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Friday, January 17, 2020

Trump Says U.S. Troops Stayed in Syria 'Because I Kept the Oil'

Trump Vows ‘Big Action’ on School Prayer to Rally Evangelicals​

WATCH: Sheriff's Deputy Vows To Defy 'Unconstitutional' Gun Control

King Northam's Wall—Afraid of His Subjects!​

Putin's Now Purged The West From The Kremlin​

The Garbage Crisis in Venezuela​

Transgender propaganda is media’s way of making you believe 2 plus 2 equals 5​

TEPCO says new leak has spilt 20,000 litres of radioactive coolant at the stricken Fukushima Nuclear Plant: It is now almost 7 years since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared everything is "under control,"

SPLC Pushes Big Tech Censorship in the Name of Fighting White Supremacy ​

Broadcaster Apologises for 'Jesus is a F****t' Song – to LGBT Community​

Hundreds of Thousands of Germans Have Left Home Since Migrant Crisis ​


Social media giants MUST hand over their data, psychiatrists say​

Nearly 40% of US doctors are burnt-out and half would be willing to take a pay cut for better hours​

Parkinson's hope as scientists find probiotic bacteria can stop and even REVERSE toxic clumps

Tap water causes 5% of all bladder cancer cases in Europe each year​

Vaccines Containing Animal, Plant, Fungal Proteins Cause Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer​

Infants are Uniquely Vulnerable to Aluminium in Vaccines​

The leading authority on vaccines was in the biowarfare business?​

Flame retardants and pesticides overtake heavy metals as biggest contributors to IQ loss​

Allowing Men to Compete with Women in Sports is an Attack on Women’s Rights​

Lexington And Concord Redux In Virginia​

“New” Corn and Soybean Diseases Present Seed Selection Challenges​

Bernie Campaigner Kyle Jurek Arrested Days Before Project Veritas Exposé ​

‘Kabbalists Scam Artists’ Javanka: Netizens Enraged as Ivanka Trump, Kushner Set to ‘Represent’ US at Davos​

The Federal Reserve Is The Cause Of The Bubble In Everything​

The Population Collapse Behind Rates, Debt, & The Asset Price Explosion​

Is a Bill Requiring Your Children to Get Every CDC Recommended Vaccination Coming to Your State?​

Wuhan virus: three US airports to screen passengers from China for deadly coronavirus outbreak​

Killing Soleimani broke international law, former Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor says​

‘Can’t Hide His True Self’: Netizens Jeer at Kushner Looking Like ‘Mannequin’ on Time Cover​

Pentagon Evaluating Request to Block 13 Corridors Along Southern Border - Spokesperson​

Boeing Is Totally Screwed as Orders Plunge and Customers Switch to Airbus​

Evidence Shows Whooping Cough Is Evolving Into a 'Superbug', Scientists Warn​

"Why America Needs War"? Why Are US Military Expenditures "Going Through the Roof"?​

World Jewish Congress Slams Gaza Protest by Finnish MP as Anti-Semitic​

US military dispatches over 70 trucks to oil-rich eastern Syria: Report

US Debt Got Us Hooked On Petrodollars... And On Saudi Arabia​

Yosemite National Park Says 170 People Ill in Possible Norovirus Outbreak ​

Israel carries out new airstrikes on besieged Gaza Strip

The Zombification Of America - Over 40% Of Listed Companies Don't Make Money

The Debate Over Whether to Call It QE Is Over, and the Fed Lost

FAA Declares Airspace Over Richmond, VA "National Defense Airspace" Until After Lobby Day​

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Sanders' directors 'ALL lock accounts' after more footage shows staffers praising Gulags, re-education and violence

Rothschilds BlackRock’s Assets Blow Past $7 Trillion in Milestone for Investment Giant

Northam declares state of emergency, Capitol weapon ban ahead of gun rights rally

HBO Teams with CNN's Brian Stelter for Documentary About the Rise of Fake News

CNN Fails to Ask a Single Immigration Question During Democrat Debate ​

The West Is Run by Barbarians​

Brandon Smith: The Central Banks Are The Real Culprit For The Latest Economic Contagion ​

REPORT: California 8th Graders Taught Anal, Bondage, Sex Involving Blood in Sex-Ed Class ​

US Government Propaganda Use Against American Citizens Is Officially Legal Now ​

Operation Mockingbird: A Third of the CIA Budget Went to MEDIA PROPAGANDA Operations​

