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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Florida could shield whites from 'discomfort' of racist past

CDC Changes Its Numbers from 2,902,664 Total Deaths in 2020 to 3,358,814 'Provisional' Deaths

Many Democrat Voters Support Imprisoning and Taking Children from Unvaccinated Americans

Union Pacific Blasts Los Angeles DA for Going Soft on Crime, Considers Rerouting Trains amid Mass Looting​

Canadian Truckers Protest Vaccine Mandates at US​

Democrats Hide HR1 In NASA Bill To Sneak Through Radical ‘Election Takeover’ Fraud ​

Deaths among male Teens increased by 53% following Covid-19 Vaccination in 2021 and the Death spikes correlate perfectly with the uptake of dose 1, 2 & 3​

China warns LAPD identifies Brianna Kupfer's suspected killer as Shawn Laval Smithforeign Olympic athletes against speaking out on politics at Winter Games ​

5G goes live in US and sparks international chaos: Emirates, Air India, All Nippon cancels flights

Notice the description saying "older" and "white": Family suing city for mishandling investigation into death of black woman

ObeseSonia Sotomayor, 67, is attending Supreme Court remotely because Neil Gorsuch 'refuses to mask' 

Biden calls on employers to mandate vaccines despite Supreme Court ruling​

Novak Djokovic's Woes Continue as US Open Set to Become 3rd Grand Slam to Bar Unvaccinated Players​

Socialite Lady Victoria Hervey says Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton 'were like brothers'

Can Humanity Survive Washington’s Delusional Belief in its Omnipotence?

Dr. Domenico Biscardi Found Dead in His Home After Announcement About Covid Vaccines​

After Its President Created the Biggest Trading Scandal in Fed History, Dallas Fed Chair Calls Robert Kaplan’s Tenure “Great Leadership”​

Nomura, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs Received a Cumulative $8 Trillion from the Fed’s Emergency Repo Loans in Fourth Quarter of 2019

Biden Regime Prepares for War Against Americans​

Otto Kahn: Khazarian Banksters Unveiled Method of Contro

Why Are Celebrities So Obsessed With Blood Right Now?

New York attorney general's office says it has identified numerous 'misleading statements and omissions' in Trump Org. financial statements

N.Y. Attorney General Outlines Pattern of Possible Fraud at Trump Business

N.Y. attorney general alleges Trump’s business inflated property values, wealth statements

EXCLUSIVE: Texas synagogue terrorist ranted about “f***ing Jews” in last call to family made during siege

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Video: #Yes, It's a "Killer Vaccine": Michel Chossudovsky

Florida: Highest Rates of Infection Occurring in Counties with Highest Vaccination Rates​

Sanders turns up heat on Manchin, Sinema with tweet on voting rights bills​

British troops sent to Ukraine: Soldiers and hi-tech weapons on way amid fears of Russian invasion​

Lara Logan is DROPPED by her talent agency after likening Fauci to Nazi medic Dr Josef Mengele​

UK Tells Royal Navy Sailors: Get Jabbed or Get Out ​

What Your Fellow Americans Think Should Happen to the Unvaccinated ​

COVID Shots Make Omicron Worse, Bombshell Research​

Behavioral control​

Stores now selling out of cold medicine ​

Israeli trial, world's first, finds 4th dose ‘not good enough’ against Omicron​

Florida governor proposes special police agency to monitor elections ​

US airlines warn of 'calamity' if 5G deployed near airports

California weighing proposal that could double its taxes​

5G Death Towers Activated: Flu-Like Symptoms Will Follow​

20 Facts about Vaccination Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You​

Mancow Muller shares why he’s a candidate for Illinois Governor

Poll: 59 Percent of Democrats Favor Government Confining Unvaccinated Americans to Their Homes ​

Finally: AT&T and Verizon agree to delay launch of 5G amid airline fears

DeSantis will NOT bend the knee to Trump and says backing ex-president for 2024 'is too much to ask'​

Document Shows The CIA Recruited Top Quantum Physicist To Help Them Figure Out How UFOs Work​

Rumors Of Trump-DeSantis Drama Ignite Media Firestorm​

JetBlue pilot stunned as 'shape-shifting UFO' appears beside plane 37,000ft over Texas​

Is the Biden regime gearing up to commit mass genocide against Christians? ​

EXCLUSIVE: Nationwide Surge In Deaths Among People Aged 18-49: A State by State Overview​

Young Athletes Dying After COVID-19 Vaccine​

MIT scientist on Fox news ​

15 Worst Covid Lies That are Now Completely Exposed for All the World to See ​

These deaths are much higher but are kill-clot-shot induced: US faces wave of omicron deaths in coming weeks, models say

Kansas will stop 'futile' COVID-19 contact tracing

Zionist Power Over Washington​

An Alternative Media Selection​

Unease in USA as Russia prepares nuclear missile deal with Cuba and Venezuela

LED 5G street light opened

Monday, January 17, 2022

Banker Kabbalist controlled Trump slams “dull” DeSantis ahead of potential 2024 matchup

Trump’s Arizona Speech Proves His Shock Comic Act Has Jumped the Shark​

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Signals New Leadership with 11 Executive Actions on First Day

False Flags Suddenly No Longer A Crazy Conspiracy Theory

Fully Vaccinated Canadian Soccer Star Alphonso Davies Sidelined With Myocarditis

Visualizing The $94 Trillion World Economy In One Chart​

The spike protein and potentially the shot: Why does COVID-19 cause excess fluid in the lungs?

1,200 US flights canceled Monday as winter storm pummels East Coast

Unvaccinated? Don’t Count on Leaving Your Family Death Benefits

The U.S. Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 "Victim Nations" Since World War II​

Troubling news from Germany, Washington DC, and Washington state

Top NH Conservative Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin​

The Australian Open will be anything but ‘great’ now that it’s shorn of its biggest star​

To control the lying Kabbalist media narrative: Facebook bans account of Russian delegation to Vienna military security talks

Official data suggests the Triple Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at an alarming rate​

Operation Extermination–the Plan to Decimate the Human Immune System with a Lab-Generated Pathogen​

Poll Finds Close To Half Of Democratic Voters Want COVID Internment Camps For The Unvaxx'd​

Who Is King of Florida? Tensions Rise Between Trump and a Former Acolyte​

China Takes Over The World – For The Cult – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast​

DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields​

Video: Reiner Füellmich and 50 Lawyers: "Different Batches" and "Lethal Doses", ”The Vaccines Are Designed to Kill"

Hundreds Of Birds Dead During 5G Experiment In Netherlands

The cure for all diseases. Dr Hulga Clark free pdf​

Texas rabbi: Captor grew “belligerent” late in standoff

SUSPECT NAMED Colleyville hostage updates – Malik Faisal Akram identified as man who took Texas synagogue members hostage

Hero Texas rabbi threw chair at crazed terrorist to end 10-hour hostage ordeal

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Bone-Chilling: Feds Launching 'System' to Collect 'Religious Information' on Unvaccinated Americans

