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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Pervert's Paradise: Porn Industry Races to Capitalize on AI Video Generation

The ‘greenest’ car in America might surprise you

AMERICA: You are being slowly set up for an apocalyptic Republic-ending collapse​


Some city employees' hours cut as part of Denver budget cuts​

North Korea has sent 6,700 containers of munitions to Russia, South Korea says​

Survivor of Mao's China tells Tucker Carlson the US is heading toward communism after rearing generations of 'Marxists' now running schools and colleges: 'It must be stopped!'​

90% of tattoo ink contains chemicals that can cause ORGAN DAMAGE, study finds - with more Americans than ever now inked​

California's Sierra Nevada mountains are warned to brace for up to TWELVE FEET of snow as snow storm brings 120mph winds and extreme blizzard conditions​

Brazil starts mass vaccination amid upsurge in dengue fever​

Entering a Global Great Depression​

Pfizer and Moderna COVID Vaccines’ Efficacy Exaggerated, Effectiveness ‘Well Below’ 50 Percent, Researchers Say​

Trump Undoes Executive Order To “Drain The Swamp” Hours Before Leaving Office​

‘Uncommitted’ Campaign in Michigan Shatters Expectations Against Biden

Elon Musk Claims The New Tesla Roadster Hits 60 MPH In Less Than One Second

Trump ordered to pay full $454 million fraud judgment, but can apply for loans during appeal

Apple Investors Reject Call for Report Into Company’s AI Use

Ultra-processed food linked to 32 harmful effects to health, review finds

White powder letter sent to Trump judge at Manhattan chambers, source says

FT: Leaked files reveal Russian military's criteria for nuclear strike

Google CEO calls AI tool’s controversial responses ‘completely unacceptable’

Supreme Court Throws Huge Wrench Into Trump Trial Schedule

Supreme Court agrees to weigh Trump’s criminal immunity in historic case

Waning McConnell Is Last GOP Bulwark Against Trump Isolationism

McConnell will step down as the Senate Republican leader in November after a record run in the job

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

CIA Built "12 Secret Spy Bases" In Ukraine & Waged Shadow War For Last Decade, Bombshell NYT Report Confirms

The Holy Grail Of Neurotechnology

Boyzone’s Shane Lynch accuses Taylor Swift of performing demonic rituals at concerts

A Host Of Notable COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events, Backed By Evidence​

A giant splash in the lake of fire: Jacob Rothschild Dies At 87

'Blood Money': How China Is Secretly Arming American Criminals

Mercedes-Benz Scraps Plans to Make Only Electric Vehicles Due to 'Market Conditions'

Why the destruction of Christianity?

Trump Confirms Surprising List of Names on his Shortlist for Vice President​

Comes Thermidor​

Murder and Rape Legal for Lawless Migrants​

Transgender Virginia state senator Danica Roem storms out of chamber after she was called SIR by state lieutenant Winsom Sears, who's up-and-coming GOP star​

Scientists confirm what women have always known... men really DO 'let themselves go' after marriage​

Texas bodybuilder, 35, suffers from heart failure after drinking ice cold WATER: Liquid kept hitting nerve at back of his throat and triggering underlying condition​

Florida's measles outbreak continues to grow as two MORE children are diagnosed - as state's surgeon is accused of fueling crisis by allowing unvaccinated kids to go to school​

Competitive swimmer, 21, had a stroke at graduation - and her doctors suspect it was a rare side effect of the pill​

Poison center calls for 'magic mushrooms' spiked after decriminalization, study finds​

Israel and Hamas indicate no deal is imminent after Biden signals Gaza cease-fire could be close

First M1 Abrams Tank Destroyed In Ukraine Shortly After Appearance On Battlefield​

WTF Is Going On With The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Data?

This Is Nuts – An Entire Market Chasing One Stock​

US Home Prices Rose For 11th Straight Month In December, But...

Female Genital Mutilation Is Also A European Issue​

Study Finds Increasing Time Between COVID Vaccine Doses Reduces Risk Of Myocarditis, Yet Cardiologists Raise Concerns​

Israel Attacks Lebanon's Bekaa Valley For First Time Of War, 100km From Border​

"I'm Done With Google": Wholesale Loss Of Trust After "Unbelievably Irresponsible" Racist AI Goes Mask-Off​

FAA Finds 17 Corrective Actions For SpaceX After Second Starship Explosion​

Nolte: Disney+ Faces ‘Wave of Subscriber Cancellations’ Over Price Increases​

Monday, February 26, 2024


Bidenomics Fail: White House Plans Downshift In Electric Vehicle Transition As Demand Slides

Rolling Disaster: Ford Halts 2024 F-150 Lightning Shipments

FrankenSkies (2017 - Full Movie)

Doctor warns WHO pandemic treaty includes 'gain of function' data sharing​

WHO pandemic treaty: “Torrent of fake news” has put negotiations at risk, says WHO chief

Midwest and East Coast set to see the mercury soar 20 to 40 degrees above average as February ends with record-smashing warmth as low-pressure system sweeps across the U.S.​

Cruise ship 'hit by CHOLERA outbreak': Brits among thousands of passengers stuck in quarantine on Norwegian Dawn liner 'floating aimlessly' off coast of Africa after it was barred from docking in Mauritius 'to avoid health risks'​

Politico Reporter on MSNBC Frets That Christian Nationalists Believe Americans' Rights Come From God, Not the Government (VIDEO)​

“Waves of refugees in their millions will be unleashed…reaching far into…the USA”: Billy Meier, 1947​

Banks will 'tokenize' customer deposits to pave way for CBDCs​

Tesla rival BYD launches electric supercar that could take on Ferrari — for $233,000

He Uncovered a Rogue CIA Conspiracy. Then He Was Found Dead.

Taliban holds third public execution as thousands watch in football stadium

Big ab muscles could lead to heart disease for men

Police Bodycam Shows Sheriff Hunting for 'Obscene' Books at Library

Beverly Hills middle schoolers circulate AI-generated nudes of classmates

Russia looms over yet another Trump presidential campaign

Supreme Court justices express free speech concerns about GOP-backed social media laws

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs accused of sexual harassment and assault by producer on his latest album

Nato and EU states ‘considering sending troops to Ukraine’

Explosive device detonates outside Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall’s Office

Three Theories for Why Trump’s Primary Results Are Not Matching Expectations

Houthis knock out underwater cables linking Europe to Asia - report

Biden hopes cease-fire, hostage deal to pause Israel-Hamas war can take effect by next Monday

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Bill Gates Tells Al Jazeera How To Prepare For The ‘Next Pandemic’ And ‘To Moderate Some Of The Insanity’ Online

The Long War On White People​

Google's AI chatbot Gemini makes 'diverse' images of founding fathers, popes and vikings: 'So woke it's unusable'​

‘Cash in Envelopes’: How the US and UN Are Funding the Border Crisis​

'Who elected George Soros to dictate laws?': El Salvador President Bukele blasts global elites​

Putin’s Inability to Act Is Spinning the Ukraine Conflict Out of Control 

Why Possible Trump VP Pick Tulsi Gabbard Is Visiting Mar-a-Lago Soon​

Killing Us Softly - Part 1​

Squatters Are Taking Over Homes All Over The Nation On An Industrial Scale And Turning Them Into Dens Of Crime​

Expert on Squatters Warns Nation: We're in for a 'Nightmare' Once Illegal Immigrants Discover Housing Law Loopholes

New Footage Shows Ukraine’s U.S.-Supplied Abrams Tanks in First Combat: Images Fuel Speculation of Battlefield Loss

A Preliminary Study of a Lettuce-Based Edible Vaccine Expressing the Cysteine Proteinase of Fasciola hepatica for Fasciolosis Control in Livestock​

Institutional Review Board Waiver or Alteration of Informed Consent for Minimal Risk Clinical Investigations​

URGENT so you know how malevolent, malicious & deadly MODERNA, Pfizer, BioNTech CEOs (Bourla et al.) were in pushing the deadly Malone et al. mRNA technology vaccine; "While the CDC was urging parents to vaccinate their kids, Pfizer was studying how badly its mRNA COVID vaccine damaged children's hearts."

White Men Need Not Apply—In New York State, Hollywood, Or Google Gemini​

Why Pregnant Women Should Take Drastic Steps to Lower EMF Exposure During Pregnancy​

The Great Unretirement: How millions of senior Americans are heading back to work to pay the bills after soaring prices ate up retirement savings (though some just missed the buzz of the office)​

33 million Americans have been killed, injured or disabled by COVID vaccine, says Ed Dowd​


DIED SUDDENLY: Fauci Lied & Hundreds of Thousands of Children Died due to COVID Vaccination according to Secret CDC Report​

Tucker Interview Suggests America is No Longer a Democracy and 2024 Will be Stolen Just Like 2020​

Canadian Doctors Admit Covid 'Booster' Shot Paralyzed Woman, Offer to Euthanize Her to 'Make Up for It'​

Google's Woke AI Disaster Continues with Insane Text Responses​

Frustrated Jewish Harvard alum plan MASSIVE audit of classes and claim entire programs 'are built on anti-Semitic lies' as university allowed hatred to fester with little intervention by administrators

Saturday, February 24, 2024

"770 Unique Symptoms" - Mind Blowing COVID Vax Data Uncovered

KENNEDY: Sound the alarm, Joe! America's craven Left-wing media have FINALLY realized Biden's only fit to serve at the nursing home's ice cream buffet... and Kamala's as popular as headlice in a hat shop. But what took them so damn long?​

Governments And Media Continue To Ignore The Colossal Elephant In The Room

Sputnik on X: "US' lack of Ukraine peace efforts ‘all about the money’, Senator JD Vance says The Biden administration’s lack of effort to negotiate a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine is rooted in financial interests, US Senator JD Vance said during an interview at the…​"

"The Need for Chaos" - by David Haggith​

Canadian serial killer 'cannibal' who murdered at least 26 women and fed them to his pigs is now eligible to apply for PAROLE, outraging stricken relatives of his victims​

Bio warfare history

Map Shows Nearly All US States Bracing for New Storm

Tens of thousands of pharmacies across America unable to get prescriptions to patients after major cyberattack by 'foreign nation' - a day after cellphone services went down​

Was America Just Attacked? We Have Now Been Put On Notice That Our Communication Infrastructure Is Extremely Vulnerable​

Ukraine can deploy F-16s to attack deep inside Russia – NATO​

Wall Street Apes on X: "How Out Of Control Is The US Government? February 2024: Michigan State Board Of Education On Homeschool Registry Preparing To Conduct Warrantless Entry To People’s Homes Enrolled In Homeschool Board Speaking On Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel: “She basically said, we want…"

Majority of US Voters Believe Cheating Will Affect Outcome of 2024 Election - Only 37% Say It Is Not Likely - Mostly Democrats, Of Course

Former Democrat lawmaker endorses Trump for US president​

Google's AI chatbot Gemini makes 'diverse' images of founding fathers, popes and vikings: 'So woke it's unusable'

Tyranny Is Quickly Approaching​

Shared post - Israel Outraged as Brazil President Lula—Rightly—Compares Gaza Assault to Holocaust. PLUS: Coward & Fraud Bernie Sanders Refuses to Call for a Ceasefire. Latest on Assange Appeal​

Corporate Media Calls for Bans on Public Eating Meat to 'Address Climate Change': 'Cows Are the New Coal'​

Declassified documents reveal Project Horizon: The Lunar Outpost of the US Army​

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch )​

Alexei Navalny's Death And Curious Well-Timed Coincidences​

In 'Unprecedented' Move, CBS Seizes Confidential Files Of Fired Reporter Investigating Hunter Biden Laptop​

Rolling Disaster: Ford Halts 2024 F-150 Lightning Shipments​

*** Election Night Livewire *** Trump Looks for South Carolina Blowout​

UK and US bomb 18 targets in Yemen amid increase in attacks on cargo ships - after fresh Houthi strike on American fuel tanker​

General Wesley Clark - "We're Going to Take Out 7 Countries in 5 Years"​

Friday, February 23, 2024

To Understand The Globalists We Must Understand Their Psychopathic Religion

Once the darling of the EV world, the electric truck-maker Rivian is reeling

Meta’s Zuckerberg Seeks Out of Lawsuits Blaming Him for Instagram Addiction

Sick doomsday cult leader ‘forced followers to break their own legs with sledgehammers'

'Big brother' satellite capable of zooming in on ANYONE, anywhere from space is set to launch in 2025 - and privacy experts say 'we should definitely be worried'

Jury finds NRA and Wayne LaPierre liable in civil corruption trial

The hollowing out of Vice and BuzzFeed marks the end of the digital media revolution

Warner Bros. Discovery shares drop 10% as company misses estimates, warns of 2024 cash flow headwinds

Warner Bros. Touches All-Time Low on Ad Woes, Studio Weakness

Paramount Put on Negative Credit Watch by S&P Global

A cyclist, a gate and a pickup truck: Waymo cars keep hitting things

Male birth control pill without side-effects created in genetic breakthrough

February to end with record-smashing warmth in Midwest, Eastern U.S.

New Records Show Supreme Court's Sonia Sotomayor Took Unusual Step Of Traveling With A Medic

U.S. military tracking ANOTHER balloon: Pentagon scrambles jets to investigate high-altitude object of 'unknown origin' over Colorado

Military says high-altitude balloon detected over Western U.S. doesn't pose a threat

Trump threatens the biggest stock market crash in HISTORY if he loses to Biden and claims there are five things the DOJ could investigate Haley for in wild speech to MAGA fans before South Carolina primary

The more Americans that take Ozempic, the faster the US economy will grow, Goldman Sachs says

Is Everyone Angry? Toxic ‘Outrage Culture’ Consuming Society Like Never Before

The Americans Who Need Chaos

A New Orleans magician says a Democratic operative paid him to make the fake Biden robocall 

Biden's Job Approval Edges Down to 38%

Biden announces more than 500 new sanctions on Russia after Navalny’s death

Russia threatening to bury Navalny on prison grounds, team says

Amish Farmer Turned Republican Hero Becomes Flash Point in Culture War

Thursday, February 22, 2024

REVEALED: The truth about high cholesterol foods like eggs and cheese - and why they won't impact your heart health as much as you think

Incredible moment world's largest SNAKE is discovered by TV crew with 26ft beast as thick as a car tyre filmed in water​

Aluminum Prices Soar After Biden Says "Major" Sanctions Package Against Russia Is Imminent​

Ted Cruz says Dems would happily prop up Joe Biden's CORPSE and run Weekend at Bernie's-style White House to maintain their grip on power as 81 year-old faces calls to go​

US Hopes Assange Dies Before Trial, Says Human Rights Lawyer​

The Average U.S. Household Is Spending $1,019 More A Month Just To Buy The Same Goods And Services It Did 3 Years Ago​

Cell outage across the US: AT&T is 'working urgently to restore service' as more than 70,000 customers are hit by nationwide communications blackout - but mobile providers are refusing to reveal cause

NYC Out Of Control - Giant Short!​

Britain is increasingly defenceless – and Putin knows it​

Royal Navy Trident Ballistic Missile Fails Test Launch For Second Time In A Row​

UK Warns It Could Restrict Arms Sales To Israel If Rafah Offensive Proceeds​

Fed Will Be Forced to Raise Rates to Defend the Dollar – Bill Holter​

Wargaming The American Apocalypse-First Acknowledge That There is an Emergency​


Leftists Sink Deeper Into Psychotic Delusions

Nvidia fuels global stock records, bond yields rise

How Alabama IVF ruling could cause political chaos for the GOP

Andy Cohen Apologizes For “Inappropriate” Behavior After Brandi Glanville’s Lawyers Send Sexual Harassment-Alleging Missive To NBC & WBD

Darryl George: Texas judge rules school district can restrict the length of male students’ natural hair

Venezuela Halts Flights of Deported Migrants From U.S. and Mexico

Biden's bold and risky border move

Journalist is charged with HACKING Fox News distributor's computers to obtain leaked videos of Tucker Carlson where he mocked gender pronouns and made off-hand remarks about a make up artist

Private lander makes first US moon landing in more than 50 years

Fight or flight: Fearful Trump critics weigh the risk of retribution if he's re-elected

‘We Didn’t Get All The Way There On Jan 6’: Trump Booster Pledges to End Democracy in CPAC Rant as Bannon Cheers On

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Proposed Canadian law could see Christians jailed for quoting the Bible

New Documents Show Government-Funded AI Intended for Online Censorship: They Can Then Use the Same Tool to Suppress, Silence, and Shut Down Whatever Speech They Don’t Like​

Doctor warns WHO pandemic treaty includes 'gain of function' data sharing

"American Students Are Falling Behind": Poor Math Scores Are Now A National Security Threat​

A Stunning 10 Million Illegals Have Entered The US Under Biden; Tucker Warns They Are "Destroying" The Country​

Ford Slashing Prices And Increasing Incentives On Electric Mach-E, F-150 Lightning

The destruction of Germany has long been planned: Superstition and taboo: Germany retreats into the Middle Ages as its economy declines

Why America Will Never Overcome Its Mountain Of Debt

Incredible moment world's largest SNAKE is discovered by TV crew with 26ft beast as thick as a car tyre filmed in water​

China Blasts US For Giving Israel "License To Kill" After UN Veto

Biden's $6bn promise to make YOUR drinking water safe: White House announces new package for every state and territory to strip out toxic chemicals from tap​

PRIVATE PARADISE Mega estate ‘Gordon Pointe’ set to become world’s most expensive property with £235M price, yacht dock & 3 mansions

Oklahoma Pols Want a Database of Everyone Who Has an Abortion

Shock, anger, confusion grip Alabama after court ruling on embryos

Protesters gather near Texas superintendent’s home ahead of trial over Black teen’s dreadlocks

ChatGPT 'off the rails' as AI starts 'threatening users' who worry chatbot is 'sentient'

Google apologizes after new Gemini AI refuses to show pictures, achievements of White people

Are Executives Abusing Corporate Jets? The IRS Wants to Know.

Elon Musk humiliated as locals veto Tesla factory expansion in landslide vote

Biden's bold and risky border move

Texas Celebrates Taking Island Back From Cartel After Military Operation

Donald Trump’s donor numbers fall by 200,000 compared with 2019

Trump Campaign Spent More Than It Raised, While PAC Helped on Legal Fees

Donald Trump’s Cash Crunch Just Got Much, Much Worse

Most voters say Biden, Trump both mentally unfit for 2nd term, poll finds

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

How effective and cost-effective is water fluoridation for adults and adolescents? The LOTUS 10-year retrospective cohort study

New Government-Funded Study Found Virtually No Dental Benefit From Fluoridation.

Sexualization of Children Has Replaced Education

2024 Is the Last Year of Free Speech and Democracy in the Western World​

Hungary does not need a lecture from the United States, says Foreign Minister Szijjártó​

The Ruling Elites Intend to Kill All of Us​

US Army says it will RUN OUT of money to protect Europe and Africa by May if Ukraine aid isn't approved: Congress facing growing pressure to send more money to keep basic operations going

San Francisco Appointment Proves Democrats See No Difference Between US citizens and Illegal Immigrants​

"Nothing Unlawful": College Student Tracking Taylor Swift's Jet Hits Back

Call for National Guard to help with high school violence stirs controversy in Mass.

Early voting turnout: Just 16,000 voters on first day of Georgia primary

Alabama Supreme Court rules frozen embryos are ‘children’

DOJ: FBI informant said Russian intelligence involved in Hunter Biden story

Largest Covid Vaccine Study Yet Finds Links to Health Conditions

Lab-Grown Testicles Created In Male Fertility Breakthrough

Justice Alito Renews Criticism of Landmark Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

American ballerina Ksenia Karelina is detained for 'high treason' in Russia by Putin's feared FSB security accused of raising $51 for the Ukrainian army and could face 20 years in jail if found guilty

People Shelling Out Thousands Of Dollars For Limited-Edition Donald Trump Gold Sneakers

Trump allies prepare to infuse ‘Christian nationalism’ in second administration

President Biden to hit Russia with 'major sanctions' in response to death of Navalny

Russia issues arrest warrant for Alexei Navalny's brother after critic's unexplained death

X briefly suspends Yulia Navalnaya’s account

In Navalny's last letters, the Russian dissident called Trump's agenda for a second term 'really scary'

Elon Musk has 'game plan' to send one million people to Mars – starting in 2029

When Eyes in the Sky Start Looking Right at You

Monday, February 19, 2024

The Genocide of the West

"I spent 23 minutes in HELL". The man who went to HELL W/ Bill Wiese

Planes top 800 mph as near-record winds sweep high over Mid-Atlantic​

American society is spinning out of control: What you need to do now to prepare for massive civil unrest and violence​

"Enough Is Enough": 'Squad' Member Tlaib Comes Out Against Biden​

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks founder may be nearing end of his extradition fight​

The Great Compression​

Missing Ana Knezevich was ready to move on from estranged husband David and had been using Bumble in the months before she disappeared in Spain, best friend reveals​

Antidepressants taken by 400,000 US pregnant women each year can damage a baby's brain in the womb and increase their risk of mental health problems in the future, study suggests​

White House's rampant drug use exposed: Whistleblowers say president's pharmacy - run by 'Dr Feelgood' - doled out stimulants to aides in zip-lock baggies using fake aliases​

Prone to cold sores? You may have DOUBLE the risk of dementia later in life, study suggests

Who Is Wilbur Ross? How Did He Assist President Trump?​

"12 Fellas Down. 1 To Go": Nikki Haley Has Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Weekend On Social Media​

War Expands With Massive Israeli Airstrikes 60km Deep Into Lebanon​

COVID Vaccine Shedding Is 'Real', FDA & Pfizer Documents Are Proof: Clinicians​

Lawless America: Truck Hauling Corvettes Hijacked In 'Grand Theft Auto'-Like Robbery​

Report: Biden Pumping Brakes on EV Mandates Before 2024 Election

Congress Gets Gun Control Pleas Via AI-Generated Voices of the Dead​

Ben Shapiro Reiterates That He 'Doesn't Give a Damn About The Browning of America'​

Senate PASSES $95 billion Ukraine and Israel aid bill WITHOUT border provisions after all-night session: Speaker Mike Johnson warns 'insufficient' package with $14 billion for Israel may not pass the House​

TYRANNY: Corrupt FBI Arrests Triple Amputee For Entering Capitol for 4 Minutes on Jan 6​

Communist/Globalist Gun Control Advocate Shelled Out Thousands for a Private Armed Security Team​

This Is How It Ends: "The West Will Become Third World"​

Ukraine a ‘matter of life and death’ – Putin​

Germany announced the supply of the latest 18 RCH 155 self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine​

Israeli swimmer booed at world championships​

BlackRock & Co. withdraw from climate alliance​

Canadian Teachers' Union Warns Members They Can Be Disciplined for Saying 'Boys and Girls'​

The Adderall Shortage: Is One Factory Magnifying the Crisis?​

Obama's Third Term -- Going For Four

U.S. pushes for a temporary CEASEFIRE in Gaza and warns Israel against assault on Rafah as Biden's White House turns even further against Netanyahu

Trump Must Pay Half a Billion Dollars Before He Can Appeal New York Decision​

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Company fined nearly $2 billion over illegal modifications on pickup trucks: 'They inflict real harm on people'


Joe Biden's green energy plan is a gift to China, experts warn, amid fears Beijing could plunder more than $100billion from US taxpayer under scheme designed to BOOST American manufacturing​

At least four police hurt in Hague riots after rival Eritrean mobs torched cars, trashed buildings and hurled bricks at cops - turning Dutch city into a war zone​

How the CIA Destabilizes the World​

‘Humanity’s remaining timeline? It looks more like five years than 50’: meet the neo-luddites warning of an AI apocalypse

Historic New York village that made weapons for 200 YEARS is 'losing its soul' as nation's oldest gun-maker Remington shuts massive firearms factory - leaving entire families jobless​

Middle America is dying hard


Enemies of the People: The Rothschilds and their corrupt global empire

What Will History Record of this Generation of Lukewarm Christians?​

BREAKING: Weaponization Committee reveals Amazon censored books critical of COVID vaccines at request of Biden WH​

We Should All Be Scared of OpenAI's New AI Video Generator​

Chaos erupts as 250,000 flood London streets​

German Minister Announces Pre-Crime Surveillance, Prosecution of ‘Far-Right Extremists’​

The Looming Threat of Directed Energy Weapons​

Will empty offices cause the next banking crisis? Commercial real estate 'debt bomb' of $929 billion comes due this year with HUNDREDS of banks facing insolvency runs if default rates on the loans spike​


West will never disclose truth about its criminal biological experiments​

Jack Hibbs decried by Democrats as 'Christian nationalist' after House prayer​

Tucker Carlson says higher quality of life in Russia made him radicalized against US leaders​

"Civil War, Nuclear War, Economic Collapse... Maybe All Three?"​

Leaving ‘Mr. Mom’ Behind​

California couple earning $200,000 a year claim they cannot AFFORD to have children - as birth rate plummets across the country and cost to raise a kid to 17 reaches $310,000​

Harvard Professor Says "All Hell Broke Loose" When His Study Revealed No Racial Bias In Police Shootings​

Saturday, February 17, 2024

America's Military In Decline: Are We Prepared For The Next Crisis?

80% of Americans test positive for chemical found in Cheerios, Quaker Oats that may cause infertility, delayed puberty: study​

From Censorship To Criminalizing Dissent​

James Traficant. US Congressman - "Israel Uses America Like A Whore".​

Meaning of the Wizard of Oz​

Electrical Engineer Whistleblower Exposes Serious 5G Health Hazards, Explains 5G Propagation Into Every Orifice of the Head​

The World's First Dating Website for the UNVACCINATED is Here! Sign up For "UNJECTED" Now and Meet Other Singles That SAID NO TO THE COVID VACCINE! VIDEOS!

What Is Ozempic Made From? GLP-1 Drugs Developed Using Gila Monster​


The New Human: Transhumanism, Disease X & the Intra-Body Network w/ Kent Lewiss​

Y2K: Dead On Arrival​

Alexei Navalny died in 'end of world torture pit' of tear gas and half-naked humiliation

New DNA clock may change how we measure aging

Vladimir Putin, riding high before Navalny’s death, seems unstoppable

New AI-video tool by maker of ChatGPT worries media creators

Governor Jeff Landry declares state of emergency in Louisiana due to severe police officer shortage

Several stolen horses are found slaughtered in rural South Miami-Dade, police say

A chaotic US House is losing three Republican committee chairs to retirement in the span of a week

What Have Negative Political Ads Done to Us?

Political gender gap grows as young women move left

Sharp Elbows, Even Sharper Knives in Trump Inner Sanctums

Haley warns Trump could try to use RNC as ‘piggy bank’ if reelected

Donald Trump's cognitive decline 'more apparent' than Joe Biden's after 'slurred speech'

Trump launches a sneaker line

Trump hawks $399 branded shoes at ‘Sneaker Con,’ a day after a $355 million ruling against him

Friday, February 16, 2024

Israel Smears Christian Mother And Daughter They Assassinated in Gaza Church as 'Hamas Spotters'

Are Creatures Living Among Us in Parallel Dimensions?​

Disney SLAPPED with civil rights complaint over 50% DEI goal for 'underrepresented' actors and crew that sidelines 'white, Christian men' - using files leaked by Elon Musk​

REVEALED: US is collaborating with Chinese scientists to make bird flu strains more infectious and deadly as part of $1m project - despite fears similar tests unleashed Covid​

Could uniforms be making children fat? Scientists claim they might be stopping kids from getting enough exercise - but insist they don't want them banned​

A World Without Morality

Over a Million Palestinians are about to be Forced into Egypt at Gunpoint​

TGP EXCLUSIVE: Late-Night Flights of Illegal Immigrants Uncovered at Phoenix Sky Harbor — Airline Employees and TSA Reveal Details to TGP — "We're Getting Swamped... Some of Them Smell Really Bad" (VIDEO)​

Report: CIA Asked Foreign Gov'ts To Spy On Trump Campaign​

The Case of David Irving Shows that Nothing Is More Dangerous than Telling the Truth​

EXCLUSIVE: Prominent Trans Surgeon Admits In Unearthed Video That Complications Of Genital Surgery ‘Can Be Pretty Bad’​

AI algorithms pushing content 'romanticising' suicide to children, Oireachtas Committee hears​

"Garbage Deals": Dealership Puts Customers In Cars With $3,000 Monthly Payments​

The Fabulous Desperation of Our Celebrities​

“Obelisks”, Unknown Viroids discovered in Human Gut: might have been Generated by Harmful mRNA Vaccines!​

The Great Lakes Are Nearly Ice-Free

Trump Georgia case hearing on motion to disqualify Fani Willis continues

Witness Told Feds She Was Paid for Sex Parties With Matt Gaetz

Gen Z Says Drinking Drove Them Into Debt

Tesla Cybertruck owners complain their new vehicles are rusting

Britain falls into recession, with worst GDP performance in 2023 in years

Democrats Are Too Resigned to Biden

Two mysteries surrounded the Georgia Guidestones. One may have finally been solved

Judge pulls back from dissolving Trump’s businesses in fraud ruling

Donald Trump ordered to pay $355M, barred from NY business in civil fraud case

Donald Trump is fined $364 MILLION  in New York civil fraud trial and banned from serving as an officer or director of a company in the state for three years

Judge fines Donald Trump more than $350 million, bars him from running businesses in N.Y. for three years

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Biden Slammed Hur For Asking About Beau's Death - Sources Say Biden Brought It Up

What Everyone Is Missing About The Putin/Carlson Talk​

Israeli Forces Storm Southern Gaza Hospital In Search Of Hostage Remains​

Despite Ongoing Mass Corporate Layoffs, Govt-Supplied Jobless Claims Data Continues To Decline​

Migrant Gang Rape Of Child In Italy Prompts CNN To Worry About "Far-Right"​

US Opens Probe Into US-Supplied Weapons & Possible Israeli War Crimes​

Scientists Try Risky Air And Water Experiments Hoping To Stop Climate Change​

"Lunar Lander Deployed": SpaceX Rocket Launches US Spacecraft Towards Moon​

Outrage In Spain As Children Paraded Around In Lingerie For 'Pride'​

Major Gas Pipeline Explosion In Iran Deemed 'Terrorist Sabotage'​

Norway Warns 'Russia Is In A Stronger Position Now Than A Year Ago'​

Boeing Plane Deliveries Fall 29% In January Amid Max Jet Crisis​

House Probing Whether Biden Raided Grandkids' Bank Accounts In 'Unusual' Money Transfers​

Russia's Man In Washington? Putin Says He Prefers Biden Over Trump​

Cases Of Debilitating POTS Condition Rise After COVID-19, But New Research Points To Possible Treatment​

Two skyscrapers joined by daring cantilevered ‘skybridge’ to soar over New York

Before and after photos show shocking condition of Ukrainian soldier released by Russia

Special counsel charges FBI informant with lying to the bureau about Hunter and Joe Biden

‘Dune: Part Two’ First Reactions Praise Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Spectacular’ Sequel: ‘Jaw-Dropping’ and Among the ‘Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Ever’

Joe Manchin floats Mitt Romney as a potential running mate as he weighs a presidential bid

Britain falls into recession, with worst GDP performance in 2023 in years

UK tips into recession in blow to Rishi Sunak

Trump-Appointed Judge Denies Ex-President’s Motion to Delay Deadlines in Documents Case

Trump state prosecutions reach a critical point on the same day in two cities

Trump’s New York hush-money case will start March 25. It’s the first of his criminal trials

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

BREAKING UPDATE: DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Impeached by US House in 214-213 Vote!

Trump On Pace to Drain Legal Funds by July, With Only $27 Million Left

McCarthy Goes Nuclear On Matt Gaetz, Accuses Him of Embellishing Ties to Trump and Lying ‘About Who He Sleeps With’

Cosmos History Made! Scientists Discover Water On Asteroids For First Time

Huge swarm of mosquitoes rises above city leaving people confined to their homes

Central California is battling a unique, 'growing' crime problem

Jeffrey Epstein victims sue FBI, allege coverup

Why Americans Suddenly Stopped Hanging Out

Melania Trump’s Valentine love letter from Donald asks for money

‘He IS Unhinged!’ Nikki Haley Tells TODAY That ‘Diminished’ Trump Is Suffering His Own Cognitive Decline

Republicans admit it. Kevin McCarthy has never looked so good.

Lyft Shares Surge as Strong Earnings Report Offsets Typo Confusion

UAE restricts US ability to launch retaliatory airstrikes against Iran proxies

Inside the US Navy’s frontline fight against the Houthis in the Red Sea

Putin claims he prefers Biden over Trump

Frustrated White House sends letter to press corps, skewering coverage of Biden’s handling of classified files

After border bill failure, ICE considers mass releases to close budget gap

White House to brief lawmakers on 'serious national security threat' related to Russia

Iran Tests Ballistic Missiles in Preparation for Strike on Israel

GOP warning of 'national security threat' is about Russia wanting nuclear weapon in space: Sources

US has new intelligence on Russian nuclear capabilities in space

Kansas City Chiefs fans tackle parade 'shooter' and hold him down until cops arrive in dramatic video - 'We got the gun!'

Police: 1 dead, 22 wounded in shooting at Union Station after Chiefs parade, 3 in custody

CHIEFS CALAMITY Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade 2024 LIVE: One dead and at least 21 injured after shots fired near Union Station

Artificial intelligence, real emotion. People are seeking a romantic connection with the perfect bot

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Sen Paul says Ukraine aid package would ‘tie the hands’ of future administrations

Massachusetts Senator’s ‘Paramilitary Bill’ Could Shut Down Wyoming Shooting Sports​

How We Can Stop The WHO's Horrific Pandemic Treaty​

Moment 'lost puppy' President goes on a walkabout as he introduces Jordanian King to the podium during their joint press conference​

Jack Hibbs: There’s a war on men; boys need biblical masculinity​

China's Infiltrators: 'They Are Coming Here to Kill Us'​

Eventful Events​

Ottawa Shrugs Off ICJ Genocide Verdict While Cutting Funds to Palestinian Refugees​

Financial Big Brother Is Watching You​

Sen. Murphy Says the Quiet Part Out Loud - Democrat Strategy Has Failed "The People We Care About the Most" - Undocumented 'Americans' (VIDEO)​

Soaring debt pushing wealthy nations to ‘fiscal death’​


Email Leak: CDC Buried Its Own Myocarditis Warning in MAY 2021​

White House Chaos: Susan Rice Slammed "Bitch Ass" Becerra Over Border; Biden "Exploded" With Rage​

Houston PD Criticized For Agonizing Over Church Shooter's Correct Pronouns​

CIA, Mossad and Qatar hold 'quartet meeting' with Egypt 'to discuss truce in Gaza' ahead of Israel offensive in Rafah​

Joe Biden Is The Perfect Mascot For DEI​

CDC to drop five-day Covid isolation guidelines for people who test positive - after nearly four years

Senate PASSES $95 billion Ukraine and Israel aid bill WITHOUT border provisions after all-night session: Speaker Mike Johnson warns 'insufficient' package with $14 billion for Israel may not pass the House​

High Street health tests that are REALLY worth your money (and the ones to avoid): They promise to spot everything from cancer signs to low sperm quality, here leading experts give their verdict​

CRASH CHAOS Up to 49 injured after car crashes into Austin emergency room as mass casualty incident declared

Get Used to It: Biden Isn’t Going Anywhere

LA's iconic Sunset Sound recording studio says nearby homeless encampment is scaring away stars - with Taylor Swift 'vowing never to return after being accosted by vagrants outside'

Apple of their eye: Red dominoes could start to fall with Santos special election

New York House Special Election Live Results 2024

Monday, February 12, 2024

5 facts about single Americans for Valentine’s Day

American people are 'sick of sending money to Ukraine' and not spending at home​

Chaos Reigns In The Streets Of America As An Epic Crime Wave Terrorizes The Nation​

The northern invasion: New York, New Hampshire and Vermont see highest EVER border crossings as migrants take advantage of lax laws to get into Canada​

Beware: The Apple Vision Pro may rewire our brains in unexpected ways​

Texas cops shoot dead woman armed with a long rifle and accompanied by a 'small child' in active shooter incident at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston​

CNN: ‘It’s time to limit how often we can travel abroad – ‘Carbon Passports’ may be the answer’ – ‘Drastic changes to our travel habits are inevitable’ – Suggests restrictions will be ‘forced’ upon public​

The Plot Thickens: Uncovering the CIA & Rockefeller Foundation’s Role in the 2025 Depopulation Forecast released by Deagel​

Big Mike is Coming​

In A First, Moody's Downgrades Israel Credit Rating As War Takes Toll​

Trump wants his daughter-in-law Lara in senior position at RNC, report says​

Davos ski shop says won't rent equipment to Jews

Female shooter Genesse Moreno at Joel Osteen's megachurch is 'schizophrenic, Munchausen-by-proxy' who LEGALLY purchased AR-15 despite being known to cops for mental illness​

Merrick Garland Under Fire by His Former Harvard Law Professor

‘A horrible, perfect storm’: Frustrations rise as shortage of Adderall, other ADHD medication continues

The anti-Valentine’s Day movement is gaining strength

Jeff Bezos will save over $600 million in taxes by moving to Miami

3 presidents, 3 border crises

Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities In America, Ranked

AI Is Starting to Threaten White-Collar Jobs. Few Industries Are Immune.

Squatters Are Taking Over Homes All Over The Nation On An Industrial Scale And Turning Them Into Dens Of Crime

Super Bowl LVIII Takes Ratings Crown From Last Year’s Game As Most-Watched Ever

Trump asks Supreme Court for more time to appeal immunity ruling

Judge in Trump election case moves forward with misconduct hearing, saying DA's disqualification 'possible' if evidence warrants

Sunday, February 11, 2024

"Oh What A Tangled Web Biden Weaves, When He First Practices To Deceive"

"Germany Is In Really Big Trouble": Perfect Storm Of Terrible Trends Paints "Bleak" Picture As "Distress Is Spreading To Other Sectors"​

CDC Is Now Retaliating Against Its Own Scientists For 'Wrong' Mask Research​

Alcohol Sales Halted After Drunk Chaos Erupts At WM Phoenix Open​

Woman with small child opens fire inside Joel Osteen’s Texas megachurch​

Sam Altman wants to raise up to $7 trillion. That's, uh, a lot of dough.

Pentagon: Defense chief Austin back in the hospital for ‘symptoms suggesting bladder issue’

The week Biden lost the New York Times: Liberal paper's Editorial Board unleashes astonishing broadside warning of 'a dark moment' as it runs back-to-back opinion pieces knifing the elderly president after damning special counsel report

Overwhelming majority of Americans think Biden is too old for another term: POLL

Playbook: ‘Wild’ and ‘dangerous’ Trump upstages ‘elderly’ Biden

Lakewood Church shooting: Shooter used long gun, threatened explosives

Marco Rubio Completely Bends the Knee to Trump On Border Deal, Supporting Russia and Even Attacking Haley’s Husband in Stunning CNN Interview

Haley tells Trump to ‘say it to my face’ after he questions her military husband’s whereabouts

Trump asks about whereabouts of Nikki Haley’s husband, who’s serving overseas

Republicans shrug off Trump’s NATO comments

Trump on Nato: Dangerous talk at a dangerous time

Trump says he’d disregard NATO treaty, urge Russian attacks on U.S. allies

Hottest place on Earth called Death Valley now has a lake - baffling locals

Mexican drug cartels are targeting America’s ‘last best place’

Assaults on NYPD escalate to record-breaking totals in latest anti-cop sentiment: ‘Full-blown epidemic’

Man dies from mysterious 'Alaskapox' disease - first-ever victim of rare illness

Gas Stoves, Dishwashers and Dryers—the Growing Energy Battle Over Appliances

GONE WITH 'HIS GIRL' Ex-Dutch PM Dries van Agt dies ‘hand in hand’ with wife in double euthanasia as they ‘couldn’t live without each other’

Netanyahu ahead of Rafah ground invasion: 'Victory is within reach'

Hands Off! With $3,500 Headsets in the Wild, New Social Norms Apply

Student, 17, with a higher IQ than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking who is taking 28 A-Levels calls for more support for gifted pupils as she admits teachers struggle to keep up with her

Tesla’s Slide Has Investors Wondering If It’s Still Magnificent

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Kanye West Drops Antisemitic Single on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Amazon — Will They Be Brave Enough to Ban It?

All Of Western Civilization Engaged In A Mystifying Act Of Mass Suicide​

Gaza: Israel moves closer to Rafah offensive despite ‘bloodbath’ warning​


Whom the Gods Would Destroy, They First Make Insane​


Whom the Gods Would Destroy, They First Make Insane​

Outrage as Biden administration admits surveilling Americans' private financial transactions for words like 'MAGA' 'Trump' and 'Kamala' in wake of Jan. 6 riots...with people buying BIBLES on top of their watchlist​

BRICS: US Killing the Dollar With Its Own Hands, Says Putin​

Air pollution is altering the way flowers smell, confusing insects​

Crisis of faith, life demands outspoken shepherds, not 'mute dogs,' French bishop says​

Credit Card and Auto Delinquencies Soar, Especially Age Group 18 to 39​

‘Greatest real estate crisis since the financial crisis.’ German bank braces for bad loans​

Flight from hell: Husband, 63, dies beside his wife when 'litres of blood' shoot out of his nose and mouth all over the interior of the plane in front of screaming passengers flying from Bangkok to Germany​

President Mumblebum talks to dead people. Can't remember who Hamas are. And now even his own DOJ pack him off to the nursing home! KENNEDY'S head-in-hands conclusion: Biden won't be voted out of the White House - he'll be wheeled out​

Missouri GOP Valentina Gomez candidate uses FLAMETHROWER to burn LGBTQ books...and then complains when it's censored on X and Instagram

Yellen Says There May Be a Little Stress in Banking. RUN!​

Hamas warns Israel Rafah push may cause casualties in 'tens of thousands'

Gaza: Israel moves closer to Rafah offensive despite ‘bloodbath’ warning

Student, 17, with a higher IQ than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking who is taking 28 A-Levels calls for more support for gifted pupils as she admits teachers struggle to keep up with her

How Biden and his allies are pushing back against a special counsel’s claims about his memory

Carville: The significance of Biden not doing Super Bowl interview

Age, mental capacity dominates presidential campaign trail after report questions Biden's memory

How your memory really works, and how it changes as you age

Trump asks about whereabouts of Nikki Haley’s husband, who’s serving overseas

WATCH: Trump Rally Brought To Halt As Protesters Get Shouted Down By Crowd Chanting ‘F*** Joe Biden’

Shocking moment Donald Trump tells cheering crowd he would encourage Russia to ATTACK fellow NATO members for failing to 'pay their dues'

Friday, February 9, 2024

Read It Here: The Transcripts From Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow Are Released And Expose Every Big Player In The Game

Is this really why they hate Putin so much?​

Hungary's Border Success​

Army cancels FARA helicopter program, makes other cuts in major aviation shakeup​

Defiant Biden mixes up the presidents of Egypt and Mexico in furious response to Special Counsel Robert Hur's bombshell report targeting his 'hazy' memory, proclaiming 'I know what the hell I'm doing!'​

'Civil War' After Donald Trump Win May Be 'Worth It': Evangelical Preacher

Johns Hopkins researchers make progress in developing blood test for psychiatric disorders

Taylor Swift Is Just the Latest Subject in a Long History of Pop Conspiracy Theories

Ecuadorian politician executed in broad daylight as narco war rages out of control

VIRGIN TERRITORY Virgins will pop their cherries with real life sex workers in outrageous new Channel 4 show set on tropical island

New Book Says Elon Musk’s Fury at ElonJet Account Is What Sparked His Impulse to Buy Twitter

Elon Musk’s brother sheds doubt on billionaire's Tesla self driving capability claims

U.S. stocks have just accomplished something that hasn’t happened since 1972

5.7-magnitude quake rattles Hawaii Island; shaking felt across state

'Wait, was that an earthquake?' Magnitude 4.6 temblor strikes near Malibu, rattles Southern California

Special counsel warns of 'significant and immediate' threat to Mar-a-Lago case witnesses

What if November’s likely Biden-Trump rematch suddenly isn’t?

Democrats don't have many options if they want to replace Biden

EXCLUSIVE Democrat insiders say it is now 'PANIC TIME' and party should DUMP Joe Biden, 81, at its summer convention with Gavin Newsom 'waiting in the wings' after Justice Department said president had 'diminished faculties'

Clinton adviser Begala on Hur report: ‘This is terrible for Democrats’

Panic, Fury and Blame: Inside the White House After Report Targets Biden’s Age

White House fights back against age comments in Biden probe

‘Hair on fire’: Democratic worries grow over claims about Biden’s memory lapses

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Cern aims to build €20bn collider to unlock secrets of universe

US Women Have Become More Liberal, Men Remain Stable: Gallup

Chef, 29, dies after catching a FUNGAL infection that 'ate huge holes in his lungs' - as killer infection spreads across America​

Doctors begin rationing PENICILLIN to curb deadly syphilis epidemic - as rates of STD hit 70-year high​

Women exposed to 'everyday' plastics are up to 50 percent more likely to have a preterm birth, study suggests​

Hank Johnson Worries Guam Could "Capsize" After Marine Buildup​

Ben Shapiro mocks Jesus and denies divine intervention through miracles in the Exodus.​

Less Than Half of Americans "Very Satisfied" With Own Lives

White House tells Americans not to believe 'ANYTHING' Putin says in Tucker Carlson interview and says Americans wholeheartedly support Ukraine aid​

Yuval Noah Harari: Trump to Deliver ‘Death Blow’ to ‘Global Order’​

The Great Reset Is Dead, Long Live The Great Reset​

Pope Francis Blasts Those Who Oppose Blessing Gay Couples​

Ocasio-Cortez: 'Immigration Writ Large Is Yielding Enormous Economic Benefits to the United States'​

Clarence Thomas Stumps Colorado's Anti-Trump Lawyer: Can't Give Example of States Disqualifying National Candidates​

Nolte: Election Denier Nikki Haley Claims Trump ‘Rigged’ Nevada Primary

Why the border is such an impossible political issue

Financial Big Brother is Watching You

Shaky commercial loans threaten a new regional bank crisis

Less Than Half of Americans "Very Satisfied" With Own Lives

The Supreme Court seems poised to reject efforts to kick Trump off the ballot over the Capitol riot

'How in the hell dare he': Biden strikes defiant tone about special counsel report

‘Elderly Man with a Poor Memory’: Devastating DOJ Report Says Biden ‘Did Not Remember When He Was Vice President’ and ‘When His Son Died’

Biden's own DOJ said he has 'diminished faculties and a faulty memory': Classified docs probe reveals he left Afghan files next to dog bed in garage, forgot when his son Beau died AND couldn't remember when he was vice president

Biden ‘willfully’ kept classified info, would come off as ‘elderly man with poor memory’ at trial, scathing report says

House GOP had lowest win rate on ‘party unity’ votes since 1982​

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Credit card delinquencies surged in 2023, indicating 'financial stress,' New York Fed says

Appeals court DENIES Donald Trump's claim he is immune from prosecution in the federal election interference case​

Ukraine Says It’s Getting Long-Range Strike Missiles With Its F-16s​

JPMorgan Chase Plans Massive Branch Network Expansion While Small Banks Implode​

The Real Estate Crisis Looming Over Banks​

3 Shocking Truths Most People Don’t Know About Money in Bank Accounts​

Weapons Sent To Kiev Found In Possession Of Mexican Cartels​

The Real Estate Crisis Looming Over Banks​

Drone Warfare's Terrifying AI-Enabled Next Step Is Imminent​

US Trade Deficit Narrowed Last Year by the Most Since 2009

For First Time in Two Decades, U.S. Buys More From Mexico Than China

Gun, abortion and LGBTQ laws are affecting where home buyers move, Redfin says

After Libs of TikTok posted, at least 21 bomb threats followed

Democrats Lose Ground With Black and Hispanic Adults

Haley Dismisses Nevada Loss, Calling Primary Process ‘Rigged’ for Trump

Nikki Haley is trounced by the ‘none of these candidates’ option in Nevada’s Republican primary

Under siege: Retailers flee cities as unarmed security, public authorities fail to curb thefts

AI Deployed Nukes 'to Have Peace in the World' in Tense War Simulation

Airline announces it will now weigh PASSENGERS as well as their carry-on luggage

Inside Donald Trump’s Incredible Cash Crunch

Rudy Giuliani claims Donald Trump’s campaign owes him $2m

Anti-Israel protesters shut down Fifth Ave. as Biden calls Trump ‘existential threat’ at NYC fundraiser

Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Could Face Sanctions Over Putin Interview

After waiting 12 years, this famed climate scientist fights his critics in court

Behind the border mess: Open GOP rebellion against McConnell

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Appeals court denies Trump immunity in 2020 criminal election case

Amazon delivery truck gets stuck on hillside, threatens home below

Sniper kills robber holding hostages at knifepoint at south Fort Myers Bank of America

State Of Emergency: Hundreds Of Mudslides Reported; 13 Inches Of Rain In 72 Hours With More On The Way, But The End Is In Sight – Latest

Record-setting storm that killed 3 dumps rain on Los Angeles; flash flood alerts still in effect

Republicans at war over $118 BILLION border bill: Mitch McConnell faces fury over new law that would shut down border if crossings reach 5,000 a day and ends 'catch and release' as GOP colleagues say it's even WORSE than expected

When the Stealth Invasion of America goes mainstream: And nobody cares​

Millions Of Americans "Prepare For The Apocalypse" As The Global Food Crisis Reaches Unprecedented Levels

Shocking video shows migrant moped riders dragging woman along NYC street as they steal her phone as cops reveal Venezuelan gang is behind 62 thefts​

SUMMARY: Senate 'Border Bill' Has MASSIVE Handouts for Ukraine & Israel, Little for Border Security, and Authorizes MORE Migration.​

As if this stealth Holocaust isn’t bad enough, we’re also going through a stealth INVASION, by fit, young (“unvaccinated”?) men​

FAA warns US Congress against hiking airline pilot retirement age​

Bombshell: Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview with Vladimir Putin in Moscow​

Biden Makes Coal Great Again As Exports Soar To India​

Waste Of The Day: Over $1 Billion In Weapons Missing In Ukraine​

Why Taylor Swift has a legitimate beef with George Soros family​

Glimpse Of Sanity: Dartmouth Returns Standardized Testing For Admission After Failed Experiment

Jury awards sports broadcaster an astonishing $25MILLION in libel case after Oklahoma newspaper mistakenly branded him as a racist

America Is Undergoing Genocide​

The Latest Fantasy from the NYT: Germany Gearing Up for Military Confrontation with Russia

Definition of “conspiracy theorist”​

"This Is Not Friendly" - Bret Weinstein Shows Tucker Carlson How China & The UN Are Driving The Invasion Of America​

IRS To Boost Enforcement Workforce By 40% By Year-End 2024​


'I Was Being Hunted': Gina Carano Files Suit Against Disney, Lucasfilm With Help From X​

When the Stealth Invasion of America goes mainstream: And nobody cares​

Monday, February 5, 2024

Tesla owner is pulled over by cops for driving down the highway while wearing new Apple Vision computer glasses

New York father loses legal battle to stop his son, 8, from taking puberty blockers to change gender

Revealed: One in six children are leaving primary school with rotten teeth​

US porn actor Whitney Wright who advocates for Palestinians visits Iran​

The Overthrow of Men​

Gazacaust: Placing the Blame Where It Belongs​

Scandalous Senate 'Deal' Allows 1.5 Million Illegals Per Year, Slides Up To $2.3B To NGOs Trafficking Them, And Gives $60B To Ukraine​

Boeing Discovers "Mis-drilled" Holes On 50 Undelivered 737 Max Jets​

Scientists Warn: Declining Academic Standards Mixed With DEI Recipe For Disaster​

Putin's threat to civilian airlines: Top secret Russian electronic weapon 'based in Kaliningrad' is jamming GPS technology on flights and ships across eastern flank of NATO, Western intelligence fears​

$10 Trillion in US Treasuries Coming to the Market in 2024​

Horrifying deepfake tricks employee into giving away $25 million

China and Russia discuss 'outer space security' and AI weapons in chilling threat to US

Wellness influencers fueled pandemic misinformation. Now they’re targeting another crisis

Sitting all day at work boosts risk of early death by 16 percent

Michigan city ramps up security after op-ed calls it ‘America’s jihad capital’

Paris banned e-scooters. Now it is taking on SUVs.