Anthony Rodriguez files bill to outlaw red light cams

Judge denies attempt to overturn Gov. Northam’s gun ban​

Virginia revokes handgun permit agreement with 25 states

We know by now that various governmental institutions have spilled the beans regarding the existence of UFOs, but the Chinese want to break the ice and expose it all

Mainstream Media Warns Journalists Against Printing Truth In Aftermath Of Burisma Hack

Advocating Chastity is Now Grounds for Getting 'Canceled' and Being Chaste Makes You a Terrorist​

EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein had burst capillaries in his eyeballs after he died which pathologist tells Dr. Oz suggests he was STRANGLED and did not hang himself

House transmits Trump impeachment articles to Senate, paving way for historic trial​

FDA and NIH let clinical trial sponsors keep results secret and break the law | Science​

Trouble Understanding Police Orders Constitutes Resistance, Justifies Use of Excessive Force (Taser, Chokehold) Rules Oklahoma Federal Court

Toxic Chemicals Robbed US Children of Over 160 Million IQ Points, Scientists Warn

New Iowa caucus rules could spark clashing claims of victory

MLB rumors: Astros’ Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman wore ‘devices that buzzed’ as part of sign-stealing scandal, report says

Giuliani Pal Lev Parnas Accuses Trump of Clear Quid Pro Quo: ‘All Aid’ Was Predicated on Biden Investigation Announcement

Starbucks, home of the $4 latte, is moving into poor areas

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Soleimani Assassination: Truth Comes Out, Trump's Brags Reveal a Lot

The Trump Administration Wants to Reverse Round-Up Verdict, Protecting Bayer and Monsanto ​

Fluoride Exposure May Contribute to Degenerative Eye Diseases ​

The White House Still Has Not Released the Phase One Trade Deal Text

California Lawmakers Kill Ban on ‘Intersex’ Surgery for Young Children ​

VA Dems Drop AR-15 Confiscation When 1000s of NRA Members Show ​

LSU Players Threatened with Arrest for Smoking Cigars in Locker Room After Winning National Championship​

Ignoring Dire Economic Warning Signs​

Fresh Missile Attack Rocks Base North Of Baghdad Where US Troops Present​

5G Radiation Dangers - 11 Reasons To Be Concerned​

GOP leadership: There aren't 51 votes to dismiss Trump articles of impeachment​

‘I’ve Thought Of My Body As A Maserati’: From Cancer To Sex Drive, Suzanne Somers Tackles ‘A New Way To Age’ At 73​

Biofilms: The Good and the Bad - Water Quality and Health Council​

Heartburn Medications Can Come With Serious Side Effects : Shots - Health News​

Nancy Pelosi Announces Schiff, Nadler as Impeachment Managers ​

Left-Wing Jews: a Jewish and American Tragedy​

One World Digital Dictatorship​

The Role Of Utility Meters In Mass Surveillance​

The Machines Have Us Trained for Obedience​

The Real Cause of World War II Was the Allies Deception of Germany with the 1918 Armistice and the Subsequent Versailles Treaty​

Washington Declares Itself “a Force for Good”​

Trump and Congress Double Down on Demonizing Iran​

One World Digital Dictatorship​

The Machines Have Us Trained for Obedience​

Even when sober, frequent marijuana users are dangerous drivers, report finds

Only One Percent of Vaccine Reactions Reported to VAERS

The leading authority on vaccines was in the biowarfare business?​

Russian government resigns after President Putin’s state-of-the-nation address proposes changes to the constitution​

Elizabeth Warren Sad Debate Didn't Focus on 'Trans Women of Color' ​

Why Are Volcanoes All Over The Globe Suddenly Shooting Giant Clouds Of Ash Miles Into The Air?​

Pelosi: Trump Was Impeached, and ‘It Will Last Forever’​

Project Veritas–Bernie Campaigner: Police Will Get ‘F***ing Beaten' at DNC​

Anthony Rodriguez files bill to outlaw red light cams ​

Outrage as first transgender kids' doll with penis and dress spotted in toy shop

Must read sterilization agent found in tetanus vaccines. ​

Trump Impeachment Trial Set to Begin Next Tuesday - US Senate Majority Leader​

Vaccine Failures: The Glaring Problem Officials Are Ignoring. Part I: Measles Vaccination​

Study: Oceans Warming Like ‘3.6 Billion Hiroshima Atom-Bomb Explosions ​

Tulsi Gabbard Blasts 'DNC and Biased Corporate Media' ​

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

In the U.S., an Angioplasty Costs $32,000. Elsewhere? Maybe $6,400.