Economist Michael Hudson Says the Fed “Broke the Law” with its Repo Loans to Wall Street Trading Houses

$2.7 Billion in Credit Default Swaps Blew Up One Day Before the Fed Launched Its Repo Loan Bailouts in 2019

Brace yourself for Impact: Luciferian elite launch ‘Great Collapse’ of Western civilization

DOJ raises stakes with rarely used sedition charges for Oath Keepers

This is obfuscation propaganda: Biden's consecutive losses at the Supreme Court

Why DID the Winter Olympics go to Beijing?​

Senior Israeli immunologist blasts mass vaccination, COVID restrictions in powerful letter​

Deaths among male Teens increased by 53% following Covid-19 Vaccination in 2021 and the Death spikes correlate perfectly with the uptake of dose 1, 2 & 3​

Headed for a Digital Concentration Camp – Catherine Austin Fitts​

US Truckers Issue Devastating Warning To Biden On Unlawful Shot Mandate​

Exclusive: Autopsy Confirms 26-Year-Old’s Death From Myocarditis Directly Caused by Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Myocarditis Tops List of COVID Vaccine Injuries Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds, VAERS Data Show

Pfizer, J&J Among Pharma Companies Accused of Funding Terrorism in Iraq​

Can I donate after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine?

Why Pfizer Can Never be Trusted. Lawsuits Relating to 16 Pfizer Drugs

Djokovic Deported After Losing Visa Appeal, Faces 3-Year Ban From Australia​

100 Million Americans In Path Of Dangerous Winter Storm​

20 Facts about Vaccination Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You

When Mass Vaccination Programs Are Mounted in a Hurry, Bad Outcomes and Liability Are Invariably Big Issues

DeSantis: Coronavirus Taught the Governor Is Consequential to Daily Life​

China's virus death toll could actually be 17,000% higher than admitted in Covid cover up, claims analyst​

Hagerty: Democrats Willing to 'Resort to Destroying the Senate' to Pass Election Law ​

Smoking Gun: Moderna Patented ‘Man Made’ SARS-CoV2 Gene Sequence in 2018

General Electric Abandons Biden's Vax Mandate After SCOTUS Ruling While Nike Doubles Down

Reuters ‘Fact Check’ Shields Pfizer CEO, Fails to Disclose Reuters Chairman Is on Pfizer Board​

Intracranial infection cases up 60-fold since vaccines rolled out ​

Dr Fauci Created Transgender Monkeys In A $205,000 Taxpayers Funded NIH Study

The Oath Keepers: What The Indictment Says (And Does Not Say) About 'Jan 6'

Rothschilds: Communist Takeover: Without Firing a Shot, China Seizes Control of America's Farmlands

Ron Paul: "We Need A Revolution"​

Florida cop seen on video grabbing fellow police officer by the throat: officer placed on leave

'Once in a THOUSAND years': Death toll unknown on Tonga after huge underwater volcano sparks tsunami

Washington Simultaneously Demonizes Russia, China, Iran, and Its Own White Majority Population while Democrats Enforce Covid Tyranny​

Video: Dr. Peter McCullough Speech at the ReAwaken America Tour​

America's Military Should be Used to Oppress The Unvaxed, Says Leading Utah Newspaper.


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Bombshell Admission — The COVID Tests Don’t Work

For Leftists, Your Freedom Is Their Misery – Your Slavery Is Their Joy​

Pilot Shortage Forces Delta, American Air To Cut Regional Flights​

Soros-Backed Baltimore State's Attorney Indicted On Federal Perjury Charges​

BlackRock's Assets Top $10 Trillion On Biggest Quarterly Inflow Since 2015​

Instead of Jumping for Joy that People Didn't Have to Die from COVID, They Fabricated a Ferocious Fairy Tale ​

The Truth About Mass Psychosis​

A Column Unlike Any I Have Written…..Chuck Baldwin ​

Probably from mini-strokesCOVID-19 patients show more signs of brain damage than people with Alzheimer’s disease

He is following the orders of his Kabbalist handlersBiden planning executive orders on police reform: report

Active Denial System - Wikipedia

Helen Mirren Faces 'Jewface' Accusations Divide U.K. Jewish Community​

Covid: A Collision of Historical and Scientific Illiteracy​

DirecTV Cancels OAN after Joe Biden Orders Media Outlets and Tech Giants to Banish Voices that Deviate from the Regime's Official Narrative​

More Good News on Ivermectin ​

Mystery Surrounds Decision By DirecTV to Drop One America News Network From Its Lineup ​

Dog Gone​

Rachel Riley Libel Ruling is the Latest Judicial Attack on Political Speech​

This one-two punch from China and Russia marks the end of American adventurism​

Video captures thousands of damaged packages on LA train tracks left behind by cargo looters​

Unvaccinated father stripped of visiting rights by judge​

Supreme Court Delivers Schizophrenic Ruling​

"Bastille 2022": Building a Worldwide Movement Against "Corona Tyranny"​

Louisiana Nurse Blows the Whistle: “We Have Had More Children Die from the COVID Vaccine Than of COVID Itself”​

Britain’s Prince Andrew loses military titles​

The entire Western world is a bad joke​

"Covid Ethnic Cleansing": The Vaccinated vs. the Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse the Vaccine and the “Official” Covid-19 Narrative are Categorized as “Psychopaths”​

Tenured Professor Critical of Identity Politics Fired by University ​

Bill Filed in Washington State Would Authorize ‘Strike Force’ to ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated Families

What They Are HIDING from Us?​

Powerful winter storm bears down on 100 million Americans

Doctor loses license for COVID falsehoods, board says​

Manhattan DA's controversial crime policy concerns restaurants ​

Does she have AIDS?: What’s Wrong with Celine Dion? Singer Cancels Balance of US 2022 Dates After Earlier Scrapping Dozens of Shows

Global Economy Heading For ‘Mother of All’ Supply Chain Shocks​

"This Is - Not Stagflation, We're Entering the Abyss of Something Much Darker" - Steve Bannon on Biden's Monumental Destruction of US Economy​

90,000 Secret CIA Files on Telepathy, Clairvoyance and MK-ULTRA Public​

NYT Warns of ‘Right-Wing Threat’ to Democracy, Calls for ‘War Games’ ​

"Jesus... What Happened To Us?" by Five Times August​

Friday, January 14, 2022

Floridians respond to flyers telling 'woke' New Yorkers to stay out of Sunshine State

Documents Showing Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Effective in Treating COVID Were Buried

WHO Joins EU and Flips — Suddenly Warns Against Taking Continued Covid Booster Shots

European Medicines Agency Warns Endless Booster Shots Could Cause “Immune Response” Problems

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers Founder, Charged with Seditious Conspiracy in Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

Ron DeSantis tears into Supreme Court justices Kavanaugh and Roberts for having no 'backbone'​

California closes Christian pre-school and bans its director from EVER working with children again after she was unable to get kids aged two to keep masks on in class

Virginia lawmakers try to improve conditions for dogs bred for medical research

The most popular destinations for 2022 travel, according to experts

Delta Air Lines security officer brutally attacked at JFK

George Conway Makes Compelling Argument Why Trump Should Be Tried for Sedition

‘We Have The Receipts’: CNN Airs Tape of Kevin McCarthy Saying Trump Admitted Responsibility for Capitol Attack

‘Kingmaker’ Trump heads to rural Arizona, where GOP candidates are eager for his backing

Biden team regroups after court loss on COVID shots-or-test

Biden's epic failures

Which States Are the Freest?