More automakers are being forced to rethink their EV plans

Scoop: Nikki Haley’s fundraising takes off while GOP tries to end her campaign

Nikki Haley Asks for Secret Service Protection After Increase in Threats

California Secession Movement Wants National Divorce to Avoid 'Civil War'

Grammys draw in 16.9 million viewers

Taylor Swift wins album of the year at the Grammy Awards for the fourth time, setting a new record

Mudslide flows through two homes in Hollywood Hills, firefighters evacuate at least 7 others

Storm dumps record rain on LA, unleashing floodwaters that damage homes and homeless encampments

'Extremely dangerous situation': Hollywood Hills hit by major mudslides, flooding, record rain

Sunday, February 4, 2024

You Might Want To Keep An Eye On The Very Alarming Natural Disasters That Are Happening In Hawaii And California

Biden Says This is the ‘Weirdest Campaign Ever’ As Trump Claims He’s an Elvis Lookalike​

Pope Francis Rebellion Grows as 90 Catholic Figures Sign Scathing Letter

What Seinfeld Can Teach You about the Government's Senseless War on Appliances

New Study Calls into Question the Theory of Rising Inequality

Labor Department’s New Rule Is Bad News for Independent Contractors

Interest on the National Debt—Who Does It Go To?

Justin Trudeau’s Rebuke from Court over Abuse of Emergency Powers Shows Why Checks and Balances Are Essential to Freedom

Europe’s Bombshell Spy Scandal Sparks Hunt for More Traitors

Tucker Carlson Being Spotted in Moscow Sparks Frenzied Speculation

Paris banned e-scooters. Now it is taking on SUVs.

Alaska National Guard plans deployment to assist federal government on US-Mexico border

Trump-focused Texas border rally blends politics and religion

Biden’s South Carolina Result Quells Concerns About Black Vote

GOP’s Haley Takes Fresh Jabs at Trump’s Age, Legal Challenges

Scoop: Nikki Haley’s fundraising takes off while GOP tries to end her campaign

Monster storm forecast worsens for L.A.: The danger zones, the forecast, the warnings

Elon Musk was told to go to REHAB by concerned friends amid fears his drug use was spiraling after Tesla boss snorted ketamine and drank 'molly water'

The Money and Drugs That Tie Elon Musk to Some Tesla Directors

California deluge begins as residents are told to evacuate over life-threatening 'bomb cyclone' that is set to bring hurricane-force winds and dump 8 TRILLION gallons of rain with 37 MILLION residents under flood warnings

UPDATE 2-El Salvador President Bukele poised for a landslide as voters cast ballots

SpaceX announces another delay for splashdown of Ax-3 crew​

Mark Cuban links immigration to DEI in latest round of X clash with Elon Musk

Senate releases long-awaited border legislation, major asylum changes

READ: Text of senators’ proposed border deal and foreign aid package

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Pope Francis Rebellion Grows as 90 Catholic Figures Sign Scathing Letter

The Pope’s Inquisitor Riles Conservatives. Some Call Him a Heretic.

Haley holds 13-point lead over Biden in new head-to-head poll

The Most Popular Man in Ukraine Has Become a Problem for Zelenskiy

Low on Ammo, Ukraine Tries to Build a Million Explosive Drones

Russian police detain reporters covering Moscow protest by soldiers' wives

Is Trump trying to lose?

The RNC chairwoman calls for unity as the party faces a cash crunch and attacks by some Trump allies

At R.N.C. Meeting, Talk Is of Coming Trump Merger and Chairwoman’s Fate

Materialism On Social Media Driving Mental Health Crisis: ‘Stepping Stone To Unhappiness’

Lizzo’s sexual harassment lawsuit partially upheld, singer requests jury trial

Fox News Suddenly Wants Celebrities Out of Politics. Well, One Celebrity.

Cast as Criminals, America’s Librarians Rally to Their Own Defense

‘Deliberately Cruel’: Staffers Torch ‘Sociopath’ Jimmy Finkelstein Over Messenger Implosion

Apple’s Vision Pro is ‘spatial computing.’ Nobody knows what it means.

San Mateo County becomes 1st in US to declare loneliness as health emergency

Welcome to Dearborn, America’s Jihad Capital

Rare 'high risk' of flash flooding issued in Southern California as atmospheric river takes aim

USGS records 5.1 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma

Jobs report for January: U.S. employment soars by 353,000, stunning Wall Street

Democratic and Republican elites fear RFK Jr.’s growing path to victory

‘All eyes on South Carolina’: Biden polling high as Democratic primaries begin

Texas Border Convoy Slammed by Eagle Pass Community Leaders Ahead of Rally

'God's Army' protesters rally in Texas against migrant crossings

South Carolina Presidential Primary Election Results 2024: Joe Biden wins

Friday, February 2, 2024

Tesla Recalls Millions of Vehicles Over Latest Safety Flaw

Gen Z employee ignites a FURIOUS debate after telling their new boss they couldn't attend an 8AM meeting because they 'had a workout class' - prompting outrage from older workers... so, who do YOU think is right?​

Inside Britain's child vaping epidemic, fuelled by £3 'highlighter' pens sold in flavours like cotton candy - as leading experts praise Government crackdown that will ban disposables and only let e-cigs be sold in FOUR flavours​

8 Signs That Demonstrate How Truly Bizarre Our Society Is Becoming​

How Sad It It Is to Watch America’s Abandonment of Morality and Degeneration into Evil.​

Israel's Starvation Strategy

Pro-Life Activists Convicted of Felonies in Tennessee - Face 11 Years in Prison for Praying and Singing Hymns Outside Abortion Clinic​

MEDICIDE: How American Hospitals and Doctors Methodically Murdered Covid Patients​


US troops told to prepare for war in Gaza​

US Coast Guard searches for man sailing from California to Hawaii

El Salvador’s Strongman Is Set to Ride a Landslide Past Checks and Balances

Fulton County DA Fani Willis acknowledges personal relationship with the special prosecutor in Trump election case

Life-threatening flooding looms for Southern California as dangerous atmospheric river approaches this weekend

37 million at risk for flooding from blockbuster California rainstorm

As Kids, They Thought They Were Trans. They No Longer Do.

Federal Prosecutors Investigate Vince McMahon Sex-Trafficking Allegations

Fed’s Powell Will Discuss Interest Rates, Inflation on 60 Minutes Sunday

Haley holds 13-point lead over Biden in new head-to-head poll

San Mateo County becomes 1st in US to declare loneliness as health emergency

S&P 500 closes at a record, rises for a fourth-straight week on strong tech earnings: Live updates

U.S. economy added 353,000 jobs in January, much better than expected

US drops 125 bombs on 85 targets linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guard in devastating airstrikes on Iraq and Syria: Biden warns retaliation for drone attack that killed three soldiers will CONTINUE after long-range bombers and drones hit Middle East

U.S. strikes more than 85 targets in Iraq and Syria in initial barrage of retaliatory attacks

Ozempic Makes You Lose More Than Fat

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Experts Claim There Is A Lost, Underground ‘City’ Beneath The Pyramids Of Giza

28 Republican AGs Say Ending Ammo Sales At Missouri Plant Could Harm National Security​

Kari Lake to headline fundraiser hosted by QAnon supporters​

Report: Ben Shapiro donated up to $500K to migrant trafficking organization in 2022​

Biden regime expanding intrusive facial recognition scans to all 430 ‘federalized’ airports​

Letter from Charlottesville​

The IDF’s War Crimes Are a Perfect Reflection of Israeli Society​

Obama’s Leaked Confession Could Spell the End for Biden

Watch: Migrants Brutally Attack NYC Cops, Get Freed from Jail without Bail​

154 Democrats Oppose Criminal Penalties for Illegals Evading Border Agents

"One Of The Most Brilliant Explanations Of The Modern World": Russell Brand Sits With Tucker Carlson For Explosive Interview​

Tucker Carlson Surveys the Ruins of Canada After Eight Years of Trudeau​

A.I. Systems Which Manipulate The Human Nervous System (Thoughts, Emotions, Perceptions) and Derogate Fundamental Human Rights​

Star Trek Actress Margot Muraszkiewicz Died After One Year Battle with ALS. She Was COVID-19 Vaccinated​

The Brain Is the Battlefield of the Future. The WEF's Stated Objective is "Altering the Human Being"

“I Have Lost Everything”: In Federal Court, Palestinians Accuse Biden of Complicity in Genocide​

America's Covid shame: Damning BMJ report slams US for shutting schools too long and masking outside - while warning its pandemic response was a 'zip code lottery'​

Scientists Call for Global Moratorium on mRNA Vaccines, Immediate Removal From Childhood Schedule

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from the Registrational Trials and Global Vaccination Campaign

Who Benefits From ‘Precision Agriculture’ — Farmers and Consumers? Or Big Ag?

New Study Tracks Prenatal, Newborn and Childhood Exposure to Common Insecticide

What Biden *really* says about Trump behind closed doors

Fed’s Powell Will Discuss Interest Rates, Inflation on 60 Minutes Sunday

CHART OF THE DAY: US crude oil production jumps to record high of 13.3 million barrels per day

COLUMN-Rising US oil production frustrates OPEC cuts: Kemp

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

'Gender ideology has torn our family apart': Montana family who lost custody of their 14-year-old daughter after refusing to let her transition to a boy reveals their torment

Christian veteran charged with hate crime for destroying Satanic idol​


Photo from a meeting in Biden's situation room last night regarding Iran… Something weird to observe!​

Covid Vaccines Are Officially Deadliest Drug In History and Nobody Is Allowed to Talk About It​

Six pro-lifers found guilty of federal felonies in Tennessee rescue, face 10-plus years in prison​

Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan​

Notorious Ransomware Gang ALPHV Says It Obtained FBI Docs​

Are Music Performers Selling Their Souls to Satan?​

Days of Darkness: How one woman escaped the conspiracy theory trap that has ensnared millions

Justin Mohn 'decapitates his father', 68, and brandishes his severed head during gruesome 14-minute long anti-Biden YouTube rant

Trump speculates red marks on is hand were AI: Ex-president says he didn't see photos of his fingers and insists nothing was wrong

After budget slashing, more newspaper journalists plan one-day strikes

“They Should Fear Us”: Teamsters & IATSE Link Arms For March Contract Talks With Studios

Ron DeSantis Wins One: Disney Suit Against Florida Governor Tossed By Judge; “Will Not End Here,” Mouse House Declares

‘Traitor': After bitter primary, DeSantis may struggle to win over Trump supporters if he runs again

Miami Beach commission votes preemptively for spring break curfews, beach restrictions

California introduces first-in-nation slavery reparations package

Germany's former top neo-Nazi hunter now being monitored as extremist

Biden holds six-point national lead over Trump, fueled by female voters: poll

US warship had close call with Houthi missile in Red Sea

Scoop: State Department reviewing options for possible recognition of Palestinian state

Mark Zuckerberg Addresses Families Of Victims Of Online Child Exploitive Content After Senator Presses Him To Apologize — Update

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

EXCLUSIVE 'Gender ideology has torn our family apart': Montana family who lost custody of their 14-year-old daughter after refusing to let her transition to a boy reveals their torment

Israeli forces dressed as women and medics kill 3 militants in West Bank hospital

Alaska sees record 8ft 'pandemic of snow' in just two months as roofs collapse

Sotomayor overwhelmed by demanding SCOTUS workload: ‘I live in frustration’

CROSSBOW HORROR Moment cops surround man clad in body armour after he wielded crossbows & hatchet in London attack on ‘people he knew’

The US hasn’t seen syphilis numbers this high since 1950. Other STD rates are down or flat

RNC seeking new credit line to help climb out of money hole

Notorious ransomware gang claims it pulled ‘classified and top secret documents’ from U.S. intelligence agencies

Russia and China warn against 'cycle of retaliation' as Biden threatens to target their ally Iran after drone attack killed three US soldiers 

The RNC will meet privately after Trump allies pull resolution to call him the ‘presumptive nominee’

US readies retaliatory strikes for drone attack by Iran-backed militants

U.S. mixed up enemy, friendly drones in attack that killed 3 troops

Everything we know about Elon Musk's Neuralink – from mind control to monkey trial death

Why We Should Be Skeptical of Elon Musk’s Neuralink Implant Claims

Elon Musk’s $56 billion Tesla pay package in limbo after court voids it

Explainer-The case against Elon Musk's $56 billion pay package

Trump Political Action Committees Spent Some $50 Million on Legal Fees: Report

A mysterious phone call cloned Biden’s voice. Can the next one be stopped?

Biden Super PAC Plans a Historic $250 Million Ad Blitz

How Rishi Sunak-style fasting may protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Trump Allies Pledge ‘Holy War’ Against Taylor Swift

Right-wing media figures target Taylor Swift with absurd conspiracy theory ahead of the Super Bowl


Violence is spiking in The Bahamas, Jamaica, triggering travel warning to U.S. citizens



Republicans now say it might be okay to ignore the Supreme Court

Texas border city on edge as Gov. Abbott dials up battle with Biden


Monday, January 29, 2024

Congressional Hawks Urge 'Hit Iran Hard' After 3 US Troops Killed By Tehran-Aligned Militants​

Biden Blackmail Intensifies: Won't Shut Border Until Congress Coughs Up Ukraine, Israel Funds​

The CDC Covered Up The Vaccine's Risks​

December Border Surge Sets Alarming Record: 371,000 Illegal Crossings​

Why Americans Do Not See A Strong Economy​

Ohio bans transgender drugs and surgery for children under 18 and blocks trans kids from participating in girls' sports​

WEF Totalitarians Seek to Euthanize the West​

WEF Orders Govt’s To Ban ALL Russians From Owning Property​

Autopsies Show COVID-19 Vaccines Likely Caused Deaths: Study​

Quantum AI: Merging End Times Technologies​

State Department urges Bahamas travelers to use ‘extreme caution’ when visiting Nassau

TYRANT’S GRIMACE Mad-eyed Putin fuels ill-health rumours as he pulls bizarre gurning faces at meeting with nuke-armed lackey Lukashenko

For Europe and NATO, a Russian Invasion Is No Longer Unthinkable

Naked Woman In Convenience Store Rampage

Sickly thief avoids more prison time after stealing Judy Garland's slippers

Alzheimer's can be spread BETWEEN humans: Pioneering study reveals at least five people have 'caught' memory-robbing illness - as scientists warn hundreds more may be 'at risk'

Trump Cash Stockpile at Risk From $450 Million Dual Verdicts

Biden Faces Pressure to Confront Iran After US Troops Killed

U.S. troops killed, wounded in Jordan attack blamed on Iranian proxies

'Imagine if Stephen Hawking could communicate faster than an auctioneer': Elon Musk reveals first human has had a BRAIN implant from Neuralink's new 'Telepathy' product - allowing people to use technology 'just by thinking'

BRUTAL TRIALS Horror pics show INSIDE America’s ‘Covid lab’ where monkeys & pigs are given deadly diseases in Wuhan-like experiments

TSA uses ‘minimum’ data to fine-tune its facial recognition, but some experts still worry

Brazil police target Bolsonaro's son as spy probe hits inner circle

Today’s Teenagers: Anxious About Their Futures and Disillusioned by Politicians

To protect kids, California might require chronological feeds on social media

Sunday, January 28, 2024

George Soros pours millions into Texas in hopes of shifting power to Dems

Falling inflation, rising growth give U.S. the world’s best recovery

First-of-its-kind campaign fundraiser in the works with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Biden

‘God’s Army’ protest convoy going to southern border for rallies

House Republicans release impeachment articles against Mayorkas amid push to remove him over the border

Trump slams deal that would give Biden authority to close border

Biden urges Congress to embrace border bill. But House speaker suggests it may be ‘dead on arrival’

EXCLUSIVE: Biden given chilling nuclear warning over attacking Iran after kamikaze drone kills troops

Biden says US ‘shall respond’ after drone strike by Iran-backed group kills 3 US troops in Jordan

GOP hawks press Biden to target Iran directly over soldiers' deaths

Israel Struggles to Destroy Hamas’s Gaza Tunnel Network

On Holocaust Memorial Day, Germans Rally Against Far Right and for Democracy

Most Americans feel they pay too much in taxes, AP-NORC poll finds

American Airlines’ hard landing on Maui sends 6 to hospital

Flyers are changing their tickets to avoid Boeing 737 Max 9 planes

After Trump’s $88 million judgments, new penalty could come soon

Nikki Haley accuses Trump of putting a plant in her crowd: 'We're getting under his skin'

Nikki Haley suggests she'll stay in Republican race after South Carolina

Navy again lowers requirements as it struggles to meet recruitment goals

Russia warship conducts anti-submarine drill in South China Sea - agencies

Russia projects confidence as it pursues alliances to undermine West

Ghislaine Maxwell writing tell-all: Epstein madam has been 'obsessively working on memoir' behind bars to combat 'misinformation' about her ties to the pedophile, insiders reveal

Los Angeles Times Owner Clashed With Top Editor Over Unpublished Article

Egypt pyramid renovation sparks debate

Bullfighting brings out protesters in Mexico City

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Dr Allison's excellent teaching. Start at 60 minutes: Challenge 24 Jan Day 5

Kari Lake is booed at bad-tempered meeting of the Arizona Republican Party days after chairman is forced to resign

A Collective ‘No’: Anti-Putin Russians Embrace an Unlikely Challenger

Russia projects confidence as it pursues alliances to undermine West

US to station nuclear weapons in UK to counter threat from Russia

ROBOT WARS Chilling AI predicts 8 events that could trigger World War 3 as it warns of apocalyptic clash that would kill millions

Royal Caribbean's 'Icon,' world's largest cruise ship, sets sail

The Dilemma of the Anti-Trump Conservatives

The Pollster Getting Under Democrats’ Skin

Inside the White House, confidence grows that a strong economy will sell itself to Americans

Get Ready for the Longest Presidential Campaign Ever, Featuring the Oldest Candidates

On Holocaust Memorial Day, Germans Rally Against Far Right and for Democracy

Defiant Fetterman Waves Israeli Flag From Rooftop As Protesters Chant He’s ‘Supporting Genocide’

The MAGA Truckers are Back—And Heading to the Border

Protest Convoy Headed to Southern Border Is Calling Itself an ‘Army of God’

A roaring tailwind just hurled a passenger plane at 826 miles per hour

Investigators Sought Jeff Bezos’ Tax-Return Leaker; They Stumbled Upon Donald Trump’s

The News Business Really Is Cratering

Chevron Says California Plays a Risky Game With Climate and Gasoline

A Famed Analyst’s Final Forecast Is the Fall of the U.S. Economy

Friday, January 26, 2024

Leaked Netanyahu Tape Slamming Hostage Mediators Spurs Chaos

Putin sparks fears of war with Nato with visit to Kaliningrad

US to station nuclear weapons in UK to counter threat from Russia

NSA secretly buying Americans’ data without a warrant

China, Russia Disguise Attack Threats Posed by Their Satellites, US Says

Schools are using surveillance tech to catch students vaping, snaring some with harsh punishments

Phones Track Everything but Their Role in Car Wrecks

Canadian Cardinal Accused of Sexual Assault

Kenneth Eugene Smith: UN condemns Alabama nitrogen gas execution

FINAL WORDS Inmate Kenneth Smith slammed first-ever nitrogen gas execution as ‘step backward’ before he died in 22-minute ordeal

First death row inmate executed by nitrogen gas suffered ‘horrific’ death

Biden Approval Index History

Democratic concerns grow amid RFK Jr. ballot push in battleground states

Biden Aides Fret That Support for Israel Will Hurt Re-Election Prospects

Biden's Third-Year Job Approval Average of 39.8% Second Worst

'We have sharp elbows': Nikki Haley braces for home-state dirty tricks in Trump fight

Nikki Haley Should Go for Broke

Trump Rages at ‘Extremely Abusive’ Judge Kaplan Minutes After Storming Out of Defamation Trial Court

Trump storms out of courtroom during closing arguments in E. Jean Carroll's defamation damages trial

Donald Trump must pay an additional $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll in defamation case, jury says

Canary Islands 'collapsing' under strain as too many tourists descend on holiday hotspot

Tesla recalling nearly 200,000 vehicles because software glitch can cause backup camera to go dark

Texas Defies Joe Biden By Recruiting Volunteers To Bolster Border Fight

Trump urges states to surge National Guard to Texas as Abbott standoff with Biden accelerates

A GOP Border Reckoning

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Greg Abbott throws down the gauntlet at Biden over the border war: Texas governor says state has right to defend it self from 'lawlessness' after White House demanded agents be allowed back on the banks of the Rio Grande

Trump says anyone who donates to Nikki Haley will be 'permanently barred from the MAGA camp'​

Satan’s Agent: The World Economic Forum

Convoy of Truckers Heading Toward Texas Border​

The Western World: RIP​

Are HOV Lanes Really a Good Idea?

Is NPR 'State-Affiliated Media'? Their Coverage of the Federal Debt Certainly Suggests as Much

Javier Milei's Message to Collectivists in Davos: You Are the Problem

The Rise and Fall of Japan's First 'Enlightenment'

Fauci Admits to Multiple COVID-19 Missteps during Closed-Door Hearing

Big Firms Are Hardly Invincible. Just Ask Blackberry

The Tricky Business of Branding

Opinion: Evidence EVs are a fading fad is ‘rolling in fast’ as Tesla, GM and Ford slash prices

Sorry, speeders: New bill would require speed-limiting devices in California cars

Pentagon Report Predicts New Age of COVID Bioweapons and Brain Chip Warfare

NSA secretly buying Americans’ data without a warrant

Proud Boy Marc Bru sent to prison tells court he’d storm Capitol again

Trump urges states to surge National Guard to Texas as Abbott standoff with Biden accelerates

Republicans' border split screen

Concerned White House staff 'called psychiatrist about Trump's mental instability' in 2017

Judge Kaplan Gives Trump Graphic Introduction to Witness Stand: He ‘Inserted His Fingers Into E Jean Carroll’s Vagina’

Florida lawmakers move to bar kids from social media in latest statehouse push

Haley presses on against Trump on the trail. Her fight is a lonely one.

RNC Moving to Declare Trump Its Presumptive Nominee

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Food Giants Earn ‘F’ Grade on Pesticide Reduction: Report

Electricity prices to almost double as German consumers who use heat pumps face green reality


Big pharma has hiked prices of 770 drugs already in 2024 including Ozempic and Mounjaro... so how much has the cost of YOUR meds changed?

‘No cash accepted’ signs are bad news for millions of Americans​

Can America survive its traitors?​

BUSTED: Moderna & HHS Are Targeting Our Children With Nanotech​

FBI Orders Banks to Flag Purchases Tied to Religion or MAGA​

Watchlisted: You’re Probably Already on a Government Extremism List​

The 2024 Debt Spiral: How $1 Trillion in Interest Is Breaking the Federal Budget​

Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen: The LA Times Appears to Be in a State of Imminent Collapse​

Bombshell report: American Red Cross supplied docs, maps to lead Illegal Immigrants to resources in the U.S.

US Gun Demand Hits Highest Level In Eight Months As Protection Needs Persist​

Utility Bill Debt For Americans Hits Record As Heating Homes Now Seen As Luxury​

It Is A Bloodbath For The Mainstream Media

Unethical human experimentation in the United States​

Award-winning lesbian realtor, 50, is jailed for tricking 90 year-old man with dementia into thinking they were in relationship so she could scam him out of $638K to buy an RV and pay her gambling debts​

Woman, 33, who stabbed her date 100 times to death in weed-induced frenzy is sentenced to 100 HOURS community service - as judge says she 'had no control over her actions' after cannabis caused 'psychotic break'​

Breathing in pure oxygen is 'as effective as Viagra'​

Arizona Republican chair Jeff DeWit RESIGNS over bombshell audio bribing Kari Lake to stay out of office​

Ordinary Brits face call-up if UK goes to war with Russia because military is too small, Army chief says amid WW3 threat​

Arizona GOP Chair Resigns After Kari Lake Threatens "More Damaging" Recording​

Texas Defies 'Lawless' Biden, Invokes Right To Self-Defense From 'Invasion' With More Razor Wire​

FAA Halts Boeing 737 Max Production Expansion, Buttigieg Says "Bigger Picture Exam" Imminent​

NATO Admits 'No Direct Threat From Russia' As UK Army Chief Tells Citizens Prepare For Massive War​

BORDER SHOWDOWN: DHS Sends 2nd Demand Notice to Texas over Seized Park Access​

Another Boeing Plane Sees Critical Failure as 757's Nose Wheel Falls Off Before Takeoff​

Mexico's $10 Billion Lawsuit Against US Gun Manufacturers To Proceed, Appeals Court Rules​

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

‘Excess deaths STARTED with the vaccine programme’ | Top doctor's stark warnings being 'ignored'

Stunning Video of Mysterious Dark UFO Surfaces from Chiefland, Florida​

BUSTED: Moderna & HHS Are Targeting Our Children With Nanotech​

Pentagon reveals eight targets - including an underground Houthi bunker and missiles sites - were hit by second joint US and UK airstrike mission on targets in Yemen, in retaliation for Iran-backed militia's Red Sea ship attacks​

What’s Wrong With this Picture 2008-2020​

'In the name of God, go': Israel's ex-prime minister Ehud Barak calls for an immediate election to end the war in Gaza as critics claim time is running out for Benjamin Netanyahu​

Explosive results of research into pedophilia among US Democrats​

Migrants waiting for shelter beds are using this NYC park as their bathroom

Quantum AI: Merging End Times Technologies​

Babylon The Great Is Fallen

Biden launches PR blitz on abortion to save struggling 2024 reelection bid - with White House putting re-productive rights at center of campaign​

Deadly hot tub bacteria outbreak in New Hampshire kills one and hospitalizes another at swanky spa​

I gave myself a deadly heart condition at age 21 by drinking EIGHT coffees a day and taking caffeine pills​

Big pharma has hiked prices of 770 drugs already in 2024 including Ozempic and Mounjaro... so how much has the cost of YOUR meds changed?​

How Greg Abbott's Border Fight Bolsters Calls for an Independent Texas

Facebook made a major change after years of PR disasters, and news sites are paying the price

San Francisco takes legal action over ‘unsafe,’ ‘disruptive’ self-driving cars

Germany’s surging far right provokes a reckoning

Almost 80 years after the Holocaust, 245,000 Jewish survivors are still alive

Vice President Harris targets Trump as she rallies for abortion rights in Wisconsin

Alaska Airlines CEO: We found 'many' loose bolts on our Max 9 planes following near-disaster

Trump Rally in New Hampshire Plagued by Hecklers, Protests, and QAnon Chants

Alarm Bells for Trump and Republicans in New Hampshire GOP Exit Poll

BREAKING NEWS Nikki Haley STAYS IN the race and insists it is 'far from over' despite her defeat to Trump in New Hampshire Republican Primary

Venezuela arrests 32 in alleged plot to assassinate President Maduro

Monday, January 22, 2024

Election 2024: DeSantis ends presidential bid and endorses Trump​

Hollywood's Walk of SHAME: Once-glamorous boulevard is filthy, overrun by homelessness and struggling to cope with soaring crime after police patrols were HALVED - but is it now finally getting a facelift?​

A Lamborghini-Style EV: BYD Goes Upmarket to Outmaneuver Tesla

Trans golfer Hailey Davidson wins women's tournament, increasing chances to LPGA qualifier​

World Economic Forum Panelist Thinks It’s Good People Can’t Afford Electricity And Basic Living Standards, Helping With Decarbonization​

How Germany is mass deporting migrants and what UK could learn​

Genetic Scientists On Track To Create A Genetically Engineered Doomsday​

Journalist Who Attacked Top Tennis Player For Refusing COVID Vaccine Dies Suddenly​

FAA Urges Airlines To Inspect Another Boeing 737 Model For Mid-Air Door Blowout Risks​

Boris Johnson Says Davos Elite "Trembling Violently" At Return Of Trump​

Harvard Antisemitism Task Force Chair Called Israel a 'Regime of Apartheid'

'Beverly Hills, 90210' Actor David Gail Dies at 58

Ukraine Must Cede Territory to Russia for Peace Deal, Slovak PM Says​

Biden to Gun Owners: You'll Need an F-16 to Go Against the Government​

Former Jan. 6 Select Committee deleted more than 100 encrypted files from its probe in the days before Republicans took over the House majority​

Widow Says Hugh Hefner Had ‘Little Spy Holes' to Record Celebs, Politicians Having Sex​

The Best States for Gun Owners: Ranked for 2023​

Network as a sensor: 6G networks could sense their surroundings, allowing us to generate highly-realized digital versions of the physical world. This digital awareness would turn the network into our sixth sense.

Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Caused Autism-Like Behaviors in Offspring of Rats Vaccinated During Pregnancy

'This fight is not over': Texas vows to oppose Supreme Court razor wire ruling at border

Supreme Court allows Border Patrol agents to remove razor wire Texas installed at Mexico border

New blood test that screens for Alzheimer’s may be a step closer to reality, study suggests

Fake Joe Biden robocall tells New Hampshire Democrats not to vote Tuesday

Trump’s Gaffes and Slurring This Weekend Should Be Leading Every Newscast — Why Aren’t They?

Elon Musk visits Auschwitz after uproar over antisemitic messages on X

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Superbug crisis threatens to kill 10 million per year by 2050. Scientists may have a solution

DeSantis offered to ‘Make America Florida.’ Voters in Iowa and N.H. shrugged

Republican Ron DeSantis suspends White House campaign

Ron DeSantis ends his struggling presidential bid before New Hampshire and endorses Donald Trump

Haley ‘Absolutely’ Could Win New Hampshire, GOP Chairman Says

Haley needs a New Hampshire jolt to stop Trump. But where’s the energy?

Donald Trump kicks out protestor who called him a 'dictator' as he says 'get him out'

Trump Confuses Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley, Blames the Latter for Jan. 6 Capitol Riot: ‘Nikki Haley Is in Charge of Security’

The attacks on Donald Trump’s age may be at a tipping point

Haley fires at Trump attacks before New Hampshire primary

Haley questions Trump's mental fitness as he seems to confuse her with Nancy Pelosi

Hundreds of thousands demonstrate against right-wing extremism in Germany

Russia's elite paratroopers and marines are refusing orders to launch 'human wave attacks,' Ukraine official says

Hamas Toll Thus Far Falls Short of Israel’s War Aims, U.S. Says

Harris takes center stage in 2024 abortion fight

Revealed: far-right figures try to create Christian nationalist ‘haven’ in Kentucky

Science is revealing why American politics are so intensely polarized

NYC neighborhood turned into giant toilet as migrants litter park with poop, leave cups of urine on ‘doorsteps’

Dem. Senator John Fetterman breaking with his party AGAIN says migration crisis threatens to destroy the American dream as another 300,000 people approach southern border in hopes of crossing into US

Donald Trump goes from calm to indignant in newly released deposition video of civil fraud lawsuit

'Not to be taken lightly': Lawyer who ditched Trump says ex-president could be convicted

The latest survey results for the 2024 New Hampshire Democratic primary are here.​

Sundance Shut Down: Pro-Palestinian Protest Closes Main Street; Melissa Barrera Among Demonstrators – Update

Ghost Pepper Wings, Wraps With Tenders—Restaurants Binge on Chicken

Canadian TV station appears to stir up NFL script conspiracies with 49ers-Ravens Super Bowl graphic

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for October 8, 2019​

More Idahoans than not think state is on the ‘wrong track,’ want less strict abortion laws

Revealed: far-right figures try to create Christian nationalist ‘haven’ in Kentucky

Populism Keeps Rattling the Globe. Elites Have No Idea What to Do.

Science is revealing why American politics are so intensely polarized

GOP Speaker Mike Johnson has a House majority in name only. He’s left with daunting choices ahead

ROBOT FEARS World’s most advanced humanoid reveals ‘biggest fear’ and ‘what it’s like to be a robot’

Trans golfer Hailey Davidson wins women’s tournament, increasing chances to LPGA qualifier

Minneapolis high school cancels classes after wild allegedly ‘race-fueled’ brawl drew in parents, 2 adults arrested

Childless Future? Birth Rate Plunging as Millennials Decide Against Being Parents

Peak Chic: Balenciaga’s $5,600 Snowboard Leads a Flurry of Luxury Skiwear and Accessories

The Legal Question at the Center of the Alec Baldwin Criminal Case

Alec Baldwin’s grand jury indictment opens up two paths for prosecutors

Alec Baldwin Indicted on Manslaughter Charge in ‘Rust’ Shooting

Americans Looking for Love Are Getting Killed by Gangs in Colombia

Taiwan’s Doubts About America Are Growing. That Could Be Dangerous.

ROCKET BARRAGE US troops suffer ‘traumatic brain injuries’ after Iraqi airbase is hit by missiles from ‘Iranian-backed militants’

UAE Warns US Time Running Out to Avoid Wider Mideast Crisis

In Strategic Bind, Israel Weighs Freeing Hostages Against Destroying Hamas

MARCH ON MOSCOW I’m the Russian rebel leading army of anti-Putin warriors…we will oust Vlad in country’s biggest revolution in 100 years

Germany’s far-right AfD face mounting protests over plan to deport migrants

Trump Confuses Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley, Blames the Latter for Jan. 6 Capitol Riot: ‘Nikki Haley Is in Charge of Security’

Friday, January 19, 2024

The IDF’s War Crimes Are a Perfect Reflection of Israeli Society

The Electric-Vehicle Cheating Scandal​

After Media-Brutalized Gun Freedom Law, Fla. Violent Crime Drops​

Major U-turn! OpenAI drops ban on military tools to partner with the Pentagon​

1984 Quotes With Page Numbers By George Orwell​

Jim Jordan Demands Answers After Biden Admin Caught Flagging "MAGA" And "Trump" To Track Political Opponents' Financial Transactions​

"Food Deserts" Rise In Democrat Run Cities As Grocers Leave In Droves​

Yum! Biden, 81, spoons a 'triple thick' milkshake into his mouth during a stop at Cook Out after confused speech where he asked 'where's Deborah' in search for Democrat who wasn't even there

The Catalyst For The Next US Civil War?​

White men no longer want to fight for a nation that scorns them​

Feds asked financial institutions to flag Bible purchases, terms like 'MAGA,' 'TRUMP' to identify 'Extremists': Report​

Bertman on X: Trump says he will prevent implementation of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

United Airlines CEO is a cross-dressing freak…

World Economic Forum Panelist Says Farming And Fishing Is ‘Ecocide,’ Demands They Be Penalized

Terrifying Footage Shows Boeing 747 Engine Fire Over Miami​

RuPaul Defends Drag Queen Story Hour During Emmy Speech, Brings 'Literal Hell Goblin' on Stage (VIDEO)

WHO Unveils 'Global Police Force' To Arrest Citizens Who Post Independent Media Online​

Schwab’s WEF Elimination of all Elections​

Elaborate Cover-Up Exposed By Beck: To mislead the public on the TRUE state of the U.S.​

Ford Cuts Lightning Output in Latest Sign of EV Downshift​

Hertz Selling 20,000 EVs in the U.S., to Reinvest in Gas-Powered Vehicles​

Bacteria in semen may be affecting sperm and male fertility​

Plane on fire: Video shows flames coming from Atlas Air plane before landing at MIA ​

Meta joins rivals in pursuit of human-level AI

S&P 500 rallies 1% to all-time high, surpassing previous record set in 2022: Live updates

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Democrats Have Resurrected Law as a Weapon that Serves Power instead of Justice

Americans Enslaved Themselves to the State When They Accepted the Income Tax​

Senator Rand Paul Makes the Case for Imprisoning Tony Fauci​

American Liberals Are Insane​

The IDF’s War Crimes Are a Perfect Reflection of Israeli Society​

Cheryl Hines … as First Lady? The ‘Curb’ Star on Life After Larry and Marriage to RFK Jr.

6ft 7ins Barron Trump, 17, towers over Donald at Melania's mother Amalija Knav funeral

Elon Musk’s losing streak is heading for Tesla

The $8.8 Trillion Cash Pile That Has Stock-Market Bulls Salivating

Weekly jobless claims post lowest reading since September 2022

‘Come on, Man’: Biden Trashes Trump For Calling America a ‘Failed Nation’ and Rooting for a Stock Market Crash

Nato warns of all-out war with Russia in next 20 years

North Korea says tests underwater nuclear drone, criticises US-led joint drills

California Elections Worker Opens Fentanyl-Laced Envelope

‘Swatting’ targets all sides, raising fears

Capitol Police investigated more than 8,000 threats against lawmakers last year

What Republicans Used to Believe

Congress Averts Government Shutdown as Conservatives Steam Over Border, Spending

Congress votes to avert a shutdown and keep the government funded into early March

Bannon blasts Johnson for saying Biden presidency is ‘God’s will’

Four signs Mike Johnson’s days as speaker could be numbered

Johnson feels heat from Trump, conservatives to reject Senate border deal

Silicon Valley insiders are trying to unseat Biden with help from AI

Election Wave And AI Disinformation Raise Stakes In 2024

Meta joins rivals in pursuit of human-level AI

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Shares Powerful Message He Sent to Participants of “Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International” Meeting

Winter Woes – Green New Deal Turns Deadly​

World Economic Forum EXPELS Christians from 'demonic' Davos promenade​

US Conducts New 'Preemptive Strikes' On Houthi Launch Sites​

The WEF Hopes To Rebuild Trust With Humanity​

Elections will soon be a quaint relec of the past, says globalist Klaus Schwab, who points to AI as the coming King of Democracy​

'A Bunch of Dead Robots:' Frigid Chicago Temps Turn EV Charging Stations into 'Car Graveyards'​

American Apocalypse? 71% Don't Trust U.S. Government To Prevent Doomsday​

Watch: The Most Ridiculous 75 Seconds Of Bullshit From Davos Yet On "Ecocide"​

WEF: Climate Crazy Calls for New International Crime of 'Ecocide'​

Netflix chief product officer reveals fascinating secrets of how streamer knows what viewers will want to watch - and how there are up to SIX trailers for a TV show or movie to appeal to different types of people​

Record 2MILLION Americans will get cancer this year amid epidemic in young people... use our map to see states where diagnoses are most common​

Anti-aging scientists study secrets of former factory worker, 93, who has the biological age of someone in their THIRTIES and only started exercising in retirement​

America is on the edge of a dangerous 'vaccine tipping point' says FDA- amid measles outbreak and record high vaccine refusers​

Chinese scientists 'create' a mutant coronavirus strain that attacks the BRAIN and has a 100% kill rate in mice - as they admit there's a 'risk it spills over to humans'​

REVEALED: The fast food restaurants with highest levels of hormone-warping chemicals​

Watch: EU President Demands Globalist Control Over All Information​

Tucker Carlson Takes Down Nikki Haley With Brutal Video​

Chabad Tunnels Still Unexplained a Week After Riot, Questions Deemed 'Anti-Semitic'​

DNA Contaminants In COVID Vaccines Are 'Beyond The Pale': Florida Surgeon General​

Bibi’s Holy Grail: Why Does Israel Want Control of Corridor Between Gaza and Egypt?

Germany to send Israelis Bundeswehr tank shells: Der Spiegel​

Shot Dead The Movie​

Biden Is Fast-Tracking His Student-Loan-Forgiveness Plan​

Judge Threatens To Kick Trump Out Of Courtroom; Trump Says He Would 'Love It'​

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

AP Poll: Donald Trump Performs Better with Iowa GOP Women Than Men

Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Helps Rescue Woman After Car Accident

Trump Breaks Record for Biggest Win in History of Iowa Republican Caucuses

Trump says 'it's time for our country to come together' after Iowa LANDSLIDE: Ex-president calls for Republicans to UNITE behind him, praises Vivek as he drops out and vows to 'take back' the U.S. from Biden in November​

'We want a refund!' Jewish Harvard students are demanding tuition reimbursements as trolls blame THEM for Claudine Gay debacle and label them 'Zionist pedos' in shameful social media posts​

Another merchant ship is struck by a missile while passing Yemen - after Houthis warned they will expand attacks to include British and US vessels in the Red Sea​

Pfizer Invests Billions in Treatments for Coming 'Heart Failure Pandemic'​

The Deliberate Dismantling of America: What We Face If We Don’t Stop the Invasion​

Kim Jong Un Has a New Enemy No. 1—and It Isn’t the U.S.

China's Stock Market Is in Free Fall

Cops: Urine Big Trouble Now, Florida Woman

Love vs. Politics: How News Coverage Triggers Fights in Divided Couples

Inside the 'weird' write-in campaign needed to help Biden win New Hampshire

Special Counsel Jack Smith CAN access Trump's Twitter: Judge rejects appeal that would have denied access to ex-president's social media feed in election interference case

T-shirts and silver balls: Politics get mixed in with the profane at a Trump store

A Wary World Braces for Trump’s Return to the White House

What I told Ron DeSantis and his team about their campaign

The Inside Story of How Ron DeSantis Got Crushed by Donald Trump (Exclusive)

Nikki Haley's best — and perhaps last — chance to beat Trump is next week in New Hampshire

ABC News cancels New Hampshire Republican primary debate

Iowa Caucus Turnout Was Lowest in Years

Iowa caucus turnout for 2024 and how it compares to previous years

Trump leads GOP rightward march and other takeaways from the Iowa caucuses

BREAKTHROUGH Scientists keep cloned monkey alive for 2 YEARS in world first – using ‘Dolly the sheep method’

Infinite energy? Dirt-powered fuel cell ‘can potentially last forever’

Monday, January 15, 2024

NBC News Admits 'Deep State' Exists... To Save Us From Trump's Return

Understanding the Cabalist Left vs Right Charade

When DEI Becomes DIE: FAA Now Hiring People With "Severe Intellectual And Psychiatric Disability"​

"It's The Economy, Stupid!" - The Real Reason So Many Young People Are Living With Their Parents​

‘Ordained by God’: Trump’s legal problems galvanize Iowa evangelicals​

Getting Donald Out Of Debt: The 25-Year-Old Ties That Bind Trump and Wilbur Ross

Meet Wilbur Ross, who once bailed out Trump in Atlantic City and is now his pick for Commerce secretary​

US fighter jet shoots down an anti-ship cruise missile targeting a destroyer in the Red Sea - as Houthi rebels pose with ROCKET LAUNCHERS and machine guns as they hit back at America for bombing Yemen targets​

Startling new report finds hormone-warping chemicals in 99 PERCENT of food sold in American stores - which may raise risk of cancer, autism and infertility​

Everyone you know coming down with Covid again? US is recording 2million infections per DAY - second-highest figure of entire pandemic

Ron DeSantis promises to 'bring a reckoning' Fauci: Governor accuses doctor of turning America into a Faucian Dystopia during pandemic - after disastrous Congress hearings​

I'm a fitness coach and these are the most common mistakes people make in January​

How HAARP and other frequencies affect our emotions​

Kyle Bass Blasts US Gov't For Giving China 'Micro Nuclear Battery' Tech​

U.S. is Painting Itself Into a Corner in the Red Sea

Trump: We Have Wars in Ukraine, Israel, and Yemen but Not on Southern Border​

Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/15/24​

Dr. Yeadon Comments on “Disease X” Fearmongering and “Preparing for the Next Pandemic” Advertising by The Wellness Company​

Nothing To See Here: The US Congress Introduced the ‘Disease X Act’ in June of 2023​

The Deliberate Dismantling of America: What We Face If We Don’t Stop the Invasion​

'Outrageous - what about us?': Taxpayers now paying for new apartments and two years of rent for illegal immigrants​

There is Hope After All​

Trump, DeSantis, Haley all leading Biden in new poll

Biden-Harris campaign says it has largest war chest of any Democratic candidate in history

Why the World Is Betting Against American Democracy

Iowa Presidential Caucus Election Results 2024: Donald Trump wins, NBC News projects

Trump easily wins the Iowa caucuses — a big first step toward a 2024 rematch with Biden

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Why the EV Market Is Sputtering

7 Ridiculous Examples of Government Waste in 2023

Will America Choose Javier Milei or Hugo Chavez?

Science Has a Major Fraud Problem. Here’s Why Government Funding Is the Likely Culprit

It Won’t Be a Recession—It Will Just Feel Like One

White House staff 'relocated' after pro-Palestinian rioters damage anti-scale fencing, hurl objects at cops

Ecuador regains control of prisons after hostages freed

Ecuador arrests hundreds in bid to halt eruption of gang-based violence

Buildings burn as lava from Icelandic volcano eruption flows into evacuated fishing town

EXCLUSIVEChilling mystery behind America's ski town 'Suicide Belt' - and why FOUR out of the six states with highest suicide rates are in the Rockies

100 Days of War

Hamas releases chilling video of Israeli hostages including 26-year-old Noa Argamani whose abduction 100 days ago disgusted the world and warns that 'tomorrow we will inform you of their fate'

Amid War in Middle East, Ukraine Fights to Keep U.S. and Allies’ Focus

Top diplomats meet in Davos on Ukraine ‘peace formula’

Inside the Messenger’s money-torching bet to make media great again

After attempts to meddle in Taiwan’s elections fail, China takes stock

Taiwan defies China, electing a new president Beijing labeled a separatist ‘troublemaker’

Fears grow that Trump will use the military in ‘dictatorial ways’ if he returns to the White House

The Iowa Pizza Chain That Explains How Our Politics Became So Dysfunctional

Caucuses leave many Iowans out in the cold – and not just in bad weather

Iowa Poll shows Nikki Haley leads Ron DeSantis in Iowa Caucuses. Donald Trump far ahead

The unusual political vocabulary of Ron DeSantis

Trump Turns on Ramaswamy, Telling Iowans ‘Don’t Get Duped’

Donald Trump advertises on MSNBC in New Hampshire to slow Haley

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Poland’s Political Drama Echoes Trump Election Loss Aftermath

Texas national guards use riot shields to hold back horde of migrants trying to cross through razor wire in Eagle Pass with one person hurling a rock towards a soldier's head

Live Chill Map

Could Allegations Against DA Fani Willis Derail The Case Against Trump In Georgia?

The spectre of Donald Trump hangs over Davos

Civil War talk in presidential contest reveals fresh divisions on race

On the Ballot in Iowa: Fear. Anxiety. Hopelessness.

Here Comes Trump, the Abominable Snowman

Iowa Evangelicals’ Choice: Does Faith Compel Support for Trump, or Someone Else?

