurge in dengue fever

Entering a Global Great Depression

Pfizer and Moderna COVID Vaccines’ Efficacy Exaggerated, Effectiveness ‘Well Below’ 50 Percent, Researchers Say

Trump Undoes Executive Order To “Drain The Swamp” Hours Before Leaving Office

‘Uncommitted’ Campaign in Michigan Shatters Expectations Against Biden

Elon Musk Claims The New Tesla Roadster Hits 60 MPH In Less Than One Second

Trump ordered to pay full $454 million fraud judgment, but can apply for loans during appeal

Apple Investors Reject Call for Report Into Company’s AI Use

Ultra-processed food linked to 32 harmful effects to health, review finds

White powder letter sent to Trump judge at Manhattan chambers, source says

FT: Leaked files reveal Russian military's criteria for nuclear strike

Google CEO calls AI tool’s controversial responses ‘completely unacceptable’

Supreme Court Throws Huge Wrench Into Trump Trial Schedule

Supreme Court agrees to weigh Trump’s criminal immunity in historic case

Waning McConnell Is Last GOP Bulwark Against Trump Isolationism

McConnell will step down as the Senate Republican leader in November after a record run in the job

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

CIA Built "12 Secret Spy Bases" In Ukraine & Waged Shadow War For Last Decade, Bombshell NYT Report Confirms

The Holy Grail Of Neurotechnology

Boyzone’s Shane Lynch accuses Taylor Swift of performing demonic rituals at concerts

A Host Of Notable COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events, Backed By Evidence

A giant splash in the lake of fire: Jacob Rothschild Dies At 87

'Blood Money': How China Is Secretly Arming American Criminals

Mercedes-Benz Scraps Plans to Make Only Electric Vehicles Due to 'Market Conditions'

Why the destruction of Christianity?

Trump Confirms Surprising List of Names on his Shortlist for Vice President

Comes Thermidor

Murder and Rape Legal for Lawless Migrants

Transgender Virginia state senator Danica Roem storms out of chamber after she was called SIR by state lieutenant Winsom Sears, who's up-and-coming GOP star

Scientists confirm what women have always known... men really DO 'let themselves go' after marriage

Texas bodybuilder, 35, suffers from heart failure after drinking ice cold WATER: Liquid kept hitting nerve at back of his throat and triggering underlying condition

Florida's measles outbreak continues to grow as two MORE children are diagnosed - as state's surgeon is accused of fueling crisis by allowing unvaccinated kids to go to school

Competitive swimmer, 21, had a stroke at graduation - and her doctors suspect it was a rare side effect of the pill

Poison center calls for 'magic mushrooms' spiked after decriminalization, study finds

Israel and Hamas indicate no deal is imminent after Biden signals Gaza cease-fire could be close

First M1 Abrams Tank Destroyed In Ukraine Shortly After Appearance On Battlefield

WTF Is Going On With The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Data?

This Is Nuts – An Entire Market Chasing One Stock

US Home Prices Rose For 11th Straight Month In December, But...

Female Genital Mutilation Is Also A European Issue

Study Finds Increasing Time Between COVID Vaccine Doses Reduces Risk Of Myocarditis, Yet Cardiologists Raise Concerns

Israel Attacks Lebanon's Bekaa Valley For First Time Of War, 100km From Border

"I'm Done With Google": Wholesale Loss Of Trust After "Unbelievably Irresponsible" Racist AI Goes Mask-Off

FAA Finds 17 Corrective Actions For SpaceX After Second Starship Explosion

Nolte: Disney+ Faces ‘Wave of Subscriber Cancellations’ Over Price Increases

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