Retail sales dropped 1.9% in December as higher prices caused consumers to curb spending

Bond Market Forecasts Bad Economic News

The richest 0.00001% in America are getting richer​

Henry Kaufman, 1970s Wall Street Dr. Doom, Blasts Powell on Inflation

Alec Baldwin Finally Hands Over Phone To Police In ‘Rust’ Fatal Shooting Probe

Scalise: Biden Needs to Fire ‘Incompetent’ People Who Have Botched COVID Response, Not Healthcare Workers

Exclusive – Rep. Chris Smith Says New Jersey Governor’s Abortion Expansion Law a ‘Human Rights Abuse’

WATCH: Police Share Hair-Raising Footage Reminding Motorists to Drive Slow in Icy Conditions

South Korea Presidential Candidate Promises Free Hair Loss Treatment

House Republicans: Biden Protecting Illegal Aliens Who Overstayed Visas with ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders

Nearly 4-in-10 Illegal Aliens Refusing Coronavirus Vaccine as Americans Hit with Mandates

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Athletes Who Had COVID Will Be Considered ‘Fully Vaccinated,’ NCAA Says in New Guidelines

Vaccine passports real reason "A new financial reset is imminent."

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Covid Pandemic: A "Truth Bomb" Explodes to Illuminate the War on Humanity

As hospitals reel, California tells coronavirus-positive medical workers to stay on the job

Air Force technician came face-to-face with 6ft 'shadow person' while guarding nukes​

Biden Admin Compiling Database Of Religious Objectors To Vaccine Within Obscure Agency​

Pfizer Says COVID Vaccine ‘Safe’ for Kids – But Lied About Kids & Drugs Before​

Special Forces Will Simulate An Insurgency On U.S. Soil In Upcoming Unconventional Warfare Exercise ​

Washington State is going full Gestapo lockdown. Wow!WAC 246-100-040 - Procedures for isolation or quarantine.

'It's over, people': WHO warns AGAINST vaccine mandates, repeated booster shots ​

Russia won't rule out military deployment to Cuba, Venezuela​

'Raven Rock' Explains, In The Event Of Attack, Here's How The Government Plans 'To Save Itself'​

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are ENGAGED and celebrated by 'drinking each other's BLOOD'​

I have not vetted all these links: The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked

What We Know About COVID and Penis Size as Man Says It Shrunk His Genitals ​

REVENGE SERVED COLD Iran releases mock video of Donald Trump being assassinated by drone on golf course in revenge for Soleimani killing

Kanye West under investigation for alleged battery

Miami couple accused of kidnapping, torturing man for 3 days

January 6 committee subpoenas Google, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit in probe of Capitol attack

Oath Keepers leader and 10 others charged with 'seditious conspiracy' related to US Capitol attack

Black box that could record collapse of civilisation set to be installed on Earth

Why global leaders are terrified about 'social cohesion erosion'

Doctors Debate Whether Trans Teens Need Therapy Before Hormones

‘After-School Satan Club’ planned at Illinois elementary school. District explains why

Supreme Court blocks Biden Covid vaccine mandate for businesses, allows health-care worker rule

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

EU Parliament President David Sassoli Dies at 65, Remembered as Champion for Democracy


Tucker Carlson Slams ‘Filthy Little Demagogue’ Fauci​

Purging Patriots from the Military: The Proof​

Hacker Claims To Have Taken Control Of 25 Tesla Cars Worldwide​

US Consumer Prices Soar At Fastest In 39 Years, Real Wages Tumble For 9th Straight Month​

Trump Administration Backs Geoengineering, Full Disclosure Of The Climate Engineering Atrocities Grows Near

CDC Chief Finally Admits Vast Majority of Covid Deaths Had Four or More Comorbidities!

CA Gov Newsom Announces 'Operation Omicron' Featuring Door to Door Visits and Buying Off Ethnic Media ​

The weirdo insulting Kabbalist banker controlled: Trump Roasts ‘Gutless’ DeSantis for Keeping His Booster Status a Secret

Navy Unveils Next-Generation DDG(X) Warship Concept with Hypersonic Missiles, Lasers

Tensions at PBS over who should conduct Biden interview: report

Washington Post Reprimands Business Editor Over Tweet Criticizing Column About NFL’s Ben Roethlisberger

Jan. 6 select panel to seek McCarthy's testimony

Are the walls closing in for Gaetz? Republican's ex-girlfriend testifies to a grand jury in his teen sex trafficking case and is 'discussing an immunity deal' to avoid obstruction charges

Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend testifies to grand jury in sex trafficking probe

Prince Andrew WILL face sex assault lawsuit in US: Royal to be called for dramatic court showdown in New York as judge refuses his attempt to throw out Virginia Roberts's case accusing him of having sex with her when she was 17

ROYAL SHOWDOWN Prince Andrew WILL face court battle with accuser Virginia Roberts as judge rules rape lawsuit will go ahead

Trump Roasts ‘Gutless’ DeSantis for Keeping His Booster Status a Secret

Bill O'Reilly: Hillary Clinton wants to face Trump in 2024

Trump to elevate election deniers at Arizona rally

Deconstructing the case for a 2024 Hillary Clinton bid

Hillary Clinton’s 2024 Election Comeback

Political Instability Not U.S. Adversaries, Seen As Bigger Threat, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Nearly 6 In 10 Think Nation's Democracy Is In Danger Of Collapse

Shin Bet thwarted Iranian attempt to recruit Israelis as spies

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

What is BARDA?

Omicron Has Created Two New COVID Attitudes​

United cuts flights as about 3,000 workers call out sick from Covid ​

Mystery Surrounds FAA Order To Halt All West Coast Air Traffic After North Korean Missile Launch ​

Omicron is surging — and Democrats aren’t shutting things down this time​

Yale, Georgetown, Other Top Schools Illegally Collude to Limit Student Financial Aid, Lawsuit Alleges​

Project Veritas: Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath​

Hiltzik: Death and the anti-vaxxer​

Robbers armed with hammers steal jewelry from San Jose shops in latest California smash-and-grab​

New big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse (cases and deaths)​


Last Friday was a “Supreme” Example of a Superpower in Decline​

Education Secretary Cardona solicited NSBA letter comparing protesting parents to domestic terrorists: email​

Furious Fauci tears into Rand Paul for claiming he's 'taking down scientists that disagree with him'​

Red Cross declares first national blood crisis in US​

FBI executive assistant director REFUSES to tell Ted Cruz if any agents participated in January 6​

Mother-Daughter Pair Plead Guilty to Climbing Bike Rack to Breach the Capitol on Jan. 6​

Michael Snyder, Author at The Economic Collapse

Ivermectin 'Works Throughout All Phases' Of COVID According To Leaked Military Documents​

CoVid-19: Toxoplasmosis and Ivermectin …?