The Iowa Pizza Chain That Explains How Our Politics Became So Dysfunctional

Iowa Poll shows Nikki Haley leads Ron DeSantis in Iowa Caucuses. Donald Trump far ahead

Ron DeSantis blasts Trump for 'hanging out at Mar-a-Lago' and says his rival 'phoned it in' as he meets supporters who dug out from a BLIZZARD in sub-zero temperatures and resumes campaigning in sprint to the Iowa Caucus

‘Vivek Is Not MAGA!’ Trump Turns On ‘Deceitful’ Ramaswamy Right Before Iowa Caucus — Just After THIS Photo

Donald Trump advertises on MSNBC in New Hampshire to slow Haley

Big freeze causes chaos for the coldest Iowa caucus ever: Nikki Haley cancels all events with three days to go as voters are warned they could get FROSTBITE in 10 minutes with wind chills of minus 45 degrees expected on Monday

Temperatures in select Iowa cities on caucus dates

Iowa’s winter blast could make an unrepresentative way of picking presidential nominees even more so

Trump’s Lofty Iowa Expectations Set High Bar for Big Victory

Trump aims to break caucus records, but Iowa sometimes surprises

China Steps on the Gas to Become Top Auto Exporter in 2023

Tesla Gets a $94 Billion Reality Check as EV Winter Sets In

Microsoft tops Apple as world’s most valuable public company

As robot baristas and AI chefs debut at Vegas tech show, casino union workers fear for their jobs

AI fears creep into finance, business and law

‘No one will stop us - not The Hague, not the Axis of Evil, no one,’ says Netanyahu

Friday, January 12, 2024

Hollywood outcast Armie Hammer, 37, moves on with Kazakh beauty Marina Gris, 26, who flashes 'engagement' ring after his career-ending cannibalism and sex assault scandal

Washington Escalates the Middle East Conflict​

The Normalization of Mass Murder​

Another Extinct Species​

US school boots out students to shelter migrants​

Harvard Hates The White Race​

Sachs: US Foreign Policy Is A Scam Built On Corruption​

EU To ‘Permanently Shut Down X’ If Musk Doesn’t Ban Alternative Media​

Former Israeli Minister Admits Israel Uses Ad Hominem Attacks on Critics to Shield Israel from Criticism​

World War III approaches – just as planned


Photos: The Biden Administration Is Rolling Out A Redesigned U.S. Passport - Another Iconic American Imagery Is Gone​

Huge ancient city that was built 2,500 years ago and lasted for 1,000 years with a population of at least 10,000 has been found in Ecuador in the Amazon​

Biden's revenge blitz: Fighter jets, destroyers and a sub fire over 100 precision-guided missiles at 60 Houthi targets in Yemen - wiping out terror HQs, arms depots and radar systems​

US Army Struggling To Recruit White Soldiers And The Reason Is Obvious​

Does the Entire World Now View the U.S. as a Dying Empire? New BRICS Alliance Takes on the Global Food Cartel by Eliminating the U.S. Dollar​

CAMPUS TRAGEDY Lincoln University president John Moseley ‘on leave’ after death of colleague Bonnie Bailey sparks calls for resignation

India flexes maritime muscles by boosting Arabian Sea force

Will the Texas grid hold up in the freeze? Experts give their confidence scores

Current Wind Chill Map

Arctic Cold Outbreak Could Smash Records From Washington State To The Gulf Coast

Planet’s most abnormally cold air to surge into Lower 48 states

Biden Takes Election Year Gamble With Yemen Strikes

Record-breaking cold threatens to complicate Iowa’s leadoff caucuses as snowy weather cancels events

Tectonic shift in power": How MAGA pastors boost Trump's campaign

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Exclusive – Donald Trump Recounts How Ted Kennedy Once Told Him Joe Biden Was the ‘Dumbest’ Senator

The Real Horror Of Labor Statistics​

Honoring Our Husbands and Wives


Fauci Admits Social Distancing Wasn't Scientific and the Wuhan Lab Leak Wasn't a Conspiracy Theory​

EPSTEINgate: Hard evidence now proves this highly organized and complex scheme was a MOSSAD-controlled honeytrap and blackmail operation……

Cubans Prepare For 500% Fuel Price Hike Amid Economic Crisis​

'Haley Is Gonna Get Smoked' - Christie Caught On Hot Mic Before Quitting GOP Race​

REPORT: Alabama Coach Nick Saban Retiring After Winning Seven National Titles​

Hollywood outcast Armie Hammer, 37, moves on with Kazakh beauty Marina Gris, 26, who flashes 'engagement' ring after his career-ending cannibalism and sex assault scandal​

Grand jury declines to indict woman for abusing corpse for flushing fetus down toilet after miscarriage

From Iowa to Florida, national lawsuits against local book bans begin to gain traction

Florida school book bans hit dictionaries

Former Fox News Host Gets His Books Banned in Florida

eBay pays $3m fine in blogger harassment case

ESPN operated 13-year Emmy scheme using fake names to get awards for top talent

Scoop: Biden warned to stop bringing big donors to Oval Office

Jill Biden: ‘What they are doing to Hunter is cruel’

Hunter Biden pleads not guilty at arraignment on tax charges

Trump town hall on Fox News nearly doubles audience of CNN’s GOP debate 

Why the religious right forgives Trump’s sins

Don’t Be So Certain Trump Has the Nomination Locked Up

Microsoft overtakes Apple as largest U.S. company on AI boost

Trump Poised to Dominate Republicans’ Kickoff Contest in Iowa

Saudi Arabia Voices 'Great Concern' Over Yemen Air Strikes: Foreign Ministry

US, UK air strikes pound Yemen after weeks of Red Sea attacks

U.S.-led coalition strikes Iran-aligned Houthi militants in Yemen

US, British militaries launch massive retaliatory strike against Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Devils or Aliens? What Does the Pentagon Believe?

UFO whistleblower held secret talk with 'Wall St bigwigs' and CIA officials in Manhattan - where he claimed US was in possession of 40ft Tardis-like craft that was 'the size of a football field when you stepped inside'​

Remind Me To Never Move To Florida​

DeepSouth: Supercomputer Simulating Human Brain to Go Online Next Year​

Record-breaking quantum computer has more than 1000 qubits​

The Cybertruck's Real World Range Is Incredibly Feeble

Can Big Pharma Be Held Accountable?​

Shocking Rise In Numbers Of Brain Cancers And Mad Cow Disease Since Rollout Of COVID Vax​

Doug Casey on De-Banking, Financial Censorship, and a Social Credit System​

Germany Ponders Banning Its Second Most Popular Political Party​

Plastic Chemicals Causing Infertility, Diabetes Found 'Widespread' In Common Food Items: Report

Trans Professor With 'Be Gay, Do Crimes' Tattoo Appointed To WHO Taskforce​

Haley and DeSantis quickly tear into each other’s records in their head-to-head Republican debate

Hunter Biden WALKS OUT of Congress after stunning Republicans by showing up to hearing laying out how they will hold him in contempt of Congress for defying subpoena in move that could land him a year in jail

Republicans push ahead with Hunter Biden contempt charge after his surprise visit to Capitol Hill

A shocking turn: Nazi-looted Pissarro painting won't return to Jewish family

'WATCH THIS SPACE' Britain on brink of launching airstrikes on Yemen bases after Houthis fire biggest drone blitz at Royal Navy warship

U.S., U.K. Warships Shoot Down Houthi Barrage in Red Sea

Al Jazeera 'journalists' in Gaza were terrorists: IDF presents evidence

How Justin Trudeau lost his grip

At CES, tech knows if you're sick and rocks babies

SHOP-POCALYPSE ‘You make customers feel like criminals’, shoppers fume as Morrisons unleashes ‘robocop’ cameras in supermarket aisles

Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother Accuses Bill Barr of Covering Up His Sibling’s Death: ‘Who Was Bill Barr Protecting?’

Hunter Biden bolts amid blistering GOP blitz after surprise cameo at House contempt hearing

Under-fire Bill Clinton escaped the furor over the latest revelations in newly-released court documents related to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein with a get-away trip to a luxury resort in Mexico

CNN GOP presidential debate with Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Jews Question the Holocaust Narrative

Rasmussen Poll Reports that two-thirds of Americans Believe US Is in Crisis from Immigrant-invasion

No nuclear war is my opinion: Washington Has Resurrected the Specter of Nuclear Armageddon

The seven deadly sins and their consequences​

Seven deadly sins - Wikipedia​

The mammograms that DON'T spot breast cancer: Why some women like Julia Bradbury have a condition that makes tumours harder to detect - and puts them at greater risk of getting cancer​

More propaganda: New fast-spreading Covid variant may be more deadly than earlier versions, 'worrisome' study warns

The children left in agony because the NHS refuses to take out their tonsils: It's a simple procedure that was once routine... but cost-cutting measures are seeing patients denied the op

Facebook launches ‘link history’ tool that tracks where people go on the internet

AI Justice: England and Wales Authorize Judges To Use Artificial Intelligence To Produce Rulings

CRIMINAL: Department of Health Paving the Way for the Next Lockdown​

23andMe to Data Breach Victims: It's Your Fault!

Iowa pastors denounce ‘God Made Trump’ video

Ukrainian hackers leave part of Moscow without internet access

China purges top army brass after US intel revealed they'd filled missiles with WATER instead of fuel and had a huge silo bunker with the wrong lids due to military corruption​

DD Denslow on X: "This dude is incredibly convincing. Eye witness to the Miami 'Aliens'. He appears to be recounting from memory. Says the police appeared to have a 'ready made strategy' for dealing with the giant 10ft tall 'beings'. A glitch in the matrix.

Biden STANDS BY Lloyd Austin as he faces calls to fire him over secret hospital trip: White House won't say if president knows what is wrong with his Pentagon chief and vow to probe why ICU visit wasn't known for days​

The UFO Movement Sees Otherworldly Growth​

Rev Chuck Baldwin - For Ralph Reed, James Dobson, Robert Jeffress, Jonathan Falwell, John Hagee, Richard Land, Jack Graham, Et Al.,​

Secret synagogue tunnels are causing chaos in New York. What’s really going on?

NASA delays astronaut moon landing to at least 2026

Ecuador erupts in 'civil war' with cartel thugs: President orders the army onto streets as crazed criminals rampage through cities - with TV station seized, university attacked and jail guards executed following escape of mob boss

US president could have a rival assassinated and not be criminally prosecuted, Trump’s lawyer argues

With Trump present in court, judges express skepticism of claims that he’s immune from prosecution

Biden slams Trump as ‘revealing twisted true colors’ after Trump says he hopes economy crashes in 2024

Monday, January 8, 2024

Israel’s talk of expanding war to Lebanon alarms U.S.

Why fears over a ‘tripledemic’ are surging​

Old James Bond Movies Slapped With Trigger Warning Because Society Is Very Dumb​

No Border – Say Goodbye to America​

Google Shows What Appear to be Mass Graves on Epstein Island​

‘High on Likes’: Driving Under the Influence of Social Media at the Crossroad of Freedom and Serfdom​

Experts warn of national security risks after CBP slashes question list for Chinese migrants from 40 to just 5​

Sea-Tac sees cancelations, delays after Boeing 737-9 grounding​

I've studied more than 5,000 near death experiences. My research has convinced me without a doubt that there's life after death.

A Disabled Vet Combed Obituaries for the Words ‘Suddenly’ and ‘Unexpectedly’ — Here’s What He Found​

Our bad 'leaders' really are children of the devil

BREAKING: Biden's DOJ suggests prosecution for J6ers who never went into the Capitol​

The AARP just told its 38 million members to get an eighth (yes, EIGHTH!) shot of mRNA​

Mid-air blowout puts Boeing back in the hot seat​

Republican ads get nastier, more frequent in Iowa and New Hampshire

Special counsel Jack Smith was targeted by attempted swatting on Christmas Day

Crowd at black church cheers when Biden calls Trump a 'loser' and chants 'four more years' in speech tearing into former president for claiming the Civil War could be 'negotiated' and Nikki Haley saying slavery wasn't a cause

Explosion at historic Texas hotel injures 21 and scatters debris in downtown Fort Worth

Elon Musk Criticizes WSJ Reporting on His Use of Illegal Drugs

National Association of Realtors president says she is resigning after blackmail threat

Alaska Airlines’ decision not to ground Boeing jet despite warning signs comes under scrutiny

United Airlines finds loose bolts on several Boeing 737 Max 9s after grounding

Moon landing attempt by US company appears doomed after ‘critical’ fuel leak

TB Joshua: Megachurch leader raped and tortured worshippers, BBC finds

House-proud mouse discovered tidying British man’s shed every night

Seasonal affective disorder: How the dark days of January shape your mood, intelligence and sex drive

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Is DeSantis going to drop out of the race on Jan. 15?

Record Low in U.S. Satisfied With Way Democracy Is Working

Planes dropping out of the sky. Your mobile rendered useless, just like your car. As a Netflix film portrays a nightmare that security experts insist is a very real prospect... How will YOU survive on the day an enemy state switches off the internet?

Vladimir Putin reveals new 'enemy' as world wakes up to major escalation of conflict

Russia is on course to lose 500,000 troops by end of 2024, after turning its forces into a 'low quality, high quantity mass army,' says UK intel

DEATH RIDDLE Head of Putin’s state-run TV empire Zoya Konovalova, 48, found dead with ex-husband after being ‘poisoned’

Elusive ‘alligator’-like creature found in treetops of Mexico. It’s a new species

NY girls HS basketball game canceled after antisemitic slurs hurled at players

Hamas, PA, and UNRWA Educate Gaza Schoolchildren for Jihad

Netanyahu presents law to subject ministers to polygraph tests

Three months on, Israel is entering a new phase of war. Is it still trying to ‘destroy’ Hamas?

Inside Jeffrey Epstein's 'superhumans' plot behind wild Stephen Hawking 'orgies' claim

Special counsel probe uncovers new details about Trump's inaction on Jan. 6: Sources

Inside Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff's L.A.

Obama, worried about Trump, urges Biden circle to bolster campaign

The Lloyd Austin fallout is growing: ‘Someone’s head has to roll’

Lloyd Austin Leaving Biden in Dark Over Hospitalization Raises Questions

Israel’s talk of expanding war to Lebanon alarms U.S.

Elon Musk Claims “Not Even Trace Amounts” Of Drugs In His System After Report Detailed Drug Concerns From Tesla, SpaceX Execs

Elon Musk Has Used Illegal Drugs, Worrying Leaders at Tesla and SpaceX

Here’s What It’s Like to Retire on Almost Nothing but Social Security

Judge denies Cher's request for conservatorship over son Elijah Blue Allman's money

Owner of LA bakery targeted by mob of 100 looters angered at rampant street takeovers: ‘Nobody gets punished for anything’

Why Parents Struggle So Much in the World’s Richest Country

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Defense secretary hospitalized for surgery complications

Alaska Airlines pilot frantically requests ATC help after plane window BLEW OUT over Portland

MAXED OUT Boeing 737 Max 9 planes GROUNDED by FAA after window blown out in mid-air horror on Alaska Airlines flight

Nor'easter to dump first significant snow in two years across East

Alaska Airlines pilot frantically requests ATC help after plane window BLEW OUT over Portland

Record Low in U.S. Satisfied With Way Democracy Is Working

FBI in Florida captures 3 people linked to Jan. 6 on third anniversary of riot

Is DeSantis going to drop out of the race on Jan. 15?

Liz Cheney Warns That Voting for Trump in 2024 Could Be ‘Last Vote You’ll Ever Cast’

Liz Cheney urges New Hampshire primary voters to take a stand against GOP ‘cowardice’

Trump warns of ‘big trouble’ as Supreme Court agrees to hear Colorado ballot case

Trump Shares Messianic Video About God Sending Him To Save World

'Mom, help me!': A sinister billion-dollar 'cyber' kidnapping scam born in Mexican prisons and perfected by Chinese gangs has come to America. And there's one foolproof way to protect yourself and your family

Global Maritime Trade Sails Into Geopolitical Storm

DEATH CULT’S RETURN ISIS plotting to exploit Middle East chaos to make blood-soaked comeback after killing 100 in Iran bomb attack

King Charles to withdraw Prince Andrew's security funding over Jeffrey Epstein list​

4 new batches of documents naming Jeffrey Epstein's associates released

Jeffrey Epstein Fixer's Office Burglarized Hours Before Document Dump (Exclusive)

The new Jeffrey Epstein files have set off a fresh round of conspiracy theories

The hottest real-estate market of 2024 will be this snowy Northeastern city, Zillow says

U.S. Moves Closer to Filing Sweeping Antitrust Case Against Apple

Obama, worried about Trump, urges Biden circle to bolster campaign

A lot is riding on Astrobotic moon lander set for launch Monday on new Vulcan Centaur

Moon’s resources could be ‘destroyed by thoughtless exploitation’, Nasa warned

Lawsuit accusing USAA of favoring military officers over enlistees certified as class-action case

Friday, January 5, 2024

Grand jury DECLINES to charge 'hero' vigilante who shot and killed serial thief Eugene Washington inside Houston taqueria as he was walking away after robbery

Jeffrey Epstein's infamous jet the 'Lolita Express' will be TORN APART after years of flying underage girls and high-powered associates to his Caribbean island and around the world​

Disney Loses Top Spot at Box Office to Universal as Woke Flops Pile Up

More Than A 3rd Of US Adults Say Biden's Election Was Illegitimate: Poll​

Ghislaine Maxwell will use new Epstein docs to show she's not 'horriblest person on earth' Prince Andrew's cousin says​

Trump’s evangelical voters remain loyal as he violates the Ten Commandments​

You Can Buy Gold Bars at Costco. But Are They Worth It?​

DeSantis: I Want to Eliminate IRS, Do Flat Rate, But Only if It Means 'Lower Taxes for Everybody'

Nolte: Disney Blunders Into 2024 PR Disaster with Man-Hating ‘Star Wars’ Director

How did Jeffrey Epstein make his money? Millionaire's worth revealed​

Recruitment Problems Plague US Military​

Excess Deaths and Depopulation: Shall We Sit Around in Our Insouciance and Permit This to Happen?​

Another Biden official resigns over Israel policy​

Blood Money: The Top Ten Politicians Taking the Most Israel Lobby Cash​

The Republican Establishment Is Part of the Problem​

No signs of genocide in Gaza – US​

Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) Funding​

Wayne LaPierre resigns as NRA leader, days before start of his civil trial

The White House's tense podium battle

The hottest real-estate market of 2024 will be this snowy Northeastern city, Zillow says

Apple’s Reign as World’s Top Stock at Risk From Bumpy 2024 Start

U.S. Moves Closer to Filing Sweeping Antitrust Case Against Apple

Biden, in Valley Forge speech, hits Trump hard as threat to democracy

Trump seeks 'revenge and retribution' Biden says in Jan. 6 anniversary speech

Los Angeles County has thousands of ‘unclaimed dead.’ These investigators retrace their lives

Thursday, January 4, 2024

"Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg, it gets worse!"

Jeffrey Epstein list: Unsealed documents name Prince Andrew, Trump and Clinton​

FDA Approved Nearly 50 Percent More Drugs in 2023 Than in 2022​

55% Spike in Young Disabled Women Since Vax Rollout

The Architect - 2023 Documentary - Part 1​

"A real Achilles' heel": Medical devices could be hacked next, officials fear

Revolutionary ‘nanodrones’ target and eliminate cancer cells

Suspected Jordanian airstrikes target Iran-linked drug smugglers in Syria - report

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Deadly Bomb Attack at Soleimani Memorial

Deadly Iran Blasts and Red Sea Warnings Fan Mideast Tensions

Prince Andrew Accused of Participating in ‘Underaged Orgy’ on Epstein Island

The Hidden Force Pushing Mortgage Rates Down

Germany's Olaf Scholz humiliated by 10,000 strong protest while economy crumbles

Apple hit with second downgrade this week as iPhone sales worries grow

Stocks’ Bad Start to 2024 Has Forecasters on Edge

Jeff Bezos Bets on a Google Challenger Using AI to Try to Upend Internet Search

Britney Spears: I'll never return to music industry

Another covid wave hits U.S. as JN.1 becomes dominant variant

How The Supreme Court Made Sonia Sotomayor Millions

One attack, two interpretations: Biden and Trump both make the Jan. 6 riot a political rallying cry

Trump and DeSantis zone in on Haley with just 11 days until Iowa

Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor Will Be Investigated in the Trump Case. But by Whom?

At least 24 injured after NYC subway trains collide, derail; service disruptions expected through morning

1 killed, 5 others injured by Iowa school shooter on the first day after winter break

Trump’s Businesses Got Millions From Foreign Governments While He Was President

Trump received millions of dollars from foreign governments while president, House Democrats allege

Two companies will attempt the first US moon landings since the Apollo missions a half-century ago

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Harvard's Gay Resigns Following New Allegations Of Plagiarism, Shortest Presidential Tenure In History

Israel Assassinates Deputy Head Of Hamas In Drone Attack On Beirut Suburb​

These Women Stopped Taking Ozempic and Wegovy, Then Regained More Weight Than They’d Lost: ‘I Was Insatiable’​

My husband is double my age but still a hottie - he was married when I was still a kid and no, I don’t have daddy issues​

The “Greater Israel” Scheme and its Global Power Play: a Delusional Recipe for Armageddon​

About the Esoteric Organization that Rules the World and What’s Been Happening in Gaza​

The Real Story of January 6​

People are ‘resetting’ their virginity on New Year’s Day

EXCLUSIVE High-end sex ring in Boston and D.C. areas was 'honeypot' scheme by Russia, China, South Korea or even Israel - to ensnare US officials, intelligence experts believe

EXCLUSIVE Kanye West owes over $1million in property and business taxes after failing to pay on two luxury Calabasas homes he shared with Kim Kardashian as well as his Yeezy brand that now has FOUR claims against it

AI Is Coming for the Influencers

MSNBC reports on new Bob Menendez indictment during daughter’s guest-host gig

Dan Crenshaw Hits Back At ‘F*cking Clown’ Jesse Watters: ‘He Cheated on His Wife and Then Left Her With Twins’

Sick with COVID and the flu: Double infections hit California hard

Imam who protested against gun violence is fatally shot outside his Newark, N.J., mosque

Jack Smith Keeps Telegraphing Some Seriously Scandalous Trump Crimes

Trump asks Supreme Court to overturn Colorado ballot eligibility ruling

“Criminal Enterprise” Scientology Should Face RICO Charges, Danny Masterson Accusers Say; Church Seems To Contradict Itself In Leah Remini Suit

Prosecutors: Trump Superfan Deserves 11 Years

Las Vegas judge attacked in court during sentencing

State Capitols Around U.S. Evacuated After Hoax Bomb Threats

Epstein list released: First names are revealed by court after two associates filed appeals to keep their identities hidden

Epstein court documents unsealed

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Consumption of Ultraprocessed Food and Risk of Depression

Blinken Again Bypasses US Congress To Send Munitions To Israel

The Terror of Reconstruction​

The Reconstruction and Deracination of the South Continues

Our Rulers Are Determined to Kill Us All.  Shall we sit around in our insouciance and permit it to happen?​

Are You in an Anti-Free Speech State? We Now Have the Definitive List​

Setting Up White Gentiles for Genocide​

How exercise really is the antidote for ALL that ails you: The definitive evidence that shows just 20 minutes a day can help prevent almost every disease​

Trauma Based Mind Control​

Biden Says US Troops Will Fight Russian If Ukraine Loses​

The Great Clarification​

"No Stomach" In US To Keep Funding Ukraine As 'War Is Over': Ex-Pentagon Official​

Gov. Greg Abbott shipped over 85,000 illegal migrants from Texas in over one year drawing ire of Democrats as crisis turns from just remote border towns to America's biggest cities​

Japan plane crash tragedy: Five coast guard crew flying out to help quake victims are killed when jet hits aircraft on runway - as new footage shows 379 on passenger plane fleeing past flaming engine just before it exploded​

Ex-CIA Officer Says Ukraine A 'Sinking Ship' After NYT Highlights Recruitment Crisis​

Student loan borrowers stage ‘massive student debt strike’​

Ukraine Cannot Pay Govt In 2024 Without Billions From The West​

Rome Was Eternal, Until It Wasn't: Imperial Analogs Of Decay​

Trump paid me to find voter fraud. Then he lied after I found 2020 election wasn't stolen.

Man breaks into Colorado Supreme Court overnight and opens fire, police say

EXCLUSIVE We asked top AI chatbots for their predictions for 2024... and it produced some VERY alarming results

An Almanac Publisher’s 2024 Prediction: ‘Tumultuous’

US national debt tops $34T for first time in history

Claudine Gay resigned as Harvard’s president after months of crises. Here’s how it unfolded.

Monday, January 1, 2024

Revolting video shows FIVE wiggly parasitic worms trapped inside a 70 year-old man's abdomen

Why experts fear nicotine in 'safer' vapes is more harmful than we thought​

Women struggling to conceive are hit with 'cruel' age limit of 35 for IVF treatment in some parts of the UK​

Bill Clinton to be identified as "Doe 36" and named over 50 times in upcoming Epstein doc dump​

Has Feminism And ‘Hoeflation’ Destroyed Dating In The West?​


Red Alert: Tap-To-Pay Terminals Can Reach Into Your Wallet Or Purse And Charge You For Things You Haven't Even Purchased​

Putin names Russia’s real enemies​

'Experts' Say New COVID Strain Will Cause Global "Heart Failure Pandemic"​

Consumers Are Rejecting The Great Reset​

Pandemic Forever: L.A. County Reinstates Health Care Facility Mask Mandate​

Benzodiazepines During Pregnancy Increase Odds of Miscarriage by Almost 70 Percent: Study​

COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to Increased Risk of Swollen Lymph Nodes in Children: Study​

Adverse Events Following SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination in Adolescents

Britain’s weapons stockpiles reduced to ‘nothing’ – The Times​

Over 200 service members demand Biden's military leadership be court-martialed and FIRED for forced 'experimentation' on troops with COVID-19 vaccine mandate leaving 'significant' physical and mental scars​

2023 Year In Review

Reclaim Your Brain - Why it's time to stop scrolling our lives away

Judge set to reveal 'disturbing' claims about Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein by Prince Andrew sex accuser Johanna Sjoberg

Bill Clinton to be unmasked as ‘Doe 36’ and identified more than 50 times in Jeffrey Epstein doc dump

EXCLUSIVEBritish police probe VIRTUAL rape in metaverse: Young girl's digital persona 'is sexually attacked by gang of adult men in immersive video game' - sparking first investigation of its kind and questions about extent current laws apply in online world

Blake Shelton slammed by fans over 'embarrassing' New Year's Eve performance

Green Day Changes the Lyrics of ‘American Idiot’ To Bash MAGA Live New Years Eve Show On ABC

QUAKE TERROR Tsunami alerts in 4 countries as 9ft waves threaten Japan after quakes bury people alive, spark fires & risk landslides

Sunday, December 31, 2023

VA Accused of Redirecting Resources Meant for Veterans to Support Illegal Immigrants

Supreme Court Rules To Trash Lawsuits Against Biden For Vaccine Mandates, Thereby Stripping Away Precedent To Dissent Against Mandates​

Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity​

‘Unprecedented’ flooding in a Eurostar tunnel cancels trains between Paris and London

Global giants gear up to build streaming model 2.0

Inside the $760M restoration of Notre Dame cathedral

Your Car Is Tracking You. Abusive Partners May Be, Too.

Dave Chappelle abruptly ends show, walks off stage after fan pulls out phone during Florida gig: report

Tucker Carlson Launches Stunning Attack on Ben Shapiro: He ‘Obviously’ Doesn’t ‘Care About America’

A Wisconsin rightwinger’s fall from conservative grace: ‘The Maga crowd despises him’

The Supreme Court's Biggest 2024 Decisions

Trump's wild year: Criminal charges set him up for the big house — or the White House

Large numbers of Americans want a strong, rough, anti-democratic leader

Republicans Have a Great Chance to Retake the Senate in 2024*

California becomes first state to offer health insurance to all undocumented immigrants

Russian ‘egg king’ survives assassination attempt

Russia retaliates against Ukraine after 24 killed in border city

Russia says 14 dead after 'indiscriminate' Ukrainian attack on Belgorod

‘The Color Purple’ Loses Momentum at New Year’s Weekend Box Office

US Navy sinks 3 Houthi boats attacking merchant ship in Red Sea, US says

UAE show off record-breaking 1,000 drone New Year's dazzling fireworks spectacle

NYPD ‘prepared’ for large pro-Palestine protests during New Year’s Eve bash at Times Square

Authorities beef up security for New Years Eve celebrations across US after FBI warnings

New Year’s Eve sweeps across the globe, but wars cast a shadow on 2024

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Exclusive: Trump Predicts Neither Biden Nor Kamala Will Be Dem Nominee

Do You Dare Even Look? — Forecast 202​4

Pregnant women who take Xanax and Valium are at least 40 percent MORE likely to miscarry, new research suggests​

Exercising for 10 minutes three times a week can make your BRAIN bigger, according to new study​

More propaganda: Vaccine against winter cough virus 'can slash hospitalisations in kids by more than 80%'

The New Blue Screen Of Death? "Your Vehicle Cannot Be Driven"​

What 'Great Replacement Theory'? Musk Exposes "Immense & Growing Size" Of Illegal Immigration Invasion​

More lies to cover the cardiac induced vaccine deaths'Experts' Say New COVID Strain Will Cause Global "Heart Failure Pandemic"

ANALYSIS-Sweeping Chinese military purge exposes weakness, could widen

Marjorie Taylor Greene creates multiple headaches for new Speaker

Seizure of Trump’s smartphone data puts special counsel in uncharted legal waters

Donald Trump 'fears Supreme Court could BACK Colorado's decision to take him off the ballot and that three conservative justices he appointed won't want to be seen as political'

Texas is sending asylum seekers to major cities by bus with little notice. These mayors want to pump the brakes

Surge of Migrants Heading North Has Chicago, New York at ‘Breaking Point’

Ukraine Faces Growing Calls From US to Cede Land to Russia

Elon Musk breaks silence on claims Tesla robot 'attacked engineer and drew blood'

The Elon Musk industrial complex

A New Kind of AI Copy Can Fully Replicate Famous People. The Law Is Powerless.

EXCLUSIVE The last lighthouse keeper: Sally Snowman, 72, has watched over Boston Light for 20 years - and even married there. When she stands down this month, it will mark the end of a three-century nautical era

Blue-collar workers won big in 2023, defying bleak predictions

S&P 500 falls slightly Friday, but rides 9-week win streak to end 2023 with 24% gain: Live updates

5 things that could tank Biden in 2024

2024 is going to be a dumpster fire of a year for US politics

Mutiny Erupts in a Michigan G.O.P. Overtaken by Chaos

Friday, December 29, 2023

Democrat Secretary Of State Kicks Trump Off Maine Ballot

Leftist Politician In Germany Says Migrants Are "Entitled" To Mass-Loot Grocery Stores​

Firefighters use 36k gallons of water to extinguish flaming Tesla after ‘battery’ fire​

The Agenda is Massive Population Reduction Especially of White Ethnicities​

Pediatrician Being Investigated by Medical Board After Talking About COVID-19 Vaccines in Public​

The (Formally Law-Abiding) Citizen’s Guide to Navigating the US Prison System​

Not Offended by Christmas​

WEF's 'Net Zero' Agenda Will Kill Billions, Experts Warn​

Democrats Total Disconnect from Reality​

Syria struck twice within hours in alleged Israeli airstrikes​

Leprosy, Polio, Malaria, TB, Measles … and Massive Unscreened Illegal Immigration

Israel Pressures US For More Apache Helicopters Even While Owning Up To Mass Civilian Casualty Airstrikes​

Understanding the Cabalist Left vs Right" Charade​

CULTURAL MARXISM: The Bane of America’s Existence​

How the Frankfurt School Changed American Culture​

Census data projects America’s slowest population growth since Great Depression​

The War on Ivermectin - Free Short Documentary Film 

Exposed: The Hidden Agenda behind the UK Government’s very real Chemtrail Operations​

Dutch Commander-in-Chief call on Netherlands to prepare for war with Russia

Biden Warns US Military May Get Pulled Into Direct Conflict With Russia

Trump Ballot Fights Put Pressure on Supreme Court to Act

Seizure of Trump’s smartphone data puts special counsel in uncharted legal waters

Donald Trump's presidential prospects in peril as most voters think charges are valid

Why Trump May Find Himself in Jail Sooner Than He Thinks

Trump's eligibility for the ballot is being challenged under the 14th Amendment. Here are the notable cases.

Maine bars Trump from ballot as US Supreme Court weighs states’ authority to block former president

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Salmon Wars

The Part-Time President​

“Satan always degrades his victims before he destroys them.”​

A Shrunken Arsenal: The Alarming Decline of U.S. Munitions

21 SPAC Companies Go Bust, Wiping out $46 Billion In Equity​

Multiple Financial Executives Commit Suicide Amid China's Financial Crisis​

The Banks Are Not OK​

Michigan Constitutional Sheriff Offers 'Militia Course' for Patriots to Defend the Homeland​

Today, They Are Blocking Airports And Storming Government Buildings. Tomorrow, What They Will Do Will Be Far Worse...

Lost Cargo Ship SS Cotopaxi Came Back After 90 Years?​

Generative AI will have another wild ride in 2024

DieselGate II​

Black Seed - 'The Remedy for Everything but Death'​

Russia, Iran Officially Ditch U.S. Dollar for Trade

California Pushes Electric Trucks as the Future of Freight

Firefighters use 36k gallons of water to extinguish flaming Tesla after ‘battery’ fire

Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective

How Dave Chappelle Fights the Culture War From the Stage

Haley acknowledges Civil War ‘about slavery’ after facing backlash

Wisconsin La Crosse chancellor unanimously fired after filming online porn videos with wife: ‘Abhorrent’

Maine becomes 2nd state to disqualify Trump from ballot

Maine's top election official rules Trump ineligible for 2024 primary ballot

Biden’s 2024 chances are much stronger than people realize

Barron's live coverage of financial markets, from stocks and bonds to oil and crypto.

Biden Approval Index History

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The world swimming body effectively bans transgender women from women's events

Break the Cycle: In 2024, Say No to the Government’s Cruelty, Brutality and Abuse​

Doug Casey on What Really Happened in 2023 and What Comes Next​

Cyber expert reveals how Chinese hackers could cripple America and turn the hit 'Leave the World Behind' movie nightmare into reality: 'You'll only know war has begun… when the phones go out'​

Amid high crime and demoralized police, anxious urbanites turn to private security to keep them safe

How Snatching American Citizens Turned Into a Tool of Hostile Governments

John Fetterman isn’t the politician you thought he’d be — and he doesn’t care

Pro-Palestinian protesters snarl traffic at JFK, LAX

A Fake Trump Elector in Michigan Told Prosecutors of Regret, Anger

Jack Smith asks judge to bar Trump from making ‘political attacks’ in 2020 election trial

Trump falsely claims U.S. soldier killed abroad in burst of misstatements

Nikki Haley Closes the Gap on Donald Trump

Don Jr. puts his dad on notice over buzz of Nikki Haley as VP pick, says he would intervene

Boebert switches congressional districts, avoiding a Democratic opponent who has far outraised her

Boebert rolls the dice: Controversial congresswoman SWITCHES election run from Colorado's 3rd District to the Republican stronghold 4th - amid fierce fight with her Democratic rival

Israel readies for war on 7 fronts as attacks recorded in neighbouring countries

Iranian Guards vow revenge against Israel over general's killing

TikTok is making users give their iPhone passwords for unclear reasons

Xi Touts Alternative to Western Capitalism in Speech on Mao

Russia, Iran Officially Ditch U.S. Dollar for Trade

‘Sitting on a powder keg’: US braces for a year, and an election, like no other

Senators demand Tesla recalls over defective parts, slam Elon Musk for blaming customers

Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective

Biden’s 2024 chances are much stronger than people realize

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Thousands join Christmas Eve migrant caravan - the biggest in more than a year - as it treks through Mexico and towards the U.S. border just days before Blinken arrives in the capital to hammer out new agreement to stem surge

10 Reasons Why Jesus Is the Big Story for Everyone's Story​

WEF’s deep involvement in a nefarious LGBT agenda​

10 Reasons Why Jesus Is the Big Story for Everyone's Story​

Henry Kissinger Was A Truly Despicable Creature​

Who Is The Deep State, Cabal, Illuminati, Dark Ones, The Brotherhood Of The Snake?​

Ron DeSantis' big bet on door-knocking put to the test in Iowa

First Amendment claim struck down in Project Veritas case focused on diary of Biden’s daughter

China unveils a new naval chief as maritime tensions climb

American Spies Confront a New, Formidable China

The right to protest is under threat in Britain, undermining a pillar of democracy

Prince William Expects ‘More Influence and Control’ Over the Monarchy

How 2023 has been the ‘year of the brink’ and 2024 could be worse

Ukraine strikes Russian naval landing warship, Moscow admits damage

A Record-Breaking Warm, Snowless Winter Confounds Midwesterners

The top 10 most impactful weather events of 2023

Teen tourists stabbed by deranged stranger at Grand Central who shouted ‘I want all the white people dead’ on Christmas: police

Banks shed 60,000 jobs in one of worst years for cuts since financial crisis

Woman Busted For Beating Man With Xmas Tree

Apple to Fight Watch Ban in Court After White House Declines to Act

Donald Trump Jr. puts his dad on notice over buzz of Nikki Haley as VP pick

Robust holiday shopping sends economy soaring into 2024

EXCLUSIVETesla robot ATTACKS an engineer at company's Texas factory during violent malfunction - leaving 'trail of blood' and forcing workers to hit emergency shutdown button

Israeli Soldier Dies of Superbug Infection From Contaminated Gaza Soil

Iran Adds to Pressure on U.S. With Nuclear Program Acceleration

U.S. shoots down 12 suicide drones, three anti-ship ballistic missiles and two land attack cruise missiles fired by Iran-backed rebels in southern Red Sea over 10-hour period

US Strikes Targets in Iraq After Drone Attack Injures Troops

Gaza war to last months, Israel says, as fears of conflict spread rise

Israel readies for war on 7 fronts as attacks recorded in neighbouring countries

Monday, December 25, 2023

How Xi Jinping is challenging dollar dominance with landmark Saudi deal

FBI fears China is stealing AI technology to ramp up spying and steal personal information to build terrifying dossiers on millions of Americans

Caffeine can negatively impact an athlete’s decisions

We Own More Cars Than Ever. So Why Are We Driving Less?

Michigan sheriff Dar Leaf offers ‘militia course’

Are Humans Still Evolving? 'Maybe More Rapidly Than Ever,' Says Scientist

China Is Stealing AI Secrets to Turbocharge Spying, U.S. Says

What Went Wrong for Ron DeSantis in 2023

JOE SCHMOE Joe Rogan mocks Biden for ‘Revolutionary War airports’ gaffe but aide fact checks & corrects him on who actually said it

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she was ‘swatted’ on Christmas Day with her family: ‘The 8th time’

UK Christmas Covid chaos as NHS nurses demand Britain 'masks up' again

King Charles III gives eco-themed message alongside living Christmas tree

UK's King Charles urges compassion, care for environment in time of conflict

Taraji P. Henson 'Almost Had to Walk Away From Color Purple' Over Low Pay

As Pressure on Harvard President Increases, University Board Feels the Squeeze

Demonstrators try to storm Belgrade city hall in protest against ‘stolen’ Serbian elections

Meet the Americans Trying to Lower the Temperature in Politics

Tucker Carlson Drops Bizarre Interview With Kevin Spacey Floating 2024 Run and Suggesting Netflix Tried to Kill Him

'They've gone deep': Jack Smith has 'sprawling' evidence against Trump, CBS discovers

Militia Leader Ammon Bundy Hints At Retaliation After Losing $52M Defamation Suit

Arizona judge: Defamation lawsuit against Kari Lake to move forward

Russia and China are on the brink of a military alliance that could overwhelm the US

Panic in the Arctic as mystery fire breaks out on Russian nuclear ship

JAIL HELL Putin’s enemy Alexei Navalny finally FOUND in horror ‘Polar Wolf’ prison after vanishing from hellish gulag 20 days ago

Russia's Navalny tracked down to 'Polar Wolf' prison in the Arctic

At least 4 tunnels once led to Ocean Beach in San Francisco

Manchin stokes 2024 rumors with announcement he'll appear at crucial event

Vietnamese restaurant that killed 300 cats a month to make cat soup closes for good

‘Overwhelmed’ Florida woman, 75, arrested after 309 animals seized from her mobile home with ‘lethal’ levels of ammonia inside

Christmas is the busiest day for texting

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Raise A Hallelujah (Official Lyric Video) - Bethel Music, Jonathan & Melissa Helser

‘Jesus in the rubble’: Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem canceled

On Christmas Eve, Bethlehem resembles a ghost town. Celebrations are halted due to Israel-Hamas war

Pope laments war in Holy Land on solemn Christmas Eve

Sombre Christmas Eve in Bethlehem as Gaza war rages

Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast confirmed by Heavily Censored Pfizer Documents​

conspiracy_minded on Instagram

Russian Black Sea Fleet Brigade Apparently Using Chemical Weapons

Texas family wakes at 3AM to find drunk driver PASSED OUT in a bedroom and mangled BMW in front yard with DEAD female passenger inside: Vehicle went airborne at high-speed before 'horrific' crash

After a terrible year of climate news, here are 5 reasons to feel positive

Suspect arrested in brazen theft of Banksy stop sign

World War 3 warning as super AI weapons to enter warfare by end of the decade

Tanker hit off India coast by drone from Iran, says US

The Washington Post’s New Boss Is Walking Into an Epic Mess

Texas Tops US States in 2023 Debt Sales With No Signs of Slowing

What an Independent Texas Would Look Like

Americans are lonely and it’s killing them. How the US can combat this new epidemic.

Elon Musk Wants You to Use Neuralink to Lose Weight. That’s a Bad Idea.

Two U.S. firms to launch spacecraft to the moon within weeks of each other

We Aren’t Posting on Social Media as Much Anymore. Will We Ever?

La Grange Park Racist Seeks Death Of Non-Christians

Pro-Palestinian Protest Disrupts Christmas in San Francisco: ‘No Xmas as Usual’

Iran Threatens to Close Mediterranean Sea Alleging U.S. Gaza ‘Crimes’

Exclusive–O’Donnell: Bring the Boys Home by Christmas, Lincoln’s Special Forces Lead the Raid Behind Enemy Lines

WATCH: Israel Uncovers Hamas Tunnel Complex, Recovers 5 Hostages’ Bodies

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Is this the smoking gun for the Covid lab leak? Blueprint for creating a 'SARS-CoV' virus with an altered spike protein in Wuhan was published in 2018, bombshell new records show

Death and Destruction in Gaza​

Matthew Perry died from the effects of ketamine, autopsy report says​

The Former Navy SEAL Who Keeps Churning Out Hit Books

Do you have a friend worth $130? Inside the shopping app that puts a price tag on all your contacts

Many prehistoric handprints show a finger missing. What if this was not accidental?

Near Misses and Runway-Traffic Jams: The Risks Your Flight Faces at the Airport

Lost Civilization Discovered Off Coast of Australia

The Rise of the Forever Renters

Thinking about quitting your job? So are 39% of US employees

Under Argentina’s New President, Fuel Is Up 60%, and Diaper Prices Have Doubled

Elon Musk promised an anti-‘woke’ chatbot. It’s not going as planned.

Tesla recalls 120,000 vehicles over potentially faulty doors that could open in a crash

Apple Explores A.I. Deals With News Publishers

UK Covid deaths surge as officials warn of variant JN.1's 'increased immune evasion'

Advice from a Democratic Unicorn

Why Trump and His GOP Henchwoman Will Regret That Michigan Phone Call

Supreme Court rejects prosecutor's request, will not rule on Trump immunity yet

Barr predicts ‘abuse of government power’ if Trump elected again

Newsom rejects plan to block Trump from California ballot

Trump blasts New Hampshire poll as a ‘scam’ after it shows Haley within 4 points of him

Iran threatens to close Mediterranean Sea citing US ‘crimes’ in Gaza

Consumer sentiment finishes 2023 on high note as inflation wanes

Biden’s economy vs. Trump’s, in 12 charts

Friday, December 22, 2023

Over 1M Americans are likely severely vaccine injured by the COVID vaccines

Car Ownership Costs In America Are Skyrocketing​

Gladness and Silence amid Chaos and Violence​

Medical journals publishing thousands of fake scientific papers​

Trump recorded pressuring Wayne County canvassers not to certify 2020 vote

Where Marijuana Laws Stand in the U.S. as Biden Pardons Thousands

US Air Force to reclaim Pacific airfield that launched atomic bombings as it looks to counter China

Apple Explores A.I. Deals With News Publishers

Florida's Orange school district pulls 673 books from teachers’ classroom shelves

Charlie Sheen’s Neighbor Arrested for Trying To Strangle Him

The City That’s Trying to Replace Politicians With Computers (It’s Working)

MIND OVER MATTER Inside China’s chilling ‘Brain Warfare’ unit developing mind controlled weapons, super drugs & ‘soft kill’ tech

Why Washington’s Elites Are So Miserable

Mickey Mouse, Long a Symbol in Copyright Wars, to Enter Public Domain: ‘It’s Finally Happening’

Elon Musk tells Cathie Wood he wants to create a ‘giant brain’ and financial platform on X

Tesla recalls 120,000 vehicles over potentially faulty doors that could open in a crash

S&P 500 closes higher Friday, registers longest weekly win streak since 2017: Live updates

Consumer sentiment finishes 2023 on high note as inflation wanes

Fed’s favorite inflation gauge shows prices rose at 3.2% annual rate in November, less than expected

Prices fell last month for the first time since April 2020

Prices Fell in November for the First Time Since 2020. Inflation Is Approaching Fed Target.

Supreme Court rejects prosecutor's request, will not rule on Trump immunity yet

Supreme Court sidesteps decision on Trump presidential immunity claim in federal election interference case

Thursday, December 21, 2023

In relentless pursuit of endless vaccines: Bill Gates strikes again with new ‘wafer’ vax


Top Archbishop: WEF Plotting 'Global Coup' to Enforce 'Great Reset'​

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley rips Colorado decision to disqualify Trump from presidential ballot: 'This country is a powder keg, and this court is just throwing matches at it'​

A Star Witness of the Criminal Pandemic Response​

Families that Inject COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Together Have Heart Attacks, Blood Clots, Develop Turbo Cancer and Die Suddenly Together​

Muckraker.com on X​

Harvard's president Claudine Gay faces 40 new allegations of plagiarism: Latest claims refer to seven publications she's written and include 'entire paragraphs lifted from other sources'​

The vape divide: 34 countries have banned e-cigarettes entirely as the WHO says they could be just as harmful as regular tobacco - but 74 nations don't have any rules in place​

Following the Mediterranean diet boosts women's chances of having a baby​

"I Am Going To Red-Pill You About Vegetable Oils"​

Chicago Alderman: Biden Admin. Is Letting in Asylum Seekers Under 'False' Pretenses with Court Dates in a Decade​

Hulk Hogan Declares His 'Total Surrender and Dedication to Jesus': 'Greatest Day of My Life'​

Half of Buick Dealers Take Buyouts to Avoid Having to Sell GM Electric Cars

Fire Shuts Down GM's Electric Car Plant, Execs Blame 'Battery Materials'

Rudy Giuliani files for BANKRUPTCY with debts of $153M just days after going jewelry shopping and getting hit with $148M defamation verdict: Former mayor has less than $10m in assets and also owes money to Hunter Biden​

'This ends when we kill these f***ers' - Colorado Supreme Court justices are given death threats after disqualifying Trump from ballot: Judges targeted with warnings about being beheaded and shot

NEW POLL: 54% of Americans Approve of Colorado Kicking Trump Off Ballot — Including a Quarter of Republicans!


EXCLUSIVEUFO caught on camera hovering over Air Force 1 at LAX during Joe Biden's fundraising trip to Los Angeles

Calling Trump a Threat to Democracy Is Central to Biden’s Campaign

Gunman opens fire in a Prague university, killing 14 people in Czech Republic’s worst mass shooting

Cover the Republican Primary!