‘It’s almost always a magnesium deficiency!: Burnout’ linked with irregular heartbeat

Top-secret UFO files could ‘gravely damage’ US national security, Navy says

DNA Test Company Sells Rights to Drug Compound Based on Customers' Genetic Data​

Of course we are not alone! The Bible told us this thousands of years ago!: Confirmation of alien life ‘IMMINENT and inevitable’, researcher claims

Total banker control: NYT: Trump's Economic Sanctions Have Destroyed Iran's Will to Fight

NH Holding Public Hearing on Bill to Limit Women's Sports to Females ​

Total secular: Alec Baldwin: Trump Supporters Responsible for 'Near Moral Collapse of This Country'

Trump administration officials have contradicted each other on Soleimani again and again. This is the result.​

Trump defends killing of Soleimani regardless of ‘imminent’ threat, says he had a ‘horrible past’​

Here's Why Trump Tipped Israel Off To Soleimani Strike: They Helped With Intel​

Ron Paul: US Wants To "Own Iran" Like It Did When The Shah Was In Power​

FDA’s Shoddy, Misleading Changes to Nutrition ‘Facts’ Label Take Effect​

Queen Reportedly Fears Fallout If Meghan Markle Gives ‘Tell-All' Interview 'Princess Diana-Style'​

Disney Introduces: 'Demon' who Trains Children to be Witches​

"This Is Insanity!" - Jim Rogers Warns Of "Horrible Time" Ahead​

This Pope isn’t much of a christian if at all: Catholic Church criticises The New Pope for scene of nuns in nighties dancing beneath crucifix 

Secret Russian spy satellite 'explodes in space' – and it may have been deliberate​

'Gulags Weren't That Bad': Sanders Staffer Says Trump Supporters Will Need To Be 'Re-Educated In Camps'​

US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election​\

Warren makes debate case: Democratic woman can beat Trump

Pelosi sets Wednesday votes to send impeachment to Senate

Despite Election Security Fears, Iowa Caucuses Will Use New Smartphone App

'Homeland' star accuses Trump of trying to 'have it both ways' on intelligence

Senate Readies War Powers Bill to Limit Trump’s Iran Options

Monday, January 13, 2020

Esper says he's seen no hard evidence embassies under threat

Rand Paul: Trump Administration Is Giving 'Contradictory Information' on Soleimani Killing

Trump repeats Syria intention: US troops are taking the oil

Esper Contradicts Trump Claim Iran Planned Attacks on Four US Embassies​

Israeli Intelligence Was Involved in US Assassination of Top Iranian General​

Putin has no doubt Russia will be able to finish Nord Stream 2 construction on its own​

Merkel Says Nord Stream 2 Beneficial for Many European States, Not Only Germany​

New Cambridge Analytica Leaks Reveal Psychological Manipulation Of Global Population

1953 Iranian coup d'état​

Report: Trump Killed Soleimani to Appease Pro-Israel GOP War Hawks Important to Impeachment Trial

Did NASA know back in 1958 our Sun and not CO2 was causing climate change? Christmas Eve, 1957 our Sun had 503 sun-spots, scaring the science community resulting in President Eisenhower to authorise the opening of NASA

Iran Agrees De-escalation 'Only Solution' to Solve Crises​

UK abandons Trump as US 'withdraws its leadership around the world'​

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for January 13, 2020​

Video of the Day: Pelosi leaves door open for new articles of impeachment ​

The LGBT Mafia & Their Satanic Agenda Lead to More Global Corporations Tanking​

So, AOC is ‘Stressed’ About Having Kids – I’m Stressed About AOC Having Kids, Too​

Manufacturing Employment, New Orders & Production Fall Fastest Since 2009​

Sleeper Cells​

Birth Control Pills May Shrink Brain, Increase Anger and Depression ​

Trump authorized Soleimani's killing 7 months ago, with conditions

The technology exists to remotely turn off the jet liners transponder. This would create the image of a missile or military aircraft which would be targeted: Iran Jet Disaster Setup

I called this out immediately! The CIA and Mossad: The Iranian Protests Are a Washington Orchestration