Toxoplasmosis: An important risk factor for acquiring SARS-CoV-2 infection and a severe course of Covid-19 disease​

In Vitro Effects of Ivermectin and Sulphadiazine on Toxoplasma gondii ​

It's Time To Face Reality About The Vaccines​

LA Times Columnist Says Mocking Anti-Vaxxers' Deaths Is "Necessary"​

Peter Schiff: The Fed Can't Do What It's Saying It Will Do​

Dr Mike Yeadon: Covid Injections Are Toxic by Design, They Were Always Going to Harm People​

Justice Dept. creating unit focused on domestic terrorism​

Hollywood will barely whisper it but wokeness will kill industry: PETER KIEFER and PETER SAVODNIK​

German police use Covid-tracking data to track witnesses as part of investigation​

Dozens of Rallies Across Germany as Anti-Lockdown Protests Continue ​

Monday, January 10, 2022

‘Fuller House’ Goes All-In Creepy Pedophile

Archive amassed by Nazis sheds light on Masonic history

In 1973, ‘Soylent Green’ envisioned the world in 2022. It got a lot right.​

New Jersey Legislature Passes Groundbreaking Sentencing Reform Bill, Making State First in Nation to Allow Judges to Waive Mandatory Minimum Sentences in Drug-Free School Zones

Blacks and Hispanics are more than three times more likely than whites to go to prison in the U.S.: here are the reasons​

The Deep State and the Digital-Financial Complex​

SC Justice Sotomayor Falsely Claimed 100,000 Children Hospitalized with Covid

Kazakh Government Resigns, Shuts Down Internet amid Protests, Causes Bitcoin to Tumble

New Soros-Linked Manhattan District Atty to Drop Prison Sentences for Most Crimes

FedEx warns of shipment delays as Omicron leads to staffing shortage

US Navy And NASA Have A Fully Operational Space Fleet​

Washington Bill Authorizes ‘Strike Force’ To ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated Families: ‘They Have Already Set Up The Internment Camps’​

Trump’s Vaccine Support May Cost Him Victory in 2024​

We Have Less Than Two Weeks to Finalize Preparation​

Black LA residents lack access to guns as wealthy rush to buy firearms amid crime wave: Activists​

Stigmatizing The Unvaccinated: Human Today, Not Human Tomorrow

Robert F, Kennedy Jr.: Fauci "Routinely Falsified Science, Deceived The Public & Physicians, & Lied About Safety & Efficacy" Throughout His Career​

Does Russia Understand She Is Dealing With Lunatics?​

New big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse (cases and deaths)​

Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine

More Good News on Ivermectin

New law allows non-citizens to vote in US

What Djokovic’s Battle to Compete in Australian Open Means for Health Freedom Movement​

Spike in autoimmune diseases blamed on fast food: scientists ​

Large British Study Finds Risk of Myocarditis Doubles After Each mRNA Jab​

Catholic High School Fires Teachers After They Allowed Pro-Abortion Article in Student Newspaper​

15 million Americans from New York to the Midwest are under wind chill alerts as low as -45 degrees​

Bob Saget is a bad man

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Official German Government data suggests the Fully Vaccinated will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by the end of January 2022

DeSantis: Biden, Fauci 'hostile' to those focusing on COVID treatments in addition to vaccines​

Stigmatizing The Unvaccinated: Human Today, Not Human Tomorrow

One Bank Braces For Catastrophic "Rate Shock" As Liquidity Supernova Turns Negative​

New Law Will Install Kill Switches In All New Cars

Despotism Is the New Normal: Looming Threats to Freedom in 2022​

Bill Filed In Washington Would Authorize 'Strike Force' To 'Involuntarily Detain' Unvaccinated Families: 'They Have Already Set Up The Internment Camps'

The China Distraction and U.S. Destabilization​

Protest grows bigger after president vows to ‘piss off’ the unvaxxed​

Former Kazakhstan Intelligence Chief and 'Close Friend' of Bidens is Arrested for Treason​

Uncovering the Corona Narrative: Was Everything Carefully Planned? Analysis by Ernst Wolff​

Resiliency: Surviving in the age of censorship, propaganda and cancel culture​

Bare rooms, rotten fruit and boredom: Quarantine life on infected cruises

They think we Christians, are livestock to be managed and culled. We will certainly be getting a matrix headset next: Farmer gives cooped-up cows VR headsets to increase milk production

Austria Demotes Some 3.8 Million Double-jabbed to ‘Unvaccinated’​

If you observe how Bezos, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg and the rest suck up to the deep state narratives, it makes you wonder if the companies originated in CIA drug profits. Are these front organizations for the deep state and its money laundering?

NATO ‘never promised’ not to expand, US claims​

Supreme Court Judges Spar Over Vaccine Mandates, Twitter Erupts Over False Claims​

Was January 6 an Inside Job?

We Are In a New Civil War … About What Exactly?

Is the US really heading for a second civil war?

VIDEO: South Bay hotel solves staffing shortages with robot room service

Nearly a quarter of workers plan to quit in 2022, report shows

In 1973, ‘Soylent Green’ envisioned the world in 2022. It got a lot right.

Expert predicts up to 5 MILLION could skip work next week with COVID, putting strain on businesses and transport as US hits its second highest daily case count of 900,832 infections: Omicron peak is expected to crest at end of January

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Death by Covid Injection Is Premeditated and Co-ordinated, Experts Conclude

Verizon and AT&T to Roll Out 5G on January 19 after FAA Requests Delay​

Supreme Court appears poised to block Biden's vaccine and testing rules for businesses​

Leftist justices spread COVID misinformation in Supreme Court vax mandate hearing​

Biden admin trying to 'work around Congress,' Ohio AG claims after Supreme Court session on vaccine mandates​

Why are Caucasians Vanisihing in TV Commercials?​

Nolte: Mandates Are Especially Stupid When the Vaccinated Can Spread Coronavirus ​

Top 10 Largest Pharmaceutical Lawsuits & Settlement Amounts ​

Initial List of 33rd Degree Masons

U.S. pharma TV ad spend 2020

The Real Anthony Fauci | Book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.​

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health

The different vaccine lots are toxic variables - must-listen at 25-31 minutesDr. Sam White | Session 85: Rethinking

7-Year-Old Dies 11 Days After Pfizer Shot, VAERS Report Shows

4th COVID Booster Shot Could Cause ‘Immune System Fatigue,’ Scientists Say​

MEGHAN MCCAIN: American democracy was never going to be toppled by a guy in Viking horns​