Presidential primary preference:​ New Hampshire

Biden Approval Index History

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Color-Privilege:  The Return of Racial Discrimination

Israel Attacks Hospitals in Gaza’s North and South​

Environmental Worship: Apple Commerical Promotes Sacrifices To 'Mother Earth' goddess​

SNORT IT OUT Switzerland considers plan to legalise COCAINE in ‘world-first’ trial after influx of high quality drug as cheap as beer

Now scientists develop a vaccine to lower CHOLESTEROL which is linked to 18m deaths a year

Swimming Pools and Granite Countertops: How College Dorms Got So Expensive

Video shows Hamas commander alive and well after 7 assassination attempts

Iran hangs 'child bride' for murdering husband despite international calls for clemency

U.S. Troops Warned of Imminent Attack

North Korea's Kim warns of 'nuclear attack' when enemy provokes it with nukes -KCNA

Xi warned Biden he plans to take Taiwan — by any means necessary

Ukraine’s Front-Line Troops Are Getting Older: ‘Physically, I Can’t Handle This’

Putin ratchets up military pressure on Ukraine as he expects Western support for Kyiv to dwindle

Is the U.S. in a ‘silent depression?’ Economists weigh in on the viral TikTok theory

Americans Over 70 Hold More Than 30% of the Country’s Wealth

Pandemic of inactivity the next crisis facing United States, study warns

Embarrassed by Your Cough? ‘Sick Shaming’ Leads to Overuse of Cold Medicine

Florida man pleads guilty to threatening murder of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts

Proud Boy who cooperated with U.S. gets 3 years in Jan. 6 attack

After Dallas reporter’s sudden exit, colleagues allege ‘culture of fear’

Nearly a Quarter of Trump Voters Say He Shouldn’t Be Nominated if Convicted

Republicans float booting Biden off state ballots after Trump ruling

Michigan could be the next state to remove Trump from its ballot

Colorado Supreme Court removes Trump from state's ballot

Trump disqualified from Colorado’s 2024 primary ballot by state Supreme Court

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Darkness in Bethlehem as Christmas 2023 Is Cancelled. Palestinian Christians Under Attack

Madonna, 65, reveals she was in an induced coma for 48 hours after lung and kidney failure as she thanks her friends and (pure evil satanic) Kabbalah teacher for 'saving her life'​

BlackRock And State Street Subpoenaed Over ESG Goals​

Environmental Worship: Apple Commerical Promotes Sacrifices To 'Mother Earth' goddess​

Lying Wonders Of The End Times: Why Society Is Running Headlong Toward Spiritism And Sorcery​

Pope Francis publishes norms for clergy to 'bless' homosexual couples​

Israeli forces kill two Christian women in Gaza parish, destroy convent: Jerusalem Patriarchate​

Tennessee Slaps BlackRock With First-Of-Its-Kind Consumer Protection Lawsuit Over ESG Sham​

Smoking Shrinks The Brain, And Quitting Doesn’t Restore Size: Study​

Texas Governor Signs Bill Making Illegal Migrant Entry from Mexico a State Crime

Nolte: Report Says Disney Has Already Destroyed Next Year’s Box Office

VIRAL LOAD ‘Devious’ new Covid variant is behind severe bouts of bug as immunity hits record lows before Christmas

Pennsylvania school district returns to virtual learning amid illness outbreak

Biden border crisis shatters record with 14,509 illegal immigrants encountered in one day

U.S. Closes Several Southwest Border Bridges to Contain Migrant Surge

Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill making illegal immigration a state crime

Texas governor signs bill that lets police arrest migrants who enter the US illegally

New York to Consider Reparations for Descendants of Enslaved People

Black, Gay Republican Heckled With Slurs at MAGA Event

Colorado Supreme Court rules Donald Trump is ineligible for 2024 ballot

Colorado Supreme Court kicks Trump off the state's 2024 primary ballot for violating the U.S. Constitution

Trump disqualified from Colorado’s 2024 primary ballot by state Supreme Court

Colorado Supreme Court removes Trump from 2024 ballot

Judge Luttig explains why Donald Trump is disqualified from the presidency

Trump barred from Colorado ballot for role in attack on US Capitol

Donald Trump banned from Colorado ballot in historic ruling by state’s Supreme Court

Monday, December 18, 2023

U.S. Steel to be acquired by Japan's Nippon Steel Corp. in a deal valued at nearly $15 billion

Leftists’ Civil War Fantasies Are Not Going To Work Out The Way They Think​

We Are Facing A Demographic Collapse Of Epic Proportions​

The Biggest Spike In Homelessness Ever Recorded Is A Sign That The U.S. Economy Is Plunging Into An Abyss Of Pain And Suffering​

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 16, 2023​

Journalist Who Demanded Concentration Camps for Unvaxxed Drops Dead at 33​

Biden said to be increasingly frustrated by dismal poll numbers

Severe obesity increasing among young American children, new study confirms

Ancient Inscribed Bricks Contain Evidence of Mysterious Magnetic 'Anomaly,' Scientists Find

Ottawa expected to release promised EV sales regulations Tuesday

FULL CHARGE New road plans promise to ‘charge electric vehicles while driving’ – people are calling it a ‘tremendous evolution’

Apple Plans Rescue for $17 Billion Watch Business in Face of Ban

Apple pauses US sale of latest Watch models over patent clash

Scientists claim they've had a 20 minute conversation with a WHALE - and say it could pave the way for conversations with aliens someday

Fetterman says he’ll work to block ‘absolutely outrageous’ US Steel sale

Washington-area office default risk surpasses San Francisco

TSA self-screening is the next big step for airport security

THERE SHE BLOWS Moment Grindavik Volcano ERUPTS sending huge plumes of molten lava billowing into Iceland sky after fears grew for weeks

Iceland volcano eruption: Thrill-seekers defy danger warnings and venture to site of enormous blast despite bubbling lava and smoke being spewed into sky - as astonishing photo shows scores of cars queuing nearby

Germany's far-right AfD wins first city mayor election

Germany Will Deploy Troops for First Time Since World War II

Pentagon announces new international mission to counter attacks on commercial vessels in Red Sea

Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill making illegal immigration a state crime

Texas governor signs bill that lets police arrest migrants who enter the US illegally

The 118th Congress has few laws to show for its first year

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Long-Term Use Of Statins Linked To Heart Disease: Studies

Black American solidarity with Palestinians is rising and testing longstanding ties to Jewish allies

Gaza, smashed by Israeli strikes, sees new threat: Disease

'HELP US' Three Israeli hostages used food to write signs pleading for help before being mistakingly shot dead, IDF says

CDC sounds major alarm as new ‘highly contagious’ Covid variant grips the US - symptoms

James Biden’s dealmaking caught on FBI tapes in unrelated bribery probe

Why Are California's Animal Shelters Killing So Many Pets?

Wall Street's most vicious vultures are about to get torn to shreds

Investor warns US entering ‘greatest real estate correction in my lifetime’: ‘Going to be at epic levels’

Russian soldiers carve swastikas into foreheads of Ukrainian captives in horrific war crime, harrowing images reveal

Russia loads new intercontinental ballistic missile into silo south of Moscow

White House says Trump migrant remarks echo 'fascists'

Trump repeats 'poisoning the blood' anti-immigrant remark

Ottawa expected to release promised EV sales regulations Tuesday

A Tesla Cybertruck gets stuck in California forest. Let the trolling begin

Ron DeSantis’ super PAC loses its top strategist in latest sign of turmoil

Florida Republican leaders vote to strip authority from party chairman accused of rape

Fired Democrat senator's aide, 24, who made gay sex tape in Senate could face CRIMINAL charges after X-rated clip swept the internet: Is slammed for implying that HE'S the victim

Roseanne Barr Shocks Crowd Silent With Incoherent Nazi Fascist Muslim Caliphate Conspiracy Rage At MAGA Event

CBS News poll: Haley gains on Trump in New Hampshire while he continues to dominate in Iowa

Biden safe after car collides with motorcade

Saturday, December 16, 2023

U.S. enters 2024 with its smallest military in over 80 years as active-duty troop numbers sink to less than 1.3 million and all branches except Space Force MISS recruiting goals and Pentagon issue 'national call of service' to Gen Z

Confederate Memorial at Arlington will be removed despite GOP opposition

Pope’s former adviser jailed over major Vatican corruption scandal

Biden’s Agenda Hangs in Balance as Tough Election Year Approaches

Young voters are unenthusiastic about Biden, but he will need them in 2024

Barack Obama 'thinks Joe Biden could LOSE the White House next year', with president's polls continuing to tank as worries over his age and cost of living crisis persist

Doctors in meltdown as mystery China virus 'stops responding' to all antibiotics

Oh great, now debt collectors are embracing AI too

America’s Sugar Shortfall Leaves Candy-Makers Scrounging

Americans eat an extra meal every day — just by snacking too much

London police to "carefully consider" Prince Harry phone hacking ruling

Dallas-area megachurch faces backlash for opulent Christmas show

Democrat congressional aide Aidan Maese-Czeropski is FIRED by Maryland Senator Ben Cardin after gay sex tape filmed in Senate swept the internet

Lawsuit claims CPAC knew of past allegations of sexual misconduct by Matt Schlapp

Man Poisoned Kin's Meatballs With Visine

The Fervent Hunt for Hamas’ Most Mysterious Kingpin

Anger at Israeli government mounts after military admits to mistakenly killing hostages

Three hostages mistakenly killed by IDF fire screamed ‘help,’ held white flag

Netanyahu, Under Pressure Over Hostage Deaths, Vows to Press On

Trump repeats 'poisoning the blood' anti-immigrant remark

Trump quotes Putin condemning American democracy, praises autocrat Orban

US and Britain say their navies shot down 15 attack drones over the Red Sea

Tensions Spilling Over from Gaza to Red Sea Escalate

Houthis launch more attacks in Red Sea as US warships head to region

Friday, December 15, 2023

Mysterious Link Between Owning Cats And Schizophrenia Is Real, Study Says

Joe Biden's 'Zionist' Declaration Sparks Backlash​

Full-Scale Medical Martial Law Coming to America in 2024

Behind The Biggest Nursing Exodus In 40 Years


US Industrial Production Rebounds In November As Striking Autoworkers Returned To Work​

Ex-FBI Intel Chief Who 'Investigated' Trump-Russia Collusion Gets 4 Years In Prison For Colluding With Russia​

Transgender Teachers In Florida Sue Over Pronoun Law​

Video Shows Gospel Singer Pedro Henrique Die at 30 After Collapsing Onstage

'Give birth to more soldiers': hardline Russia turns on abortions​

Longevity Hacks Are Coming to Your Gym​

What Universities Have Done to Themselves​

Quarter of Americans stressed 'all the time' - but cooking might be key to calm​

Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill - who got married just last month - is hit with TWO new paternity suits from separate women who say they had his babies this year and demand a big chunk of his $30m salary​

Long-Term Use of Statins Linked to Heart Disease: Studies​

Has Social Media Brainwashed You Into Thinking the Economy is Bad?

This Season’s Hottest Shopping Trend: Falling Prices

$3 per gallon gasoline is in sight amid record U.S. oil production

Report: Hunter Biden Threatens to ‘Flee’ America if Donald Trump Reelected

Rudy Giuliani is ordered to pay over $148 million to 2 Georgia election workers for defamation

Election 2024: You Asked for It, America

Jamboree: Carville's Last Crusade; Netflix Numerology

DeSantis Says Trump Will Lie About 2024 Election Results ‘No Matter What’

Top evangelical leader says he doesn’t believe poll showing strong Trump support in Iowa

The world's first human brain-scale supercomputer will go live next year

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Too cold for electric vehicles! Brand new electric buses paralyzed miserably in Oslo, Norway because of freezing temperatures

We Lie To You News: Protecting The Guilty and Destroying America!​

Not only did the Covid vax murderers commit selective national genocide worldwide…..​

The La Sierra System had been developed by WWII-veteran Stan LeProtti, who was inspired by the classical, “whole man” approach to fitness…​

This is total propaganda nonsense: Morning Person? You Might Have Neanderthal Genes to Thank.

Federal Judge Pauses Trump January 6 Case Amid Appeal​

Born-Again Model Blac Chyna Says She Was 'Exploited' on OnlyFans​


70% Of Deaths From Pfizer Vaccine In Japan Reported Within 10 Days Of Jab: Study​

In U.S., Physical Health Plummets After the Pandemic

China Locks Down GPS Data To Guard State Secrets

Congress approves bill barring any president from unilaterally withdrawing from NATO

Vladimir Putin lost for words as he confronts his AI 'double'

Ukraine's Zelensky hails 'victory' after EU decision to open accession talks

Jill Biden's White House Christmas video is slammed as 'bizarre, freaky and absolute garbage'

Sources: Christian Ziegler wants multimillion-dollar buyout to step down as Florida GOP Chair

G.O.P. Support Grows for a House Candidate With a Disputed Military Record

Unconventional Trial Judge Could Remove Trump From His N.Y. Empire

Jury deliberations begin in Rudy Giuliani defamation trial: Highlights

House passes defense policy bill, a rebuke of GOP’s far-right fringe

Amazon to connect Kuiper satellites with laser links to boost space internet network

U.K. government considers crackdown on young teens' social media use

How the 2024 Election Could Get Weird

Hamas terror plot foiled: Mossad says seven arrested planning attack on Europe

Hamas plot to carry out terror attack on Jewish institutions in Europe is foiled as arrests are made in Germany and Holland - after similar raids took place in Denmark

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Woman in her 30s cries describing finally wanting kids after swearing off marriage: 'Betrayed by feminism'

Brain tissue on a chip achieves voice recognition

Hundreds are seen crossing the Rio Grande and crawling through wire at southern border to illegally enter the US as flood of migrants continues to push southern cities to breaking point​

DEAR JANE: I refuse to lie to my kids about Santa and NEVER buy them gifts at Christmas - my family says I'm EVIL but I just want my children to grow up in the real world​

Tesla recalls more than TWO MILLION vehicles to fix system that monitors drivers using Autopilot after series of deadly crashes​

Biden, a bought-and-paid-for Israeli Puppet declares: “I am a Zionist.”  The Jewish US Secretary of State said the same.​

‘Evil’ threatens Russia​

DailyClout Wholly Erased All at Once from Facebook, Instagram; Users Receive Threatening Messages

Americans Are a Brainwashed Country that Supports Censorship and False Official Narratives​

To the Last Drop: US Continues Looting of Syria’s Oil Even Amid Attacks on Illegal Bases​

Is the Era of Truth Over?​

The House Republicans have–guess what–expanded the Federal Surveillance of Americans​

USAF Finds Discord Leader Acted Alone, Punishes 15 Others​

Tyranny Comes to Main Street​

Everyone you know come down with a 'super-cold'? CDC says 15 states are suffering 'very high' or 'high' levels of respiratory illnesses, is YOURS a hotspot?​

More than 13,000 cases of CANCER in US every year are caused by foods laced with toxic metals including CHOCOLATE and cereal, shocking study finds​

US drug shortages hit record high and lawmakers warn they could mean 'life or death for MILLIONS of patients' - as girl, 9, with leukemia faces up to 15-MONTH wait for lifesaving  medication that costs just $10​

Final Batch of Pfizer Documents Released by FDA 800 Days After COVID Vaccine Approval​

Pfizer’s Documents: Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency Documents 11/2023 - ICAN - Informed Consent Action Network​

Italy’s Top Health Official under Investigation for Mass Murder over Covid Vaccine Deaths

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu plans no WHITES holiday party for councilors: Aide accidentally sent group email invite meant only for 'electeds of color'

Supreme Court agrees to hear Jan. 6 case that could affect Trump prosecution

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Defies Subpoena, Lashes Out at ‘Trump Attack Machine’ in Stunning News Conference

House formally approves Biden impeachment inquiry

Dow Jones hits an all-time high as investors cheer progress on inflation

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

‘The Great Taking’ Documentary Exposes ‘The Greatest Crime Ever Contemplated

Antarctica world’s greatest mysteries is about to be unlocked​

What Strong Consumer: Hasbro Lays Off 20% Of Company On Plunging Toy Sales​

18 Extraterrestrials Work For U.S. Govt - Top Area 51 Scientist Reveals In Deathbed Video​

Has Gates Unleashed A Virus To Now Kill Our Dogs Like He Wants To Do With Cattle?​

Secrets of Area 51: Metallic egg-shaped UFO the size of an SUV was kept at the highly-classified Air Force base in the 1980s, whistleblower claims​

Mother-of-two is left horrified by the sky-high prices at Disney World after she spent $70 on a bowl of CEREAL for her daughter at a Cinderella breakfast​

Ukraine Is on the Cusp of Losing This War: ‘We’re Screwed’

Ford slashes electric F-150 plans in ominous sign for EV market​

NewsGuard's Ministry of Truth

UPDATE 1-US agency will not reinstate $900 mln subsidy for SpaceX Starlink unit

Turkish lawmaker collapses in parliament 'moments after saying Israel would suffer the wrath of Allah'

FBI, DHS warn of ‘threats to public safety’ during holiday season, amplified by Israel-Hamas conflict

Amazon is selling creepy hidden spy cameras disguised as boring home accessory

Private members' club for DOGS opens in LA that costs $1,440 a year, requires 'temperament tests' for pets allowed to 'roam free' and offers a lounge and concierge for owners

Gov. Chris Sununu endorses former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley in Republican presidential race

Biden vs Trump would be a close rematch, with RFK Jr a threat to Biden -Reuters/Ipsos poll

Inflation fears down, consumer optimism up: Economy may start to help Biden with voters

Dow Jones records third highest close in history after inflation report, with eyes on Fed decision

CPI report for November: Dow Jones ends at third-highest close in history ahead of Fed decision

Milei's Shock Therapy Already Leaves Investors Craving More

Argentina’s Milei Devalues Peso by 54% in First Batch of Shock Measures

Florida school board to DEMAND Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler resign after husband's sexual assault investigation and revelations about their three-way relationship with another woman

Florida School Board urges Moms for Liberty co-founder to resign in GOP sex scandal

A surge in fake AI-generated photos is eroding public trust in information online, charity warns

Ukraine’s winter has come

Zelenskiy meets Republican doubts in push for US aid to fight Russia

BE LIKE RON Zelensky urges US Republicans to be like Ronald Reagan & unblock £49bn in aid to fight Putin

RED LIGHT HIGHWAY Inside the ‘drive-thru brothels’ where prostitutes offer £25 hook-ups from dingy static caravans at side of busy roads

The Fate of the West’s Water Rests on the Shoulders of This 27-Year-Old

Nostradamus’ 2024 predictions revealed — brace yourself for more war and famine

The culture wars dividing America’s most liberal church

Monday, December 11, 2023

Liar, Liar: RFK Jr. Comes Clean(er), Cops to Flying W/ Epstein TWICE​

Watch: Dr. Phil Condemns American Universities as ‘Liberal Woke Hotbeds Fostering’ Antisemitism​

Netanyahu to Hamas Terrorists: 'Don't Die for Sinwar. Surrender -- Now'​

Hamas Warns It Could Kill All Hostages Unless Israel Meets Demands​

SNL is excoriated for its 'tone-deaf' and 'shoddy' takedown of House anti-Semitism hearings... as it's revealed ex-star PULLED OUT of controversial sketch despite rehearsing​

Very high LDL no impact on plaque progression​

States where doctors are most likely to give you the WRONG diagnosis REVEALED

Two Georgia election workers sue Giuliani for millions, alleging he took their "good names"

'This is Definitely Plagiarism': Harvard University President Claudine Gay Copied Entire Paragraphs From Others’ Academic Work and Claimed Them as Her Own

Harvard Under Heightened Pressure After Penn Leaders Ousted

Trump Allies Attack Corporate ‘Bigotry’ Against White Men

Project Veritas CEO Jumps Ship After Finding ‘Evidence of Past Illegality’

Catholic priest is stabbed to death in the rectory of his church in Nebraska: Cops find suspect inside the property after cleric called 911 to report break-in at 5am

The Math for Buying a Home No Longer Works. These Charts Show You Why.

Tim Cook is risking his legacy on a pricey product in an unproven market

52-foot-long dead fin whale washes up on San Diego beach; cause of death unclear

Quarter of world’s freshwater fish at risk of extinction, according to assessment

Humans have ‘large, negative impact on wildlife,’ researchers find

Thousands of blue state residents flock to Idaho, bringing conservative politics with them: data

Gubernatorial candidate Mac Warner: ‘The election was stolen, and it was stolen by the CIA’

Elon Musk's luck has finally run out

Record US Holiday Air Travel to See 7.5 Million Fly, AAA Says

Warren Buffet Selling $28.7 Billion in Stock Rings Alarm Bells Over Economy

Jack Smith to use Trump's phone data at trial

Jack Smith asks Supreme Court to weigh Trump's immunity argument

Sunday, December 10, 2023

US national security adviser to visit Israel; Syria says IAF hits sites near Damascus

US Calls On Beijing To Stop 'Dangerous' Conduct In South China Sea

Trump defends dictator comments amid NYC soiree filled with MAGA diehards

In a reversal, Donald Trump says he will not testify in his own defense in New York fraud trial

Hot Mic Catches Vivek Ramaswamy Using Bathroom During X Spaces Livestream With Elon Musk and Alex Jones: ‘Hope You Feel Better Now!’

How Fat Pride became the new battleground in America's culture wars: One in six US deaths linked to obesity but liberal states are banning fatphobia with discrimination laws

In inaugural speech, Argentina’s Javier Milei prepares nation for painful shock adjustment

He is not "far-right": Argentina’s new far-right president promises shock to the system

A snowy night, a cracked taillight and a mystery: How a police officer’s death divided a Boston suburb

Canada's surging cost of living fuels reverse immigration

Smugglers are bringing migrants to a remote Arizona border crossing, overwhelming US agents

Congress Spent $7.5 Billion on E.V. Chargers. After 2 Years, None Are Built.

HAPPY DAYS The 8 habits the happiest people in the world swear by – how many are you ticking off?

2023: the year of the loneliness epidemic

Abu Dhabi’s takeover of The Telegraph puts press freedom at risk

The Many Faces of the Woman Taking German Far-Right Politics Mainstream

German Bundeswehr Inspector General warns of potential defensive war against Russia

Sen. Vance says Ukraine will have to ‘cede some territory’

Zelensky to meet with Biden, Republicans as war funding dries up

Zelenskiy to visit Washington in bid to break Senate deadlock on Ukraine aid

BB-YE NEWS Kanye West plans shock new career move that he’s been developing for months and even has demo website

At Least Six Dead In Tennessee Tornadoes

Factbox-Who is still banned on X?

Elon Musk reactivates Alex Jones’ X account after a five-year ban

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Government should say ‘no way’ to Abu Dhabi-backed takeover of The Telegraph, says ex-head of MI6

A Moving Company Touts Its Young, Chiseled Workers. Feds Say That’s Age Discrimination.

Satanic Temple display inside Iowa State Capitol building

Trump Takes 2024 Lead as Biden Approval Hits New Low, WSJ Poll Finds

Trump Goes On Saturday Posting Bender That Includes Threat To Indict Obama — For ‘Murder’

Decisive Moment Arrives With $4 Trillion Stocks Rally at Stake

Iowa GOP says only residents can caucus after Casey DeSantis urges others to ‘participate’

Megyn Kelly Declares That Trump Has Lost ‘Multiple Steps’ Mentally: ‘This Is What Happens When You’re 77-Years-Old!’

Jewish man beaten, robbed and mocked in Brooklyn hate attack on first day of Hanukkah: NYPD

Israel wants civilians to arm up. Gun permit applications are soaring.

NUREMBERG 2 Israel to hold Nuremberg-style war crimes trials for Hamas terrorists behind the October 7 massacre

Alabama Robber Shouted, ‘Happy Holidays, I Don’t Want to Hurt Y’all,’ Then Blasted Bear Spray — so Store Owner Shot Her

TRAP LAID Soaring cases of ‘porch pirates’ stealing Christmas gifts trigger tricky anti-theft response as cops start using ‘bait’

Texas AG Threatens To Prosecute Doctors Who Perform Abortion on Woman After Judge Ruled They May Do So

Texas Supreme Court temporarily halts order that allowed pregnant woman to have abortion

Musk considering reinstating Alex Jones on X

Grok's political preferences are similar to those of ChatGPT

Musk's Scandinavian woes deepen as Tesla loses Swedish court case, Finnish union joins port blockade

Diminutive and mysterious, the Pentagon’s X-37B set to launch again

Shohei Ohtani becomes world's highest-paid athlete after signing lucrative contract with Dodgers

The Ivy League Flunks Out

The Day The Empress' Clothes Fell Off

Penn president Liz Magill, Board Chair Scott Bok resign amid firestorm over House testimony

University of Pennsylvania president steps down amid criticism of antisemitism testimony

‘People are fearful’: Guyana alert for land grab by Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro

Guyana, Venezuela presidents to meet Thursday on border row

Friday, December 8, 2023

"Big Domestic Surveillance Grab": Air Marshal Blows Whistle on TSA's Silent Partner and Quiet Skies Programs​

Is Truth Becoming Valueless?​

EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Muller says mass migration is being used to destroy national identities

“The Jewish people control America”​

Get Covid shots for Christmas​

The Biden Regime Is Completely Unrealistic.  Not possible to carpet bomb and protect civilians.​

Israel Announces Expansion of Ground Operation to All of Gaza, Bombs Refugee Camp​

Netflix’s “May December” Highlights the Golden Age of the Creepy Woman​

More Operation Gladio on the way via false flags to increase support for Gaza genocide?: Fears 'vast Hamas terror cell network' will be ACTIVATED over Christmas in UK & Europe as Israel issues urgent warning

Ammo prices set to rise "substantially"​

Brazilian city enacts an ordinance that was secretly written by ChatGPT

‘Chilling’: Some Smart Toys Can Collect Kids’ Iris Scans, Fingerprints, Vital Signs and More​

Arizona Sheriff: Illegal Immigrants Being Handed $5,000 Visa Gift Cards, Cell Phones, And Plane Tickets​

Breaking News: U.S. House Passed Bill to Stop EPA’s Tailpipe Mandate - Send an email to your officials with one click!

BORIS JOHNSON: Across the world, democracies and autocracies are engaged in a huge arm wrestle. If America and Britain let Putin win in Ukraine, it'll spur on the copycat chaos-makers​

California teenager who passed bar exam at 17 is now practicing attorney​

David Stockman on Washington’s Entrenched War Machine

The Financial Disaster No One Is Talking About

Mysterious Link Between Owning Cats And Schizophrenia Is Real, Study Says​

William Cooper - Mystery Babylon Complete series (edited)​

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Japanese Scientists Use Soy Compounds To Turn Male Catfish And Sturgeon 100% Female

The Formula (1980)​

Great Salt Lake crisis: Falling water levels could see toxic dust make area uninhabitable​

100 Years Ago This Week, German Hyperinflation Ended

Byzantine gold coin with 'face of Jesus' unearthed by metal detectorist in Norway​

Polish Central Bank Buys Gold According To Secret EU Plan​

Pfizer Lawsuit Awakens US to Mass CV19 Vax Murders​

The Money Supply Continues its Biggest Collapse Since the Great Depression​

Putin Arrives in Middle East With Fighter Jets Flanking His Plane​


The Military/Security Complex Proved to be Too Strong for Peace​

US President & UK PM Say Israel’s Organized Genocide of Palestinians Is “Self-defense”​

Civilization Has Disintegrated​

Do White Ethnic Americans Understand That They Are Under Attack?​

More White people than black were enslaved​

Unintended Consequences of Israel’s Assault on Palestine​

No ‘Evidence of Benefit’ From Masking Children: Multiple Study Review​

Long-Term ADHD Medication Use May Increase Heart Disease Risk: Study​

Hollywood Jobs Down Nearly 20% This Year, & Not Just Because Of The Strikes, Study Says

Greedflation: corporate profiteering ‘significantly’ boosted global prices, study shows

US household wealth falls in third quarter

Biden Wants to Give 500,000 Americans Money to Buy Homes

US Sen. Kevin Cramer’s son charged with manslaughter in crash that killed North Dakota deputy

NewsNation’s GOP Debate Coverage Draws More Than 4 Million, A Drop From The Last Republican Faceoff But A Record For The Network

NewsNation Republican Debate is Smallest in Series, But Biggest Audience for Outlet

Republican debate ratings drop 47% but propels record night for NewsNation

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

NGO with Ties to Wuhan Lab Received over $50 Million from Federal Agencies since Pandemic, GOP Congressman Says​

What Does the Bible Say About Husbands Love Your Wife?​

Proverbs 14:1 Every wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands.​

Earthquake Hits Disneyland as Customers Forced to Evacuate Rides

"Has Kyiv Already Lost?" – Germany's Welt Newspaper Claims Ukraine Is "Crumbling" & That Orbán Was Right But "Nobody Dares Admit It"​

Kevin McCarthy will leave Congress at the end of the year

Speaker Mike Johnson says he's blurring Jan. 6 footage so rioters don't get charged

With ‘conversion switch’ devices, machine guns return to U.S. streets

Vegas shooting leaves THREE people dead and one in critical condition after 'man in his 60s' went on 40 minute rampage across University of Nevada Las Vegas before being shot dead by cops

Doomsday community wants people to live in 575 bunkers for ‘when all hell breaks loose’

Jack Smith Drops Bombshell Filing Promising Proof Of Trump ‘Encouragement of Violence’ — And Knowledge Of ‘Consequences’

Trump Sought Power ‘At Any Cost,’ DOJ Alleges in DC Court Filing

Colorado Supreme Court weighs 14th Amendment challenge to Trump's eligibility for GOP primary ballot

6 pro-Trump ‘fake electors’ indicted by Nevada grand jury

With 40 days until Iowa caucuses, these Trump voters are looking for alternatives

Saudi crown prince says coordination with Russia helps remove tensions in Middle East - statement

Israel could open second front in Lebanon, defense minister hints

Israel Says It Has Killed Half of Hamas’s Battalion Commanders

As the GOP primary narrows, Vivek Ramaswamy mulls a new possibility: Defeat

Megyn Kelly Returns to the Debate Spotlight, This Time on NewsNation

Norman Lear, Sitcom Genius and Citizen Activist, Dies at 101

New Trump administration will come after the media, ally warns

‘How Dumb Are You?’ Steve Bannon Loses It on Sean Hannity For Asking Trump If He Will Be a ‘Dictator’

Joe Scarborough Goes OFF on Fox News Audience Applauding Trump’s Dictator Pledge: ‘There’s a Sickness’ in Americans Wanting Authoritarianism

'Dictator' Trump warnings spook America

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Harvard physicist searching for UFO evidence says humanity will view alien intelligence like 'God'

Defying presidents and Congress, the ATF, DEA, FBI and U.S. Marshals shroud shootings in secrecy​

Scientists discover six alien worlds perfectly synchronized orbiting their star in pecfect harmony​

Globalists Unveil The Mark Of The Beast For Our Children

23andMe confirms hackers stole ancestry data on 6.9 million users

Moderna is spying on you​

Pentagon Has Investigated Dozens of Extremism Cases Within Its Ranks

The Feds' Vehicle 'Kill Switch' Mandate Is a Gross (and Dangerous) Violation of Privacy

Fauci Now Says Americans Should Get to Choose if They Want to Take the Covid Vaccine

What Americans Can Learn From Argentina’s Collapsing Economy—and Javier Milei’s Stunning Victory

If Your Kids Aren’t Happy at School, Find Them Another One

Why I Don’t Think the Population Will Collapse in the Long Run

Three Principles for Libertarians in Times of War

Common Sense Soapbox

Putin to visit Saudi Arabia, UAE in rare trip outside Russia

Supreme Court Wary of Remaking Income Tax

Marjorie Taylor Greene alleged a male Republican got physically aggressive with her

Jeff Zucker and Abu Dhabi Make an Audacious Play for Conservative News in US, UK

Tucker Carlson Producer Sued for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Gay Man

Senior EU official warns of huge security risk in Europe over Christmas as Israel-Hamas war rages

FBI Director says U.S. is facing highest risk of attack in YEARS: Chris Wray says there are 'blinking lights everywhere' and warns terrorists will 'exploit' the southern border

Biden 'not sure' he would seek re-election if Trump was not running

Liz Cheney, outspoken Trump critic, weighs third-party presidential run

Liz Cheney says she's ready to consider a third party, warns of 'grave' threat of Trump-led GOP

Monday, December 4, 2023

'There IS something real here!' Top UFO expert and Republican congressman say government is covering up what it knows about UFOs and should come clean

The Sinister Meaning of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”​

“Vaccination” is the greatest evil in the history of humanity, as these new studies variously PROVE​


This Is Not Freedom, America: The Profit Incentives Driving The American Police State​

The Global Power Structure Behind OPERATION COVID-19 & COVID KILL SHOT Exposes Itself​


The Killing Fields Will Be Full Of mRNA Vaccinated Livestock That Had To Be Culled, Along With With Humans​

Despite Ukraine War Needs, Arms Sales Troubled by Production Woes

Germany may have to cut billions to Ukraine as budget crisis rages

Regulators Hope You Don't Notice The Massive Hidden Losses In The Banking System​

Donald Trump weighs in on controversial College Football Playoff decision, claiming FSU was 'treated very badly' by the committee... before pinning the blame on Republican rival Ron DeSantis

Microsoft Inked Deals With Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Outlets, Documents Show

Why do California, Texas differ so much? Religion, priorities of white minority play huge roles, poll shows

Husband Linked To Domestic Sausage Battery

Alaska Airlines agrees to buy Hawaiian Airlines in $1.9 billion deal

'Illegal occupation!' Argentina sparks Falkland Islands row as UK official visit rejected

Venezuelans approve takeover of oil-rich region of Guyana. What happens next?

More Americans Tapping Into Retirement Savings As 'Hardship' Withdrawals Rise

White House warns it is ‘out of money and nearly out of time’ to aid Ukraine

NO MERCY Sick moment Putin’s brutes execute surrendering Ukrainians with their hands up…before they’re wiped out in revenge blitz

Could 2024 election cause society to collapse? Some preppers think so — and they're ready.

Top Tucker Carlson producer accused of sexually assaulting Fox staffer

WATCH: Fox News Cuts Away from Trump Rally to Correct ‘Many Untruths’ and Report the Election ‘Was NOT Stolen’

Liz Cheney says ‘there’s no question’ Trump would refuse to leave office if elected again

McDonald’s secret new spin off chain CosMc’s prepares to open — here’s what we know so far

Donald Trump on Truth Social on FSU not making National Playoffs - blames it on Desantis

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Speaker Johnson says he believes he has the votes for a Biden impeachment inquiry

12 Stunning Visualizations of Gold Shows Its Rarity​

The Hypocritical Financial Markets​

Geneva: The Head of the Snake​

US DC Court of Appeals Just Destroyed America​

Americas Public Health Agencies Evolved Into A Giant Engine Of Death​

WATCH: Former Mob Boss Sammy 'the Bull' Gravano Blasts Biden's 'Treason,' Other Scandals​

VINDICATED: Israeli Intelligence Knew October 7 Attack Plan a Year in Advance​

The Storm Brewing Inside Elon Musk’s Mind Gets Out​

'Atmospheric rivers' to bring gusts and up to ten inches in RAIN to parts of West Coast with mountains expected to see up to three FEET of snow​

Democrats Unveil What NRA Calls 'Most Sweeping Gun Prohibition Bill Of The 21st Century'​

Leftist Hatred Of Kyle Rittenhouse Is Boundless As He Announces New Book​

Trump Vows To Cancel Biden's Executive Order 'Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence'​

Speaker Johnson says he believes GOP has the votes for Biden impeachment inquiry

Texas GOP executive committee rejects proposed ban on associating with Nazi sympathizers and Holocaust deniers

Florida GOP chairman under fire as more details emerge in rape inquiry

Trump pardoned them. Now they’re helping him return to power.

Meet Allison Greenfield, the law clerk driving Trump bonkers at his fraud trial

GOP senators urge Biden to restrict travel between US and China amid child pneumonia outbreak

Third senior journalist at The Daily Telegraph opposes Abu Dhabi-backed takeover of the paper 

Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels

Venezuelan voters reject ICJ jurisdiction over dispute with Guyana

China Says US Navy Ship ‘Seriously Violated’ Its Sovereignty

US Destroyer Shoots Down Drones As Attacks Hit Red Sea Shipping

One Supreme Court Case Could Mess Up Chunks of the Tax Code

Saturday, December 2, 2023

"Two Words... Tucker Carlson": Greg Gutfeld Gores Fox After Musk Blasts Activist Advertisers

Jan. 6 Committee Tapes Have Disappeared, Says House Republican​

Megyn Kelly's New Media Moment​

Pickup Trucks Dominate US Auto Sales​

'Disturbing Gibberish': New Trans Textbook For Psychiatrists Could Harm Millions Of Kids, Critics Say​

Powell Comments Send Everything Soaring, Gold Hits All Time High, Dollar Plummets As Market Prices In Rate Cuts​

Hate Crime Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Headed Back To Jail After Failed Appeal​

First Hospital In Nation To Require COVID-19 Vaccines Will End Mandate​

US Boat Sales Set To Sink To Decade Low​

Chicago homeless migrants shelter faces backlash

Third senior journalist at The Daily Telegraph opposes Abu Dhabi-backed takeover of the paper 

German tourist stabbed to death in Paris 'terror' attack

Pope Francis calls for the elimination of fossil fuels in historic speech to the UN climate conference Cop28

7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes off the southern Philippines, briefly prompting a tsunami warning

Jussie Smollett headed back to jail after conviction upheld by appeals court in hate crime hoax

Meet the 'Entrepreneur of Hate' Behind the Rise Of Canadian Neo-Nazi Fight Clubs

McCarthy, Laboring to Adjust to Life After the Speakership, Eyes Exiting Congress

Speaker Johnson wrote foreword for book filled with conspiracy theories and homophobic insults

The mega rich are the new political bosses. Is that bad for democracy?

Pro-DeSantis super PAC parts with CEO amid turmoil

Florida GOP chairman under fire as more details emerge in rape inquiry

Santos threatens slew of ethics complaints against former colleagues

GOP tensions run high after House vote to expel George Santos

Private Jets Headed To Global Warming Conference "Literally Frozen On Runway" 

Travel chaos worldwide as heavy snow blankets European cities to Hawaiian peaks

Suspect in custody in killings of 3 homeless men in Los Angeles

Friday, December 1, 2023

Why Our Legal System Is Collapsing

UFO TRUTH EMBARGO: Someone, please send this insider’s account to Tucker​

As the US Treasury Runs Out of Creditors, Its Options Dwindle​

Rice Nears 15-Year High As Global Food Crisis 'Much Worse Than 2008'

China Leads 'New Axis' In Harvesting DNA From Pregnant Women, Fetuses: British MP​

Higher Incidence of COVID-19 Found Among Consistent Mask-Wearers: Study​

Texas Sues Pfizer for Lying about Vaccine Effectiveness and Conspiracy to Censor Discussions

Assessment of Myocardial 18F-FDG Uptake at PET/CT in Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2–vaccinated and Nonvaccinated Patients​

Rep. George Santos expelled from the House​

Robert Sepehr on X​

Henry Kissinger, Top US Diplomat Responsible for Millions of Deaths, Dies at 100

Powell, You Have A Problem: Gold Hits All Time High As Markets Price In Rate Cuts As Soon As March​

Trump’s Georgia trial should be kicked to 2029 if he wins the election, his lawyer says

Walmart to pull all ads from Twitter as Elon Musk's website X plunges into crisis

Trump doesn’t have presidential immunity from lawsuits over January 6, appeals court rules

News outlets turn to Reddit as Musk’s X descends into chaos

Musk Warns of Troubles at X. What Its Demise Could Mean for Tesla.

Chicago homeless migrants shelter faces backlash

CDC: No cause for alarm over spike in respiratory illness in China

Sandra Day O’Connor, first woman on Supreme Court, dies at 93

Republican DeSantis, Democrat Newsom clash in acrimonious debate

Newsom camp: Hannity, DeSantis cheated. They dispute the charges.

Fox News’ Ron DeSantis-Gavin Newsom Debate Draws 5.46 Million Viewers, Giving Sean Hannity A Ratings Bump

Rumble In The Fox Den: Sean Hannity’s Newsom Vs. DeSantis Debate Proves A Wasted Opportunity

Why millennials say they need $525,000 a year to be happy

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Now DENMARK battles surge in same type of 'white lung syndrome' pneumonia sparking fears in China - after Netherlands warned of alarming spike in cases

House Rep. Reveals ‘At Least 200’ Undercover Fed Operatives Set Up Trump Trap on Jan 6​

Covid Vaccinated Teens 4 Times More Likely to Die from Cancer than Unvaxxed​

Denver Health administers 1st shots of Ebola vaccines

Rothschild Wants Merger Between Corporations, Governments And AI To “Save Capitalism”​

The 15 years That Destroyed Americ​a

OPEC+ Agrees On 1 Million Bpd Additional Oil Supply Cut, Alongside Extension Of Saudi 1MMb/d Cut​

Pope Francis kicks conservative US Cardinal Raymond Burke out of his Vatican apartment and strips him of his salary after he criticized pontiff's pro-LGBT stance

Netanyahu To Blinken Vows "Nothing Will Stop Us" From Destroying Hamas​

"I Have No Problem Being Hated" - Musk Tells Boycotting Advertisers To "Go F**k Yourselves"​

Henry Kissinger, War Criminal, Dead at 100​

Red and blue America square off in clash of the governors

Are American Evangelists Ready to Follow the Zionists to Armageddon?​

Kids who use social media more prone to making dangerous decisions

Minnesota middle school bans student cell phones — and ‘kids are happy’

Drivers would pay $15 to enter busiest part of Manhattan under plan to raise funds for mass transit

Woman Stole $800 Worth Of Barbie Toys, Led Cops On High-Speed Chase

VIRAL SPREAD The European cities ‘most likely to be hit hardest’ by China’s mystery ‘pneumonia’ outbreak

Hazmat-Suited ‘Big White Men’ Return to Disinfect China as Pneumonia Grips Nation

America’s undying empire: why the decline of US power has been greatly exaggerated

Now MASSACHUSETTS says it's being hit by wave of 'white lung' pneumonia in children as Ohio county issues similar warning - after China and Europe saw surge in cases and hospitalizations

Israel knew Hamas’ attack plan more than a year ago

DeSantis and Newsom lob insults and talk some policy in a faceoff between two White House aspirants

'A brilliant move': How the Newsom-DeSantis debate offers major upsides for the governors

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Joe Biden Wants to Ban Christian Families From Adopting Children in Foster Care

Target Picks Christmas Time to Hire In-Your-Face Transgender Activist​

China athletes as young as seven in military training to 'create iron army'

FBI tells Newsweek that Trump supporters are enemies of the state and must be secretly tracked, monitored, investigated

US Air Force Does Not Want Trump Supporters​

EXCLUSIVE: CIA's secret office has conducted UFO retrieval missions on at least NINE crash sites around the world, whistleblowers reveal​

Bottleneck On Panama Canal Forces Top Tanker Operator To Reroute Ships

FBI Conducts Record Number Of Background Checks On Black Friday As Gun Demand Surges​

China brings back masks & social distancing in chilling echo of lockdown over mystery outbreak 4 years on from Covi​d

U.S. Suicides Reached a Record High Last Year​

Counseling a Gaslit Nation​

Gigi Hadid Admits She 'Did Not Fact Check' Antisemitic Propaganda Before Sharing to 79M Instagram Followers​

Rob Schneider: ‘Disney Got Financially Spanked by American Families Who Don't Want Their Children Indoctrinated by Woke Lunacy’​

Child Actor Evan Ellingson's Cause of Death Revealed

Nolte: Why We 'Sexists' Despise Captain Marvel and Love Sarah Connor

Former Google CEO: Companies' AI guardrails "aren't enough" to prevent harm

Catholic priest axed over raunchy video in church – but points finger of blame on God

'Citizens of the Reich': Raids and suspicion as German group grows

‘Banality of Crazy’: Trump’s Vow to ‘Come Down Hard’ on Media Critics Raises Alarm

Americans are ‘doom spending’ — here’s why that’s a problem

GDP in the third quarter raised to 5.2% — but surge in growth is fading

GOP speculation mounts that McCarthy will exit Congress early

Elon Musk claims advertisers are trying to ‘blackmail’ him, says ‘Go f--- yourself’

Linda Yaccarino’s Very Unmerry X Mess

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Child Pneumonia Cases Surge in Europe — As Fears Rise Over Outbreak in ChinaChild Pneumonia Cases Surge in Europe — As Fears Rise Over Outbreak in China

Christianity, Another Failed Western Institution​

Pelham on X: "Out of Gaza’s 2.3 million people, 1.73 million are now displaced​..."

Q&A: Israel’s bloodlust shows international law is ‘a manipulated series of norms’​

60 Years Ago Today President John F. Kennedy Was Murdered by the National Security State​

Why Did Gates and the Pentagon Release "Gene Edited" (GMO) Mosquitoes in Florida Keys?​

Some Californians leaving for Texas could be replaced by Texans leaving for California 

China athletes as young as seven in military training to 'create iron army'

Elon Musk's Cybertruck is already a production nightmare for Tesla

Momentum builds for psychedelic therapies for troops, vets

Small Bookstores Shun Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Upcoming Book

The Hunter Biden counter-offensive: A strategy long overdue, or a political minefield

Hunter Biden agrees to appear before House Oversight Committee – but only in public: Lawyer

Scoop: Students for Trump Founder charged with aggravated assault

Georgia prosecutors oppose plea deals for Trump, Meadows and Giuliani

Pence told Jan. 6 special counsel harrowing details about 2020 aftermath, warnings to Trump: Sources

U.S. home prices climb for seventh month in a row to a record high, Case-Shiller says

Nobody wants U.S. Treasury bonds

Dollar weakens further as rate cut bets build, but equities mixed

Broward high school students stage walkout in support of transgender student

Florida high school reassigns principal, assistant principal and sports coaches after they let trans athlete compete on girls' volleyball team: Student's friends blast officials claiming she hadn't 'come out' yet

Hannity wants a red vs. blue state debate. Newsom and DeSantis have other plans.

Speech is freer in California than in Florida, watchdog warns ahead of Newsom-DeSantis debate

Newsom vs. DeSantis debate: A battle between 2 Disney governors

HANDS, FACE, SPACE China brings back masks & social distancing in chilling echo of lockdown over mystery outbreak 4 years on from Covid

Monday, November 27, 2023

Soviet-Born Republican's Exchange With AG Garland Will Give You Chills

China plans to mass produce humanoid robots in two years - here's how experts think the tech will change the world by 2035​

Footage shows mask-wearing crowds piling into an 'overwhelmed' Beijing hospital amid fears over mystery pneumonia sweeping country - but China insists flu and usual winter bugs are to blame, NOT a new virus​

America’s Dangerous Desire To Demonize Masculinity Must Stop​


Elon Musk Warns Bill Gates Is Developing AI to Control 'Every Facet' of Human Life​

America’s Dangerous Desire To Demonize Masculinity Must Stop​

Genocide Justified by Christians, Western Governments & Media as “Israel’s Right of Self-Defense”​

Israel Admits It Killed Its Own at Nova Music Festival​

The Servants of Satan​

Sports Illustrated Published Articles by Fake, AI-Generated Writers

Kanye West sings anti-Semitic song Vultures with the lyrics 'I just f***ed a Jewish b****' on stage with Lil Durk and Ty Dolla Sign in Dubai​

Life Really Is Better Without the Internet​

Israel Killing Gaza Civilians At Historic Pace, While Using US-Provided Bombs: NYT​

Guess Which Automaker Has "Absurdly High Inventory Levels"​

Unexpected Antitumorigenic Effect of Fenbendazole when Combined with Supplementary Vitamins

Bernie Sanders: Israel Doesn't Have a Right 'to Kill 12,000 People in Six, Seven Weeks’​

Nolte: Disney on Track to Lose Nearly $750 Million Across 13 Films in Historic Year of Box-Office Flops​

Natalie Portman Urges Children to Avoid Working in Hollywood: 'Almost an Accident of Luck that I Was Not Harmed'

EXPOSED: Bill Gates’s Relationship with Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Revolved Around a Global Health Investment Fund

White House Surveillance Program Lets Law Enforcement Snoop on *Trillions* of American Phone Records​

CBS’ ‘Late Show’ Off Air This Week After Stephen Colbert Suffers Ruptured Appendix

Video shows Ukrainian forces dual wielding World War I-era machine guns out of the back of a pickup truck

Turkey faces scrutiny as exports to Russia surge, fuelling concerns of sanctions evasion

EXC: Thousands of mosques in China have been altered or destroyed as Beijing’s suppression of Islam spreads to almost every region of the country. ​

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Power Grid Operator Warns of Total Blackout Due to Imminent Shut Down of Coal Plant

Undaunted by hurricanes, pandemic and earthquakes, Puerto Rico is ready for its tech moment

The artificial glacier growing in the desert

Kamala Harris v. Gavin Newsom: The Coming Democratic Civil War

Milei heads to US as next Argentine leader

Russia destroys Ukrainian drones including over Moscow, defense ministry says

Americans Under 30 Don’t Trust Religion — or Anything Else

Wealthy Switzerland Seeks Low-Budget Olympics After Years of Opposition

King Charles secretly profits off assets of dead Brits using medieval law, scathing report finds

With antisemitism rising as the Israel-Hamas war rages, Europe’s Jews worry

Netanyahu and Hamas depended on each other. Both may be on the way out.

White House grapples with internal divisions on Israel-Gaza

Elderly Freed Israeli Hostage In Intensive Care

Eat Less Meat Is Message for Rich World in Food’s First Net Zero Plan

Expats are flocking to this European country for happier lives abroad—here’s why

People are leaving Texas over rising costs, partisan politics, and a sense of disenchantment

Apocalyptic fears for end of the world spark ‘perfect hotbed’ for global rise in exorcisms

A Troubling Trump Pardon and a Link to the Kushners

Romney: Most Democrats would be an "upgrade" from Trump

Nikki Haley Is Surging, But Will It Last?

CARL HULSE: Behind Johnson's rise, a GOP consumed by the far right

Dems Think They Can Send the Freedom Caucus Chair Packing

Members of Congress Head for the Exits, Many Citing Dysfunction

UPDATE: Pope Francis has ‘mild flu,’ went to hospital for precautionary testing

‘Openly authoritarian campaign’: Trump’s threats of revenge fuel alarm

Conservative voters in Iowa are open to moving on from Trump​

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Unruly customers slammed by cops for starting wild brawl inside family-friendly Massachusetts restaurant on Thanksgiving Eve

‘Zoom fatigue’ may take toll on the brain and the heart, researchers say

Mideast Wealth Funds Draw Greater US Scrutiny Over China Ties

Ecuador President Orders Reversal Of Drug Decriminalization

American Borrowers Are Getting Closer to Maxing Out

The viral $16 McDonald’s meal that may explain voter anger at Biden

Despite Bans, Disabled Women Are Still Being Sterilized in Europe

Americans Smash Thanksgiving Spending Record

Major protest disrupts tree lighting ceremony at Westlake Center

EXCLUSIVE: Lasers used to burn through Hamas rockets by Israel is 'future of warfare'

13 Israeli, 4 Thai hostages freed from Gaza arrive in Israel, are taken to hospitals

Will the Senate become the House?

Trump Advisor Roger Stone Calls Casey DeSantis a C*** for Mentioning Her Children on Campaign Trail

DeSantis Faces Critical Decision on Cruise Ships in Key West

‘Fake elector’ probes in 2020 swing states could spell more trouble for Trump

Behind Johnson’s Rise, a G.O.P. Consumed by the Far Right

Former Google engineer and Trump pardonee Anthony Levandowski relaunches his AI church

Derek Chauvin, officer convicted of murdering George Floyd, expected to survive prison stabbing

Democrats Are Panicking About the Wrong Thing

The polls keep getting worse for Biden

One way Trump is fighting history: Election losers usually lose the rematch, too

Donald Trump will look to upstage Clemson grad Nikki Haley at her alma mater’s football rivalry game

Top donors increasingly believe Nikki Haley can topple Trump in the GOP presidential primaries and they're telling others to open up their checkbooks

Nikki Haley Is Surging, But Will It Last?