Germany's War, Chapter 4: The Allied Conspiracy to Instigate & Prolong WWII

Rescuing the History of World War II : Wear vs. Suvorov​

Sunday, January 12, 2020

We're Staying, US Tells Iraq After Being Asked to Leave

Iran apologized, but Trump & other US presidents will never say sorry for what they've done to Middle East​

Trump Tells Iraq Order US Troops Out and I’ll Freeze Your Central Bank’s Account at the Fed​

US Rebuffs Iraq PM Request To Talk Troop Exit: It's "Our Right" As A "Force For Good" To Stay​

"We Want Iran To Behave Like A Normal Nation": US Imposes Sanctions On Virtually Entire Iranian Economy​

ISIS praises US murder of Iranian general Soleimani as ‘divine intervention’ that will help them rise again​

Hardcore Zionist: Bloomberg Spent $200 Million and Isn’t on Track to Score a Single Delegate on Super Tuesday

THE RENEWABLE GREEN ENERGY MYTH: 50,000 Tons Of Non-Recyclable Wind Turbine Blades Dumped In The Landfill

House Passes Bill to Address PFAS Contamination, Regulate Drinking Water Standard ​

The Elephant in the Auditorium - Big Pharma Profiteering on the Bodies of Childre​n

Target stores donating $100,000 to promote gay lifestyle to school children​

The Great Diabetes Lie​

Target stores donating $100,000 to promote gay lifestyle to school children​

An Empire Self-Destructs​

"If The US Does That, It'll Lose Iraq Forever" - Trump Threatened To Cut Off Baghdad's Access To Its NY Fed Cash​

Trump’s Killing of Soleimani: New “Worst Mistake in US History”

Voters Divided On Killing Of A Top Iranian General, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; 66% Want To See Bolton Testify In Senate Impeachment Trial

Trump impeachment trial fight for Bolton testimony echoes Monica Lewinsky

Report: ESPN to make CBS' Tony Romo a historic offer to join its NFL coverage

US budget deficit running 11.8% higher this year

State Department security officials weren't notified of 'imminent' threats to US embassies

Trump authorized Soleimani's killing 7 months ago, with conditions

California rejects unique intersex surgery ban for some kids

Biblical prophecy 'fulfilled' as floodwater 'flows from Jerusalem into Dead Sea'

Harvard professor sues NYT over Epstein donations story

Saturday, January 11, 2020

The Red Flag of Tyranny- Virginia Update!

US-Iran news: Live updates on the Ukraine plane crash and conflict​

Trump reportedly told associates he killed Qassem Soleimani because he was under pressure from GOP senators before his impeachment trial​

Our Country, the United States, is a Rogue Nation and Our Leaders are Criminals - This Can't Be Happening!​

Trump's impeachment trial team sees 'significant' executive privilege issues over potential Bolton testimony​

Sanders on war powers resolution: Nothing could be 'dumber' than having Congress 'take over foreign policy'​

US tried and failed to kill ANOTHER top Iranian military official on same night​

Dear America, Assassinating Foreign Leaders is an Act of War ​

Why Donald Trump Can Use the CIA Against Iran Despite Nancy Pelosi's War Powers Vote in House​

Ginger Improves Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis, Enhances Quality of ​Life

Rural America set to lose political power after 2020 census​

We CANNOT Allow the Government to Disarm Us​

This is CIA: Iranian protesters demand Khamenei quits over plane downing

Has The Sodomite Culture Infiltrated The True Church?

Why We Need Alpha Males

‘So far, so good!’ Trump tweets of US military might, set to address Americans on Wednesday over Iranian strike

Trump: US Ready for Iran Retaliation, Wants to Obey Law When it Comes to Striking Cultural Sites​

Transgender Germans Sue Government Over Mandatory Sterilization​

Texas Won't Accept New Refugees, Gov. Greg Abbott Says​

Watch: Bernie Sanders Tells Colbert He Won’t Stop Flying Private Jets to Campaign ​

Iran threatens to expose western diplomats who took bribes to create the Iran Deal​

Trump Allies Explore Buyout of Conservative Channel Seeking to Compete With Fox News​

Report: 3,000 Christian Sites in Europe Vandalized in 2019 ​

Navy admits it has secret video from infamous USS Nimitz UFO encounter​

Facebook is building brain tech that could read minds and ruin privacy​

Terrifying or nothing to fear? Apple admits to scanning user photos, presumably only to hunt child abuse​

Video from the Camera Watching Epstein’s Cell “No Longer Exists”​

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