Chip Delivery Times Hit Record As Shortage Worsens​

Shocking Consumer Credit Numbers: US Credit Card Debt Soars Most On Record With Savings Long Gone​

FAA Will Impose Flight Restrictions On Some Flight Operations Over 5G​

The Day Jake Tapper Sold His Soul to Pharma

Video: More Children Die from the COVID Shot Than from COVID​

Ontario (Canada) Admits 50% of “COVID” Hospitalizations Not from COVID, Death Count May Also be Misleading​

NY Health Commissioner Says She Blew Hospitalizations Out of Proportion to Push COVID Shot for Kids​

Experts predict living in the metaverse by 2030

Whole Foods Claims Constitutional Right to Disallow ‘Black Lives Matter’ Masks

Biden administration guidance prioritizes race in administering COVID drugs​

Florida’s COVID cases and hospitalizations are surging, but the state has the second-lowest death rate in the nation. What’s going on? ​

Friday, January 7, 2022

Selected Articles: “The Numbers Killed by These Vaccines Is Much Worse than What We Thought”. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Mike Yeadon

Dr. McCullough: Outpatient Treatments for COVID-19 Have Been Suppressed ​

Video Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: "These Vaccines are Killing the Young and the Old, They are Killing our Children"​

The Crimes Committed Against Our Country by Corrupt Elites​

Will the Washington Idiots Bring the End of the Western World in 2022?​

Unprecedented: Deaths in Indiana for ages 18-64 are up 40% ​


How to Improve Zinc Uptake With Quercetin ​

NBC News Uses Ex-FBI Official Frank Figliuzzi to Urge Assange's Extradition, Hiding His Key Role ​

This is a must-read. It shows the beginning of the mess that we are in todayThe Zionist Shadows of Woodrow Wilson during World War I and its aftermath in Paris​

Will ‘Forever Boosting’ Beat the Coronavirus?


Supreme Court weighs vaccine rules affecting more than 80M

More than 2,100 flights canceled Thursday after two weeks of disruption

Corporations begin complying with Biden's vaccine mandate using internal tracking system

This Is What Happens When Millions Of Workers Disappear From The System... ​

Moscow Declares Kazakhstan Unrest "Foreign-Inspired Attempt" Of "Armed & Trained Groups" To Overthrow State​

America Keeps Drinking The Kool Aid

Pilots are dying. One pilot tells his story!

Ashli Babbitt’s mom claims Capitol rioter daughter was ‘publicly executed’ & says there was no insurrection in her heart

Catholic Priest Says It's Okay for Catholics to Support Killing Babies in Abortions​

DA: Teacher fearing exposure to COVID-19 places 13-year-old son in trunk of car while driving to testing site​

Ahmaud Arbery's killers sentenced to life in prison for 25-year-old Black man's murder​

Georgia Ballot Trafficking Whistleblower Admits to Making $45,000 for Stuffing Ballot Boxes​

Verizon and AT&T to Roll Out 5G on January 19 after FAA Requests Delay​

Fevers were observed in the higher dosage 10-microgram dose of mRNA, but it has still been approved by the FDA and CDC for children aged 5 to 12. All of this despite children having an extremely low risk of dying from Covid complications.

Supreme Court appears poised to block Biden's vaccine and testing rules for businesses​

Verizon and AT&T to Roll Out 5G on January 19 after FAA Requests Delay

Shock moment V-shaped UFO flies above Airbus A230 passenger jet in video filmed from plane's cockpit​

Thursday, January 6, 2022

The battle to prevent another Jan. 6 features a new weapon: The algorithm

Ghislaine Maxwell judge to consider new trial over juror comments​

Trump and Dr Fauci Met with Robert Kennedy Jr about Vaccines​

Redditors Raged Against the News Blackout of the Fed’s Bailout – Then All Hell Broke Loose When They Learned the Wall Street Banks Literally Own the New York Fed

There’s a News Blackout on the Fed’s Naming of the Banks that Got Its Emergency Repo Loans; Some Journalists Appear to Be Under Gag Orders​

Biden Praises Jews, Goes Too Far, Accidentally Thrills Anti-Semites

White people told not to bother trying to get monoclonal antibody treatment amid shortage​

All Over America, An Unprecedented Shortage Of Workers Is Forcing Businesses To Shut Down​

They Are Hypocrites That Preach 'Tolerance' For Everyone - Except For The Groups That They Really, Really Hate

As UK Takes Foot Off Throat, European Authoritarians Escalate Attacks On Unvaxx'd​

Mike Lindell files lawsuit against Nancy Pelosi in bid to block subpoena for his phone records​

We Are In a New Civil War … About What Exactly?​

How is one to gain and keep his freedom in a country made up of apathetic and obedient fools steeped in ignorance?​

Is There A Way To Prevent Psychopaths From Getting Into Positions Of Power?​

Djokovic remains in Australian immigration detention as rival Nadal criticizes 'exemption' ​

Inventor of mRNA Technology: Vaccine Causes Lipid Nanoparticles to Accumulate in ‘High Concentrations’ in Ovaries​

Women’s Periods May Be Late After Coronavirus Vaccination, Study Suggests​

Scientists Endorse Covid Boosters, But to a Point​

Operation Extermination--The Plan to Decimate the Human Immune System with a Lab-Generated Pathogen​

Deaths Up Forty Percent After Covid Vaccine Rollout​

The Population Is Being Killed Off with Covid mRNA "Vaccines"​

Djokovic immediate fate revealed as tennis star fights deportation​

Tara Henley: Why I Quit the CBC​

Now People Are Dying from the Vaccine​

NY reports highest single-day COVID deaths since mass vaccination began

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Opinion: How have we gotten here? Mass Formation Psychosis, explained

You Will Not Believe What We Found Out For This Story ​

What the hell was going on in the Netherlands during the latest anti-covid demo?​

Charges Dismissed Against Prison Guards Who Falsified Records the Night Jeffrey Epstein Died​

New COVID-19 Variant With 46 Mutations Discovered In Southern France​

Federal judge BLOCKS Biden vaccine mandate for group of Navy SEALS​

There is Absolutely No Reason in the World to Believe That Bill Clinton Is a CIA Asset—Except for All the Evidence​

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to stop seeking prison in some cases ​

Biden disapproval rating high, voters blame him on economy: CNBC poll

Governments Admit Using 'Mass Formation Psychosis' As Tool of Population Control​

Ron Paul: Taking Back Our Liberty In 2022​

Bombshell: CDC No Longer Recognizes the PCR Test As a Valid Method for Detecting "Confirmed Covid-19 Cases"?​

People are dying, but not the ones you think for the reasons you think​

I guess she was making too much noise?: Deputy District Attorney Who Opposed Vaccine Mandates Dies From COVID At 46

Manhattan DA Closes Investigation of Nursing Home Scandal, no Charges for Andrew Cuomo

Vaccine Expert Explains FDA "Approval" of Comirnaty and Why Vaccine Makers Are Targeting Children​

Israel records highest daily rise in Covid infections

Despite Omicron Risk, TSA Still Requires Travelers to Unmask ​

Cloward-Piven Strategy (CPS)​

Amsterdam: Riot Cops Use Police Dogs to Attack Anti-Vaxx and Anti-Lockdown Protesters​

Trump Woos Jews, Jews Impeach Trump​

COVID-19: Thousands of National Guard members in Texas refuse vaccine​

There are a few bad wordsBlack Mirror S03E01 Airport scene

Why Should Preppers Care About Mass Formation Psychosis?