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists find a NEW bat coronavirus linked to pangolins that has same freak mutation as Covid - and some experts say it shoots down the lab leak theory

Friday, November 24, 2023

How Office Buildings Will Be Converted to Smart Cities for the Cartels

Remember When Trump Spoke At The World Economic Forum With His ‘Good Friend’ Klaus Schwab?​

US Government Unveils Aurora AI Supercomputer That Processes Two Quintillion Calculations Per Second​

The Shift To The Middle Is Coming​

Has America Been Set Up As History’s Ultimate “Bumbling Villain”?​

Lives Sacrificed On The Altar Of Scientific Progress: New Research Seeks To Create Synthetic Human Life

Texas officials warn of rolling blackouts to ease strain on power grid - the same strategy that led to 200 people's deaths during massive winter storm in 2021​

We Are Repaganizing by Louise Perry​

Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden Smears Patriotic American Christians: 'No Different' from Hamas Terrorists

Inflation Driving More Americans To Food Banks For Thanksgiving Staples​

Stand Up And Fight For The Children No Longer Able To Fight For Themselves

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed On Behalf Of US Troops Discharged For Refusing Vaccine​

New York Gov. Hochul Mandates School Curriculum From K-12 How To Spot ‘Conspiracies’ And ‘Disinformation’ Due To Rise In Antisemitism​

Chevrolet Has a New Christmas Ad, and Break Out the Tissues, It's Wonderful​

Anti-Christian hate crimes in Israel: Where are our chief rabbis?​

Once the Cutting Edge of Cool, Portland Is Now Taking Lessons From Milwaukee

Watch: Riots Erupt Across Dublin After Immigrant Is Accused of Mass Stabbing Attack of Children

Driver arrested after SUV jumps curb, gets jammed inside NYC subway station entrance

Chinese Hospitals Overloaded in Echoes of COVID as Pneumonia Rampages

Amazon hit by strikes, protests across Europe during Black Friday trade

SHOPPERS FLEE American Dream Mall is evacuated after bomb threat ‘called in,’ sparking Black Friday chaos

On Day One of Gaza cease-fire, Hamas and Israel carry out first swap of hostages and prisoners

Israel releases 39 Palestinian prisoners under hostage deal

There are NO US citizens in first group of hostages freed by Hamas White House says, as kidnapped American-Israeli child Abigail Mor Edan marks fourth birthday today

ESCAPE FROM HELL Hostages released: 13 Israeli women & kids finally FREED 48 days after being kidnapped by Hamas terrorists in massacre

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed On Behalf Of US Troops Discharged For Refusing Vaccine

New York Gov. Hochul Mandates School Curriculum From K-12 How To Spot ‘Conspiracies’ And ‘Disinformation’ Due To Rise In Antisemitism​

Target’s newest pride strategist bringing a whole new LGBT spirit to Christmas​

What If the Constitution No Longer Applied? Freedom’s Greatest Hour of Danger Is Now​

Inflation Is Still Burning a Hole Through Your Money

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Captured by Unknown Forces​

Trump called Iowa evangelicals ‘so-called Christians’ and ‘pieces of shit’, book says​

Top Pentagon Official Arrested in Massive Human Trafficking Sting​

Catholic Women's School Saint Mary's College to Admit Transgender Applicants​

Celebrity Deaths in 2023: Stars Who Died This Year..many were young​

Iraqi Government 'Vehemently' Condemns US Airstrikes As Violation Of Sovereignty​

'Long Before Karl Marx' the Pilgrims Experimented with Socialism: Rush Limbaugh's True Story of Thanksgiving Revisited​

OpenAI and X: Promises of populist technology, shaped by a single man

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Life Behind Bars: Crypto Tips and Paying With Fish

Army invites back soldiers discharged for refusing COVID-19 vaccine

The housing market’s deep slump, in five charts

Return to Work Is Coming for Your Pandemic-Era Home

Hamas morale suffers as Israel gains ground in Gaza, fleeing from IDF

Qatar says Gaza cease-fire will begin Friday morning, with aid to follow ‘as soon as possible’

USS Thomas Hudner Downs Multiple Drones Launched from Yemen

Bentley driver who hit Rainbow Bridge border checkpoint at 100 mph in fiery crash was heading to Kiss concert in Canada after visiting NY casino: sources

Charleston, S.C., elects its first Republican mayor since Reconstruction

Chris Christie’s Campaign Is Facing an Existential Crisis

CEO of pro-DeSantis super PAC resigns amid rising tensions

Conservative Group Accidentally Reveals Its Secret Donors. Some of Them Are Liberal Orgs.

Trump called Iowa evangelicals ‘so-called Christians’ and ‘pieces of shit’, book says

Brothels that serviced politicians and military officials raked in millions: ‘Record keeping was impeccable’

Daryl Hall Gets Restraining Order Against John Oates in Hall & Oates Legal Battle

Jimmy Iovine ‘Shocked and Baffled’ by New Sexual Abuse Accusation


New York City Mayor Eric Adams Accused of Sexual Assault in Legal Filing (Exclusive)

TACKY PROTEST Pro-Palestine group arrested for gluing themselves to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade route and making it go around them

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on edge over war in Gaza























Wednesday, November 22, 2023

COVID-19 Lockdowns Contributed to 'Collective Trauma' Among Americans: Psychologists

How Humans Were Used as ‘Lab Rats’ in the COVID Pandemic: Dr. Ryan Cole on Fragmented mRNA, Spike Protein Messages, and the Vaccine ‘Ego’​

Insulin Resistance Is Silent Driver of Pancreatic Cancer: Study​

Suddens Deaths Explode Among Vaxxed Children and Babies

Camera on board a boat in the Baltic Sea captures a massive UFO at dizzying speed


Suddens Deaths Explode Among Vaxxed Children and Babies

Air Force Base Warns Service Members to Avoid ‘Patriot’ Rally with Pro-Trump Speaker​

Rule 2.13 – Isolation And Quarantine Procedures​

More Problems With The Banks: JPMorgan Chase, Bank Of America And Wells Fargo Have All Had Their Ratings Downgraded​

With all the talk about Russia, China and Iran, who’s really responsible for destroying the land we love? A Thanksgiving manifesto​

EXCLUSIVE: Retired US Army Colonel says secret UFO projects should be made public by October 2030 - to beat America's rivals and get ahead of a 'catastrophic' leak​

U.S. Financial Death Spiral – John Rubino​

IMF Director: CBDCs Can Replace Cash, Increase “Financial Inclusion”​

Doctors Now Prioritizing 'Climate Change' over Patients' Health​

Nikki Haley is consolidating the ‘Never Trump’ vote

For Election Workers, Fentanyl-Laced Letters Signal a Challenging Year

Orban Threatens Opponents With Jail Over Foreign Influences

Meet the influential women behind Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei

Israel Vows To 'Continue Its War' Against Hamas After Truce: Govt

Gaza hostage release will not start before Friday, Israel says

Israel says Gaza hostage release will not happen before Friday

Mysterious pneumonia outbreak leaves China's hospitals 'overwhelmed with sick children'

Putin says he is ready to end war as fighting with Ukraine is 'tragedy'

'SMOKE EVERYWHERE' Rainbow Bridge explosion witness says car turned into ball of flames as it ‘flew into air’ after speeding toward border

Moment vehicle on Rainbow Bridge flies through the air before exploding at US immigration checkpoint as FBI terrorism task force searches 'luggage' found inside: Two vehicle occupants killed

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

WATCH: Israeli Children Sing 'We Will Annihilate Everyone' in Gaza

Bob Iger was brought back to fix Disney. No one said it would be easy

Ridley Scott Slams French Napoleon Reviews: They Hate Themselves!

Ron Paul: We Must Demand Justice For The January 6th Protesters!​

EU's Digital Identity Wallet Is An Electronic Leash With Which Brussels Wants To Control Its Citizens​

Moment unhinged woman shrieks, curses and convulses on Frontier flight before climbing over SEATS in a frenzy: Christian passenger urges passengers to pray before erupting into HYMN​

IMF Releases Digital Currency Handbook For World's Central Banks​

The Pentagon Fails Another Audit - Trillions Missing​

Calls Mount for Klaus Schwab's Arrest as WEF Whistleblower Exposes Agenda​

Transhumanists Hacking Humanity Towards Violence Rage And Death​

Media Ruled by Robust PsyOp Alliance​

WEF Plans to Bankrupt 30,000 Farmers, Trigger Global Famine​

Decolonization: What If Booting Radical Leftists Out Of The US Is The Best Option?

US Navy Spy Plane Overshoots Runway Into Waters Off Hawaii​

Blue-eyed 'AI Jesus' threatens damnation if viewers ignore his TikTok commandments​

Vets release guidance for dog owners to keep their pets safe as mysterious disease races through canines across US​

81st Birthday Poll: Voters Doubt Joe Biden’s Fitness for Office

Assistant to State's Top Covid Official Resigns After It's Discovered She Billed the State More Than $1 Million

Decades After Assisting the Polish Underground During the Cold War, an Economist Will Receive Poland’s Highest Honor

Lawrence W. Reed: Statement to the President of Poland

Is the Shoplifting Epidemic Fake Bad News? Yes and No

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Credit Card

Javier Milei: Argentina's First-Ever Libertarian President

2024 Federal Tax Brackets Are Out. Find Out Which Bracket You’re In—and Why Tax Rates Are So High

North Korea claims its 3rd attempt to put a spy satellite into orbit has been successful

Monday, November 20, 2023

Trouble in Toyland 2023: Threats stem from toys with microphones, cameras and trackers, as well as recalled toys, water beads, counterfeits, and Meta Quest VR headsets

EXCLUSIVE: Moderna has halted a trial of a new mRNA vaccine for young people after a suspected myocarditis case

The Campaign for the Destruction of the West Has Succeeded

Were the Biblical Prophets Anti-Semitic?​

One of the Few Remaining European Intellects Stands Up for Truth as the Guarantor of Liberty​

Newly Released Videos Show “January 6 Insurrection” Was an Orchestrated Police Event​

New J6 Footage Shows Capitol Police May Have Incited Riot by Firing Munitions Into Peaceful Crowd​

Putin says ‘something unexpected’ about LGBTQ​

President-elect Milei vows 'end of Argentina's decline'

DEATH PLOTS I’ve survived five Putin assassination attempts… it’s like Covid, it gets easier every time, says President Zelensky

Key Israeli military base destroyed 'by Hezbollah rocket strike' as escalation fears surge

World’s richest 1% pollute more than the poorest two-thirds, Oxfam says

A fading coal town hitches its hopes to Bill Gates’s clean-energy dream

No more Thanksgiving ‘food orgy’? New obesity medications change how users think of holiday meals

Rosalynn Carter, Former First Lady and Mental Health Advocate, Dead at 96

Video shows Marines in massive brawl outside Austin, Texas, bar after a woman's cell phone was taken

Ridley Scott Tells Off French Critics Who Dislike ‘Napoleon’: ‘The French Don’t Even Like Themselves’

The Era of Total U.S. Submarine Dominance Over China Is Ending

14th Amendment cases challenging Trump's eligibility thrust courts into unknown territory

Many former Trump aides say he shouldn’t be president. Will it matter?

Not just Biden -- 77-year-old Trump also under age scrutiny

Biden’s birthday prompts debate about age and wisdom of America’s oldest president

Is it time for America's elder statesmen to retire?

Washington blinks as debt costs begin to bite

Argentina Takes Leap Into Unknown With Javier Milei as President

What's ironic is that Argentina's new president is anything but "far-right": ‘Leftist Sons Of B*tches, Be Afraid!’ Trump, Tucker Carlson, Marjorie Taylor Greene, & Online Conservatives Celebrate Argentina’s New Far-Right President

Fiery right-wing populist Javier Milei wins Argentina’s presidency and promises ‘drastic’ changes

President-elect Milei vows 'end of Argentina's decline'

Sunday, November 19, 2023


From the Arab Platoon to Hamas—Israel’s “Abu Nidal” Strategy


David Stockman on Washington’s Fiscal Doomsday Machine​

Shoplifting up 73% in Dallas as retailers rush to put merchandise out of reach

'Miracle': Muslim Men in Gaza Seek Christ After Over 200 Dream of Jesus on Same Night​

“Stealing The Most Powerful Republic in the World”

While You Were Distracted: Bill Gates Destroying Farming Industry to Advance Globalist Agenda​


WEF Orders World Govt's To Lower Age of Consent to 12​

Gene-Edited Humans? Scientists Sound Alarm as UK Approves CRISPR Therapy to Treat Blood Disease​

Democrat doxxed as dominatrix bolsters congressional campaign with Playboy profile

Latino backlash grows over Donald Trump’s friendly Univision interview

Dogs are coming down with an unusual respiratory illness in several US states

Navy SEAL Causing Anti-Trans School Board Chaos Is Under Investigation

‘Progressive’ Anti-Abortion Group Plays Dirty to Get Ahead

Newsom TV ad hits DeSantis on abortion as Fox debate looms

Biden Keeps Talking About the Old Days. Young Voters Don’t Like It.

Obama’s top campaign guru David Axelrod believes Biden chances in 2024 ‘no better’ than a 50-50

The Axe Is Sharp

Obama's 2008 guru David Axelrod warns Joe Biden is in BIG trouble ahead of 2024 election

Biden’s 81st Birthday Highlights Biggest Liability for 2024

Argentina Takes Leap Into Unknown With Javier Milei as President

Argentina elects 'shock therapy' libertarian Javier Milei as president

Fiery right-wing populist Javier Milei wins Argentina’s presidency and promises ‘drastic’ changes

President-elect Milei vows 'end to decline of Argentina'

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Thread by @Techno_Fog on Thread Reader App

DeSantis’ State Guard contracts with combat-training company

Anti-Christian hate crimes in Israel: Where are our chief rabbis?​

Inside the American Redoubt​

Pilot warns of airline industry disaster due to Covid vaccines​

Airlines brace for record Thanksgiving air travel

Average Thanksgiving dinner cost drops to $61 thanks to cheaper turkeys and cranberries

Blue-eyed 'AI Jesus' threatens damnation if viewers ignore his TikTok commandments

SpaceX Starship test flight fails minutes after launch on second attempt

BIG SCREEN BUTCHERING Elon Musk’s dad Errol fears he’s ‘going to be crucified’ in movie biopic & wants to meet director over his portrayal

Fairfax County Public Schools suspends student for allegedly blowing whistle on swastika flag

Osama bin Laden, Antisemitism and a Viral Tweet: Why TikTok Is Facing Its Biggest Threat

Sacha Baron Cohen Slams TikTok: “Creating Biggest Antisemitic Movement Since the Nazis”

Navy SEAL Causing Anti-Trans School Board Chaos Is Under Investigation

Why Western Women Are Converting to Islam

University of Wisconsin-Madison condemns neo-Nazi march in the city

Inside the American Redoubt

Lawmakers bracing for many congressional retirements, even from younger members

Obama's 2008 guru David Axelrod warns Joe Biden is in BIG trouble ahead of 2024 election

The Axe Is Sharp

The split second court opens on Monday, X Corp will be filing a thermonuclear lawsuit against Media Matters and ALL those who colluded in this fraudulent attack on our company​

Musk threatens ‘thermonuclear lawsuit’ as X ad boycott gathers pace

Elon's X advertisement nightmare: Full list of companies that have boycotted social media app after owner's anti-semitic tweet

Donald Trump opens up stunning THIRTY-NINE point lead over Ron DeSantis in GOP rivals' home state of Florida

Friday, November 17, 2023

Touch screens are vastly more effective than the telescreens in “1984,” because they “let” you keep YOURSELF under surveillance every minute

UN & Bill Gates Launch “50in5” Global Digital Infrastructure Plans​

In Classified Docs Case, Biden Walks While Trump Threatened With Jail

Canada Now Euthanizes an Average 36 Citizens Every Day​

First-ever known case of 'ZOMBIE' deer disease confirmed in Yellowstone National Park: Officials warn of fatal brain virus that makes animals drool and unafraid of humans​

The Army is Begging Unvaccinated Soldiers to Return​

Whew! That was fast!​

Putin likely successor warns of Ukraine biological warfare and hints at new mobilisation​

Preacher shot in the head at Glendale street corner

Speaker of the House causes uproar after stating that America is "Depraved" and "Deserves the wrath of God"

Supreme Court refuses to reinstate Florida’s anti-drag show law

America's cheating hotspots revealed: Florida residents are found most likely to engage in adulterous behavior as dating website warns of 'uncuffing season'


Advertisers Flee X as Outcry Grows Over Musk’s Endorsement of Antisemitic Post

DeSantis Slams Business Leaders, Including Elon Musk, for ‘Groveling’ Before Xi Jinping

‘We Cry Out To You!’ Watch GOP Speaker Mike Johnson Pray To Forestall God’s Judgment After Anti-Gay ‘Depraved America’ Rant

Mortgage-free America! Share of US homes owned outright rises to an all-time high thanks to ageing boomers paying off their record-low deals

Jim Chanos, Short Seller Who Took on Enron and Tesla, to Close Hedge Funds

Americans Are Still Fleeing High-Tax States

Apple, BlackRock, Pfizer CEOs Fawn Over China's Communist Ruler Xi Jinping, Give Standing Ovation

Osama bin Laden, Antisemitism and a Viral Tweet: Why TikTok Is Facing Its Biggest Threat

X Races to Contain Damage After Elon Musk Endorses Antisemitic Post

Backlash Spreads Over Musk’s Endorsement of Antisemitic Post

White House blasts Elon Musk for promoting ‘Antisemitic and racist hate’


Thursday, November 16, 2023

Nikki Haley Wants Social Media Users to Verify Identity with Government​

Thieves make off with cases of meat from refrigerated truck across from Philadelphia Sports Complex​

DEVELOPING: U.S. House Buildings Locked Down After Pro-Palestine Protestors Rush DNC Building​

Globalist death cult’s ‘trans’-human digital agenda demands your submission, or else…​

'Death Cross' spooks traders despite stocks soaring on cooling inflation: Dow's 50-day average drops below the 200-day line in grim chart pattern that signals a looming crash​

Flood of the century in Geneva, Switzerland as 5 out of 8 bridges over the Arve River are closed​

Candace Owens Hits Back After Ben Shapiro Calls Israel Comments "Disgraceful", Suggests She Quit Daily Wire​

Israel Orders Evacuations In Southern Gaza After Gaining Full Control Of Al-Shifa Hospital​

Walmart Crashes On Disappointing Guidance, Warns That Consumer Spending Is Deteriorating​

Exposing Our Fed-Driven Bubble Economy​

Ukraine To Mark Military Fuel To Curb Theft​

Campus Antisemitism Is Fueled By Woke Takeover Of Higher Education​

Bethlehem Cancels Christmas: Hamas ‘Martyrs' Honored Instead

‘Emotionally Unhinged’: Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens Get In Wild Fight After He Tells Her ‘By All Means’ Quit

With mapping robots and blast gel, Israel wages war on Hamas tunnels

Christmas display in Bethlehem is cancelled by Palestinian authorities 'in honour of Hamas martyrs' as Israel continues to battle terrorists in Gaza

Pro-Palestinian protesters block bridges in Boston, San Francisco during rush hour

STOP SNOOPING Snoop Dogg begs fans to ‘respect my privacy’ after rap legend announced he had quit smoking weed sparking concern

Mike Johnson: ‘Depraved’ America Deserves God’s Wrath

How RFK Jr. Has Turned His Public Crusades Into a Private Windfall

Why Nikki Haley is ready for this ugly media moment

Biden stokes Newsom presidential buzz at APEC event alongside California governor

Elon Musk’s X ‘shares advertising revenue’ with pro-Hitler Holocaust denier

Facebook cofounder calls on Elon Musk to resign after Tesla CEO calls antisemitic tweet 'the actual truth'

Elon Musk boosts antisemitic tweet, claims ADL and other groups push ‘anti-white’ messaging

IBM suspends advertising on X after report says ads ran next to antisemitic content

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Obama Outed As 'Shadow President' Secretly Orchestrating Hamas-Israel False Flag

Von Braun's Legacy - Dr. Carol Rosin, Corporate Manager at Fairchild Industries in the 1970's on the Military Industrial Complex Extraterrestrials Wars - Disclosure Project Arch. She worked closely with Wernher Von Braun shortly before his death​

86% Of Americans Admit They’re Worse Off Under Biden​

SEMITE Definition & Usage Examples​

Migrants Imploding Welfare State​

The Rise of Evil as the Determinant Force in the Western World

Joro spiders invade the US - Here's what to know​

US running low on air-defense systems – WSJ​

The FBI Is Soviet Russias Cheka Secret Police Through And Through​

Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight S. Eisenhower Now in Gulf of Oman​

Video: Antifa Attempts Phalanx Maneuver on Atlanta Police - It Didn't End Well​

Is the US’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System broken?​

Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake and Cancer Recurrence and Survival in CALGB 89803 (Alliance)​

Simple sugar intake and cancer incidence, cancer mortality and all-cause mortality: A cohort study from the PREDIMED trial

Dolly Parton: ‘AI is terrifying – it’s not right to replicate human beings’

‘Emotionally Unhinged’: Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens Get In Wild Fight After He Tells Her ‘By All Means’ Quit

Speaker Mike Johnson calls separation of church and state ‘a misnomer’

Mike Johnson: ‘Depraved’ America Deserves God’s Wrath

Elon Musk is accused of promoting anti-Semitism after agreeing with a post that claimed Jewish people have been 'pushing hatred against whites'

‘Unvarnished Anti-Semitism’: Elon Musk Catches All Hell for Agreeing With Bigoted Tweet

China launches world’s fastest internet with 1.2 terabit per second link, years ahead of forecasts

US lawmakers question Apple over Jon Stewart's China content

Protestors clash with riot police as thousands descend on San Francisco to 'shut down' APEC summit as motorcade of 10 vehicles gets stuck in front of barricade

Video of Chinese Flags Filling San Francisco Street Sparks Backlash

Biden meets Xi Jinping in San Francisco: US and Chinese leaders shake hands at Filoli luxury estate for crunch talks on Taiwan, fentanyl and climate change to try and repair spiraling tensions

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Cyberattack hits China’s largest bank disrupting US treasury trades

'The boss is not going to leave': Proffer videos show ex-Trump lawyers telling Georgia prosecutors about efforts to overturn 2020 election​

Alaska's largest city declares 'snow emergency' after record snowfall - 65 inches in less than 24 hours at Thompson Pass​

Billions Unaccounted for at 25 US Government Agencies​


The World Sits On Its Butt and Watches the Genocide of the Palestinians

The Unspoken Elephant in the Room of Netanyahu’s Intent in Gaza​

All the World's A Stage

Yet Another FDA Recall Affects Dozens of Eyedrop Products

The Rise of Evil as the Determinant Force in the Western World

The War for Greater Israel  and Reassertion of US Hegemony Is About to Begin

Will the Next Bailout Be for Life Insurance Companies?​

UN chief says Gaza becoming 'graveyard for children', urges immediate ceasefire

Catching a Cold Might Prevent a Severe Case of COVID-19​

Alleged subway vigilante is West Virginia native who posted bail and returned home to NYC apartment​

New York's Hunger Games Governor Is Now "Collecting Data" From "Surveillance Efforts" On Social Media To Monitor "Hate Speech"​

Trump allies in the House call for criminal probe of Michael Cohen after his testimony in fraud trial

Trump Posts Fan ‘Fantasy’-Incitement That Fraud Trial Judge and AG Letitia James Be Placed Under ‘Citizen’s Arrest’

Israel-Hamas war live updates: Israeli soccer team captain presents shoe of child kidnapped by Hamas in heartbreaking tribute: ‘Hard to talk’

‘Maybe it’s time for Thanksgiving’: Tensions flare as fights break out in Congress

Google DeepMind’s weather AI can forecast extreme weather faster and more accurately

DeepMind AI can beat the best weather forecasts - but there is a catch

Cooling Inflation Likely Ends Fed Rate Hikes

Meta Has More Wall Street Fans Than Ever as Rally Nears 300%

S&P 500 notches best day since April, Dow leaps nearly 500 points on soft inflation report: Live updates

Monday, November 13, 2023

Marvel Studios Has Its Lowest Opening Day Ever with “The Marvels,” Breaking a Record It Didn’t Want

Hawaii Luxury Hotel Ditches Trump Branding to Join Hilton

Back to the hotel! Furious migrants REFUSE to stay in tent shelter after being bused to Brooklyn and head back to plush Manhattan accommodation​

Text of S. 3223: AMMO Act (Introduced version)​

India's Biggest Data Leak So Far? Covid-19 Test Info of 81.5Cr Citizens With ICMR Up for Sale

As NYC’s fleet of electric Uber, Lyft and Revel cars grows, fears rise charging network won’t meet demand​

She Charges $550 for 90 Minutes and Has a Wait List of 7,600 People​

Why Are Americans In Such A Rotten Mood? Biden Blames The Media

Novo Nordisk's Obesity Drug Cuts Risk Of Death By 18%, But Is All The Good News Already Priced In​

The Fed Has No Plan, And Is Just Hoping For The Best​

Vatican Says Transsexuals Can Be Baptized, Serve as Godparents

This Is What Happens When Dumbs**t White People Place Their Courts and Their Justice System in the Hands of Their Enemies

‘Shockwaves of emotions’ after 4 L.A. Sheriff’s Department employees die by suicide in 24 hours

The Republican Party Is Useless

Israeli Troops Run Over Palestinian With a Bulldozer, Israelis Laugh About It On Social Media

Outrage grows after ‘chilling call for genocide’ by Florida Republican​

Trudeau wears 'Vaccines Cause Adults' shirt to promote COVID boosters and gets ridiculed​

New Research Explains Why Some People Develop Fatal Blood Clots After COVID Vaccination​

Evangelical Christians Turn Their Backs on Christians in Palestine Who are Being Murdered and Attacked by Jews as They Give Unconditional Support to Israel​

World's Biggest Shipper Cuts 10,000 Jobs, Warns Of Subdued Global Trade​

Oregon just dropped all graduation standards, failing all of its students in the name of ‘equity’​

Navy Seal Admiral Shares Reasons to Make Bed Everyday​

Isn't it suspicious? At least just a bit?​

Trump’s Truth Social Has Lost $73M Since Launch, New Filing Shows

'The boss is not going to leave': Proffer videos show ex-Trump lawyers telling Georgia prosecutors about efforts to overturn 2020 election

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Documentary implicates Schwab, Gates, WHO, UN and other globalist entities in massive crime of ‘democide’

Maryland UPS driver carjacked at gunpoint, truck stolen in broad daylight​

Australia Introduces ‘Misinformation And Disinformation Bill,’ Forcing Companies To Radically Censor Speech For Causing ‘Harm’ Or Face Prison​

UNESCO Seeks To Regulate All Internet Content

Study Links Cellphone Use to Lower Sperm Count, but Authors Downplay Findings​

Hawaii Luxury Hotel Ditches Trump Branding to Join Hilton

Newsom 2024: could the California governor be a rival to Joe Biden?

Why Silicon Valley billionaires like Peter Thiel turned against Trump

Trump’s battle in New York turns increasingly personal

Live With Rudy Indicted, isolated, and broke, Giuliani has one comfort left: the sound of his own voice.

This school board made news for banning books. Voters flipped it to majority Democrat​

Alaska city issues 'snow emergency' after two days of snowfall as four die in blizzard

Kamala Harris Is Biden’s No. 2 Problem

Marianne Williamson soldiers on during against-the-odds run for presidency

The DC establishment thinks RFK could win, and they’re panicking

How RFK Jr. could change the outcome of the 2024 election

At SpaceX, worker injuries soar in Elon Musk’s rush to Mars

36-hour shifts, 80-hour weeks: Workers are being burned out by overtime

Chicago is so unpleasant migrants are fleeing BACK to Venezuela after being dumped in shelters and refused jobs, with 20,700 border crossers so-far bused to Dem-run 'sanctuary city'

Migrant family journeys back to Venezuela, more leaving Chicago as winter looms: ‘The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore’

Moody’s cuts outlook on U.S. credit rating to negative from stable

Tim Scott drops out of the 2024 presidential race

Feds zero in on texts suggesting Adams fast-tracked Turkish diplomatic headquarters

Justice Barrett keeps it light at Federalist Society gala

Feds peruse client list of powerful ‘johns’ after bust of high-end prostitution ring

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Getting Dumber and Weaker by the Day

‘Trump Is Again Confused’: Trump Mixes Up Who Is President During Speech — Media Calls Him Out

Trump’s rivals seize on opportunities to challenge his acuity

PM Rishi Sunak slams 'violent actions' by far-right groups on pro-Palestinian march

Hamas antitank strikes show depth of ‘powerful’ arsenal facing Israel

U.S. is warned about its global standing as Gaza suffering persists

Macron calls on Israel to stop killing Gaza's women and babies

Israel Warns Hezbollah That Beirut Could Face Similar Fate To Gaza

Muslim leaders blast Israeli ‘crimes’; Iran: Solution is Palestine from river to sea

Inside the cult of Mother God: Followers of ex-McDonald's manager Amy Carlson's 'abusive' New Age sect lay bare group's harrowing descent into anarchy and violence - two years after leader's mummified corpse was found wrapped in Christmas lights

Venezuelan prison crackdown: criminal purge or political 'show'?

FBI Seizes Cellphones, iPad from New York Mayor Eric Adams After Turkey Cash Campaign Probe Raid

Eric Adams had cellphones, iPad seized by FBI as part of corruption investigation

Where’s Melania?

Trump Steps Up Iowa Push, Looking to Lock Up Nomination Early

‘A revenge term’: what would another four years of Trump look like?

Sweeping Raids, Giant Camps and Mass Deportations: Inside Trump’s 2025 Immigration Plans

Nikki Haley has momentum, but can she pass DeSantis to take on Trump?

Jim Biden’s last name has helped open doors. It also has made him a target of House Republicans

Two Young Democratic Stars Collide Over Israel and Their Party’s Future

Woman hurls hot coffee at toddler and father with Palestinian scarf, calling them ‘terrorists’ on Brooklyn playground: NYPD

Pro-Hamas mob chants ‘Allahu Akbar’ during nighttime Manhattan rampage

Anti-Israel protesters swarm Grand Central, splatter fake blood on New York Times building and set Israel flag ablaze

Marvel Studios Has Its Lowest Opening Day Ever with “The Marvels,” Breaking a Record It Didn’t Want​

What Elon Musk’s ‘Age of Abundance’ Means for the Future of Capitalism

Friday, November 10, 2023

Claimed ‘99% Consensus’ on Climate Change Demolished by New Report

The 1964 Civil Rights Act Destroyed the 14th Amendment and Resurrected Status-based Law


Scientists create 'Frankenstein' chimera monkey that glows green​

UFOs, Nonhuman Intelligence, and You​

70 House Republicans join Democrats to fund massive new FBI H.Q. building that will be bigger than the Pentagon​

Nation at risk of winter blackouts as power grid remains under strain

Makers of Oreos, Kraft mac, and Lunchables earn an F for pesticide use​

Kindergartner vaccination rates still lower than pre-pandemic levels​

Will HPV vaccination prevent cervical cancer? - Claire P Rees, Petra Brhlikova, Allyson M Pollock, 2020​

Gavi Pledges $142 Million In New Funding To Prevent 1.4 Million Deaths From Cervical Cancer - Health Policy Watch​

11 Children Ages 9-19 Had a Cardiac Arrest at US Schools in the Past Month. Some Schools Are Now Starting to Conduct "Sudden Cardiac Arrest Screening"​

Pentagon Is Starting To Restrict Flow Of Military Aid To Ukraine As Money Runs Out​

Picture of the Day (11-10-23)​

'They're clearing out the homeless people': San Francisco gets ready for arrival of world leaders

The B-21 Raider, the Air Force's new nuclear stealth bomber, takes flight for first time

Americans Don't Want to Fight For Their Country Anymore

VLADDY DOUBLES Ukraine says it’s a ‘fact’ that Putin has THREE body doubles and tyrant’s ‘butt filler’ cheeks ‘could collapse regime’

Feeling crowded yet? The US Census Bureau estimates the world’s population has passed 8 billion

31% of millionaires say they're part of the middle class, survey finds. ‘People feel squeezed,’ advisor explains

Citadel’s Ken Griffin sees high inflation lasting for decades

Moody’s cuts U.S. outlook to negative, citing deficits and political polarization

Republicans blame each other, abortion, after Virginia defeat

Michigan GOP faces 'imminent default' on credit line, ex-budget committee member says

Eric Adams had cellphones, iPad seized by FBI as part of corruption investigation

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Israel Will Lose. Here's Why.

There Is No Way That America Will Survive If We Stay On This Path...

The liberal US city where even the addicts are begging for drugs to be made illegal again: TOM LEONARD on how Portland led the way relaxing narcotics laws in a tide that swept America - then quickly bitterly regretted it​

Military UFO Head Resigns After Being Grilled About Whistleblower Claims

US launches airstrike on site in Syria in response to attacks by Iranian-backed militias

Anti-Defamation League Now Blaming White Supremacists For Eruption of Antisemitism​

Brendan Carr on X​

Georgia man arrested, accused of threatening to kill Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Citadel’s Ken Griffin sees high inflation lasting for decades

‘Just Close the F*cking Door’: Mild-Mannered Fed Chair Drops F-Bomb When Protestors Interrupt Him

Ransomware attack on ICBC disrupts US Treasury market

House Speaker Johnson Is Running Out of Time to Avoid Shutdown

'We're ungovernable': House Republicans nix votes on two funding bills as shutdown deadline nears

Federal funding bill on hold after GOP conflict on D.C. abortion rider

Michigan GOP faces 'imminent default' on credit line, ex-budget committee member says

EXCLUSIVE: Israel-Hamas war sparked 'wildfire of fake news on X' as expert issues chilling warning

Erdogan to declare Israel 'war criminals' as Turkey rallies behind Hamas terrorists

Turkey's Gaza fury deepens splits with EU

Tensions high as Germany marks 85th anniversary of Nazi pogrom

Washington Post Deletes and Apologizes For Hamas Cartoon Decried As Offensive

The Washington Post made a huge mistake in killing this cartoon

News organizations deny advance knowledge of Hamas attack

Jews are not safe on Britain’s campuses

‘Beat that f**kin’ Jew!’ UCLA students batter Netanyahu piñata

NYC hate crimes against Jews surge by more than 200% amid Israel-Hamas war; ‘community obviously anxious’

Mass Brawl Outside Gal Gadot's Hamas Attack Screening

'Erratic' Benjamin Netanyahu's war cabinet turns against him as Israel PM 'unfit to lead'

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

What Pediatrician Told Me at My Kids' Last Well Visit Is a Giant RED FLAG | I've talked to several people who told me, "Do not let that happen!" Let this be a warning to all parents out there.

As the genocide continues: Israel says its battling Hamas fighters deep in Gaza City

House censures Rashida Tlaib for condemning Israel after Hamas terrorist attacks​

Four LA police officials found dead in 24-hour period in apparent suicides

Nation at risk of winter blackouts as power grid remains under strain

New Jersey Democrats notch big legislative wins after bracing for losses

Glenn Youngkin STUNNED in Virginia as Democrats flip House and retain Senate control: Republican touted as White House candidate suffers crushing blow on home turf - as abortion rights take center stage at ballot box

Virginia Democrats block GOP bid to take full control of state government

Gov. Beshear says his reelection in Kentucky shows Democrats can overcome political divisions

Behind the Curtain: What AI architects fear most (in 2024)

Biden support down sharply among California voters for first time in presidency, poll shows

Democrats see 2024 roadmap in election wins, as Biden problems loom

Minnesota Supreme Court rejects bid to keep Trump off primary ballot

Hillary Clinton Warns ‘The View’ Trump Would Be “Even Worse” During A Second Term as POTUS: “The End Of Our Country As We Know It”

‘Hitler Was Duly Elected!’ Hillary Clinton Goes There Warning About a Second Trump Term on ‘The View’

DeSantis Comes Out Swinging Against Trump at GOP Debate, Rattles Off Litany of Complaints

As he enters third debate, Ron DeSantis has a big Nikki Haley problem

EU Readies TikTok, YouTube Probes Over Videos Seen By Children

Zuckerberg ‘ignored’ executives on kids’ safety, unredacted lawsuit alleges

Putin ally: West increasing risk of weapons of mass destruction being used

Best Way to Extinguish a Flaming Electric Vehicle? Let It Burn

Bay Area reinstates COVID mask orders in healthcare settings. Will L.A. follow?

The Race to Replace Mitch McConnell as GOP Leader Is Already On

GOP Subpoenas Hunter and James Biden in Impeachment Probe

Gambino family Mafia crackdown: 16 arrests by New York feds and Italian authorities

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

HBO's John Oliver Praises Satanic Group for Offering Abortions Named After Justice Samuel Alito's Mother

Space becomes new theater of war: Israel shoots down a ballistic missile that was traveling 62 miles ABOVE Earth​

Italy Becomes First Nation To Ban Bill Gates’ Fake Meat Due To ‘Serious Health Concerns’​

Los Angeles homeowner gets in shootout with armed intruders​

CDC Expands Infectious Disease Surveillance Program Beyond COVID at 4 Major US Airports​

Man on woman's sports team knock teeth from female player's mouth

Betting on Biden: Automakers Commit Billions to EVs While Americans Stick with Gas-Powered Cars​

Thieves smash into car on the 10 Freeway and rob the driver, a jewelry dealer from Hong Kong

Credit card balances spiked in the third quarter to a $1.08 trillion record. Here’s how we got here

US Debt Interest Bill Rockets Past a Cool $1 Trillion a Year

DeSantis on free speech: Do his policies match his words?

Haley readies for Miami debate clash with DeSantis in fight to be top Trump alternative

A Trump win would change the world

Larry Hogan targets both parties in new ad amid rumors of White House bid

Voters Are Dreading a Trump-Biden Rematch. Enter R.F.K. Jr.

Beshear prevails in Kentucky, abortion rights win in Ohio.

Glenn Youngkin’s Presidential Ambitions Face Test in Virginia State Elections

Mississippi Governor Election Results 2023

Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear wins re-election in Kentucky

'Hardly any taboos left': anti-Semitism resurges in Germany

'Black Lives 4 Palestine': US activists find common cause

Jewish man’s death at Israel-Palestinian protests is a homicide, official says

Scoop: Biden tells Bibi 3-day fighting pause could help secure release of some hostages

FLUSH HIM OUT Israel traps Hamas leader dubbed ‘Gaza’s Bin Laden’ in bunker & vows he’s a ‘dead man walking’ after seizing stronghold

Israel-Gaza war: Assassination attempt on Palestine president Mahmoud Abbas kills one

Israel fights Hamas deep in Gaza City and foresees control of enclave’s security after war

Biden approval falls to lowest level since April -Reuters/Ipsos

Some Democrats worry Biden’s team is ignoring political warning signs

Monday, November 6, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Demand for 'unvaxxed' sperm spikes: Women are turning to shady Facebook groups looking for donors who refused to get the Covid shot​

Witches are back, and they want academic credit: Universities set up classes to teach witchcraft, magic​

Florida pastor accused of using a BELT To hit fourth-grade students at a private religious school​

$40,000,000,000 in Unrealized Losses Hits JPMorgan Chase As Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup Face Exposure to US Treasuries: Report​

Olena Zelenska’s Organization Accused of Child Trafficking Scandal, Insider Confesses​

NBC News Admits Obama Is ‘Shadow President’ Serving His 'Third Term'​

Blinken Tells Abbas He Asked Israel To Use ‘Smaller Bombs’ On Gaza​

The Anti-Human Agenda​

America is tired of Joe and Hunter Biden 'weaponizing addiction' as a get-out-of-jail-free card​

Pope Francis's Reign and Ruin​

Why Banks Are Suddenly Closing Down Customer Accounts​

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters try to storm air base housing US troops in Turkey​

State secretly retaining blood from newborns

Iran Warns Americans Will Be "Hit Hard" If Gaza Ceasefire Not Reached, As CIA Director On Secretive Trip In Region​

"These People Are F**king Nuts And You Should Be Calling Them Out": Bill Maher Snaps At Neil deGrasse Tyson Over Woke College Campuses​

Anheuser-Busch Studio Head Exits Company Amid 'Bud Light Situation

'​The 7th Circuit Holds That AR-15s Aren't Protected By The Second Amendment

EXCLUSIVE: Some Scientists, Journals Pose 'Potential Threats to Vaccine Confidence': CDC

New COVID Variant 'HV.1' Has Surprising Mutations​

Joe Biden Has A Dean Phillips-Rashida Tlaib Problem

Marijuana use raises risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke, studies say

Exclusive-Russia's Putin to stay in power past 2024, sources say

Trump Indictments Haven’t Sunk His Campaign, but a Conviction Might

How Hamas Cyber Force hacked the Israeli army’s secrets

SEND IN THE HOUNDS Israel to deploy ferocious attack dogs to maul Hamas tunnel terrorists as training vid shows hound on rampage

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Don takes it to Ron's back yard: Trump brands DeSantis 'a wounded falling bird from the skies' in latest attack on the governor at Freedom Summit in Florida

FBI = Following Biden's Instructions?​

Does Any Member of the US Government Represent Americans?​

Americans are divided over the Israel-Hamas war

We Are Reaping The Whirlwind Of Nazi Death Science

Ethereum Insider Drops Bombshell: ETH Founders’ Fraud Bigger Than FTX Fraud​

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds to endorse Ron DeSantis for president Monday as Donald Trump fumes

Trump Leads in 5 Critical States as Voters Blast Biden, Times/Siena Poll Finds

Who will win the 2024 US presidential election?​

The 2024 Election Rematch Americans Are Dreading Looks Likely

Saudi Arabia, Russia to continue additional voluntary oil cuts

Jewish woman stabbed in her home in Lyon, France

Turkey recalls envoy to Israel, 'writes off' Netanyahu

Netanyahu suspends minister who suggested dropping nuclear bomb on Gaza

As Gaza death toll soars, secrecy shrouds Israel’s targeting process

How Israel shot down a ballistic missile in space for the first time

Gaza in blackout amid IDF strikes, Israeli killed by Hezbollah

Barack REFUSES to pick a side: Obama condemns 'horrific' actions of Hamas but says 'what's happening to Palestinians is unbearable'

Thousands of pro-Palestinian marchers descend upon WH chanting ‘Allahu akbar,’ ‘F–k Joe Biden’ as they demand ceasefire

Putin’s move to secure Libya bases is new regional challenge for US, European allies

Escalating Militia Attacks on U.S. Troops Risk Washington-Tehran Confrontation

Phoenix finishes clearing massive downtown homeless encampment after finding shelter for more than 500

William Lewis is named Washington Post CEO and publisher

A Secret War, Strange New Wounds, and Silence From the Pentagon

Trump To Testify At Civil Trial Targeting His New York Empire

Saturday, November 4, 2023

U.S. drafts plan to bring grizzly bears back to Washington’s North Cascades

'We're losing': Ukrainians reel from war chief's stalemate warning

Migrants Are Flocking to the U.S. From All Over the Globe

‘It Feels Like the New McCarthyism’: How the Israel-Hamas War Is Redefining the Limits of Free Speech

The Billionaire Donor Taking On His Alma Mater Over Antisemitism

Celebrities have weighed in on the Israel-Hamas war. Few have been as prolific or controversial as Amy Schumer.

The Great Social Media–News Collapse

Billionaire-backed tech group says it’s bought all the land it needs for utopian city

Judge Gags Trump’s Lawyers From Statements About Communications With Staff, Threatening ‘Serious Sanctions’

Jack Smith pushes court to disallow cameras in Trump election interference trial

House and Senate elections could provide historic reverse results

Mike Johnson and Mitch McConnell are on a collision course

State Sen. Shevrin Jones may run for Florida governor in 2026. He’d be nation’s first Black openly gay governor

How Ron DeSantis Lost Florida to Donald Trump

Will Abortion Dominate the 2024 Elections? Tuesday Will Offer Clues.

Can Glenn Youngkin Pull Off Another Magic Trick in Virginia?

Scoop: Biden's 2024 team roiled by Israel-Hamas war

Democratic House member accuses Biden of supporting Palestinian ‘genocide’

America splinters over the Israel-Hamas war

Blinken to visit Turkey after Ankara recalls ambassador to Israel

Turkey recalls envoy to Israel, 'writes off' Netanyahu

Why Do Young Americans Support Hamas? Look at TikTok.

EXCLUSIVE: Iranian group puts up recruitment posters for suicide bombers willing to attack targets in Israel

How Hamas aims to trap Israel in Gaza quagmire

Gaza Becomes a Death Trap for Children as Israeli Strikes Intensify

Deadly Israel strike on Gaza ambulance convoy sparks condemnation

U.S. and Israel Split Over Gaza Goals, Muddying War’s Endgame

Friday, November 3, 2023

Letter 'written by Albert Pike predicted first two World Wars and a third'​

Text - H.Res.559 - 118th Congress (2023-2024): Declaring it is the policy of the United States that a nuclear Islamic Republic of Iran is not acceptable.​

BREAKING: Marine Corps Central Command cancels 248th ball due to ‘unforeseen operational commitments’​

Cigarette-style Warnings on Meat to Prevent Climate Change​

California woman trapped in Gaza sues U.S. officials over failure to evacuate U.S. citizens

Jewish Viewers Find a Refuge in Fox News

CONFLICT RAGES Israel tells citizens don’t travel ANYWHERE over fears of ‘violent & disturbing’ anti-Semitic attacks amid Gaza conflict

Jeff Bezos Says He Is Leaving Seattle for Miami

Woodland Hills church keeps getting vandalized, targeted by thieves

Why do we faint? A newly discovered link between the heart and brain offers clues

A squatter, a shotgun and stolen items: How one man overstayed his welcome in Yosemite

Passenger’s backpack catches fire as plane takes off from JFK Airport

Over 75% of U.S. workers say they could complete the same amount of work in 4 days rather than 5

U.S. payrolls increased by 150,000 in October, less than expected

Shipping giant laying off 10,000 as pandemic boom turns to bust

US banks hit by deposit delays

It’s U.S. vs. China in an Increasingly Divided World Economy

Sam Bankman-Fried and the effective altruism delusion

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried convicted of defrauding cryptocurrency customers

Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty on all seven criminal fraud counts

Why Do Young Americans Support Hamas? Look at TikTok.

USS Gerald R. Ford, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Operate Together in Eastern Med.

U.S. military veterans are helping Americans get out of Gaza

US flying drones over Gaza in search of hostages, Pentagon says

Erdogan 'wants to lead Muslim world against Israel' as Turkey 'angry' over Gaza attacks

Hezbollah's Nasrallah blames IDF for massacre of Israelis

Israel resists US pressure to pause the war to allow more aid to Gaza, wants hostages back first

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Nearly 1 in 3 COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Suffered Neurological Side Effects: Study

Naomi Wolf Joins WarRoom to Give an Update on Dr Fauci Corruption​

United States of America: Unraveling at the Seam​s

10/7 — Much More Dangerous & Diabolical Than Anyone Knows​

Initial Claims Jump As Continuing Claims Unexpectedly Surge To 6 Month High​

Why are we only now hearing about the “Anthony Fauci-run lab in MONTANA that experimented with a coronavirus strain shipped in from Wuhan a year BEFORE the Covid pandemic began”?!​

Doug Casey on the Rise of BlackRock and Fascism in the US​

The Neoconservatives and Israel are reopening the Middle East Wars​

The Army Suddenly, and Chaotically, Told Hundreds of Soldiers They Have to Be Recruiters Immediately​

Revealed: Kanye West now lives in an apartment with NO security, NO nannies and NO chef after moving out of Calabasas mansion... and Kim Kardashian is baffled North prefers living the simple life with him​

Open hatred of Jews surges globally, inflamed by Gaza war​

NOT  IN  OUR  NAME  Declare Jewish Peace Organizations​

US, Israel, Europe Unleash the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse​

Does the US Still Have an Economy?

Fringe Science: Antidepressants Are Based on Pseudoscience, Potentially Contribute to Mass Shootings​

What's your 'ageotype'?: Scientists reveal the four ways we age biologically that matter more than how many birthdays we've had​

Krispy Kreme becomes latest junk food giant to panic about Ozempic - as investors fear America will fall out of love with doughnuts​

All the World's A Stage

A Texas Farmer's Case Heads to the Supreme Court—After the State Refuses to Compensate Him for Property It Destroyed

The Problem with “Paycheck-to-Paycheck” Metrics

Chicago’s Solution to Its Failing School System: Stop Grading Schools on Performance

A Texas Farmer's Case Heads to the Supreme Court—After the State Refuses to Compensate Him for Property It Destroyed

I Read the Unabomber’s Manifesto. Here’s What He Thought—and Why I Disagree

Why Justin Trudeau Is Blaming Grocers for Surging Food Prices in Canada

Why I’m Pessimistic about the Selection of the Speaker of the House

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Authoritarians Drunk on Power: It’s Time to Recalibrate the Government

More Children Killed in Gaza in Three Weeks Than in Wars Worldwide Since 2019​

Is Deagel’s 2025 Depopulation Nightmare Unfolding?: A Startling Correlation with Shocking Quadruple Vaccinated Mortality Rates Certainly Suggests So…​

BREAKING: “Died Suddenly” is being caused by the COVID vaccines​

It Is No Longer Correct To Refer To Any Western Government As Democratic. Every Western Government Is A Budding Tyranny.​

New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay​

FBI Director Warns Hamas Could Inspire Terrorist Attacks Inside US​

FDA Responds After Being Urged to Recall Pfizer's Vaccine Over DNA Fragments

Syrians And Africans Overwhelmed Border Patrol Here Last Night​

Yemen’s Houthi militia claims to have launched an attack on Israel.

Nearly 1 in 3 COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Suffered Neurological Side Effects: Study​

What’s Up With Mike Johnson’s Very Shady-Seeming Financial Disclosures?