If I Were the Devil - Paul Harvey (Good Audio)​

Discover the Networks | Saul Alinsky​

Discover the Networks | Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)​

Discover the Networks | The Nation (TN)

BREAKING: Deadly Vax Lot Numbers IDENTIFIED, Still in Circulation!​

‘Authoritarianism’ May Be Necessary to Fight Climate Change, Cambridge Study Argues​

South Korean F-35A jet pilot makes emergency 'belly landing' after landing gear fails​

Diamond Mine of Data? Insurance Companies Report 40% Increase in Premature Non-COVID Deaths​

The C.D.C. Is Hoping You’ll Figure Covid Out on Your Own​

Up-to-Date Shots Encouraged Over ‘Fully Vaccinated’: Fauci (1)

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Pfizer Vaccine Confirmed to Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases: Study

Microtechnology Found in Pfizer’s Vaxxine – La Quinta Columna​

Amazon and Google deploy their armies to thwart antitrust bills

INSTASCAM Inside the influencer scam ‘crimewave’ flooding Instagram as Brits conned out of thousands thanks to reality stars

SHOT WHILE SLEEPING George Floyd’s great niece Arianna, 4, is shot in bed in attack at family home after she paid tribute at protests

Manhattan DA to stop seeking prison sentences in slew of criminal cases

Ben Smith Is Leaving The Times for a Global News Start-Up

News engagement fell off a cliff in 2021

Exclusive: People Magazine’s Betty White Cover Story “Final Interview” Conducted by Email, No One Spoke to Her​

Inside D.C.’s Rowdy New Progressive Scene

Snarled by snow, Sen. Tim Kaine trapped in nearly 27-hour nightmare commute

Motorists spent hours on an icy, major interstate in Virginia

The Democratic National Committee's staff just chose to unionize. It's the most significant organizing effort yet in politics.

Kamala Harris aide leaves vice president’s office for Capitol Hill on heels of other departures

Biden disapproval hits new high as voters give him bad grades on economy, new CNBC/Change poll says

Trump 'needs to be in prison' for Jan. 6 riot, says partner of fallen Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick

Matt Damon’s Viral Crypto Ad Is an Embarrassing Cash Grab

FBI's Backdoored Anom Phones Secretly Harvested GPS Data Around the World

'Noah's Ark' underground doomsday bunker on the moon could save humanity in apocalypse

Religous Sect, Burning Shed Focus of Deadly Colorado Fire Investigation

In a historic first, aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln deploys under command of female captain


World's richest man gets $32BILLION richer: Elon Musk's worth climbs to $304billion as Tesla stock soars after car maker rolled out nearly a million vehicles in 2021

Activists accuse Tesla of "economic support for genocide" with new showroom in China's Xinjiang region

BRUTAL CRACKDOWN Chinese authorities ‘raid homes at midnight & put people on buses to quarantine camps’ in world’s strictest lockdown

Monday, January 3, 2022

Israel Pounds Gaza Overnight After Hamas Rockets Landed In Sea

Biden Wants To 'Woke' Up Your Doctor​

AT&T, Verizon Reject Biden Admin's Request To Delay 5G Launch Due To Flight Safety Concerns​

2021 Greatest Hits: The Most Popular Articles Of The Past Year And A Look Ahead​

The Psychological Cruelty Of Denying Natural immunity​

Only The Most Brainwashed 'True Believers' Will Cling To The Failed Narrative​

Mike Wallace interviews Aldous Huxley on US Politics​

George Soros and his 'rented evangelicals' outed by Christian leaders​

George Soros Has 200 Organizations To Attack America​

Flightmare continues as 1,576 US flights are canceled and another 314 are delayed Monday​

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported a week ago that Brown was expected to return to the Bucs after being found by the NFL to have misrepresented his vaccination status Bucs WR Antonio Brown following return from suspension: 'I don’t want to talk about that' ​

What if the largest experiment on human beings in history is a failure? ​

My Unpopular Opinion on the Future (Revised)​

Wall Street Dealmaking Tops $5.8 Trillion In Record Year As Fed Floods World With Money​

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Reporter Who Broke Clinton's 'Tarmac Meeting' Dies -- Suicide Suspected​

Australia Admits Widespread Severe Injuries From COVID Jab, Offers Compensation Payments To Victims​

Judge Rules Against San Diego Unified School District's Vaccine Mandate, Los Angeles Unified Delays Its Mandate​

Pfizer Acknowledges Vax Will Cause Myocarditis in Children, Buries Data on Paralyzed Child ​

Chilling Video of 75 Athletes Who Collapsed from Heart Failure. Hundreds of Athletes Are Dead.​

Eric Trump claims his father 'literally saved Christianity'

$29,000 for an Average Used Car? Would-Be Buyers Are Aghast

Mass Psychosis Is a Real Global Pandemic ​

"No One Has Ever Complied Their Way Out of Totalitarianism - This Is the Hill We Need to Die On" - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Releases New Year's Statement​

'Will be Used Whether We Like it or Not' - Developer of Covid Microchip Says There's No Stopping Roll-Out

People are dying, but not the ones you thinknlin for the reasons you think​

Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64

Flightmare continues as 2,133 US flights are canceled and another 2,003 are delayed Monday

Stress May Be Your Heart’s Worst Enemy​

Probably due to microclotting in brain from clot shot!: Study shows worrying about COVID leads to bad choices and performing poorly on cognitive tests

Baffling Neurological Illness Reportedly Targets Canadian Province

White House Wants To Cause Class Warfare Between Vaccinated And Unvaccinated​

Don't Forget The Time Scientists Grew 'Dinosaur Legs' on a Chicken

Fauci Discourages Fully Vaccinated Going to Restaurants

Airlines raise staff pay to keep planes flying​

Maurilio Ribeiro: 28-year-old Brazilian singer suffers stroke on stage, dead six weeks after second Pfizer mRNA injection​

Hamas Slams Tel Aviv Over Gaza Strikes as Bennett Warns Those ‘Pointing Missiles at Israel’ Will Pay​

Sunday, January 2, 2022

FAA warns it could cancel flights too as Omicron hits its 14,000 air traffic controllers

Fake Vaccine Card Sales a Booming Business as Omicron Surges ​

Who Won in Afghanistan? Private Contractors . . . and the poppy growers and the mafia and the banks that laundered the Heroin money. That’s who won!