Constant mobile phone usage linked to sperm quality problems

Largest Christian university in US fined record amount

Inside L.A.'s love affair with the modern box house

Migrant caravan headed north swells by a THOUSAND people in 24 hours to 7,000 people as Chinese influencers are showing migrants how to cross US southern border

Poll: Sarah Huckabee Sanders' approval rating the lowest for an Arkansas governor in 20 years

RFK Jr.’s donor data reveals his 2024 threat

2024 Presidential Race Stays Static In The Face Of Major Events, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; RFK Jr. Receives 22% As Independent Candidate In 3-Way Race

If Trump Wins, His Allies Want Lawyers Who Will Bless a More Radical Agenda

Armed residents guard streets in Mexico's hurricane-hit Acapulco

Don Jr. Has a Conveniently Fuzzy Memory of Trump Org Finances: “I Leave It to My CPAs”

House rejects effort to censure Rashida Tlaib over the Palestinian-American’s rhetoric about Israel

Rep. George Santos survives effort to expel him from the House. But he still faces an ethics report

Open hatred of Jews surges globally, inflamed by Gaza war

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

A bone-chilling Halloween! US braces for the big freeze as 60 MILLION are set to be blasted by frost or snow from the North East as far as Texas and New Mexico

This is 100% correct. It's a must-readThe Israeli-Hamas Conflict Is A Continuation of the 9/11 Plot​

Israel threatens to destroy Musk's Starlink​

Wars Push Up Demand for Weapons, Sparking Fears of Shortages​

It Is No Longer Correct To Refer To Any Western Government As Democratic.  Every Western Government Is A Budding Tyranny.​

US forced Ukraine to reject peace with Russia – ex-German chancellor​

EU may become complicit in ‘genocide’ – Spanish official​

Israel calls on UN chief to resign​

Rothschild Zionism Decoded | "Jewish People are its Victims, Not Its Beneficiaries"​

Israel threatens to destroy Musk's Starlink​

'Overcharged': Major Study Shows True Cost of Owning an EV, 'Fueling' Equal to $17.33 Per Gallon

A heavily armed man was found dead at a Colorado amusement park. Officials say he may have been planning a devastating attack

Who was in charge of the CDC during Covid

House Speaker Johnson: Russia, China, & Iran Are The New Axis Of Evil​

Tyler Christopher dead at 50: Ex-husband of Eva Longoria and actor who appeared on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives passes away following 'a cardiac event in his San Diego apartment'​


America's Crisis Of Faith: Poll Reveals More Americans Are Rejecting The Constitution And Embracing Violence​

Was It Smarter to Accept or to Reject the COVID Vaccines?​

Trump's adult sons, codefendants in fraud trial, set to testify

China’s billionaires looking to move their cash, and themselves, out

China's spy agency claims 'gene weapons' that target specific races are being developed by 'certain' countries in eerie warning

A Calif. house is listed for $1.55 million. There’s a meth lab inside.

Open hatred of Jews surges globally, inflamed by Gaza war

FBI says terrorism threat hits ‘a whole other level’ after Hamas attack

Huge new red light district erupts in NYC fueled by arrival of migrant Venezuelan prostitutes

Monday, October 30, 2023

Israeli tanks enter Gaza City which is 'on the brink of social collapse', aid workers warn as IDF troops are pelted with rocks as they also carry out raids on Palestinian armed groups in West Bank

Finding Canaan: Ancient Roots of the Lost Phoenician Civilization

Why the Explosion of Artificial Intelligence Should Have Christians on Alert​

EXCLUSIVE: Venezuela's worst gangsters have crossed into the US illegally and are unleashing chaos in Dallas, Chicago and Miami - with fearful residents saying they've had tires slashed, windows shot out in retribution for reporting them to cops​

BOMBSHELL: President Trump To Present CLASSIFIED Information Of Election Interference At J6 Indictment Trial​

Migrants Apprehended in Texas-Based Border Sectors in 2 Years Exceeds Houston Population

Angelina Jolie: Hamas Terrorism 'Cannot Justify' Israel's Bombing of Gaza

'Deport Him': Model's Father Blasted for Post Comparing Israelis to Nazis

IDF Tanks Reach Outskirts Of Gaza City, Cut Key North-South Highway, After Netanyahu's Chilling War Message To "Smite Amalek"​

Gold's About To Have Its Day: Jim Grant Warns No One's Prepared For "Higher Yields For Much, Much, Much Longer"​

Only 2 Percent of Americans Have Received New COVID Vaccine: HHS​

Steve Kirsch on Threads

Michigan judge denies drug manufacturer's immunity in case of contaminated COVID-19 medication​

Maine mass shooting suspect Robert Card found dead with apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound​

Maine’s Gun-Grabbing False Flag Shooting Exposed As Government-Sponsored Black Op​

Venezuela's worst criminals and gangs cross border into US cities​

Why are some people so afraid of clowns?

‘Smart home’ warning: Major study exposes alarming security threats

Colorado Trial Will Consider Whether the 14th Amendment Disqualifies Trump

SBF claims ‘ I don’t recall’ 100 times in court — then admits his hedge fund had special access to investor money

Heavily armed man found dead in apparent suicide at Colorado amusement park

Detroit Is Paying Up to End the UAW Strike. Now Carmakers Will Live With the Costs.

Pharmacy staff from CVS, Walgreens stores in US start three-day walkout

The Battle of Civilization

Biden gathering leaders from across Americas to deepen ties

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Tragedy as American ice hockey star Adam Johnson dies aged 29 'after skate slashed his throat in freak accident during match': Devastated relative reveals 'I've lost half of my heart' as club pays tribute

Coach Prime and Colorado Mania Returns to Earth

Protesters delay start of Cal-USC football game in Berkeley

How This Israel-Hamas Conflict Is Like Nothing That’s Happened Before

Israeli forces attack north Gaza's main city from both sides

Gazans at 'breaking point' as aid centres looted, UN agency says

Violent mob storms Russian airport 'looking for Jews'

Jewish residents chant 'death to Arabs' outside dorms where Palestinian students live

Pro-Hamas protesters beat Black Hebrew Israelites with Palestinian flags — in Chicago

Wars Push Up Demand for Weapons, Sparking Fears of Shortages

Top China, Russia officials warn foreign forces stoking turmoil

Antisemitic Comments Increase Across Chinese Social Media

'FRIENDS' STAR MATTHEW PERRY DEAD AT 54 ... After Apparent Drowning

Joe Biden's Impeachment is Looking More Likely

Ghost towns: Federal office buildings are 80% vacant, government audit finds

Elon Musk’s Outlook on Our Future Turns Dour

China owns the EV supply chain. Now it wants to sell you a car.

How a Lucrative Surgery Took Off Online and Disfigured Patients

Israel's Netanyahu swipes at intel chiefs over Hamas, then apologizes

Israel's Mobileye CEO urges that Netanyahu be replaced immediately

Inside Hamas' tunnels of terror as Israel vows to destroy 300-mile underworld

'Anxiety' racks Israeli hostage families as army assaults Gaza

Erdogan vows victory over 'imperialists' on Turkey's centenary

Erdogan threatens to declare war on Israel and send military to Gaza in chilling warning

Rockets fired from Lebanon at north; IDF strikes terror cells, Hezbollah sites

Hamas blocks foreign nationals from leaving Gaza

Saturday, October 28, 2023

The Banker Poem

Sam Altman Warns That AI Is Learning "Superhuman Persuasion"

Maine mass shooter heard voices, may have embraced conspiracy theories, officials say

Allies Fear US Is Overextended as Global Conflicts Spread

Concern for 'worn out' Donald Trump as he 'loses composure' outside of court

‘I Truly Believe He Is CRAZY!’ Trump RAGES at Gag Order Judge For Demanding Ivanka Testify in Fraud Trial

Israel sends elite troops into Gaza Strip for ‘long war’

Netanyahu: 2nd War of Independence starts as IDF enters Gaza

Israel's final plea to Gaza: IDF warns Palestinians to evacuate south now as it vows to 'neutralise' Hamas with looming full scale invasion after relentless airstrikes destroyed hundreds of buildings

Trail of destruction left by Israel's night of rage: Hundreds of buildings in Gaza are turned to rubble by airstrike blitz with IDF troops still inside enclave in 'rolling start' to invasion as more tanks line up on border

7,000 pro-Palestinian protestors take over Brooklyn Bridge, call for elimination of Jewish state: ‘By any means’

WAR RAGES ON Pro-Palestine protesters march through the streets of London demanding an Israeli ceasefire in Gaza

'WE ARE READY' Iran launches war games with 200 attack helicopters & missiles as Israel tensions rage & US warships gather in Med

Americans Stuck in Gaza. ‘Are We U.S. Citizens or Not?’

'Anxiety' racks Israeli hostage families as army assaults Gaza

BATTLEFIELD GAZA Israel ‘shakes the earth’ & tells Gaza civilians to get out NOW ahead of more strikes as Hamas taunts ‘we are waiting’

Netanyahu Announces Second Phase of Gaza Operations

Erdogan threatens to declare war on Israel and send military to Gaza in chilling warning

Ohio woman charged with 'serial killings' allegedly met men for sex before fatally drugging them

SWEET SPOT The exact number of times you should be having sex each week to keep your brain healthy

Mapped: Where Americans are moving

Is America’s spending spree ‘sustainable’? Consumers are leaning on their savings to spend, and some economists are worried

The Mortgage Market Is So Bad Lenders Want Ex-Employees to Give Back Their Bonuses

Worst October for Stocks in Five Years Has Investors Exiting Market

Minor Earthquake Under San Francisco’s Airport Rattles Nerves

Friday, October 27, 2023

LBJ on Weather Control​

“Adulterated” COVID Shots Need To Be Recalled​

Spanish clergy sexually abused over 200,000 children, probe estimates

A year later, Musk’s X is tilting right. And sinking.

Accounts Musk recommended on X are connected to a teen and a U.S. soldier

Manhunt for Maine massacre suspect Robert Card sparks alert at Canadian border as search history of Biden conspiracy theories emerges

Police settling into massive manhunt, evidence gathering operations with Mainers still under lockdown

Matt Gaetz Hits Republican Colleague With Innuendo: ‘He Is Living a Lie’

Exclusive: Mike Johnson Speaks Out About Adopted Black Son

He Threatened to Kill the President. Did He Deserve to Die?

Rep. Dean Phillips is challenging Biden in Democratic presidential race: "This is an election about the future"

Blue and red states slash taxes despite warnings of hard times ahead

Wall Street braces for roughly $1.5 trillion in further borrowing needs by Treasury

Crash victim targeted by heartless thieves in Wild West-style robbery on LA freeway in broad daylight

Arizona prosecutors ask about 2020 pressure campaign by Trump allies

Trump’s Vanishing Act: Why Trump Rallies Are Going Extinct

Hearings begin as Trump critics attempt to kick him off ballots

Dates set for Trump and his adult children to testify in $250 million fraud case

Residents on edge after antisemitic graffiti spray-painted at Beverly Hills apartment complex

‘I Will Kill you, Jew’: 9-Year-Old Boy Threatened with Knife in Brooklyn Playground

Tulane University condemns violence at dueling Palestinian, Israel protests: 'a dark day for our community'

Democrats Splinter Over Israel as the Young, Diverse Left Rages at Biden

What does Palantir want with NHS data?

The New York Times Help Wanted: Looking for an AI Editor to Start Publishing Stories: Six Figure Salary​

'Hamas will feel our wrath tonight' warns Israel as it unleashes 'unprecedented' airstrikes on Gaza: IDF steps up ground operations and tells Palestinians to flee south NOW as invasion looms with phone lines and internet 'cut' across the city

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Lewiston, Maine, shootings live updates: Gunman kills at least 15; manhunt launched

Revealed - Maine massacre gunman Robert Card was committed to a mental hospital after 'hearing voices': Firearms instructor spent two weeks in mental health facility this summer before killing at least 22 people​

Rep. Bowman Pleads Guilty To Misdemeanor For Pulling House Fire Alarm


“Vaccine” killed 3.5X more Americans than COVID virus​

The Hi-Jacking of Christianity​

Report: Israel Planning to 'Flood Hamas Tunnels With Nerve Gas Under U.S. Navy Supervision'

Maine mass shooting live updates: Dozens dead as gunman opens fire in multiple locations

Meet the evangelical activist who’s had a 'profound influence' on Speaker Mike Johnson

UFC Chief Dana White Rips ‘Dummies’ Upset Over Sponsorship Deal with Bud Light

Maine Mass Shooting Suspect Robert Card’s Boat Is Missing, Coast Guard Searching Kennebec River (Exclusive)

Amazon’s Profit Triples as Sales Show Resilience Leading Into Holidays

Bezos promises he’s ‘committed to the future’ of Washington Post

Smuggling Migrants Toward the U.S. Is a Booming Business

Texas Lawmakers Vote to Let Local Police Arrest Migrants

Hurricane Otis hits Acapulco: Tropical paradise reels after Category 5 storm unleashes massive floods and widespread destruction as death toll rises to 27

Chinese fighter jet got within 10 feet of US bomber over South China Sea, US military says

The Cannabis That People Are Using for Anxiety Is Probably Making It Worse

What do magic mushrooms do to your brain? A midflight crisis raises questions.

UFC fans threaten to BOYCOTT the sport after it announced $105m-a-year Bud Light sponsorship deal... as supporters continue to fume at beer company for using trans activist Dylan Mulvaney in advertising campaign

Retail theft is the worst in these 10 US cities, study finds

Trump risks violating gag order AGAIN by calling New York judge 'tyrannical' and 'crazy in his hatred': Ex-president claims he was found guilty 'before the trial started' and claims Michael Cohen 'choked' on the stand

Prosecutor Accuses Trump of ‘Threatening’ Mark Meadows In DC Election Trial

Democrats’ divisions on Israel-Hamas war boil over in Michigan as Detroit-area Muslims feel betrayed

U.S. GDP grew at a 4.9% annual pace in the third quarter, better than expected

White House says Gaza health ministry is 'a front for Hamas,' again denies Palestinian casualty data

Florida orders state universities to disband pro-Palestinian student group, saying it backs Hamas

Jewish students shelter in NY college library as demonstrators pound on doors, shout ‘free Palestine’

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Oh, So That's Who Funded the Pro-Hamas 'Insurrectionists' on Capitol Hill

George Soros Funded by the House of Rothschild​

George Soros Was Exposed As A Rothschild Agent in 1996​

Trump health spokesman tweets about Soros and Rothschild family ‘control’​

White House Orchestrated Cover-Up of COVID Vaccine Heart Damage​

Shock video for Israel: Hamas armed with AT4, Javelin, NLAW through Ukraine - Washington Post: "Deadly surprise awaits IDF in Gaza"​

Anti-Defamation League Now Blaming White Supremacists For Eruption of Antisemitism​

Warning signs flash for Biden in recent polling

Support for Israel becomes a top issue for Iowa evangelicals key to the first Republican caucuses

Arnold Schwarzenegger Thinks He ‘Would Make a Great President,’ but Since He Can’t Run He’s Hoping for ‘Young Blood’ in U.S. Election

Nearly one in four Americans believe political violence justified to ‘save’ US

Chuck Todd: Mitt Romney sounds one last alarm on Trump

DeSantis campaign launches ‘Trump accident tracker’

Trump Threatens Political Foes That Retribution is Coming When ‘We Assume Office’ in Stunning Social Post

Donald Trump's Allies Are Falling Like Dominoes

Pleas in Trump’s Georgia Racketeering Case Show ‘Dam Breaking’

ACLU says Trump gag order in DC election interference case violates First Amendment

Trump fraud trial live updates: ‘Defeated’ ex-prez calls for case to end after storming out of courtroom

Trump leaves courtroom in a huff after Cohen contradicts testimony in New York fraud trial: Recap

US agrees to send two Iron Dome batteries to Israel

Israel agrees to U.S. request to delay Gaza invasion- WSJ

Hurricane Otis batters Mexico's Acapulco causing heavy damage to beach resort

New Speaker Mike Johnson Made His Name as Cultural Conservative

GOP speaker nominee Mike Johnson played a key role in efforts to overturn the 2020 election

Rep. Mike Johnson voted new House speaker

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

100% of Top Twenty Fast Food Brands Positive for Glyphosate Herbicide 76% Positive for Harmful Pesticides​

As the number of vaccines for pregnant women rises, so does vaccine hesitancy​

Cruise ship passengers win COVID outbreak lawsuit

‘On track’: 3 percent of Americans have gotten the new Covid shot, but the CDC director remains confident

Did Putin Have 'Cardiac Arrest'? What We Know, What We Don't

World on verge of Space War as Russian satellite shows 'sign of aggression' to US

GOLDEN AGE I’m the oldest woman in the world but I have NO health problems… now scientists think I may hold the key to immortality

KILLER LOVE I faked my death after discovering my wife paid thousands for a hitman to kill me – she’s walking free & I’m terrified

Not just Hunter: James Biden steps into the center of Biden family controversy

Despite State Bans, Legal Abortions Didn’t Fall Nationwide in Year After Dobbs

Elite Universities Face Donor Revolt Over Mideast Conflict

Rise in antisemitism ‘brings Germans back to most horrific times’

Ex-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows granted immunity, tells special counsel he warned Trump about 2020 claims: Sources

Team Biden is on a mission to convince voters Trump’s age is an issue too

Donald Trump in embarrassing gaffe calling Hungary's Viktor Orbán 'leader of Turkey'

Trump Bizarrely Declares ‘I Was Never Indicted’ After Being Indicted Four Times

Trump compares himself to Nelson Mandela, fantasizes about punching Biden during New Hampshire pop up for GOP primary

DeSantis campaign launches ‘Trump accident tracker’

Trump 2020 lawyer Jenna Ellis pleads guilty in Georgia election case, the latest to flip

Iranian-Backed Militias Mount New Wave of Attacks as U.S. Supports Israel

US agrees to send two Iron Dome batteries to Israel

Israel strikes in Syria after rockets fired toward Golan Heights

Massive rocket barrage on Tel Aviv leaves over a million Israelis scrambling for shelter

Monday, October 23, 2023

Lara Logan: Judges Aren't Allowing Defense Attorneys To Even Broach The Issue Of Entrapment In January 6 Cases

Electric cars risk becoming uninsurable​

Achtung! US Travel To Europe Will Require Prior Approval, Biometric Scanning​

Chevron To Acquire Hess For $53 Billion In Latest Mega Energy Deal​

War Wakes Up Gold

Watch: London Metro Police Threaten People Displaying British Flag With Arrest For "Racism"

Rothschild TRILLIONS Quantified

"The Whole George Floyd Story Was A Lie": Tucker Carlson

Israel hits Gaza with one of deadliest bombings so far in war against Hamas

The Black Nobility

Israel uses 'Iron Sting' for first time to destroy Hamas rocket launchers and carries out raids on terrorist squads preparing ambushes… as Palestine PM says Gazans are being 'exposed to the Israeli murder machine' 

"Worse Is To Come" - Home Sales Slide Far From Over As Goldman Sees "Sustained Higher Mortgage Rates"

Navy finds perfect wingman for carrier pilots – AI

An ancient megalithic site was discovered in Armenia Depicting “Gray Aliens”

America’s Crisis Of Faith: Poll Reveals More Americans Are Rejecting The Constitution And Embracing Violence

Why Are People so Obedient? Compliance and Tyranny

The Toxic Brew That Is Going To Create Endless Chaos In The Streets Of America​

Seven are killed and 25 injured in huge pile up on Louisiana highway after 'super fog' made up of mist and wildfire smoke blanketed the road: Horrifying drone footage shows mangled wreckages across I-55​

Kunstler: Who Is 'Joe Biden' Working For?​

50 Cent Tells Joe Biden to 'Get the F**k Up' from Beach Vacation Amid Israel Turmoil

Milgram experiment​

This Is Your Brain On Drugs -- Any Questions?

Sunday, October 22, 2023

North Texas Gun Store Sales Increase 300% With Israel-Hamas Conflict

Kat Von D reveals she is having her skin tattooed completely BLACK to cover up body art that 'no longer aligns with who she is' - after renouncing witchcraft and embracing Christianity​

Alien on deathbed warning about the biggest threat to humanity comes from Super AI.​

John Kerry: 'We Must Sacrifice Billions Of Humans To Save Planet Earth'​

'I actually had a conversation with Dad': The people using AI to bring back dead relatives - including a plan to harvest DNA from graves to build new clone bodies​

Israel-Palestine war: Strike on ancient Gaza church devastates Christian community​

New Dinesh D'Souza Film 'Police State' Is a Wakeup Call for America​

‘Cutting off the Head of the Snake’ in Geneva, Switzerland​

US will build ‘new world order’ – Biden​

Thread by @stkirsch on Thread Reader App​

Fury on the streets of NYC as thousands of anti-Israel protesters clash with cops after shutting down traffic and refusing to leave: NYPD officers are seen brawling with demonstrators waving Palestinian flags​

Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)​

US redirects Navy carrier strike group, deploys high altitude defense missile system and patriot battalions to the Middle East amid escalations by Iran in the Israel-Hamas war​

About 100,000 protesters join pro-Palestinian march through London

China Has Up To 6 Warships In Mideast Waters As US Carrier Group Moves Closer To Israel​

The Israel-Hamas War is ALREADY Pushing the Great Reset Agenda​

Israel orders top spies to hunt down 'every single individual' involved in Hamas' October 7 massacre - as PM Netanyahu warns of a 'do-or-die double battle' growing on a second front Hezbollah in Lebanon​

House speaker race starts again for Republicans after ousting Jordan

Christians Continue to be Murdered in Gaza – Netanyahu Supported both Hamas and Al Qaeda Terrorists?

Is the Israeli – Palestinian War Really a Religious War, or a War to Control Petroleum and Gas in the Middle East?​

Is Israel Bringing on Armageddon?​

Israel’s Culture of Deceit​

God’s Chosen People and the “Moral” West​

Israel and their Washington Whore Have Denuded Themselves of Credibility​

The Great Superpower​

Britain’s Pending “Online Safety Bill” Turns Free Speech into a Felony​

US, UK, EU, Germany Rush to Endorse Israel’s War Crimes But Condemn Palestinians for the Same​

Hypocrisy Rules in the White House​

Fan Tells Dave Chappelle To "Shut Up", Comedian Blasts Israel, Sparking Walkout, Report Says​

The spear of destiny and the Nephilim​

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Air Force Academy requires training linked to critical race theory and Black Lives Matter

Tom Horn, Christian Media Giant and CEO of SkyWatch TV, Dies After Health Struggle​

Scientists infect volunteers with Zika in hunt for vaccines, treatments

Matt Gaetz Tore the House GOP Apart. He Isn’t Sorry.

Even Short Runs Have Major Health Benefits

'I've never seen anything like this': Death Valley gleams with water, wildflowers and color

Greater Idaho movement leaders meet to discuss next steps in redrawing border with Oregon

‘Let’s have that conversation’: Idaho lawmakers go to Oregon to discuss Greater Idaho

Israeli Harvard Business School Student Accosted and Harassed Amid Gaza ‘Die-In’ on Campus

Inside Meta, Debate Over What’s Fair in Suppressing Comments in the Palestinian Territories

Saving money to buy a house? Your dollar goes half as far as it did at the end of 2020, new data shows

Inflation is following an ‘eerily similar’ path as the one taken in 1966-1982

Car Owners Fall Behind on Payments at Highest Rate on Record

BORIS JOHNSON: Biden's right. America is the last, best hope of Earth against the continuum of evil now ranged against freedom and democracy

Culinary union says members in Las Vegas to rally, participate in civil disobedience next week

Teens Want Parents to Track Their Phones and Monitor Their Every Move

Inside the meeting of Republican electors who sought to thwart Biden’s election win in Georgia

Haley threatens to overtake DeSantis as Trump alternative, sending sparks flying

‘Let that sink in!’ The 13 tweets that tell the story of Elon Musk’s turbulent first year at Twitter (or X)

Jewish schools adjust security as Israel-Gaza war stokes fears

'REAL DANGER' Six terrifying steps that could see Gaza crisis spiral into WW3 with Brit & US boots on the ground, warns ex-Navy chief

China deploys six warships to Middle East over fears Israel crisis could spark WW3

Israel vows to cut off 'the head of the snake' and launch a military attack against Iran if Hezbollah joins the war with Hamas

Scoop: Israel says it found Hamas files with instructions for making cyanide-based weapon

Detroit synagogue leader victim of ‘brutal murder’ at home

Friday, October 20, 2023

U.S. wraps up fiscal year with a budget deficit near $1.7 trillion, up 23%

AI to predict life expectancy of cancer patients with chilling accuracy

Newspapers want payment for articles used to power ChatGPT

Google lays off dozens in its news division in latest round of cuts: report

Murdoch lines up bid for The Telegraph

Supreme Court blocks restrictions on Biden administration efforts to get platforms to remove social media posts

A third Trump co-defendant has struck a plea deal in Georgia

Judge fines Trump $5,000 for gag order violation after threatening him with jail time

Jim Jordan's speakership bid ends after third lost vote

This Drug Could Be the Next Ozempic. Bootlegs Are Already Selling Online.

Like Escobar, Ecuador's drug lords build 'narco-zoos'

Argentine voters, fired up by anger, ready to leap into the political void

U.S. Soldier Freed From North Korea Faces Child Pornography Charges Back Home

Spotify Is Eating the Entire Music Business

To Combat the Opioid Epidemic, Cities Ponder Facilities for Drug Use

A masked police officer robbed three Las Vegas casinos of $164,000. He was identified in part by his unusual gait

'PLEASE PRAY' Maryland Judge Andrew Wilkinson shot dead at his home in Hagerstown attack as troopers ‘rush to protect others’

The McDonald’s Global Empire Is Tearing Itself Apart Over Israel-Palestine

Thousands of Dearborn students chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ during pro-Hamas school walkout

Behind the Curtain: Rattled U.S. government fears wars could spread

How to survive a nuke 101: As world teeters on brink of war, doctor shares morbid guide that includes fattening up to avoid starvation and evacuating from these US hotspots

U.S. wraps up fiscal year with a budget deficit near $1.7 trillion, up 23%

AI to predict life expectancy of cancer patients with chilling accuracy

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Israel Orders Its Western Puppets to Ban Demonstrations for Palestine, and the Western Puppet Rulers Obey

Biden Deploys Secretary of State to Israel: Unconditional Support. Washington Endorses Genocidal Violations of Human Rights​

The Republicans Will Not Help Us​

Why the GOP Can’t Unite​

The Ukraine Precedent – Genocide Coming to Gaza​

Pro-Palestinian Insurrectionists Occupy Federal House Office Building​

Fury after Gaza hospital blast surges across Middle East

Soaking in a hot tub has the 'same health benefits' as going for a 30-minute jog, scientists reveal​

Boosted People More Likely Than Unvaccinated to Be Infected: Study​

Contraceptive and Harmful Antibiotics Found in Top Ten Fast Food Samples​

Meat Giant Tyson Foods Buys Stake in Insect Protein Company

Cardiac side effects of RNA-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccines: Hidden cardiotoxic effects of mRNA-1273 and BNT162b2 on ventricular myocyte function and structure

The Trusted 60-40 Investing Strategy Just Had Its Worst Year in Generations

Three speakers at once, yet House Republicans lack one with real power

Labour deliver devastating double blow for Rishi Sunak with victory in both Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire by-elections as Keir Starmer's party overturn huge Tory majorities

‘A tool of political control’: how India became the world leader in internet blackouts

China’s nuclear arsenal on track to double by 2030, Pentagon reports

Media Confidence in U.S. Matches 2016 Record Low

Jon Stewart’s Show on Apple Is Ending

Old Twitter vs X: Israel-Gaza war spotlights 'information crisis'

Google lays off dozens in its news division in latest round of cuts: report

Silicon Valley Ditches News, Shaking an Unstable Industry

Opinion: Sell signs are popping up all over the stock market

Stock futures slip as 10-year Treasury yield crosses 5% for the first time since 2007: Live updates

US warns every American abroad to be cautious

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Netanyahu tells his forces Israel is with them as the 'fateful hour' to attack Gaza Strip by land, sea and air draws near: UN warns of 'spectre of death' as enclave's hospitals run out of medicine and crisis threatens to engulf whole Middle East

George Carlin: "You don't need a formal conspiracy when interests converge"

David Icke - what's REALLY happening in Israel

Synthetic Telepathy - Remote Neural Monitoring – 5G & Satellite Harassment – Patent US3951134A (1976)​

Ex-UK diplomat Craig Murray detained after declaring support for the people of Palestine.

What Does The Hamas/Israeli War Portend For Bible Prophecy?​

COVER UP: Israel DELETES Video They Claimed Showed Islamic Jihad Rocket Hit Hospital; Sound Analysis Suggests Israel Used Powerful JDAM Missile

The spear of destiny and the Nephilim​

Report: HHS Imposes Gender Identity Pronoun Mandate on Employees

How COVID Vaccine Could Harm Your Gut, Leading To Brain Fog And Autoimmune Disease​

Postcards from a Police State: 22 Years of Blowback from the USA Patriot Act​

Israel war live updates: Biden praises Egyptian president for agreeing to offer, allow aid into Gaza: ‘Deserves some real credit’

Tearful Rashida Tlaib Doubles Down on Blaming Israel, Biden for Gaza Hospital Attack and ‘Genocide’ At D.C. Rally

War between Israel and Hamas raises fears about rising hostility in the US

Gaza blast stirs protests across Middle East and in Washington

Pictured: ‘Death to England and France’, protesters shout as Western embassies targeted

US issues 'do not travel' advisory for Lebanon and is allowing non-emergency personnel to leave after pro-Palestine protestors start a fire at the Beirut embassy forcing security to use tear gas to disperse the crowd

Israel-Hamas war tipped to spark 'nuclear showdown' as Iran on 'crash course' to bomb

Iran warns 'time is up': Tehran's chilling threat as Hamas-Israel war dramatically escalates after Gaza hospital is hit by blast killing 500

‘IT BELONGS TO JIHAD’ Israel releases drone footage & wiretapped call that ‘PROVE’ rocket from Gaza caused hospital explosion ‘killing 500’

Gaza hospital blast: Initial U.S. intel assessment is Israel "not responsible"

Biden to deliver a prime-time foreign policy address Thursday

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Deepfake Porn Is Out of Control

Dr John Coleman Exposes the Committee of 300​

Gates Foundation Insider Admits Depopulation Drugs Are Pumped Into Fast Food Meals

Postcards from a Police State: 22 Years of Blowback from the USA Patriot Act​

International lawyer and freedom advocate Reiner Fuellmich seized by German government in Mexico​

Who Destroyed Western Civilization?​

WALKING AMONG US: Human Looking Non-Humans, They look exactly like us​

Netanyahu tells his forces Israel is with them as the 'fateful hour' to attack Gaza Strip by land, sea and air draws near: UN warns of 'spectre of death' as enclave's hospitals run out of medicine and crisis threatens to engulf whole Middle East​

Israel-Hamas War Intensifies: Strike Kills More Than 500 in Gaza Hospital, Officials Report

Russia Goes on the Offensive in Ukraine—and Suffers Heavy Losses

France’s Macron Says Rising Islamist Terrorism Threatens All of Europe

House Speaker election live updates: House calls it a day after failing to elect speaker on first ballot as 20 Republicans vote against Jordan

Triple-digit heat to put October record in jeopardy in Phoenix

The U.S. Gets a C+ in Retirement

‘The Zone of Interest’ Trailer: A24 Unveils Brutal, Gut-Wrenching Holocaust Drama

The healing power of ‘film therapy’: How watching movies can improve mental health, boost empathy

Donors are latest to punish Harvard over response to students’ Israel critique

Israel-Hamas Conflict Spills Over in Newsroom Shouting Matches

SPARKS FLY Elon Musk’s X slammed over new ‘fee’ as users ‘forced to pay for series of basic features like tweeting and retweeting’

Rep. Mike Waltz demands Bill Gates ban Hamas from Qatar Four Seasons

Hezbollah announces 'day of unprecedented anger' against Israel, Biden's visit

Scoop: White House has discussed U.S. military response if Hezbollah attacks Israel

Iran's Guards commander warns of another shockwave if Israel does not end "atrocities"

Iran Warns Of 'Pre-emptive Action' Against Israel

Monday, October 16, 2023

Our schools are poisoning the children

"We Can't Force The Human Body To Accept Foreign Genetic Code'' Dr. McCullough On mRNA Technology​

Biden administration orders 'non emergency' government staff to leave Israel and urges Americans in Gaza to head to Egypt's Rafah crossing ahead of potential reopening as IDF prepares to take fight to Hamas​

Up to 1 million Gaza refugees looking for new homes and U.S. is first to raise its hand​

Anti-Israel protests start in London, police threaten to arrest Hamas supporters

Anti-Gunners About To Meltdown After Elon Musk Says 'Armed Citizens Vital For Democracy's Defense'​

Ford To Lay Off Another 550 Workers After UAW's 'Surprise Move' Hits Kentucky Truck Plant

Vanguard Funds Invest In Chinese Military Companies, Report Says ​

The Decline & Fall Of Luxury Goods​

Trump Vows to End Biden's Electric Vehicle Mandates, Warns Auto Workers Their Jobs Will Be Gone in Two Years

DeSantis: Every Republican Running for President Should Pledge U.S. Cannot Accept Gaza Refugees

FBI Director Christopher Wray: Americans Should Stay 'Vigilant' of 'Increased' Hamas Threat

WATCH: Thousands March in Solidarity with Israel in Los Angeles

Shock: Jewish Home in Berlin Marked with Star of David Symbol

Rite Aid files for bankruptcy amid slowing sales, opioid litigation

Pentagon orders second carrier strike group to region as Israel prepares to expand Gaza operations​

Home Sales on Track for Slowest Year Since Housing Bust​

Executions, bombings & child assassins - how Sweden became a gangland hell ruled by druglords Kurdish Fox & The Greek​

Suzanne Somers dead at 76 following cancer battle

A trans woman joined a sorority. Then her new sisters turned on her.

Trump placed under limited gag order in federal election case in D.C.

Trump ‘does not have the right to say and do exactly what he pleases,’ Judge Chutkan says, issuing gag order

Middle East on ‘verge of the abyss,’ UN warns as Gaza suffers and Israel prepares for offensive

Iran Warns Of 'Pre-emptive Action' Against Israel

The U.S. government's interest bill is skyrocketing

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Something has turned people into savages. (Whatever could that be?)

WHO Seeks Total Global Control In Next Scamdemic

Mortgage demand falls to lowest level since 1996

Corporate America Kept Its Promise to Hire More People of Color​

Over 75,000 Workers Strike Against Kaiser Permanente in Largest Healthcare Protest in US History​

New study identifies association between lower levels of vitamin D and inflammation in older adults​

Psychosis, Panic Attacks, Hallucinations: Bizarre Psychiatric Cases Among the COVID Vaccinated​

New Study: This Unlikely Exercise Can Give You Gorgeous Skin

COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere

The Awful Consequences for Those Refusing to Prep: Historically Ignorant Generation,We Have Refused to Do What We Were Supposed to Do Should Evil Usurp Our Country, Many of Us Are Going to Perish

UAE gold prices: Shoppers are buying, booking as gold rates get close to year's lowest​

Blue Cities Are Being Terrorized By Carjackers, Pirates, Looters, Serial Shoplifters And "Transnational Gangs"

Over 75,000 Workers Strike Against Kaiser Permanente in Largest Healthcare Protest in US History​

Your Next Salad Could Vaccinate You​

Federal officials blasted for spending $3.3 BILLION on office furniture while employees worked from HOME - including $250K on solar-powered picnic tables for the CDC and $120K on luxurious leather recliners for just one US embassy​

"We're In The Middle Of A Revolution" - Victor Davis Hanson Warns Tucker: "The Next 12 Months Will Be The Most Explosive In History"​

One of Ukraine's biggest allies has run out of vital equipment to give it, report says

Giuliani’s Drinking, Long a Fraught Subject, Has Trump Prosecutors’ Attention

Why cable news has become unwatchable​

High or low ‘good’ cholesterol may increase dementia risk, study finds

9mm Handgun Makes For An Unhappy Meal​

Julia Ormond Sues Harvey Weinstein For Battery, Names CAA And Disney Defendants

Kevin McCarthy is ousted as House speaker in historic vote. What happens next?​

Donald Trump Starts to Crack

Right-Wing Brit Broadcaster Arrested Over Rumble Rant

How Neuralink Keeps Dead Monkey Photos Secret​

Inside the anti-LGBTQ effort to put Christianity back in schools

PICTURED: Canadian couple, both 62, and their dog mauled to death by grizzly bear in Banff National Park​

Michael Oher's attorney rips author Michael Lewis' claim that the ex-NFL star's lawsuit against the Tuohy family is the result of traumatic brain injuries: 'His goofy comments make me wonder if he's the one with a head injury'​

Legends of the Fall actress Julia Ormond, 58, sues Harvey Weinstein, Miramax, Disney and the CAA claiming rapist producer forced her into oral sex in 1995 - 'and effectively blacklisted her from Hollywood'​

American Airlines issues groveling apology to black singer David Ryan Harris after flight attendant accused him of trafficking his bi-racial children on flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles​

"This Will Make Your Blood Boil" - Biden Admin Goes Full Orwell Denying Vaxx Mandates Ever Happened​

Inside Colony Ridge: The ‘Fastest Growing Development’ In The U.S. Is A Magnet For Illegal Immigrants​

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Survey: 96% of pharmacy techs report drug shortages while 45% of patients leave pharmacies without the prescriptions they want

Netflix fans are 'hooked' on latest UFO docuseries by Steven Spielberg​

The Harsh l Reality of Barter and Trade in an SHTF Economy

Meat From Animals Vaccinated With mRNA Vaccines May Soon Make Its Way Into the US Food Supply​

Trump says New York fraud case is a ‘scam’​

Casual user or addict? Where do you fall on new 'internet addiction spectrum'?​

How are ancient Roman and Mayan buildings still standing? Scientists are unlocking their secrets​

Rep. Henry Cuellar victim of armed carjacking in Washington, D.C.

Trump business fraud trial: Judge issues gag order​

Orthodox Jews filmed spitting at Christians in Jerusalem's Old City​

EXCLUSIVE: 55 Chinese sailors are feared dead after nuclear submarine 'gets caught in a trap intended to snare British and US vessels in the Yellow Sea'​

Countries with the highest mortality rates from these common causes of death revealed - and the United States makes the top 10​

World's fattest countries REVEALED in new interactive map​

The Fed Is Tied up in its Own Gordian Knot

U.S. Money Supply Is Doing Something It Hasn't Done in 90 Years, and It May Signal a Big Move for Stocks​

Transnational Gangs – America is Under Attack​

COVID VACCINE BINARY WEAPON SYSTEM: You don’t know what you don’t know​

3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet is world's first trigonometry table​

Looting rocks Philly for a SECOND night: Brazen thieves rip out safe and lottery machine of closed liquor store in latest flash mob crime to hit City of Brotherly Love​

Peter Schiff: Banks Have A Bigger Real Estate Problem Today Than They Did in 2007​

US office real estate prices headed for ‘severe crash,’ investors say

Federal Child Trafficking Pipeline Exposed​

Why Hollywood's Alleged Sexual Predators Love Moving to Israel​

Monday, October 2, 2023

Canada To Create Registry Of Podcasters In Potential Censorship Initiative

Bill Gates – The Man Behind The Curtain​

EXCLUSIVE: I worked construction on New York City's mysterious windowless building​

Finance experts warn of BLOODY SUNDAY for Americans: Decades-high mortgage rates, student loans kicking in and Christmas spending will all pressure families this week​

This Is Why Globalism MUST BE Destroyed

We’re in the Middle of a Global Coup — Here’s How We Stop It​


RED OCTOBER IS HERE: Just how many October Surprises will the NWO globalists pull off?​

Western ‘idiots’ want World War III – ex-Russian president​

Wells Fargo executive Greg Beckett jumped to his death from bank's Delaware offices - as family say he'd been stressed about work and taking meetings as late as 11pm​

Victor Davis Hanson Blasts "The Most Politicalized & Weaponized 4-Star Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Ever"​



The Sons Of The Fallen - The Secret Society After The Spear That Pierced Christ​


'Potent Neurotoxin' Thimerosal Is Still Used in Some Flu Vaccines, Scientist Says​

Herman and Sharron - Dr. Ted Broer​

Homeless PIRATES are marauding through the crime-ridden San Francisco Bay

Climate change could impose ‘substantial financial costs’ on U.S. household finances, Treasury warns

Americans Are Still Spending Like There’s No Tomorrow

How 10-year Treasurys could produce 20% returns, according to UBS

Why stocks are likely to be especially volatile this October

JPMorgan boss Jamie Dimon says AI will enable a 3.5-day workweek as he reveals the technology is 'already doing all the equity hedging' for his bank

Apple will issue a software update to address iPhone 15 overheating complaints

Why everyone’s phone will alarm at 2:20 pm ET on Wednesday

Sunday, October 1, 2023

ROYALS UNDER ATTACK Russian hackers dramatically target Royal Family days after King Charles condemned the war in Ukraine

PUTIN ON THE BLITZ Putin’s top ally Dmitry Medvedev warns of World War 3 if UK troops are sent to Ukraine & says they’d be ‘destroyed’

'Very large pig' barrels through Kingsland home, attacks family, returns multiple times

Sick cartel video shows gangster in skull mask lead six Mexican teens to their death

FUTURE SHOCK World’s first humanoid robot factory set to open later this year where robots will be helping build other robots

Navy veteran once touted by Trump as 'victim' of #MeToo is accused of murdering his girlfriend and beheading her with electric saw

The MAGAmerican dream lives in Sarasota

Trump goes to trial in New York before a judge who just ruled he’s a fraud

Va. Gov. Glenn Youngkin to woo national GOP megadonors at retreat

Newsom facing competing pressures as he decides on Feinstein successor

Meghan Markle 'considers run for office': Duchess of Sussex's name is in the frame to fill Californian Senator Dianne Feinstein's seat after senator died aged 90 (and could the White House be her ultimate aim?)

Biden, Trump visits fall flat for autoworkers girding for long strike

ON TARGET Target announces major policy change with Homeland Security to combat theft as shoplifting scourge shutters stores

Gaetz’s plan to oust McCarthy meets chilly Dem reception

Gaetz says he will seek to oust McCarthy as speaker this week. ‘Bring it on,’ McCarthy says

Why McCarthy decided to take on his right flank and prevent the shutdown

The U.S. Military’s Weighty Challenge: ‘Skinny-Fat’ Recruits

Anger grows over Ukraine's largest Orthodox church, aligned with Moscow despite war​

Pro-Russian politician wins Slovakia’s parliamentary election

EMPIRE OF DUST How Xi Jinping’s ‘Red Empire’ dream crumbled into wasteland of abandoned railways, half-built bridges & roads to nowhere

Does China’s Property Bust Make a Financial Crisis Inevitable?

How 10-year Treasurys could produce 20% returns, according to UBS

EMPIRE OF DUST How Xi Jinping’s ‘Red Empire’ dream crumbled into wasteland of abandoned railways, half-built bridges & roads to nowhere

Why stocks are likely to be especially volatile this October

Russia is luring Cubans to Ukraine with fast-tracked citizenship and a lucrative signing bonus: 'Almost all of our friends have gone'

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Sick cartel video shows gangster in skull mask lead six Mexican teens to their death

Newsom facing competing pressures as he decides on Feinstein successor

Feinstein’s Demise is a Warning for Biden and Trump

EXCLUSIVE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Planning to Announce Independent Run

Elon Musk’s Wish: Fewer Rules, Except for Robots

FUTURE SHOCK World’s first humanoid robot factory set to open later this year where robots will be helping build other robots

Nikki Haley draws insults from Trump in sign she is gaining ground in Republican presidential race

Retiring Milley warns of ‘wannabe dictator’ in apparent jab at Trump

Trump co-defendant pleads guilty in Georgia election case

Jack Smith Says Trump ‘Caught Potentially Violating Terms of Release’ Over Gun Purchase Video In Blistering New Complaint

Va. Gov. Glenn Youngkin to woo national GOP megadonors at retreat

Socialist Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulls fire alarm as Dems try to delay vote on GOP stopgap spending bill

McCarthy's weekend from hell

House GOP stunner: Spending patch passes with mostly Dem votes

Threat of government shutdown ends as Congress passes a temporary funding plan and sends it to Biden

Doing this more than 5 times each day slashes heart disease risk by 20 percent!

Scientists Say They've Found Huge Number of Mysterious Circles Around the World

Country’s Brightest New Star Was Inspired by Hannah Montana and Got Big on ‘Yellowstone’

Idaho Sheriff Won’t Return Library Books He Thinks Are Obscene

'Counterfeit people': The dangers posed by Meta’s AI celebrity lookalike chatbots

The Navy will start randomly testing SEALs and special warfare troops for steroids

Ukraine’s War of Drones Runs Into an Obstacle: China


NATO bolsters forces in Kosovo as US urges Serbia to withdraw from border

Kosovo on edge after deadly clashes stir unease

Friday, September 29, 2023

"Medical Gaslighting": Why Are Vaccine-Injured Patients Silenced?

People Experience ‘New Dimensions of Reality' When Dying, Groundbreaking Study Reports

In Florida schools, parent permission now a must for many more activities

Rooftop Solar Power Has a Dark Side

At least 61 arrested following 2 nights of looting in Philadelphia, police say

Landmark Texas, Florida social media cases added to Supreme Court term

IRS contractor charged with leaking tax return information of Trump, wealthy people

Reporter Asks McCarthy, ‘What’s In Your Back Pocket?’ After Bill Fails: ‘Nothing Right Now – I’m Broke’ 

Gaetz’s takedown mission: ‘He wants Kevin’

U.S. government tells federal employees a shutdown may be imminent

Amid GOP confusion, U.S. braces for ‘first-ever shutdown about nothing’

U.S. Dem. Rep. Henry Cuellar’s former staffer running against him as a Republican

Tesla’s new Mexico factory divides a city

Elon Musk Had Glitch-Ridden Livestream At the Border — And Even Got Mocked for His Cowboy Hat

Archdiocese of Baltimore files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid potential child sex abuse lawsuits

Our Republican debate poll shows a largely unchanged race

UAW announces new strikes at GM and Ford plants, spares Stellantis citing ‘momentum’ in talks

‘I see more fear than any time in my business career,’ says BlackRock’s Larry Fink

EXCLUSIVE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Planning to Announce Independent Run

LaGuardia Airport FLOODS on NYC's wettest day ever: Stunned passengers are seen wading through terminal only to find subway also suspended as city buckles under EIGHT INCHES of rain

Coastal storm deluging NYC with rain capable of spawning life-threatening flash flooding

Dianne Feinstein, California senator who broke glass ceilings, dies at 90

Pastor locks himself into cage full of lions to show he has 'divine protection'

Guitarist Al Di Meola suffers severe heart attack onstage in Romania

Scientists are developing an implant smaller than a crayon that doctors hope will cure cancer in 60 DAYS

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Has The American Church Taken a Knee?

"Nothing Is Working": Volkswagen's Factories In Germany Paralyzed After Massive "IT Malfunction"​

Donald Trump Suggests Pro-Life Groups Care About Money, Not Babies: “Maybe It’s Some Kind of Business”​

BOMBSHELL: New-Found Emails Prove Biden White House Hid COVID Vaccine Harms from the Public​

135 people at Kentridge High School recommended for testing after active TB case identified​

Is the Physics of Time Actually Changing?​

Mysterious black dust found on asteroid sample that crashed to Earth: Canister holding debris from Bennu is covered in an 'unidentifiable' element​

California teen rescued after kidnapping, $500,000 ransom demand

The Occult is The Spiritual Foundation of The United Nations. The Stage Is Set For The Coming One World Government Under One World Leader.

Christian Missionaries Assaulted, Arrested and Standing Trial — In Montana

Roger Waters accused of repeated antisemitism in new documentary​

Biden to Offer Smallest-Ever Offshore Oil Rights Sale Plan

The 10 States With the Highest STD Rates

Plans for Tuesday’s vandalism were an open secret on social media, and the destruction was documented in videos through the night

Looting rocks Philly for a SECOND night: Brazen thieves rip out safe and lottery machine of closed liquor store in latest flash mob crime to hit City of Brotherly Love

Cannabis Overuse Linked To Heart Failure And Heart Attacks, Study Finds

A crown branded onto bodies links British monarchy to slave trade

In the last month, Jacksonville has become ‘ground zero’ for resistance to DeSantis’ policies

Chinese hackers nab 60,000 emails in State Department breach

China Is Investing Billions in Global Disinformation Campaign, U.S. Says

Why the Pentagon’s ‘killer robots’ are spurring major concerns 

NEEDING SPACE ‘Terrifying’ video reveals Elon Musk’s huge army of satellites as scientists warn of Starlink’s ‘hidden danger’

Democrats quietly game out McCarthy bailout as GOP tensions rise

Tensions erupt between McCarthy and Gaetz at closed-door House GOP meeting as shutdown nears

Buenos Aires central square becomes nighttime soup kitchen as poverty hits 40%

Can't afford California? Try living in a tiny sleeping pod. All 4 feet of it

Is Seattle set for a MEGAQUAKE? Scientists find two fault lines that are capable of releasing a 7.8-magnitude earthquake - and it could kill more than 1,600 people and destroy over 10,000 buildings

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The spear of destiny and the Nephilim

Americans Fall Away From Jesus And The Teachings Of The Bible

Report: 94% of 323,094 New Jobs Among S&P 100 Went to Non-Whites in Year After BLM Protests

What Russia’s Fuel Export Ban Means For The Markets​

Fauci Was ‘Smuggled’ Into CIA Headquarters To “Influence” Covid-19 Origins Investigation: Select Subcommittee​

Rats disgusting! Moment group of New Yorkers is forced to hop over scores of vermin scurrying across their path from bins outside pizzeria as 'rat tours' boom in infested city​

Tomorrow's News Today​

Four AI robots killed 29 scientists in a lab in Japan in 2017​

Philly cops brawl with masked looters after they ransacked Footlocker, Apple and Lululemon before making TWENTY arrests - as one raider is apprehended after LIVESTREAMING herself stealing from smashed up stores​

Target To Shutter Nine Stores In Major Cities After Being Targeted By Violence, Theft​

First-Ever Filming Of Singapore's Gold Reserves In Super-Secret Gold Vault​

Government Weaponization, Accountability, And The UAP Question

Almost Half of All Young Adults in the United States Are Living With Their Parents​

Ukraine’s Former Defense Minister Stole As Much As $1 BILLION USD Before Fleeing Ukraine​

Life In America Has Never Been More Unaffordable Than It Is Right Now

CIA is set to roll out its own version of ChatGPT to try and comb the internet for useful clues and potential security threats ​

Fauci Was 'Smuggled' Into CIA Headquarters To "Influence" Covid-19 Origins Investigation: Select Subcommittee​

Bank of America's Unrealized Losses on HTM Debt Securities Total $106 Billion; 34 Percent of All Such Unrealized Losses Reported by 4,645 Banks​

NYC Mayor Begins Kicking Illegals Out After Short-lived ‘Right to Shelter’ – The Patriot United​

Dr. PAul Offie on why he is not geting this year's COVID booster

New Poll: 79% of Republicans in Iowa Considering Candidates Other Than Trump

60% of Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck as inflation hits workers’ wages

Southern California city becomes first in nation to recognize legal rights of nonhuman animals

Mysterious antimatter observed falling down for first time

Thousands of Migrants Are Being Dropped Off on San Diego’s Streets

In rare NYC visit, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lauds Mayor Adams, Gov. Hochul for pressuring Biden over migrant crisis

New York City Tells Migrants ‘You Are Better Off’ Somewhere Else

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs?

"Our System Is Collapsing In Real Time": Tucker Carlson Gives Bombshell Interview​

Watch this and have your mind blown​

"Events Are Moving Quickly Now" - Kunstler Warns Of Imminent "Banquet Of Consequences" For Biden Admin​

Watch: Tucker Carlson Spits Fire In Anti-Abortion Speech​

Mystery of 'Alaska Triangle' where 20,000 people have vanished, UFOs appear and sasquatches have their run of the land​

Globalists have another shock event planned in pursuit of the ‘Four Ds’: Digitization, Dehumanization, Destruction and Depopulation

Is the US government preparing to announce aliens? This is the Senate's proposed UFO 'controlled disclosure plan' and how it would work​

The communist revolution in America

The American church is falling for demonic spirits​

Americans Failing To Stand Up To Bullies Will Be Plagued By Them Forever

One of America’s Largest Pharmacies Proposes to Close Hundreds of Stores in Bankruptcy​

JPMorgan will pay $75 MILLION to settle Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit brought by US Virgin Islands alleging bank facilitated pedophile's sex trafficking​

Mystery as nearly 50 children go missing from Cleveland in September​

Oil, Cracks Soar After Russia Bans Diesel, Gasoline Exports​

Ford Suddenly Halts Construction At EV Battery Plant Amid Republican Probe Over China Ties​

Watch Brad Meltzer's Decoded Season 2 Episode 5​

Even the CIA is developing an AI chatbot

Hunter Biden sues Rudy Giuliani and his former attorney, alleging they tried to hack his devices

Baltimore CEO was killed by repeat offender who should have never been on the street, officials allege

Target to close nine stores across four states because of theft and crime

Amazon used market power to warp prices of goods across the internet, FTC alleges

Behind Ozempic Media Buzz, Undisclosed Drugmaker Money

Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks, insurers while building real estate empire

Monday, September 25, 2023

Frozen vegetables recalled over fears they could cause miscarriages

Immigrant shelter employees make up to $416,000 annually

'Electric car' EXPLODES on driveway and sets fire to Merseyside family home after 'battery malfunctions'

Biden is trolled by dumbfounded observers after getting LL Cool J's name wrong and calling him 'boy' before correcting his mistake

Until Lambs Become Lions​

Is something wicked coming at us on October 4? Better safe than sorry; so PLEASE turn OFF your cellphones & computers on that afternoon—and spread the word about it!


'Haunted Mansion' mocks Christianity, prayers to the dead

The Chinese Communist Party is rewriting the Bible

Half-million-year-old wooden structure unearthed in Zambia

Canada's House Speaker Apologizes For Honoring Actual Nazi; Still Radio Silence From ADL​

US government stopped me from interviewing Putin – Tucker Carlson​

Death Of Free Speech: EU Signs Law To ‘Police’ The Entire Internet And Takes Down Websites With Unapproved Speech​

Seymour Hersh On The Mainstream's Ukraine Narrative Shift​

"Our System Is Collapsing In Real Time": Tucker Carlson Gives Bombshell Interview​

Naomi Wolf Joins WarRoom to Drop Bombshell Report over FOIA Request Findings​

Newsom and DeSantis agree to debate on Fox News​

Scientists found the most intense heat wave ever recorded​

Tech firms roll back misinformation curbs ahead of 2024 polls

Warning as popular Covid antiviral drug is driving unexpected mutations

8 people sent to the hospital after JetBlue flight to Florida experiences "severe turbulence"

MOTOR NO MORE Iconic British car firm will discontinue production of ALL diesel & petrol motors – in ‘biggest change in history’

Oil could hit $150, sending ‘shock through system,’ says top shale CEO

New Poll by Saint Anselm College Survey Center shows Nikki Haley surging ahead of Ron DeSantis as Donald Trump maintains his frontrunner status in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary​

UAW President Fain to join President Biden on the picket line Tuesday in Michigan

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Trump stopped wearing medical masks during COVID because they smeared his bronzer, White House aide says in book

Anti-vaxxers are now a modern political force

Venezuela Offers A Peek At Prison Run By Gang

The Band of Debunkers Busting Bad Scientists

Creating a Utopian City Is Harder Than Tech Billionaires Think

California bill to have human drivers ride in autonomous trucks is vetoed by governor

The Open Plot to Dismantle the Federal Government

Watching the Real-Estate Bust From the Streets of San Francisco

Banks Fearing a Liquidity Crunch Pay More to Cling to Cash

U.S. Economy Could Withstand One Shock, but Four at Once?

Trump edges out Biden 51-42 in head-to-head matchup: POLL

Post-ABC poll: Biden faces criticism on economy, immigration and age

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Flirts With the Libertarian Party

Poland Issues Warning to Zelensky After UN Comments

U.S. Army Hospital in Germany Is Treating Americans Hurt Fighting in Ukraine

LAPD investigating midnight heist of $1.5-million Buddha statue

Haley Van Voorhis becomes first woman non-kicker to play in college football game

Moment Arizona cops in hazmat suits raid house of horrors where local woman is accused of keeping DOZENS of malnourished special needs rescue pups in horrific conditions - with five found dead next to food in a freezer

FAG END Smoking would be BANNED & cigarettes ‘phased out’ in plans being considered by Rishi Sunak

Anti-monarchy campaigners stage protest inside Buckingham Palace

Meet the House ‘Dysfunction Caucus’ Vexing Kevin McCarthy

McCarthy is giving hard-right Republicans what they want. But it never seems to be enough

Biden Allies Seize on Impeachment as Weapon Against Republicans

The New Face of Nuclear Energy Is Miss America

Firms pull ads from Rumble platform over Russell Brand videos

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Elon Musk's Neuralink human trial volunteers 'should have concerns' after monkey deaths

Blasting Bullhorns and Water Cannons, Chinese Ships Wall Off the Sea

Banks Fearing a Liquidity Crunch Pay More to Cling to Cash

AI Fantasy Fades as Wall Street Reels From Real-World Rate Jump

‘We’ll be living and working to 120 – and it will start within a decade’ says doctor to the stars

SEX ON THE BRAIN Sex can help protect against dementia – here’s how much you’ll need to have

Biden Allies Seize on Impeachment as Weapon Against Republicans

Meet the House ‘Dysfunction Caucus’ Vexing Kevin McCarthy

The New Face of Nuclear Energy Is Miss America

Misinformation research is buckling under GOP legal attacks

Ophelia wreaks havoc with flooding, power outages along East coast

A Murdoch Heir’s Start-and-Stop Climb to the Top

Lachlan Murdoch, the choice of continuity

With Lachlan Murdoch in charge, Fox Corp. shakes up board of directors

Health Influencers Face Mounting Lawsuits in $21 Billion Industry as FTC Updates Endorsement Ad Guidelines

Fears grow that overseas targeted killing by states is on the rise

Sergey Lavrov says US is 'directly at war' with Russia in horrifying escalation of threat

Poland Issues Warning to Zelensky After UN Comments

Biden campaign is off and running against Trump — out of public view

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Flirts With the Libertarian Party

TRAGIC LOSS F1 tragedy as Las Vegas Grand Prix construction worker killed while setting up for inaugural Nevada race

MGM, Caesars casino hacks point to an alliance of teens and ransomware gangs

Egyptian presidential hopeful targeted by Predator spyware

Bribery case against Sen. Menendez shines light on powerful NJ developer accused of corruption

For Egypt, Menendez Was Key to Access to Billions in U.S. Aid

Does Robert Menendez Have Enough Teflon to Survive Again?

Friday, September 22, 2023


BLM Proposal Prefers People Not Be Able To Use Public Lands​

Governments Start Calling For Price Controls – Rationing And CBDCs Come Next

Flash Mob Robberies Are Changing the Way America Does Business

Ignoring the Heart of the Matter: How Myocarditis Became the Silent Scandal of COVID-19 Vaccination.

No Diversity for White People​

Soros foundation buys up 23 Maine newspapers​

Undeniable Severe Injuries After HPV Vaccination​

Trump attacks 'liberal Jews destroying America' in Rosh Hashanah message​

Donald Trump beats US President Joe Biden in new 2024 election poll​

Government's secret UFO dump: Border security quietly releases tranche of 10 videos of mysterious 'craft' whizzing around US skies - as ex-intelligence officer says they are a THREAT

Auto workers expand their strike to 38 locations in 20 states. Biden plans visit to show support

How Big Tech AI models nailed forecast for Hurricane Lee a week in advance

Ted Cruz claims Democrats could parachute Michelle Obama in as presidential nominee

Biden Job Disapproval is Up

NYPD to Deploy Robot Cop to Times Square Subway Station

The Elusive Figure Running Wagner’s Embattled Empire of Gold and Diamonds

Russian TV teases launch of Tucker Carlson show

Biden tells Zelenskyy that U.S. will send Ukraine ATACMS long-range missiles

Russia's Black Sea Fleet has taken hits, but intel says military leaders may be more worried about an airbase attack near Moscow

HEART OF EVIL Putin’s feared Black Sea Fleet HQ is BLOWN UP ‘by Brit Storm Shadow missile’ in massive fiery blitz on occupied Crimea

Democratic senator charged with bribery over halal meat company

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez and his wife are indicted for 'accepting $400,000 in gold bars and cash from mob-linked New Jersey developer in return for favors - and giving Egyptian businessman highly sensitive U.S. information'

Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey and his wife charged with bribery

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Fighting Back - Ted & Sharon Broer Join Doug Hagmann | The Hagmann Report (FULL SHOW) 5/6/2022

Enough Talking - The Ministry of Truth is Not Dead | Austin & Sharon Broer Join Doug Hagmann | The Hagmann Report ( FULL SHOW) 5/20/2022

Boys near death experience exposes hidden alien demon agenda

‘Go to Hell’: Brave EU Politician Delivers Damning Message to the Global Tyrants

WOW! Joseph Flynn Calls GA Lawyer Lin Wood A "Rat B*stard" After His Name Appears On Witness List In Case Against Trump

Hinsdale burglary suspect released under Safe-T Act after allegedly stealing $70K from boutique

Explosive — Analysis of Causes for Disability and Death by COVID Vaccines​

Sleep Crisis Affects Mental Health of Students in U.S​.


Synthetic Telepathy - Remote Neural Monitoring – 5G & Satellite Harassment – Patent US3951134A (1976) – 24 Patents - Neurological Warfare - Stop 5G​

A mysterious cell phone signal causes apocalyptic chaos in the trailer for CELL

9/11 Methodical Illusion Airline Flight Attendant Reveals What Really Happened (Flashback Monday)​

Fauci's COVID Vaccine Comments Spark Furious Backlash: 'Prison Now'

Hollywood workers resort to flea markets, bake sales as strikes drag on

How Big Tech AI models nailed forecast for Hurricane Lee a week in advance

Potential Tropical Cyclone SIXTEEN Model Track Guidance

Brewing tropical storm to hit US East Coast with heavy rain, wind and rough seas

A dealmaking denouement is under way for the decline of TV

A Salute to Rupert Murdoch

TREVOR KAVANAGH Rupert Murdoch has two key characteristics which make him most phenomenal news man of modern age

Who are the Americans who support secession?

Trump urges government shutdown in unlikely bid to 'defund' his criminal prosecutions

Trump team changes obscure GOP rules in hopes of clinching presidential nomination early

White House watches House GOP dysfunction as government shutdown nears

Furious Kevin McCarthy Takes Yet Another L

Republican rebels BLOCK Pentagon funding bill in gut punch to Kevin McCarthy

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

How BlackRock Conquered the World

‘We’re in the abyss’: How the UAW strike could hit the economy​

‘Creating a Digital Prison’: WHO Rushes Ahead on Global Digital Health Certificates

“ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE”! Brought to you by the CDC

A Nation of Snitches: DHS Is Grooming Americans to Report on Each Other​

Ukrainian saboteurs hit two planes at airfield where Putin keeps 'doomsday' aircraft he would use in the event of nuclear war - as drone strike hits Sochi resort where Vladimir has private residence​

AI replacing psychics as 'fortune telling' droids put tarot readers out of work

Nearly 30 TONS of ground beef sold in three states is recalled due to fears it's contaminated with diarrhea bug E.coli

What Could Go Wrong When Governments Take Control of Food?

Sheriffs and The People Say No to Tyrannical Governor’s Attack On 2nd Amendment​

The Firebombing of Maui: Part 1​

WATCH: Mike Pence outs himself as servant of the neocon, warmongering, Luciferian deep state​

South Carolina Professor finds 200 billion pieces of DNA contaminating a single dose of Pfizer’s covid injection​

Dr. Peter McCullough: No one should take another shot, covid vaccines are not safe for human use​

Boldly Into the Chaos​

Resisting Genetically Mutilated Food & the Eco-Modern Nightmare: Together, ‘Just You and Me’​

They ARE Coming For Our Guns, Our Cars And Everything Else​

Democrats have been winning big in special elections

White House told U.S. ambassador to Japan to stop taunting China on social media

America’s Biggest Landlords Can’t Find Houses to Buy Either

Even millionaires are afraid they will outlive their retirement savings - as experts weigh in on how much is REALLY enough to retire on

Federal Reserve pauses rate hikes as inflation slows down

Merrick Garland loses his temper and gets emotional AGAIN when speaking about his Jewish ancestry

The Shadow Race to Succeed Mitch McConnell

Elon Musk's Neuralink looking for people to trial its brain-computer chip

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The Great Replacement Is Wreaking Havoc In America

Excellent article: Boldly Into the Chaos

Dr. Thorp: “The Government may block access to life-saving drugs in another lockdown”​

Berkey Water Filter Maker Sues EPA Over Claims That Its Products Are 'Pesticides'​

New England Patriots season ticket holder Dale Mooney, 53, is 'beaten to death in the stands at Gillette Stadium by Miami Dolphins fans' - as cops launch investigation​

How did it take the Pentagon 28 HOURS to find missing F-35 that had crashed in a field 80 miles from base? Mystery surrounds loss of $80M stealth fighter - as unearthed study raised fears jet could be HACKED by enemy​

First global study reveals which countries perform the most gain-of-function experiments - and number one might shock you​

Your WiFi Can See You​

US Debt Rises Above $33 Trillion For The First Time, Soars By $1 Trillion In 3 Months​

When People Can't Take Care Of Themselves They Start To Go Nuts​

Trump Calls Heartbeat Law Protecting Babies From Abortions a "Terrible Mistake"​

UAW Boss Warns "Strikes Will Expand" Friday If Automakers Fail To Make "Substantial Progress" In Labor Talks​

In the last 24 hours, the California legislature has passed not one, not two, but four bills that are designed to remove children from their homes and into government systems where adults can have private conversations with them.

Here’s All The Evidence Connecting Joe Biden To Hunter Biden’s Foreign Business Dealings

Male crowned homecoming queen in Missouri​

Mate selection is by far the most important determinant of your child's life outcomes.​

Dr. Peter McCullough: No one should take another shot, covid vaccines are not safe for human use​

Bill Gates purchased shares in BioNTech (Pfizer’s partner for its mRNA Covid shots) in September 2019… just months before the pandemic was announced​

The climate change proposal which means you’d never see the Mediterranean again​

The Big-Box Bill: Walmart Wants to Rollback Your Rewards; Keep Billions

New York City Considering Removing Statues of George Washington, Others

2024 Republicans Echo Trump’s Populism: Auto Workers Striking to Save Jobs from Biden’s Green Agenda

Exclusive: American Citizen Journalist Sitting in Ukraine Prison, State Dept. Confirms, as Biden Begs for Billions More to Protect Ukrainian ‘Freedom’

Exclusive: American Citizen Journalist Sitting in Ukraine Prison, State Dept. Confirms, as Biden Begs for Billions More to Protect Ukrainian ‘Freedom’

Hunter Biden Expects to Plead Not Guilty to Gun Charges

Monday, September 18, 2023

Texas Attorney General Kenneth Paxton Acquitted in Senate Impeachment Trial, Reinstated as AG

NM Gov. Amends Her Order: Applies Only to City Parks, Playgrounds

Ammunition Background Checks, Purchase Fees Now Law in NY

Men accused of plotting to kidnap Governor Whitmer found not guilty on all counts

Tesla Leaves Woman Stranded After Intentionally Blocking Her from Charging Vehicle

The anti-American sexual perverts who dominate the California State Assembly have made it impossible to be a parent in California​

The Nazi Biden Regime Takes Its Claim that it Has a Right to Impose Censorship on Media to Supreme Court​

Florida Again Protects Residents from Mandatory jabs of the death shot

The African Origin of the Slave Trade​

RFK Jr. Names The Three Major Corporations He Thinks Control The World And How They’re Screwing Us​

RFK Jr. Claims DNC Created New Rules To Steal Votes From Other Candidates​

America’s Ambassadors: Imperial Governors Who Hate White Americans And The World​

mRNA Vaccines Now Headed for Shrimp. "Can Shrimp be Vaccinated?" Genetic Manipulation​

Who owns Lockheed Martin Corporation? Top stakeholders of LMT according to 13F filings​

Missing F-35 jet may have carried on flying in 'zombie state' as officials reveal $100m Lightning II stealth fighter was put on autopilot when pilot ejected over North Charleston​

Thanks Joe... Gas Prices Have Never Been This High This Time Of Yea​r

NATO admiral warns of ammunition shortage​

Inside Sin City's growing homeless crisis: Shocking photos show scores of people sleeping in makeshift tents and the sidewalk on iconic Las Vegas strip​

They Welcomed Illegal Immigrants With Open Arms, Now Sanctuary Cities Say They're Past 'Breaking Point'​

Wells Fargo: Big New Wave Of Layoffs Coming!​

20 common functions of American life the government wants to regulate, restrict or outright ban​


This Extremely Important Indicator Is Absolutely Screaming That A Recession Is Coming

Tim Ballard’s Departure From Operation Underground Railroad Followed Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Trump wrote to-do lists for assistant on White House documents marked classified: Sources

Sunday, September 17, 2023

'Gut Instinct' Cause For Numerous Sensory Symptoms In Long COVID, Doctors Offer Comprehensive Treatment

Battle Over Electric Vehicles Is Central to Auto Strike

Why Does Every Republican Candidate Sound the Same?

A Pride flag ban sparks accusations of betrayal in tiny Michigan city

Nashville elects Tennessee’s first openly transgender politician

Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy fatally shot while sitting in his patrol car, days after getting engaged

New Orleans DA Fights ‘Terrorism’ on Streets With AI Spycraft

Dallas’ Cathedral of Hope holds service blessing drag queens amid protests

Analysis-Upheavals in Xi's world spread concern about China's diplomacy

World’s Largest ‘Baby Exporter’ Confronts Its Painful Past

Christmas in ... September? Decoration dismay hits a Torrance mall — but is it justified?

Neanderthal Genes Are Linked to Severe Covid Risk

A surge in violent crime is worrying Cubans. The government calls it fake news

Libya floods: A barren wasteland with a lingering smell of death

US Air Force asks if anyone has seen missing F-35 fighter jet after pilot ejects

Analysis: Senate tilting red, House blue for 2024

The spotlight is on Ukraine at UN leaders’ gathering, but is there room for other global priorities?

4 Ways Young People Can Hedge against Inflation

Why the FBI Also Deserves Blame for the 12-Year-Old Suspended Over 'Don't Tread on Me' Patch

Economics in the Bible

Do Young People Really Rage against the Machine?

The Justice Department Lawsuit Against Elon Musk Exposes the State's True Nature

New Lithium Discovery Highlights Why We Never Run Out of Resources

Lessons from The Mainspring of Human Progress by Henry Grady Weaver

Carl Sagan Saw US Schools Were Ruining Kids Decades Ago: 'Something Terrible Has Happened'

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Russell Brand accused of rape, sexual assault and abuse by four women including teen

Speaker McCarthy steps into the breach as his conference toils

A Jan. 6 rioter was convicted and sentenced in secret. No one will say why

Under Musk, Twitter is handing over more data to investigators

Secret obsessions that drive the new Napoleon, by his friend and confidant: NIALL FERGUSON's VERY revealing insight into the dark forces that forged Elon Musk - and fears for the maverick's own Waterloo downfall

World Disappointed by the UN Now Looks Elsewhere for Answers

Poland will ban border crossings by Russian cars from Sunday

America’s Warrior Diplomat, Rahm Emanuel, Takes On China’s Xi Personally

Flight attendants are burned out and quitting. Here’s why

United Flight to Rome Drops 28,000 Feet in Minutes

Lauren Boebert groped ‘Beetlejuice’ date in heavy-petting session before getting tossed out; blames behavior on divore

Battle Over Electric Vehicles Is Central to Auto Strike

Workers strike at all 3 Detroit automakers, a new tactic to squeeze companies for better pay

A Libyan family recounts how they survived the deadly floods

UTTER TRAGEDY Gut-wrenching death toll from biblical Libya floods soars to 11,300 with 10,100 still missing after storm disaster

Gasoline Prices Soar to US Seasonal Record

Republican Texas AG Ken Paxton is acquitted of corruption charges at historic impeachment trial

Trump Defends Auto Workers Against Biden’s Green Agenda: You’re ‘Being Sold Down the River’ to China

Exclusive — Tim Sheehy: Montanans Can ‘Save the Country’ by Voting Out Jon Tester

Ford: 600 Michigan Workers Temporarily Laid Off as UAW Strikes Ramp Up

‘Pay Their Fair Share’: Socialist Lawmakers Push for ‘Migrant Taxes’ on New Yorkers During Immigration Crisis

WATCH — ‘You’re Free to Go’: Border Patrol Releases Hundreds of Illegal Aliens into San Diego

Texas Attorney General Kenneth Paxton Acquitted in Senate Impeachment Trial, Reinstated as AG

Jan. 6 Rioter Was Convicted and Sentenced in Secret; No One Will Say Why

POLITICO’s Przybyla: Other than Hunter’s Own Words, GOP Doesn’t Have Evidence Against Joe

Exclusive — Speaker McCarthy Pushes for Full House to Get Classified Briefing on Border After ISIS-Connected Smuggler Found Bringing People In

Friday, September 15, 2023

Global Takeover Advances to Final Stages​

Big Tech’s ‘Sinister Agenda’ Behind Getting Kids Hooked on Technology​

BLACK PROJECTS How UFO conspiracy became terrifying reality & security threat…from ‘Tic Tac’ craft to ‘alien bodies’ shown to the world

Former US House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi calls herself 'cold-blooded reptile'​

Tourists sprint towards a mama bear and cubs at Yellowstone National Park with one man carrying a child in his arms in 'absolutely insane' dash to see the animals​

Joe Biden is slammed for lying that he taught political theory at the University of Pennsylvania for four years - despite serving as honorary professor for two and never teaching a single class​

Detroit automakers and auto workers remain far from a deal as end-of-day strike deadline approaches

Message from Outer Space? The Mysterious Indecipherable Script of the Inga Stone​

Hurricane Lee's now spans 345 MILES as the storm barrels towards the US East Coast - as Long Island and Cape Cod brace for floods​

Lauren Boebert gave usher the FINGER after being booted from Denver Beetlejuice musical performance - as pregnant woman who sat behind GOP rep shares details of lawmaker's horrific behavior

Corporate Execs Call Workers "Lazy," Wish 'Economic Misery' To Remind Them Who's Boss​

The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics​

Teacher's Union Head Smears Christians​

Joan Rivers' Daughter, Mellissa, Say The Obamas Had Her Mother Killed​

Costa Rica, the once-peaceful land of 'pura vida,' battles violence as cocaine trade grows

EXCLUSIVE: Married South Dakota governor Kristi Noem and Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski have been having a years-long clandestine affair

A Jan. 6 rioter was convicted and sentenced in secret. No one will say why

United Flight to Rome Drops 28,000 Feet in Minutes

French ambassador to Niger 'held hostage' in embassy, President Macron says

Prosecutors ring the alarm: Trump could trigger ‘violence’

Capitol physician under scrutiny after McConnell health episodes

The rise of surge pricing: ‘It will eventually be everywhere’

Workers strike at all 3 Detroit automakers, a new tactic to squeeze companies for better pay

UTTER TRAGEDY Gut-wrenching death toll from biblical Libya floods soars to 11,300 with 10,100 still missing after storm disaster

Special counsel asks for 'narrow' gag order for Trump in election interference case

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Put down your phone! Average parent spends more time on their devices than they do with their kids

Montana Ranchers’ New Side Hustle: Giving Tourists the ‘Yellowstone’ Experience​

The Corporate Capture of Public Health

Major food company files for bankruptcy and closes down all operations laying off workers with 'no severance checks'

Remotely controlled electro-responsive on-demand nanotherapy based on amine-modified graphene oxide for synergistic dual drug delivery

And Now They're Working on Lab-Grown FRUIT

Carney on ‘Kudlow’: A UAW Strike Will Be Biden’s Fault Because His Policies Have Destroyed Autoworkers’ Wages

Merrick Garland, Richard W. Roberts, and the Kenneth Trentadue Murder: The Deep State Takes Care of Its Own​

Children's Hearts Destroyed by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. Their Heart Transplants Are Not Going Well, with Complication​s

The Former Director of Mossad, the Israeli CIA, said that “Israel is an Apartheid State”​

Was there a “war on terror” or a war on the American people?​

Jewish Censorship is the Leading Cause of Anti-Semitism

The hardest part of discovering alien life may be announcing it. Here's how NASA might break the news

Study of cardiac arrest survivors reveals insight into near-death experiences

Miami TSA officers seen stealing from passengers in newly released footage

America’s Battle With Shoplifting Is Getting Dangerous for Workers

Could Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes be coming to California? Bill is sent to governor

Planned Parenthood hoped to meet the post-Roe moment, but layoffs shake its staff

Lauren Boebert gave usher the FINGER after being booted from Denver Beetlejuice musical performance - as pregnant woman who sat behind GOP rep shares details of lawmaker's horrific behavior

Kevin McCarthy dares hard-right Republicans to oust him as speaker

We Are Not Just Polarized. We Are Traumatized.

Double blow of inquiry and son’s indictment create tough stretch for Biden

Hunter charges don't worry Biden audience, but economy does

Special counsel indicts Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden indicted on federal gun charges

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

HAARP to begin largest set of experiments at its new observatory

'Alien' bodies with three-fingered hands, 'unknown DNA and eggs inside' are presented by UFO expert at Mexican congress - with the 'non-humans' found in Peru said to be 1,000 years old​

New Mexico AG Tells Gun-Grabbing Governor She's on Her Own​

Biden faces a moment of peril as UAW threatens broad strike

Celebs loved Colombian designer’s purses. Miami feds say she used skins of rare species

DeSantis: Presidency ‘not a job for someone that’s 80 years old’​

COVID Cancellations Are Back: California High Schools Cancel Football Games​

American Airlines Cuts Earnings Forecast As Headwinds Hit Airline Industry​

JFK Assassination Witness Breaks 60-Year Silence, Refutes Key Claim​

Dingell: Auto Strike Odds 50/50 -- 'Biggest Issue' Is EV Pay Difference, Some EV Workers Make Less than at McDonald's

Updated Coronavirus Vaccines Released for All Americans over 6 Months

Breitbart Business Digest: We Haven't Had a Year This Bad Since Obama Was President​

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Member Arrested for Public Masturbation

Feds: Biden's DHS Losing Track of 20% of Border Crossers Freed into U.S.

Federal Charges for Five Memphis Police Officers Over Beating Death of Tyre Nichols

Forget The Second Home At The Lake, US Vacation Home Buyers Are Going To Mexico​

'Toxic' additive found in Skittles and Pez could be BANNED in California in WEEKS as bill lands on Gavin Newsom's desk - which could see popular candies pulled from shelves​

Nolte: Dem Virginia House Candidate Performed Sex Acts Online for Money

Mitt Romney says he will not seek a second term in the Senate

McCarthy, struggling to govern, throws impeachment chum into the waters

Florida police arrest neo-Nazi. They say he violated the state’s new public nuisance law

Ancient 'Non-Human' Alien Bodies Found in Mines, UFO Expert Says

Strikes Must Be Settled by October 1 In Order to Salvage the Scripted-TV Season, Says Fox Boss

Actors, writers fill Los Angeles streets in show of unity amid strike

Apple disputes French findings, says iPhone 12 meets radiation rules

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Luxury furniture companies report huge losses as experts say stalling housing market means nobody is buying new sofas

America has already beaten the record for 'billion-dollar' disasters in a year - with three months to go and the peak of hurricane season​

Most people are broke and they can’t borrow… US household debt reached a record $17.1 trillion despite of rising credit rejections, driven by a desire to combat inflation.​

EXCLUSIVE: Homeland Security awards $20 million in grants to police, mental health networks, universities, churches and school districts to help identify Americans as potential ‘extremists’

Outrage intensifies over New Mexico governor's temporary gun ban as sheriff vows not to enforce it

NATO to stage largest war games since Cold War

Experts sound alarm over 'conscious' AI as they warn robots are 'evolving' like humans

9/11: A Treasonous, US Government-Directed, False Flag, Terror Operation Carried Out To Tyrannize The American People!

Audit the Pentagon – Trillions Still MIA Since Pre-9/11​

Passport Bros: Feminists Are Outraged At Men Going Overseas To Find Traditional Wives​

McCarthy to green light Biden impeachment inquiry this week​

Ancient city destroyed by 'atomic blast' is biblical city of Sodom, expert claims​

Livid couple made to sit next to farting dog who drooled on their legs on 13-hour flight​

Lil Nas X’s documentary premiere was the Blackest, queerest night at Toronto

Adults are ordering from kids’ menus to save money. Should they?

Flash Mob Robberies Aren't "Just Kids." They're Organized Crime.​

Candidate in high-stakes Virginia election performed sex acts with husband in live videos

Tim Dillon Says RFK Jr. Freaked Out When Power Dropped During Podcast: ‘He Thought Someone Was Trying to Kill Him’

How Jack Smith can prove Trump knew he lost the 2020 election

McDonald's plans to eliminate self-service soda stations at all its restaurants

Ancient city destroyed by 'atomic blast' is biblical city of Sodom, expert claims

This planet light-years from Earth may be covered in ocean, NASA says

Celebs loved Colombian designer’s purses. Miami feds say she used skins of rare species

Authors Sue Meta, OpenAI In Lawsuits Alleging Infringement of Hundreds of Thousands of Novels

Google exploited exclusive search engine deals to maintain its advantage over rivals, DOJ argues

Monday, September 11, 2023

They’re trying to make us want “smart cities” by turning all the great old cities into sh*t-holes

AI will fuel disturbing 'build-a-child' industry​

Rand Paul Blasts Pentagon For Role In Niger, Demands To Know How Many Boots On Ground​

New Mexico Lawmakers Call For Governor's Impeachment Over 2A Overreac​h

New Mexico Governor Suspends Open And Concealed Carry Of Firearms​

Incredible moment White House staff abruptly end Biden's rambling Vietnam press conference mid-sentence and cut his mic​

Biden Holds Bizarre, Rambling Press Conference in Vietnam

NM Governor Issues Order Suspending Concealed Carry for Self-Defense

FDA, CDC Hid Data on Spike in COVID Cases Among the Vaccinated: Documents​

Using this method, You can grow potatoes all year round. Growing potatoes in plastic containers​

The Ultimate Bill Cooper Collection (~1400 EPISODES)​

ESPN Forced To Award Unvaccinated Novak Djokovic 'Shot Of The Day' Presented By Moderna Following US Open Victory

Tiny thieves keep targeting NYC bars

Passport Bros: Feminists Are Outraged At Men Going Overseas To Find Traditional Wives​

Venezuelan Gangs Have Reached NYC​

NYC Health Official: Illegal Immigration Bringing Tuberculosis, Polio to NY

Reparations Backlash: California Voters Oppose "Unfair" Cash Payments For Slavery According To Berkeley Poll​

The Gun Charge Against Hunter Is the Way of Covering Up the Real Issues​

9/11 After 22 years​

Video: Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents​

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Explains the “65 Project,” A Group of Fascist Lawyers Dedicated to Having Every Lawyer who Defends Trump Debarred​

British Hospitals are also Assuming the Role of Executioner​

British Court Rules That Competent & Conscious Patient Can Be Denied Life-Sustaining Treatment Against Her Will​

New Mexico Lawmakers Call For Governor's Impeachment Over 2A Overreach​

Three Shots for Fall: What You Need to Know

‘Completely Inappropriate’: Oklahoma Elementary School Hires Drag Queen as Principal

9/11 ANALYSIS: From Reagan's Al Qaeda Sponsored War on Afghanistan to George W. Bush's 9/11​

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Unruly crowd sets fires at Hollywood skateboarding event

News Corp CEO Robert Thomson challenges AI-generated content’s left-wing bias, accuracy: ‘Rubbish in, rubbish out’

German circus replaces live animals with holograms

NYC kids being used to rob businesses like modern day ‘Oliver Twist’

New poll finds California voters resoundingly oppose cash reparations for slavery

What Ginni Thomas and Leonard Leo wrought: How a justice’s wife and a key activist started a movement

Xi’s Tight Control Hampers Stronger Response to China’s Slowdown

Shoeless Joe dons slippers and a scarf to pay tribute to Gandhi as he wraps up G20 India trip: Summit addressed Ukraine war but didn't slap Russia, while Biden shook hands with Saudi Crown Prince MBS

FINAL CHARGE I’ve owned my EV for a year but I ‘despise it’ and other owners – I can’t even make a simple trip home from the airport

Gunmen open fire on convoy crossing into Mexico from US, wounding 3

Pastor who emceed vigil after racist attack says it was a ‘mistake’ to offer Florida governor the mic

Elon Musk Wants to Save Humanity. The Only Problem: People.

New Mexico governor issues order suspending the right to carry firearms in public across Albuquerque

Trump’s post-presidential office is hiding in plain sight

Trump, the ultimate attention seeker, wages a campaign largely out of public view

Trump’s Resilience Leaves Anxious G.O.P. Donors in Despair and Denial

Trump RAGES At ‘Slime Balls’ Trying To Ban Him From Ballot

A 'Where's Melania?' banner was flown over an Iowa football stadium just before Trump, DeSantis, and other presidential hopefuls arrived

Donald Trump greeted with cheers and chants in Ames at Iowa vs. Iowa State football game

Secret Service agent who was with JFK on day of his assassination breaks silence with claim that blows up the 'magic bullet' theory and suggests there WAS more than one shooter

J.F.K. Assassination Witness Breaks His Silence and Raises New Questions

Ohio’s working class felt deserted by Democrats. Can Biden win them back?

President Biden Keeps Hunter Close Despite the Political Peril

Bad Biden polls stoke third-party angst for Democrats

Democrats express frustration with Biden’s moribund poll numbers 

Russia’s ‘Merchant of Death’ Is Looking to Forge a New Life in Politics

Extremists keep trying to trigger mass blackouts — and that’s not even the scariest part

Saturday, September 9, 2023

A Real Honest Leader Appears Among Democrats and the Democrat Media Crucifies Him

Megyn Kelly Says She Regrets Covid Shots After Developing ‘Autoimmune Issue’​

Government Gave Millions To Top Reproductive Health Org To Promote COVID-19 Vaccines To Pregnant Women​

Chinese Imports Of Iran Oil Soar To Near Record In Clear Breach Of US Sanction​s

Passed The Event Horizon To A Boot Stomping Upon A Human Face Forever

Owning Things . . . to Avoid Being Owned​

Striking writers try to exploit conflicts between studios and streamers

Suspected Chinese operatives using AI generated images to spread disinformation among US voters, Microsoft says

Apple Becomes the Biggest U.S.-China Pawn Yet

Google’s Defense in Landmark Antitrust Case Hinges on Lawyers Who Took on Microsoft

Fox News fires veteran executive John Finley for violating company rules

New Mexico governor issues order suspending the right to carry firearms in public across Albuquerque

Xi Jinping Is Done With the Established World Order

China On 'High Alert' After US, Canadian Ships Transit Taiwan Strait

Biden vs. Trump — the sequel. You may not like it, but it grows more likely by the day

It's Time For Biden To Leave The Stage

Trump RAGES At ‘Slime Balls’ Trying To Ban Him From Ballot

Ramaswamy says he’d deport children of undocumented immigrants, calls 14th amendment ‘contested’

Powerful quake in Morocco kills more than 2,000 people and damages historic buildings in Marrakech

The Technology Facebook and Google Didn’t Dare Release

Cannibal prison has lags forced to eat each other to survive and reeks of rotting flesh

‘Sticking it to the liberal media’: how conservative pop culture broke out this summer

Bay Area scientist says he ‘left out the full truth’ to get climate change wildfire study published in prestigious journal

Oklahoma elementary school faces huge backlash after hiring drag queen 'Shantel Mandalay' as principal - with state superintendent Ryan Walters slamming move as 'liberal insanity'

Friday, September 8, 2023

US-Canada border has seen a staggering 6,100 migrants from 76 countries apprehended this year- more than in the last 10 years combined

As if nothing was planned! CDC set to purchase 20 million pediatric COVID-19 vaccines; Pre-ordered in June predicting a "surge" in September; COVID-19 tests too


Total War: From Maui to the Coming Covid Lockdown

Kroger, Albertsons plan to sell over 400 stores to C&S Wholesale for nearly $2 billion: Report

Central Bank Gold Buying Continued Hot In July​

UK plans to send people to jail for disagreeing with the "climate crisis"​

Where are the Republicans?​

Eric Adams says New York City's migrant crisis will DESTROY the Big Apple as he warns that 10,000 illegal asylum seekers arriving EVERY month will flood EACH of the five boroughs: 'The city we knew, we're about to lose'​

Ron Paul: Will BRICS Smash The Dollar?

American Insouciance Is Institutionalizing Tyranny​

A Real Honest Leader Appears Among Democrats and the Democrat Media Crucifies Him​

Archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old biblical site where Jesus healed blind man

Suspected Chinese operatives using AI generated images to spread disinformation among US voters, Microsoft says

Striking writers try to exploit conflicts between studios and streamers

Activists spray red paint over billionaire Walmart heiress’s superyacht for a second time

Left behind: Progressive groups struggle for relevance in Biden era

Nancy Pelosi says she’ll seek House reelection in 2024, dismissing talk of retirement at age 83

America First? The Best Countries in the World, According to Americans

Hurricane Lee a monster hurricane as AccuWeather forecasters up risk of US impacts

‘We’re Bankrupt’: Leaked Meeting Reveals Project Veritas On Verge of Collapse

Vivek Ramaswamy squirms from MSNBC host Mehdi Hasa after being asked why he accepted a $50K Soros law scholarship when he had made almost $1 million from his hedge fund

Ramaswamy squirms and drops

Twitter ‘unfit’ for banking over alleged complicity in Saudi rights abuses

Elon Musk ‘committed evil’ with Starlink order, says Ukrainian official

Judge denies Mark Meadows’s effort to move Georgia case to federal court

Georgia special grand jury recommended charges against 39 people, including Sen. Lindsey Graham

Thursday, September 7, 2023

BREAKING: DOJ Prosecutors Seek 120 Days in Prison for Owen Shroyer for Speaking Out Against Stolen 2020 Election - A Speech Crime

Public Resistance Might Stop the Next Lockdown​

Megyn Kelly on Why She Regrets Getting the COVID Vaccine After Developing "Autoimmune" Issue​

Federal prosecutors plan to indict Hunter Biden by the end of the month: Bombshell court filing says president's son likely faces GUN charges that could land him in prison for up to 10 years

Japanese Scientists Find that Covid-19 and all of the variants are Laboratory creations

Goldman Sucks​

Catherine Austin Fitts – Globalists Plan to Seize Assets Through Invisible Weapons Systems​

GEO-ENGINEERED HURRICANE IDALIA: Here’s why the superstorm was deliberately intensified and aimed right at Taylor County, Florida​

America Is Handing Tyrants Tyranny On A Silver Platter

Public Resistance Might Stop the Next Lockdown​

How China's Economic Failure Will Affect the Rest of the World​

‘FDA Is Not a Physician’: Appeals Court Sides With Doctors on Ivermectin for COVID-19

Gold can’t be downgraded

Smart Cities: They're NOT "Just a Crazy Conspiracy Theory"​

Rare link between coronavirus vaccines and Long Covid–like illness starts to gain acceptance​

Huntington Beach votes to BAN mask and COVID vaccine mandates across city - amid fears of a 'tripledemic' in California of coronavirus, flu and RSV​

Deadly storms and floods rage in Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria​

The greenback is 'losing some influence' in the oil markets — and it means a partial de-dollarization is likely, says JPMorgan​

The Adverse Influence of Pork Consumption on Healt​h

Las Vegas Hotel Workers Move Closer to Potential Strike

Presidential Libraries of Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan and More Warn About State of US Democracy in First Ever Joint Statement

Biden trails Haley, polling neck-and-neck with other Republicans

CNN Poll: Biden faces negative job ratings and concerns about his age as he gears up for 2024

Ghostwriter’s ‘Heart on My Sleeve,’ the AI-Generated Song Mimicking Drake and the Weeknd, Submitted for Grammys

Urgent warning to APPLE users as super spyware infiltrates devices with zero clicks!​

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The Adverse Influence of Pork Consumption on Health

Russ Dizdar Seeing the Future: Full Video

Oliver Anthony blows Joe Rogan away with the profundity of Scripture, explains how centering his life on God changed his life for the better

Elon, X, and the Epitome of a Front Man

The world's UFO hotspots are revealed - as Pentagon chief admits hundreds of mysterious objects have been spotted 'all over the world'

The most accurate description of the Western World today seems to be in the Book of Revelation

Has the Western Medical System Turned Murderous?

Census Drastically Undercounted Red States and Overcounted Blue States, Giving Dems Undeserved House Seats

The Defamation of White Americans Has Succeeded

Elon Musk threatens to sue Jewish lobby group

Bombshell: NATO Says "War Started in 2014". "Fake Pretext" to Wage War against Russia? To Invoke Article 5 of Atlantic Treaty?

'Antiracism' Sounds Benign

Erasing the Memory of Native Americans

Doomsday For The Buck? "A Reserve Currency is No Longer Needed"

Federal prosecutors plan to indict Hunter Biden by the end of the month: Bombshell court filing says president's son likely faces GUN charges that could land him in prison for up to 10 years

Modern cars are a data privacy 'nightmare' says study

Scientists Discover Strange Link Between Internet Use and Dementia

Dopamine-producing cells implanted in human brains found to fight Parkinson's

Scientists grow whole model of human embryo, without sperm or egg

‘Let’s Go On The Record’: Judge Who Will Run Trump Election Crimes Cases Makes First TV Appearance

Two Trump Co-Defendants Will Go on Trial Next Month, Georgia Judge Says

Mar-a-Lago IT worker struck cooperation agreement with special counsel, his former lawyer says

Lawsuit contends Constitution’s ‘insurrection’ clause bars Trump from running again for president

DeSantis built a massive network of big donors. Many have ditched him.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

How About We Just Say 'No' to the Fauci Fascism Revival?​

Oil Soars To New 2023 High After Saudis, Russia Surprise With Extended Production Cut​

False Gods Secret Space Programs And Alien Civilizations

One way or another the NWO bioterrorists will see to it that 2020 thru 2030 is “THE DECADE OF PLANDEMICS”​

Bill Gates: You Don’t Have a Choice​

Rules and laws are only for peasants! Prince Andrew files to remain secret until 2065​

We Are Being Warned To Brace Ourselves For A "Super Pandemic"​

US gun sales top 1 million for 49 consecutive months​

Jordan Peterson: The radical Left is guilt-tripping the West into oblivion​

Senate Democrat asks Roberts to investigate Alito

Texas Republicans put Trump ally Attorney General Ken Paxton on trial

Nuclear war is the 'inevitable' conclusion of the Ukrainian invasion, warns Russian general who wrote the nation's 'war bible'

Russia warns return of US nuclear weapons to UK would be seen as escalation

Putin warned! Poland to unleash 'hit-to-kill' missile system as Russian threat explodes

Russian Pilot Describes Defection to Ukraine, Urges Others to Follow

‘Six degrees of separation’ phenomenon proven by mathematicians to be true!

Some small towns in America are disbanding police forces, citing hiring woes

Elon Musk wants you to know he doesn’t have a nice house

Conservative book ban push fuels library exodus from national association that stands up for books

Prosecutors Flag ‘Plea Negotiations’ With George Santos Crony

Scoop: New Biden ad to blanket swing states during NFL kickoff

Goldman Cuts US Recession Chances to 15% on Improved Inflation

Baby boy's dark-brown eyes turn bright BLUE overnight after being given a COVID treatment

Biden tests negative for COVID-19 on Tuesday, will mask around others

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump shows 'diminished desire to fight' as lawsuits pile up as he's spotted in NYC

Could the 14th Amendment keep Trump off the ballot in 2024?

Trump’s co-defendants are already starting to turn against him

Monday, September 4, 2023

The Deion Sanders Experiment at Colorado Begins With a Wild Win

Lake Titicaca: The world's highest navigable lake is drying out​

Oklahoma City School District Hires Drag Queen Elementary School Principal Once Arrested For Possessing Child Porn and Illicit Drugs​

The Decline of American 'Civilization'

Nasa holds 'secret conferences' on plan if 'evidence of alien civilization' is discovered by James Webb Space Telescope​

Pfizer tested its ‘Booster’ on 23 people before Biden’s FDA unleashed injections on all Americans; no questions asked​

Tritium in Fukushima Wastewater 'Very Dangerous, Causes 'Genetic Damage'

New Study Finds ALL New COVID Variants Were Made In A BioLab

What is pharmakeia in the Bible?​

Biden And Democrats Use The Dictator Mafia Playbook

Soros Foundation Vows to Stop ‘MAGA-Style Republicans’ From Winning 2024 Election​

THE GREAT TRIBULATION & FOURTH TURNING: Is this how the End Times begin?!​

Health Officials Recommend Masks for Labor Day Travelers

Stopping the tyranny begins with rejecting the mask

50,000 U.S. Stores Could Close By 2027 Because Of Spending Shifts And Tight Credit, UBS Forecasts

Staggering figures reveal 1.2MILLION US-born workers lost their jobs last month - replaced by 688,000 foreign-born staff - as Joe Biden allows migrants to flood across the border​

Danger across the border: Nine Mexican cities place among the top 10 deadliest in the world​

Rising Anti-Christian Sentiment Finds Its Way to Finland

Megapastor warns: 'Our kids are being literally sacrificed'

Injustice, American Style: BLM Rioters Walk — J6 Defendants Get Almost 20 Years​

A Brain Implant Victim Speaks Out - Branded by the Thought Police​

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary​

Madrid's metro system is flooded as city is hit by worst rainfall since 1972, weather warnings are placed across Spain as firefighters mount daring rescue of boy stranded in tree overnight​

'More subterfuge!' Anthony Fauci is branded a 'fraud' and a 'liar' after admitting there IS a lack of evidence showing mask mandates stopped the COVID pandemic​

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Proud Boy claims ‘Trump won’ after sobbing for mercy and receiving 10-year sentence: reports

5 under-the-radar races to watch this year

Tech titans’ vision for a new city in Northern California raises concerns

Burning Man chaos with fake 'Ebola outbreak' rumours as person dies at festival

NJ battles Christian group blocking Jersey Shore beach on Sundays

China to Its People: Spies Are Everywhere, Help Us Catch Them

Texas mogul is branded 'treacherous' over 'deal of the century' which saw him sell 130,000 acres of farmland to Chinese billionaire

The world’s highest navigable lake is drying out

In Japan, the young find dating so hard their parents are doing it for them

California tech transplants unhappy with exodus to Austin, report says

Why American families are leaving the US for Europe

How Rage Against the Machine Used Capitalism To Sell Communism

Why auto worker strikes against GM, Ford and Stellantis seem inevitable

Fauci admits to lack of COVID mask evidence — but wants us to wear them anyway

Biden's big gamble: Staying quiet on Trump

A developer built a 'propaganda machine' using OpenAI tech to highlight the dangers of mass-produced AI disinformation

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago: At Least 15 Shot Friday into Saturday Night

California School District Settles Lawsuit for $100k over Secret Gender Transition

France’s Public Schools Ready to Enforce Dress Code Banning Islamic Dress

Shakespeare’s Macbeth Branded as Racist for Themes Like ‘Darkness’

Get Smart: Biden Declares ‘No Real Intelligence to Deny the Climate Crisis’

Report: 90% of Online Content May Be AI-Generated Garbage by 2026

VIDEO – ‘We Fight Back’: California Shopkeepers Chase Off Suspected Thief

Ramaswamy: Trump’s Indictments Making U.S. a ‘Banana Republic’

WSJ Poll Shows Trump Dominating the GOP Primary Field: ‘No Formidable Challenger’

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Protests Erupt in London as Mayor Sadiq Khan Expands Carbon Tax Green Zone

The Dark World Of Celebrity "Yachting"​

Alligator in Florida weighing 920 pounds could be state's 2nd heaviest: 'Never seen a giant like this'​

WW3 fears explode as China warns US of 'imminent storm of lethal consequences' over Taiwan

A Montana Town Faces a Homelessness Problem Similar to San Francisco and L.A.