The Politics of Heroin and the Afghan US Pullout​

The secret story of how America lost the drug war with the Taliban​

US flightmare worsens on New Year's Day hitting season-high of over 2,400 flight cancellations​

Pfizer Capital Criminal Bourla bragging that “electronic pills” that send a signal when ingested not only exist, but are already FDA approved. ‘Take your pill or have your accounts frozen’ is probably a matter of months away.

US invaded Afghanistan to restore heroin industry – now pretending to fight it

Explosive Video from Group Representing 500 Doctors and Scientists Exposes Pfizer Vaccines ​

Fauci says Americans could be forced to test negative before exiting 5-day COVID quarantine​

Making US History–not American Babies: First Time Immigration Exceeds Births in US History​

US Dollar's Status As Dominant "Global Reserve Currency" At 25-Year Low​

Ohio Prosecutor Says Carjackers ‘Have Declared War’ Following Killing of Off-Duty Cleveland Officer

GOP Rep. Meijer: On January 6, Republicans Had ‘Riot Envy’ over Democrats’ BLM Protests

WATCH: Bill Filed in Florida Would Allow Video, Audio Recording in Classrooms

Illegal Alien Charged with Killing Missouri Man Weeks Before Christmas

Exclusive — Andy Biggs: ‘This Country Is Going to Be Saved at the State Level’

Upstate New York Elementary School Cancels ‘Jingle Bells’ Claiming It Has Racist Origins

Report: Man Goes into Burning Home and Rescues Neighbor During Colorado Wildfire

‘He Is No Longer a Buc’: Bruce Arians Boots Antonio Brown After Bizarre Shirtless Tirade

Liz Cheney: Republicans Can’t Be Loyal to Both Trump and the Constitution

Schiff: Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ that He Won 2020 Was Main ‘Cause’ of Violence on January 6

Pennsylvania Democrat Commissioner Charged with Raping 15-Year-Old Boy

Report: Joe Manchin Resumes Negotiations on Build Back Better

Film Critic Suggests Nominating Superhero Flicks to ‘Save the Oscars’ from Ratings Death

Saturday, January 1, 2022

If you need a firearm, here’s why you should buy it now

More VC Nurses Blow Whistle on ‘Overwhelming’ Numbers of Heart Attacks, Clotting, Strokes​

COVID Antiviral Pills Cause Life-Threatening Reactions When Used With Many Common Meds: FDA​

Abortion Leading Global Cause of Death in 2021 with 43 Million Killed ​

Video: WHO Head Vows To Vaccinate 70% Of The World By Summer 2022​

Princeton University bans student travel outside the county until mid-February​

Until be have a national revival and this nation as a whole repents and serves Jesus the USA will continue to slide into the ash heap of history. I never thought this would happen during my lifetime. 

Hubble Space Telescope's best images​

Trump continues to support the COVID-19 jabs despite outcry from conservatives and Alex Jones​

Who Owns Big Pharma + Big Media? You’ll Never Guess.​

China harvests masses of data on Western targets, documents show ​

WATCH-- San Francisco Resident Angered over City Crime: 'It's Brutal' ​

From 2015 - the government knew about what the gene therapy would do! Must-read!

The Inversion Agenda​

New year brings more canceled flights for air travelers​

COVID, Ivermectin, And 'Mass Formation Psychosis': Dr. Robert Malone Gives Blistering Interview To Joe Rogan

Article forgets to mention the Frankfurt School: How Marxists Captured the Universities and Will Soon Capture the Nation

Hayward: Five Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Strengthened Authoritarianism Worldwide​

DeSantis: American Elites 'the Number One Reason' China is So Powerful Today ​

Leader of CCP-linked church group announces sermon points for pastors ​

Israel reports first case of ‘flurona’ – rare double infection of Covid and influenza

WSJ editorial mocks auto manufacturers getting 'double-crossed' by Biden admin: 'Hard not to get a chuckle'

NYC will consider race when distributing life-saving COVID treatments

Top futurologist predicts 2022 will be 'tormented year' with water a luxury

Billionaires Are Embracing Crypto in Case Money ‘Goes to Hell’

Friday, December 31, 2021

Putin warns Biden he will SEVER ties if he imposes new sanctions

Putin’s ‘Star Wars’ missile to shoot down 'space weapons' and nukes now in combat mode as tensions explode with West ​

Covid experts warn fourth dose of vaccine may be pointless and Omicron might end pandemic​

Who Is America’s Greatest Enemy, Israel Or Iran?

As the Old Year Closes, War Awaits Us in the New Year

Anti-vaxxers are turned away at Trump Grill in NYC after they won't show proof of vaccination​

Covid reaches the Antarctic: polar researchers report outbreak at remote station

Explosive Video from Group Representing 500 Doctors and Scientists Exposes Pfizer Vaccines ​

Bombshell: CDC Drops Post-Isolation PCR Test Because They Can 'Remain Positive Up To 12 Weeks'

COVID Antiviral Pills Cause Life-Threatening Reactions With Many Common Meds ​

CDC Sued For Withholding Post-Licensure V-Safe Data On COVID Vaccines​

Transportation Vs Destination: Maxwell's Conviction Leaves Glaring Questions Over The Lack Of Prosecutions​

FAA warns it could cancel flights too as Omicron hits its 14,000 air traffic controllers​

When Maxwell pressured journalist to drop 'horrible' abuse claims​

How the game is really played​

Average relationship only lasts 17 months – and flirting on social media is to blame​

United Airlines offers pilots triple pay to ease omicron flight disruptions

America's Huge Pile of National Debt Makes Combating Inflation More Difficult

The Fed’s Moves Pumped Up Stocks. In 2022, It May Pull the Plug.

Tennessee Planned Parenthood destroyed in early morning fire

Dallas Morning News Blasted for Political Report on Ted Cruz’s 13-Year-Old Daughter: ‘Very Sleazy”

Ted Cruz's Daughter Disses Him on TikTok: 'I Really Disagree With Most of His Views'

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Jeffrey Epstein had tapes of Donald Trump, Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly told reporter

Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine

Michael Osterholm: Everyday Life Could Shut Down Next Month

On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination​

U.S. Hit With Record Number of New Covid-19 Cases​

The Metaverse’s Dark Side: Here Come Harassment and Assaults​

Mum-of-three has BOTH breasts and womb removed at 27​

Federal Judges Order Sealed Epstein Documents Made Public, Exposing Powerful Names​

25 Cops in a Single Texas County Arrested in 2021 from Child Rape to Bestiality

The Fall Of The Mainstream Media And The Biggest Lies They Told In 2021​

The Covid narrative is insane and illogical…and maybe that’s no accident​

Russian 'star wars' missile enters service amid tensions with the West​

9/11 Was an Israeli Job, by Laurent Guyénot

Teva Found Liable for Fueling Opioid Addiction in New York

Why Are Liberal ‘Don’t Look Up’ Sup Attacking Film Critics? ​

Prosecutors Quietly Dropped Case Against Epstein Jail Guards During Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