A D.C. grocery store is removing Tide, Colgate and Advil to deter theft

Appalling moment thieving 'flash mob' casually lift $5,000 of hardware from California Home Depot as couple are seen ransacking a Nordstrom in separate raid in the lawless Democratic state

What to expect opening day of Texas AG Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial

Why Biden Just Can’t Shake Trump in the Polls

McConnell’s Frailty Casts Pall Over GOP Ahead of 2024 Election

Colorado family trying to live off the grid died of malnutrition, hypothermia

Proud Boy claims ‘Trump won’ after sobbing for mercy and receiving 10-year sentence: reports

The leaked internal poll numbers scrambling the GOP primary

Trump’s Georgia trial is readied for TV, while others are hard to see

Trump Is Top Choice for Nearly 60% of GOP Voters, WSJ Poll Shows

Republican race remains stuck as Trump dominates heading into fall

Florida school vouchers can pay for TVs, kayaks and theme parks. Is that OK?

Federal judge bars Tennessee prosecutor from enforcing anti-drag law in Blount Pride case

Why bearded lads are 'more attractive' to women, according to science

Presidential Politics Rule the Day as DeSantis Snubs Biden’s Visit to Hurricane-Ravaged Florida

Trump’s Truth Social facing a key funding deadline

‘Margaritaville’ singer Jimmy Buffett, who turned beach-bum life into an empire, dies at 76

Germany charges 98-year-old former Nazi camp guard with being accessory to murder

Possibility of arrest grows for Bolsonaro over jewellery scandal

Who Are the Names in Jeffrey Epstein’s Calendar?

Friday, September 1, 2023

The Synagogue of Satan : Andrew Carrington

Ex-Proud Boys Joseph Biggs gets 17 years in prison for spearheading Jan. 6 Capitol riot​

Trump trial in Fulton County will be televised and live streamed, Georgia judge says​

Cost of Ozempic, Mounjaro Push Some to Take Second Jobs, Pile on Credit Card Debt for Weight-Loss

Indeed Out-Wokes Corporate America With $10,000 Relocation Checks For Trans Employees​

The Disappearance of Integrity from the Western World​

Visualized: The Frequency of Billion-Dollar Disasters in the U.S.

Direct Government Censorship Of The Internet Is Here​

Argentina: Organized Groups Loot Stores for Food, Inflation 100%+

Wild Mobs Of Young People Totally Out Of Control

‘Smart tattoos’ injected into the skin could someday monitor your health​

Biden will use Covid to rig election – Trump​

FBI Kills Yet Another American in His Own Home, This Time It's a '100% Disabled Veteran'

While California Aims to Reestablish COVID Policies, Texas Outlaws Masks, Lockdowns and Vaccine Mandates

Police Video Shows School Board Officials Calling Police on Citizens Who Look “Trumpish”

Canadian Woman dies After Being Denied Organ Transplant because She Rejected the COVID Vax

Protests Erupt in London as Mayor Sadiq Khan Expands Carbon Tax Green Zone

New Yorkers told to mask up for Labor Day as new Covid variant sparks superspread fears

McCarthy says he won’t open impeachment inquiry without House vote

Doctors warn US is barreling towards same fertility crisis as Japan - where one in 10 men in their 30s are VIRGINS and third of women will be childless

Netanyahu prepared to quit in return for Israel-Saudi peace deal - report

Russian Propagandist Says Tucker Carlson Is a ‘Dead Man Walking’

Meet Elon Musk's transgender daughter Vivian Jenna Wilson - who he describes as a 'communist who thinks anyone rich is evil'

America’s Surprising Partisan Divide on Life Expectancy

Mitch McConnell May Be Experiencing Small Seizures, Doctors Suggest

Thursday, August 31, 2023

CEDAR KEY, FLORIDA: NWO Geoterrorists Morph Island Enclave Into Another “Maui Armageddon”

Perry, Florida Takes Punishing Blows from Idalia

Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Cabal’s Land and Real Estate Stealing Tactics

Oil Is Going To $300 A Barrel

The Seed of Evil​

Britain is no longer a Christian country, say majority of clergymen

DHS: No Return to Pre-9/11 Freedom. Ever.

What Kind of Ammunition Can or Can’t Penetrate Body Armor?

Why is the IRS Buying .40-Caliber Submachine Guns?​

John Whitehead makes his case for America as a rising ‘Fourth Reich’: FBI ‘Gestapo tactics’ bear hallmarks of that 1930s totalitarian regime​

New Max Igan: A Hawaiian Holocaust - August 2023​

A Draconian New Law Went Into Effect On August 25th That Institutes Extreme Censorship Of The Internet On A Global Basis​

Strong Against Crime - Sanford Strong (1996) Full Video​


"Never Going Back": Governor Refuses To Implement COVID Mask Mandates

ATF Inspector Seizes Gun Store Customer Records Without A Warrant

Trucker Named TCA Highway Angel for Discovering Human Traffickers with Caged Children

Silent, disk-shaped UFO seen by 12 United Airlines staff over Chicago airport may hold key to interstellar space travel, group of 30 physicists say​

"Debanking": The Latest Assault on Freedom of Speech​

EXCLUSIVE: Truth about my 'alien' encounter... How I found bombshell interstellar objects a mile beneath the sea - and their limitless potential for life on Earth, by scientist AVI LOEB​

Ukraine Desperate to Start World War III​

Poor Americans Skip Meals, Can’t Afford Power Bills, Miss Rent Payments, In Era Of ‘Bidenomics’​

The Synagogue of Satan : Andrew Carrington : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming​

Texas federal judge halts state’s drag ban

Court Rules in Pornhub’s Favor in Finding Texas Age-Verification Law Violates First Amendment

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Brain Games Conformity Waiting Room

Social Conformity - Brain Games

Student pilot goes into cardiac arrest behind controls of helicopter

Derailment Closes World's Longest Rail Tunnel Until 2024


Paul Tillich - Wikipedia​

Military Whistleblower Exposes Huge Heart Failure Spike in Vaxxed Personnel

Gulf Coast temperatures surge to highest levels ever observed

Will White People Survive?​

Google is suppressing the 2024 campaign websites of all serious challengers to Democratic incumbent President Joe Biden​

We the Targeted: How the Government Weaponizes Surveillance to Silence Its Critics​


The last three major hurricanes to hit the US all stuck Florida WITH HIGHLY PURPOSEFUL DESIGN​

Over 1,600 Scientists Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration​

US doubles imports of Russian Uranium, largest amount since 2005​

Brazilian fitness influencer Larissa Borges dies aged 33 after a week in a coma following a double cardiac arrest​

Fission chips: Japan's PM eats 'safe and delicious' fish from Fukushima after wastewater from the crippled nuclear plant was released into the sea, prompting safety fears​

Jordan Peterson Hits Back After Canada Forces Him Into "Coaching Program" Over Controversial Statements​

Trump tells Glenn Beck he’d ‘lock up’ political opponents if reelected

Conservative groups draw up plan to dismantle the U.S. government and replace it with Trump's vision

Trump inflated his net worth by $2 billion and claimed he saved world from ‘nuclear holocaust,’ NY attorney general charges in unsealed filings

Giuliani’s first big legal loss is a blistering one

Inside the business boom of 2023

America’s In Much Better Shape (at Home and Abroad) Than You Probably Think

Biden lauds DeSantis as two leaders work to boost Idalia recovery efforts

As Idalia hit Florida, all of NOAA’s hurricane-hunting planes were grounded

LIVE: Idalia churns through Carolinas with life-threatening hazards

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Intensifying Idalia barrels toward Florida as formidable hurricane

10 Signs That U.S. Culture Is Being Turned Completely Upside Down

Best propaganda piece probably ever done!: Triumph of the Will (1935) - (Documentary, History, War, Foreign)

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - Wikipedia​

Paul Tillich - Wikipedia​

Idalia gains steam, expected to hit Gulf Coast as Category 3 hurricane

Greece struggles to contain Europe’s largest wildfire on record

London businesses weary as vehicle pollution toll zone expands

TV news crew in Chicago robbed at gunpoint while reporting on robberies

A Private Phone. Secret Recordings. Inside One CEO’s Relationship With a TV Anchor

Gun fired at White Sox game was snuck in via woman’s ‘belly fat’

The Christian home-schooler who made ‘parental rights’ a GOP rallying cry

Georgia School District Canceled an Author’s Talks After He Said ‘Gay’

Naval aviation commanders could receive up to $105,000 in bonus

Why Is the Reputation of the U.S. Military Going South So Fast?

Boosters, fencers, and cleaners: Inside cartels' newest criminal enterprise of organized retail theft

Texas Guardsmen spied on migrants via WhatsApp, mishandled secret docs

Exclusive: Smuggler with ties to ISIS helped migrants enter US from Mexico, raising alarm bells across government

United States ‘experiencing a crisis of early death’

Teen killed outside McDonald’s in sweet-and-sour sauce dispute, police say

Suarez suspends presidential campaign

Trump’s Free Speech Runs Up Against Courtroom Decorum

‘You Have No Choice’: Trump Tells Glenn Beck He Will Absolutely ‘Lock People Up’ If Returned to White House

When Will Trump Be in Court? These Are the Dates to Watch

NH attorney general reviewing constitutional argument that Trump can't run for president

Nikki Haley Is Starting to Look Like a Real Threat to Trump

There Will Be a Massive Test of the Emergency Alert System this Fall. Here’s What You Need To Know

Monday, August 28, 2023

This aired 9 years ago on CBS

Trilateral Commission: 2023 is Year 1 of New World Order

At least 500 UK flights cancelled by air traffic chaos as controllers input flight plans by hand - and bosses admit they have no idea when 'network failure' could be fixed while thousands are stranded across the world​

Americans Are Dropping Their Home Insurance, Claiming the Odds of Disaster Don’t Justify the Cost

10 Signs That U.S. Culture Is Being Turned Completely Upside Down

Life on Mars was discovered 50 years ago and then eradicated - astrobiologist

Ozempic appears to curb patients' cravings for booze, cigarettes and even GAMBLING

‘Oh my god’: live worm found in Australian woman’s brain in world-first discovery

Rising Gasoline Prices Hit Inflation-Weary Americans

U.S. soldier in Texas wounds man in unusual cross-border shooting

Burning Man 2023: Nevada Rangers plow truck through Extinction Rebellion protest after the activists blocked road into festival causing 'miles-long gridlock'

Dispatch pauses AI sports writing program

AI could choke on its own exhaust as it fills the web

'World's most advanced' humanoid robot Ameca reveals what she thinks life will be like in 100 years - so, is a robot takeover on the cards?

Behind the AI boom, an army of overseas workers in ‘digital sweatshops’

WATCH: Gov. Ron DeSantis Booed At Prayer Vigil For Victims Of Jacksonville Shooting

EXCLUSIVE: Vivek Ramaswamy claims he is too busy campaigning for President to give evidence in multi-million dollar court case

The World Is Contemplating a Second Trump Administration

Mark Meadows Georgia testimony implicates Trump

Trump trial set for March 4, 2024, in federal case charging him with plotting to overturn election

August 2023 National Poll: Trump Debate Snub May Open Door for Other Candidates

Biden is ‘old,’ Trump is ‘corrupt': AP-NORC poll has ominous signs for both in possible 2024 rematch

Hurricane warning in effect as AccuWeather warns Idalia will undergo explosive strengthening ahead of Florida landfall

Pope says ‘backward’ U.S. conservatives have replaced faith with ideology

American Airlines fined $4.1 million over lengthy tarmac delays

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Robert J O'Neill - the Navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden - is arrested in Texas for assault and public intoxication

Mask study published by NIH suggests N95 Covid masks may expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer

A secluded Northern California waterfall is the latest victim of viral fame and crushing crowds

Illegal migrants arriving into UK across the English Channel could be forced to wear electronic tags under new 'stop the boats' proposals

Israel to have partial laser defenses by next year - Rafael chair

A Sperm Donor Chases a Role in the Lives of the 96 Children He Fathered

San Francisco Nordstrom closes after nearly three decades in business amid rise in crime

Put ‘pest’ animal species on the pill, don’t cull them, says scientist

Brushfires in Maui cause evacuations near site of Lahaina wildfires that killed 115

DEEP FRIENDSHIP My best friend is a 15ft tiger shark named Emma – I know she could kill me but really she’s just like a loving Labrador

Tropical Storm Idalia Has Formed And Is Expected To Strengthen As It Tracks Toward Florida

AccuWeather warns Idalia could rapidly strengthen as a hurricane before coming ashore in Florida

Wisconsin Supreme Court flips liberal, creating a ‘seismic shift’

Ramaswamy-Pence Clash Shows New Right’s Radical Break From Reaganism

Arizona readies for Kari Lake and a contentious Senate race

5 Wildest Moments of Vivek Ramaswamy’s Sunday Show Blitz – Including the Bonkers Claim Pence Could’ve Implemented Nationwide Voting Reforms on Jan. 6

5,000 pilots suspected of hiding major health issues. Most are still flying.

Biden advisers bristle at Gavin Newsom's plan to debate DeSantis

What’s Wrong With FedNow? Everything

To The Mom Who Doesn’t Want to Send Her Kids to School

Who Will Guard the Guards Themselves? Widespread Allegations of Government Corruption Highlight an Age-Old Problem

Why Private Healthcare Is Booming in Scandinavian Countries

Maui and Michigan: A Tale of Two Fires

Charters Receive Far Less Money than Traditional Public Schools. They Do Better Anyway

Why Do Some Countries Stay Poor?

Saturday, August 26, 2023

The Godfather in the Kremlin

Times Square back to the bad old days: ‘It’s a sh-thole’

Study warns Chinese nanotechnology fueling advanced bio, cyber weapons, electronic warfare tools

Pope warns of social media perils: relationships reduced to algorithms, partisan propaganda, hatred

Has humanity violated God's boundaries in pursuit of science? - opinion

Record heat recorded in Dallas as scorching summer continues in the United States

‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Singer Rips Use of Song at Fox News Debate

Music sensation Oliver Anthony of hit Rich Men North of Richmond says government will not 'save us'

CPAC founder Schlapp slapped with new allegations involving two younger men: report

Pentagon protested false Fox News report about fallen Marine, emails show

Robert Kennedy Jr. making moves in SC as he seeks to oust Biden from Democratic nomination

Tropical Depression Ten Forecast To Become Hurricane Idalia En Route To Florida​

Tropical Depression 10 forms, to make landfall in Florida this week

Ex-Goldman Trader Building New California City Will Need to Appease Local Opponents

Why Tribalism Took Over Our Politics

Trump co-defendant remains in jail after telling judge he cannot afford private lawyer

NEW POLL: Whopping 62% Say Trump ‘Committed a Crime’ In Poll Released Amid Mugshot Furor

Trump’s trial run: How an onslaught of court dates could sideline him from the campaign trail

Arizona readies for Kari Lake and a contentious Senate race

US Wildlife Officials Stunned by Environmental Damage of SpaceX Explosion: Report

A white man fatally shoots 3 Black people at a Florida store in a hate crime, then kills himself

CORRECTED-UPDATE 5-Gunman kills three, himself in racially motivated shooting -Jacksonville sheriff​

On the Trail: Why Bernie Sanders is back in NH on Saturday

Friday, August 25, 2023

HAARP: Weather Control

Suddenly & Unexpectedly​

JPMorgan Had a Secret Project that Is Now Spreading Its Scandalous Internal Emails with Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to News Outlets Worldwide

Wall Street Mega Banks and Their Disgraceful Bailout Charts Since the Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999

C.F.R. & Bilderberg Members in the Trump Administration​

CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Donald Trump (Taken from the CFR membership and Bilderberg participant lists)

One image, one face, one American moment: The Donald Trump mug shot​

Where is Melania Trump? Divorce rumours, new life and distancing herself​

Florida watches a brewing tropical system as Franklin is on track to be a hurricane

John Pilger: Silencing The Lambs (How Propaganda Works)​

Triumph of the Will​

The Forced Evolution of Humanity: FIRST-HAND EVIDENCE of nanotechnology in the blood of the injected and infected​

Law and Justice in the Third Reich​

Pilot dies after collapsing 40 minutes into flight while on Boeing 787 plane

Border Patrol admits it’s responsible for open floodgates in Arizona border wall

Eris (mythology)​

COVID cases ticking up in CT. Here's what to know as school nears​

Americans Panic Search "Live Off Grid" As Housing Crisis Worsens And Democrat Cities Implode

LATAM pilot Iván Andaur, 56, collapsed and died on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner flying from Miami to Chile after captain and co-pilot were forced to make an emergency landing: Nurse who tried to save him says she didn't have the 'necessary supplies'

Phototherapy Induced Metabolism Change Produced by the LifeWave X39 Non-transdermal Patch

“Is Trump disqualified for the N.H. primary? N.H. secretary of state is seeking legal advice.”

Biden chimes in on Trump mug shot: ‘Handsome guy’

MUG-SHOT: Trump Capitalizes on Jail Photo With T-Shirts, Mugs, and Bumper Stickers

"Can't afford a $200K bond?": Lawyers question why "billionaire" Trump needed help of bail bondsman

Oops! Eric Trump denies Mar-a-Lago sold for $422 million; Zillow admits listing error

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Joe Rogan terrified by the possibility DEMONS EXIST​

Male nurse told to 'man up' by his female boss in front of a room full of women wins sex discrimination case​

Do we need to ban all hammers?: Brooklyn mom dead after hammer attack in apartment as her two children are in critical condition

Mug shot of Donald Trump during speedy booking at Atlanta jail shows scowling former president

Why marriages fail in 2023: Lack of support named the main road to splitsville

Fukushima radioactive waste dumped in the ocean 'may cause mutant animals' says expert

County of Maui sues Hawaiian Electric for negligence leading to fires

Images of FEMA workers at luxury Maui hotels stir anger, but agency says it’s there to do a job

Fateful decision in Maui: Firefighters left the scene, blaze began its deadly march unchallenged

DOJ sues SpaceX for not hiring asylum seekers and refugees

Inside the Most Expensive ZIP Code in America

Wall Street Funds Discuss Potential Bankruptcy Plan for WeWork

Biden’s food stamp expansion linked to 15% jump in grocery prices: study

Nordstrom Rack and Macy's stores are ransacked by groups of thieves who made off with thousands of dollars worth of designer purses in California

Trump's historic mug shot released in Georgia election case

Where is Melania Trump? Divorce rumours, new life and distancing herself

Donald Trump transferred ownership of Mar A Lago estate to his son days before arrest

Scowling Donald Trump gives death stare in unprecedented mugshot

DEA investigated for hiring agents who failed lie detector tests, report says

Biden's alcohol czar warns Americans could soon be told to limit themselves to just two beers per WEEK under strict new booze guidelines

The A.I. Surveillance Tool DHS Uses to Detect ‘Sentiment and Emotion’

Google and Microsoft are supercharging AI deepfake porn

Boarding pass please? Now stand on this scale. Korean Air will soon weigh passengers.

Mask mandates reemerge amid upturn in COVID-19 cases

August 24 is America’s ‘sickest day of the year,’ study says

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

“Ivermectin Worked!”: Peer-Reviewed Study Finds 74% Reduction in Excess Deaths

MUST WATCH VIDEO: The verdict is in — no one can claim to be ‘pro life’ while continuing to support mRNA injections​

China Retaliates Over Fukushima Water Dump: Blocks Seafood Imports As Nobody "Wants To Eat Radioactive Salmon"​

De-dollarization "Irreversible" - Putin Tells BRICS Summit In Remote Address

Hawaii Resident: Biden Is a 'Vile Human Being' for Joking about Corvette When 'There Were Children Who Were Incinerated Into Ash'

Bill Gates: Every Person on Earth Should 'Prove Their Identity' with 'Digital ID'

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Trump Indictments 'Pure Communism'

Mask Mandates, Contact Tracing Now Being RE-IMPLEMENTED at Offices, Colleges​

Outrage in Oakland as wild video shows woman being violently dragged on the ground during armed robbery​

The Wrong People Just Got Their Hands on an Elite Drone Unit

14 American Cities Aim to Ban Meat, Dairy, Private Cars by 2030​

Meet the Eight Candidates Appearing in First Republican Primary Debate

Doctors Received Cash Rewards for Every Patient They Got Vaccinated​

How Inflation Destroys Civilization… and What You Can Do About It​

American Plant Food Corporation plant fire contained as crews work to clear smolder in Bartlett

Taxpayer cash to be used to bankroll MORE Covid vaccines: Biden Administration will use $1.4BILLION to develop new virus drugs and shots

Drone Gets Remotely Grounded Upon Nearing Site of Maui Fire Origin, Pilot Quickly Visited by Government Officials

Aliens could message Earth TODAY: Scientists are eagerly awaiting an extraterrestrial response to radio signals beamed into space 40 years ago​

Truth Justice posts video on X showing Robert F Kennedy

GOP debate: Republican candidates answer questions on climate change, the economy and more

Does this explain epidemic of colorectal cancers in young Americans? Scientists prove link between junk food and formation of stomach tumors for first time​

Maui residents who disobeyed barricade survived fires: AP​

Acetaminophen causes neurodevelopmental injury in susceptible babies and children: no valid rationale for controversy​

Biden Has Already Begun Buying COVID-19 Equipment, Hiring Pandemic ‘Safety Protocol’ Enforcers

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Atlanta college reinstates COVID-19 mask mandate as students return to city

As the new Eris Covid variant spreads across the world, here’s what we know so far

Biden Administration to Urge All Americans: Get a Coronavirus Booster Shot Now

Nearly 40 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago

Cameras on UK roads catch drivers on phones for first time

14 American Cities Aim to Ban Meat, Dairy, Private Cars by 2030

EXC: Biden Has Already Begun Buying COVID-19 Equipment, Hiring Pandemic 'Safety Protocol' Enforcers​

We’re All Suspects in a DNA Lineup, Waiting to be Matched with a Crime​

We Won’t Be Fooled Again​

Shaner on X

Major Supply Chain Issues Are Starting To Develop All Over The Country

The ancient forest world discovered more than 600ft below the surface in huge sinkhole in China​

Joe Biden sparks outrage by comparing Hawaiian blaze that killed at least 114 to a kitchen fire at his house after making tone-deaf 'hot ground' joke to rescuer​

Reggie Chaney, college basketball star who helped lead Houston to the Final Four in 2021, dies at age 23 - just one week before he was set to begin his professional career in Greece​

It's Really Happening: Mask Mandates, Contact-Tracing Re-Implemented At Colleges, Offices​

'Children Were Incinerated To Ash': Livid Hawaiians Slam Biden For Cracking Jokes, Lying About Wife​

Dick's Shrinkage Slams Stock​

Elite Pedophilia And The Propaganda Machine, Part 2: The Inner Workings Of CIA Project MKULTRA​

How the CIA deceives usPhi Alpha Theta Pacific Northwest Regional Conference: Project MKULTRA: How the CIA Used the Cold War to Commit Horrors on US Citizens

Biden Lies in Maui, Says He Has a Sense of 'What It's Like to Lose a Home'

Biden Administration to Urge All Americans: Get a Coronavirus Booster Shot

COVID Mandates Return to Hollywood: Lionsgate Requires Employees to Mask Up, Submit to Daily Testing

There's More Coal Being Shipped By Sea Than Ever Before​

Study: 74% of Post-Jab Deaths Caused by the Shot​

Monday, August 21, 2023

Feminist UCSF School Of Medicine Professor Says Children Can Be "Gender Minotaurs"

Governor of Hawaii limiting the outflow of information

Biden Administration to Urge All Americans: Get a Coronavirus Booster Shot Now

ATTACK OF THE DRONES Moscow under huge kamikaze drone siege shutting ALL major airports with blast near home of Putin’s ‘Iron Doll’

Ecuador Heads To Presidential Run-off Pitting Left Against Right​

China finds foreign source of drinking water​

Hawaii State Government Attempts Information Blackout On Maui Fire - Refuses Media Access​

Pentagon facing ammunition crisis

Biden rival labels F-16s for Ukraine ‘a disaster for humanity’​

Desperate Californians climb trees to escape floods and mudslides with many trapped in cars for hours after Hilary brings record rain: Palm Springs is submerged and 25M are now under flood warnings: Shock video shows earthquake rock at bar​

US Banks Suffer $18,900,000,000 in Losses As JPMorgan Chase and Capital One Take Big Hits From Bad Loans: Report​

Zelenskyy secures 61 F-16s, says signal for more countries to donate combat aircraft​

At least two are killed and nearly 200 homes razed to the ground as wildfires rip across more than 20,000 acres in Washington: Entire state under inferno warning​

US & Canadian Consumers Are Broke But There Are Even Bigger Problems

Brace Yourselves, Because What They Have Planned Is Going To Absolutely Devastate The US Economy​

Americans Rate Dallas and Boston Safest of 16 U.S. Cities

Actually, Hunter Biden Is Getting It Worse A bumbling Justice Department and GOP pressure make this prosecution anything but a “sweetheart deal.”

Sweltering temperatures bring misery to large portion of central US, setting heat records

New York is building the world’s tallest jail in Chinatown. Can anyone stop it?

Biden Economy Job Disapproval is at 54%

RED SPACE Russian scientist who worked on failed moon mission suddenly hospitalised after demanding ‘no cover up’ over crash

Saudi Border Guards Accused of Killing Hundreds of African Migrants

States look to hire illegal immigrants to fatten struggling police departments

A right-wing sheriffs group that challenges federal law is gaining acceptance around the country

Commercial airlines in the US racked up staggering 46 'close calls' in last month alone - with one American Airlines flight to Dallas traveling at 500mph forced into abrupt 700ft climb to avoid United plane

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Is this the REAL reason “Eris” cases are spiking?​

AI-Created Art Isn’t Copyrightable, Judge Says in Ruling That Could Give Hollywood Studios Pause

America’s Tech Giants Rush to Comply With New Curbs in Europe

Before investigating Hunter Biden, prosecutor worked with brother Beau

In talks with prosecutors, Hunter Biden’s lawyers vowed to put the president on the stand

Sen. John Fetterman looks unrecognizable — and eerily similar to ‘Breaking Bad’s Walter White

Florida Teachers Are on Edge Over History and Gender-Identity Policies

Sweltering temperatures bring misery to large portion of central US, setting heat records

China Is on Edge as Fallout From Its Real Estate Crisis Spreads

Elon Musk asks how 'the medicine tastes' as he blocks users who complain about feature

Musk’s throttling of rivals’ links stokes legal concerns

A 'perfect storm' set Hawaii ablaze. Experts say it could happen almost anywhere

Mitt Romney’s Political Journey Reaches a Crossroads

Manchin claims both parties ‘villainize’ each other amid speculation about No Labels bid

Meadows told special counsel he could not recall Trump ever declassifying Mar-a-Lago docs: Sources

Trump encouraged to drop out of presidential race by GOP senator

Legal scholars increasingly raise constitutional argument that Trump should be barred from presidency

Tropical Storm Hilary swirls northward packing deadly rainfall along Mexico’s Baja coast

Binge drinking, marijuana use reached record highs in middle-aged adults, study finds

The beheading of tech CEO Fahim Saleh, and the tiny clue that may clinch the case against his personal assistant

Confidential affidavits detail reasoning for police raid of Kansas newspaper

Locally acquired case of malaria found in Maryland for the first time in 40 years

RED SPACE Russian scientist who worked on failed moon mission suddenly hospitalised after demanding ‘no cover up’ over crash

Russia’s first lunar mission in decades crashes into the moon

'We Are Afraid': Violence-hit Ecuador Votes Under Heavy Security

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Why NATO Has Become An Enemy Of Peace And Security Around The World

Gray Fire burns 3,000 acres of Washington State near Spokane killing at least one, as local mayor warns residents: 'Get out NOW!'​

Portland's first sanctioned homeless 'park' has just NINE residents despite having room for 55 a month after it opened - as shocking images show drug-addled people taking over the sidewalks​

White People Suck Again, This Time From Biden's White Air Force Nominee​

What Caused the Deadly Maui Fires?​

In Warning to Taiwan, China Announces Military Patrols

Bolsonaro’s Mounting Legal Troubles Raise Prospect of His Arrest

Murdered Candidate’s Best Friend Urges Ecuador to Vote for a Dead Man

For DeSantis, an Unforced Error Amplifies a Daunting Debate Challenge

Biden campaign expects GOP candidates to 'out-MAGA each other' during first debate

Burning Man tickets flood the market for LESS than $575 face value after nightmarish 2022 conditions, tech firings and influx of influencers turned longtime attendees sour

Lolita, the Miami Seaquarium orca, died Friday as hopes grew she would leave for the sea

Michael Jackson sexual abuse lawsuits revived by appeals court

Confidential affidavits detail reasoning for police raid of Kansas newspaper

Cops: Woman Put Bug Spray In Beau's Drinks

Kansas Newspaper Is Talk of Town, and Not Just for Getting Raided

FIGHTING BACK Massive explosion as kamikaze drone smashes into Russian air base damaging one of Putin’s prized supersonic bombers

As Russian and Indian lunar landings near, the moon rush gets crowded

Elon Musk’s Latest Antics Have Some Asking: Is He Out of Touch?

Proud Boy on house arrest in Jan. 6 case disappears ahead of sentencing

A couple prayed for their 14-year-old son, last seen at their Lahaina home. Then they found him.

The South Knows a Hot, Sticky Summer. But This? ‘It’s Hell.’

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Preparing to Bring Back FULL Covid Restrictions, Rollout to Begin Mid-September

Flooding disaster threatens Southern California as Hilary takes aim

Hilary downgraded to Category 2 hurricane as Mexico and California brace for ‘catastrophic’ impact

Friday, August 18, 2023

Banks' Usage Of Emergency Fed Funds Hits New Record High

Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Still Missing – mRNA Vaccinated Dr. Malone Responds that Karen is Suffering from Drug Side Effects​

'Big Pharma Dissident Karen Kingston Claims She is Forced to Flee Country To Save Life'

Growing Number of Leprosy Cases Reported After COVID-19 Vaccination

Nattokinase: A Promising Alternative in Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases​


Cameras Go Up to Punish Drivers in the Name of Climate Change - Then Vigilantes Strike​

Ted Broer's TV Shows with Herman Bailey

Herman and Sharron - Dr. Ted Broer​

'Illegal And Simply Un-American': The DeSantis-Controlled Disney World District Just Abolished All Of Its Diversity, Equity Initiatives — Here's What You Need To Know

How Smart Cities Will Lock Up Humanity Inside Open Air Concentration Camps

Semi-Trucks in California Can Now Run on Hydrogen Thanks to Toyota

A Deep Look Into Intentional Annihilation Of America

Brace Yourselves, Because What They Have Planned Is Going To Absolutely Devastate The U.S. Economy

49 Out of 52 Leprosy Diagnoses Occurred after COVID Vaccines.

Understanding The Parasitic Cooperation Between Globalists And Leftists​

Cabalist Bankster & Predatory Capitalist Otto Kahn Reveals The Whole Communist/Zionist Plot​

They are literally burning down the world! But WHO is “they”, really?​

Maui emergency chief Herman Andaya resigns after defending siren decision

Vivek Ramaswamy Warns Tucker Carlson: This Country Is "On The Cusp Of Chaos... In A 1776 Moment"​

People think Google maps has captured a 'UFO' in Bermuda

Why was book on Maui published 2 DAYS after ‘wild fires’ started? Why did police block streets? Why did state stall release of critical water supplies? If you question any of this, media says you’re a believer in ‘outlandish conspiracy theories

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Chart showing excess mortalirt in people ages 0-24

Ron Johnson's truth-telling interview on Fox News

9 Questions That We Should All Be Asking About The Catastrophic Fires In Hawaii

Many cancer drugs may end up doing absolutely nothing for patients, study reveals

Numerous ineligible victims were among the thousands of patients Quebec has euthanized: Oversight body

RFK Jr: 'Death Scientists' Are Developing Killer Bioweapons in America

America, The Babylon - Richard Coombes on The Prophecy Club

Scientists demand Britons wear face masks as new Covid variant spreads

Walker Art Center holds 'playful demon summoning session' for families

Why Is There Such A Frenzy To Buy Up The Properties That Were Just Burned Down During The Fires In Hawaii?

Maui Suffers from America-Last Policies​

Middle Class Meltdown: Thanks To The Reckless Policies Of Our Leaders, 'Average' Americans Are In Huge Trouble​

Deadly, COVID-style pandemic could easily start in US, report finds

The US States Losing & Gaining Population The Fastest​

Rebuild Maui As The Military Intel Hub Of A Very Troubled Asia-Pacific Region Strange Red Rainbow To The West Of NM​

More propaganda: A 'Few Bad Apple' Docs Spread COVID Misinformation on Social Media

California Crime Sprees​

The Brazilian Central Bank Goes LIVE with a CBDC

British Museum jewels stolen in huge security breach

The Demise of White Americans​

US government prefers illegal immigrant-invaders to American citizens, Part 1​

US government favors illegal immigrant-invaders over American citizens, Part 2

How Can We Trust a Medical Establishment that Tells Us Unprecedented Sudden Deaths Among Youth Are a “Coincidence”?​

US Begins Preparing for New Pandemic by Searching for Virus Mutations​

The 14th Amendment’s Requirement of Equality Under Law Is a Dead Letter Constitutional Guarantee​

"EVERY demonstrator and EVERY police officer there on J6 was set-up"—Tarik Johnson of the Capitol Police. (So is HE a "white supremacist"?)​

Globalist, probably, body-double: Madonna pictured in RARE unfiltered photos as celebrity agent pal Maha Dakhil celebrates her 65th birthday... while the Material Girl looked younger than ever in her own posts

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Energy Industry Fears White House Will Declare COVID-Like 'Climate Emergency'

Illegal Medical Lab with Contaminants, Links to China Shut Down in California​

Air Travel Bubble Might Be In A Stall​

Germans Have "Moral Obligation" To Sacrifice Living-Standards & Wealth, Claims Green Party MP

Mystery as Goldman Sachs senior analyst, 27, vanishes after attending a Zeds Dead concert in Brooklyn - weeks after another man was found dead after trying to get into the same venue​

Vegan influencer Zhanna D'Art 'dies of starvation and exhaustion' after switching to restrictive tropical fruit diet​

Hundreds of Migrants Drown as Biden Dangles Open​

The Rich Get Richer, and the Poor Keep Pouring over the Border to Serve Them

The Real Reason Biden Denied RFK Secret Service Protection​

Schwab’s Daughter Confirms COVID was a Precursor to Climate Lockdowns​

Reporter Who 'Debunked' Pizzagate Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges​

Migrant crisis NYC: Shocking photos show dozens of sleeping people lining streets of Midtown Manhattan as rooms in Roosevelt Hotel fill up​

Frank Gaffney Warns Of Rising Military Leaders Infecting Our Armed Forces With "Cultural Marxism"​

Existential threats to humanity are soaring this year

Vice President Harris rejects DeSantis invite to debate slavery curriculum

FBI finds 200 sex trafficking victims, 59 missing children in two-week sweep

Adderall Shortage Has US Agencies Urging Drugmakers to Boost Output

Trump’s campaign finances are strained as legal peril mounts


Trump Can’t Win

Trump sought to ‘exploit the violence and chaos’ of Jan. 6 with lies, indictment says

Trump charged in probe of Jan. 6, efforts to overturn 2020 election

Trump hit with sweeping indictment in alleged effort to overturn 2020 election

Special counsel charges Trump with conspiracy to defraud the U.S.

Trump faces four criminal counts as six co-conspirators listed in January 6 indictment – live

Monday, July 31, 2023

Say Goodbye to Permissionless Travel From the U.S. to Europe

Build Back Better

Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Starts On August 1; Gas Stove Ban Coming Next​

Florida is experiencing an increase in LEPROSY cases with nearly 20% of cases across the country coming from the center of the state​

And The Money Never Stopped Moving…Fed Reports Biggest Rise in History of the Velocity of M2 Money Supply​

Republican Senator Rand Paul sends an 'official criminal referral' to the DOJ over Dr Fauci - saying a 2020 email proves the former White House doc's COVID testimony was 'absolutely a lie'​

CDC likely to recommend annual COVID shot, director says

Power Companies Could Remotely Switch Off EV Chargers To Reduce Grid Stress​

Yellow is shutting down and headed for bankruptcy, the Teamsters Union says. Here's what to know​

Teamsters Notified That Trucking Giant Yellow Ceases Operations​

Ford Will Lose $4.5 Billion On EVs This Year, Up From $2.1 Billion Last Year​

"I've Never Seen Anything Like This" - Mysterious Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered In Remote California City​

Biden Regime Actively Engaged in Suppression of Evidence Unfavorable to Big Pharma​

There's so much migration from the Bay Area to Sacramento it's creating a 'megaregion'

Scientists Control Human DNA with Electricity in 'Leap Forward', Study Reports

Why do some people get cancer, while others don’t? Scientists have one ‘revolutionary’ explanation

Blue moon, Perseid meteor shower highlight busy August in the heavens

Unassuming warehouse in California turns out to be illegal Chinese-run virus laboratory that was genetically engineering mice and experimenting with HIV, herpes and malaria

Phoenix sees temperatures of 110 or higher for 31st straight day

Mar-a-Lago manager De Oliveira makes his first court appearance in Trump’s classified documents case

Atlanta braces for possible indictments in 2020 election investigation

Pence is running against his old boss. The last VP to try that bombed.

‘We gotta get DeSantis indicted’: Ally quips DeSantis would benefit from prosecution, too

What Indictments? NY Times-Sienna Poll Shows Trump Extending Lead Over DeSantis By 37 Points

Hollywood Nightclub Security Guard Beaten to Death by Crowd

Sunday, July 30, 2023

AI's scariest mystery

Not 'if' but 'when': Antibiotic resistance poses existential threat for modern medicine

The average age of Congress is rising. That’s unlikely to change soon.

US VP Harris embraces new attack role, draws fresh Republican fire

Republicans dominate in Florida. Abortion and pot could change that.

The Shady Backstory of Florida’s Outrageous New Slavery Curriculum

Judge blocks Arkansas law allowing librarians to be criminally charged over ‘harmful’ materials

‘Ripe for political violence’: US election officials are quitting at an alarming rate

Say Goodbye to Permissionless Travel

Inside the Battle to Be the Trumpiest Streaming Channel

TV host 'retracts statements' after agreeing with 'kill them all' comment at Trump rally

Dozens served in Trump’s Cabinet. Four say he should be re-elected.

Fired up Trump slams Biden as a 'dumb son of a b****' while mid-rant about immigration policy at Pennsylvania rally - before ripping into DeSantis as MAGA fans cheer wildly

Trump PAC has spent more than $40 million on legal costs this year for himself, others

$60 Million Refund Request Shows Financial Pressure on Trump From Legal Fees

Kremlin threatens use of nuclear weapons in retaliation for drone strike on Moscow skyscrapers: Putin ally warns there is 'no other way out' after attack on business district that closed Russian airspace and left one injured

Zelensky Says 'War' Coming To Russia After Moscow Drone Attack

Russia Says Thwarted Ukrainian Drone Attacks On Moscow, Crimea

Wagner Mercs May Soon ‘Infiltrate’ Poland, PM Warns

CBS News poll on how people are coping with the heat

Saturday, July 29, 2023

They Dare Not to Speak Its Name

UCC Filing for Entire NWO Financial System analyzed by Former Chief Justice of the Cherokee Nation​


Analysts Weigh In After Ford Pushes Back EV Production Timelines, Discloses Higher Costs​

96% of 'Climate Change' Data Is Corrupted: Heartland Institute Study

New York City agrees to pay $13 million to 2020 racial injustice protesters in historic class action

Dr Robert Malone: “We Needed to Protect the CCP, that Was Part of the Cover-Up”

Say Goodbye to Permissionless Travel

Three Ukrainian Drones Downed Over Moscow: Russia Defence Ministry

Donald Trump blasted his indictments, slammed President Biden and Ron DeSantis, and disparaged Philly at Erie rally

Fired up Trump slams Biden as a 'dumb son of a b****' while mid-rant about immigration policy at Pennsylvania rally - before ripping into DeSantis as MAGA fans cheer wildly

Trump PAC has spent more than $40 million on legal costs this year for himself, others

$60 Million Refund Request Shows Financial Pressure on Trump From Legal Fees

San Francisco investigating Musk’s Twitter HQ after giant ‘X’ installed on roof

Move fast and beat Musk: The inside story of how Meta built Threads

Harris urges Black Americans to eote in bid to replicate record turnout

US VP Harris embraces new attack role, draws fresh Republican fire

Joe and Hunter: Biden Ignores Political Perils and Embraces Scandal-Plagued Son

Judge dismisses Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ lawsuit against CNN

Fresh charges tie Trump even more closely to coverup effort. That could deepen his legal woes

Latest Trump charges put spotlight on ‘consciousness of guilt’

The Shady Backstory of Florida’s Outrageous New Slavery Curriculum

DeSantis struggles to convert Trump voters in campaign reboot

Judge blocks Arkansas law allowing librarians to be criminally charged over ‘harmful’ materials

Record heat wave in Phoenix could end with a bang

Friday, July 28, 2023

500 EVs Among The 3000 Cars On Burning Ship Off Dutch Coast

"Prepare Generators": Largest US Power Grid Declares Emergency Alert For Second Day​

The Rampant Black Violence On American Military Bases

Subclinical Heart Damage More Prevalent Than Thought After Moderna Vaccination: Study

The Digital Revolution Was the Means for Locking Us in The Matrix​

Beheading Leviathan​

Ron DeSantis 'reboots' campaign by going after the Biden family - shames president for not visiting secret granddaughter and says there will be no COCAINE at the White House - but won't take a punch at Trump​

Giant much taller than an adult Elephant spotted in a museum in Tunisia​


The Man Who Will Destroy America​

"Needles Litter The Streets" And "People Who Look Like Extras In A Zombie-Apocalypse Movie"

EV Suspected In Fire Of Massive Cargo Ship Carrying 3,000 Cars​

Cases Of Severe Tropical Disease Exploding With No End In Sight: WHO​

The Feds’ Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Is More Egregious Than We Knew

Exploding E-Bikes: Lithium Battery Fires Spread in New York, California

Lies, Witch Hunts, and America’s Next Rendezvous with Madness​

UFO Whistleblower Claims Massive Coverup, Retribution In Sworn Testimony

Congressional Hearing on UAPs Include Stunning Revelations

DeSantis' Brutal Dig at Trump's Age and Possibility of Jail

Child-free generation? 1 in 4 young adults already ruling out having kids​

Groundbreaking brain implants restore hand control — and hope — for paralyzed man

Anchorage mayor proposes sending homeless people to Los Angeles this winter

Samuel Alito, the Supreme Court’s Plain-Spoken Defender

Trump Iran doc incident 'so much worse' with newly filed charges: legal expert

Trump says he handed over security tapes, denies wrongdoing after latest charges

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Sex-specific differences in myocardial injury incidence after COVID-19 mRNA-1273 Booster Vaccination

Digital ID Systems Should Not Be Centralized

Trillions of Dollars in Uninsured Deposits Are Now a Serious Albatross Around the Necks of the Mega Banks on Wall Street

UFO hearing live updates: Lawmakers, witnesses accuse Pentagon of ‘cover up’​

Tori Kelly rushed to hospital after COLLAPSING at LA restaurant and losing consciousness: Singer remains in ICU as she's treated for 'life-threatening blood clots in legs and lungs' ​

The “Covid Pandemic” Was an Orchestration​

Israel Heritage Foundation awards Trump 'crown of Jerusalem'​

WEF & King Charles: The Entire Global System Has Failed​

US Study Finds 25 Different Types of Toxic Flame Retardants in Human Breast-milk​

While You Were Sleeping - FedNow Goes Live Providing Path To Digital Currency​

Blood Commodities: BlackRock’s Role in the Ukraine Carnage​

Bud Light To Lay Off Hundreds Of Employees In Wake Of Disastrous Pro-Trans Marketing​

Dr. Peter McCullough on LeBron James Son’s Cardiac Arrest and the Potential Role of Spike Protein​

Largest US Power Grid Declares Emergency Alert Amid Scorching Heat​

Black Woman Who Claimed She Was Kidnapped By White Man With 'Orange Hair' Admits She Made It All Up​

Mitch McConnell Escorted Away After Freezing During News Conference​

Kevin Spacey 'celebrates with a whisky at Soho private members club' after being cleared at sex assault trial - as expert says he could now be in line for a payoff from Netflix who dropped the actor from House of Cards​

Poll: Ron DeSantis's Net Favorability Falls to Historic Low

GDP grew at a 2.4% pace in the second quarter, topping expectations despite recession calls

White House rules out pardon for Hunter Biden

McCarthy, House GOP tiptoe toward Biden impeachment inquiry

Barricades go up outside Fulton County courthouse as DA nears decision on indicting Trump

Trump lawyers meet with special counsel in Jan. 6 case as potential indictment looms

Trump live updates: Special counsel adds additional charges against Trump in classified documents case

Trump says his lawyers have met with prosecutors ahead of possible 2020 election indictment

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

U.S. Government Wants Facial Scans of All Children: To “Protect” Children or to Traffick Them?

Tim Ballard: Thousands of Children 'Disappearing' into U.S. Interior​


Will the Largest Organized Mass Murder in World History Escape Accountability?​

Did Israel Use $300 Billion from US Taxpayers to Purchase the US Government, Lock, Stock, and Barrel?​

Alert! New ‘Redesigned GMOs’ Being Forced on Farmers and Consumers

Immigrant-invader Burmese Pythons Destroy Everglades Wildlife

Ukraine smashes through Russian defence in Bakhmut and sends Putin's forces fleeing

US pilot says he dodged ‘mysterious dark cube floating in the sky’

Former defense official Christopher Mellon says the US has recovered technology that 'did not originate on this earth'

Witness at UFO Hearing Testifies Under Oath ‘Non-Human’ Bodies Have Been Recovered by Gov’t From Crashed Crafts

Jason Aldean’s controversial “Small Town” video reportedly edited out Black Lives Matter references

Homeowner jailed for spraying passing woman in face with water hose, Florida cops say

Florida is first state to approve PragerU’s curriculum which raises concern for schools

DeSantis suggests he could pick RFK Jr. to lead the FDA or CDC

Ron DeSantis fires staffer who retweeted video with Nazi imagery

The Very Private Life of Melania Trump

Casting himself as a fighter, Trump aligns with UFC

JUST IN: Rudy Giuliani Concedes in Court Filing He Made ‘False’ Statements About Georgia Election Workers

The Fulton County Case Against Trump May Be the Most Serious—and Imminent

Government Wants To Control Your Digital Identity

Sinéad O’Connor, 56, dies 18 months after son's death as tributes pour in for music icon

Fed staff drop US recession forecast, Powell says

Fed hikes interest rates to 22-year high after brief pause

Dow rises for a 13th straight day, posting its best winning streak since 1987​

Syphilis Emergency Looms in the US as Drugs Run Low

McConnell escorted out after freezing during press conference

Exclusive: California Gov Gavin Newsom May Be Back Channeling in Actors, Writers Strikes Against Studios

House Republicans line up behind McCarthy on the Biden impeachment seesaw

Hunter Biden pleads not guilty after plea deal is derailed

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

BlackRock Set To Rake in $1 Trillion Rebuilding the Destruction They Financed in Ukraine

Clip of Disney's 'Snow White' Star Rachel Zegler Dissing Animated Classic Goes Viral​

Ready for another 'tripledemic'? CDC prepares for a winter of '3 bugs out there'​

Robots Could Go Full ‘terminator’ After Scientists Create Realistic, Self-healing Skin " Layers of Synthetic Skin That Can Now Self-recognize and Align With Each Other When Injured, Simultaneously Allowing the Skin to Continue Functioning While Healing."​

Ukraine Complete Disaster – Neocons Lose Again?​

American Idols

Bringing the Economy in for a Soft Inverted Landing

 Independence Day: Resurgence, AI Orb hologram


Orbán: EU Abandoned Christian Heritage for LGBT 'Hedonistic Paganism'

How to watch the US government's hearing on UFOs​

DeSantis lets go of more than 1/3 of campaign staff as reset continues​

Tim Ballard: Thousands of Children 'Disappearing' into U.S. Interior​

Actress Hayley Atwell: Hayley Atwell: Hollywood Isn't Thriving -- 'Industry on its Knees'​

Country Superstar Cody Johnson Backs Jason Aldean: 'If Being Patriotic Makes You an Outlaw, then by God, I'll Be an Outlaw'​

Man Behind Bars After Alleged Late-Night Rice Assault​

Vice President Harris leans into attack dog role

Democrats champion free markets as Republicans target Wall Street

The rise of Vivek Ramaswamy: A long-shot candidate ascends in the GOP campaign

Ron DeSantis fires staffer who retweeted video with Nazi imagery

In hot water: South Florida ocean tops 100 degrees; could be world record

Like a hot tub: Water temperatures off Florida soar over 100 degrees, stunning experts