CDC Says "Avoid Cruise Travel" Amid COIVD Outbreak On 89 Ships

Russia Is the Last Remaining Christian Country​

Stop and Assess​

2021 Year in Review: Madness, Mayhem, and Tyranny​

100% excellent must-read: Ghislaine's Jury Falls for the Coverup

Farewell, University of California - by Aaron Kheriaty, MD ​

The Jackboots Have Arrived – NYPD Begin Arresting Unvaccinated Americans During Indoor COVID Compliance Checks​

The world’s 10 richest people added $402 billion to their fortunes in 2021. Here’s whose net worth grew the most

These Barely Known Politicians Are About to Take 2022 by Storm

Nancy Pelosi scoops up call options for Google, Disney, Roblox stocks

How the left’s rage at Joe Manchin crystallizes the Democrats’ 2022 dilemma

Economists warn of inflation inequality as poor get slammed by rising prices

Rising gas price projections complicate Biden's horizons

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

New York’s daily COVID positivity rate surges to almost 20%

Playboy model slaps 80-year-old Delta passenger in the face

Ghislaine Maxwell trial judge warns surge in NYC COVID cases could disrupt proceedings​

The 10 Republicans most likely to run for president​

Busted: Indicted Trump aide Bannon sees Jan. 6 ‘playbook’ leaked by ally ​

COVID Lockdowns Will Be Remembered As One Of The Greatest Policy Failures Ever​

COVID Outbreak Spreads To 89 Cruise Ships, Says CDC​

Marines say they're being 'crushed' over vaccine refusal: 'A political purge'​

Here We Go, Kraft Heinz Tells Grocery Retailers Price Increases Beginning 2022 Will Be Up to 20 Percent​

Judge For Ghislaine Maxwell Trial "Trying To Avoid A Mistrial" Over Omicron​

Watch: Fauci Admits Mandates Are "Just A Mechanism" To Get More People Vaccinated​

TikTok Tricks Teens Into 'Self-Diagnosing' Rare Mental Disorders​

Biden reveals condition for imposing domestic travel vaccine mandate​

Moment cops kick mom and son out of a Queens Applebee's for not having vaccination cards​

Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine​

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Arm Implants

Twitter Suspends mRNA Inventor Dr. Robert Malone​

In Bombshell Admission, CDC Drops Post-Isolation PCR Test Because They Can 'Remain Positive Up To 12 Weeks'

Magnesium and Vitamin D Deficiency as a Potential Cause of Immune Dysfunction, Cytokine Storm and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation in covid-19 patients

Ghislaine Maxwell convicted in Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse case​

Bitcoin Showcases Seesaw Nature Once Again in Choppy Trading

Dollar’s Best Days Look Numbered Amid Rush to Front-Run Fed

More Americans took on holiday debt this season, owing an average $1,249

MAGA Sycophant Calls for Staging an ‘Intervention' Over Trump’s Vax Support

Chinese ‘brain control’ warfare work revealed

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

CDC Admits that the Covid Pandemic Was the Product of an Inappropriate Test

Door-to-door Covid jab teams to be sent to homes of the five million unvaccinated Britons​

US Pilot Deaths increase by 1,750% after Covid Vaccine Rollout​

California nurses report ‘overwhelming’ number of heart attacks, clotting in vaccinated patients

Fauci Says Domestic Travel Vaccination Rule Should Be Considered

Is A Fourth Dose Of Vaccine Coming?​

The Creator Of Kwanzaa Is A Criminal Loon Who Allegedly Tortured Naked Women With A Karate Baton And A Toaster​

GOP slams Biden after he said 'there is no federal solution' to combatting coronavirus​

The Minnesota Department of Health Proves that there Is NO Systemic Racism​


The Year of the New Normal Fascist

The most detailed evidence yet of the devastating damage COVID jabs can do​

Lockdown Policies and Mask Mandates Linked With Lower IQ in Children: Psychiatrist​

U.S. CDC investigating nearly 70 cruise ships hit by COVID-19 cases

Dr Fauci's Retirement Pay Will Exceed $350,000 Per Year: The Largest In U.S. Federal Government History​

Snowmageddon: Tahoe shatters 50-year December snowfall record with more than 16 feet of snow as brutal cold reaches US​

Rand Paul: Fauci Is Responsible for Thousands of Monthly Covid Deaths​

The Fed’s Doomsday Prophet Has a Dire Warning About Where We’re Headed​

The Time Come For The Fulfillment of the “Third Secret of Fatima”

Israel attacks Syria's Latakia port for the second time this month​

How the Endless Boosters Will Destroy Immune Function​

TikTok Promoting "Proud Groomer Teacher" Videos​

Russia Mocks Woke American Snowflakes With Christmas Diversity Guide​

Israel Launches Massive Attack On Syrian Port, Fires Burn 14 Hours​

Unvaxxed NFL star ‘hit with $100K in fines’​

Public records also reveal that Cornwall was arrested for driving under the influence on Walton County, Florida last year, plus more

Monday, December 27, 2021

To maintain all the obfuscation: Capitol panel to investigate Trump call to Willard hotel in hours before attack

Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaxxine?

List Of 365 Fear Not Bible Verses ​

Lori Lightfoot and her wife are ridiculed for wishing Chicago a 'joyous Kwanzaa'

The New Modified-Divisive-Free Bible: Nothing is Sacred Any Longer

The Free and the Brave​

Sleepwalking Into the Abyss in 2022​

They Are Working Relentlessly To Transform Our Society Into A Dystopian “Big Brother” Hellhole​

New Zealand okays euthanasia for COVID patients​

WATCH: DeSantis "While other states defund their police...we gave our officers $1k bonuses this year"​

PICTURED: Alex Jones' wife after she is arrested for domestic violence on Christmas Day in Austin​

Israel To Double Number Of Jewish Settlers In Golan Heights, Citing Trump Decision​

Fauci: Vaccine Requirement for Domestic Air Travel 'Would Be Welcome' ​

Dr Bhakdi: Vaccines Are Killing Us! Killer Lymphocytes Invading Hearts & Lungs Of Vaxxed People ​

Meghan Markle gets her court-mandated public apology from Mail on Sunday for publishing personal letter

Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan add ANOTHER 110 acres to their luxury Hawaiian estate, buying part of former sugar plantation on Kauai including Ka Loko reservoir which unleashed 2006 flood that killed seven people

How Disgust Explains Everything

With the Supreme Court lurching right, state courts offer liberals hope

Justice Roberts Tops Federal Leaders in Americans' Approval

SUSPECT REVEALED First picture of Windsor Castle suspect Jaswant Singh Chail, 19, after masked man threatened to kill the Queen

Alex Jones Slams Trump for Supporting Covid-19 Vaccines: Either ‘Ignorant’ or ‘The Most Evil Man Who Has Ever Lived’

Russia extends prison sentence for Gulag historian who researched Stalin's purges to 15 years

Men across America are getting vasectomies ‘as an act of love’

Nashville street to reopen one year after Christmas bombing

Woman accused of killing boyfriend with sword on Christmas Eve

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